Monster and Weapons guide for Quake
				  (plus a few tricks)
			            By Lord Zero
				      Version 1.7



1.- File History.
2.- Introduction(The first game that actually made it)
3.- Monsters
4.- Weapons(and a more effective way than just "shoot 'em up")
5.- Frequently asked questions.
6.- Some nice bugs.
7.- Some cheats.
8.- Some reasons to never use cheats.
9.- Credits(?)
10.- Legal stuff.

1.- File History:

-1.0 As I heard that Quake III was the last Quake that Id would do, I 
felt weird. I decided to write this thing. Everything's up.

-1.1 Found out what the hell is that dopefish. Also added some 
interesting info about secrets that's often overlooked

-1.11 Decided to play again the game in HARD to remember the old times. 
Since I haven't actually started playing it,I've just added another 
"Info" about the Dopefish. Since this version is not going to be 
released, the ridiculous small ammount of bytes added are justified.

-1.12 The same as above. I won't keep making new excuses, so you'll 
make your own mind for another version. Not released either... Also 
decided that I  won't write a Monster and Weapons guide for DN3d 
Atomic edition.
Finally, changed somehow the Copyright Notice.

-1.2 I can't believe it. Searching about the Dopefish has made me a 
Dopefish fan. That thing is cool. Added the final info about it, I 
don't think it can get any better than this.

-1.3 Some things over there, and several bugs added.

-1.31 Added an important note (well... not so important... but it's 
somewhat important ^_^).

-1.4 An ugly bug added.(07/29/2001; 22:20)

-1.5 Copyright changed. (08/24/2001, 21:10)

-1.6 Made some small changes here and there. Added some notes, and 
confirmations. And reformated the guide a bit (04/22/2002, 4:09)

-1.7 Changed my email (10/29/2002, 17:01)


2.- Introduction:

Welcome to my Monsters and Weapons Faq for "The First Game that actually 
Made it".

Do you remember the first person shooters before Quake? They were ugly.
They were good, but they WERE ugly.

Quake was the first real 3d FPS that, well, looked like 3d. The people who
have quite a long time in the PC gaming and Gaming in general will remember
how famous was DoOm when it came out. We all were totally shocked by it's
graphics, it's great levels, it's improvements over Wolfestein3d. It's
incredible "3d wolrd". But we all knew that it wasn't true 3d. It was 
something like 2.5d. Anyway, it was the best we knew and we all liked it.
However, this would change after awhile. We saw games come and go, Duke 
Nukem 3d, Blood, Powerslave, System Shock, and you make the call.Then Quake

Quake didn't had the same impact on anybody's life like DoOm did, but it
was extremely sexy and fun, and had a great multiplayer enviroment. It had
a great atmosphere, and was quite hard, also, it was so impressive, that it
quickly became the best FPS of the time. It remained as a great game, and
I want to express my tribute to this game. An incredible game that deserves 
the best of the memories.

NOTE: If you love Quake, then you probably love DoOm too! Go check my 
DoOm Weapon and Monsters guide on 
Also I've written a complete and comprhensive guide to finish this game.
Hope you enjoy it since is a work done with heart.


3.- The Monsters: Quite probably one of the best enemies list of any game,
Quake had a very select group of enemies destined to annoy you as much as
they could. They are quite violent and bloody, so be ready. Remember they
are not supposed to appear in big packs, so when they do, your better get 
outta there.
*And remember! They are still from hell!*

-Common enemies:

Rotweilers(Little doggies with very big teeth=):
The easiest enemy. They move around a lot and can become quite a nuissance,
but most of the few times they appear they are very easy to spot and take 

Grunts(Ugly guys in brown suits):
One of the most annoying enemies in the whole game. They are ussually easy
to kill, but sometimes they come with Enforcers around and can become a 
real problem. However, they are still quite easy to wipe out.

Enforcers(They are probably as ugly as the enforcers but you can't see
their faces. Guys in brown suits with a helmet):
A dangerous encounter. They can take up to 5 shotgun shots, and can deal 
an incredible ammount of damage with ease. Should be the first targets 
of the battlefield, and keep an eye on their shots, since they are quite 
big and so you can dodge them with some time.

Knight(Small guys in armor with a sword):
Quite fast, and have an interesting feature that you will learn to hate in 
the game. When they attack, the life meter will drop in a very impressive
way and the screen will turn red. Most of the time it's light red, but when
three of them hit you at the same time, it goes scary and dark red and you
will probably jump of your chair.
They are very easy to take down since they have to run toward you to hit 
you. Kill 'em with whatever you have (Interesting Axe-fighting action)

Death Knight(Very big guys in armor with horns on it's head):
One of the hardest enemies of the game. They go towards you to slice and 
dice you and if they can't, they don't have any problem to use the fire 
magic to bring you down. This makes them very hard to kill, the best 
strategy I have come to kill them (Besides the trick I will tell you 
later) is to use the super shotgun(If you have the Super Nailgun just 
fire away) and go near them, shot them, go back, go forward, shot them, 
and so, until you kill them.

Rotfish(The only fishes in the game, actually):
Small and incredible annoying to hit.They go down on several hits, but 
they tend to cluster over you and make you lose valuable life when you 
kill  them. Be careful not to drown.

Zombies(almost skinless things which do a lot of weird sounds):
"Thou canst not kill that which doth not live"(Quoted from Quake's manual)
And since a zombie is a reanimated corpse, well, you can't kill them. 
The only effective way to stop them is to use an explosive device (Read 
rockets) and blast them to high hell.
They are quite annoying. There's a certain level (IIRC, it's the 
second one of the third dimension, the Vault of Zin) where there are 
many of them and the grenade launcher it's not exactly at hand.

Scrag(Flying giant fishes):
Quite probably the most bothering thing in the whole game (along with
ahem...the fiends.), since they are flying, do weird sounds, and can do 
an impressive ammount of damage if you don't treat them right. The 
Nailgun it's  perfect for them, but as I have read somewhere, they can 
bring you back great memories from good 'ol DoOm with the axe.

Ogres(Big fat guys with a *chainsaw* in one arm, and a little gun in 
the other):
A very common enemy, but a dangerous one nonetheless. Meanwhile they 
are  always alone in the first dimension (Dimension of damned), from 
the second one to the rest of the game, they are always present annoying 
you as much as 45 flies in a closed room.
There's even a really nice level named "Ogre Citadel", one of the hardest 
in the whole game, exactly because of these guys.Their main power, 
besides the chainsaw and the grenades, are the fact that they are hardly 
stopped by anything, you can be firing away nails at them, and until 
they are killed, they will be firing grenades at you or trying to tear 
you up. Rocket them away.

Spawn(Big purple blobs jumping around):
They are dangerous. Really. They will jump at you to hit you, and when
they are killed, they explode! Get away from them!

Fiends(Big things with horns and a big head):
The most dangerous enemy in the whole game. They can kill you in two 
jumps, and like the ogres, they are quite common. Keep 'em seperated 
(wheeeeey! No pain no mind!if you're under 18 you won't be doing any 
time-ime, wheeeey, keep inside and play quake!)(haha!, I'm weird).
You must make them fight you alone. While I have managed to kill two of 
them and two ogres with the rocket launcher in a medium room with 18 
hit points, it took me a *LOT* of tries to do it, and I can say I'm a 
good player, they can easily cut you in two pieces. It's no easy to do 
this, but keep in mind that they will almost always jump at you to open. 
Soooo, try to go back and  keep a door between them and you, and fire 
rockets away at them.They won't probably get pass thru the door, and 
you have saved your behind. If you can't do that, use the super 
Nailgun, or you won't survive.

Vores(Spider-like things, you'll know 'em when you see 'em):
Another annoying enemy. While they aren't exactly resistant, they shoot 
a purple spike thing that floats towards you at medium speed, and will 
follow you wherever you may go. I think that you can actually shoot it to 
make them explode, but since I can't still prove this, you better run 
away. I'm sure it will explode somewhere away from you... sometime. 
Anyway, the best bet is to kill them fast, and keep in mind of how 
annoying they can be, that in normal and easy settings, they appear 
first in the LAST level of the second dimension...

Shamblers(Big white teddy bears with lots of blood on them):
The toughest thing in Quake's universe (Right after Shub-niggurat and 
Chthon) it takes a lot of hits to bring down. He uses basically a short 
timed thunderbolt as a ranged attack, and as melee, a bloody claw attack. 
Best of all (go figure), they only take half damage from rockets and 
grenades... SuperNailGun all they way. Strafe around to make sure the 
thunder bursts are short, and as interesting tidbit, they can fail 
their lighting attack (Means he will not fire at all) if good super 
shotgun shot finds on it's way the shambler's face when he's about to 


-Chthon(Incredible big red thing with something that seems like scars on 
its incredible big face):
Cthhon will only attacks you throwing lava stones at you. At nightmare 
setting it will probably never miss, but in lower levels the balls seem to 
fail almost always if you keep running around.
Probably there's some remote way to kill him with normal weapons (About 
3 hours shooting away?) but the best thing to do is press the two 
lateral switches in the upper level, the one that's directly upside of 
the place where the rune's supposed to appear (The place in front of 
where you appear). That will fry him. In easy skill you only have to 
fry him once, but in the others it's three times.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.3: Chthon IS NOT KILLED if you shot the Thunderbolt
in the lava pool.

-Shub-Niggurat(very ugly thing in the center of the last level, with 
tentacles on it's head):
It's bad, it's ugly, it's Quake's real face. And it's hard to kill.
She's not actually that hard, but there are many shamblers and vores 
around this level, and they are. The way to kill her (without being 3 
hours shooting away at her), is to wait for the spiked ball that floats 
around the level(It's white, unlike the vores') to pass inside her, and 
enter the transporter at the end of the road. She'll die and you will 
finish the game.


4.- The Weapons:
Quake has an apocalyptic arsenal that would make several games quite a
walk in the park. First of all, you start with a shotgun... Against the
bestiary present in Quake, however, it's quite possibly a simple couple
of pea-shooters... Still it's the way to comunicate in Quake with the
mosnters and you are very communicative.

Axe: fun thing to use against the knights (makes me feel like I'm a Grunt
from Warcraft) but it's not really a recomended weapon to use against
anything that can actually shoot something at you(even it's own limbs).
It uses no ammo, of course, and it's a very last resort (It's highly 
unlikely you would run out of shells...)

Shotgun: Compared to other game's first long range weapon, it's incredible.
But in Quake, it sucks. Basically, you use it until you get the super 
shotgun and throw it to waste.

Super Shotgun: Very powerful weapon (grunts die within one shot) and 
ussually a good close-up weapon. As almost any game's double barreled 
shotgun, it's terrible from long distances, since the pattern of the shot 
it's veeeeeryy wide, and will often miss enemies from far away.It's also 
extremely slow (almost as much as the rocket launcher), so be careful 
when you use it. (This weapons is the worst one in the late levels. It's 
so slow that it can leave you incredible open to Fiends and Death Knights. 
Better try to stay not dependant to it)

Nailgun: Probably the second to best weapon to use in the single player
game. Eats Scrags, Fiends, Knights and Ogres like a hot knife thru butter,
and the ammo gets very common in the two last dimensions.
However, It's doomed since there's a SUPER nailgun that's waaaaaaay better.

Super Nailgun: The best weapon to use in the single player game, and 
quite a good one in Multiplayer. It shoots twice as fast as the nailgun, 
and that makes this one the ussual Vore and Shambler eater. The only 
problem is that it eats also ammo like hell, so it's not a good idea to 
go hanging out in the dimensions with this thing out.

Grenade Launcher: A very fun weapon, and it quickly becomes one of the 
most trustful weapons in the game. It shoots grenades that explode 
after it hit somebody (Including, of course, you), or after a time of 
being lying around. The can bounce off walls, and when you know there 
are enemies at the other side of a corner, it's a great weapon. As 
Powerful against the enemies as the Rocket Launcher.

Rocket Launcher: The best weapon in Multiplayer, and quite a good one in
single player game. It's best quality is that it rarely runs out of ammo,
and it's one of the two weapons that can take out Zombies. Also, it's
quite powerful, and it's splash damage it's somewhat greater than the 
Grenade Launcher, and well, it travels longer. A Weapon to choose 
against Vores, but since Shamblers take HALF damage from explosives, it's 
not an enemy against them.

Thunderbolt: The most powerful weapon in the game. It shoots a bright 
lighting forward that almost instatly travels all the way to a wall. It 
can take out several players at once, but the guy can be standing next 
to it and receiving no damage, it's quite frustrating. However, it can 
be used either defensive (Enemies tend to run away from this and zig 
zag frenetically) or offensive (Run and shower them with lighting!), 
but it's ammo ends very fast. Don't use it on water unless you want to 
experiment a shocking death.


5.- Frequently asked questions:

Q.- What is Quake?
A.- Go away again. I'm not gonna aswer what's Doom, neither will I answer
what's Quake.

Q.- The enemies are easy! Easier than Doom! What are you talking about?
A.- Play on Hard or at least Normal. I'm surprised of how much people 
talk about being gods in a game they have spend 6 hours playing and ended 
it on the easiest difficulty.
Once I was playing Deathmatch with with a bot in the first map (The one 
with several portals to different difficulty level), and it said "I'm the 
best!!!" then it tried jumping the lava pool in front of the Hard entrance, 
and it fell into the pool. It was so ironic that it was funny.

Q.- Is there any easy way to find secrets?
A.- Hmmmm... there's actually. Do You remember the sound when Quake gives 
you any info,or when you say something in Multiplayer? Well, sometimes 
(Probably always, but I haven't noticed it), when you pass near or above 
a secret, quake plays that sound. It's weird, and most of the time you 
won't even notice about it (I just noticed about it a few days ago), but 
if you do, take a look around.

Q.- Are the enemies affected by enviroment traps in Quake?
A.- Some can affect them and others no. First, all traps that are meant 
to hurt the player can hurt monsters too, like spike shooters, crushing
ceilings and so.
It seems like Water, Slime or Lava doesn't affects them at all. I once 
stared at the monitor for about half an hour seeing if a Grunt could get 
drown but it didn't died. Also I once trapped a Scrag under the water for 
a long  time but it didn't died.
They can't be affected even by Slime or Lava. Once I throwed a Death 
Knight into a lava pool, then got inside with god mode and he was still 
there, thrashing the hell out of me.

Q.- Where's that increible hard to find Nightmare skill setting?
A.- In the introduction, enter any skill level. The go to the pool 
that throws you down to the last episode. As soon as you enter the pool, 
backpedal until you can't go back anymore, and let yourself fall. You 
will land in  a wooden beam, where you go to the left, and go into that 
corridor. There's the final skill, and it's quite a nightmare.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.3: If you go here playing multiplayer you'll end in
the hall that leads to the last level. You can find a 100 Health, and 
the rocket launcher.

Q.- What does "The Well of Wishes awaits in the Crypt of Decay" Means?
A.- This is something that puzzled the hell out of me for a long time, 
until I found that it gives a clue to the super duper mega secret in the 
Crypt of Decay, the next question.
For those who don't know what I'm talking about, go find the nightmare 
entrance, and fire the face that's above the ladders (Not the one 
BEHIND the ladders) and the message will be displayed.

Q.- What was that fish that I saw in the Crypt of Decay(E2M3)?!
A.- He's a Dopefish. Don't ask me what is it.
He's found after you hit the corridor with the Spike shooters, turn to 
the  left (Coming from the spike corridor), and you will notice a little 
thing moving on the dark corner. Jump there, grab it (It's a Quad Damage) 
then look to the left again. There's an small road that you must follow. 
At the end, you'll see another corridor with a couple of goodies, then 
at the end a very suspicios "Well". Go inside. That's the Well of 
Wishes, and there's a picture down there of a very weird fish with big 
teeth. He's the Dopefish. In any other game, he may be breathtaking and 
even funny, but in Quake he looks creepy and it's quite disturbing.
There's also a couple of items (A pentagram and the suit), and you can 
leave shooting the wall to the right of the painting. It seems as 
this thing was in the Introduction in the beta versions.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.1: The Dopefish was actually some character from 
Commander Keen, a series of shareware games pretty much like Duken 
Nukum I & II. I played two of these, one in some space station and 
another in some far and ridiculous planets. It was pretty boring, 
but it's interesting to know that Id still remembers it's old games.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.11: As Much as I try it, I just can't remember 
this thing being in the Commander Keen series. Probably is because the 
game was so incredible boring that I simply deleted it from my mind...

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.12: Gone into a painfully long journey to see what 
was that "Dopefish" present in Duke Nukem 3d (I don't know why is such 
stupid game found in my PC).
Found it. It's just an stupid message "The Dopefish Lives". Had to 
throw myself into a Lava Floor from about 100 meters to find it.
My next journey will be to found any actual info about this fish. I 
just can get it out of my mind.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.2: Ok. The Dopefish was a very big green fish that 
appeared in the Commander Keen 4. I've never played that one.
Bassically, you had to run away from it, you couldn't kill it, and the
only way to stop him was to make him eat little fishes.
This thing is very popular, and after all this time, I've become a 
huge Dopefish fan. I love it. The games still suck anyway. I will make 
a Web Page about it ;) (inside joke... don't worry about it...)

Q.- I got telefragged!... But I wasn't Killed!
A.- This seems to happen once in a while. My best is that the enemy 
stomped you ^_^.

Q.- Which level has more enemies?
A.- I honestly don't know, but I'm almost sure that is "The Elder God 
Shrine" (E4M3) since it has an incredible ammount of Zombies in the 
"graveyard" and has over 100 enemies.

Q.- Which is your favorite weapon and Monster?
A.- my favorite weapon it's of course the Rocket Launcher, and my 
favorite monster should be the Fiend. It's great. Too bad the 
equivalent of them in Quake II are some stupid big mutants that aren't 
nearly as hard to kill. (But, of course, the most scary thing in the game 
it's still the Dopefish)

Q.- Which is your favorite level and episode?
A.- By Far, my favorite episode (And quite posible the best episode, 
at least in my opinion), it's the Last one.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.31: I've found my favorite level: Nameless City. 
Has the best sniping spot in the game ^_^.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.6: I've changed my mind: The Tower of Despair is 
much better!

Q.- Are there any special tricks you use when you play?
A.- Yes, Actually, unlike Doom, this engine has quite a few ways to 
improve your playing (At least they work for me).
First, there's an interesting (and very risky and stupid:) thing to do. 
If you noticed it, you may know that most monsters on Quake take a 
ridiculous ammount of time from starting shooting at you, and actually 
shooting the  attack (Go find a Shambler and see it shooting at you 
and you will understand what am I talking about). So, if they are 
in front of you, next to each  other, but sorta separated, you can 
try and run between them. If you're  lucky, they will finish the attack 
when you are inbetween them, and they will hit it's partner. They will 
inmediatly start the fight, but don't fire at them or they will go 
after you. This takes some practice to make it work (It's not easy) 
but it's pleasant to the eye, and it's fun to see a Shambler fighting 
an Ogre. Looks extremely fun and... hmmm... weird. Try to calculate 
how much time does each enemy require to get up it's gun and lock on 
and fire at you. The Grunt it's quite fast, while the Shambler takes a 
hell of time to raise it's arms and finally shooting at you. Don't try 
it on Fiends or Spawns.

NOTE FROM VERSION 1.3: Well... Duh...

Second, I just love to find a closed room with an small entrance, and 
find Fiends and make them follow me there, and watching them trying to 
enter. It's one of the best ways to kill them, actually. Luring them 
this way makes them easy opponents.
Third, Try to use the Rocket Launcher aiming to the floor, specially 
against fiends. These fast enemies can easily dodge your shots, and it's 
always a good idea to practice this way for Multiplayer encounters.
Fourth, when facing Vores, RUN AWAY! you gotta have enough room to 
move  around, yet you need to have something to make the spikes ball 
lose time going around it to avoid receiving so much damage. Put 
something between them and you.
And finally, there's always GOD mode. There are many ways to find to 
kill a monster, and it's up to you to find them. Quake's enviroment 
makes for interesting strategies (I once managed throwing a Shambler 
down to the water  pit in certain level, and got rid of it much later).

Q.- How do you play in Multiplayer?
A.- I'm probably an sniper. I really like go finding a weapon then 
finding out a good place to hide while people hack each other to 
pieces, then I go in to finish them off. Most of the time, however, 
I go around killing whatever I find.
I'm this way on any FPS on the net, from Quake to Quake III, pasing 
thru Unreal Tournament.

"Q.- Don't you worry that Quake teaches people that all problems 
can be solved by the misuse of deadly force? 
A.- No. "
(Sorry Id. I had to put it. It's so damn funny. Quoted from the game's 


6.- Some Nice Bugs:I need help in this section. I haven't been able to 
cause many bugs in this game, let alone find actual bugs. Any bug you can 
find please email it to me (if you want, of course) to

NOTE FROM VERSIONS 1.3: Besides the "arised from hell" and the Shub
Niggurat bugs, the bugs happen because of the game's 3d engine, since it
has many "rough edges", which are very hard to find when testing out. 
Unlike things like the Pain Elemental and his skulls bugging out Doom II ^_^.

Arised from Hell: type in "give health" in the console. You'll be dead, 
but not dead. You can still be killed. You can move around by going into 
god mode, and shoot with the rocket launcher. You can jump, shoot, change 
weapons and look around. Really weird.

Let me pass!!: In the last secret level "The Nameless City" (E4M8), if 
you play on Normal (probably in hard too)(not sure about easy or 
Nightmare), there's a point where you appear on a big dark hall, and 
some Fiends and a Shambler appear (There to kick you sorry ass, this 
place's hell),  _most_ of the time, the Shambler telefrags the Fiends! 
sometimes one, sometimes two of them. Looks amusing ^_^.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.6: Yes, it does happens in hard mode, and is much 
more likely in Nightmare.

Trapped!: Fiends and Spawns have a nasty tendence to get stuck in the 
scenery when jumping around. Id says that it's fixed in version 1.06, 
but they get stuck anyway, but it's easier for them to get out. I 
guess  that's the "fix".

Shub-Niggurat's Revenge: Sometimes, in earlier versions, when you 
killed Shub Niggurat when the spike ball is not _exactly_ inside her, 
the game would crash, preventing you to finish the game.

Lazy Zombies: In earlier versions, the zombies had another nasty 
tendence to stay down when you didn't killed them. In the last version 
it's extremely rare, but it happens.

Ebon's fortress bug: For some unknow reason, one of the Scrags which are 
supposed to attack you while you go above the sliding plate is never 
triggered, and if you kill it, it stays floating whereever you killed it.


7.- Some Cheats: All cheats are typed into the console, which you bring 
down pressing ~ in the keyboard, or  in any spanish-like keyboard or any 
key that's above the tab key and below the esc key.

GOD:God mode. Yum.
NOCLIP: no clipping (As tripping as ever!)
IMPULSE 9: All weapons (gives the Thunderbolt in the demo!)
IMPULSE 255: Quad Damage!


8.- Some reasons to not use cheats:

- You will find the Fiends easy (!)
- You won't like playing the secret level Ziggurat Vertigo.
- Trent Reznor will feel bad for making the music for a game that someone
doesn't like.
- You will say "Enemies in Quake are easy!"
- Your ass will be kicked like hell in multiplayer games.
- You won't know why you need the golden key in the Nameless City.
- You won't probably see the Dopefish.
- You won't know why it's so scary.
- George Bush likes playing without cheats.
- You will probably waste your time trying to kill cthon with the 
- You will be laughed at when you ask "Why did I fired my Thunderbolt 
and I died?" in multiplayer games.
- I don't like it.
- You won't need my walkthrough.
- You'll be a loser.
- You're going to end in jail.
- You're going to burn in hell.

(Send anything else to


9.- Credits...

-Id for making an incredible game, and the best multiplayer games in the 
wolrd. The only american game company that actually gives Blizzard a run 
for its money.
-Seuxis, for his faq about Duke Nukem 3d. There I found what was that 
Dopefish. I gotta play Duke Nukem 3d now to see the Dopefish there. 
Argh. What a torture.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.12: Found it. It's an stupid message.
-The Fiends.
-Me! I almost forgot myself!
-Toby Goldstone, for his great faq. However, I'm still waiting his next 
-and Id again for killing Quake now. It will become the legend it 
deserves to be...
-CjayC for running the best gamer site in the web and for still 
receiving my faqs without screaming at me.


10.- Legal Stuff:

This file is owned by Lord Zero (

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2001-2005 By Lord Zero (

The last version can always be found in
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