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"Unusual little game..."

Monster Party was a game that didn't have all that much to do with its title. In it, you played as Mark, a kid coming home from baseball practice when a gargoyle-like creature named Bert stops him. Bert tells him that his world has been taken over, and that he needs Mark's help to get it back, and that all sorts of ghoulies must be defeated along the way. Interesting.

Graphics: 7/10- Some of the boss enemies move in spite of having no animation. Mark looks like one of the Beatles when you actually go to play the game, and his baseball bat looks just like an ordinary 2x4. The backgrounds aren't badly done, though, and the normal enemies are animated decently enough.

Sound: 6/10- The sound of Mark swinging his bat isn't very realistic. Musicwise, the songs are generally reflective of the mood in Bert's world (Dark), though towards the end of the game it starts to get upbeat. The boss theme is rather subdued. There's your basic sound effects for enemies "Exploding", item collecting, and of course the little theme that plays whenever you clear a stage.

Control: 9/10- Very well done. Mark responds very well to your movements, and though the bat has a pretty limited range, it's pretty realistic relative to the size of the character. As Bert, you can fly and shoot lasers. One cool thing, while it isn't really all that useful, is the fact that you can quicken your rate of descent from a jump by hitting down on the control pad. Also, you can crawl around like a worm to avoid attacks, though you can't attack in that position. You can also hit enemy projectiles back at them with the bat.

Story: 5/10- It's more or less the basic "Save the world" plot, but the fact it involves a kid and a gargoyle--rather than, say, your basic buff action-type guy, makes it pretty cool. The fact that you're NOT trying to save Earth, even though it's in the game, also earns it some points.

Challenge: 5/10- It's simply not a very hard game. There are 8 levels, and you get passwords after each level that save your life total and score. Therefore, you can build up life (There are several places to do this) just before moving on to the next stage, and always start from that stage with that amount of life. The bosses aren't overly difficult, either, though some will give you a good challenge.

Replay Value: 6/10- The passwords save your score, so you can go back and try to get higher scores than you had before. Still, once you've gone through it once, other than trying to get a high score, there isn't too much reason to do it multiple times.

Overall: 8/10- Though it's a tad simple, it's really a very good game. I would recommend this to younger players, or those looking for a quick playthrough of an overall above average title.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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