FAQ/Walkthrough by karzab

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Distributed by: FCI
Walkthrough by: Clint Kimball (karzab1@yahoo.com)
Version: 1.0

This game is the first NES version of the Ultima series produced 
by Newtopia Planning and is somewhat a remake of Ultima III for 
the PC.  It falls under the category of Role Playing Game (RPG) 
and is enjoyed by people who enjoyed similar NES games such as 
Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy.  Utlima, however, did not 
achieve the level of fame those other games reached.

My theory as to why Ultima was never as popular is because it is 
more difficult.  Unlike Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy you 
can’t just go to the nearest inn to get back all your hit points 
and magic points whenever you’re in trouble.  Ultima is more like 
classic Tabletop Dungeons and Dragons in this fashion.  The only 
way to replenish your hit points is to do it very slowly by 
walking around, or to use a magic heal spell.  The only way to 
replenish your magic points is to walk around.  Thus in Ultima, 
when you’re hurt in a battle, the consequences can be long-
lasting and severe.

Despite the apparent difficulty of the game, it can be passed 
fairly quickly and easily if you know what to do.  When I played 
it I had to go through several tries and failures before I 
figured out the best strategy.  Thus, I suggest you follow this 
walkthrough very carefully when you play this game.  If you 
enjoyed finding everything out the hard way, you wouldn’t be 
reading this walkthrough.

One last note before I begin.  Ultima, Exodus is a very non-
linear game.  There are multiple different paths and options to 
lead to the end of the game.  You don’t need to follow this 
walkthrough vigorously, though it explains what I believe to be 
the easiest way to pass the game.

If you don’t use the sacrificial party technique, then do not 
under any circumstances level your characters up past level 4 or 
you will be sorry.  Once they reach 400 experience points the 
king is off-limits until the end of the game.

Forming a Party
The beginning menus of the game are pretty straightforward.  You 
must create at least 4 characters and select their races and 
classes.  A character’s race determines their maximum ability 
scores, and their class determines what they can do.  Choosing 
your character’s race may not seem important at first, but later 
on in the game when you start maxing out your abilities it will 
begin to make a very big difference.

Use the following list to match races and classes.

Race    Max Str.  Max Dex.  Max Int.  Max Wis.
Human     75        75        75        75
Elf       75        99        75        50
Dwarf     99        75        50        75
Bobit     75        50        75        99
Fuzzy     25        99        99        75

Class       Gender  Spells       Magic Pts.     Dex.  Best Race
Fighter     Male    None         None           Low   Dwarf
Cleric      Female  Will Power   WIS X 1        Low   Bobit
Wizard      Male    Magic Power  INT X 1        Low   Fuzzy
Thief       Male    None         None           High  Elf
Paladin     Female  Will Power   WIS X 0.5      Med   Bobit
Barbarian   Male    None         None           Low   Dwarf
Lark        Female  Magic Power  INT X 0.5      Med   Human/Fuzzy
Illusionist Female  Will Power   WIS X 0.5      Low   Bobit
Druid       Male    Both         highest X 0.5  Med   Bobit/Fuzzy
Alchemist   Male    Magic Power  INT X 0.5      Med   Fuzzy
Ranger      Male    Both         lowest X 0.5   Med   Human

Strength affects how often and how hard you hit your enemies.

Dexterity affects how often your enemies hit you and how well you 
disable traps in treasure chests.

Intelligence affects how many magic points you have for Magic 
Power spellcasters.

Wisdom affects how many magic points you have for Will Power 

Will Power spells are designed mostly to help your party, ie. 
heal your wounds and cure your sickness.

Magic Power spells are designed to hurt the enemy.

For Druids, the amount of magic points you have is half of the 
highest from either Int or Wis, so stack just one up.  For 
Rangers it’s the lowest, so spead your points evenly between 
Wisdom and Intelligence.  My recommended races are listed on the 
far right, but use your own discretion from the above values if 
you have something else in mind.

Here’s my recommended party to begin with:

Race    Class   Str  Dex  Int  Wis
Human   Ranger  25   25   0    0
Elf     Thief   25   25   0    0
Human   Lark    25   5    20   0
Bobit   Cleric  5    20   0    25

The Ranger is a good leader for your party – he can fight 
reasonably well and also cast both kinds of magic.  He is very 

The Thief if there to help you open up treasure chests, of which 
there will be very, very many, and most of them have traps that 
the thief is best designed to disable.

The Lark is your Magic Power spellcaster, and may end up being 
the best fighter on your team as well.

The Cleric is there to patch up all your wounds which is an 
unexplainably important task since there are few other ways in 
the game to do this.

Here is a list of the spells you can use so you know the 
advantages/disadvantages of Will Power and Magic Power.

Spell   MP  Description
Undead  0   Kills skeletons and ghouls.
Open    5   Disables traps in chests before you open them.
Heal    10  Heals 20-50 hit points.
Glow    15  Works like a torch to light up dungeons temporarily.
Rise    20  Move up one level in a dungeon.
Sink    25  Move down one level in a dungeon.
Move    30  Move to a different place on this floor of a dungeon.
Cure    35  Removes poison.
Surface 40  Teleports you outside of a dungeon.
Star    45  Works like ‘glow’ but lasts longer.
Heal    50  Heals a lot more hit points that the other ‘heal.’
Map     55  Reveals a map of the overworld/dungeon.
Banish  60  Kills a chosen enemy.
Raise   65  Revives a character.  If it fails, they turn to ash.
Destroy 70  Kills several enemies.
Recall  75  Revives characters who have turned to ash.

Spell   MP  Description
Repel   0   Kills goblins and orcs.
Missile 5   Shoots a fireball in one direction for normal damage.
Light   10  Works like a torch to light up dungeons temporarily.
Descend 15  Move down one level in a dungeon.
Ascend  20  Move up one level in a dungeon.
Flame   25  Works like a ‘missile’ and does more damage.
Trans   30  Teleports you to a different place in the overworld.
PSI     35  Works like ‘missile’ and ‘flame’ but more powerful.
Bright  40  Works like ‘light’ but lasts longer.
Cleric  45  All the Will Power spells become available to you.
Poison  50  Does damage to all enemies.
Kill    55  Kills one enemy instantly.
Stop    60  Stops time temporarily.
PSIkill 65  Attacks several enemies at the same time.
Rot     70  Works like PSI Kill, but more powerful.
Death   75  Kills all enemies.

Sacrificial Party
This is my favorite strategy.  It will add some time to your 
game, but will make it easier in the long run and may even 
shorten the overall game.  Whenever you talk to the king and 
level up, the only change made to your characters is an increase 
in hit points.  They do not get any stronger or faster.  Plus, 
the enemies in the overworld get significantly harder – 
disproportionate to your gains in my opinion.  Thus my best 
strategy is to not level up past level 2 until the end of the 
game (since level 3 is where the enemies start getting harder.

This presents a significant problem, though, and that is that you 
need a ship for most of the game, and to get a ship your 
characters must be level 3 where pirates begin to appear.  Thus I 
developed the sacrificial party strategy.

Simply create a party however you want and get a whole lot of 
experience for one of them (all you need is one, prefereable a 
ranger.  The others can stand idly by during the battles if you 
want).  When and only when this character surpasses 200 
experience points, talk to the king and level him/her up.  Then 
immediate go outside, confront a pirate ship on the coast.  Even 
if 3 of your characters die, don’t worry, this isn’t the actual 
party you are going to use.

When you beat the pirates, go back into the inn at the castle, 
save your game, and hit reset.  Then, under your same profile, 
create your real party.  When you start the game the pirate ship 
will be right there waiting for you.  Fight enemies until all of 
your characters have between 100 and 200 experience points, talk 
to the king and level everyone up to 2, and you can stay there 
fighting wimps for almost the rest of the game.

Remember when using your sacrificial party to have your main 
character cast the ‘repel’ and ‘undead’ spells on the appropriate 
enemies (as I will soon explain) to get through battles faster.  
Also, do not delete your sacrificial party as you may need them 
to get your ship back later.

In this game you will need lots and lots of gold, but it is very 
dangerous since you will almost exclusively need to get it 
through rigged treasure chests.  If you have the time and desire 
you can get gold more easily.  Simply create lots of characters, 
party them together, give all their gold to one member, start 
over, delete the broke characters, create new ones, and repeat 
the process indefinitely until one character has as much money as 
you can dream of.  This is by far the safest way to make money.

To give gold from one character to another press ‘a’, then press 
‘select’ to open the second list of commands.  The ‘gold’ command 
should be right there for your use to transfer funds in 
denominations of 10, 100, or 1000.

Your weapons don’t have as large of an effect on your attacking 
power as you may image, but they have some and are worth the 
extra money.  You particularly will want ranged weapons so you 
can destroy your enemy before they even get to you, and you can 
use them in melee situations just as well as melee weapons.  
Begin by giving your characters Slings or Blowguns, since these 
are the first ranged weapons you can get.  You can find these 
weapons in the Royal City, right next to the castle.

Refer to the following list when choosing your weapons:

Weapon       Type    Price  Location  Can be used by…   Power
Dagger       Melee   5      Shop      Everyone           1
Mace         Melee   30     Shop      B,D,F,I,L,P,C,R,T  2
Sling        Ranged  60     Shop      B,F,L,P,R,T        3
Axe          Melee   125    Shop      B,F,L,P,R,T        4
Blowgun      Ranged  350    Shop      B,F,L,P,R,T        4
Sword        Melee   200    Shop      B,F,L,P,R,T        5
Spear        Melee   250    Shop      B,F,L,P,R          6
Broad Axe    Melee   400    Dawn      B,F,L,P,R          7
Bow          Ranged  1050   Dawn      B,F,L,P,R          7
Iron Sword   Melee   800    Dawn      B,F,L,P,R          8
Gloves       Melee   1200   Dawn      B,F,L,P            8
Halberd      Melee   2700   Dawn      B,F,L,P            9
Silver Bow   Ranged  6550   Dawn      B,F,L,P            9
Sun Sword    Melee   4550   Dawn      B,F,L,P            10
Mystic Sword Melee   Free   Buried    Everyone           10

Note, if you’ve chosen my recommended party then you can not give 
your Cleric a ranged weapon.  For starters the Mace is okay if 
you desire, but before too long she’ll be getting the mystic 
sword.  For everyone else the Bow is the main goal, or the silver 
bow if you’re ambitious enough to raise the funds.

You characters’ armor is fairly important, but I don’t recommend 
buying any since one of our first orders of business will be 
procuring the mystic armor for everyone for free.  However, if 
for some crazy reason you have other plans in mind you may refer 
to the following list.

Armor         Price  Location  Can be used by…  Strength
Cloth         75     Armory    Everyone          1
Leather       195    Armory    B,F,I,P,C,R,T     2
Bronze        575    Armory    F,P,C,R	           3
Iron          2500   Armory    F,P,R             4
Steel         6130   Armory    F,R               5
Dragon        8250   Armory    F,R               6
Mystic Armor  Free   Buried    Everyone          7

Remember to always equip your weapons and armor once you buy or 
find them.  You may be carrying many different armors or weapons, 
but only what you have equipped will ever be used.  To equip 
something at any time press ‘a’, choose ‘status’, choose the 
character you want to equip for (one at a time if necessary), 
then click on the weapon and armor successively that you want 
equipped.  An asterisk will appear next to what you have 
equipped.  Sell anything you don’t intend to use again at the 
nearest Shop or Armory.  Note that you can not sell something 
that is equipped, and you can not sell something that is not sold 
at that shop or armory.

You must always monitor how much food your characters have.  You 
can see how much if you just stand where you are without pressing 
anything for a couple of seconds.  Your food will gradually 
decrease as you walk around and should be frequently replenished 
at the various grocery stores in most towns.  You will lose 1 
food every 10 steps in the overworld, and every 40 steps in a 
town.  I always like to replenish my food supply when it drops 
below 100 at my nearest convenience.

Whenever you buy food ALWAYS pool it buy pressing ‘a’, ‘select’, 
then choosing ‘food’.  This distributes your food evenly amongst 
your characters.

You’re now ready to begin adventuring.  By the end of the game 
you will want your characters to reach 2,400 experience points, 
so there’s going to be a lot of walking around and fighting in 
the meantime.  You will also want vast amounts of gold, much of 
which can be gathered by killing enemies and looting their 
treasure chests.  As long as you stay at level 2 by not talking 
to the king like I recommend, fighting will be easy.  If you’re 
at level 4 then it still won’t be too bad but will take much 
longer.  If you’re higher than level 4 then you’re a fool.

Whenever you face Goblins or Orcs, use the ‘repel’ spell by your 
Magic Power spellcasters, the ranger and lark in my suggested 
party.  This will only work about half the time, but will kill 
most of the enemies instantly whenever it does, and it doesn’t 
require ANY magic points.  The enemies should almost never get a 
chance to even touch you, and it will be easy experience points.

Whenever you face Ghouls or Skeletons, use the “undead’ spell by 
you Will Power spellcasters, the ranger and paladin in my 
suggested party.  This works exactly like the repel spell.

As long as you’re at level 2, these should be the only enemies 
you face.  If you do chance to level up you’ll have to face 
tougher enemies, and these instant wipe out spells will no longer 
work.  You’ll have to plink the tough guys away one shot at a 
time, and you’ll get heavily punished in the meantime.  You 
actually gain experience faster by fighting only the easy guys.

If you’ve used my recommended party, you’ll have to always 
remember to leave guys for your thief to kill, since he can’t use 
any magic.  At the end of the game you’ll want him to level up 
with everyone else.

You may do your adventuring at any time, and explore any corner 
of the continent you want on land or sea.  Note that the world is 
just one block shaped continent with a few scattered islands on 
the north, east and south.  When you sail between what look like 
continents, they’re really just opposite sides of the same one.  
Adventuring may not be necessary for a while, however, as you can 
begin the rest of the walkthrough right away.  You should 
probably get up to level 2 before procuring the mystic armor, 

First you must find the city of Dawn.  From the Royal City it is 
located 8 spaces to the west and 35 spaces south.  However, it is 
only accessible when both moons are new.  The moons are seen in 
the upper-left window.  When both moons are completely black, 
Dawn will appear.  Simply walk back and forth in the 
aforementioned spot until it does.

Dawn is the town in which you can go on a shopping spree.  The 
best weapons are sold here and nowhere else, including my 
favorites, the bow and silver bow.  You can also buy horses at 
the stable for 800 gold pieces.  They don’t help you move around 
any faster but they do help you avoid battles when you want to.

Items / Tools
Here is the list of items and tools you can get in the game:

Item           Price  Location       Function
Torch          30     Guild          Illuminates dungeons for a
                                     short period of time.
Magic Key      50     Guild          Opens doors.
Gem            75     Guild          Shows a map of the overworld
                                     or dungeon.
Sands of Time  90     Guild          Stops time.
Tent           100    Guild          Restore 100 hit points to
                                     every character.
Silver Pick    -      Cave of Death  Use it to dig for Mystic
Gold Pick      -      Dawn Guild     Use it to dig for Mystic
Silver Horn    -      Yew circle     Removes the Great Earth
Flower         -      Ambrosia       Give it to Sherry to get a
                                     Compass Heart.
Compass Heart  -      Royal City     Teleports you to the castle.

Mystic Armor
Using the above directions, go to Dawn and find the guild.  It 
will be the shop where the guy has all the treasure chests behind 
the counter with him.  Feel free to buy some items if you wish.  
They all (except the gem in your case) can be quite useful.

When you’re ready, press ‘a’ and choose ‘get’ while facing the 
treasure chest on the far left.  It doesn’t look like you can 
take it from back there, but you can.  You will find the golden 
pick.  Be careful though!  You will likely be caught stealing 
from the guild and will be chased by the red-colored guards.  
Avoid them at all costs!  If you’re caught, refer far below on 
how to survive this deadly encounter.  You have to back out the 
front entrance since the city is walled-in on every side.  If you 
want to go to Ambrosia and get a Compass Heart first, that’s not 
a bad idea as it will get you out of the city immediately.  If 
you’re caught and die you may feel free to reset and try again, 
but you should be able to defeat at least one wave of guards if 
you have full life and magic.  When you get away you’ll soon be 
in possession of the strongest armor in the game.

Get onto your ship and sail to the south side of the continent to 
a bay guarded by an island with a large terrifying looking snake 
on it.  North-East of the snake island there will be a tiny 
island of just two squares.  On the right square press ‘a’ and 
‘tools’ and use the golden pick.  Voila!  The mystic armor!  Give 
the pick to each character and have them all dig it out one at a 
time.  Equip your new armor and go sell your old obsolete stuff.

Ambrosia is a critical part of the game.  The shrines in Ambrosia 
are the only way you can increase your base abilities, namely 
Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom.  No, levelling up 
does not increase these.  In Ambrosia, for 100 gold pieces you 
can increase any ability for any character by 1 single point, so 
be sure you’re rich whenever you go.  You must also go to 
Ambrosia to find the cards to destroy the evil Exodus at the end 
of the game, but we’ll discuss that much later.

To go to Ambrosia, get in your ship and find a Maelstrom, or 
whirlpool.  It looks like a swirling mass on the ocean.  Sail 
directly into it, and you’ll find yourself in the mysterious land 
of Ambrosia.

IMPORTANT!  If you’re following this walkthrough closely, then 
you’ll still be at level 2.  That means that you can not get 
another ship.  Thus, if you enter Ambrosia with the intent of 
using a Compass Heart to get back out, then when you sail into 
the Maelstrom, make sure that your ship is directly next to the 
main continent.  This way, when you return you’ll want your ship 
to be accessible to the mainland.  The first time you enter 
Ambrosia, though, this is not an issue, so don’t worry about it.  
If, by chance, you find yourself separated from your ship by 
accident, you can get a new one using your sacrificial party if 
they’re still around.

The Flower:
The first thing you want to do whenever you’re in Ambrosia is get 
the flower (it will help you return home easily in future 
visits).  If you follow the clearing around the Western edge 
you’ll notice a path of clear ground between mountains.  Do not 
take this path yet.  Head north a little more and take the next 
path to the west into the mountains through the forest.  Hug the 
left side and take the first path south.  You’ll immediately come 
upon a clearing with a big flower.  Have each character in your 
party take it.

Leaving Ambrosia:
When you leave Ambrosia for the first time, you must commandeer 
the pirate ship in the southern sea and sail it into the 
Maelstrom.  To find the pirate ship, take the path of clear 
ground between the mountains on the Western side of the main 
clearing (slightly south of center).  If you hug the left edge 
you’ll eventually reach the clearing with the pirate ship.  To 
shortcut the process, when you begin to head east and are at a 
junction where you must turn north or south, go south.  Then 
continue to hug the left edge.  There is a level 5 monster in 
here, but with any luck you won’t face it.  To attack the pirate 
ship you must press ‘a’ and choose ‘fight’ while facing it.

Shrine of Strength
To increase your strength, head into the brush in the North-
Western corner of the map.  After heading between mountains for a 
while the brush will eventually give way to forest at the top-
left corner.  Enter the forest and head generally south.  You’ll 
only be forced to go left or right 1 space at a time.  When you 
reach the bottom walled off by mountains, go up 2 spaces up from 
the bottom and right 3 spaces from the left edge.

Shrine of Dexterity
This one is a pain to get to.  First commandeer the pirate ship 
as explained two paragraphs up in ‘Leaving Ambrosia.’  Then, 
instead of sailing into the Maelstrom, avoid it and sail east.  
Watch out!  There is a Man-o-War that is after you.  Do not, and 
I repeat, do not attack it while on your ship.  Run aground and 
face the Man-o-War from the shore.  You’ll stand a far better 
chance.  Once past the Man-o-War, get in your ship again and land 
it on the first patch of ground past the narrow pass that is one 
square wide and three squares long.  This opening you’ve landed 
on will take you to the shrine.  For exact directions, head 
north-west until you see a door.  Then, while standing in front 
of the door, go up 1 space, right 6 spaces, and up 2 spaces.

Shrine of Intelligence
Head through the forest gap between the mountains in the north-
eastern corner of the main clearing.  You’ll reach a second 
clearing.  Head north and take the forest gap on the west side of 
this clearing.  You’ll immediately reach yet another clearing, 
this one adjoining a lake.  Fight the pirate ship by standing in 
front of it and pressing ‘a’ and ‘fight’, and sail across the 
lake.  Land on the clear shore on the north-west edge.  If you 
walk due west, straigth through the forest gap, you’ll run right 
into this shrine.

Shrine of Wisdom
Head through the forest gap between the mountains in the north-
eastern corner of the main clearing.  You’ll reach a second 
clearing.  Head north and take the forest gap on very north 
point.  It will wind you around to the right and eventually down.  
When you reach the bottom-most wall of mountains (there’s a door 
at the southern-most point if you get lost), turn west and hug 
the left wall.  Pretty soon you’ll enter a clearing and see the 

You’ll probably want to return to ambrosia throughout the game 
until you max out the key attributes for you characters – that’s 
strength and dexterity for everyone, intelligence for your Magic 
Power spellcasters, and wisdom for your Will Power spellcasters.

Compass Heart
Immediately after returning from Ambrosia, go to the Royal City 
and find a woman named Sherry who is south and east of the 
central pond.  Stand in front of her and use the ‘give’ command.  
She’ll thank you and give you the compass heart.  Do this with 
all of your characters so they all have compass hearts.  Whenever 
you use a compass heart you will be teleported directly to the 
castle wherever you are.  This is particularly convenient in 
getting back out of Ambrosia whenever you go there, and you can 
always restock on flowers and get more compass hearts.

Mystic Sword – Cave of Death – Mark of Kings
The mystic sword is the strongest weapon in the game, and will be 
very important at the end of the game when trudging through 
Castle Exodus.

You’ll need to make the dangerous journey to find the silver 
pick.  Go to the Cave of Death located on the main continent in 
the mountains due north of the castle.  Upon entering use a 
torch.  You’ll notice that the game has now shifted from 3rd 
person to 1st person and is a whole lot more difficult to 
navigate.  You’ll see the direction you’re facing at the top, so 
follow my directions closely.

Note that sometimes these directions will take you into a wall.  
That’s because there are a lot of walls you can walk through in 
the dungeons.  We will also get the Mark of Kings which is 
conveniently located on Level 2 of this dungeon.  The Mark of 
Kings will allow your characters to level up past 5 all the way 
to 25, though you won’t want to actually do this until the end of 
the game.

Level 1: Go E2, S8, E3, S3, E1, S1, E2, N2, E2, use the ‘climb’ 
Level 2: Go S1, W2, N9, E2, get the Mark of Kings for each 
character.  It hurts 50 hit points, but it will be worth it.  
From the NW corner of this room go S9, E2, S1, use the ‘climb’ 
Level 3: Go S2, W6, N2, W4, N2, E10, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 4: Go W2, N4, W4, N2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 5: Use the ‘climb’ command and choose ‘go down’
Level 6: Use the ‘climb’ command and choose ‘go down’

At level 7 I recommend using the ‘sink’ or ‘descend’ spell to go 
down to level 8.  There are two parts to the level, and if you 
use the ladder you end up separated from the side of the silver 
pick by a long series of deadly traps.  If you use sink or 
descend, however, you don’t know where you’ll end up.  If you’re 
lucky you’ll end up on the good side.  If you wander to the 
south-west end there will be a series of treasure chests.  The 
one in the far south-west corner has the Silver Pick.

If you find yourself on the half with all the traps, head to one 
space south of the north-west corner and head west into the wall.  
Then make your way to the south-west corner to get the silver 

Now you have to get out.  I recommend using a Compass Heart, but 
you can also use the ‘surface’ spell, a bunch of ‘rise’ spells or 
‘ascend’ spells, or try to find a ladder up and backtrack my 
above directions.

With the silver pick, now sail to the north side of the main 
continent to where there’s a series of small islands, one with a 
city on it.  Land on the far-right island on the far-right space 
and use the silver pick.  Voila!  The mystic sword.  Have 
everybody get, though I don’t recommend equipping it yet (except 
with your Cleric).  Ranged weapons are still better for the time 

To move on in the game you will need to know how to use the 
moongate.  The Moongate appears at various locations around the 
overworld according to the signs of the 2 moons in the upper-left 
window and teleports you to other locations.  There are some 
places on the map walled-in by mountains that are only accessible 
via moongate.

The moon on the left shows the locations of where the moongate is 
and the moon on the right shows where the moongate will take you.  
There are 8 phases of each moon, so there are 8 moongate 
locations, and there are 3 phases for the moon on the right for 
each phase for the moon on the left.  Thus each moongate location 
can take you to 3 potential destinations or exits.  Use the 
following table to navigate the moongate.

#  Phase            Location                           Exits
1  New moon         SE corner of main continent        1,2,3	
2  Crescent Waxing  Cave of Sol Island	                 4,5,6
3  Half Waxing      Locked in Mountains top square     7,8,1
4  Gibbous Waxing   Due S of Dawn, due W of Montor     2,3,4
5  Full moon        Locked in Mountains bottom square  5,6,7
6  Gibbous Waning   Exodus’ Castle Island              8,1,2
7  Half Waning      Devil Guard                        3,4,5
8  Crescent Waning  Cave of Moon                       6,7,8

Don’t forget to check your food!

Mark of Fire
The Mark of Fire will allow you to walk on fire without dying, 
which is vital since you will have to cross some fire to pass the 
game, so let’s go.

The easiest way to get the Mark of Fire is through the Cave of 
Moon.  Go to Moongate location number 4, due south of Dawn and 
due west of the dual city of Montor.  It’s on the south end of 
the main continent, tucked under an alcove of mountains.  Walk 
around until the left moon to rises to 3/4 of full (gibbous 
waxing), and the moongate will appear.  Then step a few times 
until the right moon rises to half-full.  Then step into the 

You’ll find yourself land-locked in a 3-space area in the 
mountains.  Walk back and forth between the top two spaces only.  
The moongate will shortly appear in the bottom space, but do not 
enter it.  Once it disappears, switch and walk back and forth 
only between the bottom two spaces.  When the moongate appears in 
the top space, wait.  Walk back and forth a few more times until 
the right moon fades to a crescent.  Then enter the moongate.  
You’ll find yourself looking at the Cave of Moon.

The Mark of Fire is on level 2.  You can use a ‘sink’ or 
‘descend’ spell and wander around if you want, or you can use the 
following directions:

Level 1: Go E2, S4, E6, S6, E2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 2: Go E2, S4, W4, N4, W2, S4, W6, N8, E2, S2, E4, N2.  Have 
each character get the Mark of Fire and take the 50 hit point 
penalty.  Then backtrack, ascend, or use a Compass Heart (it’s 
best to use a compass heart so you don’t have to figure your way 
back through the moongates).  Your work here is done.

Mark of Force
The Mark of Force shouldn’t be too difficult to get.  It allows 
you to walk on poison ground, which will be crucial in getting 
through Castle Exodus at the end of the game.

Go to the Cave of Fool which is WSW of Dawn on the South-West 
corner of the continent.  You’ll have to go through the forest 
around Dawn to get there, but you won’t get lost if you keep 
going south and west.

You can get through the Cave of Fool fairly quickly.  The longest 
paths you have to take are on the top two floors, and there’s 
nothing but easy enemies there to block your way.  If you’re 
efficient and a little luck you won’t face anything more 
difficult than a pack of goblins.  Here are the directions:

Level 1: Go E6, S8, E2, S4, E2, N2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 2: Go E2, S4, W4, N8, W8, N4, E4, S2, use the ‘climb’ 
Level 3: Use the ‘climb’ command and choose ‘go down.’
Level 4: Go N1, E2, S3, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 5: Use the ‘climb’ command and choose ‘go down.’
Level 6: Go N2, W2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 7: Go E4, S6, E2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 8: Go N2, W3, get the Mark of Force for each character and 
get out.

Mark of Snake
The Mark of Snake is required for removing the great serpent 
blocking the way to Castle Exodus.  It is tucked at the bottom of 
the Cave of Sol, which can be a very perilous place, escpecially 
if you’re still Level 2, but it can be reached.  I recommend 
maxing out your cleric’s wisdom or wizard’s intelligence first, 
though.  That way you can enter the Cave of Sol with 99 magic 
points and some awesome spells.  Also, be sure to carry some 
powder with you.

The Cave of Sol is located on the southern-most of the 3 islands 
on the east side of the main continent.  Enter it, use a torch, 
and use the following directions.

Level 1: Go S1, E4, S1, E4, S2, E2, S6, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 2: Go W6, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 3: Go N2, E6, S2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 4: Go E2, S4, E2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 5: Go N6, W7, N1, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 6: Go S6, W1, S1, W2,, N2, W4, S2, use the ‘climb’ command.
Level 7: Go E2, N6, W2, N1, use the ‘climb’ command.
Shortly after walking through Level 8, your light will blow out.  
Don’t try to relight it, just follow these directions exactly.  
If you misstep one time, you may find yourself unnecessarily 
facing killer enemies.  Also, whenever the message comes up that 
there is wind, press ‘a’ to remove the message before you 
continue walking.  If you press forward while the message is up, 
you will not actually move forward.
Level 8: Go S1, E2, S2, E4, S2, W6, S2, E5, get the Mark of Snake 
for each character and get out of there.

When you face level 7 or level 9 enemies (not if), simply do one 
of two things.  Use your magic powder to freeze them and wail on 
them, or spend the large amount of magic points for a ‘destroy’ 
spell from your cleric or ‘death’ from your wizard.  Then walk 
over your enemies’ rotting carcases.  

Silver Horn
The Silver Horn is very easy to get and you can do it any time 
after receiving the Mark of Fire.  The Silver Horn, coupled with 
the Mark of Snake, will allow you to get rid of that fearsome 
snake on the island blocking the way to the final castle of 
Exodus.  Here’s how you get it.

Go to the town of Yew.  It’s in the forest nestled inside the 
mountains directly to the west of the castle.  The entrance to 
the mountains is on the west side.  Yew is a forest city, even 
inside, so it can be very hard to navigate, but the path you want 
to take is simple.

Go due east from the entrance until you run into a wall with lava 
around it (the lava won’t hurt you if you have the Mark of Fire).  
This building is the temple, and if you talk to the man on top 
twice, he’ll teach you how to pray.  Now head due south of the 
temple and you’ll run into the circle of fire.  Stand in the 
center and use your pray command (on your second list of 
commands).  Bingo!  You now have the Silver Horn.

The Four Cards
There is one last task to accomplish before travelling to the 
castle of Exodus to beat the game.  You must travel to Ambrosia 
(remembering to enter the Maelstrom from the shore if you’re 
still level 2) and go to each shrine.  Go up to the priest in 
each shrine and use the ‘pray’ command to him.  Each one will 
give you a card – the card of sun, moons, love and death.  These 
will be essential in defeating the last boss.

The Castle of Exodus
The Castle of Exodus is full of the most fearsome enemies in the 
game, so you’ll finally want to level up.  I got through the 
castle and beat the game with my characters at level 11 and 13, 
though it was very close.  If you max out your characters they’ll 
have at least 2400 experience points and be at level 25 (the 
highest you can achieve in this game).  Use tents to fill up your 
hit points once you level up.  You can’t use powder or tents in 
Exodus Castle, so don’t worry on stocking up, though one thing of 
powder might be nice if you hit a battle on your way to Exodus 
Castle.  Be sure to save your game at the inn before you level 
up.  That way, if you’re unsuccessful you can come back and get 
more experience before you try leveling up again.  When you’re 
ready, leave the castle and your difficult run begins.

Sail to the island of exodus and blow your Silver Horn.  The big 
snake will sink into the water and you can sail on through to the 
castle.  IMPORTANT!!  Your can’t use ranged weapons inside Exodus 
Castle for some reason.  So, before you go in (or immediately 
after), equip the Mystic Sword with everyone.  You are going to 
have to win each battle hand-to-hand, though with full Strength 
and Dexterity for everyone and full hit-points it shouldn’t be 
too hard.

If you run quickly and are mounted on horses you should be able 
to dodge quite a few of the monsters, but several fights are 
inevitable.  If you have your cleric you can use a Destroy Spell 
for 60 MP to instantly win one battle, but I recommend not using 
it unless you’re facing Balrons or Devils.  Save it for these 
really hard guys, or for the invisible floors you’ll face at the 

You can easily avoid the first dragon at the entrace of the 
castle if he’s on one side of the 3-square path or the other and 
run wide around.  If he’s in the middle, exit the castle and come 
back in.  Repeat this until he is on one side or the other and 
sweep around.

Use the following directions:
Follow the white path into the castle part and turn right (east) 
at the main atrium.  You’ll run into another white path.  Go 
north and hug the left wall.  If you keep hugging your left side 
you’ll eventually reach the throne room, and here’s what you’ll 
see.  You’ll skirt through the corner of some lava and come out 
at a green path.  Then you’ll cross some poison ground that 
should now be safe to walk on since you have the mark of force.  
The green path will then take you west, and you’ll pass right by 
the entrance to the throne room.  Turn away from your left wall 
and head north into the throne room between some pools of lava.  
When you get past the pools the green path will appear to dead 
end.  Keep heading north and you’ll have a couple of encounters 
with invisible floors.  These are the last encounters in the 

My favorite way to beat the floors is to line up your characters 
shoulder to shoulder and walk upward in a nice even rank.  
Whenever it says your character ‘can’t walk that way’, you know 
to attack that way instead.  The floors are arranged in the same 
7-square wide formation you’ve seen the whole game, so you should 
know about where the floors are and move there accordingly.  
Always try to move in a direction before you attack in a 
direction.  After the dragons the floors are quite easy and they 
should go down without much loss of life on your part.

When the floors are defeated and you’re standing on the top row 
right at the dead end staring at the lava strip across the water, 
use the ‘pray’ command.  The entity of the castle will appear and 
ask you what cards you will use.  Use them in the following order 
– ‘Love’, ‘Sun’, ‘Moons’, ‘Death’.  An ankh will appear and 
you’ll take it.  Leave the crumbling, enemy-free castle as fast 
as possible and, hooray!  The credits are rolling.

You may feel a deep dissatisfaction at the lack of resolution 
after you leave the castle.  Just imagine your female characters 
making out with your male characters and it will help you feel a 
little better.


Surviving Difficult Encounters
If you’re facing a horde of difficult enemies, such as guards, 
and you’re only at level 2, first and foremost use some powder if 
you have any.  Then you can wail on them for a few rounds.  If 
you’re out of powder, use an upper-level spell such as ‘destroy’, 
‘PSIkill’, ‘rot’, or ‘death’.  If none of this is available to 
you, remember the simple strategy:  Line up your enemies so that 
they can only attack you one at a time, and kill them one at a 

If I have no other recourse and I think my chances are slim and 
there are a lot of enemies, I like to immediately move my 
characters to the far left and line them up single file directly 
below the farthest enemy on the left.  By the time my characters 
are lined up the enemies are upon me, but that’s okay.  The 
characters who started on the left have been shooting their bows 
and blowguns while they wait for the slow pokes on the right to 
make it over, and one enemy is either dead or nearly dead.

One character will have to take the front line.  You’ll notice 
the enemies have lined up horizontally.  That’s because they’re 
all trying to get to the front line character and are blocking 
each other’s path.  If all your characters have ranged weapons 
(except a cleric, which may be a good choice for a front liner, 
especially if she has the mystic sword), then they can all attack 
the same enemy.  Do it and kill them one at a time.

After one or two kills you’ll notice that only one enemy can 
attack your front liner each turn, and you should be able to easy 
heal that character each turn to keep him/her alive.  Whenever 
you kill an enemy, the whole line of enemies will shift left.  
Line ‘em up and bring ‘em down.  You can survive incredible odds 
this way.

Also remember this, never confront a sea enemy from your ship.  
EVER!  You’ll be surrounded and outmaneuvered.  If you absolutely 
have to fight a sea enemy, land your ship and confront them from 
the shore.  You’re chances will increase several-fold.

Lots of Gold
If you want to max out your abilities you’re going to need a lot 
of gold.  You can go around killing enemies in the overworld 
using repel and undead and make lots of money that way.  This is 
actually recommended since you’re going to need the experience to 
level up your characters anyway.  You can try your luck at one of 
the casinos.  You can also create new characters and steal their 
gold like I mentioned before.  However, if you’re greedy you can 
use the following method to get lots of gold fast at moderate 

Get in your ship and sail to the eastern edge of the continent.  
There will be an island with a ring of mountains and a city 
nestled against their western edge called Death Gulch.  
IMPORTANT!  Make sure you land your ship due west of the city on 
the narrow strip of ocean bordering both the main continent and 
the island.  This is because you’ll probably want to use a 
compass heart to flee the city and you’ll still want the ship to 
be accessible by the main continent.  If you mistakenly are 
separated from your ship you can use your sacrificial party to 
get another one if they’re still around.

When you enter Death Gulch you’ll notice that the city is blocked 
off by a guard and a locked door.  If you wanted to go out of 
your way unnecessarily and discovered the bribe command, use it, 
and use a key, you can get through.  However, there are a couple 
of secret entrances.  Head south and enter the narrow forest 
path.  At the junctions go left, then right, then straight until 
you come upon a forest path 3 spaces wide.  Head north until you 
reach the clearing.  You’re now past the guard and the locked 

Open the door to the east with one of your keys, go through it 
and head south.  You’ll come across a narrow forest path into the 
mountains by a blue guard.  Enter it heading west.  Go straight, 
right, straight, left, right, and you’ll emerge in an area full 
of treasure chests.  There’s more than 1500 gold pieces in here, 
and at least 3000 if you have the Mark of Fire and can cross the 
lava patch.

Be careful.  Once you start taking chests you’ll be caught and 
guards will start appearing out of nowhere.  If you’re still at 
level 2, then surviving a battle with these guards will be 
somewhat difficult (see my help above), so make sure you have 
plenty of powder.  When you can’t take the pressure any more, 
swallow your greed and use a compass heart to get out of there.  
Lick your wounds, and when you return to Death Gulch the guards 
will be happy again and all the treasure chests will have 

Resurrecting for Free
When your entire party dies, King British revives your party 
leader for free.  Thus, to resurrect any or all characters for 
free, just save, press reset, create 3 new characters, form a 
party using them and your dead character as party leader.  Go out 
and die.  Then King British will raise your dead character.  
Save, reset, do this with each dead character, and when you form 
your old party again everyone will be alive for free.  You can 
even take the gold from all the other new characters you killed.

This isn’t necessary for passing the game, but can help you get 
into places that are otherwise inaccessible.  You must go to the 
city of Devil Guard which is accessible only via moongate.  Go to 
moongate number 2 which is due south of Dawn and due west of 
Montor, tucked under some mountains on the southern edge of the 
continent.  Walk around until the left moon is at gibbous waxing 
and the moongate will appear.  Then wait and walk around a few 
more steps until the right moon is at half waxing and enter the 

You’ll be landlocked in 3 spaces in the mountains.  Walk back and 
forth between the top two spaces only and the moongate will 
shortly appear before you.  Do not enter it.  Instead keep 
walking back and forth until it disappears.  Then walk back and 
forth between the bottom two spaces until the moongate appears 
again, this time above you.  Enter it immediately and you’ll be 
in the landlocked alcove in the center of the continent.  Head 
west and enter the city of Devil Guard.

Head east in Devil Guard until you come to the hospital.  Talk to 
everyone twice and one woman will tell you about bribing.  From 
now on you can use the bribe command on guards and they will 
disappear.  This is particularly useful for getting into prisons 
and talking to prisoners to get more information.

The monsters on the overworld increase in difficulty as you 
increase in level from talking to King British.  Here is a list 
of monsters and at what level they begin to appear on the 

Monster    HP       Exp   Special Abilities
Goblin     19-33    3     None
Ork        19-33    3     None
Skeleton   35-48    4     None
Ghoul      35-49   4     None

Monster    HP       Exp   Special Abilities
Thief      123-133  5     Can steal unequipped weapons and armor.
Brigand    123-137  5     Can steal unequipped weapons and armor.
Titan      107-121  6     None
Giant      107-118  6     None
Golem      107-120  6     None
Pirate     145-159  8     None

Monster    HP       Exp   Special Abilities
Mane       175-189  8     None
Gargoyle   175-189  8     None
Demon      175-188  8     Poison Spell
Serpent    219-233  15    Fireball

Monster    HP       Exp   Special Abilities
Snatches   187-201  10    Poison
Bradles    187-201  10    Poison
Man-O-War  235-249  20    Poison Spell

Monster    HP       Exp   Special Abilities
Griffin    219      15    Attack Spell
Wyvern     219      15    Attack Spell
Dragon     219      15    Attack Spell
Balron     235      20    Poison Spell – Can’t use ranged weapons
Devil      235      20    Poison Spell – Can’t use ranged weapons

Monster    HP       Exp   Special Abilities
Floor      43       3     Invisible

As you can see, after level 2 the monster increase dramatically 
in power with little extra gain in experience, and you can’t kill 
anything but the level 1 monsters with your repel and undead 
spells at no magical cost.  That is why I recommend staying at 
level 2 the entire game until Castle Exodus where you have to 
fight the big bad monsters.

If you want to rise to level 4, I won’t object too much, but you 
should absolutely not rise past it.  You could probably take on 
the Manes and Gargoyles pretty well, but the Demons and Serpents 
will kick your butt hard, as will all the level 7 and 9 monsters.


Location: Large forest to the south.  It’s only accessible during
          a double new moon.
  -Weapons Shop
  -Grocery Store
  -Fortune Teller
  The weapons sold here are more powerful than in any other shop.
  The golden pick can be found in the left chest in the guild.

Death Gulch
Location: A mountainous island on the east side of the continent.
  -Weapons Shop
  -Grocery Store
  There is a secret entrance to the south.
  There is no need to talk to the person in the big lava field.
  There is lots of gold in the armory, but don’t get caught.

Devil Guard
Location: Landlocked in the central mountains.  See the ‘bribing’
          section for directions on reaching it via moongate.
  -Grocery Store
  Talk to a patient in the hospital twice to get the bribe 

Location: On a tiny island on the north side of the continent.
  -Grocery Store

Location: Western edge of the continent – southern corner amongst
          the brush.  Just north of Snake island.
  -Weapons Shop

Montor East
Location: East side of river inlet, southern edge of continent.
  -Weapons Shop

Montor West
Location: West side of river inlet, southern edge of continent.
  -Weapons Shop
  -Grocery Store

Location: Northwest corner of continent.
  -Grocery Store

Royal City
Location: Right next to King British’s castle.
  -Weapons Shop
  -Grocery Store

Location: Inside the mountains just west of Lord British’s
          castle.  Enter on the west side.
  -Grocery Store
  Watch out for lava in the dense forest.
  Learn the ‘pray’ command at the temple.
  Pray in the circle of light to get the Silver Horn.

Curing Poison and Colds
The only way to take care of these is to use the Will Power 
spells or go to the nearest hospital (there is one in the castle 
and several in scattered towns as seen above).  If you desire you 
can let the character die.  Then resurrect him/her for free using 
my above method, and they’ll be cured.  Colds and poison are 
unavoidable when you delve into treasure chests.  It may be cost 
efficient to cast ‘open’ on each one, but a thief with high 
dexterity can avoid a large portion of the trouble.

Thanks & Permission
Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting and information.
Thanks to GameFAQs and RPGClassics.com for information.
Thanks to FCE Ultra for NES emulation.
Thanks to Nintendo for making the greatest RPG’s of its time.

Feel free to use this walkthrough and any information contained 
therein for any purpose.