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********Yoshi's Cookie********
* Copywright Little Man 1999 *
*        Version 2.0         *
*  erichof425@hotmail.com    *
*********Dec. 10, 1999********

1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) 1-Player
   -General Hints and Tips
   -Strageties and Techniques
   -What to Look Out For
4) 2-Player
   -General Hints and Tips
   -Strategies and Techniques
   -The Ups and Downs of Attacks
5) Legal
6) End


Little Man here - I noticed that there were no FAQ's for this game,
and I haven't made any FAQ's yet, so I decided why not make a
FAQ for this game. This game is fun, but challenging. I have won
this game WITHOUT WARPING, so I gave you this FAQ to make the
game easier. It gives hints and tips on gameplay, strategies and
techniques for beginners and experts, and a code for rounds 11
through 99! And, it tells you how to beat almost anyone in 
2-Player vs mode. Have fun!

------------------------Version History-----------------------

Version 1.0 Nov. 23, 1999-Nov. 24, 1999- First version.

Version 2.0 Dec. 10, 1999- Corrected some mistakes. Added this

Version 3.0 Jul. 19, 2001- New email address. Changed Intro/End.

               _____General Hints and Tips_____

 *Think of the cookies on the edges of the rows and columns as 
  being side by side. For example, if a cookie on the top of a
  column is moved up, it will appear on the bottom of that column.

 *Each time you eliminate 15 similar cookies, you will receive 1
  Yoshi cookie. Use the bottom-right graph to see when you get a
  Yoshi. Once a row of bars fills up on the graph, the whole row 
  will turn black and you will recieve Yoshi.

 *Remember that the cursor moves the whole row or column of cookies,
  so you don't have to have the cursor directly on the cookie that 
  is being moved. Just on the row (if it's being moved left or 
  right), or the column (if it's being moved up or down).

 *If you have gotten past round 10, you already know the code for 
  Power Play (rounds 11-99). If you haven't, here it is: On the 
  menu screen, set the round on 10, the speed on high, and the music
  on off. Press up and select on the round setting to go to round 11,
  and press select to go higher. Once the code is done, you can 
  change speed and music (new "A" tune). The new characters are 
  goomba, mushroom, ghost, piranha plant, blooper, and shell.

 *In Power Play mode, there is 1 one shell, which you must get rid
  of. Since there is just 1 shell, you can only group it with a Yoshi.
  Stock up on those Yoshis!

               _____Strategies and Techniques_____

 *To make it easier to get your number of cookies down, start grouping
  either just rows and no columns, or just columns and no rows. When
  you're down to 2 rows or 2 columns, group in the opposite direction
  to reduce your amount of cookies to 2 or 4 (or 6 in Power Play 

 *Another way of getting your cookie level down is by alternately
  grouping rows and columns until your amount of cookies is 2 or 4
  (or 6 in Power Play mode). That way oncoming cookies can't sneak
  up on you.

 *One way to get extra points and cut down your cookies quickly is
  by setting up chain reactions. There are 2 ways to make a chain 
  reaction: horizontally or vertically. There are also 2 styles of
  chain reactions: the close-up style (when you group a row or column
  that's in the middle, so 1 of the surrounding rows/columns will 
  close and then group) and the left-down style (when you group a row or
  column that is on the edge, then a row/column will have no cookie
  left on it that is different than the rest, grouping itself).

 *Because Yoshis are wild cookies, they behave in strange ways. If
  you learn all the ways that they act, you will do better in the
  game. One way they act is that they will take 2 types of cookies
  out plus themselves if placed in the corner of a 2 by 2 square.

                 _____What to Look Out For_____

 *Be prepared for oncoming cookies when you have a 2 by 2 square by
  having a certain cookie on the opposite side of the same one coming
  down. If you do this, when the cookie you want to group comes down,
  you just move the cookie up or over a space and you have it grouped.

 *In Power Play mode, if you haven't gotten rid of the shell yet and
  you have a 2 by 2 square of characters, it is possible that a group
  without any characters that you have to group with will come down.
  This is especially difficult if you're in a level with a fast speed.
  There is no way to avoid it other than getting rid of the shell, but
  if you know it's coming (which needs fast thinking on the later
  rounds) and prepare the best you can you'll be better off.

 *When you have mountain of cookies to group in the middle of a stage,
  no matter what, group them alternately (at least as long as they are
  more than 3 cookies wide/high). If this is done, your amount of 
  cookies will reduce evenly, so oncoming cookies won't do you in as

 *Although obvious, it is important to state that you should NEVER
  speed up oncoming cookies in later rounds, and Power Play mode.
  This shouldn't be done even if you're an expert like me (sorry if
  I bragged). This should be applied especially if you're trying to
  win on round-99 stage-10, and if you miss, believe me, it can be


               _____General Hints and Tips_____

 *Be careful not to accidentally attack yourself! The only time to
  do this is when you're helping the other player, trying to get a
  useful panic, or just wasting Yoshis (only works with the slave).
  The best way to avoid attacking yourself is by only using attacks
  that have just appeared. That way, you know that the attack won't
  change right when you use your Yoshis.

 *Just like 1-Player, use chain reactions. If you setup a chain reaction,
  you will recieve 2 extra Yoshis each chain reaction. See Chapter 4,
  Section 2, Technique 1 for details on usage.

 *Attack your opponent as much as possible. That's the only way to
  win, and sometimes, you can only group Yoshis. If you want to do
  a double attack though, forget it. If you attack when another attack
  is underway, the second attack will take the place of the first 
  attack. Just wait as long as you can to make sure the beginning
  attack is used long enough to do damage. By the way, would you
  like me to say "attack" again? (Couldn't resist.)

 *Be careful not to set off a Yoshi chain reaction. Chances are, you'll
  end up attacking yourself. To avoid this, all I can say is just make
  sure that you don't have 4 or more Yoshis near the cookies that you
  are grouping.

               _____Strategies and Techniques_____

 *Use chain reactions to help you, just like 1-Player. It works pretty
  much like 1-Player, but I'll explain once more. There are 2 ways of
  doing it: horizontally and vertically. But, unlike 1-Player, there's
  really just 1 style, the add-on style. That's when you group a row
  or column and then, you should have a whole line 4 of cookies in the
  opposite direction of the first line of cookies, the fifth one will
  appear for sure after you group the first group of cookies.

 *My personal favorite attack combonation, I call it the No-Yoshi attack.
  Despite the name, you really do need Yoshis, just not as many. First,
  wait until you and your opponent have 5 Yoshis. Then, slave the other
  person. Use their Yoshis to attack themselves. If you can tell that the
  opponent is setting a No-Yoshi on you, group as slowly as possible.
  That way, when they slave you, they'll have nothing to use against

 *I know I'm contradicting myself, but if you're an expert, try to
  make a Yoshi chain reaction. It's just like the above, only you
  use a line of Yoshis. The biggest risk is, the attack may change
  during the reaction. Just refer to Chapter 4, Section 1, Tip 4.

 *Although it sounds crazy, it may help to intentionally panic your-
  self. It's risky, but sometimes the panic attack will actually help
  arrange your cookies. The risks are obvious, I won't explain that,
  I just want you to know this is VERY risky, and only use it in a
  desperate situation. It does, however, freeze your time.

               _____The Ups and Downs of Attacks_____

 Description: Reduces 7 points from the specified player's meter.
 Ups: This can really be a game saver.
 Downs: Very bad if done to you.

 Description: Reduces 3 points from the specified player's meter.
 Ups: This can sometimes be a game saver.
 Downs: Fairly bad if done to you.

 Description: Adds 7 points to the specified player's meter.
 Ups: Almost always a game saver.
 Downs: Extremely bad if done to your opponent.

 Description: Adds 3 points to the specified player's meter.
 Ups: This is usually a game saver.
 Downs: Fairly bad if done to your opponent.

 Description: Scrambles the specified player's cookies.
 Ups: Can easily mess up your opponent's cookies. Will sometimes
 arrange your cookies for you.
 Downs: Can easily mess up your cookies. Will sometimes arrange
 cookies for your opponent.

 Description: Places a shield of 9 boxes with a ? on each, which
 obstructs your view.
 Ups: Opponent may accidentally use an attack against him/herself.
 Very confusing to beginners.
 Downs: You may accidentally attack yourself. Barely effects experts.

 Description: Lets you control your's and your opponent's cookies.
 Ups: Can easily mess up your opponent's cookie arrangement. You can
 not use it against yourself.
 Downs: Can easily mess up your opponent's cookie arrangement.


This FAQ can not be reproduced and used by any means of profit.
However, you may use it on your web page, but only if you email
me first, only use it on your web page, and give me FULL credit.
This FAQ is Copywright Little Man 2001.


Well, that's it. If you would like to E-mail me with questions,
comments or anything I missed, they will be gladly accepted and
responded to (if I have the time). My address is erichof425@hotmail.com
Many things will be added in the future, and I hope this will 
inspire someone to make an FAQ for this game, just like I did.

     Little Man