__               __            _______________
                / /   __  _______/ /____  __   /__  /__  /__  /
               / /   / / / / ___/ //_/ / / /     / /  / /  / /
              / /___/ /_/ / /__/ ,< / /_/ /     / /  / /  / /
             /_____/\__,_/\___/_/|_|\__, /     /_/  /_/  /_/
NES 1990

Version: 1.0


A-Button:     Insert Coin, Bet

B-Button:     Finish Inserting Coins, Stop middle slot.

START:        Pull lever.

Getting started:

At the start of the game, you will need to insert coins to get credit. Press
the A-Button to gain 1000 credits each time. When you are done, press B to
complete. Then use the A-Button to bet 1 coin on a row. The first coin will
cover just the middle row, the second coin both the upper and lower row in one
go. Finally, the last coint covers the diagnoals. In other words, betting 3
coins will cover all possible combinations of rows.


When the slots have started spinning, you can choose to stop them at any point
using the A, B and Up buttons respectively. They spin too fast to see what you
will end up with, but it is some more interactivity and after all these slots
can go on spinning for a very long time.

Stop Left Slot:   Up
Stop Middle Slot: B-Button
Stop Right Slot:  A-Button

When the large red button is lit the game changes slightly. The smaller red
dots will come on one after the after until the red-light sequence has ended.
Basically in this mode you can bet on individual slot stops. Bet using the A
button and stop a reel. Individual columns pay out. If you wish to change your
mind about the bet, hit the B button a few times in a row. After the fourth
small light, the mode will return to basic slot spinning.

Object of the game?

Ah yes, there is more than just randomly pulling the lever. Your object is to
see some lewd pictures of girls posing. They will reveal more and more as you
win more money. The first picture seems to be appearing at winning 50 coins.
Thus continue playing and eventually you will see 'em all.


Payout Chart:
| Symbols:                             Cash: |
|                                            |
| 7       7       7                      x15 |
| SPADE   SPADE   SPADE                  x15 |
| BAR     BAR     BAR                    x15 |
| PLUM    PLUM    PLUM                   x15 |
| PLUM    PLUM    BAR                    x15 |
| ORANGE  ORANGE  ORANGE                 x10 |
| ORANGE  ORANGE  BAR                    x10 |
| BELL    BELL    BELL                   x15 |
| BELL    BELL    BAR                    x15 |
| CHERRY  CHERRY                         x 5 |
| CHERRY                                 x 2 |

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