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#|_   _|##|  _  \###|  ___|#####/  \######/ ____|##| |##| |##|  _  \###|  ___|#
###| |####| |#) |###| |########/ /\ \####| (#######| |##| |##| |#) |###| |#####
###| |####|  _  /###|  __|####/ /##\ \###\____  \##| |##| |##|  _  /###|  __|##
###| |####| |#\ \###| |######|  ____  |#######) |##| \##/ |##| |#\ \###| |#####
    \##/   \##/      /\      ,'####`/|   |########|   \#######|   \######\
    |##\   /##|     /##\    |##(___`#|   |/ |##| \|   |##|   \|   |#|  |#|
    |@\@\ / |@|    /@/\@\    \@@@@@@.`      |@@|      |@@|__      |@|  |@|
    |$|\$V$/|$|   |$/__\$|        `$$\      |$$|      |$$$$$|     |$|__|$|
    |*| \*/ |*|   |**__**|   |\____/*|      |**|      |**| \|     |******/
    | | | | | |   | |  | |   |,____,'      /____\     |  |        | .--. \
    | | | | | |   | |  /_\   '                        /_ `-._/|   | |  | |
    | | | | | |   /_\                                   `-._  |   | |  | |
    | | | | |_\                                             `-'   |_|  | |
    | | |_|                                                            \ \__
    /_|                                                                 `-./

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                                VERSION HISTORY

Version 1.01 (3-18-04)
-Spiffy new ASCII logo. Thanks a bunch, nahuwe.

Version 1.00 (3-17-04)
-Walkthrough completed. This guide is pretty much finished unless I get any
pressing information concerning the Treasure Master contest.

Version 0.90 (3-16-04)
-Added Microchip walkthrough and all relevant item/enemy info.
-Added Forest World walkthrough plus items and enemies for that level.
-Machine World level completed. All appropriate items/enemies added. Also, I
accidentally called Skooter "Skeeter" several times in the FAQ. Whoops.

Version 0.50 (3-15-04)
-Moon level completed. All items and enemies from that level have been added.
Some minor changes have been made in item descriptions.

Version 0.25 (3-13-04)
-The first rendition of this FAQ. Walkthrough is complete up to the moon level,
and all relevant enemies and items are included.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

I.    Introduction
II.   Story
III.  Controls
IV.   Items
V.    Enemies
VI.   The Secret Password (IMPORTANT! - Please Read)
VII.  The Walkthrough!
VIII. Contest Information
IX.   Credits

                                I. Introduction

Treasure Master is an odd little game. Dubbed "The Ultimate Competition for
Fantasy Prizes" by American Softworks Corp., this game is not as much a game as
a bizarre contest that pitted you against every other video gamer who had
purchased the game. If you purchased the game on its release date in late 1991,
you were promised until April 1992 to practice and practice playing the game.
Then, on April 11, 1992, MTV aired the "Secret Password", and a 12 hour
countdown began.

Now, many people owned the game, and many had already beaten it, but by
entering the game's serial code and the "Secret Password" into the game at the
beginning, the game would be topped off by a secret "Prize World." If you beat
that within 12 hours, you would receive a secret code. If you then called into
the "Winner's Hotline" and told them the secret code (and provided you had
sent in the game registration card by April 8th) you were eligible to win a
fantasy prize, such as a fantasy concert trip for you and 3 of your friends,
or a fantasy game room with the "new" Super Nintendo and 12 games.

Obviously, the contest's deadline has been passed for over a decade, but the
game itself is a fun and interesting adventure game. I was a little
disappointed that the game had no real walkthrough on the website, so I
decided to write my own. Enjoy!

(NOTE: I would be very, very interested to know more about the results of the
contest, such as who the winners were and what prizes they chose. If you have
any information whatsoever about the contest results, please e-mail me at

                                   II. Story

(The main character's name is spelled Skooter in the instruction manual, but I
have seen it spelled Scooter in other places such as the official ad.)

(Paraphrased from the Instruction Manual)

Scooter is an ordinary kid. He enjoys things like basketball, skateboarding
and hanging out with his best friends. Nothing too exciting. Until one day,
when he found a strange, old coin on the ground. 

This coin was small but heavy, with strange markings in another language on it.
Obviously he could not read the markings, but he really wanted to know what
they meant. He put the coin under his pillow for safe-keeping. Every day after
school, he would visit the library and read book after book looking for any
information about the strange old coin he had discovered. But nothing.

All this time, Skooter had also been having some psychadelic dreams. In them,
he would see himself traveling through strange and colorful worlds by himself.
But in every dream, bizarre creatures would try to prevent him from
progressing further in his quests. Skooter realized quite soon that these
dreams had to have something to do with the coin under his pillow.

It took him weeks, but Skooter found the book he was looking for. It was
titled "The Legend of the Treasure Master". The book was the story of a
man named Ocsiban, who spoke of a magnificent treasure that could be
"found by anyone." Some people wrote him off as a genius and others as
a madman, but Ocsiban insisted that anyone with courage might go on a
quest to find the treasure. Once you started on this quest, however, there
was no coming back until you had finished, or you would be lost forever.
The quest involved venturing lands which would be imaginary, but at the
same time "quite real," because they were places in the mind.

Lastly, Ocsiban spoke of a coin would would allow entry to this world, but
only a "chosen one" would be able to understand the secret of the coin and
only he would have the courage and the imagination to enter this fantasy

Skooter decided he had to take the challenge. He knew it would be dangerous
and he would be taking a huge risk, but he also knew it could pull it off.
That night, the dreams were no longer an illusion. He had begun an adventure
which would take him to the most fantastic places in his imagination. He had
begun the quest to become a Treasure Master.

                                III. Controls

Controller 1 - For 1 player

Controller 2 - With Treasure Master in your NES and Controller 2 in your hand,
the universe bends to your will! The directional pad causes whole galaxies to
move at your command! The Select button allows you to control the flow of time!
The start button PAUSES TIME! The B and A buttons violate the laws of science
by CREATING and DESTROYING mass! And when you... oh, wait. *shuffles through
notes* Sorry, I misread that. Controller 2 does nothing.

Control Pad:

Left: Move left
Right: Move right
Down: Crouch, Move down elevator, Climb down rope
Up: Move up elevator, Grab onto rope, Climb up rope
Select: Accesses the Selection Screen
Start: Pauses game
B: Use selected item
A: Jump
Down and A Button: Exit vehicle, detonate bomb, use teleport
                                 IV. Items


Radium Plated Boots

Your first means of self-defense. When enemies come close, press B to kick.

An Activated Time Bomb

Used to destroy plaid colored platforms or walls. There is a time limit
between when you pick it up and when it explodes. After dropping it with B,
hold Down and press A to detonate it.

Magnet Control Box

Use this item at the Question Mark near the beginning of the game to grant
access to the Submarine.


Your first vehicle. Up/Down/Left/Right moves the sub around in water. A enters
the submarine, B shoots a torpedo, and holding Down and pressing A exits the

Cable Cutting Scissors

Use this on a cable holding up a weight in the caves in order to get the
Emergency Oxygen.

Emergency Oxygen

While underwater, keep tapping B to regain your air supply.

Protective Hard Hat

If you have this equipped, you will not die from hitting spikes with your head.

(Buggy Bumper)

A slow vehicle which can only move left and right and has no weapons equipped.
Hold B to make the Bumper bounce higher.


Ray Gun

Your second method of self-defense. Press B to shoot. The Ray Gun has limited
juice so be careful to conserve and not use it when you don't need to.

A Simple Door Key

Use this item on the question mark in the Moon Base to open the door to the
Vision Enhancement item.

Vision Enhancement

Glasses that reveal otherwise invisible platforms near the beginning of the

(Moon Rover)

A vehicle which is driven for a short time on the surface of the moon. Press B
to shoot diagonally-upward and press A to jump. When you hit the surface of the
moon after jumping you will bounce a few times. The Moon Rover can destroy
Lunar Robots and Solar Road Hogs by bouncing on them.

I.D. Entry Card

Having this in your inventory automatically opens one of the doors in the Moon

(Buggy Bumper)

I still think it sucks, but you need it this time to reach a high platform in
the Moon Base. At least you can use the Ray Gun in it this time...

A Radio Beacon

Use this item at the end of World 2 to go to the next level.


Machine Part

Collect 3 of these and use them on a machine to activate magnets which remove
a Cargo Ship blocking your path.

A Simple Door Key

Opens the door to the exit of World 3.


Construction Potion

Builds a bridge across lava to the Magic Apple.

A Simple Door Key

Opens the path to the Magic Apple.

Magic Apple

Use this to knock a protective barrel off of an island in the river.


An Activated Time Bomb

Used to destroy several walls in Microchip.

A Simple Door Key

Used to open the door leading to the area with the Mutation Machines.

Mutation Credit

Use these on the Mutation Machines to turn into a robot, and use another to
turn back into a human. While as a robot you cannot attack, but you move faster
and jump higher. There are three Mutation Credits in total.

Magnet Control Box

Use this on the question mark surrounded by two TV Sets to activate a magnet
which lifts them up and makes them harmless.

Numbered Command Card

Collect all three of these and use them near the door to the exit to open it.


Ray Gun

Good fun with laser. You can kill everything in World 6 with this.


Once you use these at the prize counter, collect all the stuffed animals (?)
for a 1-Up. The first prize counter unlocks the level's Roller Coasters, and
the second prize counter opens up a gate that lets you progress further into
the level.

                                 V. Enemies


Cosmic Caterpillar

An annoying little bugger. He hops around and occasionally shoots a little ball
at you. You can kill him by kicking him square in the face or kicking him from
behind, destroying individual segments until he falls apart. Personally, I
prefer the former.

Mutant Dragonfly

Damn insects. Where's the Raid? Anyways, this thing stays at the top of the
screen, flying in a zig-zag pattern and carrying a small box which it will
attempt to drop on you when it is above you. Simply run quickly past them to
avoid getting hit. Later in the level there are Dragonflies that aren't
restricted to the zig-zag pattern or carrying boxes.

Monster Shark

Some of these sharks simply swim back and forth, so you can avoid them by
simply waiting for them to swim the other way and then moving past them. The
other brand of Monster Shark actually chases you, so you'll need to kill it
with the submarine's torpedoes.

Savage Spring

Springs with arms. To get past them you need to just wait for them to go up in
the air and then run under them.

Teeter-Totter Monster

A round, red, horned thing. He may be an enemy, but he helps you out by
catapulting you out of the caves.

Power Puff

No relation to the Girls, I'm afraid. Little red enemies who are invulvernable
to kicking and must be dodged. There are also parachuting Power Puffs.


Lunar Robot

There are three kinds of this enemy: (1) One that moves left or right or up
and down, (2) one that stays still and shoots projectiles at you, and (3)
one that moves up and down and shoots projectiles.

Alien Runner

A humanoid who runs left and right, and does nothing else. Easily avoided or

Sonic Saucer

This UFO will fly back and forth a few times over your head, dropping bombs,
and then will leave the screen temporarily only to return soon after.

Solar Road Hog

Looks similar to the Lunar Robot. The Solar Road Hog has treads instead of
rockets and does not shoot at you.


Robotic fish with sawblades sticking out of their underside. Luckily it only
takes one shot from the Ray Gun to destroy them.



This thing is all over Microchip. They all jump, but some jump in place and
others jump towards you. Sometimes the ones that jump in place will shoot at
you. They are easily destroyed with your Radium Plated Boots.

Nutty Nut

Fasteners that swivel up and down the bolt they are attached to. Bolt length
varies, and some Nuts will shoot at you.

Cargo Ship

Another kind of flying saucer. Some of them will shoot at you, some of them 
will do nothing, and some of them will drop Hoppers down on you.


A vehicle being driven by a strange creature. The Roadie drives left and right
and is easily jumped over.


Evil Egg

A strange lizard creature's egg. As an Egg it takes only one kick to kill, but
once it hatches it takes two. If it's hatched and you kick it, it will pause
for a moment.

Squirmy Wormy

This is a boring creature. It crawls left and right, doesn't shoot at you, and
only takes one kick to kill.

Buzz Bee

This is similar to the Lunar Robot, except much easier to kill. Their movement
patterns are (1) stationary (2) moving up and down and (3) moving in a straight
horizontal line. Some shoot and some don't. The easiest way to deal with them
is a swift kick.

Cosmic Caterpillar

There is one Caterpillar in World 4. However, it can't be reached. I just sort
of thought I should include this.


Grid Bug

Robotic insects that move on a fixed path. Indestructible but easy to avoid.

TV Set

These are televisions that stay stationary, either on the ground or on the
ceiling, and will sometimes shoot at you. Cannot be destroyed.

Shooter Robot

These robots will shoot up, left and right simutaneously, then fire some shots
diagonally. Unlike other enemies, colliding with a Shooter Robot will not hurt


Running Clown

Very similar to the Roadie, the Running Clown will just run left and right.
Easily killed off with a few shots from the Ray Gun.

Kamikaze Clown

These Clowns will stand on top of a balloon and wait for you to come underneath
them so that they can jump on you. To kill them, run under them so that they
jump or shoot them from the side with the Ray Gun.

Flying Clown

Clowns hanging on to balloons that will float left and right or up and down.
Some Flying Clowns will jump off their balloons onto you, so always be careful
when walking under them.

              VI. The Secret Password (IMPORTANT! - Please Read)


If you want to access the Prize World at the end of the game, you MUST do the

1. At the title screen, press Select.

2. For your Serial Number, anything will work as long as you don't leave it

3. For your Secret Password, enter the following:


4. Press Start to begin the game.

As long as you have done all of this, you will be able to access the Prize
World at the end of the game.

                           VII. The Walkthrough!

                          World One: The Islands

Welcome to Treasure Master! I'll spend some time here explaining what's on your
screen. In the lower-left corner there is a black box. This is your selected
item. Since your inventory is currently empty, it's blank. Next are four blue
boxes stacked vertically. This is your life bar. It will take four hits from
enemies to kill you. Next are three images of Skooter. This means you have
three lives in reserve, or four lives total. The score is pretty much
irrelevant in this game, so go ahead and push SELECT. This is the item select
screen, which is now blank. Okay, press SELECT again. Before going any further
I suggest taking a look at the game controls in section III.

Walk right and hop over the three pools of water you see, ignoring the magnet
and the question mark (we'll get to those later). On the next platform you will
encounter your first Cosmic Caterpillar (no, I did not make that name up). You
may also encounter some Mutant Dragonflies in this area. Be wary of the
Caterpillar as you climb up the rope and into the next screen.

Once you reach the next screen, watch out for the Caterpillar on the left. At
the top of the rope is your first item, Radium Plated Boots. These are
automatically equipped, so now pressing B causes Skooter to kick. A very fun
thing to do with the boots now is to go around the level, kicking Caterpillars
in the face so that they explode. Not necessary, but fun, as I really hate
those Caterpillars.

Anyways, go back to where you got the boots and jump left onto the bridge,
kicking any Caterpillar that gets in your way. Jump over the second bridge
segment from the right as it falls through. If any Dragonflies comes close
feel free to jump up and kick them out of the sky. Jump across the gap onto
the next bridge, this time avoiding the second segment from the left, and then
walk across and jump down onto the platform.

Now, what you see here is an aptly labeled BOMB, your next item. Now, listen
carefully to the following instructions because there is a time limit to how
long you can carry the bomb around. Grab the bomb and run right, back to the
place where you got the radium plated boots, and jump right off of the
platform. Jump over any gaps and kick any Caterpillars you see in the face :)
Now walk up these floating green steps and walk onto the green plaid colored
platform. Press SELECT, choose the Bomb, press SELECT, and then press B to
drop the bomb. Then hold Down and press A to detonate it. Don't worry about
standing near it, the explosion won't hurt you. Drop down into the gap it
creates and grab the Magnet Control Box.

Go back to where you got the first time bomb and grab another one. RUN to where
you dropped the last bomb and climb up one of the nearby ropes. On the next
screen, jump right and walk across the platform (jumping over the gaps) until
you see a small bit of the green plaid platform. Stand on it and drop the bomb.
Through the hole that appears, hold right on the control pad and you will end
up in a small area of water which contains a 1-Up.

Remember the floating Question Mark near the beginning of the level? Return to
that spot, select the Magnet Control Box and press B. The magnet will activate,
moving a submarine to the body of water to your right. Hop in.

There are three Monster Sharks. Simply wait for them to swim with their backs
turned to you and swim downward towards the submarine. Press B to enter it. Now
while in the submarine, the directional controls are the same but pressing A
causes you to shoot a torpedo. From here, move right. If a shark starts chasing
you, you'll need to turn towards it and rapidly shoot at it to kill it. Finally
you will reach a small tunnel. You need to swim as close as you can to it, then
hold Down and Right to go the rest of the way. Eventually you will exit the

In the next room, you are running out of air and so you should quickly jump out
of the water and onto one of the platforms. Start climbing up these platforms,
and two screens later you will find another Bomb. Again, you have a limited
amount of time so follow these next instructions carefully and quickly. Grab
the bomb and fall back down into the water. Swim back up onto the next
platform. What you should see now are some green conveyor belts. Jump across
these quickly. You can stay on the horizontal ones for a while but the vertical
ones deposit you into the water quickly. After jumping across several of these
you will see a bluish plaid platform underwater with a shark nearby. You need
to go underwater, drop the bomb, and then get out of the way before the shark
attacks you. After the explosion, go down and grab the Cable Cutting Scissors.

Jump back up out of the water and onto the greyish platform to the left. Go one
screen up and left to a blue object. Ignore the Savage Spring to the left and
wait for the platform on the left side of the blue object to come down near
you. Jump onto it. On the next screen you need to jump under more Springs as
you make your way to the left. You will see a cable holding up a one ton
weight. Use your Cable Cutting Scissors to cut it. 

Now go back to the right to where the elevator was. Get back on the elevator.
Before it reaches the bottom, jump off of it at the right moment so that you
fall under the platform leading to the weight. You will fall left into a body
of water. Now swim left and grab the Air Supply. If you don't see it, just
listen for it:

"I'm all out of love
I'm so lost without you..."

Ahahaha... OK, sorry. That was lame.

Once you have the Emergency Oxygen, swim right and hop out of the water. Jump
over the Spring. To the right there will be two more green conveyor belts and
a green round object which flings you when you hop on it. Jump across the two
conveyor belts. Now, you need to jump on the green round object, but jump on
the very top of it. If you jump on it too far to the right it will fling you
onto some spikes. If you made it across safely, equip your Emergency Oxygen
and go into the water. While underwater, keep mashing the B button and the
Emergency Oxygen will keep your Air from running out. Take the Protective Hard
Hat at the end of the water and head back. 

From the platform you are on now, hold Left and you will fall down but land
safely onto another platform near where you got the Cable Cutting Scissors.
Go back to the Elevator, but catch a ride on the right side this time. When
you reach the top jump right onto the first grey platform you see and keep
hopping across these platforms. Eventually you will be on one of the platforms
and it will look like there is nowhere else to go. At this point you should
equip the Hard Hat. Jump down and hold Right. If you do it correctly you will
fall down but land on a spring. Once it springs you back up, hold Right. You
will hit spikes on the ceiling but the Hard Hat will protect you.

From here jump onto the left rope, then the middle rope. Climb down and then
jump onto the right rope. Climb down and fall down near the conveyor belt.
Cross it, then jump up and grab onto the rope. Jump left from it and go up one
screen. Start climbing up the conveyor belts to get up one more screen, but be
careful because these belts change direction. Start running under some of the
Springs and you will see a Teeter-Totter Monster (Okay, I made up that name).
Keep running under the Springs and don't worry that the Monster is chasing you.
At the end of the screen you will find a  see-saw. Stand on the right side of it
and the Monster will bounce on the left side, catapulting you out of this area.

The Monster will knock you two screens up. Land on one of the platforms and jump
to the left into the body of water. Equip the Emergency Oxygen. Wait for the
shark to start moving left, then start moving left, pressing B to preserve your
oxygen. Once you get to the middle of the water, swim up, wait for the shark to
swim right of you, then go back down and swim left. Hop out of the water and
snatch the 1-up, then exit the body of water the same way you entered.

Standing on the edge of the water, tap Right to fall down. You will land next
to a grey-red vehicle which I dub the "Buggy Bumper". To the left of the Bumper
are Power Puffs hopping about, and in the sky are some Mutant Dragonflies. You
need to dodge both of them. You can either just run left (what I did) or hop in
the Buggy Bumper with Down-A. Really, you should just run left, being careful
to stop when necessary to avoid the Puffs hitting you. Eventually you will see
a parachuting Power Puff but you can just ignore it. Keep going left until you
get to the next screen.

This screen is extremely easy. Just jump up the platforms while avoiding
Mutant Dragonflies. Note that these are different than the normal Dragonflies
and that they can fly wherever they want and are not carrying blocks.
Once you get to the top of the platforms go left onto the next screen.

You don't have to do anything on this next screen. Skooter will automatically
get into the space shuttle and leave The Islands.

You have just beaten Level One of Treasure Master!

                          World Two: The Moon

No, I don't know why the space suit has bunny ears. Straight ahead of you is
your new weapon, the Ray Gun. Wait until the Lunar Robot moves out of the way
and take it. You can use two shots from your ray gun to scrap it but since the
Ray Gun has limited juice you can just jump over the Robot. Further right is an 
enemy similar to the Dragonfly, the Sonic Saucer. The difference between the
two is that the Saucer moves left and right over you and has an unlimited
supply of bombs to drop. There is another Robot to jump over, then an elevator
to go down.

On the screen below, go right. You should see two Alien Runners and another
Lunar Robot. The Runners are easily jumped over, and although this Robot is
shooting projectiles none of them will actually hit you. The next room has an
unstable platform over a pit. You need to jump across without getting hit by
the balls popping out of the pit. First equip the ray gun and kill off the
Runners on both sides of the pit. The pit is not hard to jump across but note
that the platform falls down into the spikes if you stand on it too long so
once you get onto it start jumping in place. Sometimes bonus points pop up in
place of the balls but you should just ignore them. The next room has two
Lunar Robots who will both shoot at you. Just push Right and keep running to
avoid the shots. Jump up the stairs and go down the elevator, kill off or
avoid the Runner and take the Key.

Ignore the Teleporter for now and go back to the first elevator. This time go
to the left. If you don't have the Ray Gun equipped, do so as you need to get
rid of the Robot blocking your way. Climb the rope and use the Door Key on the
Question Mark. Now, to get the glasses (Vision Enhancement) without getting hit
by the Robot follow these instructions: stand on the edge of the platform you
are on now. Make sure you have the Ray Gun equipped. When you can, drop down
off of the platform and then immediately shoot rapid-fire at the Robot. If you
don't kill it just jump over the next shot at you and try again. Grab the
Vision Enhancement.

Destroy the Robot (again), then go back to where the elevator is. You won't
see it at first so stand where it is and press Down and it will appear. Take
it back to the surface and destroy the Robot nearby if you feel you need to.
To the left are some blue platforms that the Vision Enhancement allows you to
see. Climb up them, but be careful not to collide with the Saucer as you reach
the top of the screen. Once you reach the top, destroy or avoid the three
Robots (two moving and one stationary shooter).

At the end of the platform is a new vehicle, the Moon Rover. Once you enter the
vehicle it will automatically jump off of the platform and crush a Robot. While
in the rover, note that the B button shoots upward and that pressing A causes
the Rover to jump, then bounce along the ground a few times. To the right,
there are three kinds of enemies; Robots, Saucers, and a new enemy, the Solar
Road Hog. You can destroy the Robots and Road Hogs by bouncing on them with the
Rover and either shoot at the Saucers or avoid their bombs. Don't worry because
you aren't in that much danger on this screen. At the end there will be an I.D.
Entry Card and a pit. You will automatically exit the Rover, so grab the Card
and fall down the pit.

The teleport where you are now takes you back to the room where the Door Key
was, so ignore it. To the left is a fairly difficult jumping sequence. Jump
onto one of the rotating platforms to the left. Look carefully at the platform
which is moving up and down quickly. Jump left until you are directly over the
platform and fall. On the screen below jump from the platform you are on to one
of the rotating platforms. Jump to the platform which is moving vertically
slowly, then onto the next rotating platform, and then (and this is tough) onto
the next platform which is moving quickly. What I suggest doing is waiting
until the platform has gone to the next screen, waiting two seconds, and then
jumping where the platform is going to be. It will appear from above, move
under you, then take you up. There is another sequence of platforms similar to
the ones you were just on (rotating, slow-moving, rotating) and then another
fast moving platform. If you are concerned about hitting the spikes on the
ceiling go ahead and equip the Hard Hat. Move left from the fast moving
platform and move left and up to the next screen. 

Here, you will see a rope with two shooting Robots on both sides. It is very
hard not to get hit here, so this is where you might have to sacrifice some
health. What I did was stand under the rope (where the projectiles couldn't hit
me), waited for the left Robot to shoot a projectile, then immediately jumped
up and shoot at the right Robot. It took me two jumps to destroy it. Turn to
the left and wait for the Robot to shoot a projectile, then jump up and shoot
at it. Again, if you are rapid-firing it should take you two jumps to kill it.
Climb up the rope, shoot the Runner, and jump over the first pit. Next are some
more pits with balls jumping out of them. Like the first pit, it is simply a
matter of timing and you don't need to worry about getting damaged. Once you
reach the end, go down the stairs and shoot the Runner. Run right, avoiding the
shots from above. You need to kill another Runner, then destroy the Robot which
is moving up and down while avoiding the shots. After all this, run up and down
the stairs.

Fall into the gap, but hold Right after you do to avoid colliding with the
Razorfish. Now go to the right, either jumping over the Razorfish or destroying
it. It's another Buggy Bumper! Get in, move to the left, jump, shoot (note that
you can use the Ray Gun while in it) to destroy the Fish and keep moving left.
Now, this next part is very tough but you need to get out of the Bumper to
destroy one of the Razorfish which starts chasing you. What makes it harder is
that depending on where you get out that Razorfish might reappear. This is what
I did: Park your Bumper below the rope. Hold Left, then as soon as the
Razorfish moves directly over you, start bouncing until you jump over the fish
under you, then let go of the A button. Again, you should have been holding
Left the whole time. Keep holding it and wait until the Bumper has settled on
the ground, then QUICKLY get out, turn around and shoot the fish. Afterwards,
get back in the bumper, move to the right and then turn back left. What you
need to do is bounce up onto the high platform. Once you are up there, jump
onto the platform and wait for it to carry you down.

On the next screen, jump off the platform before it hits the spikes. Avoid the
shots from the Robot on the floor and jump onto the grey platform. Kill the
Robot and go right. Go across the gap onto the next platform. With the next
robot, you can either destroy it or jump onto the platform to the right of it
and jump over its shots. Since your ray gun might be running out of juice now,
this would be advisable. Drop down into the next gap you see, avoiding the
Robot's shots. Move right and... ugh! Not THESE things! Yes, if you've ever
played the Mega Man series you'll know what I'm talking about: small platforms
that keep appearing and disappearing. Luckily, it isn't all too confusing. You
need to look for the next platform to appear and quickly jump onto it. Be
careful because near the end they try to trick you by having a platform appear
BEHIND you instead of in front of you. Once you reach the end, try to avoid the
Robot, equip the I.D. Card and use it on the Question Mark. Wait until the next
Robot moves up into the nook, then run across and grab the Radio Beacon.

This next part is kinda tough. Climb about a quarter up the rope before
attempting to jump across to the next rope. Again, be careful of the jumping
balls and ignore the bonus points. Don't climb up the last rope, instead jump
over the spikes then move under the platform where the Runner is.

On the next screen, just run right and hop onto the blue platform. The two
Question Marks indicate you need to use an item, so equip the Radio Beacon and
use it. A shower of light will envelop you and take you to the next level.

You have just beaten Level Two of Treasure Master!

                         World Three: Machine World

To your right will be two Hoppers sandwiching a Spring. Luckily these Hoppers
don't shoot at you so you can easily get over the first one by jumping over it
or simply destroying it by equipping the Radium Plated Boot and kicking it.
The Spring is easy to use, just jump while standing on it and you'll get an
extra boost. On the next platform is a Nutty Nut. Jump on the very edge of the
platform and wait for it to swivel to the bottom of the bolt it's on and shoot
at you. Jump over the shot and run under the Nut as it swivels back up. Run
right as you jump off of the platform and spring over another Nutty Nut. If
you do this quickly enough you will pass over it without colliding. Go right
and fall into the gap in the screen.

The next screen has four Hoppers. For the first three, you can either kick them
out of the way or stand next to them and wait for them to jump over you. The
last Hopper jumps and shoots so be careful. Drop down to the next screen.

On the next screen, ignore the Cargo Ship and fall down under the second Spring
from the left. Wait until the Hopper to the right lands on the ground, then run
up to it, kick it and run right. Wait for the Roadie to turn right, then
run right and jump over it once it starts moving left towards you. Jump onto
the first Spring, and then onto the second. Watch out for the Cargo Ship under
this Spring, unlike the other Ship it will shoot at you. Go to the right side
of the Spring, then hold Right and jump. It might take a few tries but you will
end up on a platform on the next screen.

Once on the next screen, kick the Hopper out of the way and run right before
the shots from the Cargo Ship hit you. Go right up the stairs, then near the
top of the stairs jump up and left. You should land on another platform on the
next screen. 

The next part is HARD. There are two Nutty Nuts, swiveling up and down on very
short bolts. You need to stand very, VERY close to the Nut (note that you can't
be so close that your hat is touching the Nut. That causes damage to you for
some reason), wait until the Nut is just high enough for you to pass under it
without getting hit, then RUN left. You may get hit some times here. I really
can't help you, it just takes skill. Anyway, if you make it past both of them,
jump up onto the platform above, kill the two Hoppers, and take the Machine
Part, then try to back it past the Nuts again. Go right from here, dodge any
shots from the Cargo Ship, and stop at the piston. This part is also quite
evil, as one hit from the piston will kill you. Wait until the piston is all
the way up, then jump on the edge of the platform under it and CROUCH. Wait
for the piston to go down and up again, then run a little bit to the right and
crouch again. Do this until you are past the first piston and in front of
another. Go through the second piston (taking another Machine Part) and the
third, jump over the Hopper and fall down the gap.

Drop down past the three springs and go right, up the stairs. On the next
screen is another shooting Nut. Wait until it swivels about halfway up, grab
the third machine part, then wait for an opening and run past the Nut. Fall in
the hole on the very right of the screen. On this screen you will see something
like a machine with an opening at the top. Jump on top of the machine and go
into the Selection screen. Choose a Machine Part and use it. Do this with all
three Machine Parts and magnets will appear. This magnet will cause the Cargo
Ship blocking your path to stick to the ground. Jump left over it. There is
another Cargo Ship, this time a shooting one, stuck to the ground. You should
have no trouble getting past it. Further to the left you may see a Roadie. What
I did was just wait for it to exit the screen and when I went left he was gone.
Kill the next three Hoppers and fall into the gap before the Cargo Ship takes
a potshot at you.

Drop down to the ground. There are four Nuts to the left. The two outermost
ones occasionally shoot, but if you wait for them to swivel to the top you
don't really have to worry about it. Once you get past the first one, be
careful about the second and third. The bolts aren't quite as short as the
other time but they are short enough to cause damage to you if you aren't
cautious trying to cross under them. After getting past the fourth Nut make
sure you have the Boot equipped. The next Cargo Ship will start dropping
Hoppers. Once it drops a Hopper, stand next to it and kick it before it can
start jumping around. Once you are past the Cargo Ship, don't worry about
the second one too much. It doesn't drop Bugs but it's still an annoyance.
Next is a mountain-shaped structure with four Hoppers on it, with the Cargo
Ship hovering overhead. The Bugs are easily jumped over or kicked but don't
get hit by the Ship while trying to cross over. At the bottom left is another
Door Key. Take it and return to where you entered this screen.

To the right are five pistons. If you got through the other ones, these will be
no trouble at all. At the end is a white door, use your Door Key on it and
press Up at the Blue Door to exit the level.

You have just beaten Level Three of Treasure Master!

                          World Four: Forest World

One thing I like about this place, you can kill everything with your boot! On
the screen now you see two new enemies, Evil Egg and Squirmy Wormy. (The
instruction manual ran out of enemy names so I'm making them up now :) Just
jump to the platform with the Worm and kick it. The next platform has three
Buzz Bees and a Worm, all of which you can kick to death! Isn't this fun!
Watch out, because right after those three Bees are some which will shoot at
you. You can just stay on the ground and keep moving to avoid getting hit.
When you run into the Egg kick it once to kill it, or if it hatches you need to
kick it twice. Once you get to the blue-capped mushroom stand in front of it
and press Up. This is actually a doorway which reveals Construction Potion. Go
back out, move right, kick the worm if its in your way and enter the next door.
Kick the Bee out of submission before it shoots you, then grab the 1-Up. Exit
this room, go right again, dodge or kill the next Bee and enter this doorway.
Ignore the Bee above and drop down one screen.

Down here, you need to go left, either staying on the Blue platforms or running
under them. I suggest staying on them because the Eggs can be hard to kill once
they hatch, especially if there are multiple. If there is a Bee rotating around
the next platform, wait for it to go under the platform, jump on, then when it
comes back around kick it. Eventually you will reach the last platform which
has a Door Key on it. Take it and go back right to the beginning of the

On the path to the right, there is one Worm and several Bees. Kick em all :D
The Bees that fly overhead will shoot at you if you let them, so jump up and
kick them as soon as you see them. The Bee at the end you can just ignore, but
again, don't let it hit you with its shots. Drop down, go all the way to the
left, and drop down again. On the next screen use the Door Key on the door,
jump up near the pit of lava and use the Construction Potion. It will build
a bridge to walk across. Kick the three Bees out of your way and grab the
Magic Apple.

Go back up one screen, again kick your way through the swarm of Bees and go up
another screen. Exit through the door, kick the bees and hop in the river. Hold
right until all of the apples fall off of the tree and miss you, then jump onto
the island with the barrel. Stand left of it and use the Magic Apple. You will
knock the barrel into the water (A weird puzzle, eh?). Go down to the left of
the barrel and push it to the right past the island. Get back on the island,
jump into the barrel, then Push right. You will end up falling off of a
waterfall but the barrel will protect you.

On this next screen, move left and go into the door. Kick away or avoid the
eggs on both sides of you, onto the platform to the left with three bees on it.
You have to do some tricky dodging to avoid getting hit, but the 1-Up is
definitely worth any damage you might take. Go back through the doorway, do
some more Bee-kicking to the left, and climb the rope. There is a Bee in your
way on the next screen who is easily avoided, but the danger is the Bee up and
to the left who might hit you while you try to climb. Wait until it fires a
shot and the other bee moves out of the way, then climb up, jump in and kick
the stuffing out of that dumb bee. To the left, avoid or kick the egg and fall
down one screen.

Go further left to avoid the Bee below you who will attempt to shoot you. To
the left there is a rotating Bee (kick it), a hatched Egg (jump over it), and
another rotating Bee (think we've kicked too many Bees already? Of course not!)
Go into the next doorway. Once you enter, there are two Bees who are out of
your kicking range (darn!), so you'll have to avoid their shots. Kill the Worm,
then jump onto the blue platform. These next jumps are hard ones, and the lava
kills instantly so you might need to be a tad cautious. Kick the shooting bee
(the stationary one) once you reach it and just touch the Spring you see at
the end. It will instantly move outside the cave. Move back right out the door
and hop on the spring.

The next screen has several Bees flying overhead that you cannot reach, so just
run left, kicking all the Worms and Bees in your way. The shots from the Bees
above should be easy to avoid. Enter the next door you see to leave the level.

You have just beaten Level Four of Treasure Master!

                           World Five: Microchip
(Note: There are three Mutation Credits in this level that are completely
optional. I personally suggest NOT collecting them, but if you want to collect
all three I have set aside instructions to get them in parentheses.)

This is supposed to be "inside your NES", but I don't remember there being any
robots inside when I disassembled mine. Anyway, note that the equivilents of
ground spikes in this level are the white spikes with the orange backing. Jump
onto the grey/white platform and then onto the platform to the right of the
spikes. Just wait for the Grid Bug to reach the top of the screen and jump over
the small set of spikes under the Bug. Go down one screen.

Move right, grab onto the rope and then move further to the right, under the
Grid Bug and up the stairs to the next screen. Keep on going right and climb up
the next rope you see. 

(Climb the rope alll the way to the top. Take the Bomb, go back down the
rope, go left under the Grid Bug and past the TV Set and drop the bomb near the
red plaid wall. Detonate the bomb and grab the Mutation Credit. Go back to the

Go right from the rope. If the TV set to the right shoots at you, jump over it,
then fall down onto the grey/white platform, staying clear of the two Grid Bugs
crawling on it. Jump up and right to the next platform. If the TV set has shot
at you again, jump over it, then go further to the right. Grab to the rope, 
then jump off to get the Key.

If you don't want to get the other two Mutation Credits, climb up the rope, go
left and drop off the platform onto the screen below.

(Go right, up the next rope, further right, down, left, and down one screen. Go
right, down, and left into the teleporter. Go up the elevator, take the Credit
to the right, then go left, walk across/jump over the falling platform to get
the last Credit, then stand on the platform and have it carry you down.)

Jump left over the spikes, then go left until you reach a Question Mark in
front of a door. Use the Door Key, then go left up the stairs and fall down one
screen. Go right, next to the spikes. If you got any Mutation Credits, you can
use at the Mutation machine above. But watch out - there seems to be a weird
bug where sometimes the Robot will start bouncing up and down and you will no
longer be able to jump correctly. This is actually why I don't recommend using
the Mutation Credits; even though you will move faster and jump higher, it
seems like whenever I try to play as the robot this glitch occurs. To the right
are several black chips (platforms), spikes, and Shooter Robots. The Shooter
Robots have a specific pattern. First, they shoot in the cardinal directions
(up, left and right, or down, left and right if they are on the ceiling). Then,
they shoot diagonally. This means when one of them shoots diagonally you are
safe to stand above or to the right, but the next time they shoot you need to
jump. Also note that colliding with the Shooter Robots will not cause any
damage to you.Once you get to the end, and if you are a Robot, use another
Mutation Credit to change back to a Human. Use the ropes to climb up two
screens. On the screen with the moving platform, jump onto it, wait for it to
get as high as it can, then jump up and left. It will probably take you a few
tries to get to the next screen.

On the next screen, jump over the gap, walk through the red bubbles (?), then
jump up and right onto the platform and continue until you reach the Bomb. Take
it, run left, and jump onto the grey/white platform. Wait for the Savage Spring
to bounce up and run under it. There are two ways to get past the next Spring.
One way is to jump left above it, fall right, wait for the Spring to bounce
above you then fall down and run left under it. Another way is to fall down
just to the right of it, then run under it when it bounces up. At the red wall,
drop and detonate the bomb, then take the Card. Go back right near the Spring,
jump up and left, then climb the rope. 

Go left and take the Magnet Control Box. Climb up the rope and down the next
one, jump over the TV Set and then use the Control Box at the Question Mark.
The magnets will pick up the TVs. Go left, next to the lever on the wall. Hold
B and press down to push down the lever and release the next Card. Grab it and
head back down one screen. Run back right to where the Bomb was. Grab it, jump
onto the black chip platform and up and left to the next screen. Use the bomb
on the wall to the left, then hop on the moving platform to get the last Card.

Go right from here, hop on the moving platform and jump up when it gets to its
highest. Use the three Command Cards you have on the Question Marks here, and
the door to the left will open. Enter it to exit the level.

You have just beaten Level Five of Treasure Master!

If you have not entered the Secret Code, the game will end now. Otherwise, you
will go on to the Prize World.

                           World Six: Prize World

Can I just say that for the last level, this place is ridiculously EASY? If you
still have a ray gun, fire off the last shots. Jump on the balloon, then wait
for the Flying Clown to get out of the way before you jump off and take the Ray
Gun. Run left, under the Kamikaze Clowns, and shoot the Running Clown until he
dies and drops a Spondolacks. Run under the last Kamikaze Clown and use the 
Spondlacks at the prize counter.

The Bonus Game you enter now is simple: Collect all the Spongemonkeys (okay, I
don't know what they are so I'm pretending they're Spongemonkeys). The game
seems to insinuate that you need to collect them in the order in which they
are flashing, but that's just to get extra points. After you collec them all,
you will get a 1-Up and Prize World's rides will activate.

Go left, run under the Kamikaze Clown so that he falls and dies, then stand
under where he was and wait for the "Roller Coaster" to come. Hop on and let it
carry you over the barricade. Duck under the Kamikaze Clown and he won't hit
you. Once the Roller Coaster is about to go down into the next screen jump to
the platform on the right.

(If you miss this jump, just wait until the coaster comes back the opposite
way and take a ride back up.)

From the platform, go right, shoot the Running Clown, and take his Spondolacks.
Keep going right, jump up onto the platform, go left, kill the Running Clown
and use the Spondolacks at the prize counter. Play the game and collect the
1-Up. If the game doesn't tell you that the gates have opened, you need to go
right, kill the clown for another Spondolacks, and play the game again. When
you do get the message, go right, kill the clown, then hop onto the platform
with the circus top and the blue walls. Stand in the middle and you will drop
two screens.

Stay on the ground and go left, killing the two Running Clowns, and then hop on
the Ferris Wheel. Jump from that wheel to the next, then up and left to the
next screen. There are five Flying Clowns on this screen, but you should have
enough juice in the Ray Gun to kill off all of them. Go all the way left and
drop down into the hole. Drop down to the ground and kill the Running Clown,
then wait for the Roller Coaster and hop on it. Stay on the left side of the
Coaster to avoid the Flying Clown who tries to run into you. You'll need to
jump over two Clowns before the coaster reaches the next screen.

Jump right onto the platform before the Coaster runs into the Clown. To the
right, kill the Running Clown and run under two Kamikaze Clowns. Hold Right to
get past all of the flying Clowns and wait for the Roller Coaster to come. Once
you get on, you need to whip out your Ray Gun and shoot at all the Clowns that
get in your way or you will end up taking a good amount of damage. Once the
Roller Coaster goes all the way to the left jump down into the gap and down two

On this screen, don't bother with the Roller Coaster. Run between the Kamikaze
Clowns and try to get them to both jump, then kill the Running Clown. To the
right are three Clowns who will try to all jump down at you, but they should
be high enough so that you can run under them easily. Run past the Kamikaze
Clown, jump on the first Ferris Wheel and then onto the second, then up and left
into the next screen onto one of the red/green balloons. Here, shoot the
Kamikaze Clown to your right, then kill or avoid the Flying Clown as you jump
over the wall and fall to the ground

From here, go right, kill the Running Clown, and get the Kamikaze Clown to
jump. Keep going right, kill the Running Clown and wait for the Roller Coaster
to come in from the left. Once it takes you up, you need to get past three
clowns who are floating up and down in your way. If you still have enough
juice in your Ray Gun you can easily kill them all, otherwise you need to jump
over them which is tough since they're packed together closely. Go right to the
next screen.

Just go right, use the teleporter, and you're done!

You have won the game!

Here is the ending:





(I'm sure that code is different for different cartridges)

It then alternates between that and this text:



CALL 1-900-370-UWIN

(Probably a porno number by now :)


(Also, if I press Start, this code comes up. I don't know why)


That wasn't so hard, was it? I coulda won that contest easy :)

                         VIII. Contest Information

Obviously this has no usefulness since the contest is over, but I decided to
include it for historical purposes.


Treasure Master - The Ultimate Quest for Fantasy Prizes

Official Competition Rules


Players of the Treasure Master Game of any age (except in those states
mentioned below) are invited to participate in the competition.  The
competition period will begin at 12:00 noon EST on April 11, 1992 and will
end at 12:00 midnight EST on April 11, 1992 or whenever all prizes have
been awarded, whichever comes first.  Prizes won by players under 18 years
of age will be awarded to the winner's parents or legal guardian.  The
Treasure Master competition is open to all US residents, except in those
states where any aspect of the competition is taxed, prohibited or
restricted by law, including the states of Arizona, Louisiana, Montana and
Vermont.  Employees of American Softworks Corporation and Nintendo of
America Inc., their affiliates, distributors, advertising agencies,
printers and product designers and consultants and their employees and
families are not eligible.  Void where taxed, prohibited or restricted by
law.  All taxes applicable to any prizes will be the sole responsibility of
prize winners.  All federal, state and local laws apply.


In order to win, eligible players must:

1. Mail in Part II of Game Registration Card

Players must complete and return Part II of the special two-part Treasure
Master game registration card so as to be received no later than 12:00
midnight EST on April 8, 1992.  Timely receipt of registration cards will
be verified by an independent fulfillment organization.  Identical serial
numbers are printed at the bottom portion of both parts of the game
registration card.  Players must keep the other part marked "KEEP THIS
CARD" as these serial numbers will be used to verify the identity of
players who have mailed in Part II of the game registration card and who
have successfully completed the game portion of the competition (see

2. Discover the Secret Password

Between 12:00 noon EST and 1:00 P.M. EST on April 11, 1992, the Secret
Password will be announced on MTV Music Television.  The Secret Password
may also be obtained during the competition period by calling our special
Treasure Master competition telephone number 1-900-370-TREASURE beginning
at 12:00 noon EST on April 11, 1992.  Call will cost $.50 per minute.
Children under 18 ask your parents first.  Average length of call is 3
minutes.  After the competition period ends, the Secret Password may be
obtained by writing to us at Treasure Master Secret Password, c/o American
Softworks Corporation, 228 East 45th Street, New York, New York 10017.
Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped enveloped.

3. Complete Game Portion

Once a player has learned the Secret Password, he or she must carefully
enter the Secret Password by using his or her NES controller at the
beginning of the Treasure Master Game.  (See pages 6-7 under operating
instructions.)  A player who has entered the correct Secret Password must
then successfully complete all five worlds (levels) of normal game play.
Upon completion of the fifth world (level), players who have entered the
correct Secret Password will be able to enter a special PRIZE WORLD


Players who are able to successfully complete the special PRIZE WORLD will
be instructed on screen to call the special WINNER'S HOTLINE,
1-900-370-U-WIN.  Call will cost $.85 per minute.  Children under 18 ask
your parents first.  Average length of call is 3 minutes.  Operators will
be available from 12:00 noon EST April 11, 1992 through 12:00 midnight EST
April 11, 1992 to accept players' calls.  To verify players' identity and
successful completion of the game portion of the Treasure Master
competition, operators will ask that players repeat the serial number which
is printed on the bottom portion of Part I of the game registration card
and state the identification number which appears at the end of the PRIZE
WORLD.  (NOTE: Identification numbers are unique to each individual
Treasure Master Game Pak.)  All winner determinations shall be made under
the supervision of an independent fulfillment organization whose decision
shall be final and binding on all matters relating to this competition.


Subject to all other terms and conditions of these Official Game Rules,
prizes will be awarded to the first 36,252 eligible competitors whose game
registration cards have been received by April 8, 1992 and who have
successfully completed the game portion of the competition, including the
PRIZE WORLD, and who have called our WINNER's HOTLINE to verify eligibility
and successful completion of the game during the competition period.  Two
(2) grand prizes will be awarded to the first two (2) eligible winners who
call the WINNER'S HOTLINE during the competition period.  Two hundred fifty
(250) second prizes will be awarded to the next two hundred fifty (250)
winners who call the WINNER'S HOTLINE during the competition period.
Thereafter, third prizes will be awarded to the next 36, 000 eligible
winners who call the WINNER'S HOTLINE between 12:00 noon EST April 11, 1992
and 12:00 midnight EST April 11, 1992.

1. One Grand Prize will be awarded to each of the first two verified
eligible winners.  Grand prize winners may choose one of the following:

a) Fantasy Rock Concert

Travel for the Winner and three (3) family members or friends to one of a
number of selected major rock music concerts to be held in a major US city
during the 12 month period following the competition; hotel accommodations,
ground transportation and best available concert seats; plus $5,000
spending money; or

b) Fantasy Sports Event

Travel for the Winner and three (3) family members or friends to one of a
number of selected major sports events to be held during the 12 month
period following the competition in a major US city; hotel accommodations,
ground transportation and best available seats; plus $5,000 spending money;

c) Fantasy Audio/Video Room

Big screen (50 inch) TV; Super NES and 12 Super NES Game Paks; a brand name
audio system fully installed anywhere in the United States; or

d) $10,000.00

2. The next 250 verified eligible Second Prize winners each will receive:

*A Super NES

3. The next 36,000 verified eligible Third Prize winners will receive:

*Official Poster-Size Winner's Certificate

In the event that there are fewer than 36,000 eligible verified Third Prize
winners, the remaining Third Prizes will not be awarded.

All departures and accommodations are subject to space availability; air
travel is round trip, economy class by major U.S. carrier from airport
nearest Winner's home in U.S.  Hotel accommodations are for three days/two
nights (two rooms; double occupancy).  Fantasy Rock Concert and Fantasy
Sports Event must be selected from a list supplied by American Softworks
Corporation and all travel must be completed by April 12, 1993.  Audio
System features brand name AM/FM stereo tuner, amplifier, cassette deck, CD
player and two speakers.  No transfers or substitutions of prizes, except
by American Softworks Corporation, dependent upon product availability.
Only one prize may be claimed per Game Pak purchased.  Approximate retail
value of Grand Prize is $10,000.  Approximate retail value of Second Prize
is $200.00; and approximate retail value of Third Prize is $5.00.

Announcement of Prize Winners

Grand Prize winners will be announced on our WINNER'S HOTLINE,
1-900-370-U-WIN.  Call will cost $.85 per minute.  Children under 18 ask
your parents first.  Average length of call is 3 minutes.  Winners of Grand
Prizes and Second Prizes will also be confirmed by mail within 5 days of
the end of the competition period.  Winners of Second and Third Prizes will
receive their prizes by mail.  (Allow 8 weeks for delivery.)  Lists of
Grand Prize and Second Prize winners may be obtained by sending a
self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Treasure Master Competition, c/o American Softworks Corporation, 228 East
45th Street, New York, New York 10017.

Other Rules and Conditions

Winners of Grand Prizes and Second Prizes will be required to sign and
complete an official affidavit of eligibility and release and any
applicable forms required by tax authorities which must be received within
14 days or prize will be forfeited.  Winner's entry and acceptance of any
prize constitutes permission to use winner's name, photograph, address
and/or other likeness for purposes of advertising and/or promotion and
winner grants to American Softworks Corporation all rights to said use
without additional consideration.  Should any prize claimant be found to
have violated any of these rules or any applicable laws, such claimant will
be disqualified even if he or she has been selected as a winner.  Winners
agree that American Softworks Corporation, Nintendo of America Inc. and
their affiliates, their advertising, promotion and judging agencies, and
their affiliates, agents and employees shall have no liability in
connection with the acceptance, operation or use of the prizes awarded
herein and acknowledge that none of such parties has made or is in any
matter responsible for any warranties, representations or guarantees,
expressed or implied, relating to any prize, including its conditions or
fitness.  American Softworks Corporation will not be responsible for any
loss, delay,damage or misdirection of mail, telephone calls or other
communications, unavailability of 900 exchange telephone service in certain
localities, printing errors in entry forms or Official Competition Rules or
any other event or condition beyond its reasonable control in connection
with this competition.  American Softworks Corporation will in no event be
responsible to award any prizes in excess of the number listed in these
Official Competion Rules.  American Softworks Corporation reserves the
right at any time, without further obligation or liability, to cancel this
competition at any time.

Nintendo of America Inc. is neither a sponsor of nor affiliated with the
Treasure Master competition and expressly disclaims any responsibility for
the conduct or administration of the competition.


The use of any game altering devises will cause an invalid prize
identification number to appear on screen at the end of the Prize World or
will prevent successful completion of the game and therefore result in

MTV Music Television is a trademark of MTV Networks.

                                IX. Credits

YorkJelly - Moi.

Nahuwe - For drawing up the ASCII logo.

Skrybe - His website contained some useful information regarding the Treasure
Master contest.

ADAM - Typed up the Treasure Master instruction manual. Thanks!

CJayC - Your website is great etc.

American Softworks Corp. - For making this game

Nintendo - Because the NES is still the greatest.


Copyright YorkJelly 2004
All Rights Reserved