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  '     [ FAQ/Walkthrough v1.2 by splice (09-01-00) ]

Table of Contents:
(1) Introduction / Disclaimer
(2) Walkthrough
(3) Runes
(4) Stones
(5) Virtues & Principles
(6) Dungeons
(7) Towns & Castles
(8) Shrines
(9) Moongates
(10) Weapons, Armor & Items
(11) Magic & Herbs
(12) Tips & hints
(13) Game Genie codes
(14) Party Suggestions
(15) Credits / Greets

-:--- -  - [ (1) Introduction / Disclaimer ]

When I played through Ultima: Quest for the Avatar the first time, I had
the luxury of having the Nintendo Power on it and the manual, both of which
were an immmense help.  Recently I wanted to play through it again but
discovered that I'd lost all my info on the game.  The net wasn't much
help, as all of the faq's I managed to find were on the old PC version.
So I decided to write this up as I played through the game for anyone else
who might want some assistance.  This game was awesome for its era, and it
clocked in at number 99 in Nintendo's Best games of all time list.
(Nintendo Power #100, September 1997)  May the light shine upon thee, avatar.

Whenever you see coordinates in this faq (lat,long) this corresponds to the
location on the map given by the sextant.

[ Disclaimer ]
This faq was written by me, splice (Patrick Hood) and took a lot of work.
You may freely distribute this faq as is, but if you're gonna change it
please get my permission.  If there's something I missed that needs to
be in here, lemme know and I'll add your name and info to the faq gladly.
You can reach me at splice@olemiss.edu.

-:--- -  - [ (2) Walkthrough ]

It is difficult to give a walkthrough for this game, since it doesn't
really go from point A to point B.  A basic outline for completing
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar follows:

1) Answer the questions of virtue to obtain your character.
2) Travel to the other towns and pick up companions.
3) Collect the runes for all the virtues from the towns.
4) Collect the stones for all the virtues from the dungeons.
5) Use the stones in the correct altar rooms to get the keys.
6) Attain avatarhood by mastering each virtue and meditating at their Shrines.
7) Obtain the bell, the book, the candle, and the skull.
8) Head to the Great Stygian Abyss, and beat the game.

Of course, things are actually a bit more complicated. ;)

First of all, pick your first companions wisely, because once you
have chosen your first three (for a total party of four) you cannot
obtain new members until you level up once for each person to add.
In my experience, the best party is the Fighter, the Paladin, the
Bard, and the Shepherd.  The latter three can all use the +1 Bow, which
has to be the singlemost useful weapon in the game, and if you pick
the Fighter as your character, when you attain avatarhood, you will be
able to use magic and be given 99 magic points.  Of course, picking
your character all has to do with the opening series of questions,
so just pick the virtue you want your character to possess and you'll
start off in his/her hometown.  Oh, one more thing.  Unless you enjoy
a challenge, don't pick humility.

Once you have your party together, head around collecting runes from
the towns and getting used to moongate travel.  If you see a red ship
near the shore, walk up next to it and defeat the pirates and you can
claim the ship for yourself.  Ships are very easy to come by once
they start appearing (around level three) and will prove to be a serious 
nuisance while sailing around, but they're a very efficient method of 

While you're adventuring, make sure you head back to Castle Britannia
every now and then, since talking to Lord British is the only way to
gain levels.  Lord British will also heal you for free if you say you're
not enjoying good health.  Think of the castle as your home base for the
quest.  Check with Hawkwind (SW corner of Castle Britannia) to see
how you're doing on the virtues.

In getting the Stones, your best bet is to enter Hythloth from Lord
British's castle (see section 6), head down to the bottom floor to the
altar rooms, then to the dungeon of choice.  Altars and stone rooms will
look like chalices (cups) on the map, which is brought up by using a gem.
If you see a room full of enemies which is supposed to have an exit to one
side but you can't go that way, beat the enemies then walk around the room
and you should trigger a secret passage to open.  There are places where
this requires walking into a wall also.  If the map shows a square with
four dots on it, this is a wall that you can walk through.  Just move
forward as if there were no wall there.  There will always be a person
in the stone room you must talk with to get the stone.  In the yellow
stone room of compassion there is a beggar that you should give money to
or forfeit the stone.  When the person poses their question, the rule of
thumb is: always answer yes.  No matter how wrong it may seem, yes is
always the answer which breaks down the wall and gets you the stone.
Just remember that once you've got it, don't exit the stairs by
the chest or you might be stuck going all the way through the dungeon to
get back to Hythloth.  Instead, go back to Hythloth and cast Exit.
Every time you cast Exit from Hythloth, the balloon will be there
waiting for you.

After you've gotten the stones, Search the square with the Ankh in one
of the three altar rooms (Love, Truth, and Courage) and place the proper
Stones in the four holes to obtain the Key of Love, Key of Truth, and Key
of Courage (see section 4).  Once you're an avatar go to the Lycaeum and
to Empath Abbey and gather up the mystic weapon and armor, the Sword of
Paradise and the Exotic Armor.

Once you have the Keys, and the other quest items (see section 10),
head to the isle of the avatar by boat (it's the island on the southeast
corner of the world, where Hythloth is located) and walk up to the
mouth of the volcano.  Use the quest items in this particular order:
ring the Bell, read the Book, and light the Candle.  Mondain's skull
will shatter and the entrance to the Abyss will open.  When you enter,
you'll notice that you're alone.  You must face this final challenge
without the assistance of your companions.

Beating the Abyss isn't that much of a challenge, if you've done well
enough to master the other dungeons.  Carry along lots of Gems so you
can get an idea of which rooms to enter from what direction.  Secrets abound,
and most of the time the use of a secret passageway is the only way to
keep going.  On each floor of the Abyss there lies a chalice.  When you reach
it, a booming voice will greet you and ask you a question about a virtue, and
ask you to place the proper colored stone.  Once this is done, you will
descend to the next level.  The order of the questions goes straight down
the list of virtues, like so:

Level 1: Which Virtue is made up of Truth? Honesty, Blue
Level 2: Which Virtue is made up of Love? Compassion, Yellow
Level 3: Which Virtue is made up of Courage? Valor, Red
Level 4: Which Virtue is made up of Truth and Love? Justice, Green
Level 5: Which Virtue is made up of Love and Courage? Sacrifice, Orange
Level 6: Which Virtue is made up of Truth and Courage? Honor, Purple
Level 7: Which Virtue is made up of Truth, Love, Courage? Spirituality, White
Level 8: Which Virtue is made up of none of these? Humility, Black

When you place the black stone on level 8 of the Abyss, you've won the
game, and attain the Codex along with all its secrets.

-:--- -  - [ (3) Runes ]

Runes are the keys to their respective Shrines.  Until you have a rune
for a certain virtue, you cannot enter its Shrine to meditate.  Meditation
on each virtue is the only way to attain partial avatarhood in the virtue,
so getting all eight runes should be one of the first things you should
get out of the way.

  You can find this rune if you search in front (one square right) of the
  stairs leading to the hotel in Britain.

  As soon as you enter the town of Moonglow, head North and you'll see a
  brick square.  Search three steps south of this square to obtain
  the rune.

  After you've obtained the Key, go to Jhelom and enter the door to
  the left of the hotel.  The stairs take you to the basement.  Head north
  and you should see a ghost, who will tell you to search in the corner
  of the room (on the damage floors).

  After you've obtained the Key, go to Yew and into the court.
  Enter the room to the left (the jail) and head down the stairs.
  Enter the cell to the north, and Search the floor beside the jailed
  Vorpal to find the rune.

  In Trinsic, go to the crop field in the southeast region of the town.
  Search the crops for the rune.

  Enter the furnace of Zircon in Minoc and search the corner of the room
  for the rune.

  On the first floor of Castle Britannia, from the entrance, head
  north then west then north again and you'll see a white mage in a
  room with a table and chairs.  In this room, there's a wall to the east
  you can walk through to another room with three treasure chests.  Search
  the square in the corner with the chests around it for the rune.

  In Paws (directly south of Britain), head for the stables in the
  southeast region of the town.  Check the ground behind the stables for
  the rune.  It's located on the square that's as far southeast as you
  can go.

-:--- -  - [ (4) Stones ]

The stones are used in the three altar rooms to obtain the keys of
Courage, Love, and Truth.  All three altar rooms can be accessed through
the bottom floor of the Dungeon Hythloth and can also be found from the
other six dungeons.  When you enter an altar room from Hythloth, you'll
enter from the south and you can reach three other dungeons by either
going north, east, or west from the ankh in the center.  After you've
obtained the stones, Search the square with the ankh and you can place
them in the holes to obtain the keys.

The proper stones to place in each altar are:
Altar of Truth (accessible from Deceit, Wrong, Shame, and Hythloth):
 Honesty (Blue), Justice (Green), Honor (Purple), Spirituality (White)

Altar of Courage (accessible from Destard, Covetous, Shame, and Hythloth):
 Valor (Red), Sacrifice (Orange), Honor (Purple), Spirituality (White)

Altar of Love (accessible from Despise, Covetous, Wrong, and Hythloth):
 Compassion (Yellow), Sacrifice (Orange), Justice (Green), Spirituality (White)

The Blue stone of Honesty can be found on the seventh level of Deceit.

The Yellow stone of Compassion can be found on the fifth level of Despise.

The Red stone of Valor can be found on the seventh level of Destard.

The Green stone of Justice can be found on the eighth level of Wrong.

The Orange stone of Sacrifice can be found on the seventh level of Covetous.

The Purple stone of Honor can be found on the second level of Shame.

The White stone of Spirituality:
 To obtain the stone of White, you must enter the cave in the Serpent's
 Spine mountains (Northwest of Britain).  This cave can only be reached
 through the use of the Balloon, and is at the coordinates (81,63).  Enter
 Hythloth from Britain and cast Exit.  This will take you outside where you
 can enter the balloon.  Make your way up to the cave and enter.  While in
 the cave, be sure to also obtain the Scale (Zircon in Minoc can use it to
 make the Axe of Legend, a powerful weapon that only Geoff the Fighter can
 equip). Search the chest in front of the Ankh to obtain the stone of White.

The Black stone of Humility:
 Head to Moonglow.  Enter the moongate with both new moons (both black).
 You will stay at Moonglow, but immediately Search the ground where the
 moongate appears (right where you land) when you arrive and you'll find
 the stone of Black.

-:--- -  - [ (5) Virtues & Principles ]

There are eight virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honor,
 Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Humility.  Each virtue has a rune, a
 stone, a color, and a town associated with it (see table).
 These virtues are derived from the three Principles of Truth, Love,
 and Courage, as shown.

Virtue          Color   Town       Principle(s)
Honesty         Blue    Moonglow   Truth
Compassion      Yellow  Britain    Love
Valor           Red     Jhelom     Courage
Justice         Green   Yew        Truth, Love
Sacrifice       Orange  Minoc      Love, Courage
Honor           Purple  Trinsic    Truth, Courage
Spirituality    White   Skara Brae Truth, Love, Courage
Humility        Black   Magincia   none

Improving virtue is very important in becoming an avatar.  To check the
progress of each virtue, Talk with Hawkwind.  He is located in the
southwest corner of the first floor of Castle Britannia.

Virtue          How to improve
Honesty         Don't lie or open chests in towns / Overpay the reagent seller
Compassion      Give money to beggars / Give LOTS of blood to the healer
Valor           Don't run from fights / Attack first
Justice         Overpay the reagent seller
Honor           Don't open chests in towns / Overpay the reagent seller
Sacrifice       Give blood to the healer
Spirituality    Talk with Hawkwind
Humility        Talk with everyone you come across

In regard to Compassion, the quickest way to master it is to simply
go back and forth from Lord British to the healer in Britain, giving blood
and getting healed back up, until you're ready for avatarhood.
Most of the virtues will improve just during your normal questing.  When
Hawkwind tells you that you're eligible for partial avatarhood in a
particular virtue, head towards the Shrine for that virtue (you must
also have the Rune to enter the Shrine) and meditate on the Ankh to
attain the blessing of the Shrine and partial avatarhood.  You can
also check your progress by looking at the graphical representation of
an Ankh in which each line represents another virtue mastered.  This
comes up when you enter the status submenu.  After you've attained
avatarhood, don't go around telling lies or stealing or your avatar rank
will be taken away and you'll have to build your virtues up again.

-:--- -  - [ (6) Dungeons ]

The dungeons are where the real quest begins.  Dungeons contain powerful
monsters and great treasure, and are great for building experience, if
you play it safe and stick to the right dungeons.  Inside dungeons
you'll find springs which will either give you all your HP back or
poison you, magic balls which will increase your characters attributes,
and the stones of virtue.  All dungeons have eight levels and all make
use of secret passages.  Make sure you bring along plenty of Gems, Torches
and Herbs for the journey.  Prepare well, and seek the virtues.

The Dungeon Hythloth (240,239):
 This dungeon connects to all the other dungeons through the three altar
 rooms on its lowest level.  The entrance to Hythloth is in Castle Britannia.
 From the start of the castle, head north, then east and look for a wall
 you can walk through to the north.  Head west as soon as you enter
 (you'll see a woman who says that the balloon is near the remotest
 entrance to Hythloth) and notice another wall you can walk through to the
 north near her.  Head up the stairs and you'll be in a small library with
 another wall you can walk through to the west.  Head down the stairs in
 this room and you should be on the other side of the stream at the back
 of the castle.  Enter the door and head down the stairs and you'll be
 in Hythloth.  Once you've entered Hythloth you cannot climb back up to
 Lord British's castle, and casting Exit will take you to the remote
 entrance, which is on the very southeast corner of the world, below
 the Abyss, on the isle of the avatar.  The white stone room is here
 but the stone is gone (section 4).  The magic orbs in Hythloth will
 raise +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity, and +5 Intelligence.

The Dungeon Deceit (73,240): [Honesty]
   The entrance to Deceit is on an islet off Dagger isle (North of
   The Blue stone of Honesty can be found on the seventh level.
   The magic orbs in Deceit will raise +5 Intelligence.

The Dungeon Despise (67,91): [Compassion]
   The entrance to Despise is north of Britian in the Serpent's Spine
   The Yellow stone of Compassion can be found on the fifth level.
   The magic orbs in Despise will raise +5 Dexterity.

The Dungeon Destard (168,72): [Valor]
   The entrance to Destard is Northwest of Trinsic.
   The Red stone of Valor can be found on the seventh level.
   The magic orbs will raise +5 Strength.

The Dungeon Wrong (20,126): [Justice]
   The entrance to Wrong is East of the shrine of Justice.
   The Green stone of Justice can be found on the eighth level.
   The magic orbs will raise +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence.

The Dungeon Covetous (27,156): [Sacrifice]
   The entrance to Covetous is just south of Minoc.
   The Orange stone of Sacrifice can be found on the seventh level.
   The magic orbs will raise +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity.

The Dungeon Shame (102,58): [Honor]
   The entrance to shame must be reached by ship via the lost river.
   The Purple stone of Honor can be found on the second level.
   The magic orbs will raise +5 Strength, +5 Intelligence.

-:--- -  - [ (7) Towns & Castles ]

Towns are places safe from the enemies that roam the countryside.  They
offer hotels where you can save your game and get a good night's sleep,
pubs from which you can get useful information, healers to cure poison,
heal, or resurrect departed companions, and sometimes weapons, armor,
items, or herbs are for sale.  Talk to everyone you meet and answer all
questions posed to you as an avatar would or your virtues might suffer.

Moonglow (135,232):
 Moonglow is the town of Honesty.

 * Mariah the Mage will join your party from here, she is located
    north of the entrance by the brick square.
 * Spells Unlimited is located here.  When someone gives you the
    recipe to a spell you don't have, head here and tell the attendant
    the recipe to have it added to your spellbook.  You cannot add
    spells if someone in the game hasn't actually told you the recipe.
 * The mage in the reagent shop will teach you Sleep (Ginseng and Silkweb).

Reagent (Herb) Shop:
 Ash           2
 Ginseng       5
 Garlic        6
 Silkweb       3
 Moss          6
 Pearl         9

Britain (106,83):
 Britain is the town of Compassion.

 * Iolo the Bard will join your party from here, he is located
    in the southeast region of the town (by the fire).

Weapon Shop:      Armor Shop:
 Sling     80      Cloth      50
 Staff     20      Leather   200
 Sword    400      Chain     600

Jhelom (220,38):
 Jhelom is the town of Valor.

 * Geoff the Fighter will join your party from here, he is located
    in a room on the first floor of the Hotel.

Weapon Shop:      Armor Shop:
 Bow      680      Leather   200
 Staff     20      Chain     600
 Axe      225      Plate    2500
 Sword    400

Yew (43,58):
 Yew is the town of Justice.

 * Jaana the Druid will join your party from here, she is located
    north of the entrance in a small alcove in the woods.
 * Calumny will tell you that searching in the patch of swamp at
    (54,182) near Minoc at the time of two new moons will get you
    a piece of manroot.
 * Talk to the fire where Jaana is standing.  Answering the flame's
    question properly seems to boost both your Honesty and Justice
    virtues. [credit: Neilast]
 * Hidden in the southeast corner of the town, a lady will give you
    the recipe for Squish (Ash, Silkweb, Moss, and Manroot).

Minoc (20,159):
 Minoc is the town of Sacrifice.

 * Julius the Tinker will join your party from here, he can be
    found in the Northeast corner of the town, where the sick people are.
 * Zircon the Smith works in the room east of the weapon shop.  The rune
    of sacrifice can be found in his furnace, and if you present him with
    the Scale (found in the Serpent's Spine mountain cave) he will craft
    the powerful Axe of Legend for Geoff the Fighter.

Weapon Shop:
 Club       100
 Axe        225
 +2 Sword  1500
 +1 Axe    3500

Trinsic (184,106):
 Trinsic is the town of Honor.

 * Dupre the Paladin will join your party from here, he is in the pub.

Weapon Shop:      Armor Shop:
 Bow        680    Leather    200
 Club       100    Chain      600
 Axe        225    Ring       800
 +1 Sword   820

Skara Brae (128,22):
 Skara Brae is the town of Spirituality.

 * Shamino the ranger will join your party from here, he is by the Ankh.

Reagent (Herb) Shop:
 Ash           2
 Ginseng       5
 Garlic        6
 Silkweb       3
 Moss          6
 Pearl         9

Magincia (169,187):
 Magincia is the town of Humility.

 * Katrina the Shepherd will join your party, she's directly South of the
    entrance to the town.  Before you cross the bridge, head South through
    the swamp and down the stairway.

Buccaneer's Den (157,136):
 This town is not accessible by moongate.
 Buccaneer's Den is exactly what it sounds like, a town full of pirates.
 It's located on an island directly East of Paws.  They have great weapons
 and armor for sale, as well as manroot.

 * Hit SELECT while the herbs for sale are displayed in the reagent shop
    to purchase Manroot.
 * In Katrina's room, there is a door just behind where she's standing.
    Beyond this door is a treasure chest which can be opened with no loss of 
    virtue.  It contains the Robe armor, which only a Shepherd can wear.  It 
    is second in defense only to the Exotic Armour itself, and since the
    Shepherd can normally only use Cloth (the weakest armor in the game),
    the Robe is invaluable when she's in your party. [credit: Neilast]

Guild (items):  Weapon Shop:      Armor Shop:        Reagent (Herb) Shop:
 Torch     5     X-Bow     1400    +1 Chain   4000    Ash           2
 Gem      12     +1 Bow    4000    +1 Plate   7000    Ginseng       5
 Key    2000     +1 Sword   820                       Garlic        6
 Oil       5     Wand      6500                       Silkweb       3
                                                      Moss          6
                                                      Pearl         9
                                                      * Manroot    20
Cove (90,136):
 This town is not accessible by moongate.
 One can only get to cove through a whirlpool (which only appear later
 in the game in the ocean) or Balloon.

 * The Candle of Truth can be found by walking through a wall in the village
    shrine and opening the chest on the second floor.  Opening it will not
    affect your virtues.
 * Mentallion will teach you the Gate spell here (Ash, Pearl, Manroot).

Vesper (59,201):
 This town is not accessible by moongate.
 It is located West of Britain and South of Minoc, best reached by boat.

 * Press SELECT while viewing the items at the guild to purchase
    the Sextant for 900 gold.  The sextant provides latitude and
    longitude coordinates and is very useful for finding places.

Weapon Shop:       Guild (items):
Bow        680      Torch        5
X-Bow     1400      Gem         12
Sword      400      Key       2000
                    Oil          5

Paws (146,97):
 This town is not accessible by moongate.
 It is located directly South of Britain, best reached by boat.

 * A man will teach you the Reflect spell here (Ash, Ginseng, Garlic, Fungus).

Armor Shop:       Reagent (Herb) Shop:
Ring       800     Ash           2
+1 Cloth  1200     Ginseng       5
+1 Chain  4000     Garlic        6
                   Silkweb       3
                   Moss          6
                   Pearl         9

[ Castles ]

Castle Britannia (107,87):

This is the home of Lord British, and is the singlemost important place
in the game.  The king can teach you about the virtues, principles, and
can heal your characters.  Hawkwind informs you of your progress on the
road to avatarhood.  The Hostel is here, providing a place for your
companions not in your party to gather.  The entrance to Hythloth castle
is also here (see section 6).

Lycaeum, Stronghold of Truth (107, 219):

The Lycaeum is on the same island (and is Northwest) of Moonglow.

 * Nigel teaches you that the Life spell uses Garlic, Moss, Fungus, and..
    to ask Marina of Empath Abbey for the final ingredient.
 * Father Antos says to search for the Book of Truth where other books
    are found.
 * The Sword of Paradise can be found here after you've reached avatarhood.
 * The recipe for the Negate spell is here (Ash, Garlic, Pearl, Manroot)
 * There is a telescope here which allows you to see the world map

Serpent's Hold, Castle of Courage (241,146):

This castle is found far southwest of Moonglow, around the bottom center
of the world.

 * The recipe for the Jinx spell is found here (Fungus, Pearl, Manroot).
 * Sister Antos says the Bell of Courage can be found in some shallows
    north of the castle.

Empath Abbey, Castle of Love (50,29):

This castle is west of Yew, on the western coast.

 * The exotic armor can be found here after you've reached avatarhood.
 * Mariah Mandrache will introduce herself to you.
 * Brother Antos says the Candle of Love is in a hidden town off the
    greatest inland lake (Cove).

-:--- -  - [ (8) Shrines ]

 Humility (215,231): On the isle of the avatar.  As you're approaching
                     the Shrine, Use the Silver Horn or you'll be attacked
                     every step until you reach it.

 Honesty (66,233): Located North of Moonglow, on Dagger Isle.  Use the boat.

 Compassion (92,128): Walk East of Britain, across the bridge, over the
                      swamp to reach the Shrine.

 Valor (227,38): South of Jhelom in plain sight.  Again, use the boat.

 Justice (11,73): Located Northeast of Yew on a peninsula.

 Sacrifice (45,205): Located North of Vesper, Southwest of Minoc.

 Honor (207,81): Located Southwest of Trinsic near some swamps.

 Spirituality: Go to Minoc and enter the moongate when both moons are full.

-:--- -  - [ (9) Moongates ]

Moongates are a method of travel passed down through the Ultima games.
At first this may seem very confusing but you'll get the hang of it.
The moongates are controlled by two moons, Trammel and Felucca,
whose phases can be seen on the top left of the overworld screen.
Trammel (the moon on the left) controls which gate is open, while
Felucca (the moon on the right) controls the destination.  When a moongate
is open in a particular place, it can lead you to only three different
places depending on the second moon, then it moves on to the next location.
The following tables may make things a bit easier to understand, but
you'd be well advised to map it out for yourself if this is confusing.

Moon Phases:
 [   ] - New Moon
 [(  ] - Crescent Waxing  (1/4 full)
 [(| ] - First Quarter   (half full)
 [(O ] - Gibbous Waxing   (3/4 full)
 [(O)] - Full moon
 [ O)] - Gibbous Waning    (1/4 new)
 [ |)] - Last Quarter     (half new)
 [  )] - Crescent Waning   (3/4 new)

Moon phases  | Gate appears at  | Destination
 [   ] [   ]   Moonglow           Moonglow
 [   ] [(  ]   Moonglow           Britain
 [   ] [(| ]   Moonglow           Jhelom
 [(  ] [(O ]   Britain            Yew
 [(  ] [(O)]   Britain            Minoc
 [(  ] [ O)]   Britain            Trinsic
 [(| ] [ |)]   Jhelom             Skara Brae
 [(| ] [  )]   Jhelom             Magincia
 [(| ] [   ]   Jhelom             Moonglow
 [(O ] [(  ]   Yew                Britain
 [(O ] [(| ]   Yew                Jhelom
 [(O ] [(O ]   Yew                Yew
 [(O)] [(O)]   Minoc              Shrine of Spirituality
 [(O)] [ O)]   Minoc              Trinsic
 [(O)] [ |)]   Minoc              Skara Brae
 [ O)] [  )]   Trinsic            Magincia
 [ O)] [   ]   Trinsic            Moonglow
 [ O)] [(  ]   Trinsic            Britain
 [ |)] [(| ]   Skara Brae         Jhelom
 [ |)] [(O ]   Skara Brae         Yew
 [ |)] [(O)]   Skara Brae         Minoc
 [  )] [ O)]   Magincia           Trinsic
 [  )] [ |)]   Magincia           Skara Brae
 [  )] [  )]   Magincia           Magincia

-:--- -  - [ (10) Weapons, Armor & Items ]

In general, the more expensive it is, the better it is.  Most people
start out with Leather armor and a sword.

[ Weapons ]
 Name             Price  Available From
  Hand-to-hand combat:
 Staff               20  Britain
 Club               100  Trinsic, Minoc
 Axe                225  Jhelom, Minoc, Trinsic
 Sword              400  Britain, Jhelom, Vesper
 +1 Sword           820  Trinsic
 +2 Sword          1500  Minoc
 +1 Axe            3500  Minoc
 +2 Axe               -  Zircon of Minoc, requires Scale
 Sword of Paradise    -  Lycaeum, after reaching avatarhood

  Ranged combat:
 Sling               80  Britain
 Bow                680  Jhelom, Trinsic, Vesper
 X-Bow             1400  Vesper, Buccaneer's Den
 +1 Bow            4000  Buccaneer's Den
 Wand              6500  Buccaneer's Den, only the Mage and Druid can use
	Note: The Wand is the best ranged weapon, and the third most 
		powerful weapon in the game (behind the Axe of Legend and 
		Sword of Paradise) [credit: Neilast / J. Saleh]
[ Armor ]
 Name        Price  Available From
 Cloth          50  Britain
 Leather       200  Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic
 Chain         600  Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic
 Ring          800  Trinsic, Paws
 Plate        2500  Jhelom
 +1 Cloth     1200  Paws
 +1 Chain     4000  Buccaneer's Den, Paws
 +1 Plate     7000  Buccaneer's Den
 Exotic Armor    -  Empath Abbey, after reaching avatarhood

[ Items ]

 Torch - Use to give light to dungeons.  Available at guilds for 5 gold.

 Gem   - Used in the overworld, it will provide a map of the world.
         Used in a dungeon, it will show a map of the current level.
         Available at guilds for 12 gold.

 Key   - The key opens all doors, and can be used over and over again.
         Available at guilds for 2000 gold.

 Oil   - Available at guilds for 5 gold.  Thanks for all the emails 
         about this particular item :) If the Oil is used in battle it 
         has the effect of a mini-Energy spell (one square of lava).

 Flute - If Katrina the Shepard uses it in battle, it can put enemies to 
         sleep, although it has a very low success rate. (cred: T. Gentry)

 Sextant - Available in the Guild in Vesper for 900 gold.
           Press SELECT while looking at the items for sale.
           The sextant provides the current Latitude and Longitude
           coordinates and is thus very useful for finding places.

 Silver Horn - Search the island North of Magincia.  Use this when
               approaching the Shrine of Humility to avoid being
               attacked every step.

Quest Items:

 Bell of Courage - Search the shallows North of Serpent's Hold (208,176).

 Book of Truth - Search the shelf of the Lyceum library (Center square
                 on right side).

 Candle of Love - Located in a treasure chest in Cove.  Walk through a wall
                  in the village shrine, take the stairs up to the second
                  floor and open the chest.  Opening this chest will not
                  affect your virtues.

 Skull of Mondain - Search between the three volcanoes in the southern
                    sea, West of the isle of the Avatar.  You can see
                    the location clearly by using a Gem in the overworld,
                    as it looks like a giant skull.  Note that you don't 
		    want to *use* the item *ever* in the game, since it will
		    ruin your virtues.  You simply need to have the Skull
		    in your possession along with the other quest items 
		    so that when you use the Bell, the Book, and the Candle
		    outside the final dungeon, the Skull with automatically
		    shatter, and the entrance to the Abyss will open.

 Key-Cour, Key-Love, Key-Truth - Parts of the Three parts key, these are
                                 made at the three altars by placing the
                                 proper stones in the holes.

-:--- -  - [ (11) Magic & Herbs ]

Casting magic spells makes use of herbs found around the world and sold
at Reagent shops, like alchemy.  Some herbs, like Sulfurous Ash, are
commonplace, while others, such as Fungus and Manroot, are quite rare.
Spells also use MP, which recovers as you walk.

Spell     Recipe                 Effect
Light   - Ash                    Provide light to dungeons
Missle  - Ash, Pearl             Hurls a magic missile at an opponent
Awaken  - Ginseng, Garlic        Awakens a companion
Cure    - Ginseng, Moss          Cures a poisoned companion
Wind    - Garlic, Moss           Changes the direction the wind is blowing
Heal    - Garlic, Silkweb        Restores some (around 60) HP
Fire    - Ash, Pearl             Hurls a fireball at an opponent
Exit    - Ash, Silkweb, Moss     Exit a dungeon immediately
Dispel  - Ash, Garlic, Moss      Remove enchantments and poison, and awaken
View    - Fungus, Manroot        Same effect as using a Gem
Protect - Ash, Ginseng, Garlic   Increases armor's effectiveness
Ice     - Pearl, Manroot         Hurls an ball of ice at an opponent
Blink   - Silkweb, Moss          Escape from a battle instantly
Energy  - Ash, Silkweb, Pearl    Hits an opponent and causes a 3x3 lava pit
Quick   - Ash, Ginseng, Moss     Allows for two moves (one automatic) a turn
Squish  - Ash, Silkweb, Moss,    Saps the enemy's health
Sleep   - Ginseng, Silkweb       Attempts to put the enemies to sleep
Negate  - Ash, Garlic,           Temporarily stops all spells
          Pearl, Manroot
Destroy - Pearl, Fungus          Destroy a single enemy
Jinx    - Pearl, Fungus, Manroot Charm the enemies into fighting each other
Gate    - Ash, Pearl, Manroot    Transports to a destination of your choice
Tremor  - Ash, Moss, Manroot     Causes an earthquake to damage enemies
Life    - Garlic, Moss,          Restores the life of a departed companion
          Fungus, Manroot
Defeat  - Moss, Pearl, Manroot   Sends a lethal blow to an opponent

Herbs                   Availablility
Sulfurous Ash           reagent shops (2 gold)
Ginseng                 reagent shops (5 gold)
Garlic                  reagent shops (6 gold)
Spider's Silk (Silkweb) reagent shops (3 gold)
Blood Moss              reagent shops (6 gold)
Black Pearl             reagent shops (9 gold)
Fungus                  Search at (149,46) when both moons are new
Mandrake Root (Manroot) Buccaneer's Den reagent shop (20 gold) or
                        search the single square swamp west of vesper

-:--- -  - [ (12) Tips & Hints ]

* When you're in the stone rooms, answer YES to the question posed by the
  guardian of each stone, no matter how strange the question may seem.

* Save a little money by casting Light in the dungeons instead of using
  a torch.  Light uses Ash which is only 2 gold.

* Balloon won't move with the keypad?  You have to cast Wind in the
  opposite direction that you want the balloon to go.

* Want to earn lots of money quickly?  Enter Hythloth from Britain and
  go down to the bottom level.  Enter the dungeon Shame through the altar
  rooms.  Go up to the sixth floor of Shame.  Go through a secret wall
  on the east to find a room with many treasure chests.  Search them for
  the gold, then go back down to the altar room.  Return to Shame, and
  the chests will be back.  You can rack up around 1000 in gold every time
  you do this, and if your party gets low on HPs go to a spring or
  cast Exit and Gate (or use the balloon) back to Britain to save and
  heal your party.

* Want to quickly max out your attributes?  Enter Hythloth from Britain,
  cast Exit, and re-enter Hythloth through the entrance by the balloon.
  Head South one square from the entrance and East one square and you'll
  see a magic ball.  Use the Search command and let one of your party
  members touch it.  They'll take damage and may die from the jolt, but
  it will raise their Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence 5 points each.
  Exit Hythloth and re-enter, making other party members touch the magic
  ball, and repeat until you're the only person left alive.  Touch the
  ball yourself and when it kills you your party will still retain the
  added attributes, and Lord British will revive you and give you 400 gold.
  Just make sure you don't do this if you are saving up gold for something.
  I did this a bunch of times and didn't lose avatarhood or anything, so
  it doesn't seem to adversely affect you at all other than the gold.
  Simply repeat this procedure until your party is maxed out (50 is max).

-:--- -  - [ (13) Game Genie Codes ]

Start with 8336 Gold Pieces: AZKP TIPA.
Start with 4240 Gold Pieces: APKP TIPA.
Start with 144 Gold Pieces (for experts): AAKP TIPA.

Fighter starts with Strength of 48: AUNO YSLP.
Fighter starts with Experience of 255: NYOO PVSK.
Fighter starts with 812 Hit Points: LEVO ZIPA.
Fighter starts with 75 Magic Points: LKNP YIAE.

Mage starts with 381 Experience points instead of 125: PAOP TTAA.
Mage starts with 712 Hit Points: ZEVP TIAA.
Mage starts with Strength of 32: AXNO IIAP.

Start with 100 Ash: GTXP IVAA.
Start with 100 Ginseng: GTXP TVAA.
Start with 100 Garlic: GTXP YVPA.
Start with 100 Silkweb: GTXO ATYA.
Start with 100 Moss: GTXO PVAA.
Start with 100 Pearl: GTXO ZTGA.
Start with 100 Fungus: GTXO LTAA.
Start with 100 Manroot: GTXO GTAA.

Heal costs nothing: AEKI TITG.
Cure costs nothing: AAVI LSZA.
Axe costs 1: PAEE NYOT.
Staff costs 1: PAEE UYGP.
Sword costs 144: AAOA XYPA.
Bow costs 168: AAEA KYZA.
Leather costs 1: PAXA ONEG.
Chain costs 88: AAXA KYZA.
Plate costs 196: AAXE XNPA.

-:--- -  - [ (14) Party Suggestions ]

In most role playing games, the initial decisions you make as to what party
to use can make or break the fun and challenge of the game.  This game is no
exception.  Choosing the winning party is a challenge, and I'm always up 
for new suggestions.  I'm probably going to play this game again soon 
(if I can tear myself away from Chrono Cross and company :) and might try this
party, but anyway here's a party suggestion from Neilast:

Paladin, Fighter, Druid, Mage:
1) You want your main character to be strong, but it's better to play
 as a Paladin rather than a Fighter, because not only does the Paladin
 have magic, but this way you can have your party utilize both the Sword
 of Paradise AND the Axe of Legend.  (If you play as a Fighter you have
 to pick one or the other.)  Also, the Paladin can use better armor than
 the Fighter (+1 Plate instead of Plate) so he can absorb damage better.
2) Not only does using both a Druid and Mage give you amazing magic
 power, but these two characters become the strongest fighters in the
 game (for ranged combat) once you give each of them a Wand.  The Wand
 is so powerful that, at the end of my game, my Mage and Druid were
 doing far, far more damage than either my Paladin or Fighter, and I was
 clearing whole screens of enemies in only three or so rounds.

-:--- -  - [ (15) Credits / Greets ]

A big thank you to FCI / Ponycanyon for bringing this to the NES, and
of course to Origin and Lord British.

Greets go out to all those in the #emu EFnet crew: faraway, herbman, Y0SHi,
EFX, hypr, zophar, conjurer, berzerker, mooglezz, bondman, madhatter,
sui, mrcide, typhoonz, lk and all my buds.
Also greets to mindrape, vore, colrebel, sgtpppr, sagar, adept, hype, and
psychotrane.  Thanks to Rydain for helping me to remember where the bell
was after all these years.

Help along the way: Michael Olewinski 
		    William Miller
		    Brooke Skeen
check out: http://www.parodius.com