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               [ Ultima III: Exodus ]

Ultima: Exodus (NES version) - Party-Based FAQ / Walkthrough v1.3 Final

 -- Revisions
10 / 20 / 05 - This guide was started, and finished.
02 / 24 / 06 - Corrected minor misformatting.
04 / 23 / 06 - More minor correction.
04 / 26 / 06 - Updated tips / tricks section, made corrections.


1.) Preface
2.) Assembling a Party
3.) Walkthrough
   -3.a Rigorous Training
   -3.b The Maelstrom... Ambrosia
   -3.c Onward, to Dawn
   -3.d Procuring the Mark of The Kings
   -3.e The Mystic Sword
    3.f The Trinity of Fire, Snake and Force
   -3.g Endgame: Exodus
4.) Locations
   -4.a Towns
   -4.b Caves
5.) Tables
   -5.a Weapon Table
   -5.b Armor Table
   -5.c Tools
   -5.d Bestiary
   -5.e Divine Magic
   -5.f Arcane Magic
   -5.g Race Table
   -5.h Profession Table
6.) Tips, Tricks & Cheats
7.) FAQ
8.) Credits & Permissions

  1.) Preface

Ultima: Exodus (or simply Ultima III) is a classic, classic RPG released decades
ago when Tandy computers were considered top-notch. Starting out with
ASCII-based graphics, and a MUD-style UI, the original Ultima III is probably
one of the forefathers of computer role-playing. Around the mid-eighties, it was
ported to the NES, with a considerable face-lift. Though its popularity wasn't
great on the NES, some people might come to appreciate the nostalgic nature of
the game.

Unfortunately, Exodus did not receive much attention from FAQ writers. This is
why I decided to write a FAQ / Walkthrough tailored to the NES version. Most
people who play Ultima for the first time are more likely to stumble upon a
console version, rather than the original games themselves.

Exodus only requires roughly 2 - 5 hours to complete, depending on what type of
party setup you have, as well as how you go about exploring the dungeons. One of
the things about Ultima III is that it is non-linear, meaning that you don't
have to do things in any particular order. You may explore areas at your own
discretion, though some of them may require you to be of an advanced level.
Overall, though, the game is pretty enjoyable, and has some sense of replay
value due to the large number of party combinations.

If you're playing for the first time, then I suggest you use the recommended
party found in this guide. This should make the game difficulty slightly more
lenient, as most gamers may not be used to Ultima's 'unforgiving' game elements.
(Characters turning to ash, randomly becoming sick, etc.) If you can look past
some of these frustrating trials, then you will find an enjoyable classic!

  2.) Assembling a Party

Suggested Party Outline:
Human, Ranger (RNGR)               | Weapon - Blowgun, Bow
STR 20 | DEX 20 | INT 05 | WIS 05  | Armor  - Dragon, Mystic
Bobit, Paladin (PLDN)              | Weapon - Sun Sword, Mystic
STR 20 | DEX 15 | INT 00 | WIS 15  | Armor  - Iron, Mystic
Elf, Thief                         | Weapon - Blowgun, Sword, Mystic
STR 25 | DEX 25 | INT 00 | WIS 00  | Armor  - Leather, Mystic
Fuzzy, Lark                        | Weapon - Any, Silver Bow
STR 05 | DEX 20 | INT 25 | WIS 00  | Armor  - Any, Mystic

For a well-balanced game difficulty, I recommend using the above setup. Each
character will contribute his or her abilities accordingly:

Ranger - Serves as your party leader. Having both good physical offense and
magical ineptness, he is a very versatile character. Equipping him with
long-range weapons, as his profession name implies, only further compliments
this versatility.

Having a Human Ranger is ideal, being that Humans are the most statistically
well-rounded race. Some people also prefer using a Bobit for the Wisdom bonus,
though this is left totally to the discretion of the player.

Paladin - Paladins are basically Fighters with Divine Magic. In this scenario,
your Paladin will serve as both a melee tank and a healer.

It is suggested that your Paladin be a Bobit, purely for the Wisdom bonus. Since
you are substituting a Priest, you will need to be very attentive to your
Paladin's Wisdom score.

Thief - This guy will serve as your dexterous trap-disabler. Since you will be
opening many potentially dangerous treasure chests, having a Thief around to
avoid traps will definitely come in handy. As well, the Thief makes a pretty
good fighter.

An Elf is the most obvious choice, given their exceedingly high Dexterity. Elves
are also versatile in other areas.

Lark - What's a party without offensive magic? This will be the purpose of your
Lark, who will require much attention to her Intelligence score. However, keep
in mind that Larks also have access to all of the game's weapons, so she may
easily substitute a melee fighter, if needed.

Of course, you want your Lark to be a Fuzzy, because they have the highest
Intelligence score of all the available races. There will be a great sacrifice
in terms of Strength, but I suggest that you keep your Lark in the back-row,

Generally, I will exemplify this party setup throughout the walkthrough. If you
are using a different party combination, then keep this in mind to avoid any

  3.) Walkthrough

  3.a Rigorous Training

Upon beginning your game, you will be placed right outside King British's
castle. You may notice dark figures lurking about -- these are enemies. If you
wish to fight and raise your level, then you should move toward them, and they
will attack you. First, however, you will need to get your party equipped.

Each character begins with a Dagger, a Cloth and 100 GP. The first thing which
you need to do is pool your party's gold together. To do this, open the menu by
pressing A, and then press select to see the second page of the menu. Then, pick
the 'Gold' command. (This will share all gold among your party members.) That
should make things a bit easier, and far less confusing. Managing gold
individually can be quite a hassle.

Head toward the shops, and prepare to equip your characters. For your Ranger, I
suggest that you start with a Blowgun. For 350 GP, this maybe an expensive
investment to begin with, though you will soon be earning heaps of gold as you
venture out to fight enemies. As for your Paladin, invest in a Mace to start,
and some type of heavy armor. Your Thief may benefit from a Blowgun, and Leather
armor. (A Sword will also work, depending on whether or not you wish to have him
in the front lines.) Your Lark should probably be equipped in the same method as
your Ranger, as she will benefit better in the back-row. With what's left over,
invest in some food for your party. (If you have not already done it, pool your
food together, as well.)

Now, then... time to venture out and begin your training! Remember to equip
whatever you bought. This is done by accessing the Status menu, and then
selecting the character to equip. Once you are ready, seek out whatever enemies
might be roaming around the map. At this level, you will only encounter Orcs,
Goblins, Skeletons and Ghouls -- all of which are relatively easy to defeat.
Using your Ranger or Lark, you may wipe out an entire band of Orcs or Goblins
using your 'Repel' spell. Sometimes, it may not work, though it is okay to keep
trying since the spell does not use any MP. (magic points) With Skeletons and
Ghouls, use your Ranger or Paladin's 'Undead' spell, which has a similar effect
to the Repel spell. This is generally an easy method of acquiring EXP, since it
takes very little effort. Once you procure 100 EXP with a character, you may
then raise his or her level by speaking with King British. For now, let's try
and raise all of your character's levels to 5. Keep in mind that more powerful
enemies will begin to appear as you progress in levels. It may be best to wait
until you procure 500 EXP for each character, before you speak with King

(note: when defeating monsters, you will often find chests. Open them with
caution, since they may be trapped. Using the Divine spell 'Open,' or having
your Thief open the chest, may be the wisest methods.)

  3.b The Maelstrom... Ambrosia

Before moving forward, please purchase a small stock of Magic Keys (around 4, at
the least) and be sure to have a good stock of gold. (2,500+)

After you have reached level 5, you may notice pirate ships sailing close to
land. This is your opportunity to hi-jack a ship and venture around the rest of
Sosaria. To hi-jack a ship, simply stand near the edge of the continent, and
wait for the pirates to attack you.

Pirates are relatively easy for a level 5 party. Keeping your distance with
long-range weapons and magic will prove useful, though it's also good to keep a
couple of characters in the front lines. Generally, there should be no more than
4 or so pirates.

After hi-jacking the ship, feel free to do some exploring. Eventually, you will
need to search about for a maelstrom, which looks like a pink / red whirlpool
moving across the sea. Sail into the maelstrom to be taken to the world of
Ambrosia -- your next destination.

Immediately, you will notice how different things appear. Ambrosia is a
relatively small place, with very few sights. Notably, however, are the shrines,
which allow characters to raise attributes. To reach each shrine, however, is
quite a feat in itself, as you will have to trek across seemingly endless
woods, which are walled together like mazes. As well, there are numerous locked
doors -- some of which lead to dead-ends. Below are the directions for reaching
each shrine:

Shrine of Strength - Perhaps the easiest shrine to reach. Head up to the
north-western most corner of the map, and through the woods. Head far west,
north, slightly west again, then south. This area is heavily wooded, so it may
be somewhat confusing, though the path is very linear.

Shrine of Dexterity - This one is not horribly complicated, either. You will
require a ship, however. (This is explained below.) From the south-eastern most
part of the map, sail eastbound until you reach two patches of woods to your
north. Dock on the first path, and follow it straight to the shrine. (Ignore the
locked door, as it only leads to a dead-end.)

Shrine of Wisdom - This one is sort of a toughie. From the north-eastern most
part of the map, head west into the woods. You'll pass through a small path.
From there, you will come upon a wide-open space. Head straight north, and into
another small path. Follow that path southbound, with a few twists and turns.
Then, head eastward, until you stumble upon a locked door. Do not open it.
Instead, head south, which will take you directly to the shrine.

Shrine of Intelligence - This one is very easy to reach, but you will have to
obtain a ship. From the wide-open area which leads to the Shrine of Wisdom, head
east until you reach a lake. There should be a pirate ship here, which you will
need to hi-jack. You may then use it to sail across the lake, and dock directly
to the east, in a wide-open area. From this area, simply head straight east,
into a small patch of woods, to reach the shrine.

Note that the cost of raising an attribute is 100 GP per point. You'll generally
want to put some focus into raising the Intelligence and Wisdom scores of your
Ranger, Priest and Lark, because magic is a very effective tool when you begin
to explore the dungeons.

Now, then. You're probably asking how to leave Ambrosia, or how to find that
other ship in order to reach the Shrine of Dexterity. This is somewhat of a
complicated process, though I will detail it as accurately as possible. From the
starting point in Ambrosia, head northbound until reaching the second patch of
grass, in the middle of the map. From that point, head eastward, and head into
the woods. Almost immediately, head south through a small path. You will stumble
upon a flower. Have each character take it. (Access the menu, and choose the
'Get' command with each character.) I will explain why you need this later on.
Now, leave this area. Head slightly south until you see a clear opening to the
east. Head into it. It will lead you south, and to a small, wooded path to the
east. This path is somewhat maze-like, though you will navigate through it fine
as long as you head south-west as much as possible. You will eventually come out
near a small lake, with yet another pirate ship. Hi-jack the ship and find the
maelstrom nearby. Whew! You're finally going back to Sosaria.

As for the flower you picked earlier, take it to Sherri, in The Royal City. In
return, she will give you a Compass Heart. (Be sure to give her the flower with
each character, using the 'Give' command.) The Compass Heart basically teleports
your party back to King British's castle when it is used, so future trips to
Ambrosia will be more convenient. Remember to return to Ambrosia frequently to
raise your attributes.

  3.c Onward, to Dawn

Before moving forward, please have a hefty stock of gold handy. (2,500+)

Now you're ready to head off to Dawn, and acquire the Mystic Armor. Dawn is a
city hidden south of Lord British's castle. In order to reach it, you will have
to be at a certain spot on the map during two new moons. Basically, the circles
on the inside of your compass indicate the setting of the moons. When both
circles are completely white, this means that there are two new moons.

From Lord British's castle, take 8 steps west, and 35 steps south. You will end
up in the middle of a forest. Just step back and forth until the new moons set,
and you will see the town appear right next to you. It may take a few tries...

Now that you've discovered the town, the first thing I suggest you do is visit
the INN, and save your game. (Just in case you mess up.) Now feel free to do
some shopping. Notably, you want to buy a Bow for your Ranger, and possibly a
stronger melee weapon for your Paladin. As well, check out the stables -- horses
will make land transportation easier.

After shopping, head to the town's guild and open the left-most chest. It may
seem like you can't open it from behind the counter, but you can. (Use the 'Get'
command.) This will give you the Gold Pick. There is a chance that you may get
caught taking it, at which point a swarm of guards will plague the town and
likely kill your party. (They can be evaded, though.) You may feel free to take
the other chests, if you like, though it would not be worth the risk of getting

After you've finished all your business in Dawn, leave and board your ship. You
will need to search for a small island just outside the town of Gray. Assuming
that you are boarding your ship from just north of Lord British's castle, the
directions for reaching this island are as follows:

Sail north until you reach the other end of the continent. (Do not dock,
though.) From there, sail west until you reach a small island guarded by a large
snake. Sail north, in between the island and the continent, until you reach
another part of the continent. Finally, sail east until you see a very small
island composed of two spaces. Dock there, and dig for the armor.

Be sure to have all characters dig, and equip the armor immediately. The Mystic
Armor is the strongest armor in the game, and all characters may wear it. (Yes,
even the puny Wizard may wear it!) Afterwards, you may sell your old armor and
invest in more provisions. (At this point, you may want to invest in more food
to keep your party healthy.)

  3.d Procuring the Mark of The Kings

With the Mystic Armor now equipped, your party may breach the level 5 limit and
experience all the way up to level 10. Upon doing so, you will be prepared to
procure your first 'mark' -- Mark of The Kings. Head to the 'Cave of Death.'
This is located just north of Lord British's castle, tucked in a small group of
mountains. Upon entering, you will notice that the cave is dark. If you have a
Torch, you may use it to provide light. As well, the Divine spell 'Glow,' or the
Arcane spell 'Light,' will have the same function. Head down one level using
either the Divine spell 'Sink,' or the Arcane spell 'Descend.' Search about a
bit, and you will find the mark. Give it to all characters. This will allow you
to experience all the way up to level 25. Now, using the same method, descend
all the way down to the 8th level. Here, you will find the 'Silver Pick.' Once
you are ready to leave, you may do so using the Divine spell 'Rise,' or the
Arcane spell 'Ascend' several times. If you already have access to some of the
later spells, then simply use the Divine spell 'Surface.'

There are other treasures to be found here, though I suggest coming back to
them later, after your party is more experienced.

  3.e The Mystic Sword

After you've acquired the Silver Pick, board your ship and sail just west from
whence you came. There is a small set of islands, and a town. Dig around these
islands to find the 'Mystic Sword.' Again, be sure to dig with all characters
and immediately equip it. You may want to leave your Ranger equipped with a Bow,
since you will need somebody to focus on long-ranged attack.

  3.f The Trinity of Fire, Snake and Force

Now, it is time to acquire more marks. You will need to acquire the Mark of
Fire, Snake and Force. First, head to the 'Cave of Moon.' This is somewhat
complicated, as you must reach it via a 'Moongate.' Moongates appear somewhat
randomly, depending upon the position of the moons, and teleport you to various
locations. To reach the Cave of Moon, you will need to head toward the town of
Gray, and wait for the moongate to appear. (Walk around a bit, and it will
eventually show up.) When you see it, immediately enter to be teleported just
outside of the cave. Once you're inside, descend one level to find the Mark of
Fire, and then leave.

Next, the 'Mark of The Snake.' You will need to find the 'Cave of Sol,' which
is located on the island directly south of the one you're standing on. If you're
lucky, there may be a nearby pirate ship to hi-jack. If not, then you will have
to wait for the Moongate. Once you find your way there, descend to the very
bottom level to find the mark.

Finally, the 'Mark of Force.' The cave is rather easy to locate. It is far south
of Lord British's castle, and to the far west -- to the west-most end of the
continent. It is slightly enclaved in forests and mountains. Once you are there,
descend to the very bottom level to find the final mark.

  3.g Endgame: Exodus

(before venturing forth, be sure to experience your characters quite a bit)

Time for the finale. Go to the town of Yew, which is just west of Lord British's
castle, enclaved in mountains and forests. (You will find the entrance to the
west side of the enclosure.) With your marks, you will be able to cross the lava
unharmed, which means that you may now speak to the town's priest, who is
normally guarded by the lava. It may seem difficult to find him, being that the
town is covered in woods, though he is directly east of the town's entrance.
Speak with him, and you will obtain the 'Pray' command. Go directly south of the
priest and use the 'Pray' command in the 'Circle of Light.' This will give you
the 'Silver Horn.'

Now, it is time to repay a visit to the shrines in Ambrosia. 'Pray' at each
shrine, and you will receive a card. After you are finished, travel back to
Sosaria and sail to the small island which is guarded by a large snake. Using
the Silver Horn will dispel the snake, and allow you entrance to Exodus' castle.

Once inside, head far north, toward what appears to be an alter. You will fight
invisible enemies along the way. Afterwards, confront Exodus by using the Pray
command, with the card combination of 'Love, Sol, Moons, Death.' An ankh will
appear. Take it, and Exodus will be vanquished. Flee the castle, and enjoy the

Now that you've conquered the game, you may want to consider visiting some of
those caves again, as well as some of the previously unreachable areas in towns.
With all those marks and a stock of keys, you can gain access to many treasures.

  4.) Locations

  4.a Towns

Name           | Location
The Royal City | Right next to King British's castle, where you start
Town of Fawn   | On a small island slightly northwest of King British's castle
Town of Moon   | Far west of King British's castle
Town of Yew    | To the left of King British's castle, in a small enclave
Devil Guard    | Accessed by a Moongate near Gray
Death Gulch    | On a small island, southeast of King British's castle
Town of Gray   | To the southwest part of the continent
Town of Dawn   | Hidden 8 steps west, and 35 steps south of the King's castle
Monter - East  | Directly far south of the King's castle - to the east side
Monter - West  | Directly far south of the King's castle - to the west side

  4.b Caves

Name            | Location
Cave of Gold    | Northeast of King British's castle
Cave of Death   | Directly north of King British's castle
Cave of Madness | To the mid-west side of the continent, enclaved in mountains
Cave of Moon    | Accessed via a Moongate near Gray
Cave of Fire    | Slightly south of King British's castle, enclaved in lava
Cave of Sol     | On a small island directly south of the Cave of Moon
Cave of Fool    | On the southwest part of the continent

  5.) Tables

  5.a Weapon Table

Weapon       |Price|  Range |Location
Dagger       |    5| *Melee | Shop
Mace         |   30| Melee  | Shop
Sling        |   60| Long   | Shop
Axe          |  125| Melee  | Shop
Blowgun      |  350| Long   | Shop
Sword        |  200| Melee  | Shop
Spear        |  250| Melee  | Shop
Broad Axe    |  400| Melee  | Shop in Dawn
Bow          | 1050| Long   | Shop in Dawn
Iron Sword   |  800| Melee  | Shop in Dawn
Gloves       | 1200| Melee  | Shop in Dawn
Halberd      | 2700| Melee  | Shop in Dawn
Silver Bow   | 6550| Long   | Shop in Dawn
Sun Sword    | 4550| Melee  | Shop in Dawn
Mystic Sword |  N/A| Melee  | Small island near Fawn (dig with 'Silver Pick')

*May be thrown at an enemy, counting as a long-range attack. However, the dagger
is removed from the character's inventory when thrown.

Weapon       | Who Can Equip                                    | Power
Dagger       | All Professions                                  |   1
Mace         | All but Alchemist and Wizard                     |   2
Sling        | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger, Thief |   3
Axe          | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger, Thief |   4
Blowgun      | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger, Thief |   4
Sword        | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger, Thief |   5
Spear        | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger        |   6
Broad Axe    | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger        |   7
Bow          | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger        |   7
Iron Sword   | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin, Ranger        |   8
Gloves       | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin                |   8
Halberd      | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin                |   9
Silver Bow   | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin                |   9
Sun Sword    | Barbarian, Fighter, Lark, Paladin                |  10
Mystic Sword | All Professions                                  |  10

  5.b Armor Table

(ranked in order of lowest - best defense power)

Armor        |Price| Location
Cloth        |   75| Shop
Leather      |  195| Shop
Bronze       |  575| Shop
Iron         | 2500| Shop
Steel        | 6130| Shop
Dragon       | 8250| Shop
Mystic Armor |  N/A| Small island near Gray (dig with 'Gold Pick')

Armor        | Who Can Equip
Cloth        | All Professions
Leather      | Barbarian, Fighter, Illusionist, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Thief
Bronze       | Fighter, Paladin, Priest, Ranger
Iron         | Fighter, Paladin, Ranger
Steel        | Fighter, Ranger
Dragon       | Fighter, Ranger
Mystic Armor | All Professions

  5.c Tools

Tool          |Price|   Location   | Description
Torch x5      |   30|Shop          |Provides light in dungeons
Magic Key     |   50|Shop          |Opens locked doors
Gem           |   75|Shop          |Displays the current map
Time Sands    |   90|Shop          |Halts time
Tent          |  100|Shop          |Allows the party to rest and recover
Silver Pick   |  N/A|Cave of Death |Used to uncover the Mystic Sword
Gold Pick     |  N/A|Town of Dawn  |Used to uncover the Mystic Armor
Silver Horn   |  N/A|Town of Yew   |Dispels the snake which guards Exodus'
              |     |              |castle
Compass Heart |  N/A|The Royal City|Teleports the party back to Lord British's
              |     |              |castle
Flower        |  N/A|Ambrosia      |When given to Sherri, she gives you a
              |     |              |Compass Heart in return

  5.d Bestiary


Level 1+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Goblin    | 19- 33|  3 | None
Orc       | 19- 33|  3 | None
Skeleton  | 35- 48|  4 | None
Ghoul     | 35- 49|  4 | None

Level 3+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Thief     |123-133|  5 | Can steal non-equipped weapons and armor
Brigand   |123-137|  5 | Can steal non-equipped weapons and armor
Titan     |107-121|  6 | None
Giant     |107-118|  6 | None
Golem     |107-120|  6 | None

Level 5+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Mane      |175-189|  8 | None
Gargoyle  |175-189|  8 | None
Demon     |175-188|  8 | Poison spell

Level 7+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Snatches  |187-201| 10 | Poison
Bradles   |187-201| 10 | Poison

Level 9+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Griffin   |  219  | 15 | Attack spell
Wyvern    |  219  | 15 | Attack spell
Dragon    |  219  | 15 | Attack spell
Balron    |  235  | 20 | Poison spell
Devil     |  235  | 20 | Poison spell


Level 3+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Pirate    |145-159|  8 | None

Level 5+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Serpent   |219-233| 15 | Fireball

Level 7+ Encounters

Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Man-O-War |235-249| 20 | Poison spell


Name      |  HP   |EXP.| Special Abilities
Floor     |   43  |  3 | Invisibility

  5.e Divine Magic

(note: MP not only indicates the cost of spell usage, but it also indicates the
attribute score required to learn a spell. i.e., 'Banish' requires that you have
a Wisdom score of 60 before the spell shows up in your spell inventory.)

Spell    |MP| Effect
Undead   | 0| Destroys Skeleton and Ghoul groups
Open     | 5| Safely opens chests
Heal     |10| Restores some HP to one character
Glow     |15| Illuminates dungeons for a short while
Rise     |20| Ascends up one level in dungeons
Sink     |25| Descends down one level in dungeons
Move     |30| Allows teleportation
Cure     |35| Cures poisoning
Surface  |40| Teleports the party out of a dungeon
Star     |45| A more effective version of Glow
Heal (2) |50| Like the original Heal, but more effective
Map      |55| Displays the current map
Banish   |60| Instantly kills a single enemy
Raise    |65| Resurrects a dead character
Destroy  |70| Instantly kills all enemies, if effective
Recall   |75| Revives a character who's turned to ash

  5.f Arcane Magic

Spell    |MP| Effect
Repel    | 0| Destroys Orc and Goblin groups
Missile  | 5| Hurls a weak, magical missile at a single target - low damage
Light    |10| Provides a short amount of light in dungeons
Descend  |15| Descends down one level in dungeons
Ascend   |20| Ascends up one level in dungeon
Flame    |25| Hurls a fireball at a single target - moderate damage
Trans    |30| Allows teleportation
PSI      |35| Another missile attack - effective damage
Bright   |40| A stronger version of Light
Cleric   |45| Allows the character to use Divine magic
Poison   |50| Attacks all enemies on screen
Kill     |55| Instantly kills one enemy
Stop     |60| Halts time for a short while
PSI Kill |65| Attacks all enemies
Rot      |70| Attacks all enemies - more powerful
Death    |75| Functions like Repel, but against any enemy type

  5.g Race Table

Name  | Max STR | Max DEX | Max WIS | Max INT
Human |   75    |   75    |   75    |   75
Elf   |   75    |   99    |   50    |   75
Dwarf |   99    |   75    |   75    |   50
Bobit |   75    |   50    |   99    |   75
Fuzzy |   25    |   99    |   75    |   99

  5.h Profession Table

Name        | Gender | Magic Class | Special
Alchemist   | Male   | Arcane      | --
Barbarian   | Male   | None        | --
Druid       | Male   | Both        | --
Fighter     | Male   | None        | Can use any weapon, armor
Illusionist | Female | Divine      | --
Lark        | Female | Arcane      | Can use any weapon
Paladin     | Female | Divine      | --
Priest      | Female | Divine      | Exceptional MP
Ranger      | Male   | Both        | Can use any armor
Thief       | Male   | None        | Exceptional Dexterity bonus
Wizard      | Male   | Arcane      | Exceptional MP

  6.) Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Tip - Don't go to dungeons too early!

I cannot stress the importance of raising your attributes before venturing into
dungeons. Many players head straight for the first cave they see and end up
getting lost or wiped out by higher level enemies.

Tip - Save often

Remember to save frequently. This is done by going to an Inn and speaking with
the clerk. (It's free of charge, by the way.) There are only a few places to do
this, such as King British's Castle and the town of Dawn.

Tip - Share food and gold

For efficiency, it helps to share your food and gold. This is done by accessing
the respective Food and Gold commands on the second page of your menu. (Press
SELECT to access the second page.)

Tip - Don't starve your party!

This is a pretty critical reminder that you need to purchase a stock of food for
each individual character by visiting a local grocery. Coupled with the above
tip, you may simply purchase food for one character and then share it among the
rest of your party, as well. Failure to keep a good stock of food will result in
sickness and death.

Trick - Easy gold exploitation

You'll notice that every new character in your party starts out with 100 GP.
This not only applies to your initial party, but any newly added characters, as
well. A good trick is to create a set of new characters, switch them out with
your current ones, and then give all their gold to one character. The method is
somewhat slow, but may be helpful in purchasing expensive equipment during the
start of the game.

Trick - Resurrect a character for free

When the character dies, save and reset. Go to the character creation screen and
create three new characters. Assemble a new party, with the dead character as
the party leader. Now, kill your entire party. (I suggest walking through lava,
or something just as quick.) King British will then revive your party leader at
no cost! Now, save and reset. Reform your old party, with the newly revived
character intact.

Trick - Effective Repel and Undead

When using Repel or Undead to deal with enemies, the spells will almost always
prove effective if you time them just right. In the case of Goblins, for
example, casting Repel when they are holding their weapons down will give you
the advantage. Likewise with Orcs. As for Ghouls, casting Undead while their
mouths are gaping open gives you the advantage. With Skeletons, cast while their
swords are down.

Game Genie Codes

Start with 75 stat points, instead of 50:


Start with 512 GP, instead of 100:


Start with 10 of each tool:


Never take damage in battle:


Never lose tools:


Never lose MP:


  7.) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I save my data?
A: Visit an INN. There is one in King British's castle, as well as other areas.

Q: What do the initials to the right of my character names stand for?
A: These are used to show your characters' status, sex, race and profession.
They go in that order. For example:

GHMR stands for: Good status, Human, Male, Ranger

Q: Can I choose my character's sex?
A: Not directly. A specific sex is assigned to each class. Paladins, for
example, are female. Fighters are male.

Q: What is the purpose of character sex?
A: Amusement...?

Q: Is there a way to obtain a ship?
A: Yes. Once you reach level 5, pirates will randomly appear near the land.
Confronting them will give you the opportunity to steal a ship.

Q: How do I learn more magic?
A: Increase your Wisdom and Intelligence attributes, respectively. Each spell
requires that a character have a specific score. Once that score is met, the
spell is added to the character's inventory. (see spell tables for details)

Q: How do I increase my Wisdom and Intelligence?
A: Through the Shrines in Ambrosia. Consult the walkthrough for more detailed
information about the process.

Q: How do I level-up?
A: Gain 100 EXP, then speak with King British. He will raise your level.

Q: Why can't I exceed a certain level?
A: Sometimes, a prerequisite must be met in order to advance to higher levels.
Please consult the walkthrough for more information regarding this.

Q: My Thief won't learn magic... what gives?
A: Some characters may not use magic. As well, some characters are restricted
to one class of magic. There is no way to change this.

Q: How do I cross lava / water pits?
A: You must acquire 'Marks' to cross them unharmed, otherwise your characters
will die upon attempt. Please consult the walkthrough for more information.

Q: My party moves slowly, and makes a footstep sound every time they walk. Also,
one of my characters dies after a few steps. What happened?
A: This indicates that someone in your party is sick. (which happens randomly)
To remedy this, seek out a healer from a nearby town.

Q: My characters just die randomly... what's going on?
A: This may be due to a number of reasons -- is your party well-fed, is your
party sick, are you attempting to walk through lava or water? Be sure to keep
a good stock of food, which can be bought from any town grocery. This will
prevent your characters from starving, or becoming sick. As well, sharing your
food (with the 'Food' command -- press select on the menu to access it) comes
in handy.

Q: My character "turned to ash." How do I revive him / her?
A: Once a character turns to ash, you may not revive that character through
standard methods. If you have access to the Divine spell, 'Recall,' then you
may revive the character with it. Otherwise, it is impossible.

Q: How do I access all of the menu commands?
A: There are a few extra commands which you do not see while bringing up the
menu. Pressing select will display them. This also applies to the magic menu.

Q: What does the 'Horse' command do?
A: There are stables located in the town of Dawn. If you purchase horses there,
this command will allow you to mount and dismount them, for easier land

Q: I see 'Heal' on my spell menu twice. Is this a glitch?
A: No. The second Heal, on the second page of your spell inventory, is simply
a more effective version of the original Heal spell.

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