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Super Pang

NES 1991

Version: 1.0


The aim of the game is to get rid of all balls on the screen. To do this,
they must touch your rope while it is being projectiled onto the ceiling. In
each level you must fill up your bar, which takes 6 balls.

You start the game with five lives. You get an extra every 15,000 points I
believe. Don't hold me on that, I haven't really figured out a pattern.

To help you with the game, there are many power-ups you can collect after
hitting objects.

Super Pang can be played with 2 players, but the single and multiplayer game
are identical. You more or less compete for a high score and take turns to beat
a level. There is, unfortunately, no co-op mode to shoot balls at the same

A:            Shoot
START:        Pause/Resume



Claw:         Ok not quite a claw, but it more or less sucks your rope onto
              ceiling for several sections or until something hits it. Pretty
              good advantage.

Single:       Your standard weapon. If you pick up the icon, it simply reverts
              to this.

Double:       It's possible to fire off another rope while one is still in the
              air. This makes for more rapid disposition of the balls. If you
              ask me, much better than the claw.

Gun:          Shoot fire bullets at the ceiling. It won't leave a trace so you
	      actually need t hit it directly. The upside is that you get two
	      bullets each time, so it is perhaps slightly better than the
	      standard weapon, but only slightly.

P:            Like the gun, but you can shoot unlimited times. Good if you are
              precise at shooting. Hold down the button for max usage. This in
              combination with a clock could be the end of the level in no time
              at all.


Clock:        Stops gameplay for five seconds, there is a counter on screen to
              let you know how much is left. Does not replace your other
              current power-up.

Sandclock:    Slows down time for a short amount. 10 seconds maybe.

Flame:        Take one-time damage without dying. You flash white when you are
              wearing it.

Dynamite:     Blows up each ball that isn't already the smallest size. This may
              backfire at you if you are not prepared or careless. I've found
              this to kill or put me into real danger more often than it's done
              good. So perhaps avoid this one.

1-Up:         1 extra life.

Each ball that is destroys earns you 100 points. Picking up power-ups is
worth 500 points each.


Level 1:
Hit the bouncing ball several times to remove it. It splits into four smaller
parts. Pretty basic stuff.

Level 2:
The ball bounces off the walls. When you hit one it will split and they go into
opposite directions, one following the same as it was going before. Watch out
as sometimes you may be cornered with no way out.

Level 3:
The level starts with four medium size balls, bouncing from one side to the
other. Get rid of a couple soon as dodging them is not so easy. When there is
only one of this color left, a red one will appear. This new one will bounce
from wall to wall like one the previous level. The blue one will be replaced by
another one as soon as it is gone, where as there are three more red on the way
too. You only need to fill your bar to progress, so concentrate on getting rid
of them rather then two at the same time.

Level 4:
There are already three bouncing balls when you start out. They are replaced
each time one is gone, so you have to deal with three all the time.

Level 5:
There is always a red one and blue one on screen. The first two will be
replaced by a blue ball, then two red balls and so on. As usual, blue bounces
on the floor and red on the walls.

Level 6:
The first red ball bounces really heavy. If you shoot it, two small red ones
will pop out on each side, and they are very fast. After four shots the red
one is finally gone only to be replaced with a green one. This green one is
bouncing off the walls. They are much easier to take out so once you got rid
of the red one you are in the clear.

Level 7:
Only red balls in this one, but the smaller they get the faster they are. So
get rid of these small suckers quickly.

Level 8:
Green bounces on the floor, whereas purple on the walls. They are each replaced
the their own colors after they have vanished. The small green balls are
extremely fast. Be careful.

Level 9:
The first two shapes are actually just small balls glued together. It's not
easy dodging the red one, that is your priority target. With one gone, a red
ball pops up. The small version of this one is again really fast.

Level 10:
The same as before, just purple balls and they bounce pretty fast. There are
always two, but that's about it for this level.

Level 11:
This is just like Level 1 but with 2 balls instead of one.

Level 12:
There is one floor bouncing ball, and one that bounces off the walls. They both
let loose two smaller versions when you hit them, instead of splitting up. Get
rid of the small versions quickly before there are too many on-screen. When you
managed to get rid of one, two new ones will appear! One is very large whereas
the second is just like the red one one you had before. These new ones are
splitting up however, like the most basic of ball, so they will also drop a
power-up. After two more balls are gone, a green wall-bouncing one shows up
again. Continue until your bar is full.

Level 13:
Just a couple of slow-bouncing balls. Get a good power-up and blast them away

Level 14:
It might not look like much, but this is a damn hard level. There are only
two bouncing balls, but they are huge and fast already at the largest size.
Pray for a good power-up early on and dodge those bouncing things as good as
you can. If you get a dynamite and leave 15+ smaller balls on-screen you are
pretty much dead within a few seconds.

Level 15:
This level starts interesting, with 2 rows of small red balls bouncing down
at you straight away. First get out of the way to one side, then take chunks
out of one string as you cannot dash underneath one of these if they come at
you. It is actually really easy to take out the entire row with the standard
weapon. When one is gone, a large purple ball appears. Then a red one. The
small red versions are much slower than the larger ones. This doesn't
necessarily mean they are less of a thread. After a few of these the level,
and the game, is already over.

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