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Mission Cobra
NES 1990

Version:        1.0


At the main screen you get to choose whether or not to play alone or with a 
partner. Connect a second controller for the latter case, and it is also much
more fun to do so. 

This mode is essentially the same as single player, but you gain the extra
firepower and compete for a high score.

In-game controls:
SELECT:         -
START:          Pause the game
A Button:       Shoot
B Button:       -

The "Exx" counter in the bottom left corner is the amount of energy you have
left. You start out with 66 and this figure will slowly decrease by one 
roughly every second as you simply fly around. Getting hit or hitting
something will drastically reduce this as well. To ensure you re-fill your
energy, you need to shoot down enemies and pick up the items they drop.

When you have run out of energy, you don't die but you are left with no shield
to protect yourself. Any minor hit will destroy the helicopter instantly. Even
at a lower number you are prone to explode. And just in case you were
wondering, you only get 1 life, no more.

Single-Missile: Your standard weapon. Not very good at all and suicidal to
keep for a boss fight.

Dual-Missile: Very nice to have instead of the lousy single one.

Triple-Missile: Fire three shots once straight ahead. Erase practically
everything that's coming onto you.

Angled Triple-Missiles: Three shots as the ordinary Triple-Missile but the
outer ones are fired at an angle for roughly 20 degrees. In my opinion better
the normal triple weapon but you will need to learn to aim a little better
as well.

Circular fire: Shoots 2 shots up and down, and also one to each side of the
aircraft. Neat if you like to be in the middle of action and feels like having
a shield around you, but it's much slower than the regular shots.

Small Energy: 5 points of energy added to the total.

Medium Energy: 10 points of energy added to the total.

Max Energy: Fills the energy meter back up to 66. Neat!

Invincibility: Best thing to have by far. The energy counter will stay at OO
and you can ram into anything you want for a short period of time, around 10
to 15 seconds.

The game counts how many enemies you destroy and calculate the high score

Black Fighters / UFOs:          200 points
Helicopters / Flying Discs:     300 points
White Fighters / Asteroids:     500 points


The game throws you directly into the action, no intro, no story, just the
enemy attacking you from the get-go. So get going!

Look ahead what I recommend for each boss, so if you have that weapon do not
exchange it for another one.

Stage 1: 
As you start there will be several fighters coming from the north, take shots
at you and turn around at the bottom of the screen to return back north. They
are pretty fast so take them out quickly and avoid their slow shots.

After 2 minutes or so you get to fight 2 helicopters. They shoot 2 missiles
straight ahead, 1 to each side and also one at an angle between those. It is
very much impossible to take them on with your normal weapon thus navigate
around the side, avoid their missiles and stay behind them. They won't ever
reach you back there. If you have collected an upgrade such as the circular
missile attack, go behind of them and go nuts. It will drop small energy power
ups and you are probably happy to see those.

After that mini-boss there will be small helicopters attacking you. They are
fast but don't fire at you too often. Unlike the previous planes, these
guys just fly through and exit south.

You now get a warning that the game is speeding up. It is a big increase in
speed at that, too.

The fighters from the first wave will return but in smaller numbers. An
invincibility power-up would come in handy. Again, these planes just fly
through the screen south so you can also simply avoid them.

Boss: Boat
Recommenced Weapon: Circular Missile

Time for the first real boss. There are two guns on each side that fire at
you. If that wasn't enough already, the boat also periodically sends out
those black choppers from earlier. There are two helipads on the ship on each
side. Your first priority should be to destroy the helipads. Your strategy 
largely depends on which type of missile you have the moment of course. The
helicopters will take off and fly south so don't bother chasing them once 
they are no more threat to your heli. The two guns on the sides can only shoot
at certain angles, therefore you could hide in their blind spots and they will 
never hit you! One such spot is directly in the center of the ship. Having the
circular missile will make this a breeze but even the other guns should take
away the challenge of this second part. Remember that the scratching noise you
hear is the ship taking damage. If you are stuck with the basic weapon from
the beginning then you are royaly screwed because it is nearly impossible to
shoot down the helipads with it, let alone get through the entire fight

Stage 2: 
The second stage starts pretty much like the first but after a short time
there will be some other airplanes mixing in with the basic ones. This lasts
for around two minutes. You only start with 30 energy so don't be too cocky.

As in the first stage there will be two helicopters shooting rockets. Avoid
or defeat them to continue.

Again, as in the first stage there will be tons of tiny helicopters swarming
around the screen.

Warning: Speedup. The game will be faster again, wow, just as before.

Avoid the planes as best you can, and take as little damage before the boss

Boss: Fighter Plane
Recommended Weapon: Anything powerful

This guy shoots slow-moving balls in groups of three at the top of the plane.
It can also shoot fast missiles from the wings. If you have the circular
missile then go behind it to avoid the rockets and take the launch pad out
quickly. This missile is fast if you hit the target quickly, but you still
have to avoid the slow balls. Once the dangerous rockets are gone the rest is
fairly easy. With other missiles you have to move around some more and shoot
from the bottom of the screen. There is almost always a nice spot to aim from
so you shouldn't have any trouble with this. The boss can take quite some
damage so be prepared for a long shootout.

Stage 3: 
Back to 30 energy and you find yourself in outer space. Instead of fighter
planes you have to avoid the UFOs this time.

Whereas it is already kind of suspicious that your helicopter has no problems
flying in outer space, there are two more black choppers in your way to the
next area. Take them out or avoid them as usual.

Next up are some kind of discs that swing around, comparable to the
mini-helis that bug you around this time in a stage. What's next?

Speedup of course.

Asteroids will fall down from the top, avoid or shoot them, nothing new here.

Boss: Spaceship
Recommended Weapon: Circular missile

Tough. At the center will be the usual slow balls shooting out at you. On the
front wings are very fast small missiles shooting straight and slightly
angled. At the back wings are 2 huge missiles attached that will slowly fly
south. Having the circular missile helps tons here because you can take out
4 targets much easier and the middle target is no real threat. Let's assume
you don't have these missiles, so my strategy is to fly behind the faster
missile pod and target the large missile launchers at the back. Once these
are taken care of you can go for the rest as it is easier to avoid the
oncoming threats if there aren't huge rockets flying into your face.

Stage 4 & Beyond: 
So you have beaten/survived 3 stages and want to play on? Why? Basically from
now on the game will continue counting the stages but stage four is
essentially stage one again, and so will stage seven and so on. Read the
earlier sections if you have forgotten everything already.

There is no ending apart of the Game Over screen. You must have seen it plenty
of times by now.

This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
you want to copy and credit anything.