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Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES version)
Character Creation
By PuzzledApe

| Contents |

	1) Character Creation
	2) How the Game Determines Your Character Class
	3) Miscellaneous

| 1) Character Creation |

	At the beginning of the game, you must answer a series of questions
about ethics.  Your responses determine the type of character you will receive.
This means that you can select the character class you want by expressing
preference for a particular virtue.
	Below is a list of each virtue and its starting character.  The data
are also displayed in a chart that follows.

  Mage, Level 2
  HP 200, MP 50
  Str 16
  Dex 25
  Int 23
  Staff, Cloth
  Start in Moonglow, City of Honesty and Magic

  Fighter, Level 3
  HP 300, MP 0
  Str 27
  Dex 17
  Int 19
  Axe, Leather
  Start in Jhelom, the Warrior's Homestead

  Druid, Level 2
  HP 200, MP 16
  Str 18
  Dex 22
  Int 20
  Staff, Cloth
  Start in Yew, Druidic City of Justice

  Paladin, Level 3
  HP 300, MP 10
  Str 21
  Dex 20
  Int 18
  Sword, Chain
  Start in Trinsic, City of Honor

  Bard, Level 3
  HP 300, MP 11
  Str 20
  Dex 22
  Int 25
  Sling, Cloth
  Start in Britain, City of Compassion

  Tinker, Level 2
  HP 200, MP 4
  Str 21
  Dex 18
  Int 24
  Club, Leather
  Start in Minoc, City of Sacrifice

  Shepherd, Level 2
  HP 200, MP 0
  Str 18
  Dex 17
  Int 18
  Staff, Cloth
  Start in Magincia, fool!

  Ranger, Level 2
  HP 200, MP 11
  Str 24
  Dex 22
  Int 19
  Sword, Leather
  Start in Skara Brae, City of Spirituality

| Class      HP  MP Str Dex Int  Weapon  Armor    Hometown   |
| Mage      200  50  16  25  23  Staff   Cloth    Moonglow   | 
| Fighter   300   0  27  17  19  Axe     Leather  Jhelom     |
| Druid     200  16  18  22  20  Staff   Cloth    Yew        |
| Paladin   300  10  21  20  18  Sword   Chain    Trinsic    |
| Bard      300  11  20  22  25  Sling   Cloth    Britain    |
| Tinker    200   4  21  18  24  Club    Leather  Minoc      |
| Shepherd  200   0  18  17  18  Staff   Cloth    Magincia   |
| Ranger    200  11  24  22  19  Sword   Leather  Skara Brae |

HP  - hit points
MP  - magic points
Str - strength
Dex - dexterity
Int - intelligence

	All characters receive one weapon, some form of armor, and 400 gold
pieces (gp).  Each character begins near a city dedicated to the virtue that
is associated with his character class.
	There are some major differences between the character classes, and
some characters are clearly stronger than others.  The mighty paladin begins
the game with an expensive weapon and armor, while the humble shepherd begins
with a pitiful stick and wears a frayed towel.  The game is easier for the

| 2) How the Game Determines Your Character Class |

	You may wonder how the game analyzes the answers you provide.  Are
all of your answers weighed carefully against one another?  To put it bluntly,
no.  The questions are designed to simply determine your single favorite
virtue.  Here's how it works:
	In each of the first four questions, two virtues are compared to
determine which is more important to you:

1) Honesty or Compassion?
2) Justice or Humility?
3) Valor or Sacrifice?
4) Honor or Spirituality?

	Suppose you select the second option each time: Compassion, Humility,
Sacrifice and Spirituality.  The game now ignores the other four virtues,
since you have eliminated them.  (If you chose Humility over Justice, then
clearly Justice is not your top priority.)
	In each of the nekt two questions, two of the virtues you have chosen
are compared to determine which is more important to you:

5) Compassion or Humility?
6) Sacrifice or Spirituality?

	Suppose you once again select the second option: Humility and
Spirituality.  The game now ignores the other virtues.  Finally you are
asked to choose which of the two remaining virtues is more important to you:

7) Humility or Spirituality?

	If you select Spirituality, you will begin the game as a ranger near
the city of Skara Brae.  You will have a sword, leather armor, and spellcasting
	If you choose Humility, you will begin as a shepherd who wears rags.
fights with a stick, and cannot cast spells.  In fact, the very first game
character you speak with will likely call you a fool.  That's a bad sign.
	But if that seems unjust, remember that you can only obtain the
shepherd by rejecting Justice in favor of Humility.  Just accept the injustice
humbly, and win the game with your shepherd.  Who's the fool now, Mondain?
Where's your skull now, you jerk?  I'm the Avatar!  I rang the Bell!  I read
the Book!  I lit the Candle!  I ... seem to have lost the stone of Humility.
	(If that last paragraph sounds like nonsense, reread it after you
enter the Abyss.  You'll see.)

| 3) Miscellaneous Stuff |

	This is the first guide I have submitted to GameFAQs.  The 80-column
limit on text files may be necessary, but it's pretty inconvenient for me.
I'm blind, and trying to format pages to a fixed width, especially while
using Wordpad or Notepad isn't easy.
	I've tried to keep this document brief, and to place the most relevant
information toward the beginning.  It's easier to use a few brief, narrowly-
focused documents than it is to search through a large document for the single
piece of information you need.
	I am releasing this document into the public domain.  Anybody can use
or modify it in any way or for any purpose.  I accept no responsibility for
anything -- ever.  So if you injure yourself with this document, it's your own
fault.  You can even put your own name on it if you like -- but you just might
regret it when you speak with Hawkwind.

- PuzzledApe
Fri 3 September 2010