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So, will a new 72 pin connector fix this?

After many months of searching through junk shops and thrift stores, I finally got together a complete console. But when I put in a cartridge the console either does the standard blinking thing, or the starting screen and everything else is all jumbled up and crazy, I was wandering if this was due to the old connector or maybe the console itself was fried?

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Koopa64 answered:

Clean your system and games. Use rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips for the cartridges. Just wet a Q-Tip, run it along the edge connector on the cartridge, dry and let sit for 5 minutes before testing.

Cleaning the NES console is a bit trickier. It's just easier to open it up and clean it that way. All it takes is a small phillips screwdriver. When you have more direct access to the cartridge slot, use a toothbrush nobody uses with rubbing alcohol. Give it a good scrub and let it sit for a while before testing.

If the NES still doesn't work (well) after this, you can try replacing the 72-Pin connector, or bending the pins on your current one. You can buy replacement 72-Pin connectors off eBay for a few bucks. As for bending the pins, there's tutorials online, just use Google.
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Vegetaman answered:

Sometimes I have luck getting games to work that otherwise won't seem to by using a Game Genie.
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maydogg6 answered:

The reason a game genie will sometimes help the games work is because the board on the game genie is thicker than a normal game. This means that there is a better chance of making a connection, but it also means that the game genie will wear out your 72 pin connector much faster than just using games by themselves.

Your best bet is to use Koopa's cleaning tutorial posted above. Though I generally let my games sit for a while longer after cleaning before testing, but that's just me erring on the side of safety.
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