Walkthrough by KGifford

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Walkthrough for "Rambo" by Acclaim done by 'tsr' on 27.10.95

OK. First off, When I say to go 'north' or 'south', that means you go looking
for the little box on the ground that says either N or S and press up (that's
the equivalent of going north or south in this game..)

I think this game wasn't coded very well.. sometimes it gives passwords that
are just plain WRONG; I got so sick of this that I eventually got not one
but three passwords at each area before turning off my NES..

All right. Talk to everyone you see at the start of the game (I personally
enjoy telling Trautman that "I feel safer in prison" about 5842382245 times,
just to see if he'll finally relent and let me stay in prison.. so anyway)
Don't forget to grab some weapons before you go (throught the door). Once
you actually land in the jungle, immediately go north three times, and you'll
run into Co. Talk to her.. hmm.. Go south twice, and head left to the boat..
and then exit the scene going right..! kupo

Now for the second part. You enter this part twice during the game, some-
thing that confused me greatly when I encountered it.. from area one, head
right after jumping off the boat. Go north four times and you'll end up in
the caves. Rescue the child, and kill off the spider to get a heart. Go
south twice, go right and find the guy behind the door who proudly exclaims
"Replenish life!" Go through five south exits and head right into the enemy

Go right and go north twice. Go right and yer at the first POW. Yay. Go back
to where you were (go left, south twice, and left). Continue left and go
north three times and head left for the next area.

Now you get to have some real fun - you have to jump across these cliffs,
continually going left. To be more exact, go left, north three times, left,
and start jumping. Eventually you find the enemy camp, and a nice heli-
copter as well... ... oops ... you got captured.  doh.  kupo.

Well, thank god for Co, who helps you escape. Go right, south once. Go right
and you'll find a door leading to the "replenish life!" guy again. Keep on
going right and you're at the water scene.

Go right, right to the middle of the waterfall, then drop down to the center
of the waterfall. Exit north. Enter the caves and go continually right to
exit them again (don't forget to kill off the tiger thingy for another
heart). Go to the center of the waterfalls, drop to the bottom, and run into
Co. Exit right.

Well, OK, you cut through the fence .. and wow it's a freaking helicopter!
Hopefully by now you've acquired a nice cache of life potions, because you'll
be needing them now. You'll need lots of grenades too kupo. Just start throw-
ing grenades at the copter; it'll take fifty (50) to destroy it. All during
this time, of course, soldiers are dropping down. Use arrows or whatever to
kill 'em; some of 'em give you more grenades and/or arrows.

Eventually, you destroy the helicopter. kupo. I would like to take a moment
to have you reflect on the fact that I am using 1994-era moogle-terminology
while telling you how to complete a 1988-era game. Why am I pausing? Because
we are about to come to the most horribly terrible part of the game .. you
go right after killing the copter, find your pick-up helicopter and are 
rewarded with the message "YOU NEED KEY TO FLY HELICOPTER." doh!

OK, go left and enter the first door. Go right and head up some stairs. Go
south and go to the right. Kneel on the (thin) floor and jump down. Go left
and north, then left and up the stairs to another thin-floor. Kneel and
jump down (through only one floor). Go left to the door and enter, and hey
presto, you found the key! Yeahaahahahahah.. Go right, fall through two
floors, go right, north, and left to the exit door. whew..

Go back to your helicopter and press Up. You're almost done!

Once you stop flying, go south. Go left for awhile and then north. Be sure
to get the max. number of life potions while you're here, then go right
and free the second POW. Go left, north, right, south, and you're done!

Have fun, be happy, talk to everyone and shoot Murdock to see what happens...

Now it's time for some passwords.

!ubh 8QRk 2D94 g3Si CUvt p2sl yb9c vJUg - ending
H800 IbW2 kGHQ KwKc 66WH QbW2 0F1D G19D - Invincibility
WL8k Xv57 TwOB WU3C BDA7 cvJ7 2PtH 9EO4 - Secret 2nd ending