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by Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

Version 2.3 completed 12/12/02

A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game by Bandai 1989.


I.    Revision History
II.   Intro
III.  Story
IV.   Walkthrough
V.    Epilogue
VI.   Game Genie Codes
VII.  Credits
VIII. Disclaimer


12/12/02: v2.3
-Added info on Level 7 key.
-Added Credits section.
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-Added info on USA-release only.

3/9/02: v2.2
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Monster Party isn't a difficult game, so those of you who have played it might
be wondering why there is a walkthrough for it.  This document basically goes
through the different levels of the game and details the various bosses of each
round and how to go about beating them.  Also, Round 6 is a labyrinth of doors
leading to other doors, so I mapped out where the various doors lead and
discovered the quickest routes to the boss and to the exit.  I essentially
wrote this walkthrough for Round 6, but also because I enjoyed the game and
hope by reading this walkthrough someone who hasn't played the game before may
get the urge to do so.

An interesting note about the game is that it was not released in Japan, to the
best of my knowledge.  Usually games would come out on the Famicom a year or so
before they showed up in the States on the NES, but Monster Party is one of the
few games that came out in the USA and not in Japan.  If someone knows
otherwise, please let me know.


The introduction screens tell how Bert came to Earth seeking help to battle the
evil monsters on his home world.  He enlists the help of Mark, a young boy
armed with a baseball bat, and carries him off to his home planet.  On the way
there Bert explains to Mark how they can join together to form a superior

You start the game by controlling Mark.  You have two methods of attack with
Mark.  You can swing you bat at enemies or you can swing your bat at the
various projectiles that your enemies toss at you, sending them back to the
sender for more damage.  Along the way you can find the capsule that will join
you with Bert by defeating certain enemies.

Joined with Bert, you are superior to your enemies, however, this power only
lasts a limited time.  You can fly and you can fire a beam at your enemies. 
Since you are more powerful joined with Bert, you can take out all of the
bosses quicker by finding their weak point and just blasting away at it. 
Because of this, I will only describe methods of defeating bosses while using

There is no time limit in the game, so find a safe spot to stand and observe
your enemies.  Most of them have "fixed" patterns, so stand right at the
perimeter of the area they patrol and hit them when they approach.

Monster Party has a lot of humorous dialogue.  Each boss greets you with some
kind of wacky (most of the time) one-liner aimed at trying to demoralize you. 
Hopefully you'll get as much of a kick out of it as I did.

I also included the password you get when you beat a round.  Note that the
passwords contain both lower and upper case letters.

Anyway, here's all the important stuff you need to know in the game...hope it
helps somebody out :)

Also, here is a link to the manual, in case you want the full story, controls
of the game or whatever:



Start this round by going to the right until you get to the first door. Enter
it, where you'll meet your first boss, the Man-Eating Plant.


It greets you with a rather affectionate, "Hello Baby!"  Sounds like something
right out of Little Shop of Horrors.  This boss is fairly easy. It will spit
bubbles from it's mouth in an attempt to get you to leave it alone.  Swinging
your bat at the bubbles will deflect them back at the overgrown plant.  About
20 hits will do it in.

After this battle, leave the room and proceed to the right.  The next door is
just an empty room.  There are a few empty rooms in each round, so I'll tell
you where they are so you don't have to bother checking them out.  The next
door you get to is the home of the Giant Spider.


This is quite the encounter.  Upon entering the room you notice a fly buzzing
around a still carcass, which happens to be the Giant Spider. "Sorry, I'm
dead," is his one-liner.  Looks like someone got to the spider before you did. 
Anyway, you get out of this encounter rather cheaply...this time.

Exit the room and keep heading right until you reach the next door.  Inside is
the Pumpkin Ghost.


He proclaims, "Please don't pick on me," then proceeds to attack you.  Just
keep hacking at him with your bat until you do him in...no finesse here, just
brute savagery.  You'll get the key to the exit after beating this third and
final boss of Round 1.

Work your way to the end of the level, passing two doors which contain empty
rooms, and enter the final door to get to Round 2.

Your Password: vWN 1Pa 4MF


From the start of the level, work your way to the right, being careful not to
get hit by the dripping acid.  Climb up the first ladder and enter the door,
where you battle Medusa.


"Let's mix it up," she offers.  She spits snakes out of her mouth, which you
must deflect back at her with your bat.  A turbo controller will definitely
help.  About twenty deflected snakes will do her in.

Progressing through the level, the next door has an empty room.  You'll then
come to two doors, one on the bottom section of the screen and one in the
center.  The bottom door has an empty room while the middle door leads to the
Shrimp Attack boss.


"Look out baby, here I come," says the overgrown shrimp as it bounces toward
you.  As always, Bert stands a better chance against this boss, but if you're
stuck with Mark, try to run under the shrimp as it comes at you and hit it from
behind after it passes.  It cannot hit you if you are crouching.  Several hits
while running after it will do it in.  After beating the shrimp, an Onion Ring
bounces at you.  Use the same method of attack.  Whoever thought you'd be using
guerrilla tactics on an onion ring? After the O-Ring is gone, a Shishkebob
comes at you!  Same pattern, same method of attack.  Defeat this last boss and
get out of this restaurant of death.

The next door you get to has an empty room, so don't bother trying to get to
it.  The door after that contains the last boss of Round 2, the Haunted Well. 
You'll have to work your way to the right, up stairs, then back to the left to
get to the door.


"Time to do some damage," taunts the Haunted Well.  If you have Bert, just
stand in front of the well and shoot away.  You'll take some damage, but you'll
finish it off in no time.  If you're using Mark, just deflect its shots back at

Get the key and work your way to the exit.

Your Password: 7n9 4!N hTO


At the start of this round, quickly run to the right and you'll avoid all the
falling stalactites.  These stalactites are all over the place, so proceed with
caution (Hint: Notice that the stalactites that fall have a bluish tint to them
compared to the rest).  The first door contains an empty room.  The next door
you get to is the lair of the Great Bull Man.


"Mooove It!" he yells at you.  This boss actually tosses blue and white cows at
you!  Either deflect the bovine back at him with you bat or just directly swing
the bat at Bull Man.  It's a battle of attrition, but the Giant Bull Man will
soon be history.

Proceeding to the right you'll get to the next door, which holds the Guardian
of the Sphinx.


"My legs are asleep," it complains, after being woken up.  It will immediately
charge toward you shooting ectoplasm.  Like Bull Man, you can either deflect
its shots back at it or attack it directly.  About twenty hits will do it in.

The next door has an empty room.  Head right and you'll pass a door located
under a bunch of rocks.  Don't bother trying to get to it, as it is also an
empty room.  Keep going and enter the next door to fight the Giant Spider.


This boss was already dead when you got to him in Round 1, complete with the
circling fly.  This time you'll have to take him on.  "I'll suck your blood,"
threatens the spider.  Just club him with your bat and you'll finish him off

Get the key and high-tail it to the exit.

Your Password: 5uo Si? 1zP


Run under the moving block at the beginning of this round (it cannot be
destroyed).  The first door, located on a rock ledge, has an empty, yet funky
looking room.  Keep going until you approach a rock-spewing scorpion. Deflect
its rocks back at him to get by.  You'll have to do some fancy maneuvering to
get to the next door (dealing w/ another scorpion) where you'll be greeted by
the Giant Samurai.


He tries to lull you into a false sense of security by saying, "I am a
slowpoke."  Use the  same basic strategy of hacking away at him, or you can
deflect the small swords he throws back at him.

Next, continue to the right, taking the low road.  You'll get to a door which
leads to the Giant Cat's room.


"Meooww! Meooww!" is all it has to say for itself.  It will throw miniature
cats at you, which can be deflected back at it with your bat until you finish
it off.  If you have your timing down pat, this battle will be a piece of cake.

The next door you'll eventually get to contains an empty room.  Keep going and,
if you're Bert, you'll be able to fly right up to the next door you get to and
do battle with the Punk Rocker.  If you're Mark, you have to make your way to
the right, then backtrack, climbing up to the door.


He greets you with, "Face the Music."  Make him listen to his own noise and use
the tried and true method of hacking away at him until he is no more.

He'll leave the key for you, so leave the room and get to that exit. You'll
pass two more doors which lead to nowhere on your way to the exit.

Your Password: HDe Hgv zfc


Finally, you've made it outside!  This level looks like something out of Kid
Niki or Amagon.  The first door (they're built into trees in this round) is an
empty room, as is the second door.  The third door leads to one (or two,
actually) of the wackiest bosses you'll ever find in a video game, The Living


These two zombies tell you to "Watch my dance," so do just that.  You can hack
away at them all day, but it will do no good.  Just stand to the side and after
about 30 seconds they will just decompose.  Too bad all bosses weren't this

Exit and head to the right to reach the next door, where the Mad Javelin Man is
hanging out.


He says, "Catch my javelin!"  This isn't exactly what you have in mind. Instead
of "catching" them, whack them right back at him.  Jump up to the rock that is
level with his chest.  Timing is key here.  If you deflect them at just the
right angle they will deflect straight toward his chest and do damage.  Enough
of these hits will take care of ol' Javelin Man.

You'll get the key and be able to go on to Round 6.  There are some long,
difficult jumps and two empty rooms on your way to the exit.

Your Password: cBD V"? htt

(Note that there are two " marks in this game's password system.  Try one, and
if that doesn't work, the other will)


This round is a maze and you must enter each door in a certain order to get to
your destination.

This is the map to Round 6.  It is one long horizontal stage, so where I
inserted the => marks is where it just continues on to the section I put below
it.  If you go in a door you'll end up at the door with the same number or
letter.  I put the quickest route to the boss and to the exit at the end of the

Section 1
||                                  ||               ||
|| _    _                         _ ||               || _              =>
|||3|  |4|                       |5|||               |||1|
||------------------------------------               ||--------------
||                     ||                            ||
|| _    _            _ || _              _         _ || _        _     =>
|||1|  |2|          |3||||2|            |4|       |7||||5|      |6|

Section 2
                      ||                           ||           || _
=>        _           || _           _           _ ||           |||9|   =>
         |8|          |||6|         |7|         |D|||           ||-----
   ---------------     -----------------------------            |||F|   =>
                ||                                              ||-----
=>            _ ||                                            _ || _    =>
             |8|||                                           |9||||B|

Section 3
          _ ||                                         |||K| ||
=>       |A||| _                      _              _ || -  || _       =>
   ---------|||A|                    |F|            |B|||    |||G|
=>       |E|||-----------------------------------------||      --------
   ---------||          ||                             ||
=>        _ || _      _ || _          _              _ || -             =>
         |C||||E|    |D||||C|        |T|            |G||||L|

Section 4
                         ||                          ||
=>      _              _ ||                          || _        _     =>
       |J|            |H|||                          |||R|      |N|
   ----------------------||                          ||----------------
                         ||                          ||
=>      _              _ || _          _           _ || _              =>
       |Q|            |R||||J|        |H|         |K||||L|

Section 5
       ||                          || _            _ ||
=>   _ || _       _              _ |||T|          |*|||  ?-Goes back to 2
    |M||||P|     |O|            |Q|||----------------||
   --------------------------------||                ||  *-Chameleon Man
       ||                          ||                ||
=>   _ || _       _              _ || _            _ ||  $-Exit
    |M||||N|     |O|            |?||||P|          |$|||

Quickest route to Chameleon Man:

Go through Door 1.  When you come out, walk to the right past Door 8 where
you'll drop down to the bottom level.  Continue walking to the right until you
get to Door 9.  Enter it, then walk to the right and go into Door A. Walk to
the right, passing Door F and enter into Door B.  Wallk right and enter Door C.
 Walk right and enter Door T.  From here walk to the right and the door you see
(marked *) will be the lair of Chameleon Man.


When you finally make it to this boss, you will see four identical heads
bouncing around.  Only one of them can hurt you...attack that one only. Chase
after it and hit it with your bat until it is defeated.  This boss is actually
pretty simple, as all you have to do is figure out which head to hit and keep
track of which one it is while chasing it around and attacking it.  Just
pretend the other three heads aren't there.

From Chameleon Man to the Exit:

Exit his room and walk left to Door T.  Walk right and go into Door G. Walk to
the right past Door J and enter Door H.  Walk right and enter Door K.  You'll
drop from Door K to the ground.  Ignore the door that you land next to (Door L)
and walk to the right.  Enter the next door you come to (Door Q).  Walk to the
left and go past Door O, then enter Door P.  Now walk to the right and enter
the blue exit door (marked $).  As long as you got the key from defeating
Chameleon Man you'll be able to exit and go on to Round Seven.

Your Password: DDu Xh. gN!

(Note that there are two different . marks in this game's password system. One
is a period while the other is centered.  The one in this particular password
is the centered one)


This round is the only vertically scrolling stage in the game.  Avoid the
enemies if possible, as they take many hits to defeat.  Go up two screens to
the screen with a door.  Enter the door, where you are greeted by the Giant


He introduces himself by saying, "I'm Royce."  He will turn into a ball and
roll right at you.  Hit him when he is rolling at you and he'll roll through
you without doing any damage to you, as long as you clubbed him first.  Keep it
up and Royce will be toast.

Go up three more screens where you'll find another door.  Inside here is a room
with a message that says "Come Again."  You can enter and reenter this room and
every so often a ? will appear, which will get you bonus points, more life,
etc.  There are several other rooms of this type in this round.

Two screens higher you'll find a third door which leads to the Grim Reaper.


"Welcome!  Entrance to Hell!" it tells you.  Deflect the heads it throws at you
back to him.  If you do have Bert, hover in front of him and fire away. This is
probably the toughest boss yet, but you can outlast him.  You'll get the key
after beating the Reaper.

Why did you get the key after beating only two bosses?  An email from Andrew
Rae (sprinter_h@hotmail.com) answers the question: "In level 7, you just need
to beat any two of the bosses there for the key. The third will make you lose

There, mystery solved.  Now work your way all the way to the top of the round
and get to that exit.  You can duck into one of the other doors on your way out
and fight your old friend, the Giant Spider, again, but you don't want to lose
your key in the battle and have to search for it again, so don't bother with
the spider and head on up to the exit.

Your Password: m6V EN. gJS

(Note that the . in this password is the same type of . that was in the last


Round 8 is like all the other horizontal scrolling levels, except from the
beginning of this round you can go left.  There are some strong enemies in the
level that attack you directly, so you should be on the lookout for them.  The
broom riding witch is hard to kill, so just dodge the bolts she throws at you. 
Head left from the start and enter the first building to take on the Giant


The Dragon bellows, "Watch out baby!" then attacks.  He basically just charges
at you and damages you from contact.  Hit him in the head repeatedly and you'll
do him in.

Now that the Dragon is gone, head to the right.  The next building you
encounter is empty, but the one after that is the home of the Hand Creature.


Simply deflect the projectiles of the Hand Creature back at him to finish him
and you can move on to the last boss of the round.

To find the last boss of Round 8, the Snake Man, travel two buildings to the
right of where the Hand Creature was residing.


Just use the well-used method of directly attacking the enemy with your bat. 
Jump to avoid his charges then counter-attack.  You should really be used to
this by now :)

Now is the time to defeat enemies in the level if you are low on energy. The
key you got from defeating Snake Man clears the path to your final
confrontation with the Dark World Master.


The exit to Round 8 is actually the door to the Dark World Master's hideout.


He greets you by sneering, "You beat everybody.  Beat me and you can leave!
Come and Die!"  He's not exactly Mr. Congeniality.

He'll start by spitting eyeballs at you which will follow you around until they
make contact with you or disappear off the screen.  The way to beat him is
through his nose.  While dodging the eyeballs, you'll notice that his nose will
actually open up.  When it does, swing (or fire) away at the opening before it
closes.  It will open and close repeatedly, so make sure you get your hits in
when you can.  It takes about 7 hits from Bert.  As Mark you can deflect the
eyeballs back to the open nose to damage it.  Do this enough times and you can
enjoy the fall of the Dark World Master and watch the game's closing credits.


Mark destroyed the monsters.  Bert gave him a gift and Mark went home.  He
opened the box and a beautiful princess came out.  Suddenly the princess became
a monster and more monsters Ÿollowed her.  You begin to think that the Dark
World Master wasn't the final boss of the game, but then Mark wakes up and you
realize that it was just a dream...or was it.  Mark leaves his bedroom and
heads for school, and when he opens his front door, Bert is standing right
there.  This is how the game ends, leaving you to speculate whether a Monster
Party 2 was ever in the works.  We'll probably never know.


Start with boosted energy:

Start with super-boosted energy:

Take no damage, except from Guardians:

Take no damage from Guardians:

Start on level 2:

Start on level 3:

Start on level 4:

Start on level 5:

Start on level 6:

Start on level 7:


-Special thanks to Andrew Rae (sprinter_h@hotmail.com) who emailed me to say
why you get the key in Level 7 after beating only two bosses.


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