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Nobunaga's Ambition By Koei for the NES ^_^ Back in the days
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Nobunaga's Ambition FAQ version 3.0
1.Who I recommand to start out with
 1. Sound
 A.Understanding the market
4.Building an army
 A. Skills
 B. Arms
 C. Assignning men to units
5.Battling Strats.
 A. Waring
 B. Fleeing
 C. Strats
 D. How many men
 E. Palace + Town
6.Stas on all Fiefs in beginning

1.Who I recommand to start out with
	To start off I would Recommand 2 Uesgji, 17 Oda and 8 Tokugawa for 17 fiefs
game. But you can chose which one best suits you. I like to play fief 8 and 2
the most. But it is your choice so look at the stats a below and see what you
like the most.

2. Menu

A. Move

If you have another fief let's say you own fief 2 and 16. Then your home fief 
is 2 and you can use move to send men to your other fief and your lord. If you
bring your lord to the other fief or anyother fief that you own it will become
the home fief. So you might want to watch out. You can be attacked while you
are moving but it is super rare.

B. War

You can only war fiefs that are connected to any of your fiefs.
C. Tax

The higher the tax you get more money but you have a higher chance of getting a
riot or re-volt. The lower the tax you get less money but you have a very low
chance of getting a riot or a re-volt. You might want to give them some rice or
gold.(Look at the give section)

D. Send

Sending is a way you can send gold and rice to other fiefs of you own anyother
fiefs that its.

E. Dams

The more dams you have the less chance a typhon will hit and it won't damage
your town if your dams are really high the maxium is 100 dams

F. Pact

If somebody pacts with you your their allie and you can't school or waste them
at all and your luck goes down. If you pact with somebody your luck goes down.
They will offer a certain amount of gold to you so be certain about this if
thye pact with you they are afraid of you so I wouldn't take the gold unless
you really need it but since you can't attack him you can always assianate him.

G. Grow

Growing makes your damn output go up and you get more rice on everyfall but
beware your output could go down because of your damns flood the crops even
though they didn't say it but that's what I think. Think what you want about

H. Marry

When you marry people you will get a bride! duh! :D. You need to keep marrying
and there is a slim chance you will get a son. If you die the son will take
over your fiefs. I have no idea what the stats are but I think they are the
same as the lord you were playing before he died.

I. Trade

You can only use the Trade when there is a merchant in the area so you might
want to keep trying till you get one. don't worry you don't waste yout town.
You can buy rice, sell rice, take a loan, repay loan and buy arms.

J. Hire
IF you use this you can hire more men and ninjas(Look at ninja section)

K. Train

 Training brings your skill up

L. View

 You can look at other lords fief very important to use when you think you
should attack.


 Building allows you to bring your town value up and you get more money from it
because you have more workers and your wealth goes down.


 You need to give your workers and your soliders gold, rice or they will revolt
or a riot.When you give Soliders rice or gold your wealth? goes up and your
morale. When you give workers rice and gold your lytly,wealth goes up. When you
raise taxes you should give them rice or gold so they don't turn against you.
If have to give rice and gold and if you only give one thing they well revolt
and take away your other thing. So you better give alot

O. Bribe

 You bribe enemy workers with your gold and if your sucessful your town value
will go up by a little but it's not really worth it. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It usually doesn't work and it is a waste of gold and a turn. If you want to
rasie your town value them just use build.

P. Rest

 Your health goes up when you rest. You can rest from one to ten seasons you
should rest when you are sick so you don't DIE of SICKNESS!!!!!!!! But
sometimes it's not a good idea to rest because the other lords might attack you
and you have no contorl over your troops. So the computer is playing for you
and if you don't have a high iq your screwed!

Q. Map
  Using the maps shows you all the fiefs and does not waste a turn. You also
can take a shortcut by using the B button on the nes.

R. Granting

  Granting allows you to tell one fief to do something specific for example you
can turn it into a military base but beware you can't control it anymore. It's
really useless if you have to many fiefs it might be a good idea.

S. Other

  Sound- Turn sound off, on
  Animat-Turns Animation on, off
  Wait- Amount of time you takes for your next turn?
  Save- The most important thing in the game especially. However you can't save
on an emulator(Nesticle and others) but you can use the emulator save state
thing to do so.
  battle-Turns off or on computer battles(Showing al lthe battles)
  End- Duh! Quits the game and game over don't FREAK OUT!
  Menu- Go back to the main menu

  Waste a turn if you can't do anything or if you don't want to do anything bu
passing sucks.

3. Market

  A. Describing the market in 5 mins.

4. Ninja's

  Use ninja's if you want to weaken an enemy base however don't try to assinate
people alot just in the beginning of the game.

5. Building an army

First of all when building a army make sure you have rice and gold. When you
hire more men your skills and arms go down depending on how many men you buy.
The more men you have the better. The other fiefs usually don't attack you if
you have alot of men in your fief. But I recommand to get land first is to hire
ninja's and I hope you have alot of money so you can kill the leader and then
bid for there fief and you can only bid if your fief connects to yours.


Skills are important because once you are in battle skills will help counter
attack so the oppoent would take more damage and you would have the upperhand
over them The higher the skills then the enemies then you will likely to
counter their attack.
Be warned that just because you have higher skills does mean you will counter
attack every single turn.


The more arms you have the better. You can do more damage to
the enemies guys with arms but beware that if you don't have skill they can
counter attack you and the arms really wouldn't do a thing to them so you
better make sure that if you attack you have skills.

C.Assigning men to units

When assigning men you better watch out because you will decrease one group and
will give men to other the other groups. There are 5 groups 1. InFantry=
Leaders group or generals group always number one. 2.Calvary 3.Rifles
4.Infantry 5. Infantry. What I like to do is get rid of unit 5 and add it to
unit 2 and 3 because if you bought arms it will help you alot because they will
get more powerful.

6. Battling Strats

A. War(War is bad unless you win ^_^ )

Waring people might not be the greatest idea in the beginning of the game
because you really don't want to lose men. So try assainating your
opponet(don't use all your money) then you can bid for it but you may do what
you like. Let's say you have 100 men and you attack somebody and you bring
let's just say anything more than 50 is stupid! If you win you get there land.
But since you have no men another lord will take advantage and attack you with
double your men. So it happenes when you have no men. They attack people with
less men in order to suceed(Right spelling??? :D )Then they will have the land
so becareful. What I like tdo do is get like 500 men send 250 men out and attck
you usually win but later in the game that's not enough sadly.

B. Fleeing

If you attack somebody and you can't win Flee! The rest of your guys will
return back to your fief or any of them. IF you see the computer flee that
means he had the lord there. I learned that from when I was playing because the
lord kept running away and then I killed him before he was about to run away.
If he doesn't flee then what means he's just a general so you can kill him.
That's all I know about this subject so I'll add more to it after I play the
game again.

C. Battling Strats

This is the section you all have been looking for eh? Well then here we are the
battling section! Well I guess here are some of the most used battle strats
used by me, friends and people who have this game and reading this section
right now! That's right you! First Stratagey is that you may want to go for the
general or the leader first 1. because I said so 2. If you can't get rid of the
units. 3. If  you kill the leader with lost's of men still left you get the men
in your army. 3. You better have a good CHAR! because yo ucan bribe the enemy
units and you get some of there guys. When you pass it says the best offense is
the best defense or something like that. If they have no rice run around until
they have no rice left and then they will die and you will get all there men!
Also try to trap the generals or leaders from running away so I recommand this.
Here is a picture

|X |M	  M | 	
|__|_M|_  M |
|_O_|_O_|M  |
|M    M  P  |	
|______T____| Get it you get him trapped that in this picture I have him
trapped in the corner try to trap them anyway you can so yo ucan get their men
and gold + rice!

E. Palace + Town

 Don't let them get one unit to your palace you lose moral everysingle turn
they stay there and if you attack from the palace your town will be in chaos
same if you attack on the town or if somebody attacks you while you are on your
town. If you attacked an enemy then try to get to there palace and lower their
morale alot and then you can try to bribe and then attack the general or

7.The Stats of all the Lords in the beginning
No lord starts out with any debt

 Gold 33
 Town 25
 Rice 44
 Output 30
 Dams 26
 Lylty 24
 Wealth 38
 Men 48
 Morale 23
 Skill 53
 Arms 51

Rating: * I wouldn't recommand playing him because he is really weak but if you
want a challange go ahead

 Gold 63
 Town 48
 Rice 79
 Output 80
 Dams 78
 Lylty 79
 Wealth 70
 Men 74
 Morale 74
 Skill 64
 Arms 71

Rating ****1/2 He's really good the only let down is his town in the beginning
but he is my favorite lord to play. He starts out with really high stats as you
can see compared to Hatakeya. Also nobody is perfect so I would not give this
lord 5 stars ^_^

 Gold 53
 Town 61
 Rice 80
 Output 80
 Dams 75
 Lylty 63
 Wealth 65
 Men 70
 Morale 68
 Skill 68

Rating ***1/2 He's not that great he doesn't start out with alot of gold which
is bad because you need the money to get more men but he does have alot of men
to start out with. He's a ok character to play. He's proably an average lord to

 Gold 42
 Town 38
 Rice 58
 Output 61
 Dams 52
 Lylty 74
 Wealth 72
 Men 58
 Skill 41
 Arms 38

Rating ** He's not really a good character to play unless you are looking for a
challange every singe time I play him he get's attacked and I lose :( He
doesn't really start out with alot of resources.

 Gold 52
 Town 44
 Rice 68
 Output 70
 Dams 71
 Lylty 59
 Wealth 54
 Men 62
 Morale 56
 Skill 58
 Arms 59

Rating *** Asakura is almost like hojo in a way but this lord is not as good as
Hojo so if you want to see who to play then look at there stats and see which
one is better.

 Gold 38
 Town 41
 Rice 36
 Output 42
 Dams 61
 Lylty 73
 Wealth 69
 Men 54
 Morale 68
 Skill 63
 Arms 50

Rating ** He's not really good he doesn't start out with any gold, not enough
men  a really low output but his best stat in the beginning is his Wealth. He
has only has 54 men he could easily be taken over by other lords that have more
men and skills and arms.

 Gold 68
 Town 65
 Rice 48
 Output 45
 Dams 73
 Lylty 65
 Wealth 64
 Men 73
 Morale 61
 Skill 72
 Arms 63

Rating *** He's an average lord to play he's got alot of men in the beginning
of the game and skills and arm so I would recommand him but he is surrounded by
lords that he can not defeat in the beginning so be careful if you war another
lord or fief.

 Gold 69
 Town 66
 Rice 75
 Output 80
 Dams 80
 Lylty 76
 Wealth 77
 Men 71
 Morale 75
 Skill 74
 Arms 73

Rating ****1/2 He's Really great to start with he's got the rice, output,dams,
lylty, wealth, men, morale, skill and arms. If you don't play him he will
expand and be very powerful because he will attack everbody if they are weaker
and try to get the most land so you better deal with him quick. Also I like to
play him to not as much as Uesugi.

 Gold 29
 Town 31
 Rice 25
 Output 28
 Dams 21
 Lylty 31
 Wealth 22
 Men 38
 Morale 21
 Skill 48
 Arms 45

Rating * Man this guy is horrible he sucks in the beginning of the game! I
recommand not playing him but for a challange he might. Also, when I play he
usually dies in the first round because of re-volts lol unless you are playing
him! and usually a new lord comes out like Kumi, Oino(Misc Section) You will
die to when you play him because somebody will attack you.

 Gold 42
 Town 40
 Rice 38
 Output 36
 Dams 56
 Lylty 50
 Wealth 48
 Men 38
 Morale 47
 Skill 31
 Arms 35

Rating * Wow! This guy really stinks up the house :( He's really bad. But he is
better than Saito anyday I haven't seen him live for that long just like Saito.
Not a good character to start out with but if you want a challange go ahead.

 Gold 58
 Town 53
 Rice 69
 Output 57
 Dams 61
 Lylty 58
 Wealth 57
 Men 58
 Morale 61
 Skill 72
 Arms 63

Rating *** This lord is an average lord he's got alot of skill as you can see
which is his highest stat in the beginning of the game he's got 58 men which
can hold off one attack it depends who attacks him. It's up to you who you play
just becareful with him. If you are not playing him he likes to expand in the

12.Rokkawu(check Seplling)
 Gold 36
 Town 38
 Rice 24
 Output 21
 Dams 42
 Lylty 46
 Wealth 45
 Men 21
 Morale 45
 Skill 26
 Arms 27

Rating 1/2 He sucks He is proably one of the most worst characters in the game
itself in the 17 fief game! Don't play him he always dies in the first year and
if he is lucky he will live to the second year! He's not as good as Fief 1 and
all the other ones that suck.

 Gold 55
 Town 41
 Rice 52
 Output 48
 Dams 76
 Lylty 65
 Wealth 60
 Men 74
 Morale 65
 Skill 75
 Arms 71

Rating **** This lord is quite good he's got the men and the skill and arms. He
is a really good character to play in the beginning so I recommand him to play

 Gold 63
 Town 68
 Rice 57
 Output 61
 Dams  48
 Lylty 38
 Wealth 46
 Men 52
 Morale 36
 Skill 56
 Arms 48

Rating *** He's an average lord but he has no skill and arms in the beginning
he's not very good with arms and skills so he will get wasted and his dams and
lylty and wealth are extremely low but he is a average character.

 Gold 62
 Town 68
 Rice 69
 Output 63
 Dams 63
 Lylty 65
 Wealth 61
 Men 69
 Morale 70
 Skill 69
 Arms 58

Rating **** He is really good he's got above average stats. I would recommand
you playing him. he's got good stats the only draw back is his arms which are
his lowest stat.

 Gold 73
 Town 78
 Rice 40
 Output 46
 Dams 80
 Lylty 74
 Wealth 68
 Men 72
 Morale 73
 Skill 71
 Arms 63

Rating **** He is like Miyoshi his really good to play but his lowest stat is
arms and rice but that's ok just don't attack somebody in the beginning cause
you will have no rice.

 Gold 100
 Town 58
 Rice 86
 Output 80
 Dams 71
 Lylty 72
 Wealth 78
 Men 7? something
 Morale 77
 Skill 78
 Arms 80

Rating ****1/2 He's the best lord to play in the beginning and he is the best
lord for beginners if you didn't notcie he has really hi stats he starts out
with the most gold but his town value is low but the rest of the stats make up
for the town so I recommand playing playing him.

	One more thing just the market left  this is only 17 fiefs to lazy to do 50