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Hyper Sports

NES 1985

Version:        1.0


Controls vary from event to event. Check the individual sections for how to
compete in them. On the main menu you can switch the controls around if you
prefer, I will use the 'A' selection as default action button in the

SELECT - Cycle through the menu
START  - Un-/Pause the game.

The game uses the 'Hyper Shot' peripheral to run in the Triple and High jump


The overall score is recorded after each event. The performance as well as
bonus points is mainly used for setting a personal best or comparing with the
second player.


There are four events to compete in, and you have to do them in the order the
game gives you. If you qualify in one event you will progress to the next
event. When you are done with each of them, the cycle restarts with a higher
qualification target.

Skeet Shooting:

World Record: 4300 pts

Qualify:      2400 pts
              2800 pts
              3000 pts
              3200 pts
              3400 pts
              3600 pts
              3800 pts
              4000 pts
              4200 pts
              4400 pts

There are two squares on screen which automatically target the disk flying in
its vertical line. Shoot with the a or b button for the left and right square
respectively. With each two discs the target will increase in size. The more
successive hits you get the faster the disks fly in. This means there will be
more targets in the 15 seconds but also more skill required to shoot them.

Be careful not to mistake your rifle with a machine gun. If you miss you need
to 'reload' first, which means it will take a while you can shoot again for a

The game start with a whole bunch of white disks coming from the left and
right, they are worth 100 points each. The blue disk is worth 500 and red 1000.
Getting those is a big step towards making the cut.

If you manage to shoot each single disk then a flying saucer will appear from
the right. Let it go by the right target and shoot it in the left target for
3000 points. A crow will fly in which can be shot with both targets for 5000
points each. This means the world record should be slightly above 18,000

Triple Jump:

World Record: 17m89

Qualify:      13m00

Start off by running really fast, bashing the Hyper Shot button. When the line
approaches, jump off with the A button. The best angle seems to be around 45
degrees. When you are about to land on the track, press the A button again for
another ~45 degree jump. After the third jump you will land in the sand box,
hopefully with a good enough jump to qualify. All depends on your speed, spot
where you took off and jump angles.

Should the last three digits on the distance be the same digit, you get an
extra 3000 bonus points.

This is most likely the first event you will get stuck when cycling through the
game. 18m is already quite hard to achieve, my best is just over 18m59.


World Record: 3500 pts

Qualify:      2500 pts
              2700 pts
              2800 pts
              2900 pts
              3000 pts
              3100 pts
              3200 pts
              3300 pts
              3400 pts

At the start you need to set the wind conditions. This will alter the
horizontal direction of the arrow. If there is no wind, you should shoot when
the white center ring is on the same horizontal line than the bottom of the
target picture in the top right corner. If you look at what I mean you will
notice and get used to this quite quickly. However, the target may also come
from the bottom at which point you need to shoot after the center is above the
score box.

The longer you hold down the shoot button the higher you will target. Look at
the target angle above your athlete. The perfect angle is 5.00 degrees.

You have eight shots to get a high score. The most outer ring on the target is
worth 10 points, whereas the bull's eye is worth 600 plus a "Nice" message.

If you get a bull's eye then sometimes a bunny with an apple on its head will
floats down, hit the apple for 1000 points and three extra arrows. The bunny
does not appear on the extra arrows as far as I know. With the bonus points in
mind, the world record is around 8,200 points.

High Jump:

World Record: 2m36

Qualify:      2m26

Start running as before, then jump close to the bar. Perhaps shortly after the
'a' of the nearby Konami banner in the background. Jump up and press the action
button to arch the back at the highest point with a 65 degrees angle. Then one
more time to lift the legs so you don't take the bar down with you on the other

If you successfully jump all three attempts a superhero will come and give you
3000 bonus points.

The jumping gets a little harder after a while, I would say the best world
record is around 2m44 or slightly higher.

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