Walkthrough by DalTXColtsFan

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Greetings all,

This "walkthrough" is intended to be a cheating-free walkthrough that makes 
the assumption that you know NOTHING ahead of time that isn't in the manual 
(i.e. you don't know that you can skip Magnicia completely, you don't know 
what the recipes of spells like Tremor are ahead of time etc.)  All you 
know is that there's a key in Buccaneer's Den.

This walkthrough recommends getting the key as soon as possible - having it
 saves you from having to backtrack back to towns or castles already visited 
to get more clues.  It's a good idea to raise your character's stats anyway.

This walkthrough assumes that you chose the bard.  Starting out as the bard 
gets you a free sling (combat is easier with a missile weapon) and easy 
access to Lord British's castle (free healing).  

I would really appreciate feedback - please email me at joe2002@swbell.net
with any constructive criticism, or just to greet a fellow Ultima fan!

Your first priorities are to amass 2000 gold pieces for the key, and reach 
level 4 so that pirate ships start appearing that you can commandeer to 
Buccaneer's Den (the only place that SELLS the key).  

I recommend very strongly NOT recruiting companions.  It is NOT necessary 
to complete the game.  The more companions you have the more monsters you 
have to fight and the more gold you need to get everyone the best weapons 
and armor.  It just doesn't add anything to the game except tedium.

The bard starts out with a sling and no melee weapon.  It's easy enough 
to amass 2000 GP by just hanging around British's castle and slinging 
skeletons, rats, orcs, and trolls, and popping in on British when you 
need free healing.

I recommend that you buy a sword in Britain immediately (you start out 
with 400GP) - it does about 40HP of melee damage, making those rare 
cases that a monster does close in easier and quicker.  When you do 
finally attack a ship, there are a LOT of pirates who close in you more 
quickly than you can kill them with a sling, so the sword will be handy.

Depending on your boredom tolerance, you may wish to go to Trinsic and 
buy a bow as soon as you have 700+ GP.  It does about 25HP damage 
compared to the sling's 12, which just makes getting to 2000gp a little 
easier, especially once you hit level 5 and are fighting gazers, liches 
and demons (not to mention groups of 5 evil mages that can all cast fire!).  
I had 700GP in about 15 minutes.  It's a matter of taste - instead of 
spending the 700GP on a bow you may wish to wait until you have 1400 for 
the crossbow (does about 35 damage) or 4000 for the +1 bow (about 45 
damage), both of which you can buy in Buccaneer's Den.  I bought a 
sword and bow right away and it took me about 40 minutes to amass 2000 
GP once I had them.  You will eventually want the +1 bow because it's 
the best missile weapon the bard can use.

Another reasonably fast way to make money is to go to despise, from the 
entrance go one square right, 2 squares south and 3 squares east.  
There's a room with a mage and 8 skeletons, with 2 chests.  It's a pretty 
easy fight if you have the sword and bow.  Assuming an average of 50 GP 
per chest, you can amass an average of about 100GP a minute in that room.  
Again, it's a matter of boredom tolerance.

Later in the game, there are dungeon levels in almost every dungeon 
(Covetous, Wrong, Shame, Deceit and Destard come to mind) that are 
filled with gold and replenishes themselves each time you leave and 
return to the dungeon.  Keep it in mind if you find yourself running 
out of gold.

So once you have 2000GP for the key, plus the optional 1400 or 4000 for 
the xbow or +1 bow, proceed immediately to buccaneer's den, buy the key 
(and optionally an xbow or +1 bow), and talk to everybody.  Here are 
the clues from the beginning and from Buccaneer's Den:


I am Lord British, King of Britannia.  I welcome thee, Avatar, unto my 
fair kingdom!  The ages of darkness are no more, yet still doth Evil 
swell in the hearts of the people.  I have long sought an adventurer who 
would master the Eight Virtues of Avatarhood and guide our people into a 
new age of enlightenment.  Avatar, I know in my heart that thou shalt 
become this Avatar!  Go forth now, and conquer the frontiers of the self!

Welcome unto the castle of Lord British!  Visit the good king often!

To find the Moon Gate, mark well the eastern moon.  Then shalt the 
western moon guide thy way.

Avatarhood comes only with mastery of the Eight Virtues through deeds of 

Go forth unto the cities, for thy companions await thee!

Do not covet the treasures of others, nor open another's chest!  Keep thy 
hands from temptation!


Welcome to Buccaneer's Den, matey!  A pirate's towne!  Be ye a pirate?  
Yes:  Well, ye shore didn't look like that Avatar fella!  No:  Frankly 
matey, I'd like to wash me hands of the whole business.

I'm Ramsel the Pirate.  And I learned in a place far away to live without 
Virtue.  Happily, I might add!

Hic!  Watch out fer dem whirlpools, hic!

I have seen the Silver Horn, my friend.  Search the island north of 


Few know that this magic shop sells Manroot!  The password is 'SELECT'

Earn the Sword of Paradise!  Search the Altar of the Spirit...

Mondain's Skull, ye say?  Ye don't want it!  East of Serpent's Hold, 
in the midst of three volcanoes.  Ye don't want it. Now go away!

At this point, one thing you may consider is heading over to Moonglow 
to buy as much garlic, ginseng, silk and moss as you can afford.  Why?  
Garlic and Ginseng make the Cure spell.  Ginseng and Silk make the Heal 
spell.  Silk and Moss make the blink spell.  With the blink spell you 
can escape from any fight (even at sea) without taking an Honor or Valor 
hit.  It's useful not only as a hidesaver, but a boredom repellent.  
Fighting can really get boring later in the game!  If you do decide to 
do this, buy a few reagents from the reagent seller, pay her honestly, 
leave town, take 16+ steps outside, return, buy a few more, and repeat.  
As long as you take 16 outside steps per transaction your honesty goes up.

I suggest making the next priority becoming an Avatar, because once you 
become an Avatar your magic points go up to 99, and you can use Exotic 
armor and the sword of paradise, making already-less-annoying combat 
even more of an afterthought, especially in the dungeons, and especially 
once you've pick up the Squish, Tremor, Sleep and Negate spells.

By now, you will probably already be ready for avatarhood in Valor and 
Honor - all you have to do is fight to raise those.  
Once you've talked to everybody in every town, you will be ready for 
avatarhood in humility - all you have to do is talk to people to raise 
To raise sacrifice, the easiest thing to do is give blood to the healer 
in Britain, go back to british to get healed, repeat.  You get 3 sacrifice 
points each time you give blood, no limit.
To raise justice, talk to the reaper in British's castle multiple times, 
telling him you DON'T enjoy the slaughter of innocents (duh)
The method described above regarding the reagent seller is the best way 
to raise Honesty.
To raise Compassion, give ONE gold piece (overpaying beggars does NOT make 
you gain compassion more quickly) to a beggar, leave town, take 16+ steps 
outside, enter town, repeat until you're ready for avatarhood.
To raise spirituality, meditate at shrines and discipline yourself to talk 
to Hawkwind each time you go to British for healing.

Here is the order I suggest after Buc's Den (detailed clues in each town, 
village and castle are below):
Moonglow (get the rune of honesty and add Sleep to your spell book)

use the technique described above to raise Honesty - 25 trips in and out 
should have you ready for partial avatarhood.  Go to the shrine.

Lycaeum (get the book of truth, the recipe for Negate and most of the 
recipe for Life)
British's Castle (levels 1 and 2 - talking to the reaper multiple times 
raises your justice.  10 times should do it - you don't even have to leave 
the castle)
Britain (get the rune of compassion)

Use the 16-steps trick and the beggar in britain to raise your compassion.  
25 trips in and out should do it.
Use the healer-and-British technique described above to raise compassion.  
17 blood-givings should do it.

go to the shrine of Compassion and become a partial avatar.

Yew (get the Squish spell recipe and the rune of justice)

go to the shrine of Justice and become a partial avatar.

Empath Abbey (last ingredient of Life)
Paws (recipe for reflect, part of recipe for tremor, and you find out the 
location of the rune and shrine of spirituality - go get rune in British's 
castle - it's in the treasure room)
Minoc (get the rune of sacrifice)

wait next to Minoc's moongate for two full moons, then enter.  You might 
not be ready for avatarhood at this point unless you've talked to hawkwind 
a LOT - just come back later if not.
Go to the shrine of sacrifice and become a partial avatar.

Jhelom (get the rune of valor, you SHOULD get one ingredient for tremor 
from the fighter who has seen the man in black though I don't know exactly 
what triggers it, and the hint to say SELECT at the vesper guild for a 

meditate at the shrine to become a partial avatar in valor

Vesper (recipe for destroy, barkeep in trinsic knows of fungus, rune of 
humility is in Paws so go get it, snake scale in mountain, hint to use 
the silver horn to ward off the devils near the humility shrine, black 
stone in moonglow's moongate during new moon)
Magincia (nothing useful - skip it if you wish)

search the island north of Magincia for the horn, go to the humility 
shrine and become a partial avatar.

Serpent's Hold (Jinx recipe, bell location - get it, it's nearby.  It's 
actually northeast of serpent's hold, not north.  You'll see it when 
you see it - very obvious.)

Skara Brae (ingredient of Tremor, white stone in a mountain cave)

Note:  at ANY time, if you're lucky enough to see the whirlpool, take 
it - it'll lead you to Cove (candle of love, gate spell recipe).  It's 
really tough to predict where it'll be.
Note:  The old man in the field in Trinsic will not tell you where the 
rune of Honor is right away.  I'm not sure what exactly triggers it, 
but you don't actually have to wait if you don't mind a little 
cheating - it's in his field.  Once you have the rune, meditate at the 

You should now be an avatar.  Go back to the Lycaeum for the Sword of 
Paradise, then go to Empath Abbey for the Exotic Armour.  There is no 
direct hint that the armor is there, only a note in the manual that l
ike in the Lycaeum, in Empath Abbey there are stairs you can only climb 
if you're an avatar.

Now that you have the bell, book, candle, sword and armor, you're ready 
to get the 8 stones and the 3-parts key.  Everything else is optional 
in this version of the game.

Dungeon walkthroughs are provided further down after the detailed clue lists:


Ho, ho, ho!

For so long as evil exists in the hearts of men, a lasting peace can never 
come.  Only thy Avatar of Legend can save us!

Thou art in the presence of his Majesy Lord British!

Thy virtue is not my concern.  I did what I wanted to do, so leave me 

Have thou ever struck an innocent?  Yes:  Ah, thou art the same as I!  
No:  Then how canst thou enjoy life?

A moongate's destination is determined by the eastern moon.  The western 
moon's phase marks its spot!

All seven dungeons are joined in the altar room of Truth, Love and Courage!

The lighter-than-air device that was stolen lies near the remotest entrance 
to dungeon Hythloth!


Heard of the hidden village called Cove.

Never cease to fight for Virtue.  Slowly but surely, thou shalt rise to 

Dost thou fight for Britannia?  Yes: Someday we shall all fight together!  
No:  Thou must be a wuss.

Disturb me not, for I seek to eliminate odd-order intermodulation 
distortion in linear power stages!

I am Chuckles the Bumble!  He who laughs last, laughs the loudest!  
Ho! Ho! Ho!  Can I look yet, is it over?

Welcome to Castle Britannia, home of Lord British!

Each towne has a moongate nearby.  At first, thou hast best not stray 
far from civilization!

Speak often with the seer Hawkwind, for he is wisest of all!

Hail, seeker of Avatarhood.  Evil trembles at thy coming.

Heh, heh.  When the Skull of Mondain is used in towne, it feels GOOD.  
Dost thou also enjoy the destruction of pitiful innocents?  No:  Thou 
art a wimp!  Yes:  Heh, heh.  Another friend of Evil!

Enter the castles of Truth, Love and Courage, and speak with all named 

Ahead lies a perilous place!  Once thou dost enter, thou canst not return 
whence thou didst come!


Welcome to Britain, City of Compassion!  The moongate rises east of the 
great castle, before the bridge.

None may enter the shrine, who do not bear the rune!  Search at the foot 
of the inn's stairs...

8 runes, 8 stones.  Seek them all!

Seek the shrine of Compassion to the east, across two bridges!

I have heard of a Stone of Compassion - 'tis yellow, 'tis said.

Welcome, traveler!  We have waited such a long, long time...


I am a fortuneteller.  Wouldst thou care to know thy fortune?  Yes:  A 
great quest shall lead thee into the Abyss, where the Codex awaits!  No:  
Very well.

I'm Basil, and I've got a secret!  And wouldn't ye like ta know!  Oh, all 
right!  Ye forced it from me!  Search 149, 46 on the night of the twin new 

Welcome to Moonglow, City of Honesty and Magic!

Hast thou been to Spells Unlimited?  No:  It's a fine place!  Yes:  The 
magic of Sleep is made from Ginseng and Silkweb!  

Honesty's shrine lies on an island to the north.  Seek first the rune, then 
the Blue Stone of Honesty which lies in the dungeon Deceit!

Wait on the cape across the bridge!  The gate appears when the left moon 

I am Mariah, both adventuress and sorceress.  And I am so weary of this 
place!  Art thou on a noble quest?  No:  Thou shoulst get a life.  Yes:  
Might I accompany thee?  No:  I wish I could join thee!  Yes:  Let us 
meet in the Castle Britannia Hostel!

Dost thou see it?  Canst thou see it?  No or Yes:  The Rune of Honesty, 
three steps south!

A lie is never better than the truth!  Dost thou strive always to be 
honest?  No:  Thou fool.  Yes:  That is good.

Thou must learn to be ashamed of the untruths thou doth tell.  Art thou 
content with anything less than unblemished truth.  Yes:  Honesty is 
derived only from truth.  No:  For shame.


The Three Keys may be taken from the altar room of Truth, Love and Courage, 
but only by use of the proper stones of virtue!

The Sword of Paradise lies atop the magical altar above.  Only a master of 
the eight virtues may claim it!

I am Nigel, master of all wizards!  My magic is strong enough to raise the 
dead!  Life, thou knowest, is given only unto the highest of wizards.  And 
it requires garlic, moss, fungus, and...  hmph, well... and..  And Marina 
of Empath Abbey will tell the its final ingredient!  I'm quite busy right 
now, no time for chitchat!

I hail from Trinsic, city of Honor.  Its principles are truth and courage!

There is no better way to show sacrifice than by giving of thy life's blood.

I am Father Antos, philosopher of Truth.  Search for the Book of Truth where 
others are found!

Welcome to the Lycaeum, stronghold of Truth!  My Lady Beth can tell the more!

Truth is one of the three principles.  Dost thou know how many virtues 
contain truth?  Yes:  It is well.  No:  Four there are honesty, justice, 
honor and spirituality.

At last, I discovered the secret of magical Negation!  Ash, garlic, pearl 
and precious manroot!

I've seen a dissertation on Manroot in a book by Calumny of Yew.  Sadly, 
the page on which its location appeared had been torn.

Each of the Eight Virtues, save that of Humility, is made up of one or more 
of the Three Principles of Truth, Love and Courage.  The Avatar must know 
the ways!

Look into our telescope, and see thy path before thee!

Thou, who hath mastered all Virtues, come hither!  Thou hast earned at last 
the fabled Sword of Paradise!

***find the book in the library***
***go back to Moonglow to get Negate written in spell book***


Honor:  A thief is but a beggar without honor.  
To slay the innocent doth not show thy honor.  
Never turn away from a challenge, nor shirk a quest!
Compassion:  Allow that which is not evil to flee thy wrath.  
Give freely of thy wealth to those less fortunate.  
Light the Candle of Love at the gates of the Abyss!
Justice:  Do not open another's chests uninvited!  
Stir not strife among the peaceful!  
Seek no quarrel with creatures not evil!
Honesty:  Never steal in the townes and castles!  
Do not deceive shopkeepers.  
Open the Book of Truth at the gates of the Abyss!
Spirituality:  Visit the seer Hawkwind often, and learn of thy own Spirit!  
Meditation casts light upon the shadows of thy spirit.  
The Great Mountain holds the white stone at its heart!
Sacrifice:  It is most noble to give if it doth cost thee thy last coin.  
To flee and leave thy friends to fight is wicked.  
Give of thy very life's blood, so that others may live.
Valor:  Flee not from strife with that which is evil!  
To flee uninjured from a just battle is cowardice!  
Ring the Bell of Courage at the gates of the abyss!
Humility:  Take no pride in thy deeds, for pride serves only the self.  
Weild never the power of Evil, for it shall destroy thee!  
The black stone doth appear on the night of the new moons.  Search beneath 
the moongate!


I am Dupre, knight of Britannia!  Dost thou regard honor as well as I?  
No:  Blackguard! Knave!  Yes:  Then thou mayst call Dupre of Trinsic thy 

I'm sailor Sam.  Dost thou own a sextant?  No:  Leave coins much at the 
Jhelom tap!  Yes:  Then thy life's purpose is fulfilled.  Yo, ho, ho...

Moongates tend to spring up near the Eight Cities of Virtue.  Ours is 
beyond the river to the south!

The stone of honor doth lie in the dungeon Shame, near the mountain 
lake.  I am told of an altar oof courage and truth....

Honor is made of courage and truth.  Consider it well!

Behold the fruits of Nature!  The harvest time is nigh!

Behold!  Nature shines forth anew!  Soon we shall harvest what we have 
sown.  Ah, harvest time at last.  If only my back did not ache so...  
Wouldst thou lend a hand to help me harvest?  Yes: Oh, I thank thee!  
Such a help thou art, and humble as well.  Search in the midst of the 
fields for our city's treasure!

My grandfather works in the fields, night and day.  In the time of 
harvest, he often tells wonderful stories!

Dost thou always strive to keep thy oath, even at thine own peril?  
Yes:  Then thou must never steal from the townsfolk, nor of their 
treasures.  No:  Oh, no!


To give equal weight to all facts, even though they are not to thy 
liking, is Justice.  Flamis can tell thee more.

Ash of sulfur, silkweb, moss of blood and manroot, drains most life 
from every creature!  'tis the Squish spell don't ye know.

I am Calumny of Yew, most lettered of scholars!  I am compiling the 
definitive book on magic.  69,105 pages, and not finished yet!  
Manroot, eh?  Let me consult my book... ah.  Near Minoc, at latitude 
54, longitude 182, there is a swamp of poison.  Search there on the 
darkest of nights!

Welcome to Yew, druidic city of Justice!

The shrine of Justice can be found on the cape, far to the north.  
Hast thou its rune?  No: Ramus knows of it.  He's a wee bit addled, 
though...  Yes:  Search then the dungeon Wrong for the green stone 
of Justice!

Order in the Court!

I am Talfourd, judge of the Druidic court.  Art thou guilty of any 
offense?  Yes: Look into the darkness of thy soul, and consider 
whether thou dost speak the truth!  No: Thou dost seem honest to 
me.  Speak with the penitent Vorpal, that he may enlighten thee.

Deal not in lies.

I repent, I repent.  Wilt thou help me resume my life?  Yes:  I thank

I'm Vorpal, a man who walked the wrong path.  I now reflect upon Justice 
and its rune, which is within this jail.

I am Ramus.  I think I had something to say to thee, but... I don't 
remember.  Ah, yes!  The Rune of Justice!  The prisoner in Vorpal is 
the one ye want!


Welcome to Empath Abbey, castle of Love!

When thou dost use the proper four stones in the midst of each dungeon 
altar room, one of the Three Keys will appear.

For one who hast mastered all Eight Virtues, a great honor awaits above!

At last thou hast come!  Master of Virtue thou art now, yet soon thou must 
master the Great Stygian Abyss as well.  Open this box and take up the 
Exotic Armour, That thou might survive its perils!

Hello!  I am Marina Mandracha, in the service of Lady Marcy.

I am Lord Robert castellan of Empath Abbey.  Here Love is held most sacred 
of all!  

I am Lady Marcy, chatelaine of Empath Abbey.  My Lord Robert can tell thee 

The Four Virtues which are derived from Love are Compassion, Justice, 
Sacrifice and Spirituality.  Use only these stones in the Altar Room of 

I consider Love, in the light of Compassion.  When the three combine in 
eight ways, Love Alone is Compassion!

I ponder Love, in the light of Justice.  When the Three build the eight, 
Truth tempered by Love becomes Justice.  Justice is the Love of Truth.  Is 
it not beautiful?

I reflect upon Love's part in Spirituality.  What I practice is not a 
religion, but a way to strengthen my own inner self through the 
understanding of truth, love and courage.

I contemplate Love's part in Sacrifice.  When Love lends Courage to face 
even death for another's sake, Sacrifice is shown!

I am Brother Antos.  The Candle of Love is in a hidden village off the 
greatest inland lake!

Only the Exotic Armour can save thee in the Abyss!


Welcome to Minoc, City of Sacrifice!

The shrines of Virtue demand the runes of Virtue, thou must know.

Each virtue has a rune, each virtue has a stone.

Seek the orange Stone of Sacrifice in the dungeon Covetous!

I am Julius, and I stand for the poor among us.  Wilt thou help?  No: Art 
thou content only if they every whim is gratified?  Yes:  My thanks.  May 
I accompany thee, to do greater works abroad?  No:  I am truly sorry.  
Yes:  I shall meet thee in Lord British's hostel!

Ah, to wield the Skull of Mondain!  To level a city, to slay all within!  
Such power I can scarcely hope to claim!

Alms, alms for the poor.  Wilt thou help?  No:  I would be sooooooo 
grateful...  Yes:  Have a nice day!

I can neither walk nor work, kind friend.  Please... a single coin,  No:  
A good day to you, still.  Yes:  Ah, my thanks.  Zircon awaits the bearer 
of the scale!

I have sleeping sickness...  Sknxxx... Huh?  Oh, yes, I must have suffered 
a tsetse bite!  Wilt thou buy me a drink?  snkxxx... zzzzz...  No:  Why, 
ye... sknxxx... zzzzz...  Yes:  Eh?  Thank ye kindly!  The rune's in a 
tinker's fireplace! Sknxxx...

Sacrifice springs from love and courage.  Dost thou have the courage to 
love others less fortuante than thyself?  No: I hope that thou dost never 
find thyself unloved. Yes:  Show thy commitment!

Sacrifice?  Why, 'tis care for others before oneself.  Seek the rune, and 
travel to the shrine in the east!

I am Zircon, a very busy smith!  A very, very busy smith!


Welcome to Jhelom, the warrior's homestead!  Valor is always welcome here!

The island shrine requires valor's rune!

I have known but a single defeat, when the man in black came.  He said his 
business was none of ours, and fell me with the flat of his sword!  Upon 
its hilt was struck a rune of the earth split asunder And from his sash 
hung a sprig of that poison the mages call Manroot!

Red is the color of valor.  To find the key of courage, the red stone is 

I am... er, was... Nostro.  I have found the rune, but I cannot leave this 
room.  In my stead, canst thou take the rune and venture to the shrine?  
Yes:  The Rune is in the corner of this very room.

In the dungeon Destard, the altar of courage can be found.  It connects to 
the dungeons Covetous, Shame and Hythloth.

'scuse me?  A sextant?  Say SELECT in the Vesper guild!

I fell in the dungeon Destard, seeking the Red Stone of Valor.  I fear I 
have failed in my quest.


Welcome to Skara Brae, city of Spirituality.  Near our gates appears the 
door of the moons!

I am a hunger artist.  Wilt thou give me gold to abstain from all foods?  
Yes:  Last night a man in black came to watch me starve.  He sprinkled the 
flowers of sulfur on my open sores, and bade me tell no man of the 
Tremor... but thou hast given me gold and art worthier than he.  

Ungh... oooh... ohhh... oww.... the pirate's pub... Mondain...ohhh...


The white Stone of spirituality is missing from dungeon Hythloth!  All the 
earth shall end!

I am Shamino, seeker of the spirit.  Dost thy heart join me in my search?  
And dost thou wish my body to accompany thine?  

All is not as it may seem, life is little but a dream.

The Rune of Spirituality is missing, as is the stone.

The great Abyss, the Avatar's aim!  My good brother Ramsel set out towards 
that cursed eastern isle.  Never to return, it seems...

I am Silverspirit.  Travel the moongates at the time of the full moons!

The white stone, once in Hythloth, is in a mountain cave far beyond the 
reach of men or horses!


Please, kind traveller!  I have not eaten in days!  Spare a coin for me?  
Yes:  Thank ye!  I may yet live!

Welcome to Serpent's Hold, castle of Courage!

The time hath come for ye to learn the Jinx magic!  Deadly fungus, black 
pearl, and manroot.  Thy enemies shalt turn one against the other at thy 

Follow the river south of the Abbey, and find Dungeon Shame.  Therein the 
stone of Honor lies.  Take it, in thy name!

Ah, I am in such pain...courage, courage!  Blue, Green, Purple, White... 
the stones dwell in my dreams...  This is 'truth'--why here?

Dost thou seek always to find new wellsprings of Courage within thee?  
No:  Thou probably hast none to find.  Yes:  This is what we need in these 

The red, orange, purple and white stones must be used at the altar of 
courage!  All else shall fail thee!

So tired...so weary...

I am Sentri, and I rule this province!  We hold courage dear, as do the 
cities of Jhelom, Minoc, Trinsic, Skara Brae.  

I am Sister Antos.  I have heard that thou shalt need the Bell of Courage, 
so search beneath the waves of the shoal just north of this castle!

The Codex shall surely reject thee, unless thou dost approach it with the 
Three Keys of Truth, Love and Courage.


Welcome to Cove, sanctum of knowledge!

I'm told the Abyss lies on an isle to the south.  Ask the blissful sea 

For so long as there is truth, the world's troubles are small.  Dost thou 
seek truth?  Yes:  'tis the quest of a lifetime.  No:  Then thou shouldst 
not expect to find it.

The Candle of Love can be found on the second floor of the village shrine!  
Fear not to open its chest.

Ah, seeker, we meet at last.  I am mentallion, master of the gates!  Know 
now that sulfur ash, black pearl, and Manroot are necessary for the Gate 

The eight virtues are fashioned from the three principles.  Hast thou 
considered this?

Dost thou know that virtue depends only on Truth?  No:  Honesty, my friend.  
Yes:  Thou must have recovered the Blue Stone from Deceit!

The aldermen truly must repair the wall next to the ankh, before some 
luckless soul stumbles through it.

I am Sthissisness, called Blissful by men.  Meditate in the shrines of 
honesty, then compassion, and last Valor, if thou art truly foolish enough 
to knock at the gate of the Abyss!

White is the color of all colors.  Love, courage and truth -- all are 
joined at the white stone of Spirituality.

Black is the color of Humility.  'tis the only virtue which exists apart 
from truth, love or courage.

I am the ankh of knowledge.  All knowledge rests within the codex of 
Ultimate Wisdom.  The stones open the way!


Requiem aeterna...  requiem aeterna...

Avatar of nothing!  Empty thoughts, worthless virtues.  Is this what thou 
dost seek... or do you deisre the worship of thousands?

There's treasure in this towne... somewhere... and I doubt we shall have 
need for it!


We once believed Pride a virtue.  And Death exulted in our folly....

Used to do a fair business here, 'til the mold started growin' on the 


If I promise thee a strong magic, wilt thou swear to use it justly?  Yes:  
Pearl and Fungus make the magic Destroy!  No:  Thy magic shalt cause a 
disaster for some, fool.


Welcome to Vesper, the village at the end of the world!

I hear the barkeep in Trinsic knows of Fungus.  He takes a liking to good 

The keys which unlock the Three Principles lie in the dungeon altar rooms!

Seek the rune of Humility in the moor behind a meadow, in the village of 

I'm told the scale of a legendary snake is in the mountain!

The shrine of humility is on an isle south of verity.  There dwells a 
devil near, so beware!

Strange is the music of the sliver horn...even devils must flee it!

The black stone of humility may be found beneath Verity Isle's moongate 
when the sky is dark!


Welcome to Paws, stranger!

Mayhap thou hast seen my lord?  Seven years ago he ventured into Hythloth 
at the hidden gate behind castle britannia!  And he has yet to return to 

I wish I might make the reflect spell... but the sulforous ash, ginseng, 
garlic, and fungus cost too much for a mage of my meager means.


I used ta run the stables, but all my horses died.....

I am Teresa, a poor stablemaid of Paws.  A man in black passed in the 
night, murmuring of tremors and searching for blood moss....

Hail, strong warrior.  Dost thou fight for Britannia?  Yes:  The mightiest 
arms lie in the castles of Truth and Love.  No:  Then depart from my sight!

I once beheld the rune of Spirituality in a hidden room of the great 
castle!  Seek the rune near the soldier's western chambers.  Then enter 
the gate of the full moons to find the shrine!

I recommend going through Hytholth first, getting the balloon and getting 
the white stone, and then going BACK to hythloth once you have ALL of the 
stones.  Hythloth has all 3 altars in it and it's super easy to get back 
to level 8.  Follow the instructions below for getting to level 8 of 
hythloth and then coming back up, but skip the altars the first time (you 
don't have all of the stones anyway).  Make sure you have enough reagents 
for 20 to 30 wind spells - that's how to control the balloon.  Fly it to 
the mountains north of Britain - should be fairly easy to find the cave.


The age of Darkness ended with the demise of Exodus... yet why doth evil 
still stalk the land?

In the Abyss all 8 stones are necessary.  Indeed, the white stone is 
before the ankh of this very cave.  Open the box and take up the stone!

I am the ankh of the future.  When thou dost look upon the Codex, thou 
shalt know all.  This journey is thy destiny.  Go, and seek the ultimate 

The Abyss lies near the island of Verity to the south, its entrance ringed 
by the sea of fire!  Only the one who hath mastered the eight virtues may 

What thou dost find here, give to Zircon of Minoc.


Level 1:  Go through the room with the headless and mimic, east south and 
west and go down to level 2

Level 2:  Go through the room to the west, exit north or south, go west, 
go through the room with the sea serpents, go west, go down

Level 3:  Go through the southernmost door down to level 4

Level 4:  Go into the room to the south and exit it to the east.  Take the 
orb to the north if you wish, then go down the ladder to the south to 
level 5.

Level 5:  There is a secret door north of the ladder you just went down.  
Take 2 steps to the north to go through it, then go west and south, 
through a door and you'll find 3 rooms side by side.  Go into the middle 
room.  Kill the cyclopses.  Look very closely - one of the walls looks a 
little different than all the others.  Stand on it.  The bridge to the 
north will open.  Exit the room to the north, go through the door to the 
east, answer the beggar's question (below), get the stone, and the ladder 
will take you all the way out of Despise (yay!).

Question:  Art thou willing to grant a blessing?  Give 1 gold piece:  
There is none more worthy.  Open the box and take as thy own Yellow Stone 
of Compassion!


Level 1:  Go 2 steps east, turn south until you hit a corner and there's a 
secret door to the east, on the other side of which is a down ladder.  
Take it.

Level 2:  Go through the room to the north, kill all the monsters, get the 
chests and stand on the poison fields to make the wall to the north 
disappear.  Go north and go down the ladder.

Level 3:  If you take one step south and 2 steps east, there's a ladder 
down that leads to a hall full of gold.  You probably don't need gold at 
this point but it's fun nonetheless!  Go back up the ladder, take 2 steps 
west and there's a secret door to the south leading to an optional orb.  
Otherwise snake back around to the north and take THAT ladder down to level 4.

Level 4:  Face west and you'll see a door in the south wall.  Go through it 
and keep going south through a room (full of monsters) to another ladder 
to go down to level 5.

Level 5:  4 steps north, 4 steps east.  Go down to level 6.

Level 6:  If you go straight south (through a secret door and a room) from 
where you are, it leads to a ladder down to a hall full of gold.  If you 
take 2 or 4 steps west and go south through a secret door, it leads to 
optional fountains and orbs.  6 steps west and south through a secret door 
and room leads to the ladder we want.

Level 7:  There's an optional orb on this level as well.  Head east to go 
through the room.  Leave it to the north to get to the orb, leave it to 
the east to go to level 8.  Stand in the lower-right corner to open the 
passage to the east.

Level 8:  Go north, west through 3 rooms, north, west through a room 
(stand in the NW corner to open the west passage) and there's the altar 
with the stone through a door to the north.

Question:  Does thou seek to uphold Justice along the course of thy 
travels?  Yes:  I cannot grant you the stone.  Leave this place!  Open the 


Level 1:  Straightforward, just go to the ladder in the NW corner.

Level 2:  Straightforward, but you have to go through a few rooms to get 
to the ladder.  No hidden secrets.

Level 3:  Two optional orbs.  If you go straight south from the ladder, 
going west will take you to a hall full of gold.  Go back up the ladder 
and take the ladder down to the east to level 4.

Level 4:  immediately take the ladder down to level 5.

Level 5:  Optional orb to the east.  Go west through a secret door and 
north to find the ladder.

Level 6:  You'll have to go east to a room (I couldn't figure out how to 
get the 3 chests up above, it wouldn't let me walk onto the square that 
looked like a secret wall), exit it to the south, and take a ladder back 
up to level 5.

Level 5:  Go through a room to the east and back down the ladder.

Level 6:  Optional orb.  The down ladder in the middle of a hall leads to 
nothing.  The other leads to level 7, where the altar and the stone are.

Level 7:  Go west, south and west to the altar.

Question:  Dost thou ever lie, to thyself or to others?  No:  Thou must 
continue to seek mastery of this virtue.  Yes:  Then thou dost know Truth.  
Open now the box, and take up the Blue Stone of Honesty!


Take down ladders all the way to level 7 then take a step east into a room.  
Kill the monsters and stand in the SE corner to open the passage to the 
east.  Take it and go up the ladders all the way to level 4.

Level 4:  Go east through a secret passage and south through a room.  From 
the next room you can leave to the east to get 2 optional orbs or south to 
get to the up ladder (the stone is on level 2).

Level 3:  Go north to a room and go west.

Level 2:  Straightforward, just keep heading south to the altar room.

Question:  Seeker of Avatarhood, dost thou swear to guide Britannia along 
the path of honor, for so long as thou shalt draw breath?  Yes:  Then I 
shall grant thee the Purple Stone of Honor.  Never forget thy oath!  Open 
the box!


Level 1:  Take 2 steps in any direction and you'll be between 2 secret 
doors.  Go through one and take the ladder down.

Level 2:  The ladder down is in the NW corner of the level behind a room.

Level 3:  Optional orbs.  Just go east through the room and take the down 

Level 4:  Go south into the room.  If you leave it to the east or south 
there's a lot of gold on the level.  Go west to go to the ladder down.

Level 5:  Go down the northernmost ladder.

Level 6:  Go down the westernmost ladder.

Level 7:  Go through the door to the south and immediately go west into 
the altar room.

Question:  Dost thou flee from the malevolent face of danger?  Yes:  Open 
now the box and take the Red Stone of Valor!


Level 1:  Ladder is to the east, straightforward, through a room (stand in 
the SE corner to open the passage to the east)

Level 2:  Straightforward

Level 3:  Optional orb if you go through 3 rooms to the west.  Otherwise 
in the second room (the one with the orcs and trolls) stand in the place 
that looks like a dead end to open passage to the north.  Go through next 
room to the west and walk to the ladder down.

Level 4:  2 steps south 3 steps west to a room.  Go through the room to 
the west.  Stand in the NE corner of the NW room to open the passage to 
the west.

Level 5:  No choice but to go down.

Level 6:  Optional orbs.  2 of the up ladders go up to halls with lots of 
gold.  To go down, go 2 steps S and 2 steps W.

Level 7:  From the ladder, go west into a room and go out either north or 
south.  You'll see two ladders going down.  Between them is a secret door 
to the east, behind which is the altar and stone.

Question:  Art thou one who would withhold the gift of thy own blood from 
a dying companion?  No:  Then it is hardly possible to grant thee the 
stone of sacrifice!  Yes:  Then thou art worthy to receive the Orange 
Stone of Sacrifice.  Please open the box.


Take the ladder all the way to the bottom, then on level 8 go all the way 
west and all the way north.  The first altar you come to should be Truth - 
stand on it and say Search to be sure.
Blue, Green, Purple, White are the stone colors

Leave the altar to the south (all other directions take you to another 
dungeons), take the next northern hall, that should be the altar room of 
Yellow, Green, Orange, White.

Leave the altar room to the south, make a left (north) at the ladder, go 
east and north into the room with the dragons.  After killing the dragons, 
stand on the wall in the NW that looks like it has a hole in it to open 
the passage to the east.  Go east then north, then you should come to the 
altar room of courage.
Red, Orange, Purple, White

Leave the room, go back to the ladder, go past it to the south and take 
the OTHER ladder up to level 7.

Level 7:  6 steps north, 6 steps east, go up

Level 6:  straightforward, go south, go through 2 rooms, go south, go up

Level 5:  Go through 3 rooms, when you see the first ladder skip it and go 
north, skip the ladder at the corner and go east.  Take the ladder up at 
the end of the hall.

Level 4:  Go west through the room, leave it to the north or the south, go 
into the next room and leave it to the west, go up

Level 3:  Go north and east to the room, leave it to the south, enter the 
next room and leave it to the south.  Go west and south and take the 
ladder up.

Level 2:  Go south and east, go south through the door, keep going south 
then go east.  Take the ladder up.

Level 1:  Go south, east, north and up.

Now you have the 3-parts key and are ready to take on the Abyss.  Sail 
through a hole in the western edge of the isle of the avatar (se of 
britannia), walk to the east, and walk around the mountains until you see 
a hole in the middle of a lava field.  It should be pretty obvious once 
you're there.  Use the bell, book and candle (I don't know how you were 
supposed to figure out that that's the right order other than trial and 
error - the blissful seahorse gave you a different order according to the 
shrine's advice!).  The skull will shatter if you have it.  Enter the 


Level 1:  Straightforward, go through the rooms and then turn left and go 
to the end of the hall.
Truth is derived from honesty, stone is blue

Level 2:  Go through rooms to east and then south, when you get to the 
room with the balron, serpent, daemon and skeleton step on the odd-colored 
square and go south 2 steps before ladder down go through secret passage 
to south, keep going south to altar
Compassion is from Love, stone is yellow

Level 3:  Go north then east.  Step into one of the alcoves to open 
passage to the east.
Valor is made from courage, its stone is red

Level 4:  From entry to level, go east through a secret wall.  Go into the 
room to the east, exit it to the north and exit the next room to the 
north.  Go east and turn north - there's the altar.
Truth and Love make Justice.  Its stone is green.

Level 5:  Go south then east, enter the room to the east and exit it 
south.  Stand in the room where the xorn was to open the passage south.
In the next room, in the NW corner there are 2 walls that look like they 
have holes in them.  walk through them and stand on the 2 floor tiles to 
open the passage east.  Go east then go south.  Keep going south and 
you'll find the altar.
Love and Courage is sacrifice.  Its stone is orange.

Level 6:  Go east, south and east and enter the room to the east.  Woohoo 
- it's a trick!  You can't just view a gem and take a shortcut!  Here's 
what to do:  Go back to the ladder, turn back around and go east and go in 
the door right in front of you.  Exit that room to the north, turn east.  
The wall in front of you is a secret door.  Go through it to the east, and 
go east, to a room with squids and serpents.  Kill the monsters and go 
south.  You'll be in a room with a north-to-west and south-to-east 
passage, disconnected.  Go west.  You'll be in a room with nixies and a 
serpent.  Kill them and go south.  You'll be in ANOTHER room with nixies 
and a serpent.  Kill them and go east.  You'll be in a room with 4 
serpents, a west/north passage and a south/east passage disconnected.  
Kill the serpents and go north.  You'll be back in a room where you were 
earlier, but this time go east. Another room with nixies, a squid and a 
serpent.  Kill them and go south. The next room appears to be a dead end 
but keep going and a bridge will open from north to south.  Leave the room 
and go south.  You'll be back in the tricky room with the reaper!  Kill it 
and go east.  Next room has a balron, ettins and serpents.  Kill them and 
go east.  The altar will be to the south.
Truth and courage make honor.  The stone is purple.

Level 7:  Straightforward.  Just head northwest.  In the room with the 3 
hydrae, stand inside the alcove to open the wall to the west - going north 
leads to a dead end (surprise, surprise).  In the room with the gazer, 
liche, phantom, skeletons and flames, exit north - west is a dead end.  
After you exit north the altar will be to the west.
Truth, love and courage are spirituality, its stone is white.

Level 8:  From the ladder, go east then south, enter the room to the 
south, exit it to the east, kill the monsters and stand on BOTH of the 
single-squares surrounded by "wall".  Just look for the walls with the 
holes.  Exit east.  In the room with the demons and mimic, exit north.  
Kill the dinosaurs and hydrae and go north.  Walk around the hall to the 
south - the next room has effigies of your companions in it!  Yikes!  Your 
companions can really hurt you and take a long time to kill - I recommend 
casting a bunch of heal spells and walking back and forth in the hall until 
your MP is back up to 99.  Squish will be useful.  The next room has a 
balron, 2 reapers and 3 dragons.  Kill them all and then walk on every 
square in the room.  A passage to the south will open.  It's the end of 
your quest!
The virtue that has nothing to do with truth, love or courage is humility, 
whose stone is black.

Walk up to the ankh.

The Ankh Spokes:  Long, long have I waited....Hold forth the keys, for the 
Codex awaits thee as well!  In a crimson sunburst of light, the three keys 

The Codex stands here, radiant with the knowledge of the Universe.  What 
is this world?  What is life?  What is our future?  And, at last, the 
answer.... Eight Virtues lend the path their light Their principles are 
three.  The one pure Maxim, known but lost Is named...Infinity.

Hail, Bardo!  All rise before the Avatar, proven master of the Codex!  
Greet now the one who has led us from ignorance into truth, from hatred 
into love, from fear into courage.  

Iolo:  Gladly I shall sing of your triumph!  And that song shall be sung 

I was too lazy to write down what everyone says at the end, but it's a 
pretty cool scene!