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Who is best suited to use the steal materia?

I am Having trouble stealing items from enemies.
I Fail like 90% of the time when attempting to steal. I'm only around level 15 and I have the materia on tifa and I was wondering if this is a level issue or if i should have the materia on a different character or if stealing really is this much of a pain in the ass. I've played through this game several times before but this is the first time I'm trying to steal things.

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cardshark1 answered:

Stealing is based EXCLUSIVELY on Level.

Speed, Luck, and all the other stats do not affect it. The higher your character's Level, the more likely the Steal will succeed. End of story.
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dantheman81 answered:

Usually Yuffie is but thats just cause she usually has an better speed and luck stat
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_0blivion_ answered:

The weakest attacking player like yuffie/tifa/aeris etc
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FleetCommand1 answered:

Yes, it seems level is the only factor that affects stealing chance. According to Terence Fergusson's Party Mechanics Guide version 1.10, this is the formula that determines the chance of stealing:
LvlDiff = 40 + Attacker's Level - Target's Level
If Sneak Glove is equipped, LvlDiff is capped at 100 minimum
LvlFactor = [512 * LvlDiff / 100]
Base Chance = Item Chance * LvlFactor / 256
If (Rnd(0..63) <= Base Chance): WIN ITEM!

In this case, Cloud is always the best person to do the stealing. His constant presence in battle causes him to have a higher level than anybody else.
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DrumGod_8 answered:

Ok . first level your characters up , master the steal materia and at disc 3 . go back to midgar , through excavating the key to sector five in bone village and buying it the sneak glove in the wall market . that would really make stealing so much easy and by the way the level affects stealing rate . hope it helps.
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DL_C answered:

to weigh in a couple years past the most recent answer, "Everyone" is the best person to use it... except maybe cloud, because of the reason FleetCommand1 suggested... when it rolls for item, it checks the foes loot slots, and if it rolls an item, it gives it to you; if not, it checks the next one... too high a level, or use of the sneak glove, and certain items cannot be stolen anymore.
--paraphrased from the ffwikia page on stealing; they use a Bagrisk for an example, and the Vagyrisk Claw rare steal as the item locked out, as the mob has Soft/Soft/Vagyrisk Claw for its steal slots.
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ekamown answered:

I think Yuffie fits it. Besides, it's her hobby anyway as part of storyline.

Remember when you try to recruit her (and fail) as well as try to enter Wutai for the first time?
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