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              Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Entertainment System
----------------An FAQ/Walkthrough by Michael Lemon (Dead Hero)----------------
----------------------------12/9/02 - Version 1.0------------------------------
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TABLE OF CONTENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I )  ---------------  Introduction
   II )  ---------------  Story
  III )  ---------------  Controls
   IV )  ---------------  Characters
        A.  ---------------  Ryu Hayabusa
        B.  ---------------  Ken Hayabusa
        C.  ---------------  Irene Lew
        D.  ---------------  Dr. Walter Smith
        E.  ---------------  Foster
    V )  ---------------  Gameplay Overview
        A.  ---------------  The Ninja Arts Explained
        B.  ---------------  Powerups
        C.  ---------------  Wall Climbing
   VI )  ---------------  Walkthrough
        A.  ---------------  Act 1 - Destiny
        B.  ---------------  Act 2 - The Escape
        C.  ---------------  Act 3 - The Chase
        D.  ---------------  Act 4 - A Trap
        E.  ---------------  Act 5 - Life or Death Combat
        F.  ---------------  Act 6 - The Fall of the Demon
  VII )  ---------------  Enemies
 VIII )  ---------------  Boss Fights
        A.  ---------------  Barbarian
        B.  ---------------  Bomberhead
        C.  ---------------  Basaquer
        D.  ---------------  Kelbeross
        E.  ---------------  Bloody Malth
   IX )  ---------------  Cheats
        A.  ---------------  Game Exploitations
        B.  ---------------  Game Genie Codes
    X )  ---------------  FAQs
   XI )  ---------------  Credits
  XII )  ---------------  Copyright
 XIII )  ---------------  Contact Information

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I. INTRODUCTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Ninja Gaiden is a side-scrolling, hack and slash, ninja fun-fest. Released in
 1989 by Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden is based upon the exploits of a vengeful ninja
 on a quest to America. At the time of it's release, Ninja Gaiden proved to be
 one of the few titles to utilize cut-scenes, or cinema scenes, as a way of
 communicating the plot. As you probably already know, this is a common
 practice in today's world of gaming. However, Ninja Gaiden further proved that
 a game did not have to be an RPG to have a story. The deep plot tucked in with
 it's amazing gameplay took strides to enlighten the action genre. This topped
 upon splendid graphics, superb sound, and amazing gameplay granted Tecmo the
 start of a promising franchise.

 Upon first playing Ninja Gaiden, the primary realization the gamer has is the
 extreme level of difficulty. During the 8-bit era of the NES, games were
 typically excruciatingly hard, offering little to no saves and an insane
 amount of resistance to overcome. Ninja Gaiden is no different. Here is a game
 that expects you to beat it in one sitting, offering no save points or
 passwords to help your progress. This fact can be intimidating to a gamer not
 wanting a challenge. Ninja Gaiden requires you to memorize enemy placement,
 timing, and powerups, all while racing the clock. That's right, there is a
 time limit for each level, and more than likely it will expire before you
 finish one of the levels. So why play a game that's so frustrating? Read on.

 Well, why play any game? Why do you sit in front of a screen for hours upon
 end while being thoroughly engrossed into anything? It's fun and it's
 entertaining. Of course, the most logical explaination is the best. Ninja
 Gaiden's virtues outweigh it's main defect, being the difficulty. Even if you
 can't beat the last level (most can't) you should still have fun playing until
 then. If you don't have fun playing then you shouldn't be reading this. If you
 still are, then by all means, continue...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~II. STORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Ninja Gaiden starts out on the battlefield, depicting Ken Hayabusa apparently
 being slain by an unknown ninja. Later to learn of the battle where Ken
 Hayabusa lost his life is Ken's son, Ryu Hayabusa.

 Ryu had discovered a letter from his father at their home. In it, Ken gave Ryu
 instructions to take up the family blade, the Dragon Sword, and travel to
 America. Ryu complies and vows revenge upon those who killed his father.

 Upon arriving in the U.S., Ryu is to seek the aid of Dr. Walter Smith, a
 former acquaintance of Ken's. Unknown still are the reasons why Ken had the
 duel, why Ryu should seek Dr. Smith, and who fought Ken.

 Upon arrival to America, Ryu is engaged by what appears to be a gang of common
 street thugs. What Ryu doesn't know is the mystery he is now involved in and
 the conspiracy to come...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~III. CONTROLS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A Button  -  Jump

 B Button  -  Preforms a slash with the sword. Can be used in a crouch.

 Start     -  Pauses the game.

 Select    -  N/A

 D-Pad     -  Makes Ryu run in a given direction; Makes Ryu crouch; Makes Ryu

 D-Pad Up
    +      -  Allows Ryu to utilize the ninja arts.
 B Button

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IV. CHARACTERS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A. Ryu Hayabusa

 Ryu Hayabusa is the protagonist of our journey and the son of Ken Hayabusa.
 After learning of a duel between his father and an unknown warrior, resulting
 in his father's demise, Ryu begins his quest for vengence. Typically brash,
 forceful, and aggressive, Ryu is quick to fight and quicker to win. He is,
 however, your basic hero of sorts, always the one to do the right thing. Ryu
 is young and abrasive, not understanding the challenges that lie before him
 and yet to realize his full potential.

 B. Ken Hayabusa

 Ken is the father of Ryu, a master ninja who is defeated in the opening
 scenes of the game. A rather brave man, Ken is willing to die for those he
 cares for and, like Ryu, is quick to fight. Ken was the previous holder of the
 Dragon Sword, the Hayabusa family sword. Ken's fate is shrouded in mystery,
 after the battle where he appeared to be slain...

 C. Irene Lew

 Irene is a CIA agent in the United States whom Ryu meets up with rather
 abruptly. Typically a mysterious individual, Irene disguises her motives to
 help Ryu in his quest. She captures Ryu early in the game, only to help him
 later and give him a crucial piece of evidence in Ryu's journey, a Demon
 Statue. Irene is rather dependant, tough, and skilled in most respects.

 D. Dr. Walter Smith

 Dr. Walter Smith was a friend of Ken Hayabusa. He is the lone reference given
 to Ryu in a letter left by Ken. Dr. Smith is the only contact Ryu has on his
 journey to America. Dr. Smith is very knowledgable on ancient artifacts and
 gives Ryu some crucial info on the mysterious Demon Statues.

 E. Foster

 Presently the head of the CIA, Foster holds enough power to capture Ryu and
 "hire" him to search out and seize the two Demon Statues. Early on, Foster
 explains the mechanics of the Demon Statues and what is known about the Jaquio
 to Ryu. Despite his position, Foster is prone to his own selfishness and will
 exploit Ryu for these purposes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~V. GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Gameplay in Ninja Gaiden is fairly straightforward, albeit rather simplistic
 at times. Main focal points in the game rest upon basic sword strikes,
 running, jumping, wall climbing, and the Ninja Arts.

 A. The Ninja Arts Explained

 Astray from the employment of Ryu's Dragon Sword, the most deadly weapon held
 in your arsenal lies in Spiritual Strength, which allows Ryu to use the Arts
 of the Ninja. These Ninja Arts are tactics devote to ninjas, respectfully, in
 which any number of special attacks can be called upon. In other words, the
 Ninja Arts are Ryu's special attacks.

 For Ryu to be able to use the Arts of the Ninja, a certain number of Spiritual
 Strength is required. Regardless of the practice attempting to be excecuted,
 Spiritual Strenth is required. So just how do you get spiritual strength?
 Along with a number of other assorted powerups, Spiritual Strength is gained
 by obtaining a Blue or Red Ninja icon (see Powerups below).

 The Arts of the Ninja include:

 ~The Throwing Star~

 The Throwing Star is the most basic of all of Ryu's special abilities. When
 used, Ryu will launch a straight projectile across the screen, the star.
 Although useful at times, the throwing star is the weakest of all attacks. Get
 it if you can, but don't replace it over your current special. The throwing
 star costs 3 Spiritual Strength points.

 ~The Windmill Throwing Star~

 The Windmill Throwing Star is one of the most useful of all the special
 abilities in the game. Basically a shuriken that acts like a boomerang,
 returning to Ryu after it is thrown, the windmill star is stronger than a
 normal throwing star. This attack can also strike enemys behind Ryu if you
 jump upon the shuriken's return. The windmill throwing star costs 5 Spiritual
 Strength points.

 ~The Art of the Fire Wheel~

 The Art of the Fire Wheel is the top ability (debated with the Windmill
 Throwing Star) at Ryu's disposal. When used, Ryu will throw 3 fireballs
 circling upward through the air. This ability is excellent against bosses, and
 good for clearing the screen of annoying flying enemies. The Art of the Fire
 Wheel costs 5 Spiritual Strength.

 ~The Jump and Slash Technique~

 Overall the strongest single attack in the game, the Jump and Slash Technique
 can kill some bosses in one hit. It is, however, very hindered in it's
 reliability. Trying to jump and hit an orb to gain an item will cost you 5
 Spiritual Strength everytime. Use it wisely.

 B. Powerups

 Powerups in Ninja Gaiden are obtained by striking the background scenery,
 settings which can range from red orbs to flying bugs. These orbs are
 everywhere throughout each level, so don't worry about finding them. Powerups
 can be anything from Spiritual Strength to extra lives and Ninja Arts.

 ~Spiritual Strength~

 The Spiritual Strength icons come in two different forms, red and blue. Red
 Spiritual Strength is worth 10 points and blue is worth 5. The icon for
 Spiritual Strength resembles a block with writing inside.

 ~Time Freeze~

 Time Freeze is a rare icon that will halt every enemy movement both onscreen
 and off for 5 seconds. Beware though, running into a frozen enemy CAN still
 cause Ryu harm. Run as fast as you can to avoid enemies when you get the Time


 Like Spiritual Strength, Bonuses come in two forms, both red and blue. Bonuses
 will increase your score by 1000 points and 500 points, respectively. The icon
 for the bonus is a tied bag.

 ~Restore Strength~

 Restore Stength will boost Ryu's health meter by 6 cells.

 ~1 UP~

 Collecting a 1 UP will give Ryu another life. If Ryu dies with no lives left,
 the game will end.

 ~Fire Shield~

 The Fire Shield acts as a protective barrier from enemies, circling Ryu. Any
 enemy who touches Ryu when in this state will die. The Fire Shield does not
 last long so gain as much ground as you can.

 C. Wall Climbing

 An essential move throughout the course of the game, wall climbing can help
 you greatly when dealing with early bosses and other situations. However,
 Ryu can only directly climb up or down a wall that has any type of rungs or
 fence. Also, Ryu can not attack when clung to a wall.

 Any wall in the game can be clung to, and sometimes it is imperative to be
 able to climb up a certain wall with no ladder. In these instances, you must
 be able to jump up the wall. To do this, hold the D-pad arrow away from the
 wall and jump, causing Ryu to spring away from his grip on the wall. As soon
 as Ryu has left the surface of the wall, immediately press the D-pad back
 toward the wall, making Ryu change directions in mid-air.

                              - The Wall Jump -
         _| |_       _             ||
    <-- |_( )_|  +  (_)        > x ||
          |_|     A Button        X||
                                             *  X = Ryu             *
 >Ryu jumps away from the wall...            *  x = Ryu's jump path *
                                             *  | = The wall        *
         _| |_                  > X||
        |_( )_| -->  +  Up       x ||
          |_|                     X||

 >and lands higher up. (Pretty sketchy but you get the idea.)

 The change in direction while in mid air has got to be fast for this move to
 work. If the movement is too slow, Ryu will actually lose height on the wall.
 This puts you in danger of dropping into an enemy's range.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VI. WALKTHROUGH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A. Act 1 - Destiny

 STAGE 1-1*********************************************************************

 The first stage of Ninja Gaiden pits Ryu on the streets, fighting a gang of
 some sorts. Run forward, killing 3 bikers as you go. Always try to hit the
 orange, glowing triangles to collect items. As you pass two of these, both
 containing blue Spiritual Strength, a biker comes on screen and you're
 attacked from behind by a dog. Kill the biker and immediately turn to kill the

 Continue forward, kill the knife thrower. Get the red Spiritual Strength from
 the light. A dog will attack from on top of the step, you cannot hit it while
 standing. You must jump to hit the dog. Jump up onto the ledge, kill the two
 bikers above you. Grab onto the sign and spring up to where those bikers were.
 In the light up here, get the Throwing Star. Jump down, hitting the light
 below you to get a blue bonus. Kill the knife thrower and use the sign to
 climb up to the street.

 Kill the boxer up here and get the two blue Spiritual Strengths. Jump down,
 grab the red bonus from the light below you. Run forward under three signs
 killing a biker. As you pass underneath the second sign, a dog will attack
 from behind. Turn and kill it, and proceed forward. The light on the building
 contains a blue bonus. Kill the biker on the plateau above you. Climb up the
 wall leading to the ledge above, a dog will attack, and get ontop of the sign.
 Jump to the ledge which held the biker you killed (careful, he may be back).
 The first light (leftmost) contains the Art of Fire Wheel and the second
 (rightmost) contains the Jump and Slash Technique. I recommend the former.

 Use the sign to get up to the street above. If you chose not to get any of the
 specials, the light under the ledge has a blue spiritual strength and the
 light to the right of it has a Fire Shield. You need to jump off the ledge to
 be able to get the Fire Shield. Continue on, killing the two boxers on the
 small step. Get the blue bonus from the light and kill the boxer. The highest
 light here contains a Time Freeze. To get it, use the sign to get to the
 ledge. Jump and grab it (although you don't really need it). Jump between the
 signs and the wall to get to the top of the structure. Kill the biker up here.

 As you jump down, the top light holds a Windmill Throwing Star. If you have
 yet to get a special, I recommend trying to grab this (however, it's not
 entirely necessary). Jump up and kill the biker, running to the edge of the
 small incline. Kneel and kill the knife thrower before he attacks. Continue
 on and you will see a biker, kill him fast and turn to kill a dog attacking
 from behind. Kill two more boxers and head into the building.

 STAGE 1-2*********************************************************************

 Here in Jay's Bar, you fight your first boss, Barbarian. Use simple run and
 strike tactics to defeat him. Use the wall to jump over and strike him in the
 back. After a few times of this, you eventually will win.

 After you defeat Barbarian, you are confronted by an as of yet unknown woman.
 Ryu yells at the woman to leave and the woman pulls out a gun and shoots Ryu
 in the back.

 B. Act 2 - The Escape

 As Act 2 begins, Ryu has been shot and captured. He is depicted locked behind
 a cell door. The woman who shot you (with a tranquilizer) is Irene Lew. She
 gives Ryu a Demon statue and helps him to escape.

 STAGE 2-1*********************************************************************

 Run right, jumping on top of the beams. Kill the biker on top (remember to
 collect the Spiritual Strength out of the lanterns). Hurry and jump to the
 next beam before a dog can attack from behind. If you make it ontop of the
 beam, the dog will not hit you. Anyway, kill the knife thrower. Hit the
 closest lantern to receive a throwing star. Bend down on the edge of this beam
 and kill the boxer. Jumping off will risk you damage. Grab the red bonus out
 of the lantern overhead. Kill or avoid (depending on the height) the bat and
 get the Art of Fire Wheel out of the first lantern before the gap and the red
 bonus out of the second. Jump the gap, quickly jump to the beam and up to the
 next platform so you are not engaged by the bat flying from behind you. Kill
 the boxer up here. The highest lantern holds a Windmill Throwing Star, the
 lower a red bonus. Kill the knife thrower and continue. Grab the blue bonus
 from the lower lantern, as you go a dog will jump off the highest platform. As
 it comes down, jump over it. The dog will bounce off the wall and attack you.
 Turn and kill it (try not to go back so far as a knife thrower will
 regenerate). Head up the ladder.

 Jump to the platform on the left and up to the next platform above the ladder.
 Walk to the edge of this platform and wait, a biker will come into sight. If
 you jump right away you will land on him, knocking yourself off the ledge.
 Wait for him to turn around, jump down and kill him. If you pass the screen
 fast enough, the bat attacking from behind will disappear, otherwise just duck
 to avoid it. Jump down to the lowest platform, climb up the rungs on the wall
 and jump to the small platform on the left. Now jump up on top of the
 structure to the right.

 Jump to the next platform, grabbing the blue bonus from the first lantern.
 Walk about halfway across the platform and a dog will attack from behind. Jump
 straight up in the air to avoid it (Warning: do not jump backwards to avoid
 the dog, you will cause another dog to generate and it will be under you
 before you land, knocking you off the cliff). The second lantern here holds
 the Jump and Slash Technique. Wait at the edge before jumping down to the next
 platform and a boxer will fall off the cliff. Jump down and kill the next
 boxer. Get the red bonus from the first lantern over this platform. Jump down,
 kill the knife thrower on top of the beams. The highest lantern holds a
 Throwing Star. Jump to the top of the beams, kill the boxer and get the blue
 bonus from the lantern. Jump to the wall and climb the rungs, careful of the
 bat behind you.

 Climb the left wall, jump to the platform. Climb up the ladder. Here, as you
 go forward, a dog will attack from behind and a knife thrower from infront of
 you. Kill the dog first (you have to jump to hit it) then the knife thrower.
 Get the red bonus from the lantern, jump up and kill the biker and the knife
 thrower. Run forward, get the blue bonus from the lantern. Jump to the small
 platform, the lantern above contains a Windmill Throwing Star (I recommend
 getting this). Jump to the next platform, run and jump down across the gap. As
 soon as you land, strike. You should kill a dog. Kill the biker and head
 through the door.

 STAGE 2-2*********************************************************************

 Run forward and jump up on the broken pillar. Throw a star at the ghoul (or
 time your jump between her throws). Go forward and a football player attacks
 from behind. Kill him and throw a star at the commando up on the next plateau.
 Jump up and another football player attacks from behind with a sword fighter
 just ahead. Kill the football player first (what's with these guys?) then the
 next. When you walk forward, another football player attacks, as does one when
 you jump down to the next plateau. Kill them along with the commando and climb
 down the ladder (don't jump down or you will die).

 Jump down to the next floor, climb up the wall to the right (avoiding the
 bat) and up on the broken pillar. Jump across to the next pillar, the
 dragonfly above holds a bottle of Restore Strength (of which I'm sure you
 need). As you jump to the next platform, try to strike the dragonfly and you
 should kill a football player in the process. You should also get a Fire
 Shield. High-tail it across the screen, you should make it to the end of this
 section. Jump across the platforms, killing football players, sword fighters,
 and commandos as they run into you. Get the blue bonus out of the dragonfly.
 Climb up the ladder.

 Make your way across and climb up to the highest platform. Kill the bat on
 top and jump down to the broken pillar. Wait for the sword fighter on the next
 plateau to turn around then jump up and kill him. Kill the football player
 attacking from behind. Wait for the ghoul to walk backwards before jumping up,
 that way you have less of a chance for it to knock you off the cliff. Kill it
 and continue, getting the blue bonus from the first dragonfly. A football
 player will attack from behind here, kill him. The next dragonfly holds the
 Jump and Slash Technique, get it, jump down and use it on the sword fighter
 and again on the second sword fighter. Kill the football player from behind,
 jump up and slash the commando. Grab the Art of the Fire Wheel in the
 dragonfly above where the commando was. Run forward and use it on the ghoul
 above you. Jump up and get the blue bonus. Use the Art of the Fire Wheel again
 on the next ghoul above you and get the red bonus. Jump down, hurry because a
 football player will jump down with you. Jump to the next platform and jump
 straight up to avoid the football player. Kill the sword fighters and go
 through the door.

 STAGE 2-3*********************************************************************

 Here you fight the second boss of the game, Bomberhead. Bomberhead wields a
 sickle and chain that is fairly deadly. Use the wall to your advantage again,
 but make sure to climb higher as Bomberhead is tall. When he nears the wall,
 jump over him and attack. After a few times, Bomberhead will fall.

 As you beat Bomberhead, Ryu runs off, pondering many questions. He decides to
 continue on his search for his father's supposed acquaintance, Dr. Walter

 C. Act 3 - The Chase

 Here, Ryu finally meets up with Dr. Walter Smith. Ryu learns of his fathers
 travels and discoveries in the amazon and receives a history lesson on the
 Demon Statue he holds. However, as Ryu and Dr. Smith talk, a ninja jumps in
 and steals Ryu's Demon Statue, the Shadow Statue.

 STAGE 3-1*********************************************************************

 Run forward, killing 3 sword fighters. As you move forward, you see the fourth
 sword fighter and a cheetah will attack from behind. Turn to kill the cheetah
 first. As you reach the water intersecting the land, you are engaged by
 absolutely the most annoying enemy (well, a version of it) in the game, the
 brown eagle. Let it fly over your head, turn and crouch to kill it. You now
 have to jump across four docks, the bug over the second one holds a Time
 Freeze. Grab that and make your way quickly across. Pick up the Throwing Star
 in the bug in over the last dock and get the red bonus in the bug on top of
 the dock. As you jump down, a cheetah will follow. Cross to land and turn to
 kill the cheetah, move forward and another will attack. Ignore the ghoul and
 sword fighters above you. The bugs hold nothing of importance, although the
 one near the ghoul holds the Art of Fire Wheel. Continue underneath and you
 will be attacked by a commando and a brown eagle from behind. Kill the
 commando and jump straight up to avoid the eagle. Crouch to kill the eagle.
 Climb the dock, killing the sword fighters. Jump down to the small docks,
 ignore the bug. An eagle will attack, let it fly over your head and jump to
 land quickly. It should disappear and another will appear, grab the blue bonus
 from the bug, jump over the sword fighter and to the next screen.

 STAGE 3-2*********************************************************************

 Head right, jump up and kill the sword fighter. Kill the second sword fighter,
 jump up and quickly kill the bazooka soldier. Run up and kill the second, make
 sure to grab the blue bonus in the bird above the second bazooka soldier. Jump
 down to the platform, go to the extreme right edge (don't fall off now), turn
 and crouch. An eagle should fly over your head and attack, slash to kill it.
 Jump up and kill the sword fighter, landing on his platform. Continue jumping
 to the next platform, jump across and hit the bird to get a Windmill Throwing
 Star. Kill the ghoul and climb up the wall. Jump and throw a star at the
 ghoul. Jump across the pit, ignoring the sword fighters (the bird holds a red
 Spiritual Strength if you must know). When you drop down a bit, an eagle will
 attack. Slash normally and continue, only to be attacked by 2 football
 players. When you reach the end of the platform you jumped up to, another
 football player will attack (usually more than one). Kill them and jump down,
 grabbing the blue bonus in the bird at the bottom.

 Climb up the ladder on the wall and kill the sword fighter. Jump down and
 throw a star at the bazooka soldier right across from you. Get the red bonus
 from the bird above him. Jump up and walk to the edge, wait for the bazooka
 soldier below you to shoot once before dropping, once he does jump down and
 kill him. When you jump up, an eagle attacks. Turn and crouch to kill it. Wait
 for the bazooka soldier to shoot before jumping down. Kill him and get the
 blue bonus. Run over the platform and jump down into the pit. An eagle will
 attack so turn, crouch, and kill it. When the bazooka soldier shoots, jump up
 and kill him. The bird above has a Windmill Throwing Star. Jump up to the next
 plateau and turn to kill a cheetah when you near the end. Wait for the sword
 fighter to walk away from you before jumping down. When you do, you are
 attacked by an eagle. Kill the sword fighter and run through the opening.

 STAGE 3-3*********************************************************************

 When you enter this area, you are entered into a fight with Basaquer, the most
 brutal of the Malice Four. He attacks by jumping from side to side in the
 room, launching projectiles at random points. Run under him and attack when he
 lands. You can destroy his projectiles when they are launched, giving you a
 clear path underneath. You should hit him nearly every time he lands.

 After defeating Basaquer, Ryu is reunited with the Demon Statue. Fearing the
 worst, Ryu hurries back to Dr. Smith...only to find Dr. Smith has been slain.
 Before his death, Dr. Smith tells Ryu that the Light Statue, the one he was
 holding, had been stolen. As the scene fades, Ryu is captured by a group of
 men in black suits.

 D. Act 4 - A Trap

 As Act 4 begins, a man named Foster explains that the men who captured Ryu are
 from the CIA and were not the men responsible for Dr. Smith's death. Foster
 proceeds to explain about the ruins in the Amazon that Dr. Smith discovered
 and how the demon was trapped into the statues. He then offers to pay Ryu to
 regain the statue that was stolen from Dr. Smith.

 STAGE 4-1*********************************************************************

 Ryu is now dropped off into the Amazon. Run right, jumping the gap. Ignore the
 spider (or you will be killed by the commando), jump and land on the extreme
 edge of the next path. Hopefully, you didn't land on the commando, so go ahead
 and kill him. Hop over the pit and you will be attacked by a cheetah from the
 front and 2 eagles, one from the front and one from the back. Kill the
 cheetah, turn and crouch. The first eagle should be coming at you and the
 second should be turning at your back. Kill the first eagle and use the same
 tactic to kill the second eagle.

 Jump across the pit, grabbing the red bonus from the spider. Jump the next pit
 to get a blue bonus. To kill the ghoul, wait for it to get as close to the
 edge (relevant to you) as it can, jump up to the ledge and strike. You should
 have come in under any of it's projectiles and landed on it's platform. Now
 jump up to the highest platform, get the Jump and Slash Technique from the
 spider. As you run forward, you are attacked by 2 cheetahs, one in front and
 one behind. Kill the one in front and jump straight up in the air to avoid the
 cheetah attacking from behind. Head down to the next platform (avoiding the
 bats) to see a bazooka soldier across from you. Jump over and use the Jump and
 Slash Technique to kill him. Jump up the 2 platforms to get to the highest. Be
 ready, you will be attacked from behind by a cheetah. Kill it and DROP (as in
 don't jump, just run) straight off the cliff. You should avoid the bat (who
 would have killed you) and land safely on the small ledge.

 Jump to the next platform on the right and climb up the walls. When you reach
 the top, run straight forward. A football player will attack and should jump
 right over your head. (There is a possibility of a cheetah attacking here, so
 be prepared). Watch out for the commando on the opposite side of the rock, he
 can and will shoot through it. Jump up on the rock, make sure to avoid the
 bat, and leap over the commando's head. Kill him while his back is turned (if
 he turns he will shoot, if he shoots he will knock you off the cliff). Jump to
 the next small ledge and onto the big platform. Grab the red bonus and jump to
 the fence (weary of the bat flying from the right). Climb up another screen.

 When you reach the top of this screen, an eagle will attack from the top left.
 Initially, it will fly over your head so climb up as far as you can (if you
 keep climbing it still won't hit you). As it is turning, jump onto the
 platform. Wait for the eagle to near you and then jump to the main platform.
 With luck, it should have flown off-screen. If not turn and crouch to kill it.
 As you go forward, another eagle will attack from the right. Jump over it,
 turn and crouch to kill it. Jump down in the pit and kill the sword fighter.
 Wait for the bazooka soldier to shoot and then jump up and kill him. Continue
 running to the right and cheetahs will attack you from both sides. Kill the
 one in front and jump the one in rear. Continue on to get a cut-scene to the
 next level.

 STAGE 4-2*********************************************************************

 Stage 4-2 introduces us to some new types of enemies, namely the mummy
 swordsman, evil ninja, and the tribal knifeman. When you gain control of Ryu,
 run forward and kill the mummy swordsman. Tuck yourself next to the miner's
 cart as an evil ninja will bounce over on your side. Kill him, jump over the
 miner's cart and kill the next mummy swordsman. Be careful because there is a
 white bat flying towards you and he is pretty hard to hit. Avoid him and head
 onward. Jump the gap if you still have the Jump and Slash Technique. Use it on
 the bat. If not, step to the edge of the gap to get the bat to attack, then
 jump over him. Stay on the bottom avoiding the tribal knifeman's attacks. An
 evil ninja should be jumping around up top, too. Jump over the miner's cart
 and get the Art of Fire Wheel from the last lantern. Stand on the cart and use
 it on the enemies above you.

 Grab the red and blue bonuses from the last two lanterns. Jump down over the
 pit, stay near the edge to avoid the tribal knifeman. Use the Art of Fire
 Wheel on him. Go forward, do not get the Throwing Star from the first lantern.
 Continue to the last lantern, which is a Time Freeze. Make the most of this
 because the upcoming part is one of the tougher in the games. Grab the Time
 Freeze and immediately jump on the cart to the top level. Run as fast as you
 can to the other side. By the time it wears off, you will be attacked by an
 evil ninja and two eagles. Kill the ninja, jump over the eagles (if they knock
 you forward they will trigger more eagles). As you go, another ninja and two
 more eagles will arise. Try and kill them and run to the end (as long as you
 have some health left you're in good shape).

 When you reach the end of the bridge, two ninjas, front and back, drop from
 the ceiling. Drop down and run under the upper plateau (run to the left).
 Knock open the lantern to get a Restore Health. Now deal with the ninjas. Kill
 the first one that nears you after he lands and starts walking. Do the same to
 the next. Go forward and an eagle attacks. Turn and wait for it to fly
 overhead. When it nears, slash to kill it. Ignore the Jump and Slash Technique
 and continue on. A ninja will drop from overhead but can't get to you so
 continue forward and get the blue bonus. When the ninja dissappears, jump up
 to that platform. Walk back (left) until you can see the lantern. Jump and hit
 it for an extra life. Now go forward again, and an evil ninja will attack. Run
 away until he starts walking after you, then turn and slash. Get the Windmill
 Throwing Star from the lantern and climb up the wall.

 STAGE 4-3*********************************************************************

 Continue on and climb up the next ladder. Jump up and head to the right,
 killing a boxer just ahead of you. Head over and climp up the wall. When you
 near the top, a knife thrower will come into view. As you are clinging to the
 structure opposite of the main wall (left), jump up again and slash to kill
 him. To your left, in the highest candle, is the Art of Fire Wheel. Now, on
 top of the structure, jump down and get the blue bonus from the candle. Head
 forward and kill the knife thrower and the biker. Jump up to the platform
 where the biker was standing. Run forward and jump up underneath the
 projectiles thrown from the mace thrower (landing on his platform). Run
 forward and slash him (or use the Art of Fire Wheel). Jump across the
 platforms, grabbing the red bonus from the last candle. A mace thrower will
 fall from behind, just run forward and climb the ladder.

 Jump up on the structure and down in-between the broken pipes. Use the Art of
 Fire Wheel on the commando (or the Windmill Throwing Star which is located in
 the candle above you). Jump up to his platform and down to the main ground.
 Get the red bonus from the first candle. Wait for the kick fighter to land his
 attack before slashing him. Do the same for the next. Run forward to the
 innermost wall. Climb it to land under the serpent turrets. Run forward and
 strike the candle to get a Restore Health. Climb up the wall and jump to the
 first platform on the right. The candle here has a Windmill Throwing Star. Be
 careful of the commando on the platform beside you, he can easily knock you
 off the cliff. Jump over before he shoots (hopefully) and kill him. Get the
 blue bonus. Wait for the serpent turret above you to shoot and then jump up
 and slash it, landing on it's platform. Jump down after the axe thrower
 attacks, snagging the red bonus from the candle on the way down (or you can
 climb the wall to get it). Kill the axe thrower and climb the wall.

 Jump from the platforms to the main structure. Kill the kick fighter and get
 the blue bonus from the lower candle (the higher contains a Windmill Throwing
 Star). Slash the next kick fighter and continue. Run under the axe thrower and
 the serpent turret. Climb the wall on the opposite side to jump to the
 platform on the right (be careful the serpent turret doesn't shoot you when
 you jump). Jump down and go through the doors.

 STAGE 4-4*********************************************************************

 Ryu is now entered into battle with Kelbeross, a demon dog. Kelbeross will
 bounce around the room shooting fireballs above the pillars. Keep in mind that
 only the demon starting the fight above you can be damaged. Follow this demon,
 using the Art of Fire Wheel or Windmill Throwing Star to help ensure your
 victory. Avoid the other dog at all costs.

 After your victory, Ryu is confronted by the Jaquio. He reveals that he has
 captured Irene Lew and forces Ryu to give up his statue. As Ryu is doing this,
 he is dropped down a pit and Irene is sent to be a sacrifice.

 E. Act 5 - Life or Death Combat

 STAGE 5-1*********************************************************************

 When you fall down in the pit, head on to the right. Kill the bat first and
 then jump the pit. Kill the 2 mummy swordsmen and you will be attacked from
 behind by a bat. Avoid it and kill the tribal knifeman. Grab the Throwing Star
 from the highest in this triangle of torches. Now jump up to the platform. Get
 the blue bonus from the first candle and you will be attacked by an evil
 ninja. Kill him on the way down or let him jump overhead, either way works.
 When you jump down, get the red bonus and you will be attacked by a cripple.
 He appears to be too short to hit, but you can kill him with a regular slash.
 Run forward and get the Windmill Throwing Star.

 Wait for the mummy swordsman to turn before jumping up. Kill him and you will
 see a second, and will be attacked from behind by an eagle. Crouch down,
 letting the eagle fly overhead. When it comes back around, slash to kill it.
 Now go kill the other mummy swordsman. Jump up to the next platform and slash
 before you land. You should kill the evil ninja who dropped from the top. If
 you didn't he probably knocked you off the cliff. Anyway, grab the blue bonus
 and jump down to the next platform, killing the tribal knifeman. Grab the red
 bonus from the torch overhead. Jump down again and let the evil ninja jump
 over you, off a cliff. Jump up on the pillar to avoid the blade thrown from
 the monster. He will keep throwing so jump to the next main path (the highest
 candle holds the Art of Fire Wheel).

 Jump down and go forward to see the mummy swordsman up on the plateau. As you
 go forward an evil ninja will attack from behind. Turn and kill him, jump up
 and kill the mummy. Kill the bat flying at you, it will knock you off if it
 hits you. Continue jumping and an eagle will attack from underneath you. Jump
 over it when it nears you then crouch to kill it. Jump down to the bottom and
 kill a mummy swordsman and a cripple. A tribal knifeman is attacking from
 above, jump up the platforms to kill him. Walk to the edge of the highest
 platform and kill the bat. Now jump down to the bottom path. Grab the red
 bonus from the last torch and ignore all the enemies above and behind you.
 Climb up the wall and kill the mummy swordsman and the bat. Jump over the
 monster below you and enter the door.

 STAGE 5-2*********************************************************************

 Run left and wait for the first mummy swordsman to pass underneath you, then
 drop down and kill both of them. Jump up and cling to the structure (you won't
 hit your head), now climb up and kill the next mummy. The far torch holds a
 blue bonus, but it will fall if you don't jump out to get it. Jump up to the
 next platform and kill the next mummy. Jump down and ignore the torch (Jump
 and Slash Technique) and kill the cripple before he gets up. Now climb up the

 Jump across to the next platform and an eagle will attack. Jump over it to
 avoid it, turn and kill it when it comes back. An evil ninja will attack on
 the next platform, kill him and walk forward to be attack again by another
 ninja. Turn and kill him and grab the red bonus from the second torch. Jump
 down to the next path and an evil ninja will attack. Kill him and an eagle
 will attack from below. Avoid the eagle by jumping and turn to kill it. The
 torch holds a Throwing Star (don't get it if you have Windmill or Fire Wheel).
 Jump over and climb up the ladder.

 Head forward, killing two kick fighters as you go. You are approaching two
 levels of two snake turrets. Wait for the lower turret to shoot, then jump up
 to it and slash it, immediately running to the back to kill the second. Now go
 back, wait for the top turrets to shoot and jump from that platform you're
 standing on to kill them. Now jump to the platform on the right and to the top
 path. Run and jump down to the next path. You have to slash the bat in mid-air
 or you will die. Head up the ladder.

 Kill the kick fighter when you reach the main path and an eagle will attack
 from above. Let it fly over you, crouch and turn to kill it. Go forward to see
 an axe thrower. Wait for him to near the back of his platform and then jump up
 on the wall to the platform beside him. Jump over and kill him. Jump back one
 platform, the torch above holds a Restore Health. Drop down the platform and
 cling to the side of the wall (make sure you are under the parallel structure)
 and jump to the inner ledge. Grab the red bonus and kill the bat. Jump up to
 the platform and walk to the edge. An eagle will attack, kill it as it nears
 you. Now jump to the ladder and climb up.

 STAGE 5-3*********************************************************************

 Climb the ladder on your right and jump across to the top platform. Kill the
 boxer and hop down. Kill the boxer and the knife thrower from behind, move
 forward and kill the biker. Climb up the wall before the ladder and hit the
 torch to get the Art of Fire Wheel (if you don't already have it). Now jump
 down, weary of any respawned enemies, and climb up the ladder.

 Jump across to the main platform and rush forward to slash a mace thrower.
 Here, you are confronted by flying ninjas. Try to jump and hit them as they
 fly by, while avoiding their stars. It's almost impossible not to get hit by
 these guys, but keep moving forward at all costs (moving back will make them
 respawn, and we don't want that). About three will attack on the first
 platform, when you get by them, jump to the next. When you land, another will
 attack, so jump up and slash to kill him. Do yourself a favor and ignore all
 the torches here and move the the next platform, watching for the random
 flying ninjas. Wait for the mace thrower to near the back, then jump over,
 kill him and climb the ladder.

 Jump down to the bottom platform and kill the sword fighter. The candle holds
 a Throwing Star, grab it and use it on the commando. Jump the gap, careful of
 the bat. Jump the next gap and kill the advancing cheetah. Head over to the
 ladder to see an attacking eagle coming from the right and a football player
 from up top. Kill the football player and jump over the eagle. Turn and
 crouch, kill the eagle when it nears. Climb the ladder.

 Jump to the left edge of the main path and you will be attacked by an eagle.
 Let it fly overhead and kill it when it comes back around. When you go
 forward, you will be attacked by a football player and a bazooka soldier. To
 get by this part, run up as fast as you can and jump to the bazooka soldier's
 platform (jumping under the football player) and slash him quickly. You can't
 take out the football player because he will regenerate. Avoid the bat and do
 the same thing on the next platform. Get the Windmill Throwing Star from the
 torch on this platform. Jump up over the bat and land on the extreme edge of
 the lower platform to slash the commando. Climb up the ladder.

 Jump to the lower level and you will see a cripple, but will be attacked from
 behind by an eagle. Jump the eagle and kill it when it comes back, move
 forward and kill the cripple. Avoid the tribal knifeman and make your way to
 the ladder. When you get there, you are attacked from behind by a monster.
 Climb up quickly. Jump to the top level up here and kill the mummy swordsmen.
 Run over and climb the next ladder. Now, run to the end of this stretch.

 STAGE 5-4*********************************************************************

 Now, you are confronted by Bloody Malth. He can be difficult if you haven't
 stocked up on Spiritual Strength (which you should have), in which case you
 can easily beat him going toe-to-toe. Otherwise, run up and slash away, as his
 attacks are nearly impossible to block. Make sure not to run into him and you
 should defeat him eventually.

 Here, it is revealed that Malth was the one who fought Ryu's father, and that
 Ryu's father is alive!

 F. Act 6 - The Fall of the Demon

 So, you beat Act 5? Now, you're probably wondering what's tougher than Act 5?
 Why, it's Act 6 of course! Have fun, and remember...it's only a game.

 STAGE 6-1*********************************************************************

 When Act 6 begins, Ryu is off to solve the mystery laid before him by a dying
 Malth. Run to the right and kill the commando in front of you and the bat from
 behind. It is extremely important in this level to hold your ground as much as
 possible (meaning, don't venture too far forward or backward on the screen for
 the chance of reactivating an enemy). Continue right and you should see a
 ledge. When you near it, an eagle will attack from behind. If you get too
 close to it when fighting the eagle, the cripple will attack. Also there is a
 commando up top shooting straight across, so watch your head when you jump.
 Wait, back to the ledge, for the eagle to drop down. When it is going to
 attack, jump up and slash. Now jump up and get the Throwing Star from the
 torch. When the commando is between shots, jump up and slash him.

 Cross over the ledge and drop into the gap. Wait for the kick fighter to land
 his attack before slashing him. When the serpent turret is between shots, jump
 up and slash. Head into the next gap and grab the blue bonus from the far
 torch. Jump up and slash the serpent turret. Wait for the second to shoot and
 then jump up. Jump over it's next shot and rush forward to kill it. Jump the
 third's shot and run forward to kill that one. When you pass the third, an
 eagle will attack. Duck down and let it fly overhead. Turn and kill it. Make
 sure you grab the Windmill Throwing Star from the torch, and you should be
 stocking up on Spiritual Strength.

 Cross over the rest of the way. When you see the wall at the end with an axe
 thrower on top, you will be attacked from behind by a cripple. Turn and kill
 it. The torch above holds a Jump and Slash Technique. Jump up when the axe
 thrower backs up and slash him. Get the blue bonus from the first torch. When
 you go forward, an eagle will attack from behind. If you continue forward to
 see the cripple, another eagle will attack from above. The eagle from the
 bottom can be avoided by jumping. Jump over it and wait for it to come around,
 then slash it. The eagle from above cannot be avoided by crouching. Jump up
 and slash him. Go forward and kill the cripple. Run forward now and ignore the
 eagle from the bottom, hit the torch if you can (Red Spiritual Strength), and
 go through the door.

 STAGE 6-2*********************************************************************

 Run to the left, slashing a biker as you go. You will see two green towers, on
 top of the first is a mace thrower. As you run forward, you will see a knife
 thrower and a dog attacking from behind. Slash the knife thrower and jump up
 onto the second tower (avoiding the dog). Immediately jump across to the first
 tower, slashing the mace thrower as you go. If you got hit anytime here, you
 will probably end up clinging to the side of one of the towers. Don't panic,
 climb up fast and kill the mace thrower. Jump up to the highest (second) tower
 and jump down, hitting the highest torch as you drop (Windmill Throwing Star).
 Again, make sure you're stocking up on Spiritual Strength. Kill the knife
 throwers and get the red bonus from the torch. Jump up on the platform with
 the mace thrower when he nears the back of it and slash him. Drop down to the
 bottom, avoiding the bat, to let the awaiting dog run off the screen. Climb
 up the wall.

 Here you will see a biker on the next platform. Run forward and drop down,
 slashing him as you fall. Climb up the ladder and jump to the platform. Get
 the blue bonus from the torch (you have to jump out a bit). You will see
 another biker on the next platform over. Throw a star at him, or try to land
 on his platform and slash him. When you land, be prepared because you will be
 attacked by flying ninjas. The first ninja to attack will leave you just
 enough space to jump through his throwing stars onto the platform. If he hits
 you, you will either be knocked down the pit or back against the wall. If you
 hit the wall, you have to try again as he will attack for the second time. You
 also have the choice of jumping up and killing him, hopefully taking out his
 star attack as he dies. I recommend this, if you are ready for him. When you
 land on the platform, you will be attacked by another. Stand your ground and
 jump up and slash him. You will be attacked by a second and a third as you
 continue to the end of this platform, deal with them one at a time and don't
 let them get up to speed. Jump and slash them before they can throw. Grab the
 Jump and Slash Techniqe in the last torch on this platfom. As you jump to the
 next platform, you are attacked by two more from high up. Use the Jump and
 Slash Techniqe to safely cross the next ledges. Wait for the biker to turn
 before jumping to that platform. Slash him and climb the ladder.

 Hop across the platforms to the top. Jump and Slash the commando and land on
 his platform. When you jump across, an eagle will attack from below and a bat
 will fly across the screen. You should avoid the bat, jump down to the bottom
 and kill the eagle when it flys at you (the middle torch on the way down has
 the Art of Fire Wheel, but I recommend keeping the Jump and Slash Technique,
 and the highest has a red bonus). You should see a cripple, kill him and move
 forward, grabbing the blue bonus, to see two serpent turrets. Slash the first
 one quickly and jump over the second's shot. Make sure you don't cling to the
 tall, thin pole or else you will trigger an eagle to attack when you land.
 Continue on to see an axe thrower on top of a plateau. Jump up to the ledge
 and over to him, slashing as you land. Ignore the torch (Throwing Star) and
 drop down. Run over and kill the cripple. Now climb up the ladder, and up
 another screen.

 Jump up to the first green ledge and wait on the extreme right edge. When he
 nears, slash the sword fighter. Jump over to the next platform. As you go
 forward, a bat will fly across the screen, a football player will attack from
 behind, and an eagle will attack from the bottom. Use the Jump and Slash
 Technique on them or jump over the bat and the football player, slashing the
 eagle. This is recommended to save your Spiritual Strength. Jump over to the
 next platform to see a ghoul across from you. Run and jump across to it, using
 the Jump and Slash Technique early in your jump to kill an eagle. Walk near
 the edge of the platform to trigger a football player, kill him and jump down.
 Grab the red bonus and climb the ladder.

 Jump over to the grey platform and you will be attacked straight ahead by an
 eagle. Jump over it, turn and crouch. Slash it as it comes back. Jump down and
 another eagle will attack from the top of the screen and a cripple will attack
 from straight ahead. Jump and Slash them and move on to kill a mummy
 swordsman. Run forward and an evil ninja will attack from behind (may
 dissappear if you run fast enough). Turn and slash him when he lands, and move
 on to kill the tribal knifeman. Slash the two candles, red Spiritual Strength
 and a Fire Shield, and climb the wall. Jump across the platform and through
 the door.

 STAGE 6-3*********************************************************************

 Run forward and slash the bat and the kick fighter. Jump up and hit the lower
 torch to get some Spiritual Strength. Head over and climb up the big green
 pillar, jump to the left to hit the higher torch to receive the Art of Fire
 Wheel. Head forward, below the structure, and kill the bat and the axe thrower
 (make sure not to get hit from above). Use the Art of Fire Wheel to clear the
 top structure. Kill the commando and snag the Jump and Slash Technique. Jump
 up to the top structure and hit all the torches (red bonus, blue bonus, and
 red Spiritual Strength). Jump over and climb the ladder. Hop up the platforms
 and climb the next ladder.

 When you jump over to the main platform, a cripple will attack immediately.
 Slash quickly to avoid taking damage. Jump up and kill the bat flying across
 the screen. Ignore the first torch (Throwing Star), jump up and kill the bat,
 and get the two blue bonuses from the torches. Jump down and you will be
 attacked by a monster. Jump over to him before he throws and use the Jump and
 Slash Technique to destroy him. You should also have taken out a cripple. Jump
 up to the next platform and kill the cripple behind you. An evil ninja will
 drop from behind, turn and kill him. Hop over to the ledge and you will be
 attacked from below by an eagle. To easily kill it, wait for it you near you
 and use the Jump and Slash Technique on it. Jump over to the next platform and
 kill the mummy swordsman. Grab the red bonus and jump down.

 Run over and climb up the walls, ignore the torch on the right (Windmill
 Throwing Star). Grab the blue bonus from the torch on the left. Jump over and
 slash the tribal knifeman. Now jump down. Grab the Time Freeze and run. Climb
 up the walls and over the platform. Continue over the next platform, ignore
 the torch (Art of Fire Wheel). Drop down and kill the mummy swordsman. Grab
 the blue bonus and kill the next. Run forward and slash the tribal knifeman.
 When you near the pit, an eagle will attack so slash it. Jump onto the pillar
 and over to the ledge. Climb up the ladder.

 Head to the right, climbing up the pillars. On the second pillar, you will see
 a cripple awaiting on the third. Slash the torch to see a Restore Strength
 fall to the ground. Jump down, slashing the cripple, and grab it. Run forward,
 Jump and Slash the torch. You should kill about two cripples that fall from
 the top, missing the third, and grabbed a Time Freeze. Run to the wall on the
 right and climb up. If you were fast enough, you had no resistance on top of
 the platform. If not, you will be attacked by three more cripples and two
 serpent turrets on top of the platform. Ignore the cripples, letting them jump
 down, jump up and slash the turrets. Jump down, ignore the torch (Art of Fire
 Wheel), and slash the axe thrower. Wait for the kick fighter to attack and
 then slash him. When you go forward, an eagle will attack. Jump and Slash it,
 ignore all the torches here (from left to right: Throwing Star, Windmill
 Throwing Star, and Art of Fire Wheel). A cripple will drop from behind you,
 so slash the one in front and run through the door.

 STAGE 6-4*********************************************************************

 Finally, Ryu has made it to the end. He is confronted by the Masked Devil,
 which is revealled to be Ryu's father. Yep, Ryu's father did not die in the
 opening scene as the game led you to believe. Now, he is being controlled by
 the demon, the orb in the middle of the room.

 Well, you've made it this far, so don't die or else it's back to 6-1. Anyway,
 this boss, the Masked Devil, is not hard. If you still have the Jump and Slash
 Technique, run up to the orb and use it to beat this boss in one hit. If not,
 use the wall to jump over the Masked Devil and slash at the orb. Alternate
 from wall to wall, avoiding the fireballs, until you win.

 Ryu's father is returned to normal, but is immediately shot by the Jaquio.
 Now, Ryu is engaged in battle with the Jaquio, who glides across the top of
 the screen shooting fireballs that lock on to Ryu's position. Run over to a
 wall and climb it (make sure Jacquio is not near) and wait for him to cross
 about half of the screen (coming towards you). Jump out and slash. Wait in the
 middle of the screen and dodge his next fireball attack. Run back to a wall
 and repeat this strategy until you defeat the Jaquio.

 STAGE 6-5*********************************************************************

 When you do, the black moon emerges (lunar eclipse) and the Demon is brought
 back from the Demon Statues. Now, Ryu must defeat this fiend to save the lives
 of his dying father and Irene Lew. Run forward, avoiding the fireballs and
 slash at the Demon's head. Eventually, it will fall off. When it does, start
 to attack the Demon's tail. When the tail explodes, the Demon will start to
 take damage. Jump up and slash the central orb to kill it, make sure to dodge
 the fireballs.

 Now that you've defeated the Demon, Ryu finds his father who will die in his
 arms. Ryu and Irene escape the exploding temple together. Upon viewing the
 destruction, Irene recieves a call from Foster instructing her to kill Ryu.
 Irene does not, and Ryu vows revenge upon Foster. Upon the sunset, the game

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VII. ENEMIES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 The enemy names here are made up, rather poorly, by me. To my knowledge, these
 enemies do not have proper names. I based their names on their characteristics
 and their weapons, etc. Some are strait forward, some are pretty bad. No
 matter how bad the name is I assigned to some of the enemies, you should have
 no problem identifying them in game.


 The biker is a common gang thug, wearing a leather jacket and wielding a
 baseball bat. He only causes damage when he runs into you (he doesn't swing
 the bat), and thankfully he is one of the slowest enemies in the game. The
 biker is prominent in Acts 1 and 2.


 The boxer is a gang member who wears a pair of boxing gloves to attack his
 opponents. The boxer will punch at you, and when he does he lunges quickly at
 you. This makes him deadly if he hits you once. After the first hit, it's hard
 to get away from him, especially in a group. The boxer is primarily in Acts 1
 and 2.


 These animals are fast and like to attack from behind. They are annoying and
 deadly, often attacking when your not expecting or in a group of other
 attacks. These animals have a bad habit of attacking from behind and knocking
 you off a cliff, especially at the end of levels. Dogs are mainly found in the
 early levels, Acts 1 and 2, and cheetahs are in the later levels, Acts 3 and

 ~Knife Thrower~

 Knife Throwers are another type of gang member. Wearing bright orange pants
 and, obviously, wielding throwing knifes, these guys are slow to attack and
 easy to kill. They do, however, like to attack while your fighting other
 enemies or will throw a blade at you when you are on an incline. They are
 scattered throughout the whole game, but because of their weakness are
 concentrated primarily towards the early levels.


 Ghouls are look like green old ladies. They are very deadly as they throw
 wooden crosses at an arc. Typically slow moving, Ghouls will move back and
 fourth throwing their crosses (which can go through floors) at random
 increments. They often will knock you off cliffs with their projectiles.
 Ghouls are met in Act 2 and are concentrated to the later levels.

 ~Football Player~

 The one enemy that has no place whatsoever in this game, the football player.
 Football players are fast, green, and plentiful. Typically attacking from
 behind, football players like to knock you off cliffs. Also, they attack
 frequently in mid-air during a jump and other unexpected places. Football
 players are introduced in Act 2 and are frequent from then on in the game.


 Commandos are your first introduction to fighting soldiers. Dressed up in
 green fatigues, commandos are armed with machine gun's. They attack in three
 round bursts (Ryu can not duck under these shots) and do not spend alot of
 time between shots. Commandos are initiated in Act 2 and are previlant from
 then throughout the game.

 ~Sword Fighter~

 Sword fighters resemble much like bikers. Armed with a sword, these guys
 can only attack by running into you. However, sword fighters are typically
 placed in bad spots, such as your landing zone when you jump over a gap or on
 small ledges that you need to pass over. Heavy throughout the game, they are
 introduced in Act 2.

 ~Brown Eagle~

 The single most hated enemy in any game ever (well, maybe not), the eagle.
 Eagles attack out of nowhere, nearly always coming from the top or bottom of
 the screen. Eagles attack for insane damage, often doing up to 3 damage for
 each hit. On top of that, they are usually the cause of your death plunge off
 of a cliff. Eagles are everywhere in the later levels, but are not introduced
 until Act 3.

 ~Bazooka Soldier~

 Bazooka soldiers are a variation of the commando. Armed with bazookas, these
 guys are unmoving and crouched, ready to shoot. Usually, they are too slow to
 shoot before you kill them, buy they will start shooting when you step
 onscreen. They shoot quickly in succession, offering little time to pass.
 Bazooka soldiers are introduced in Act 3.


 Bats are annoying flying enemies who are scattered throughout the game. They
 will fly from one side of the screen to the other, never offering a decisive
 attack route. They fly in a waving motion, up and down. Bats are introduced in
 Act 2.

 ~Mummy Swordsman~

 Another variation of the biker and the sword fighter, the mummy fighter
 resides in-game mainly for the atmosphere. The mummy swordsman is slow and
 harmless as he can only injure you if he runs into you. Mummys are introduced
 in the temple, Act 4.

 ~Evil Ninja~

 Evil ninjas are a unique and deadly enemy. They are extremely visable in their
 bright green ninja outfits and wield bright green swords. However, evil ninjas
 are faster than Ryu and like to bounce around on the screen. This acredits for
 Ryu being knocked off many cliffs by these menaces. Evil ninjas are introduced
 in Act 4.

 ~Tribal Knifeman~

 Tribal Knifemen are another of the game's many enemy varieties, this time of
 the ghoul. However, these guys are stronger, faster, and deadlier than that of
 it's counterpart. They can throw farther and are more precise, making for a
 tough enemy introduced into Act 4.

 ~Mace/Axe Thrower~

 I consider these enemies pretty much the same. They share in the attack style
 of their kind, mainly ghoul. Each throws their respective projectile at an
 arch and both throw them about the same distance. Each of these enemies are
 introduced in Act 4.

 ~Kick Fighter~

 These guys are fairly simple, except when you first face them. They attack by
 jumping up and spinning in the air, delivering a kick to you if you find
 yourself underneath them when they land. Their slow speed makes them an easy
 opponent once you understand their attack pattern. Kick Fighters are
 introduced in Act 4.

 ~Serpent Turrets~

 Serpent turrets are basic, stationary guns mounted around the later levels.
 They shoot in steady increments and are typically bunched in pairs,
 accompanied my other enemies. Serpent turrets are introduced in Act 4.


 Cripples are small and fast. Hunched over when attacking, it appears that they
 can't be hit by a standing slash, but they can. When attacking, they open up
 and jump around, often lunging like a boxer. Their speed and agility makes
 them a dangerous opponent to deal with. Cripples are introduced in Act 5.


 Monsters are big, white...uh, monsters who wield a giant, dual bladed knife in
 which they throw like a boomerang. Monsters are extremely fast with their
 blade and deal heavy damage when they strike you. These guys are fairly scarce
 and are introduced in Act 5.

 ~Flying Ninja~

 Flying ninjas are in a class all of their own. They fly across the screen with
 jetpacks, dropping ninja stars as they go. Flying ninjas like to attack in
 groups and are nearly impossible to dodge when coming from multiple angles.
 They cause major problems when around cliffs. Flying ninjas are introduced in
 late Act 5.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VIII. BOSS FIGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A. Barbarian

 Barbarian is the first boss of the game and the lowest ranking member of the
 Malice Four. Hailing from the deep forests of Brazil, Barbarian is feared by
 the natives and has come to be the excecutioner of South America. Met in Act
 1, Barbarian tries to defeat Ryu in Jay's Bar. Barbarian swings a giant ax at
 his opponents, dealing 2 damage with each hit.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 Barbarian is the first boss of the game, respectively making him the easiest.
 His pattern of attack is fairly simple, he takes two steps towards you and
 swings his axe twice. He does this no matter what distance you are from him
 and never deviates from this form.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 Run up to him, counting his steps. Strike if you can. After his second step,
 get out of his range. Run up to him and strike again. Repeat this pattern.
 When he corners you at a wall, jump onto it and climb up. Here, you can jump
 over him and force Barbarian to walk the opposite direction, freeing you up
 some space.

 Another easy way to win is to immediately jump onto the left wall and climb
 up. Jump over him when he nears, exposing his back long enough to get 3-7 hits
 on him. When he turns, run to the opposite wall, climb up and wait. Repeat the

 B. Bomberhead

 Bomberhead is the reigning controller of the streets in New York. He was
 chosen to the Malice Four because of his power held over New York and because
 he is an expert with the sickle and chain. Bomberhead confronts Ryu at Amura's
 Altar. Each hit from Bomberhead does 2 damage by running into you and 1 damage
 by hitting you with the sickle and chain.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 Bomberhead walks right up to you, no matter where you are on the screen, and
 swings his sickle and chain in front of him. His only movements are back and
 forth across the screen. He will not stop walking until he reaches you. If you
 run away while he is swinging, he will stop attacking and pursue you.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 Like Barbarian, Bomberhead can be defeated by using the wall. Run to it, climb
 up (pretty high because Bomberhead is tall) and jump over him. Make sure you
 don't land on his sickle and chain. Hit him in the back a few times and run to
 the opposite wall. Continue this pattern until he dies.

 C. Basaquer

 Basaquer is a martial arts master who's cruel, hateful ways got him noticed
 by the Malice Four. Currently residing with the group, Basaquer is much more
 deadly than the two former bosses Ryu has battled. The two meet in Act 3,
 Yomi's Cave.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 Basaquer will jump from side to side across the room. He will not hit you like
 this unless he lands on you. As he jumps across the room, he will release 3
 round projectiles upon re-entering the air. There is no set pattern to when he
 will use these, but he will normally release them on his first jump. After
 that it is usually the third or fourth jump when he will use them.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 An important thing to know about Basaquer is that you can destroy his
 projectiles. After he leaves the ground, if you are near him and strike, you
 should take out the middle and bottom projectiles. This leaves you a clear
 path to walk under the top projectile. Whenever you strike at the projectiles,
 you should take out both the middle and bottom, but if you only destroy the
 middle you can jump through the hole you opened up.

 Run with him as he jumps, striking as he lands. You should hit him nearly
 every time he lands. He will fire at you when he first lands, so be prepared.
 If you get ahead or behind his jumps, wait in the middle until he fires. From
 there, take out the projectiles and run to where he will land. He will never
 fire twice in a row. If he fires at you after you have hit him and turned to
 run to the other side, turn around and strike right before you cross the
 middle of the screen. You should take out the middle and bottom. Continue
 until Basaquer is defeated.

 D. Kelbeross

 Kelbeross was a sacrifice to the demons, resulting in this evil creature sent
 to protect Jaquio. Kelbeross is a guard to the temple stationed in the Space
 of Kelbeross, Act 4. Kelbeross battles Ryu starting as two seperate demons.
 Each attack from either Kelbeross deals 3 damage.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 Kelbeross will bounce around the room shooting fireballs. There is not a set
 pattern for Kelbeross' attacks, however. During the fight, one of the demons
 will block you by bouncing in the middle of the stage. Kelbeross will start
 out so that he doesn't fall to the back of the pillars, however he will lose
 this habit and will fall on you if you are standing there.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 You can only damage the Kelbeross on the left (the one starting the fight
 right above you). Keep your eye on him. When the fight starts, jump up and
 attack him. You should get about 3 damage on him before he bounces away.
 Follow him, ignore the other at all costs. Use the Art of Fire Wheel or
 Windmill Throwing Star exclusively if you have them.

 E. Bloody Malth

 A student of Japanese Martial Arts, Bloody Malth is the leader of the Malice
 Four. Wearing a sacred mask, Bloody Malth seems to be an unstopable force who
 even defeated Ryu's father, Ken Hayabusa. Malth meets Ryu in Act 5, the Place
 of Red Excecution. Hurling lightning with his power, Bloody Malth does 3
 damage with each successful hit.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 Malth will walk forward, firing balls of lightning that lock onto Ryu (these
 things don't miss). He will turn to you, so don't think you can beat him by
 getting behind him. Otherwise, his attacks are pretty standard.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 Use the Windmill Throwing Star exclusively if you have it (this makes him so
 much easier). Otherwise, incorporate whatever specials you have into your
 regular attacks. The main thing here is not to let Malth run into you. If you
 do that, you should be able to take him out before he does you.

 F. Masked Devil

 Yep, Ryu's loving father, mind-controlled, and bent on destroying you. Ryu's
 father was not killed in the opening scene as the game led you to believe, he
 was only defeated. Now, he is a slave of sorts, brainwashed by the Jaquio. He
 thinks only of destroying you, and will stop at nothing to do so.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 The Masked Devil walks forward with swords upright. That's it. The real enemy
 in this fight, however, is the orb in the middle of the room. It shoots
 fireballs that encircle the Masked Devil, constantly revolving around and
 varying in height.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 Whatever you do, do not try to tackle the orb head on. You will lose, badly.
 Guaranteed. Also note the upright position in which the Masked Devil holds his
 swords. He can and will hit you by walking under a platform. When the fight
 starts, jump to the middle platform and blast the orb with whatever you can.
 Slashes work well for this strategy if you want to save your Spiritual
 Strength. If not, blast away with whatever you want (Art of Fire Wheel works
 well, and the Jump and Slash will kill it in one hit). Anyway, when the Masked
 Devil nears underneath you, jump in the direction he is walking and climb up
 the wall as high as you can. When the Masked Devil starts walking into the
 wall, the orb will shoot a constant flow of fireballs to him. Jump down over
 your father and run to the far platform. Jump over and slash the orb as many
 times as you can. Repeat to the next wall. Continue jumping over and slashing
 the orb until you win.

 G. Jaquio

 Jaquio is the main adversary of our journey, and now the holder of the light
 statue. Jaquio is trying to revive the demon that was banished a long time ago
 by Shinobi. To do this, Jaquio needs the statue currently in possesion of Ryu

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 Jaquio has a very simple attack pattern, but he is one of the hardest bosses
 in the game. Jaquio is at the top of the screen moving back and forth hurling
 fireballs from his palms. His fireballs do one damage each, but they home in
 on your location. These fireballs will cross patterns and fan out accordingly.
 If you jump up and run into Jaquio, or he into you, then you will take 3

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 First thing to know, whatever you do, do not stay up on the half pillars in
 the room. No, Jaquio will not run into you, but by standing on these you allow
 the fireballs enough time to turn around (meaning they will stay in the room
 and attack you, while Jaquio is still shooting at you). To defeat him, run to
 the right wall, and never leave that side of the room. When Jaquio is at the
 far end of the room (left side), jump up high on the right wall. When he
 reaches near halfway, jump out and slash at him. If you do this to early, it's
 fine as you will probably take out one of his fireballs. If you jump too late,
 however, you will run into him and take heavy damage. Run to the middle of the
 room as Jacquio is going to the left again. If you just immediately jump back
 up to the wall, you leave yourself open to be hit by his fireballs. Stay in
 the middle and dodge the fireballs, then run to the wall. Repeat this until
 you defeat Jaquio. Also, if Jaquio starts hitting you on the right wall (his
 fireballs are timed so they hit you when you jump to slash him), run to the
 opposite wall and continue the strategy.

 H. Demon

 The Demon Statues form when united in the temple under the lunar eclipse. This
 is the being that Jaquio had been trying to bring back to life.

 ~Patterns of Attack~

 The Demon shoots purple fireballs in a scattered attack. The Demon itself is
 immobile, so don't worry about running into it. The fireballs are shot at
 varying distances and groups. Some shots are single and some are bunched. The
 fireballs are not difficult to dodge. Each fireball takes 3 damage.

 ~How to Defeat This Boss~

 First, know that you have to destroy both the Demon's head and tail before it
 will start taking damage. Run up to him and slash at his head. Take care here
 not to be assaulted by fireballs, simply run back when one is coming. Continue
 slashing at his head and it will sever from his body. The head will drop down
 and run into you, don't worry about the damage it does. When done, run up and
 attack his tail. Just slash away, avoid any incoming fireballs. Eventually,
 the tail will sever, leaving the orb. Again, run up and slash at the orb. Do
 your best to avoid the fireballs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IX. CHEATS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A. Game Exploitations

 ~Boss Fight Exploitation~

 This one's easy. With the Jump and Slash Technique, Bosses will take alot more
 damage than normal. One can easily defeat Barbarian in two hits with the Jump
 and Slash Technique.

 ~Sound Test~

 At the Tecmo Presents - 1989 screen, hold left, down, select, A, B, and press
 start on the next screen to access the sound test (a sound will confirm the
 code). Select your sound, A will play it and B will stop it.

 ~Constant Attack~

 With the Windmill Throwing Star, you can make Ryu attack constantly by dodging
 it upon it's return. Throw the Star, and when it is coming back, jump over it.
 The Star will correct it's path and try to return to Ryu. Keep jumping over it
 to have it go constantly. Helpful while running forward on a straight path,
 hard to do while jumping.

 B. Game Genie Codes

 SZETPGVG     -     Infinite lives
 AAUVLIZE     -     Begin the game with 9 lives
 IAUVLIZA     -     Begin the game with 6 lives
 AAUVLIZA     -     Begin the game with 1 life
 AEXVVYIA     -     No Spiritual Strength lost when using the Windmill Star
 AAETUYIA     -     No Spiritual Strength lost when using the Fire Wheel
 AAVTNYLA     -     No Spiritual Strength lost when using the Throwing Star
 APEIKGTA     -     Full health restored with restore strength item

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~X. FAQs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Q: Why am I encountering multiple enemies that you have not covered in your

 A: Due to the fact that enemies respawn by moving a certain way on the screen,
    usually backwards, I cannot possibly detail every enemy you will encounter.
    I do detail every enemy you should face once, or tried to, so you should
    have no problem of reiterating the same strategy to face the second or
    third attacks.

 Q: What does Gaiden mean? How do you pronounce it?

 A: As far as I know, Gaiden means "side-story." Gaiden is pronounced
    G-eye-den (that's eye as in eyeball). Or how about Guy-den, if that's more
    clear. It is not, under any circumstances, pronounced Gay-den.

 Q: I was playing DOA, is that the same Hayabusa as in Ninja Gaiden?

 A: Yep. Tecmo made both games, Ryu Hayabusa was crossed over into the DOA

 Q: What is Ninja Ryuukenden?

 A: That would be the Japanese name for the game. Translated, it means "Ninja
    Dragon Sword Legend."

 Q: During one of the cinema scenes, they mentioned that "Shinobi" banished the
    Demon once. Is this the same "Shinobi" from the Sega game?

 A: I have heard different speculations on both sides of this interesting
    story. One side believes that the reference to Shinobi is direct, an
    intentional alignment between the two famed ninja warriors. The other side
    believes that since Sega and Tecmo have no affiliation whatsoever, the name
    Shinobi not in reference to that game, and is mearly a name and nothing
    more. I say believe what you want, as I cannot come up with an answer. If
    it is really killing you, email Tecmo.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XI. CREDITS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Credits to this FAQ are:

 Gamefaqs.com: The aboslute best gaming site on the web, period.

 Classicgaming.com/ninjagaiden: A great site with tons of information regarding
 Ninja Gaiden. I used this site to access the history and release information
 for the game.

 Gamegenie.com: The site from which I accessed the Game Genie codes for Ninja

 Tecmo: Thanks for making this game.

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