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          Pero's Great Adventure
FAQ by Shervin Sahba with the infinite help
and wisdom of Sam Valorose. We are awesome.


Puss 'N Boots: Pero's Great Adventure was a
platformer made by good ole Toei, and presented
by Electro Brain Corp. It was released in North
America in 1990, and seems to be modelled after
that "Around the World in 80 Days" story. Well,
it just seems that way...See, you're a cat named
Pero. On the boxart you have a rapier, but in the
game you have a pistol, bombs, and a boomerang.
You pilot a lot of conveniently placed modes of
transport with ease as you meaninglessly kill
things in each world. The exact objective is
unclear..there is no real story..Actually it's
fun to make up your own story as you go along.
Trying to make sense of this game is where the
fun begins...really. Try it someday.


You're Pero, the cat.

D-Pad:     Moves Pero. Pressing down ducks.
A Button:  Jumps. Hold for a higher jump.
B Button:  Uses weapon. Down and B causes
           Pero to jump down from ledges 
           and such.
START:     Pauses game. In pause you can 
           switch weapons using left or right.
SELECT:    Only useful on new game or continue

You have 3 lives at the start of the game, a
score and high score meter (it clears when the
game is shut off). You also have a life bar.
If you run out of lives, your score is reset and
you're brought to the title screen, where choosing
"continue" causes you to start almost exactly where
you left off. You have three such chances to use

The weapons include:
Pistol:    Fires straight forward. Use this almost
           all the time.
Bomb:      Short range, low arching bomb 
Boomerang: Flies in a big arch, looping around
           a large portion of the screen. While
           the boomerang is flying you can't use
           another one until it either hits an
           enemy or comes back to you. A trick is
           to press START if you miss, causing it
           to return immediately to you.

Items include:
1up:       Gives another life to Pero.
Hamburger: Restores life fully.
Boot:      Briefly invincible.
Money Bag: Good for points.

Various modes of transport have their own weapons
and varied movement.

This crudely drawn map of the earth displays some
of the locations you'll be heading to in the game.
Not sure why it's exactly here, but it is. No music
on this screen sadly. Anyway, it points you towards
the wild west..


Items: 3 bags of money

You ride in on your horse, jump off, and walk forward.
All of this is automated. Now proceed forward. use your
pistol to dispose of enemies and other..um..things.
This stage can be passed easily by looking away from the
screen while jumping forward and shooting, but, being the
swell guy I am, I'll be more detailed...

Jump along the rooftops to avoid the two sets of wheels
and barrels that roll towards you from both sides. Drop
down using down and B to get the bag of money. Avoid the
slew of flying horseshoes as you proceed (or shoot them).
A little cowboy dog thing will walk from the left to the
screen as you encounter bouncing reb orbs that have evil
smiles. Just walk past any of this or shoot it for points.
The men in the windows will shoot at you if you are level
with them. Avoid more horseshoe attacks. Dodge some red
orbs and drop down to get another money bag. A cowboy should
soon hop up from behind you and try to shoot you. Eliminate
him. Dodge orbs. Drop down for money. Watch out for another
cowboy. Dodge more enemies. Exit stage right. Easy as pie.


Items: 2 bags of money, boot

Ok..now you randomly appear in a pedal boat in the ocean..
and it can fire missles forward and up...just proceed forward
and shoot anything that gets in your way. You may have to
backstep to dodge the jumping pirate ships and lightning bolts.
Oh yeah, watch for the sharks. Basically shoot anythign that
moves and Pero will be fine.

When the screen flashes in an extremely irritating way, just go
forward. Pero will hop out of the ship, onto an island, and
into a [conveniently located] submarine. This is incredibly
easy. You can shoot missles with B. Rise with A or up, and
you'll sink if you hold nothing. You can shoot every dirt
block on the screen. No joke. Just carve a path out of boredom.
Dodge two fish that will jump out by sticking to the top and
moving out of the way. Blast through the top level of dirt
in the upcoming mound, and don't get hit by the thing (I have
no clue what to call this...). Grab the money bag. Blast
through the top of the next mound and keep moving forward.
You should dodge the creature. Stay at the top of the screen.
Drop down to grab another money bag, but go back up to avoid
the mecha-fish that spews out llittle green balls. Grab the
boot powerup to start flashing. You can hit an enemy and not
take damage like this. There's another mecha fish up ahead.
Just exit to the right.

Pero now resurfaces, hops onto an isle, and walks offscreen..
where he battles a giant mechanical frog..

It spews out smaller mechanical frogs. Avoid these and equip 
your boomerang by pressing start and then right. Get up close
to the frog. When it opens its mouth mash the attack button
to send  boomerangs flying into its mouth. A few attacks like
this and it'll explode of course.


Items: 1up, boot

In this simple stage you'll drive a car. It can jump and shoot
missles..Avoid or shoot the two bats. Jump on the rooftops to
get away from the drill car thing on the ground.Jump on the
roofs to get another life for Pero. Avoid an airship by sticking
to the ground or flat on the rooftop. Watch out for the gray
bouncing orb, just like those in the first stage. Grab the boot and 
keep moving forward and stay on the ground to dodge the bird and
the bird's...well poop... Jump over the spouts of water.
Avoid a series of bats and exit the stage.


Items: hamburger, bag of money, 1up

In SPACE wars you pilot a BIPLANE...that shoots missles....
You'll automatically move forward, just try to dodge....
There'll be a bunch of bats in the clear sky for you to deal with.
There's also a hamburger a little higher than halfway up the screen
for you to nab; it'll restore your health. Go to the top of the screen
to avoid the bird...and its fecal matter... A bag of money will soon
be at the same location as the hamburger was. A rogue lightning bolt
will drop down. Move to the bottom of the screen now to avoid an air
pirate. After this a brief lightnign storm will occur in the
clear skies followed by more bats on this bright day.

You don't have to attack it. Shoot or dodge the mini UFOs it emits.
And either shoot it or just don't bother. The plane will automatically
land in a few seconds.


During that short flight, Pero evidently decided to land near London.
Why? I'm not so sure, but the royal guards want to kill him for some
other probably inane reason....Anyway proceed right and jump over, run
under, or pump the guards full of lead. Enter an innocent looking
abode to be in the DOOM FACTORY, as I just dubbed it.

This house was a secret base of operations. Proceed through jumping 
forward on the conveyor belts. Don't fall. There will be more guards.
Some will fall and die 'cause they're dumb. Reaaly dumb. Other, more
intelligent ones, may jump or even shoot at you. Wowzers. Those green
spike pillar things WILL cause significant damage if you hit them...
although it isn't apparent unless you watch your life bar. No flashes,
no sound, no nothing. They just give damage as they please. Continue
amd enter the door at the end.

Now you'r ein a cavern. I'm not sure why either. Just go under and over
the stalagtites and stalagmites that seem to have broken free from
nature's grasp. How can this be? Oh..everything will shortly make 

In the next room you have to fend off bats while jumping from what
seems to be a series of suspended motors...Anyway...enter the door at
the end to have an epic battle with... 

A gigantic blue demon god with wings and a toga has been found! Oh no!
He's angry now! I mean look at his face! YIKES! The English guards
has been apparently brainwashed by this fiend! Pero better whoop him.
He spontaneously spews a barrage of fireball like things in your
general direction. They don't do too much damage. It's his sword
that'll hurt you the most. He slashes downwards and diagnolly to the
left and right. Stay between one of the diagonal slashes and the 
downwards one. Duck or jump over fireballs to avoid them. When you
have the chance jump and throw a boomerang into it's face. It'll 
die sooner or later, causing it's body to disappear and its head to


This level confounds me. You're in a hot air balloon. Don't even TOUCH
the bottom of the screen. You'll die. But! Wait! Hold on! You can shoot
missles!!!!!!! Use the same controls as the submarine. And dodge...
oh no....lightning bolts. I like how you can *kill* the bolts, though.
Go under an air pirate...excuse me..balloon pirate. Then go over or shoot
more pirates. Now comes a nice variation to the bolts...falling stars..
and yes..you can shoot them..but wait. More lightning darkens your
future! Just exit to the right and land in a very similar hangar.


Boy oh boy! The final stage! Time to take on the mean streets of New
York! Enter the brick building to appear inside of a clocktower/
factory/waterworks with flamethrowers. Immediately jump onto a platform,
as you're actually surrounded by a trio of flamethrowers built into the
walls. Last time I checked New York was a *tad* safer than this. Anyway,
don't enter the door. Jump up the platforms until you find a much higher
doorway. Enter it. Walk to the right. Watch out for purple denizens that
sort of resemble zombified pimps holding syringes. They'll sometimes
take shots at you if you wait too long. They move surprisingly quickly.
Enter the door at the right and proceed up in this blue-girdered room.
Go in the door at the very top. There're other doors, but the top one
is the one you want. In the next room just jump up and get in the door.
You'll see three doors now. Go in the one to the far far left. Now this
can be tricky due to poor design. There're two flamethrowers on each
side.You have to jump onto the platform below them, onto the one in
front of the right flamethrower, then onto the one above you and to the
left. Since the timing of the flamethrowers is seemingly random, use
instict and luck to time it. Jump up to the top right door in this room
and enter it.

Yeah..another mechanical creature..this time a snake. Equip the bombs
to do battle. Jump over him when he's low and bomb his face. It'll
spew out little things of..well..I don't even know what they are, but
he does spew things that are easy to dodge. It also seems only his head
can hurt you upon impact. Guess what happens when it dies? Yeah..
it explodes.

Enter the new door and proceed right past all the flamethrowers. Here
you'll encounter...

With what seems to be a wolf/hyena and two pigs, you do battle. This is
an incredibly frustrating fight and the only real point of the game with
difficulty. Why is that? Oh the all shoot randomly in many directions.
Not only are they hard to avoid, but the wolf guy WILL electricute you
to death if he gets close. Stay away from him. Jump over the shots and
run to the far right. Stay there and shoot at them, while jumping over
bullets. I'm pretty sure you're only attacking the wolf here.

Now the pigs merge to form an undead pig thing. It'll just walk back
and forth and shoot. This is just like the first part 'cept all three
aren't blasting like crazy now. You don't want to touch it, though.
Just shoot the thing and get it over with.


The ending of the game is like so: It shows
Pero on top of the Statue of Liberty...
actually he's on the middle highest point of
the statue's crown. He bouncing up and down
for a bit...then the credits roll...


Executive Producer
Miki Hirao 

Shuichi Sato 

Assistant Producer
Kazumi Noda
Yoshihiko Takeda 

Character Designer
Kenichi Suzuki
Makoto Higa 

Masahiro Yoshihara
Yasuhide Sakakura 

Game Music
J-Walk Mitsuyasu 


Wheel            100
Barrel           100
Horseshoe        100
Guy In Window    n/a
Little Cowboy    100
Large Cowboy     200
Red Orb          200
Shark            100
Pirate Ship     1000
Lightning Bolt   100
Jumping Fish     300
Ocean Thing      200
Mechafish       2000
Bat              200
Bird             500
Drill Thing        ?
Gray Orb         200
Air Pirate      2000
MiniUFOs         200
Guard            200
Shooting Guard   300
Jumping GUard    300
Mini Guard       300
Balloon Pirate     ?
Star             100
Small NewYorker  100
Large NewYorker  200
Gun   NewYorker  300
Mechafrog          ?
UFO              500
DemonGod           ?
Wolf Ghost      3000
Undead Pig         ?
1up              100
Money Bag       2000
Boot             300
Hamburger          ?


-To good ole Sam Valorose. Couldn't have
done it without you man...*sniff*
-To probably whoever's game this was that
Sam told me to play. Probably Wade..
-To Toei for making this game.
-To GameFAQs for being such a helpful site
-To myself...'cause..I'm super..

This FAQ is copyright 2003 to Shervin Sahba
and his cohort, Sam Valorose. This document
has been given solely to GameFAQs for usage
in hopes that someone would find it somewhat
useful. This cannot be reprinted, sold, or
altered in anyway. To use a section of the
guide you may contact me at the email below.
Give credit where it is required as well.

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