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1.Legal Info


1:Legal Info
Only Gamefaqs.com and it's affiliates can use it. It
may not be sold for profit and can not be used without
permisson. If it is used, You must ask me, I must give you permission, and 
you must give me FULL credit for it if I grant your permission.

I will accept suggestions, info, and constructive criticism. I will NOT 
accept questions answered in this FAQ, and hate/flame/spam mail, or anything 


A:The Basics
When this game starts, a timer will be shown. It will start to count down 
when you start moving. You cannot lose a life even if you crash until the 
timer runs out..

You got infinite bullets.

Armored bullies cannot be hurt by bullets, but oil and smoke can,. None of 
those, then you must ram them off the road, and you must do that if you 
cannot get infront of them, or infront of them safely. 

Do not try to ram a tireslasher off the road!!

You will get an extra life if you obtain 10,000 points before the timer runs 

You will get an extra life if you get 30,000 points and every 30,000 points 
thereafter. Eventually you cannot get any more extra lifes.

if you hit a car at a high enough speed, go off the road, or get killed by a 
enemy car, you die and lose a life. It is possible to go off the road and 
still be able to move....

If you kill an innocent, then your score will flash for a few seconds, 
meaning no points can be obtained

If you drive on the edge of the road, then no points are given.

Tireslashers, and Limos do not attack until you pass the first set of 
bridges.And the helicopter does not appear until then. However tireslashers 
will try to ram you before the bridge, when they can use their tireslashing 

Craters from the Helicopter's bombs on the water only kill you if you drive 
into them after they hit..wait a second and you can drive over where they 
hit. But if you play it safe, just dodge 'em.

You can push friendly cars (Except the Motorcycle) off the road and not get 
your score temporarily disabled, like it does when you kill them with 
bullets. Knocking them off with Oil or Smoke will cause your score to 
temporarily stop advancing, thus you should avoid that if possible.




B-Shoot bullets
A-Shoot Special Weapon
Select-Change current special weapon (if you have 2 or more)

Start-Not used.

Scoring:Driving on the road, and destroying enemies.

B:The Cars
The enemy cars are Dark Blue and everyone else is


Armored Bullies (200 points each)
Bullets cannot hurt them. Push them off the road by ramming their side. Best 
if you ram their front wheel with your back wheel. They will try to do the 
same to you. Oil and smoke can knock them off the road
Description:Wide and fat

Tireslasher (200 points)
Can be shot by bullets or caused to veer off the road and die with oil and 
smoke blasts. DO NOT let them get to your side, as they have tireslashers to 
cause your tires to slash and spin off the road and crash.
Description:Small and has white tireslashers sticking out where the hubcaps 
are supposed to be.

Limo (500 points)
These guys will get to your side and shoot at you with a pistol. It doesn't 
always hit, but if it does, you will get shot and spin off the road. Also use 
oil and smoke on them if they are behind you.
Description:Very long and has a pistol pointing out the window at you usually

Helicopter (700 points)
Will drop bombs on the road. They will produce craters which can destroy you 
if you drive over it.
Description:A white helicopter 

Stop in the road and line yoruself up with the helicopter and it won't drop 
bombs...Then release a missile if you got one. Otherwise, just keep going and 
dodge the bombs and their resulting craters.

Crater:A large hole in the road made by the bombs. These will cause you to 
fall in and crash.
Description:A small hole in the road about 1/4 the size of your car

Boathouse:Eventually you will see one of these near a lone bridge. Drive into 
Description:A building next to the river that is about 4 1/2 times wider than 
your car

Torpedo Tube boat (200 points):Releases Torpedo tubes, or the water eqivalent 
of a land mine...DO NOT carelessly tailgate it.. Bullets can kill it.
Description:A large blue boat that travels rather slowly dropping Torpedo 

Torpedo Tube:A waterbound explosive that will detonate when ridden over
Description:A blue pulsating torpedo tube that will explode on contact

Explosive barrel boat (500 points)
Very dangerous, pull over to the side and don't stop shooting bullets until 
it is gone.
Description:A very fast boat with a high top speed, is about the size of the 
torpedo boat

Explosive Barrel-A small white cylinder that flies by at blinding speed
Description-a white cylinder

Tugboat:Brings a new boat to you when you blow up in the water
Description:Very slow moving, mostly grey boat

Rock:Small ones you can drive over. Do not try to drive over the big ones.

Ice:White roads cause slippery handling. Careful! Careful!!
Description:When the road turns white, you are driving on ice

Water puddle:Randomly place in the roads, this will just cause your car to 
jerk left or right, a little control loss, but nothing to worry about too 
much. enemy cars can drive over them and get rid of them too.
Description:A shiny blue liquid lying in the road

Friendly/Neutral cars
Light Blue Car:Don't shoot or nail this guy with weapons)

Red Car (Don't hurt it)

Motorcycle:Not only can you shoot and wipe him out, just touching him can 
cause him to crash and causes 3 seconds of scoreless travel.

Weapons Van-Cannot be destroyed by any of your weapons or ramming. However it 
can be destroyed if it goes offroad (when the road on the other side scrolls 
off for one thing, and a helicopter crater)

Weapons van with a plain red roof:Not sporting any weapons

Weapons Van with a black rectangle-Drive into the back of this to get Oil! 
This will slip up your enemies and you can tap A to release a little or hold 
for a stream! The best weapons for tailgaters!

Weapons van with a white circle:This gives you Smoke! This continuously 
releases smoke to cause any behind you to go off..Don't forget some 
friendlies can come from behind and get knocked off the road. 

Weapons Van with 2 white stripes on it's roof. Heat seeking missiles! Use 
this to wipe out the Helicopter! To do so, stop on the side of the road and 
let the helicopter line up with you (he won't drop bombs if you are not 
moving) and then launch the missile. You will get 700 points for taking down 
the helicopter!!!


Drive offroad:
Get on the rim and wait until the road shortens, The rim of the road will 
move,thus you will be heading for the offroad,...Doesn't always work, but if 
it does, you are now driving offroad and not dying. You can stay there as 
long as you like! No points though.

Quick Trip to the Boathouse:
Take the left bridge 3 times if you want to reach the Boathouse quickly.

Drive on water?
When you find a boathouse that goes back to the road, slowly SLOWLY drive on 
the edge of the center like the drive offroad trick and if you succeed in 
driving offroad, do it until most or all of the boathouse is gone, and go 
right. You shall be picked up by a random weapon van (for a weapon) and 
released on water. Glitchy like crazy.....You can go faster than you can 
before. I haven't performed this is a long time, so it may not be totally 
correct. I might make future updates a bit later.You can BLAZE across the 
flooded-road in your car! Yahoo!!!

Free Life
Get 10,000 points before the timer expires

Infinite lives
You won't lose any lives, or lose the game if the timer is up, unless you use 
the 10 car code, then you lose extra lives anytime. You can get game over 
when the timer is still up if you crash 10 times with that code on.


Get 10 lives (cars)At the title screen, press Right, Select, and Start 
simultaneously. When the game begins, allow the timer to run out without 
dying. You will receive 10 extra lives. ANy lives lost before the timer runs 
out with this code used will take it from your stock, you CAN get Game Over 
before the timer runs out if you crash a lot, that cannot happen if you don't 
use the code, but you wouldn't have 10 lives either.

Start with all weapons At the title screen, hold A, B, Select and press Start 
simultaneously. You will start 
with all weapons.

Thanks to GAMEFAQS.com (Codes section of spy hunter) and JDAWG007 for 
submitting the codes to the site.