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|                                 Tiger Heli                                 |

Version 1.0 (09/2/2005)

Version History:

-3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (09/2/2005)


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Game by TAITO

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type L1)

T1: Intro
T2: Gameplay
T3: Modes
T4: Stages
T5: Enemies
T6: Scoring
T7: Credits

|                                 T1: Intro                                  |

Gotta love TAITO and their shooters eh? Gotta love Acclaim for publishing this
too. Tiger Heli is a neat little game, and while not quite the Helicopter
greatness as Sky Shark it is still worth a few plays through.

So why choose Tiger Heli? Well, not because so many people think the name is
"Tiger Hell," that for sure. I had picked up a Heli manual back when I started
collecting for the NES. But the game was alreadys old so I got the manual free.
Thummer up. Alright, so I finally get Tiger Heli this summer. That's all it
took for me to write about it. It's a banal story, but a little bit of history
made me pry into this game and see the greatness within. Forward, let us crush
the Terrorist Country fo Cantun! 

|                                T2: Gameplay                                |

Control Pad: Steer Tiger Heli
Button A: Bomb
Button B: Missiles
Start: Pause

Fly Tiger Heli and use your missiles, your infinite weapon, to destroy most
targets. The bombs spray out around the helicopter. Sometimes, Heli will use
these bombs as chaff automatically as a countermeasure against enemy attacks.
The bombs destroy shots and most enemies so if Tiger Heli is about to get hit
it _sometimes_ does this as a safety measure.

Mostly save yoru bomsb however. Use them only when need be as they're worth a
nice end of round bonus. The stage ends when you reach a helipad. A little
ditty (which is awesome) plays andyou are awarded bonsu points based on the
amount of bombs and little Helis you have when you land.

Little Helis, or Assist Copters, are the Tiger Heli "options." They fire in
tandem with Tiger Heli but can be destroyed.

Tip: when strafing an enemy, learn to move not just on a horizontal path. You
could wind up getting hit by bullets. Learn to weave between bullets and take
some bigger strafes on a diagonal. Move from flank to flank with a little
velocity towards the bottom of the screen to avoid shots as they come. Just
don't go out of missile range.

Here is your screen:

|  1up                    |
|<Score>                  |
|-------------------------| <- Tiger Heli cannot move to the top of the screen.
|                         |
|                         |
|                         |
|                         |
|                         |
|                         |
|                         |
|<Lives>           <Bonus>| <- Bonus is a tally of how many bonus blocks you
+-------------------------+    have destroyed.

|                                 T3: Items                                  |

Bonus Block:

Shoot ten for an extra life. They will not stay on the screen for long.


A cross that changes colour between green, red, and grey/
Green: Makes a B sign appear.
Red: Makes a red Assist Copter.
Grey: Makes a grey Assist Copter.

B Sign: Collect for an extra bomb.
Red Assist Copter: Fires in tandem with Tiger Heli. Shoots horizontally.
Grey Assist Copter: Fires in tandem with Tiger Heli. Shoots vertically.

*If you have two bombs or little helis, then you will only get points for the
corresponding cross colour. If you want toc hange your assist copter, you will
need to let it get hit.

|                                T4: Stages                                  |

Stage Control-F search codes:

Stage 1 - THELI1
Stage 2 - THELI2
Stage 3 - THELI3
Stage 4 - THELI4
Looping - THELIL

                                   Stage 1

Begin the game by launching out of the truck. There are some obejects that look
like fans on the ground. Destroy them if you want. Slightly north you'll find
two tanks - one on the left and one on the right. Destroy either, you could get
both but it could be a tight squeeze. There is another tank shortly past the
left. The tanks are stationary and will be firing at you while swivelling their
turrets. I'd suggest starting left but at this point take whatever you feel you
should. If you take the right path look out for the tank arriving from off the
right side of the screen and north.

To the north you see some signs of civilian life. You can destroy the cars and
parts of the buildings for extra points. Above the buildings you'll see some
tanks, both mobile and coming from either side of the screen down the road.
Defeat them then take note of the parking lot to the upper left. Besides other
vehicles there are two tanks here which you'd be wise to destroy. Coming up the
centre road from the south will be another tank, make sure you note it. Dodge
it until you can get behind it and shoot it.

As the screen continues north, two tanks, one from the north and one from the
east, appear on screen. They will appear on the roads. There's another tank as
the scroll continues. The next is from the left, if you want to handle it then
I suggest that you be ready for it. Next, one tank comes down the street and
one waits stationary to the northwest.

You're leaving the houses and grass behind now. Be ready for a tank in the top
left, and three that come from the bottom right. There are also three to the
north. The best you can do is dodge the shots and possibly consider bombing the
northern tanks. Don't miss the bonus block in this area.

You come to some water. Tanks will be coming down the stretch of land on the
right, with oen stationary at the end. Boats will be coming from the north in
the water. Gunboats, like tanks, can rotate their turrets. Near the end of the
strip of land is a cross block. I'd recommend an assist copter of some kind,
with my preference in a sideways firing model.

Above this area, you'll see some small patches of land with green guns on them.
These batteries can rotate to fire at you, but are always stationary. The first
is on the right, the second to the left and up. After this you head to an
airstrip. Shoot the grounded planes and gas tanks for points. There's a bonus
block on the left side of the airstrip.

Leaving this, stick to the left and adestroy the tank that appears. After this,
fly right and destroy the tanks that appear. There's a few so weave and shoot.
When you can, get back to the left and use that cross block for whatever reason
you need, either to change your options or restock bombs. North, four tanks
guard passage, two on either side of the screen. Get past them and prepare for
another blockade of three tanks, two on either side and one in the middle. Up
and left are two stationary tanks, then two come out from paths on the right
and left. Be sure to get the bonus block. Up north is the helipad, land and
then stage 2 will begin.

                                   Stage 2

As you head north, a huge ship looms ahead. There's a gun battery on it which
will be your first target. As you approach the ship, however, watch out for the
gunboats that appear in the bottom right. Keep destroying the big ship's guns
and its single tank. On the dock north of the ship, two tanks will come come
from the left. The next dock has three stationaries and one bonus block.

North, there are some batteries on the ground. Take care of 'em and be ready
for the crossblock. There's a number of gun batteries north of here. They look
big and intimidating but they're no different than the rest. A tank does appear
from the left close to the bottom of the screen, an eye should be kept out for
that. Avoid any tanks from the north and get ready for a battle.

A large, threaded war machine appears to the north. The atatck module only
fires single shots but takes 15 hits to destroy. There are four batteries, two
on either side. There are also three bonus blocks to the upper left. Sideways
little helis could really help out at a time like this. Three tanks arrive from
the upper right and there is a crossblock to the upper left.

Up north over water, you will notice two gun batteries. Gunboats arrive between
them, and basically stick to the centre until you reach the larger shipped at
dock up ahead. Destroy the turret and watch for any ships in the right passage.
Above, there's a stationary tank and one thata rrives. Next, another turret,
then two more arriving tanks. Up north there's another turret, then two
stationaries and a bonus block, then a turret, then one arrival.

North, there's two gun batteries then a bonus block. There's also a red block
you can shoot here for points. Three tanks arrive off the righthand side. Look
for a crossblock after the railway. There's some gun batteries up ahead and
another crossblock. Two stationary tanks to the northwest and a tank comes down
that northern path. Then there's three tanks, one from either side and one in
the middle.

Back out over the water, two gun batteries await. Gunboats arrive from the left
and right sides of the north, so shoot what you can and dodge the rest. Up
ahead is the helipad. Prepare for Stage 3!

                                   Stage 3

Start by destroying the gun battery that appears in the northwest. There's
another right of this and an airplane zooms down the runway from the north.
There's another turret to the west. Destroy the planes up ahead for points and
note that there is a crossblock.

Approaching the green, two tanks emerge from the west, one from the north, and
one from the east. Beyond them, gun batteries and one tank from the west. After
a tank from the east get ready for two staionaries, a bonus block, and a
crossblock. Look out for the tanks up ahead, and keep in mind that a few will
come in from the sides. Northwest is another crossblock. Approaching the end of
thsi area, tanks from either side and three stationary. There's also a gun
battery. Take out the three stationaries in a row, then the battery and keep

There's three gun batteries to the north, they should be no problem. A bonus
block, a few tanks and gun batteries are next. Then, three batteries and two
attack modules. Pretty rough, try to destroy the batteries first. There's a
stationary, battery, and crossblock past the two modules. _Probably_ the best
way to do this is to dodge the modules but that's a pretty big loss of points.
Try whatever you're most comfortable with.

Head up, a tank from the east. when you see the gun battery, there's a bonus
block to the left of it. Head up, there's a few tanks from the sides and a
bunch of gun batteries. Weave and shoot, red little assist copters would be
useful here. Take out the gun batteries and the two stationary tanks. Make sure
you get the bonus block.

Right, there's some green with a diagonal line of three stationary tanks. There
will be a tent, a jeep, and a few batteries. a few tanks from either side and
one plane on the righthand side. When you see the road, two tanks will move
down it from the left and right. Destroy these. Two batteries on the left, one
on the right, and a few planes. From the right on the brown section, tanks.

On the brown section, top left, there will be a bonus block. there's a tank to
the right as you head out over the water. Get ready to hear an awesome theme as
the helipad is just ahead!

                                   Stage 4

Pretty soon after starting, a stationary tank to the northeast will be firing
at you. There's also one moving in from the west. Up next: three staionaries,
start from the left. Then above them is one stationary. Then, one tank from the
left and one from the north. There will also be a stationary tank to the north.
Next, one tank from the left and one tank from the right. There is a crossblock
as you leave this area.

Get ready, two stationaries in the middle, a moving tank from the right. When
you see the gun battery a tank will come form the left. Another stationary tank
to the north. Then another. Okay, see that gap between the trees behind that
last tank? Well, go to the left and shoot the three tanks as they appear. You
will probably shoot one of the two batteries in the process. Keep an eye on the
tank that emerges from the left.

Get to the left and take out the three turrets. North, there's a crossblock and
to its right is a battery. There will be a few stationaries and batteries up
ahead. Take them down to the best of yoru ability. Above them a tank from the
left and right. Two batteries to the north, then a few out on that dirt up

There's also two stationaries around the centre of the screen and to the north.
Three batteries to the north and two attack modules. Again, the modules may not
be destroyed in the time you have. Concentrate your fire yet also keep dodging
shots in mind. There's a bonus block around here if you want to risk it.

Up next is a cross shaped section. Tanks pile in here, weave and destroy. Up
and to the left is a crossblock. Blast the stationary tank above the cross and
then get your item. A tank moves in from the right, and to the north a tank
arrievs from the left and right. Stationary right above this right tank then
two stationaries north and centre. Above this are tanks from the left and
right. approaching the sand, a stationary tank slightly right of centre.

The sand can get kind of hairy, but this is a short section so don't get too
worked up. Three tanks coem on the screen from the left. There are also two
modules, one right of centre and another farther right. They aren't hard to
avoid because of positioning but if you can get past them a bonus block and
crossblocks await.

After this, you'll be assaulted by a stream of planes. Well, by assaulted I
mean there will be lot of them but they won't harm you. Sit back and fire,
enjoy the points. Land on the helipad, you're done! The Helipad. Enjoy a nice
round of an awesome ditty.


Stage 5 reveals itself to be stage 2. The game loops now 2,3,4,2,3,4... so I
guess you could say you've done it.

"Tiger Heli? On the Nintendo Entertainment System? I conquered it."

|                                T5: Enemies                                 |

All Terrain Attack Module: Takes 15 hits to destroy. If you do not destroy it
in time, it will leave the screen.

Gun Battery: Swivels to fire at you. Always stationary.

Gun Battery - Ship: Turret on a big ship, rotates to fire at you.

Gunboat: The tank of the water, can rotate its turret as well.

Plane: Flies straight at you. Not a threat as they don't damage.

Tank: Swings its turret to aim at you and fire. Can be mobile or stationary.

|                                 T6: Scoring                                |


Airplane: 100
Building: 100
Car: 100
Dual "Fans": 50 points (total, it's one object)
Gas Tank: 50
Jeep: 200
Railroad Gates: 50
"Red Block" (stop sign?): 50
Tent: 100


All Terrain Attack Module: 170/hit, total 7000 (15 hits)
Gun Battery: 130
Gunboat: 190
Plane: 200 (Airplane in motion)
Tanks: 250, 270


Crossblock: 1000
Crossblock red/grey: 3000 when you have two little heli.
Crossblock green: 3000 when you have two bombs.
Heliport Landing: 5000xlittle Helis + 5000xBombs (max 20000)

--<One Ups>--

First at 20000
Each new life at 80000 intervals past 20000.

|                                 T7: Credits                                |

Thanks to the hosts for letting you read this.

Thanks to TAITO for making the game.

Thanks to Acclaim for bringing it west.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Game by TAITO.