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Ring King

NES 1987

Version:        1.1


Select one of the options from the menu with SELECT. Afterwards you will input
your name.

Use the passwords to load a fighter. The password is given to you after each
fight with the win-loss record and number of knock-outs etc.

There are two ways to win a bout. One is by a knockout, when the opponent has
no more energy left and cannot get up in time. If there is no winner at the
end of the final round, the person with the higher number of hits is deemed
the winner. Should this also be the same, then the person with more energy
left at the bell wins.

During the rounds you can regain some energy by quickly pressing the A and B
buttons. This also has to be done when knocked out in order to get up before
the ten-count. Another way to restore energy is to grapple the opponent. You
need to get real close in order to do so, and it will often result in getting
hit instead.


Use the D-Pad to move around the opponents. If you press the direction of the
other boxer you move closer, and away from him to move away.

Use A to punch. When you are on the ground or take a break between rounds,
quickly tap the A button to regain stamina.

Use B to dodge or defend.

Use START to pause a bout.


Jab:       Simply press A.
Hook:      When facing the opponent vertically, walk towards the opponent
           while pressing A.
Uppercut:  When facing the opponent horizontally, walk towards the opponent
           while pressing A.
Body Blow: When facing the opponent horizontally, press B and then press A.

There are also some special punches you can pull off automatically when you
have more power points. These are Spin Hook, Strong Jab, Flying Uppercut and
Super Flying Uppercut. They will knock out the opponent much easier. Be aware
that you are also prone to get hit be these against powerful opponents.

Wildly punching air will also cost you stamina, and expose you from getting
hit in return. You regain stamina during a bout if the fighters get too close
to each other, and hug.


You gain points for winning matches. Use these to distribute the powers more
and take on better opponents. You start out with 9 and gradually get more from
winning matches. Thus you should start out in practice mode and build your way
up. The points can be distributed into three categories: Speed, Punch &
Stamina with the directional buttons.


Training  : Fight against opponents to practice.
Ranking   : Challenge opponents in three divisions and win the belt.
Tournament: Play a tournament with 8 boxers and win the trophy.
2-P VS    : Match up against another real life person.
Watch 1   : Watch two CPU controlled opponents.
Watch 2   : Watch two custom-made CPU controlled opponents.


Tournament and Training will pit you against certain opponents. In a
tournament you will need to fight three fights in a row, and in training you
face them all in succession.

A. Madman
B. Sothpa
C. Rocky
E. Apollo
G. Gerry
J. Crush (<- only in Watch 1)
M. Marvin
S. Ropes

In Ranking Mode you can challenge five fighters in the Rookie, U.S. or World
division. You can then hold a title but will continuously fight the next in
line to defend your title.


Unless you are majorly overpowered you cannot go straight into the opponent.
Dance around the opponent and look out for an opening. Dodging a blow is
better than getting wildly punching into the air.

Trapping the other player into corners and against ropes. They will have a
hard time escaping your punches now.

Opponents vary in their power distributions from fight to fight. This also
means you should carefully re-distribute your powers before each bout to your
current needs. If they have a lot of power you should probably also have a lot
to compensate.

Single punches are often easy to dodge. Without going out on a wild punching
spree it is a good idea to use flurries of punches instead.

Do not stand around on one spot for long. The opponent will most likely gain
the upper hand in a punch-only contents and they often have more power points
than you. Dance around the other person, and at the same time get a good
position in the ring.

Build up your character slowly rather than against powerful opponents you are
no doubt to lose against.


<Game Genie Codes>

GZEIPVVK        Unlimited power points to distribute, set them to max 99 or it
                will revert to 00.
GXKZXYOP        No stamina loss with punches.
LEOSLYTA        Sets the timer to 30 seconds.
PEOSLYTE        Sets the timer to 90 seconds.

Note: The opponents adapt to your power level in the next fight.

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