Game Map by arocoun

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/05/04 | Printable Version

Arocoun's RAMBO Map (V 1.01)
 "Not until we are lost                    @\'NAM\
     do we begin to understand ourselves."  |#+*#|
         --Henry David Thoreau             @/#*##/


I was playing this game for the first time in years.  No longer a little 
kid, I realized something important for the first time.  You need a map to 
beat Rambo--it's simply a part of the game.  Having a good map (mental or 
physical) is half the game!  That, or you can wonder around aimlessly, 
losing health and ammo all the while.  Anyways, I made a simple map for 

When it was done, I decided to make it a little nicer, and share it with 
everyone else!

I've also included some simple tips at the top of a few sections.

So, this map is free for anyone to read, distribute/share (please give 
credit where credit's due), or improve upon.

---Map Legend---

|/N\                   UP |
|w+E and occasionally  ^v |
|\S/                  DOWN|

  _  = One area

 ___ = Field (a series of areas of same height/latitude)

 OR    Means when you go through side of field with the dash, you go to 
  _- = the opposite side of the field (or sometimes just the opposite side 
 OR    of the area)

  #  = An important note, and advisable order of progress

 <_> = One way trip from area (v can mean you fall, too)

  |  = Area above and area below connect (with doors or N/S squares)

  \  = Means a fall from the area above

---At The Base---



---Lookin' For Co---

2--Boat (need Co before you can proceed)

 | v

---After the Ferry Crossing---

--Ghost head enemies early on are best for levelling; ghosts next to town 
  are easy and safe even with combat knife when you can rest at town
--When you enter area G through area F, you can easily stab the guerilla 
  to the right for some medicine

0--Start, boat; you get betrayed here after you leave base, then boss 
   battle and heart; 0 dissappears after betrayal
2--Dead end; a bat has explosive arrows
3--Small cave, dark until you get lamp
4--Village, lamp, rest (after rescue)
5--Cave with kid, need lamp
7--Fall from 6--Kid, boss (heart), go left to get out
9--Bridge; get to 9 through 8 to cross; safest to jump under the bridge
   and go north to leave base
A--Enemy base (you leave Co behind)
C--Bridge; get to C through B to cross
E--Repeating dead end, just go right to leave
H--You say goodbye to Co; jump to heli and press up; get abandoned

        | \
H___   -5- 7
  v|    |
  G_   -_4-
  |     |
  F_   -3-
   |    |
      ____     BC_D
        v|     ||v
       ___     ____
       ||       |

---Rambo's Escape!---

--You play as Co for a while at start
--In area 3, there are easy-to-hit falling spikes worth 50 exp each
--Boss at area A is easy to beat with simple combat knife.  Just cut boxes 
  in front of you like so:


  ...with intact boxes shown as #, stand at R, and stab at S as boss 

0--Rambo starts here
1--Motor Cycle boss (heart)
2--Town, rest
3--Cave, fire cat boss (heart)
4--Co killed if you talk to her; don't talk to her if you want her to live
5--Boss (heart); door leads to 6 first; after you go to B or fall into 7, 
   door will lead to 7
8--Door leads to area 9, the building where key is
A--Key, Boss (heart)
B--Helicopter (need key first)

0_               6-or-7 (continued)
 |                 |
 __1__2__ 3____    |9 (continued below)
       ^ \| \  \   ||
       |  _ |   4__58B
       |   \v

 | _6  |
 | v   |
 | ___ |
 |  v  |
 | _7  |
 | A_9_|
 | v| ||
 | ____|

---Helicopter Lands---

--Kill helicopter boss with grenades (will take a while)

0--You land here; after you rescue POW, 0 is helicopter boss
1--Very deadly bridge; you fall, you're stuck 'til death
2--Go east for POW
3--A boss (heart)

|  v
^ vv

---We're Back!---

0--Heli crashes; so sad!