FAQ/Walkthrough by DDCecil

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Mystery Quest for NES FAQ/Walkthrough V1.1

By DDCecil (James Tompkins)

1. Introduction/Updates
2. Items
3. Enemies
4. Walkthrough
5. Credits

1. Introduction/Updates
This is another of my "close to my heart" games, and I couldn't find anything 
helpful on it, so I decided to write a walkthrough for it.

V1.1 - 1/19/2001 - Added how to get the real ending, thanks to AdamL.

V1.0 - 1/18/2001 - FAQ is finally finished.

2. Items

Sign Post - Tells you which way to go, and acts as a starting point when you 
die. See the walkthrough for a trick with the sign posts... (200 pts.)

Wizard Hat - Gives 10,000 pts. (10,000 pts.)

Broom - Gives 10,000 pts. (10,000 pts.)

Swinging Star - These appear when you jump on certain stumps and other 
platforms in the overworld. They fill up about 1/8 of your life, or if your 
life is full, shoot it for 1,000 pts. (1,000 pts.)

Star - Recovers 1/2 your life, they sometimes appear when you defeat enemies. 
(0 pts.)

Moon - Recovers all your life. These are some what plentiful. (1,000 pts.)

Mini-Hao - Increases your maximum life bar by a little. If you die, you lose 
all you have collected. (0 pts.)

SOS - A raft, lets you survive one dive into the water, and the force of the 
raft throws you in whatever direction you are facing. You can only keep 1 at 
a time. (1,000 pts.)

Key - You can only get 1 at a time, opens locked doors in the 4 castles. 
(1,000 pts.)

Lamp - Makes you invincible for about a minute. Use this to your advantage! 
(1,000 pts.)

Double Point - There is 1 in each of the 4 castles. Doubles your over-all 
score. (Score x 2)

Roll of Magic - Doubles the power of your weapon, allowing you to break 
certain bricks that can't be broken with a normal shot. (10,000 pts.)

Crystal of Magic - Most powerful weapon. (100,000 pts.)

Powered Boots - Break ceratin blocks by jumping on them. (20,000 pts.)

Powered Helmet - Break certain blocks with your head. (20,000 pts.)

Super Mantle - Makes it so you can't lose vitality just by standing around. 
(40,000 pts.)

Potion - (?) (200,000 pts.)

Symbol of Money - 1 of 4 symbols needed to beat the game. (100,000 pts.)
($ - 1st quest, Yen - 2nd quest)

Symbol of Knowledge - See above. (200,000 pts.)
(Green Book - 1st quest, Open Book - 2nd quest

Symbol of Family - See above. (300,000 pts.)
(Smile with 3 lines - 1st quest, Person looking at a note (?) - 2nd quest)

Symbol of Peace - See above. (300,000 pts.)
(Smiley face - 1st quest, Winking face - 2nd quest)

3. Enemies:

Scorpion - 200 pts. - Walks and jumps at you.

Snake - 300 pts. - Runs fast back and forth. It can be jumped on and squashed.

Bat - 100 pts. - Flies at you from the left or right and swoops in a wave.

Porcupine - 300 pts. - Runs extremely fast towards you.

Mole Head - 400 pts. - Sticks out of the ground at the most inconvinent times.

Dragonfly - 100 pts. - Flies in a Circle-8 pattern.

Bee - 100 pts. - It flies at you.

Shallow Water - Rapidly decreases your life.
Skull - Same as above.

These 4 enemies are inside the castles (1 type in each castle), and will give 
you a key when you defeat them.

Mantis - Throws out energy rings, shoot rapidly at it!
Snail - For best results, stay below it.
Dragon - Same attack as the Mantis, just stronger.
Gargoyle - It shoots out seeker-rings at you. The rings can be killed.

4. Walkthrough

Some quick tips to help you out:

I. To run, walk while firing your weapon rapidly. When you start going the 
speed you want, you can stop firing.

II. To jump higher, tap A repeatedly after landing from a normal jump. There 
are 3 heights Hao can jump, each one slightly higher than the last.

III. Wall Jump: When there is a trampoline on the side of a wall, jump at it, 
then jump again to go higher. There is an area in 1-G that let's you practice 
this manuver.

IV. The overworld is like this:

1-A ->->->->->->->->->->->->->- 1-Q <- Above ground
2-A -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<- 2-Q <- Underground

The castles are located at:


Okay, let's start...


   If you want Infinite points, do this trick! Head left and grab the sign 
post. Now head right until you touch the house with 4 windows. Now go back to 
the left and the sign returns! You can do this as many times as you want, but 
remember, your HP drops slightly during the game, so find stars or moons to 
recover it!
   Head right, killing the 2 scorpions.


   Same as 1-A, keep going right. Watch out for enemies hiding behind the 


   At the end of this area, climb into the tree and run back and forth while 
shooting. You should knock a wizard hat out of it. Pick it up for 10,000 pts!


   After the tree, you'll see a mini-figure of yourself. Try and lure a 
scorpion to the shallow pool of water and make it fall in so you can go 
across the water unscathed. If not, just run through it, grab the figure, and 
run back out! The first stump after the figure will reveal a swinging star if 
you jump on it. Near the end of this area, avoid the scorpion and jump onto 
the trampoline to get over the wall.


   The second stump will reveal a swiniging star if you jump on it. Cross the 
bridge, avoiding the bats that fly at you. After that, you will come to an 
area with skulls. If there is a cloud above them, take it so you can get over 
them. If it isn't there, time your jumps over them.


   Keep going right, watching out for 2 dragonflies. The first small stump 
has a swinging star above it.


   The only thing of interest in this area is a swinging star on the stump 
beneath the tree. Halfway through the area is an area with 10 trampolines on 
a wall, 5 on each side. Use these to practice the wall jump, which you'll 
need to do later on.


   Jump on to the brown hill for a swinging star.


   At the start of this area, shoot at the left wall for a magic lamp. Now 
run to the right! Shoot at the bottom row of green blocks for an SOS raft! 
Next, fall into the hole to 2-I and head right, grab the moon, then head left 
and back out. Continue right.


   Right after the pool of water, shoot at the 3 stacked green blocks for a 
broom worth 10,000 pts! Make sure you shoot at it from the left side, and not 
the right, or it wil fall into the water!


   Grab the sign post, and then enter the castle!

Castle 1:

   Start by going right, and use the 2 trampolines to past the 2 pools of 
water. Go up, and towards the left and enter the door below the '1' sign. 
Head right, taking the top route for a mantis. Kill it for a key. Enter the 
door right below it. If the mantis diappears while fighting it, head back to 
the left, and then go back to where the mantis is to make it re-appear. Once 
inside, shoot upwards to make the magic scroll fall down. Grab it, then shoot 
the left blocks for a key. Don't waste your key on the door. Shoot the right 
blocks, and head right, and re-enter the door below the one. 

   Now shoot the left wall, and go left. Use the trampoline to jump over the 
wall, then shoot at the top-left wall for a moon. Keep going left, and enter 
the door at the end. Go right, and you'll see a '2' sign at the top of the 
screen. You need to get up there. Do this by going right, go under the 4 
flower pots, and start running (by shooting repeatedly) and head left, jump 
onto the block and leap onto the trampoline to reach the area with the sign. 
Head left, then enter the door at the end. 

   In this room, go right, climb the small stairs, and head left. Kill the 
mantis for a key, Go left until you see a trampoline on the screen at the 
bottom. Drop down, then head right,then run to the left, jumping onto the 
trampoline, jumping to the platform with a Double Score on it. Grab it, and 
continue left. Feel free to use the next trampoline to reach the moon at the 
top-left of the screen. Enter the door at the end. 

   Shoot the left wall for a raft if you need one. Go right, and jump onto 
the trampolines, and bounce in one spot while shooting to the right. You'll 
make a block appear above each lake (2 spaces above each lake). Jump to each 
block, and make it to the end. Once past that, run to the right, while 
shooting to clear 3 jumps (you'll kill a scorpion along the way).Once at the 
end of the that, go up, and head to the left. Enter the door at the end 
(below the '3' sign). 

   Once inside, stay in the middle and head left. Kill the mantis for a key. 
After that, head to the right a bit, then run to the left while shooting,then 
tap the "A" button lightly to clear a gap and reach the powered boots! Head 
back to the far right, and get to the top of the screen, then go left, 
running and shooting to clear the gap above where the boots were. If you past 
the next gap after that, you can get a moon (hidden in the wall). After that, 
jump down to the middle section, go right against the wall, then run and 
shoot left, tapping "A" VERY lightly, to get to the section that has a 
"ceiling fan" on it. (Or you can use up your raft and go across the small 
lake.) If you are in the place with the "ceiling fan", jump on the 2nd or 3rd 
block from the wall twice to break it and drop down. Enter the door. 

   Go right, jumping on the trampoline, and shooting the 6 top/middle blocks, 
keeping the bottom 3 blocks to walk on. In the first group of blocks, you'll 
find a Mini-Hao. Keep going right, being careful so you don't fall in. At the 
final group of blocks, jump to the small platform and shoot the stairs, then 
go up, and left. Enter the door under the '4' sign. 

   You're almost done! In this room, go right, then up the small stairs, and 
go left. Kill the mantis for a key. Run to the very left, and touch the wall. 
You should see the Power of Money on the other side of it! Then jump up and 
down twice to get rid of the block under you. Go under the money symbol, and 
shoot it to make it drop! Jump up and down twice on the 2nd/3rd block from 
the left wall. Drop down, and enter the black door to beat the area!

1-K Continued...

   Once past the castle, ride the cloud that is over the lake to find a 
Mini-Hao hidden in the blocks.


   Shoot the candle that you find to make a swinging star appear. Also, be 
careful of the mole that pops out of the ground between the 2 mountains.


   Jump on any of the stumps you find to make swinging stars appear over most 
of them.


   At the beginning of 1-N,shoot the blocks on the right side of the stairs 
to make a lamp appear.


   Do the wall trampoline jump to make it over the tall wall. Once past that, 
use the trampoline on the ground to reach a moon and wizard hat!   


  Watch out for the bat that appears when you are crossing the lakes 
seperated by skinny platforms.


  Enter the next castle!

Castle 2:

   From the start, run to the right, jumping over the lake. Shoot out the 
blocks to find 3 Wizard hats. Once you get them all, get back to the very 
beginning. Now go right again, running, and jumping up to the middle area 
above where the wizard hats were. Enter the door near the '1' sign.

   Head right. If you don't have a key, you'll fight a snail here. After 
beating it, go right, then down, and head left, jumping over the spikes. You 
should see the powered helmet above you! Standon the right edge of the 
trampoline and shoot upwards until you knock the helmet down. Grab it, now 
jump on the trampoline, hitting the ceiling one block left of the trampoline 
until you break it and jump into it (or for an easier path, use your raft on 
the lake to go right to the door.)
Once you past that, enter the door.

   Once in this room, go left, shooting at the stairs, past that, then shoot 
up at the ceiling near the 2 flower pots to make a Double Score fall down. 
Now, head to the extreme right (taking any path you choose), and enter the 
door near the '2' sign.

   Go right,and shoot the snail that appears and get the key. Now go back to 
the left and shoot teh wall for a moon, and then stomp the ground 1 space 
past the moon to fall down and enter the locked door at the bottom.

   In this room, head to the extreme right, and open the door near the '3' 

   When you start, see all those blocks near the lake at the bottom? Remember 
this for the 4th castle as the symbol is in there (There's a raft down there 
this time). Go to the far right, killing the snail for a key. Fall down to 
the middle section, and run to the far left, jumping over everything. Enter 
the door at the end.

   Jump to the middle section and go right. Go into the 2nd door. Once 
inside, go to the top near the locked door. Shoot out the wall and grab the 
key. Go back to the door you came in. Now enter the other door (1st door) 
that you entered. Take the door at the bottom. Run across the lake in the 
next room and enter the next door. Jump to the middle section. Shoot up at 
the ceiling of blocks for a moon. Now enter the final locked door. Headbutt 
the block above the fireplace and enter the door. 

   You should see a key and the book of knowledge. Jump on the block that is 
1 space to the right of the book. Jump down and grab the key and book. Shoot 
at the block that is 1 space to the left of the block you jumped on. Shoot it 
and the next block or two. Drop down and exit the black door at the bottom!

1-Q Continued:

   Headbutt the brick at the very end, then jump up and head right into the 
hole. Jump out of the holeon the right side to reach a moon (1-R). Go back 
into the hole and head left for the 2nd part of the game!

2-Q through 2-J:

   Nothing too difficult, just keep going left, and watch out for lakes.


   Here the 1st tough spot. You need to do a wall trampoline jump off of the 
2 trampolines and shoot at the right wall to make a crevace so you can jump 
up to the left. Watch out for the porcupine that keeps reappearing!


   Enter the castle here!

Castle 3:

   Basically the same as Castle 1, but with more enemies. The item, Super 
Mantle is located in the group of blocks after the Double Score. Shootall the 
blocks you can, and jump on the one you can't destroy to reach it. The Symbol 
is in the same place as Castle 1.


   At the end of this part, you'll see a trampoline near a lake, with a block 
right above it. You can shoot the blocks to the right of the platform to 
reach the platform without using the trampoline.


   This is the hardest part of the game! You need to do a trampoline jump at 
the 2 tall wall trampoline part. Start by running and shooting at the right 
wall, then bounce to the left wall, and do a single jump to reach the top of 
the wall! After that, you'll find another trampoline wall. Just do a normal 
jump to make it over. After that, you'll have to run and clear a large lake! 
If you have a raft, it'll be easier (Just fall in and the raft will do the 


   Just keep going to the left, shoot at the 2nd block made up of 9 blocks to 
find a lamp! Shoot at the bottom of the 3 arrows to get through each one.


   Shoot the very left wall (and headbutt a block) to find the Crystal of 
Magic and a moon! Now enter the final castle!

Castle 4:

   It's the same as Castle 2, but the Symbol of Peace is hidden in some 
blocks near the end. (Where the SOS raft was in the 2nd castle, check above 
in the walkthrough if you forgot where in the castle it was.)

   After beating that, you can see the ending I always get (The bad one!) if 
anyone knows how to get the good ending, please let me know ASAP! I beat the 
game 2 times in a row and still didn't get a good ending!


AdamL told me how to get the real ending. You must beat the game 4(!) times 
in a row to get it! Thanks Adam!

5. Credits

Thanks to everyone at GameFaqs and AdamL for telling me about how to get the 
real ending!