• Codes

    Enter in the following code in the console window after you press ''Enter'' and type in ''csmilton'':

    Adds indicatged objective to the journalcsao <number>
    Advance to indicated start point (1 is first, etc.)csgo <number>
    Advance to specified coordinatescsgo <x, y, z coordinates>
    All Angelic Powerscsrosary
    All Doorways Highlighted Yellowcsportal
    All Gunscsguns
    All Guns, Ammo, Health, Etccsstigmata
    All Itemscsitems
    Changes game timercstime <0-200>
    Clips mouse cursor to window in windowed modecsclipmouse
    Completes indicated objective in journalcseo <number>
    Disables 3DNow!cs3dnow!off
    Disables inactive player removal in multiplayercstimeouts
    Displays debug information-debug
    Displays framerate-showfps
    Displays multiplayer game info-mpquery
    Displays test message on HUDcsblah
    Enables 3DNow!cs3dnow!on
    Full Armorcsshroud
    Full Essencecsessence
    Full Healthcshealth
    Gives detailed weapon explanations during gameplaycsverbose
    God Modecsyhwh
    Hides auto-mapcsmapper 0
    Kill All Enemiescsvanish
    Load Mapcsmap <insert map name here>
    No Gravitycshost
    Quick Reset from Last Savecsback
    Removes inactive players after 120 second in multiplayercsnotimeouts
    Resets journalcsro
    Restores original key bindings-edkeys
    Sets ambient sound volume-sound <0.0-100.0>
    Sets dialogue volume-dialog <0.0-100.0>
    Sets mouse speed-mouse <0.0-100.0>
    Sets music volume-music <0.0-100.0>
    Sets screen brightness-intensity <0.0-100.0>
    Sets screen resolution-res <0-9>
    Sets viewing distance (120 is normal)-fov<number>
    Shows map and entitiescsmapper 2
    Shows map onlycsmapper 1
    Stop Timecshalt
    Toggles auto-mapcsmapper
    Toggles auto-map with specified scalingcsmapper <.01-.99>
    Toggles crosshair-xhair <0 or 1>
    Toggles enhanced speedcstourist
    Toggles footsteps-steps <0 or 1>
    Toggles framerate calculations-calcfps
    Toggles free look-look <0 or 1>
    Toggles hidden gun-hidegun <0 or 1>
    Toggles HUD text when HUD is in hide mode-camera
    Toggles inverted mouse during free look-invert <0 or 1>
    Toggles running-run <0 or 1>
    Toggles shadows-shadows <0 or 1>
    Toggles sound effects-sfx <0 or 1>
    Toggles text display-text <0 or 1>
    Wireframe Level Mapcswire

    Contributed By: MT0 and th3l3fty.

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