Final Fantasy 7 - Frequently Asked Questions
                             By Matt Hobbs
                               Version 9.0

Note: This is by no means a walkthrough of FF7, but rather a troubleshooting
or secrets FAQ. Essentially, it's just a collection of the most frequently
asked questions. While originally designed to help people back in my days in
the AOL FF7 Chat Room, I eventually decided to turn this FAQ into something 
a bit more. Anyway... I've talked enough. On with the FAQ!

Table of contents:

 1. Revision History
 2. Ultimate Weapons
 3. Level 4 Limit Breaks
 4. Enemy Skills
 5. Increases
 6. Hard to find items
 7. Town Secrets
 8. Rare items from battle
 9. The secret characters
10. Chocobo breeding guide
11. Other Stuff
12. Rumors
13. Debug Room
14. Credits


O - Circle Button
S - Square Button
T - Triangle Button
X = X (Cross) Button

 1. Revision History

V9.0 - Removed an incorrect note that (*sigh*) confused many people... The
       Nibelheim safe code is now *below* the "Getting Vincent" section. You
       can all stop mailing me now... ^_^
     - A few more items added to the steal and morph lists.
     - Added a couple more places to learn a few enemy skills. They're both
       'the hard way', though...
     - Various corrections/additions to the debug room guide. Got the list 
       of Disc 3 FMV in Room 6. Well, I didn't have the patience to go 
       through all 50 FMVs in that list, as most of them hang the game 
       anyway, but I think I found all the working ones.

V8.5 - Cleaned up the look of the FAQ. Removed a bunch of un-necessary 
       exclamation points and such, to make the FAQ look...less newbie-ish.
     - Just about every section has been rewritten/added to, and most of the
       lesser tricks have been moved to the "other stuff" catagory.
     - "Level ups" and "Gaining Limits" have merged into one section:
       "Increases". Likewise, the Rare item steal and morph chart sections
       have also merged, and became "Rare items from battle". In addition,
       many early-game items were also to the steal chart.
     - Added some of my own personal comments to the enemy skill list, and a
       few special tricks. (Like how to get the Beta spell early on, an easy
       way to learn Shadow Flare, and an even easier way to learn Roulette.)
     - Made changes to various 'rumors'.
     - Changed "Kalm Secrets" to "Town Secrets", and included items/secrets
       in several other towns.    
     - Added an entire section devoted solely to the newly discovered "Debug
       Room". The funny thing's probably bigger than the FAQ itself.    

V8.2 - Changed the general look of the FAQ and added one new rumor (New
Spells), and one new hard to find item (Added Cut), as well as various other
minor corrections and changes.

V8.0 - Yes, I decided to update it. I only made some minor corrections this
time, because I had nothing new to add. I may continue to update this FAQ if
I can ever think of anything new to add.

V7.0 - The FAQ is new (to GameFAQs...anyway)

 2. Ultimate Weapons

This is a short list telling where to get all the best weapons.

Ultima Weapon - Cloud
This weapon can be found after defeating Ultimate Weapon.

Missing Score - Barret
Bring Barret on the raid to Midgar (Disc 2) and when you climb the 
Sister Ray, you'll find it in a green chest along the way.
NOTE: If you don't bring Barret, the chest won't even be there.

Premium Heart - Tifa
This can be found in Midgar, (Disc 2 or 3) after you've found the Sector 
5 Key, (see below for instructions on how to obtain the key) go to the 
Wall Market. In the item shop with the pink machine that shot at you 
earlier, walk up to it and push O, you'll get Tifa's Best weapon.

Princess Guard - Aeris
This can be found in the Temple of the Ancients in room "IIII".
(Some people say that the Umbrella is a better weapon. I, however, disagree.
 While the former weapon DOES have a higher attack power, it has no bonuses,
 and more importantly, NO materia slots! I find it better to sacrifice a bit
 of attack power for more materia.)

Limited Moon - Red XIII
This can be found in disc 3. Bring Red to Cosmo Canyon and talk to

Conformer - Yuffie
This can be found in the crashed Gelnika airplane. It's in a treasure chest
in the room near the save point in the upper right corner.

HP Shout - Cait Sith
An easily overlooked weapon. Return to the Shinra building during the raid
on Midgar near the end of disc 2 and search the lockers on the 64th floor.
(You may have seen it before during the first raid, but Cloud refuses to 
take it.)

Death Penalty - Vincent
Another easily overlooked weapon. After you get the submarine (or a green,
black, or gold chocobo) travel to a waterfall near a lake by Gongaga, and
with Vincent in your party, enter a secret cave behind the falls. You'll 
meet Vincent's old flame, Lucrecia and learn more about his past, return 
later to get Vincents LV4 Limit Break and The Death Penalty. 

Venus Gospel - Cid
This weapon can be gotten anytime after the rocket Huge Materia quest, 
return to Rocket town and talk to the old man who gave you the Yoshiyuki. 
(See below) Keep talking to him and eventually, he'll give you Cid's 
best weapon. 
(The Flayer is a few points stronger, but the Venus Gospel seems to do a lot
 more damage...)

 3. Level 4 Limit Breaks
This is probably common knowledge, but you need to have learned all the 
other limit breaks before learning these. That is, you need to have learned
all 6 (or 3, in Vincent's case), to be able to learn the level 4 limit 
break. Just being on limit level 3 isn't good enough.

Omnislash - Cloud
Win 32000 Battle Points in one trip (disc 2 or 3) at Battle Square in the 
Gold Saucer and buy this. 
Note: You can also get Omnislash in Disc 1, but it costs 51200 BP.

Catastrophe - Barret
After the North Corel Huge Materia quest (win or lose, it doesn't 
matter), talk to the woman in the house near the inn to receive Catastrophe. 

Final Heaven - Tifa
Found by playing the right notes on Tifa's piano (Disc 2 or 3).
(See piano chart above)

Great Gospel - Aeris
In Disc 2 or 3 getting this is a cinch, but by that time, Aeris is already
long gone... So, I'll tell you how to get it in disc 1: After getting the 
buggy, return to Costa Del Sol and drive the buggy *into* town, then talk to
a man on the docks and, for 100 Gil, he'll let you ride back to Junon. Leave
town and you'll see you still have the buggy. Drive it across a lake to the 
northwest of town and talk to the man inside and he'll tell you how many 
times you fought. (Sometimes he'll give you other trivial facts, like how
many times you've run from battles, and clues about Huge Materia. If this 
happens, just keep leaving and re-entering until he tells you how many times
you've fought.) If the last 2 digits of that number match up (ex. 255, 466, 
etc.), he might give you a key item called "Mythril" (if he gives you a Bolt
Ring or something else, just try again 'til he gives you Mythril). With this
item in your possession, pay a visit to the man who lives in the house to 
the north of Gongaga town. Sometimes, however, he isn't home. If this is the
case, just leave and progress a little further in the game. I think you may
need to have the Tiny Bronco first, but anyway... When you finally meet up
with him, he'll offer you one of 2 boxes. The big one by the bed only has a 
Gold Armlet in it; since you can buy these in stores anyway, this is 
pointless. What you *want*, is the little box upstairs, which holds Aeris' 
LV 4 Limit, Great Gospel!

Cosmo Memory - Red XIII
Found after defeating Lost Number in the Shinra Mansion after opening 
the safe. (See above for instructions on opening the safe.)

All Creation - Yuffie
Won after Defeating Godo at the top of the Wutai pagoda.

Chaos - Vincent
Found in Lucrecia's Waterfall (Disc 2 or 3).
(See above for how to find this and the Death Penalty.)

Highwind - Cid 
This is found in a treasure chest in the cargo room of the crashed Gelnika 

<None> - Cait Sith
Cait doesn't have a fourth limit break, or even a third one for that matter.

 4. Enemy Skills
Enemy skills are generally very useful spells, but getting them can 
sometimes be a pain... The general idea is to equip an Enemy Skill materia 
on someone, and have an enemy use one of the spells on that character. This 
sometimes requires you to use the "Manipulate" command on an enemy. Anyway,
here's where you can get them all, and what they do.

Name: Frog Song               MP Cost: 5
Learned From: "Touch Me" (Little greenish-brown Frog) in the Gongaga Area.
Learned From: "Poison Frog" (Little brown Frog) in the Ancient Temple.
Effect: Uses [Sleepel & Frog] on one enemy.
Comments: This isn't that good of an enemy skill, since quite a few enemies
          are immune to status ailments. Still, if it hits, the enemy is in
          trouble. ;)

Name: L4 Suicide              MP Cost: 10
Learned From: "Mu" (Little burrowing squirrel) Near Chocobo Ranch.
Learned From: "Trick Play" (Also a little squirrel) Outside of Bone Village.
Effect: Uses [Mini & Critical] on enemies with a level that is a multiple 
        of 4 (4, 8, 12, etc.).
Comments: Odds of this spell hitting are 1 in 4. Not the best odds, but you
          may be surprised who this works on... It's also necessary for 
          getting Chocobuckle. IMO, though, L4 Suicide is *better* than the
          aformentioned skill...

Name: Magic Hammer            MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Razor Weed" (Little tuft of grass) in the Wutai Area.
Effect: Drains 100 MP from the enemy and you gain it. 
Comments: This is a really great skill, especially later in the game when 
          enemies have lots of MP. Since most spells don't cost more than 
          100 MP, you can easily use this to restore your MP and don't want
          to waste Ethers. Get this as soon as you can!

Name: White Wind              MP Cost: 34
Learned From: "Zemzelett" (Green and white owl-like monster) outside Junon.*
Learned From: "Wind Wing" (Little flying dragon in the Whirlwind maze). You
              can manipulate them, but White Wind isn't on their list of
              spells. If you confuse them, however, they sometimes cast it.
Effect: Cures team; how much HP is restored = the current number of HP the 
        user has (ex. 9000HP = 9000HP restored); also restores status.
Comments: Another great skill. Make sure the caster has high HP, though.

Name: Big Guard               MP Cost: 56
Learned From: "Beach Plug" (Blueish-black leech) on the beaches outside of 
              Costa Del Sol.*
Effect: Casts [Barrier, MBarrier & Haste] on all members.
Comments: Yet another great skill. Barrier, MBarrier, and Haste, all at 
          once? You tell me. ;) It's only downside is it's high casting 

Name: Angel Whisper           MP Cost: 50
Learned From: "Pollensalta" (That magic using woman) in the North Cave; when
              the path splits, Go right to find her.*
Effect: Restores full HP, revives dead and cures any status ailments.
Comments: I had high hopes for this spell... Too bad it's not nearly as good
          as it's made out to be. Sure it restores full HP, but it only 
          cures one ally, and has a high casting cost. White Wind is usually
          better, since it's cheaper MP wise, and can restore more HP and
          affects the whole team.

Name: Dragon Force            MP Cost: 19
Learned From: "Dark Dragon" (Black dragon) in the North Cave.*
Effect: Increases defense and magic defense. (I'm not quite sure how this 
Comments: I'm really not sure about this skill. It's supposed to raise both
          defense and magic defense, but I, personally, never noticed any

Name: Death Force             MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Adamantaimai" (Giant Turtle) on any beach near Wutai.* 
Effect: Protects one member from instant death attacks.
Comments: Since this stops instant death attacks, it's great when used 
          against enemies who use lots of those spells. Too bad very few 
          enemies do... Still, it's useful if you want to learn Roulette.

Name: Flame Thrower           MP Cost: 10
Learned From: "Ark Dragon" (Little flying dragon) in the Mythril Mine.
Learned From: "Dragon" (Green dragon) in Mt. Nibel.
Effect: A basic fire attack on one enemy.
Comments: Just your average attack. Don't lose sleep if you miss this one.

Name: Laser                   MP Cost: 16
Learned From: "Death Claw" (Monster with a lot of claws) in Corel Prison. 
              (Disc 1 only)
Learned From: "Dark Dragon" (Black dragon) in the North Cave.
Effect: Cuts enemy's HP in half.
Comments: Ahh yes, Laser. This is one of my favorite Enemy Skills. It has
          the same effect as Demi2, but has a much higher hit rate and costs
          less MP. This even works on certain bosses! Don't miss learning it
          from the Death Claws, either, as if you do, you won't have another
          chance at it until Disc 3.

Name: Matra Magic             MP Cost: 8
Learned From: "Custom Sweeper" (Magitek-like robots) outside of Midgar.
Learned From: "Death Machine" (Looks like Custom Sweeper) In upper Junon.
Learned From: "Bull Motor" (Purple robot) in Corel Prison (Disc 1 only).
Effect: Non-Elemental damage to all enemies.
Comments: This spell works wonders early in the game for wiping out large
          groups of enemies. Later on, however, it's usefulness diminishes,
          as it does relatively low damage...

Name: Bad Breath              MP Cost: 58
Learned From: "Malboro" (Big mouthed plant) on Gaea's Cliff (Disc 2 Only) or
              in the North Cave; go right when the path splits.
Effect: Casts [Mini, Frog, Confu, Silence, Sleepel and Poison] on all 
Comments: Not as useful as it sounds, really. It causes lots of status
          ailments, but doesn't work that often... Still, when it does, the
          enemies are basically screwed. ;)

Name: Beta                    MP Cost: 35
Learned From: "Midgar Zolom" (Giant shadow snake) in the marsh near the 
              Chocobo Ranch.
Effect: Fire damage on all enemies.
Comments: A pretty good spell. You'll be using this quite a bit come Disc 2.

Name: Aqualung                MP Cost: 34
Learned From: "Harpy" (Three-headed monster) in the Corel Desert.
Learned From: "Jenova-Life" (The boss at the end of Disc 1).
Learned From: "Serpent" (Leviathan-like monster) in the Crashed Gelnika
Effect: Water damage on all enemies
Comments: This is basically a water version of Beta. Does about the same
          damage, but may be more useful, actually, as it's one of the few
          ways to inflict water damage.

Name: Trine                   MP Cost: 20
Learned From: "Materia Keeper" (Spider-like boss) on Mt. Nibel.
Learned From: "Godo" (Fifth enemy in the pagoda).
Learned From: "Stilva" (Red spider-like enemy) in cave at Gaea's Cliff (Disc
              2 only).
Effect: Lightning damage on all enemies.
Comments: A Lightning version of Beta and Aqualung. Well, it's a bit weaker,
          but also costs considerably less MP. Just a reminder, though...
          You *must* learn Trine from one of these three enemies while you
          have the chance, as no enemies on Disc 3 can use it.

Name: Magic Breath            MP Cost: 75
Learned From: "Stilva" (See above).
Learned From: "Parasite" (Purple leech) in the North Cave.
Effect: Fire-Ice-Lightning damage to all enemies.
Comments: Blah. That's all I have to say about this one. If an enemy is 
          resistant to even *one* of this spell's elements, it'll be useless
          against them. Not to mention that murderous casting cost... ^_^

Name: ????                    MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Jersey" (Scale like monster) in Shinra Mansion at Nibelheim.
Learned From: "Behemoth" (Purple monster) in The Underground of Sector 8 
              (Disc 2 only).
Learned From: "King Behemoth" (Orange behemoth) in the North Cave; go left
              when the path splits.
Effect: Does damage equal to the number of HP you lost.
Comments: This spell is useful if you: 1) Have lots of HP, and 2) Get hurt a
          lot. The maximum damage this spell can do up to 9998 damage. Not
          so great considering the other spells in the game, but for only 3
          MP, it's not half bad. It also ignores defense, making it quite 
          useful in the arena.

Name: Goblin Punch            MP Cost: 0
Learned From: "Goblin" (Little critters wearing boxing gloves) on Goblin 
Effect: Just a basic attack (but it doesn't cost any MP).
Comments: I didn't expect a whole lot of this spell. It's not as useless as
          it's made out to be, though, since it costs 0 MP and ignores

Name: Chocobuckle             MP Cost: 3
Learned From: "Chocobo" (One near the Chocobo Ranch or Mideel).
How to learn...
Step 1: Buy 3 Mimmet Greens at the Chocobo Ranch.
Step 2: Find a level 16 chocobo. (Use 'Sense' to see it's level.) 
Step 3: Feed the Chocobo all 3 Mimmet Greens. (You may not have to do this.)
Step 4: Cast L4 Suicide on it and It SHOULD counter with Chocobuckle.
Effect: Does damage equal to the number of times you run. (Ex. Run 50 times 
        = 50 damage)
Comments: If this spell worked the same way in the American Version as it 
          did in the Japanese version (current level * times you run = 
          damage), it would rule! Unfortunatly, it doesn't... If you want 
          this spell to have any sort of effect, you'll have to run from a
          few thousand battles. Don't waste your time with this one unless
          you have a *lot* of time on your hands...

Name: L5 Death                MP Cost: 22
Learned From: "Parasite" (See above) (Manipulate It)
Effect: Kills any enemy with a level that is a multiple of 5 (EX. 5, 10, 15,
Comments: 1 in 5 odds. Not good. And since you get this spell so late, it's 
          next to useless.
Name: Death Sentence          MP Cost: 10
Learned From: "GI Spector" (Blue ghost with long hair) in the Cave of the 
              GI. (Disc 1 only)
Learned From: "Sneaky Step" (Red four legged, spiked demon) also in the Cave
              of the GI. (Disc 1 only)
Learned From: "BoundFat" (Fat little yellow monsters) in Corral Valley.
Effect: Begins a countdown to doom...
Comments: Instant death spells have never been my cup of tea, really. Death
          Sentence isn't bad, though. It has a higher hit-rate than death,
          but it's usually just easier to kill the enemy normally than to 
          wait for the timer to run out...

Name: Roulette                MP Cost: 6
Learned From: "Death Dealer" (Floating card jester) in the North Cave; go 
              right when the path Splits.
Effect: Randomly kills one enemy or team member.
Comments: Well, if you're a gambler, you might enjoy this one, but 
          otherwise, don't waste time casting this spell.

Name: Shadow Flare            MP Cost: 100
Learned From: "Ultimate Weapon" (He uses it just before he dies).
Learned From: "Dragon Zombie" (Big skeletal dragon) in the North Cave; go 
              right when the path splits.
Learned From: "Ruby Weapon" (Waste of time trying, though)
Learned From: "Safer Sephiroth" (Again, waste of time trying)
Effect: Dark-elemental damage on one enemy.
Comments: A pretty decent attack spell. It usually does 9999 damage, but by
          the time you get it, so do many other spells... And with a cost of
          100 MP, you won't be going crazy using this one...

Name: Pandora's Box           MP Cost: 110
Learned From: "Dragon Zombie" (See above).
Effect: Non-elemental damage on all enemies.
Comments: This is like a mass version of Shadow Flare. It does similar 
          damage, and for only 10 MP more, affects all enemies. Use this one
          instead. Just be careful, The Dragon Zombie only seems to use 
          this spell once per game, so learn it while you can.

And thats it, all 24 enemy skills. A few notes, though...

Any skills labeled with a * require that you manipulate that enemy and force
them to cast that particular spell. After all, enemies aren't exactly going
to *willingly* heal you. :P

And then there're a few of my own tricks.

- Learning Beta -

Actually, with the right tricks, you don't *need* to wait until Disc 2 to
get this enemy skill. As long as you're on about level 20, and have at least
one character with over 700 HP, you can get this skill...but it's difficult.

You're gonna need one character with high HP (Cloud, Barret, Red XIII, Cid)
to give the Enemy Skill materia to, and make sure they're equipped with a 
Fire materia, and an Elemental materia in their armor as well. Also give 
this character a Restore materia, and it's optional, but you can also give 
him a Sense materia, to make the next few steps easier. Put any two other 
characters in the team, and give them Fire/Ice/Lightning materia that is at
least level 2. A Poison materia also helps here.

Anyway, now start the battle against the Midgar Zolom. First of all, don't
have the person with the Enemy Skill materia attack. He should be your 
healer, as the Zolom's attacks do 400+ damage. Anyway, start out by having
the character with the poison materia use Bio on Midgar Zolom. This should
poison it, draining his HP even more. Afterwards, just keep blasting the
snake with Fire2/Ice2/Bolt2, until he rears up. After this, he'll swat the
next character to attack him out of the battle, which is why you don't want
the character with the Enemy Skill materia to attack him. Now make sure the
person with the Enemy Skill materia is healed to full, and have the other
member attack the Zolom a few more times. He'll eventually counter with 
Beta. This will do about 600 damage to the person protected by the 
Fire+Elemental materia in his armor, and will most likely kill the other 
member outright. You will, however, learn Beta. Immediatly use it right back
on the snake, and if it's HP is 1200 or lower, you'll kill it instantly, and
thus, get to keep Beta. If Beta doesn't kill him, however, he will 
counterattack and kill you. If this happens, just reset and try again.

- Shadow Flare -

Since Ultimate Weapon only dies once (well, of course. ;), and Zombie 
Dragons cast this spell so infrequently, it's difficult to get Shadow Flare
on more than one materia... A simple trick, however, will allow you to get 
it on all four Enemy Skill materias at once. Simply equip all four materia 
on one member, and have him/her strike the final blow on Ultimate Weapon. 
It'll cast Shadow Flare on it's killer, and he/she will learn it. Upon 
closer examination after battle, you'll see that it's actually on all four 

- Roulette -

Roulette is an annoying spell to learn, given that there's a good chance
that the Death Dealers will kill *themselves* when casting it... A simple
but effective method for learning this spell, however, is to cast Death 
Force on everyone (team members and Death Dealers alike). This way, Roulette
won't kill the target, and you'll be able to try again to learn it as long
as you want.

 5. Increases

As in most RPGs, building up levels is a big part of FF7... Here're a few 
choice area.

Build Up Areas:

Disc 1:
After getting the buggy, return to Junon and go to the room below the 
elevator that Rufus used earlier and hit The red alarm box on the wall, 
monsters will appear in the room. These enemies range in anywhere from 
900-1500 Exp, 2000-5000 Gil and 100-300 AP, but can be quite tough for this
early stage in the game.

Disc 2: 
The crashed Gelnika makes a great level up area -- a single battle can earn 
up to 8000 Exp, 500 AP and a LOT of Gil. (Beware, most of these enemies are 
tougher than the ones in the final dungeon!)

Disc 3: 
In Sephiroth's cave (i.e. the North Cave) when the path splits, go left, 
then up. You'll be in a marshy area, there you can fight Magic Pots (8000 
Exp, 1000 AP and over 20000 Gil a piece) and Movers (0 Exp, but 800 AP and 
about 50000 Gil and they ALWAYS show up in groups of three.) Note: You MUST 
use an Elixir or Angel Whisper (!) on a Magic Pot or you won't be able to 
harm it... This is not a problem, however, if you know about the item 
duplication trick. (See below)

If you're looking to build limits, however, here's the deal. 

To get a new limit in the same level, use the original limit about 8 times.
For the level 3 limit break, you usually only have to use it about 6 times.
To build up these limits quickly, there are three options:

1) Fight enemies that do lots of damage. Good examples of this are the Death
Claw enemies at Corel Prison (with their Laser spell), the Dragons on Mt. 
Nibel (their fang and Flame Thrower attacks are *strong*!), and the Valrons
in the Nibelheim area. (Their Dive Kick attack does upward of 600 damage.)
2) Have Aeris use her second level 2 limit break "Fury Brand". This fills up
the other two characters' limit break gauges instantly.
3) A combination of both 1 and 2. :P

Well, now that that's out of the way... To gain a limit level, have the 
character whose limit level you want increased kill anywhere from 60-100 
enemies. This can be done rather easily by fighting in places where large 
groups of weak enemies show up. The forests at Junon tens to have groups of
five easily killed "Capparwires", Mt. Corel has groups of five "Search 
Crowns", and the forests in the Rocket Town area have groups of six "Battery
Caps". It would probably be in your best interests here to use an 
inexpensive spell that attacks all enemies. (Matra Magic and Trine are 
useful for this purpose.)

 6. Hard to find items
Though they're not exactly for the best items available, there are many hard
to find weapons, items, and materia in FF7. This list covers some of the 
more elusive ones.


When you first visit Rocket Town, talk to an old man standing just 
outside a house below the rocket, keep talking to him and eventually, 
he'll give you the Yoshiyuki, a weapon for Cloud that's not that great.

(Regardless of what that crappy book calls it, this weapon is REALLY called 
 the Umbrella, *not* the Parasol. (I hate those books... ^_^))

Not a very good weapon, but It's hard to find, so...
Go to the Gold Saucer, play the shooting coaster game, and score over 5000 
points. A task that's easier said than done, even for the best players. A
turbo controller helps, though. ;)

Note: You can only get the Umbrella in disc 1; you won't need it in Disc 2,


To get this weapon for Cid, just do the same thing you did to get the 
Umbrella: Get 5000 or more points in the Gold Saucer's Speed Square. 
However, you must do it in disc 2 or 3.

Note: The Flayer is actually a few points stronger than the Venus Gospel, 
Cid's ultimate weapon, attack power-wise. It doesn't have any special 
properties, though, so the Venus Gospel is probably better.

---Mega All Materia---

A very useful materia. It can only be found in the North Cave (disc 3) 
when the main path splits; go left then down to find this. It is hanging 
over a ledge with a waterfall behind it and you have to grab it while 
jumping (just keep pushing O while jumping).

---W-Magic Materia---

Also found in the North Cave, except go left and up to find it. Keep 
going until you reach a room with a white pit and a forest. There's a 
little yellowish stone near the edge of the trees. Take it, it's W-
Magic. Also before leaving, go to the pit and look for a spot that is 
slightly darker and push O, you'll get Counter materia.

---Final Attack Materia---

Another very commonly asked question.
This Materia can only be obtained in Disc 2 or 3 at the Gold Saucer Battle 
Square. After buying Omnislash and W-Summon, you'll be offered a chance at a
special battle that contains tougher monsters than the normal battle 
(including Proud Clod...Yikes!). If you manage to win the special battle, 
you'll get Final Attack materia as your prize, but only the first time. 
Every other time you win, you'll get crap like Dio's Diary and Gambler, 
which all have no use.

---Contain Materia---

You can get this materia in Mideel, just talk to the little white chocobo 
and give it a Mimmet green. (Note that the game says you're giving it a 
"Samolen" green, that's just another of many cases of FF7's bad 
translation.) When the lead character asks where he/she should tickle the 
chocobo, choose "behind his ear" and you will get Contain Materia. 

---Curse Ring---

You can also get this item in Mideel, but only before it gets destroyed.
Check the back door of the weapon shop to discover it's locked, then go 
to the house at the end of the bridge near the entrance to town and walk 
around to the right side of it. If you're in the right spot, you should hear
a faint click. Push O when you hear it to get an old beat up key. Return to 
the weapon shop and try to open the door with that key, and when the 
shopkeeper asks what's going on, just tell him the truth and he will give 
you the Curse Ring.

---FullCure Materia---

This can be found in Cosmo Canyon (disc 2 or 3), if you were at the item 
shop earlier in the game, you may have noticed a door behind the 
counter, but couldn't get there because a rope was blocking you. In disc 2 
and 3, however, that rope will be gone and you can get to the back room.
Check the green stone on the table to get FullCure, and check the bag on 
the floor to get a Magic Source and an Elixir.

---Guide Book and Underwater Materia---

These rare and unusual items are linked together, so I'll cover them 
both at the same time.

The Guide Book: This can be found in the passage leading to the undersea 
mako reactor at Junon (the underwater passage). Keep fighting until you 
meet an enemy called a Ghost Ship, you can Morph it into a Guide Book. To 
make this task easier, just use L4 Suicide. It'll drop the ship down to 
single digit HP, making it easy to morph.

Underwater Materia: Once you have the Guide Book, return to Kalm town 
and give it to the "traveler" in exchange, he'll give you the Underwater 
Materia which eliminates the twenty minute timer when fighting Emerald 
Weapon. Not necessary, but nice.


I'm really not sure exactly why, but this materia gets missed very often 
also. During the raid in Midgar near the end of Disc 2, Proceed as normal
until you get to the brown train tunnel, then, instead of going up to the
Sister Ray, head down, you'll keep passing repeating screens, and 
occasionally, you'll find treasure chests. (They all contain various 
"source" items.) Keep going down and you will meet Red XIII, ignore his
warning and continue going down. Eventually, you'll come to a dead end path 
with a save point and a yellow materia. This materia is, of course, W-Item.
Note that you cant go back any further...I'll bet this path would lead to 
the train tunnel blocked by laser beams at the beginning of the game...
(If you think going all the way down here to get W-Item is a waste of 
time, see the item duplication trick for a motivating reason to get 

---Added Cut Materia---

For some reason, I forgot to include this useful materia, which is easily 
the toughest one to find. To start off with, I'm NOT talking about the 
Double Cut Materia, this is a totally different materia altogether. It's a 
blue materia that allows you to use a physical attack after using whatever 
it's linked to. Added Cut is well hidden in the eastern side of the Great 
Glacier, but it's said location is hard to get to. There is a screen with 
four paths leading off the screen, one leads up, one leads down, and two 
paths lead to the left. The screen looks something like this:

   | ^|             I know this is a crude map, but it's the best I can do
   | ||             on Wordpad. Anyway, take the uppermost path and you
---    ---          should end up on one of those connection paths. Look
<-       |          closely on the ground and you should be able to spot a 
---      |          small blue materia lying on the ground. Since it is a 
<-       |          blue materia on blue and white ground, it is VERY easy 
---    ---          to miss. Ok, to make this more simple, just take the 
   || |             extreme lower path on the screen with the hot springs.
   |V |

 7. Town Secrets

A whole lot of the towns in FF7 have cool little secrets. Here're some of 
the more overlooked ones.

--- Midgar: Sector 5 Slums ---

- Main Secrets -

Turbo Ether: 
Yeah, even in this early stage of the game, you can claim a free Turbo 
Ether. In the house with the sleeping kid and the first Turtle's Paradise 
flyer, examine the small dresser near the door, and choose to search "the 
secret compartment between the drawers". You'll find a mere 5 Gil here, and 
will be asked whether to take it, or leave it. Your first instinct might be 
to just take it, but you'll discover that honesty pays off later on. After 
Sector 7 gets destroyed, return and talk to the kid. If you didn't take his 
money, he'll give you a free Turbo Ether.

Phoenix Down and Potion:
When at Aeris's house, examine the shelf just outside the bedroom where you
can rest to claim these two little items.

- Other Stuff -

The 'Fridge:
In the materia shop, you can annoy the shopkeeper by trying to open his 
refridgerator. You can never ultimately open it, but it's kinda fun to piss 
him off. :P

--- Midgar: Wall Market ---

- Main Secrets -

Phoenix Down:
If you weren't picked by Corneo to be for the evening, you'll be
able to pick this up easily from the room he throws you in. Otherwise, 
you'll have to wait until Sector 7 gets destroyed to grab this. Go inside 
Corneo's house, and enter the upper right door. On the right side of the 
room is a bag containing this.

Kinda hard to find if you're not looking for it. In Corneo's bedroom, search
behind his bed to find this.

- Other Stuff -

Free Kotch:
After Sector 7 gets destroyed, return to Corneo's mansion. Enter the torture
chamber where you met Tifa earlier, and you'll find Kotch trapped in the 
rack. Talk to him and he'll ask you to free him. Do so and he'll thank you
and run off. You don't get anything either way, though.

--- Kalm Town ---

- Main Secrets -

Look in the door below the stairs in the "traveler's" house.

Look in a closet on the right-hand wall in the house closest to the inn.

Go upstars in the house closest to the stairs leading to the shops, and open
the cabinet that is next to the locked trunk.

Guard Source:
In the middle building, go up the straight staircase and open the dresser 
next to the girl there.

In the same building where you got the Guard Source, climb the spiral 
staircase and open the treasure chest there to get it.

Go upstairs in the inn and then go around the stairs and search the shelf 
about 5 times.

- Other secrets -

The Window:
In the room where you got the Peacemaker, you can look out a window, just 
face the bright light in the wall.

The Dog:
In the room downstairs from where you found the Ether and the locked chest, 
you can open a closet and release a dog. Talk to the pooch and he'll run 
away. :)

--- Upper Junon ---

- Main Secrets -

Well, I'm sure you've probably already grabbed the various bottles scattered
around the shops, but did you know that you could also take those little
soldier dolls? There're two of them. One in the soldier's barracks in the
first part of town, and one on the third floor of the inn. They're just 1/35
Soldiers, though.

- Other Stuff -

In one of the rooms in the second section of town, you'll find a lazy
soldier laying on a bench. In the same room, there's also a silver trashcan.
If you examine it, you'll get the same message as you would if you talked
to the soldier. Just a bug... ^_^

The Alarm Box:
In the tunnel between the two parts of the city, there's a red alarm box. 
If you flip this during Disc 1, you'll activate an alarm, and will be 
randomly attacked in this hall by strong monsters. If you defeat the 
monsters, however, you'll be well rewarded. They give quite a bit of exp., 
Gil, and AP for this point in the game!

--- Costa Del Sol ---

- Main Secrets -

Free Items:
In the room just across the bridge, climb down the stairs and grab a Fire 
Ring, Motor Drive, and a Power Source (?) from the bags and such in the 

- Other Stuff -

President Shinra's Villa:
Why stop at just picking up the items downstairs!? If you're rich enough,
you may as well just buy the entire house! Go upstairs, and talk to the guy
laying on the bed several times. After pestering him enough, he'll get up
and offer to sell you the house. His price? A steal, at only 300,000 Gil...
As I said, unless you're really rolling in money, don't buy the place. If
you *do* buy it, however, the house acts as a free inn. Still, hardly worth
the price... ^_^

--- North Corel ---
North Corel is a boring place. The main secrets here are actually found in
the mountains behind the city.

- Main Secrets -

Phoenix Downs:
On the cliff just outside of the small room with the switch that lowers the
bridge, you may hear some faint chirping. If you climb up the cliffside, 
you'll find a hidden nest with some baby birds in it, as well as a 'secret
treasure'. If you choose to take the treasure, you'll have to fight a 
Cockatrice (Cocatolis...ugh), and you'll get ten Phoenix Downs as a reward.
If you choose not to take the treasure, and have Tifa and/or Aeris with you,
they'll like you for it. (Which only affects the date scene... Incidentally,
I'd rather have the 10 Phoenix Downs. ;)

Secret Items:
On the southernmost section of the mountain with the railroad tracks on it,
(not the rope bridge, but the screen above it), there is a little cave not
indicated by an arrow. If you walk to the peninsula where the tracks end at
the water, and turn right and walk behind the cliff, you'll find it. Inside,
you'll find a tent, and a few 'source' items.

- Other Stuff -

The Sign:
Umm... Well, this isn't much to go on, but the only real thing to point out
in the town itself is that the sign on the far west side of town that says
"Gold Saucer" wasn't there in the Japanese version of FF7. Umm...ok... ^_^

--- Gold Saucer ---

- Main Secrets -

Buying GP:
This is the only secret here. Every so often in the entrance hall of the
Gold Saucer, there is a man hidden in the shadows behind the gondola 
station. He's really hard to spot, so keep an eye out for him. If he *does*
show up, he'll offer to sell you 1 GP for 100 Gil. You can buy up to 100 GP
from him each time he appears.

Sprint Shoes:
Outside of Battle Square is a woman who ays she likes fighters, but hates 
those who're all talk. Impress her by entering the battle at the arena once
(anytime after the Corel Prison area, and the battle that Dio makes you 
fight doesn't count) and win, then talk to her again. She'll be so impressed
by your victory, that she'll reward you with a pair of Sprint Shoes! It's
probably common knowledge, but these footwear put the wearer in automatic
haste. Very useful throughout the entire game, so get this as soon as 

Prize Package:
While Chocobo Racing is about winning prizes in general, there is a secret
collective of prizes in the S Rank, for those who're good and persistant
enough. After making it to S Rank, just win between 10-15 races. (You can 
lose a few, but try to win more than you lose.) This is tough unless you're
using a Black or Gold Chocobo, as you usually race against Teioh, who is
incredibly fast and strong... After winning enough races, Ester will 
eventually reward you with a bunch of prizes: A Chocobracelet, A Precious
Watch (both armor, and relatively lame armor, at that), a Cat's Bell, a pair
of Sprint Shoes, and a Counter Attack materia.

--- Gongaga ---
--- Cosmo Canyon ---
--- Nibelheim ---
--- Rocket Town ---
--- Wutai ---
--- Mideel ---

(Coming soon.)

 8. Rare items from battle

It's probably common knowledge by now, but stealing can get you some 
rare and valuable items if you steal from the right monsters. Here is a 
short list telling what some of the rare items you can steal are:

SOLDIER 3rd      - Hardedge            
Bagnadrana       - Diamond Pin
Eligor           - Striking Staff
Harpy            - Striking Staff
Moth Slasher     - Carbon Bangle
Madouge          - Grand Glove
Custom Sweeper   - Atomic Scissors
Formula          - Boomerang
Death Claw       - Platinum Bangle
Dragon           - Gold Armlet
Adamantaimai     - Adaman Bangle
Marine           - Shinra Beta
Gigas            - Gigas Armlet
Dark Dragon      - Dragon Armlet
Epilonis         - Wizard Bracelet
Acrophies        - Water Ring
Serpent          - Water Ring
Snow             - Circlet
Underwater MP    - Shinra Alpha
SOLDIER 1st      - Shinra Alpha
Unknown          - Fire Armlet
Unknown 2        - Aurora Armlet
Unknown 3        - Bolt Armlet
Reno (Disc 2)    - Touph Ring 
Rude (Disc 2)    - Ziedrich 
Elena            - Minerva Band
Diamond Weapon   - Rising Sun
Schizo           - Protect Ring
Eagle Gun        - Warrior Bangle
Ultimate Weapon* - Curse Ring
Ultimate Weapon  - Circlet
Ultimate Weapon  - Reflect Ring

*There are four different 'versions' of Ultimate Weapon. You can steal a 
Curse Ring from him when you fight him at Mideel. When you fight him in the
watery crater outside Junon, you can steal a Circlet from him (but you need
a Long Range materia equipped to do so), and in any 'land' battles with him
(over Mideel, the Northern Crater, Gongaga, Midgar, etc), you can steal a
Reflect Ring from him. In the last battle against him over Cosmo Canyon, he
doesn't have anything to steal.

There are MANY more, just keep trying to steal from everything, who 
knows what you can find...

In addition to steal, some enemies can also be morphed into good items:

Cactuer          - Tetra Elemental
Ho-Chu*          - Ribbon
Master Tonberry  - Ribbon
Iron Man*        - Escort Guard
Mover            - Protect Ring

*These enemies only show up in the battling arena. 

Once again, there are MANY more.

 9. The Secret Characters
Another very commonly asked question, here's how to get Vincent and Yuffie.

---Getting Yuffie---

Step 1: Fight in any forest and Yuffie will eventually appear (in a 
random battle -- she'll be called "Mystery Ninja"). Defeat her and answer 
her questions as follows:

First of all DON'T use the save point, or Yuffie will leave.

Yuffie: You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let's go one more time!
Response: Not interested.

Yuffie: You're pretty scared of me, huh?
Response: ......Petrified!

Yuffie: I'm really gonna leave! REALLY!
Response: Wait a second!

Yuffie: You want me to go with you?
Response: ...That's right.

Yuffie: Alright! I'll go with you!
Response: Let's hurry on....

After this Yuffie will join your team, but she has a plan...

Note: If you give the wrong answer, or try to use the save point, Yuffie 
will run away and steal some Gil.

---Getting Vincent---

Finding Vincent is easier than finding Yuffie. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: First open the safe in Shinra Mansion (see below for code) and 
defeat Lost Number.

Step 2: After defeating Lost Number (easy kill), check the safe to get 
the key item "Basement Key". (And don't miss the easily accessed Odin 
Materia nearby either.) 

Step 3: open the secret door Cloud used in the flashback and enter the 
basement cave, once inside, open the Wooden door using the key.

Step 4: "Talk" to the coffin in the middle of the room; Vincent will 
awake and ask to talk for a while:

Vincent: What do you want? (This isn't exactly what he says.)
Response: Talk about Sephiroth.

They'll talk for a while, then Vincent will go back to sleep.

Step 5: Press O again and Vincent will reappear.

Vincent: What is it this time?
Response: Who are you?

Vincent will explain a bit about himself, then you'll get to name him. He 
will go back to sleep. Just continue on to the meeting with Sephiroth at the
end of the basement. When you start to leave, Vincent will appear and offer 
to join the party.

 10. Chocobo Breeding Guide
"How do I get a gold chocobo???"

I've heard this question too many times to ignore it, so here, in full 
is how to get EVERY chocobo. (Except a white chocobo; don't believe 
everything you read... you can't get one ^_^.) You can't start the breeding
process until Cloud rejoins the team in Disc 2.

(This is a long procedure, so I'll do it in steps.)

Step 1: Rent stables from Choco Bill for 10,000 Gil each, you can (and 
should) rent a maximum of six stables.

Step 2: Next, catch a "good" and a "great" chocobo.
To catch a "good" chocobo, just fight around near the Corel Desert (on 
the clawprints with a Chocobo Lure Materia equipped) and catch one, any 
one will do. To catch a "great" chocobo, fight around Mideel and catch 
ONLY a chocobo that is with 2 white wolf-like creatures. If you caught a 
male good chocobo and a female great Chocobo (or vice-versa) you're 
ready for step 3.

Step 3: Get 3 Carob nuts, you can buy them at the Gold Saucer for 500 GP 
each (yeah, right. ^_^) or steal them from a red dinosaur-like enemy 
outside of Bone Village; you need 3 of them.

Step 4: When you have the nuts, return and mate your "good" and "great"
chocobos with a Carob Nut, if all goes well, you should have a blue or 
green chocobo.
(Note: you may get either color, or just another yellow one, if this 
happens, just reset and try again until you get the one you want. Also,
don't be discouraged if it takes a long time to get a new color, it took me
over twenty tried once before I got anything relevant here...)

Step 5: Waste some time here, as it takes about a half hour before Choco 
Billy lets you mate chocobos again, so bring your new choco to the Gold 
Saucer and race him up to the "A" class (or "S" class, if you want). (Note:
Racing chocobos isn't necessary, but it helps to ensure that you get a 
better breed.)

After Choco Billy lets you mate chocobos again, mate one of the parents 
with the new colored chocobo and hopefully you'll get the other color 
(blue or green) that you didn't get before, once again, mate them using a 
Carob Nut. 

Then go race the other chocobo up to "A" class.
After this, release the "good and great" chocobos; you won't need them 

Step 6: Mate The blue and green chocobos using a Carob Nut, (hope they 
are of the opposite sex) and you'll most likely get a black chocobo. 
Race blacky up to "A" class too. (Notice a trend here yet?)

Step 7: Go to the area outside of Icicle Inn and catch a "wonderful" 
chocobo (In the clawprints, of course). You can find wonderful chocobos 
by catching only ones that are with one or two jumping white rabbits.

If the "wonderful chocobo" is of the opposite sex of the black one, race 
it up to "A" class then use a Zeio Nut (you can steal these from goblins 
on a small island north of Mideel) to mate it with the black one.  
Hopefully, you'll get a Gold Chocobo... It takes a lot of work, but it's 
well worth it! ;)

Note: When racing a chocobo, be sure to feed each one at LEAST 10 Sylkis 
greens. You can buy these from the Chocobo Sage, who lives in a secluded 
cabin in the Icicle Area.

---Choco Billy's chocobo report---
when you bring a chocobo back to the stables, Choco Billy says one of 7 
things. Here's what they all mean:

This...Is a wonderful chocobo!           (Wonderful)
This is a great chocobo!                 (Great)
Mmm, this seems like a good chocobo.     (Good)
Mmm, this ones not bad.                  (Average)
This is a pretty average chocobo.        (Average)
This one doesn't seem to be very good... (Bad)
I really can't recommend this one...     (Worst)   

 11. Other Info
This is a section for sections that I found too small to get their own

---Turtle's Paradise Flyers---
There are 6 Turtle's Paradise flyers located around the world, if you 
read them all, got to the Turtle's Paradise bar at Wutai to get a prize.
Here's where they are:

Flyer 1: This one can be found in the Sector 5 town near Aeris' house in
Midgar, Go into all the houses until you find one that has a staircase 
leading upstairs to a room with a sleeping kid inside, look on the wall 
to find the flyer.

Flyer 2: This is on the first floor of the Shinra building, go behind 
the stairs and read the papers on the bulletin board.
(Note: you can only get to this during the Midgar raids near the beginning 
of disc 1 and the end of disc 2.)

Flyer 3: This one is in the ghost hotel at the Gold Saucer, read the 
paper on the wall next to the item shop entrance to find it.

Flyer 4: This one is in Cosmo Canyon. Read the flyer upstairs in the 
"Shildra Inn". 

Flyer 5: This flyer can be found on a post by the "Tiger Lily arms shop" 
in Cosmo Canyon.

Flyer 6: After catching Yuffie and getting your materia back, go 
downstairs in her house and read the long, thin paper on the wall.

After finding all the flyers, you're still not done yet. Head for the 
Turtle's Paradise, and be sure to read the sign outside! After reading it
and all six other flyers, enter to claim one of each of the "source" items, 
and a Megalixir.

---The Key to Sector 5---
Probably the most commonly asked question among FF7 players...
I'm going to reveal the location of this easily missed key item.

Step 1: After Cloud rejoins the team in disc 2, go back to Midgar and a 
man will be standing outside the town, talk to him to learn about a 
missing key.

Step 2: Travel to Bone Village and choose to excavate "good treasure"
then place diggers if you like (but it's not necessary) and have them 
dig near a small piece of metal sticking out of the wrecked plane near 
the entrance (it's across from the blocked door). In the morning, check 
the treasure chest, and you should get the Key to Sector 5. 

With the key in your possession, return to Midgar. Once inside, there's 
really not to much to do, but if you go into the church where you first met 
Aeris, you'll catch a quick glimpse of her ghost. (Well, it's a glitch, but
a cool one.) At the Wall Market, you can get Tifa's best weapon, the Premium
Heart, from the item shop with the machine that shot at you earlier. Also,
if go back and talk to the man who sold you the batteries, he'll offer to 
sell you the Sneak Glove, an accessory which boosts the success rate of the
"Steal" command, for a 'mere' 129,000 Gil. Besides those few things, 
however, Midgar's pretty much empty.

---The safe in Nibelheim---

This question gets asked so much, I had to do something about it...

The code is: Right 36 - Left 10 - Right 59 - Right 97

After you open the safe, you'll fight the Lost Number, don't worry, he's 
not very hard. After the fight, you'll get the following:

Cosmo Memory (On the "items Won" screen after defeating Lost Number)
Basement Key (In the safe) See below on how this can get Vincent to join 
you Odin Materia (On the floor next to the safe)

...Now isn't that worth wasting 20 seconds opening the safe? ;P

---Huge Materia in the rocket---

Another commonly asked question, as there's no way of learning the code 

The Code is:
Code 1 - O
Code 2 - S
Code 3 - X
Code 4 - X

After inputting the code, you'll get the last huge Materia.

---Tifa's Piano---

I'm sure you've probably messed around in Tifa's house, and stumbled across
a piano upstairs. It's not just there for show, either -- you can actually 
get some stuff out of it.

Anyway, in Cloud's flashback of Nibelheim, you'll have the option of playing
Tifa's piano. Tifa will ask if you played it, and a box with three options 
will come up. 

"I jammed on it!"
"Just a little..."
"No, not really."

If you choose "I jammed on it!", you'll be able to play the piano as normal.
otherwise, choose "Just a little", and Cloud will play the Highwind theme on 
the piano. Remember this melody.

Later in the game when you arrive at Nibelheim normally, you'll be able to
play the piano again. Examine it, and Cloud will ask if you want to play it.
Say 'yes', and a box will come up asking whether you remember, or forgot.
Basically, saying "I forgot" will bring up a list of the buttons and 
corrisponding notes (below), while "I remember" doesn't. Choose either one,
and then play the following notes:

"Do, Re, Mi, Ti, La, Do, Re, Mi, So, Fa, Do, Re, Do"

Err.. for those who aren't musically inclined, or are just lazy, press the
following buttons instead:

"X, S, T, R1+T, R1+S, X, S, T, R1+X, O, X, S, X"

While nothing usually happens, you'll occationally find Tifa's 'secret
stash' of 1 Gil. Nothing important really... However, if you return here in 
Disc 2 with Tifa in your team and play the notes listed above, you'll get 
her level 4 Limit Break, "Final Heaven", as well as finding out more about 
what happened in Nibelheim...5 years ago...

(Note: I've also heard that it's possible to get an Elemental Materia while
playing the piano. I've never gotten one here, however, so I won't make any
further comments.)


In case you were wondering, here's the list of how the notes corrispond to
the buttons:

Note        Button
Do          X
Re          S
Mi          T
Fa          O
So          L1/R1+X
La          L1/R1+S
Ti          L1/R1+T
Do          L1/R1+O
Do Mi So    Down
Do Fa La    Left
La So Ti    Up
Mi So Do    Right

Oh, one last thing... There's another piano inside Shinra Mansion (also in
Nibelheim) that you can play. However, it's "Re", and "Ti" keys are broken.

---The Item Duplication Trick---

A useful trick that you can do after getting W-Item Materia. 
Equip the W-Item Materia (duh) and go into battle. Choose the item you 
want to duplicate and use it once. For the second item, it doesn't matter 
what you choose (you're not really going to use it anyway). After selecting 
the second item, Press O to select it, but instead of using it, Press X to 
cancel it -- the number of the first item you used should increase. After 
that, press O to use the item, X to cancel, O to use, X to cancel, and 
repeat the pattern. If it works, you can get as many as 99 of the selected 
(Note: You can only do this trick with items that are usable in battle.)

---Secret Materia Caves---

Around the world, there are 4 secret caves that hold only a piece of 
Materia, but that Materia is usually very useful (Like KOTR and 
Mime). However, they all require colored chocobos to get to them. 
Here's where they are and how to get to them:

Cave 1: On a peninsula near Wutai. You need a green, black, or gold 
chocobo to get there. Once inside, you'll find the Mime Materia.

Cave 2: North of Corel village in a large desert. You need a black or a 
gold chocobo to get there; you'll find HP<->MP inside. Seems like a waste of
time to get such a useless materia... Honestly, I really can't see any 
benefits to it. 9999 MP would be great, but what're you gonna do with only
999 HP? ^_^

Cave 3: On a distant island in the Mideel area. You need a blue, black or
gold chocobo in order to reach this cave. Inside it is the Quadra Magic 

Cave 4: Probably the most popular or the four. This is on a small round 
island in the very northeast corner or the world map and you *must* have 
a gold chocobo to get there. This cave contains the Knights of the Round 
(KOTR) Materia.

---Useless items---
There are many items (mostly won in the Gold Saucer) that have no use 
whatsoever, they're just for looks. They are:

1/35 Soldier (Ignore any rumors you may have heard, these are useless.)
Super Sweeper
Masamune Blade
Combat Diary
Guide Book   \
Desert Rose   >-----these 3 items have no use directly, but can be                              
Earth Harp   /      traded for various things that CAN be used.
Battery  (This item has a use, but if you kept one, it's useless later.)
Masamune - This is Sephiroth's weapon that can only be obtained using a 
GameShark, I originally thought this item to be useless, but it DOES have
a minor use. You can also get Seph on the team with GS, and he can equip it,
but it doesn't really matter, as he already has one... ^_^

---The ?????????? items at Wonder Square---

ok, so maybe this ISN'T a very commonly asked question, but for those 
who don't feel like building up that much GP, here's what the '?????????'
items at the shop in Wonder Square at the Gold Saucer are:

The ?????????? item that costs 500 GP is a Carob Nut.
The ?????????? item that costs 1000 GP is the Gil Plus Materia.
The ?????????? item that costs 2000 GP is the EXP Plus Materia. 

 12. Rumors

There are many of these, but most of them aren't true... I'd LIKE to set the
record straight here, but no one listened to Kao Megura, writer of the 
biggest FF7 FAQ on the net, or even the people from Square themselves, so I 
doubt they'll listen to me... Anyway, these rumors make for interesting 
reading, so I thought I'd leave them in.

---Aeris' revival---

I personally don't believe it can be done, however, there are several people
who claim they HAVE revived her. (Just trolls, ignore them.) If you stick 
her back in your team using GameShark, nothing different will happen. She
won't talk during story sequences, has no additional weapons, doesn't appear
on the Highwind, and isn't able to fight in the final battle. The game will
actually freeze at certain points if she is in the team past Disc 1. This 
lead me to believe that she, in fact, can *not* be revived. To set the 
record straight... Aeris/Aerith can't be revived in *any* version of the 
game, not the original Japanese version, not the American version, not FF7 
International, and not the PC version -- you simply CAN NOT revive Aeris! 
Also, I've heard countless people saying "well, you can't revive her, but 
maybe you can prevent her from dying!". Well, sorry to dissapoint you Aeris 
lovers, but you can't prevent her death. And please stop mailing me about 
this. You can't revive her, end of story! Anyone who mails me about reviving
Aeris after this will be completely ignored.

...Umm...Well, you *can* get her back on the team in the Debug Room, but
she's still pretty unreliable. I haven't tested it much, but you should 
probably wait until the end of the game to get her, when all the major 
conversation scenes are over. Anyway...See the section below for details. 

---The White Chocobo---

This rumor is too unbelievable! You're supposed to be able to mate 2 Gold
S-Rank chocobos and then mate their offspring with a green chocobo, and 
presto! A white chocobo... uh, huh... yeah, sure... The white chocobo is
said to be exactly the same as a gold chocobo, except that it can go 
underwater. Actually, there are many rumored ways to get one of these. My 
belief is, if there are said to be more than two ways to get something, it's
fake. And let's not start on red, brown, silver, clear, platinum, rainbow,
or plaid chocobos, either! There are only five colors: Yellow, Green, Blue,
Black, and Gold! Yes, there are white, red, pink, and purple chocobos at the
Chocobo Races at the Gold Saucer, and a baby white chocobo in Mideel, but 
they're just for show; you can't get one!

---Onyx Weapon---

Supposedly added to the ancient weapon monsters. After getting the fake 
white chocobo, people say to bring it to the Midgar Zolom's marsh and use 
the chocobo to go underneath it, and there you'd find the Onyx Weapon. But
since you can't get a white chocobo, this is false.

---Sephiroth as a team member---

C'mon people, he's the final boss! Do you REALLY think this guy is going
to say "Hey Cloud, I'm sorry I called meteor and destroyed Nibelheim 5 years
ago, let's be friends now!" I think not. True, you can get him on your team 
in the flashback, but even then, the computer controls him. Yes, you *can*
get him on your team with GameShark, but he works the same way Aeris does
if you get her past Disc 1, only worse. The computer still controls him. Try
removing his Materia; he'll still cast spells. I've also heard rumors about
a 'Sephiroth Clone' you can get on your team. If this is so true, why can't
you get it with GameShark? You can't hide things from GS; it hacks directly
into the game and reads off it's coding. I'm sorry, you can't get the final
boss on your team, and don't whine to me about how cool he is, either, it
won't help matters.

But yes, like Aeris, you can get Sephiroth on your team in the Debug Room.
He's very unreliable, though, but it's kinda fun to have him on the team. ;)

---The General---

I don't know *who* started this, but this general guy, supposedly the crazy
old man living in the pipe in Sector 5 has nothing to do whatsoever with the
outcome of the game.

---Super Nova Materia---

Sounds nice, but you can't really get it. I mean come on, Cloud and his 
friends are trying to save the universe (well, the planet, anyway), not 
destroy it! ^_^ For those who are interested, the rumored way to get this 
item was to beat both Ruby and Emerald Weapon, have everyone's level 4 limit
break learned, and have all 3 master materia. Once you've met these 
requirements, you were supposed to go to the Junon beach, and a man would be
waiting for you there, and would offer to sell you the Super Nova Materia 
for 1,000,000 Gil. This, as with all the other rumored secrets, is 100% 
fake. I'm guessing that the only reason this rumor was started, is because
an FAQ said that Super Nova was a 'summon style' spell, which some fool
obviously took to mean that it was a real summon that you could get... I
dunno... I just can't see naturalists like Barret or Red XIII destroying 
the solar system just to damage a few minor enemies... ^_^

---Aeris' Ghost--- 

This is actually true. After returning to Midgar in disc 2 or 3, you can see
the ghost of Aeris for a second in the church where you first met her. This
however, doesn't lead to her revival, it was in, reality, just another of 
FF7's many bugs. In fact, it can be seen when Aeris is alive and on your 
team in Disc 1. 

---Cloud's LV 5 limit---

How do all these rumors get started!? Anyway, another rumor about Cloud's
supposed level 5 limit break goes like this. Just get Ultima Weapon, 
Omnislash and all 3 master materias. In the very final (not possible to
lose) battle with human Sephiroth, Cloud was supposed to be able to use a
secret Lv 5 Limit. This is the most feasable sounding secret, but it isn't
true. (I tested it. ^_^) I think the ones who started this rumor simply
misinterpreted what actually *can* happen. During this battle, Cloud 
*always* has Omnislash, whether you got it normally or not. That's it.

---The Unlimited Money Card + Mancharia Town---

Unlimited money...a legendary town where you're supposed to find it...well, 
these two ideas are nice, but they aren't really true... I've heard the 
Mancharia was the name of Kalm Town in the Japanese version, and that this 
trick worked. I'm still skepical, however. I don't particularly believe it 
worked in ANY version. Even so, by the time you were supposed to be able to
get this item, you didn't need it anymore, anyway. You should have bought
everything you need, and besides, it's easy enough to master an 'All' 
Materia and just sell it for 1.4 million Gil...

---Test 0---

Actually, this is true... Sorta. Test 0 was supposedly a "debugging" monster
in the VERY early promos of the game which you could occasionally encounter 
as a glitch in the Japanese version. You could find it rarely in the well
with the empty chest in the Corel Prison. This bug, however, was fixed in 
the American Version, and all versions of the game afterwards. It was 
supposed to give you lots of experience and gil (or so I hear), and athough
it had massive HP, and showed up in large groups, offered no resistance

---More Spells--- 

This is also believed to be true. Due to time limitations, many spells were
said to be cut from the game, but were instead, turned into usable items.
I'm sure many people have use Ghost Hands and Vampire Fangs, and noticed 
that they have the same effect as the enemy spells "Drain" and "Aspil". 
These were going to be spells that you could cast. Also, ever notice the
lack of wind and holy elemental spells? Well, there were going to be several
wind spells... anyone remember seeing Rapps and other enemies using a cool
looking rainbow wind spell called Aero3? That was one of the spells that
were supposed to be able to get. Also, I've heard that the Dragon Fang and
Bird Wing were supposed to be enemy skills, and you were supposed to be able
to actually CAST Holy and Meteor! (This is unproven rumor, however. I'm not
certain... Doesn't make much sense being able to cast a spell capable of
bringing destruction to the planet on a Chocobo, or something...) To further
back up this claim, using the newly discovered "FF7 Debug Code", you're able
to obtain several blank magic materias. I imagine these were for the cut 
spells. I have no proof on this, though.

BTW, in case you're curious, the FF7 Debug Code is a new GameShark code 
that was printed on GIA ( a while back, which allows 
you to go to a secret series of rooms. It's a glitchy area, but you can do 
some weird and cool stuff here, like view FMVs, play various mini games, and
cut to nearly any area or scene in the game. This is covered, in great 
detail, below.

 13. Debug Room
What is the debug room? Well, as the name suggests, it's a room (or rather a
series of rooms) that was designed as an easy way for programmers to test
the game, and work the bugs out of it. Of course, the debug room isn't 
normally accessable, for obvious reasons. Recently, however, two GameShark
hackers who go by the handles of RPGod and CzarDragon, found a GameShark 
code allowing access to this place! 

The Code is: 8009A05C 0041.

Well, there're other versions of FF7, but this is for the original American
version... You may or may not have to use the 'master code' (80000000 0000)
in order to make this code work. I used it just in case, and it worked fine.

Once you've input the code, getting to the Debug room is easy. Simply choose
the 'new game' option, or load in a saved game, and enter any area. (But NOT
the world map...) You'll end up in the main area of the Debug room, which I 
call "Room 0". Once inside the Debug room, be sure to shut the GameShark 
off, as if you try to enter any rooms with it on, you'll just be taken right
back to Room 0...

From here, you should be able to figure out the rest, but remember these
few tips...

· Most options in the debug room lead you to various areas in the game, but
  you can *usually* re-enter the debug room by just walking offscreen with 
  the GameShark on. Note that it doesn't always work though. Sometimes 
  you'll either be brought to a pitch black room where you're stuck in the 
  wall, or the game just crashes altogether. This happens only rarely, 
  though. Usually in places like the Sector 7 Slums, or the Sister Ray at
  Junon (during Tifa's escape).

· Be forwarned: you're gonna end up stuck in walls a *lot*! If this happens,
  your only option is to reset the game. Don't forget that holding down
  L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+Select at the same time resets your game automatically.
· Just for reference, I'll be using the terms "Game Hangs" and "Game 
  Crashes" frequently throughout this guide. The difference between hanging
  and crashing, is that when the game hangs, it usually just means the game
  is 'stuck', and is waiting for something that will never happen. Music and
  sound effects continue to play in the background, the buttons usually 
  still work, and the 'soft reset' (above) will still reset the game. If the
  game crashes, however, the game simply stops responding. Music and sound
  effects abruptly halt, and the controls will stop responding. The only way
  to reset if this happens, is to hit the Reset button on the Playstation

· If you intend to do an area from a specific disc, try to make sure that
  disc is inserted. Most of the time, the game will react normally, simply
  showing the incorrect FMV scene. Sometimes, however, there will be no
  FMV 'match', and the game will hang or crash. Oh yes... *never* use Disc 
  3, it's totally unreliable and crash prone. There are only about 10 FMVs
  on the entire disc, so the chances of the game finding one that will match
  one of the 30-40 FMVs on Disc 1 or 2 is slim.

· Sometimes, the game apparently has trouble figuring out the difference
  between Vincent and Sephiroth. If you get a character named Sephiroth, who
  has Vincent's picture, he won't work properly in battle. The only way to
  get a decent Sephiroth is to enter room 2. He'll be added to your team 
  with a perfect face picture, and will fight normally during battles. 
  (He'll still be computer controlled, though. Remember, the game can't
  create something that doesn't exist...)

· Never go to the world map while this code is activated! You'll end up in
  a horribly glitched version of the endless snowfield at the Great Glacier,
  with no way out...

I guess that's about it... This debug room guide is finished in terms of
the options, but there're still some mistakes, or options that I don't know
the effects of. Please feel free to mail me with corrections or additions, 
but try to avoid mailing me with questions...

(Notes: An (St) tag means that you're stuck in a wall in a particular area.
        A (-s) tag means that the sprites are missing (from an FMV).
        And when I say "Global Party", I'm referring to the inactive party

-----------------------------------Room 0-----------------------------------
Music: Whatever was playing when you entered.
Interesting Effects: Well, this is the main room, which leads to all the 
other ones. As such, you'll be coming here a lot. The sole person here
(Yuffie) also has a few useful options.
Overview: Well... What can I say? You'll be visiting this room a lot whether
or not you want to. ;)

The entrances to the rooms here consist of either blue circles with kanji
characters written in them, or a space behind one of the rooms. Since I 
can't read Kanji, I'll just give the rooms specific numbers and work from 
there. The grid below shows the positions of the rooms.

      8     2
11  7         3 
      6     4

(Brings up a list of several commands having to do with game functions.)

Menu 1:
· NEXT          - Brings up menu 2.
· MENU ON       - Enables all menu commands.
· BATTLE LOCK   - Disables battles.
· BATTLE UNLOCK - Enables battles.
· MOVIE LOCK    - Disables FMV.
· MOVIE UNLOCK  - Enables FMV.
· GLOBAL RESET  - Removes all team, sets time to 00:00:00.
· FULL NAME     - Puts a bunch of trash in each character's name slot. Also
                  gives them weird equipment, like a gibberish accessory 
                  that crashes the game if unequipped, then checked on the
                  item list. Also screws up stats and such. Weird. ^_^
· NEW START     - Starts a new game. Characters have same stats as they did
                  when you selected this command! However, the game doesn't
                  seem to be able to load in these "New Game +" saves.
· EXIT          - Cancels.

Menu 2:
· BACK          - Brings back menu 1.
· SOUND RESET   - Shuts off music.
· FULL MATERIA  - Gives you a bunch of materia, even disabled/glitch ones.
· BATTLE999     - Battle against a group of five inactive pyramids. (Below)
· EXIT          - Cancels.

-- Battle --

êúô(ñ) <Pyramid, like the ones Reno throws at you when you first fight him>
Level: 4
HP: 10
MP: 200
Steal: Nothing
Morph: Nothing
Win: Turbo Ether
Exp: 100,000 each; 500,000 total.
Gil: 100,000 each; 500,000 total.
AP: 2,000 each; 10,000 total.

This an extremely easy battle. The pyramids, who are *really* 
called "êúô(ñ)" (a bunch of random ASCII characters; probably supposed to be
Japanese), don't do anything. They just sit there while you beat on them.
Unless you use Odin's "Steel Bladed Sword", or turn them into frogs 
beforehand, they don't disappear when you kill them for some reason. Oh 
well. Just use one mass enemy attack spell, and you win. :) This is a great 
way to build up.

-----------------------------------Room 1-----------------------------------
Music: Whatever was playing when you entered.
Interesting Effects: Cloud is always added to the team here, and is made the
Overview: Well, being the first room, we're not off to a good start... 
Despite the glitchy appearance of this room, and the poorly translated 
options, you can go to some of the game's cooler events here, and you're 
rarely stuck in walls (which you will be a lot, later on... Trust me!). You
can also add Aeris to the party here, and so forth. The only real problem 
with this room is that, like I said, it's pretty buggy... Even moreso than 
the other rooms here!

***Flashing Aeris***
(Brings up a long menu of miscellaneous options.)

· cancel          - Cancels.
· bone after arma - Bone Village, after meteor has been summoned.
· san dun         - First area of the Corral Valley cave.
· sleep forest    - Sleeping Forest.
· ancent forest   - Ancient Forest.
· lost lake       - City of the Ancients. Nothing at all is going on...
· water pray      - Secret room in the City of the Ancients. Just before 
                    the Aeris death scene.
· Aeris dead      - Scene After the battle with Jenova·LIFE.
· rocket(first)  - Tiny Bronco's hangar, just before the battle with 
                    Palmer. Hold the Square button before choosing this 
                    option to go to the Tiny Bronco's hangar when you first
                    arrive at Rocket Town.
· bone first      - Arrival at Bone Village.
· bone luna       - Bone Village, looking for the Lunar Harp. 
· los in          - Scene on the street in Upper Junon where Cloud notices
                    that something is 'missing'.*

*Note: Sometimes this option won't work properly. It brings you to the same
street area, but no characters show up...

***"Possessed" Tifa***
(Brings up another long list of options when you approach her. You don't 
even need to actually 'talk' to her.)

· past jenova(egg)              - In the Nibelheim reactor. The scene where
                                   Tifa and Zack attack Sephiroth, and Cloud
                                   runs after him. Press the Square button 
                                   before choosing this option to skip this 
                                   scene and go straight to the scene where 
                                   Cloud kills Sephiroth. Both scenes are 
                                   from the Lifestream flashbacks.
· join vincent                   - In Shinra Mansion basement. I think
                                   Vincent joins if you leave, but I haven't
                                   tried it yet.
· shinra house vincent(present) - Bedroom in Shinra Mansion, on a bed. 
                                   While you can move, you can't get off the
                                   bed... Hold the Square button before 
                                   choosing this option to go to the 
                                   entrance of present day Shinra Mansion.
· shinra under(awake)           - Outside the lab in Shinra Mansion.
                                   Sephiroth is reading various books. Hold 
                                   the Square button before choosing this 
                                   option to go to the same place after 
                                   Sephiroth discovers his heritage.  
· nivl reactor                   - Present day Nibelheim reactor.
· nivl reactor out(with tifa)   - Outside of the Nibelheim reactor during
                                   the flashback. Someone seems to be trying
                                   to run onscreen, but is stuck, so the 
                                   game hangs... Hold Square before using 
                                   this option to go to the scene in the 
                                   flashback where Tifa confronts Sephiroth.
· nivl mt entrance(past)        - Entrance to the Nibelheim mountains
                                   during the flashback. Hold Square to go 
                                   to the mountain entrance when child Tifa 
                                   climbs the mountain during the Lifestream
· materia cave                   - Outside of the Mako fountain in Mt. Nibel
                                   during the flashback.
· new event sininb34             - Flashback scene of Cloud and Zack in 
                                   test tubes down in the Shinra Mansion 
· new event sininb35             - After the test tube scene. A man brings
                                   Zack some food, and Zack knocks him out 
                                   and escapes with Cloud.
· new midgal                     - Zack and Cloud arrive at Midgar, but Zack
                                   is gunned down by the Shinra...
· nivgate                        - Zack and Cloud escape from Nibelheim.
· ()                             - Cancels.            

(Brings up a list of Midgar/Junon related options)

· opening()             - Intro scene. Even though it may have a tag, 
                           holding down the Square button before choosing 
                           this option doesn't seem to do anything 
· feel wind              - Leads directly to the Diamond Weapon battle.
· gate1 open             - Sector 1 station. Second screen of intro area.
· T road(escape)        - The "T" road outside the Sector 1 reactor. Hold 
                           Square before choosing this scene to view the 
                           destruction of the Sector 1 reactor.
· 1reactor(5reactor)     - Leads to the bridge in the Sector 1, just before
                           the end. Hold the square button before choosing
                           this to go to the same place in the Sector 5 
· junon(yufi,R1gaiheki) - Junon. Scene before Tifa is about to be executed.
                           Hold the Square button before choosing this 
                           option to see the same scene, only with Yuffie in
                           it. Hold the R1 button before choosing to be  
                           taken to the scene after Tifa has escaped, and is
                           climbing down the side of Junon.
· ()                     - Cancels.

***President Shinra***
(Brings up another list of miscellaneous options.)

· white                - Tifa is trapped in the Junon gas chamber.
· white boogen(key)    - Bugenhagen is at the Ancient City. The FMV here is
                         screwed up, and the game ultimately hangs.
· white boogen(no key) - City of the Ancients. You don't have the key.
· before               - Bugenhagen's arrival at the Ancient City.
· after                - At Ancient City. Nothing seems different.
· white2               - Scene at the glowing crystal in the Ancient City.
                         Cloud talks about the Lifestream.
· junonn in2           - City of the Ancients. The waterfall has been

***Man in suit***
(Brings up a list of Shinra Building related areas.)

Menu 1: (Shinra Building)
· para    - Parachuting into Midgar near the end of disc 2.
· 66F     - 66th floor of the Shinra Building. The meeting about Sector 7
            and Aeris is taking place. Also, even though you have no key
            cards, you have access to many floors in the Shinra Building...
· 67F()  - 67th floor, after Hojo heads upstairs. Hold the Square button to
            go to prison. ;)
· 68F     - 68th floor. Just before the meeting with Red XIII.
· 68F2    - 68th floor. Skips the walkabout, and brings you straight to the
            meeting with Red XIII.
· 70F     - Brings up menu 2.
· elevetr - On the 66th floor elevator, ambushed by the Turks.
· ()      - Cancels

Menu 2: (Top of the Shinra Building)
· plate down meeting - Meeting at the President's office. The Shinra plan to
                       drop the plate on Sector 7!
· caught             - After being caught by the Turks on the elevator.
· dead president     - President Shinra has been killed by Sephiroth...
· app rufaus         - Rufus's appearance.
· after heli         - After defeating Rufus on the roof.


Doesn't bring up any options. Doesn't even say anything, really. When you
approach Barret, you get transported to the final area of the south cave in 
the final dungeon...

***Red XIII***
(Brings up a long list of Junon/Midgar related areas.)

· 7 pillar           - Top of the Sector 7 pillar, just before the battle
                       against Reno.
· kolneo under       - After getting dumped into the sewer below Corneo's
                       Mansion. Before battle with Aps.
· high way           - Scene on the Midgar highway after the bike race.
· 5 out              - Outside Midgar. After the Shinra Building.
· airport(gelnica)  - Arrival at the Junon Airport. Shows FMV of the 
                       Highwind. Hold the Square button to see the Gelnika
                       Airship taking off.
· after fire cefiros - Nibelheim reactor, after Sephiroth has gone to meet
                       Jenova during the flashback.
· jairo sky          - Scene when the Tiny Bronco is in the air. (Not the 
                       FMV, the scene afterwards.)
· jairo sea          - Scene where the Tiny Bronco is grounded in the sea.
                       (Again, not the FMV, but the scene afterwards.)
· junon cannon       - Street in upper Junon during the Weapon attack where
                       you meet 'reporter' Yuffie.
· junon medical      - Tifa wakes up in the Junon medical center after the
                       collapse of Gaea's Cliff.
· ()                 - Cancels.

(Brings up a list of team members. The names here differ from what your 
 characters are currently named.)

· Cancel               - Brings up the member select screen, then cancels.
· <Aeris>              - Adds Aeris to the global party.
· <Tifa>               - Adds Tifa to the global party.
· <Barret>             - Adds Barret to the global party.
· <Red XIII>           - Adds Red XIII to the global party.
· <Cid>                - Adds Cid to the global party.
· <Cait Sith>          - Adds Cait Sith to the global party.
· <Yuffie>             - Adds Yuffie to the global party.
· <Vincent>            - Adds Vincent to the global party.
· Cloud Lock           - Makes Cloud the leader.
· Change Party Members - Brings up the member select screen.

-----------------------------------Room 2-----------------------------------
Music: Swampy part of the final dungeon/Scene at the end of Gaea's Cliff.
Interesting Effects: None, really.
Overview: Hmm... Actually, this room has nothing of real interest. Most of 
the options here send you to various areas in the game stuck in walls... 
Still, this is the only room where you can add Young Cloud to the team,
glitchy though he may be... ;)


(Various scenes from Cloud's Nibelheim flashback, and from the scene in the
· quit           - Cancels.
· from pinball   - Scene on the back of a dark truck. Someone is explaining
                   how materia is made... Game hangs afterwards. (I've never
                   seen this scene before...)
· from Cam's inn - Scene of Cloud and Sephiroth in the truck on the way to
                   Nibelheim. Leads to the battle against a dragon.
· starry sky     - Flashback of the well in Nibelheim showing Cloud's 
                   promise to Tifa.
· gate           - Gate to Nibelheim during Cloud's flashback. 
· gate no. 2     - Gate to Nibelheim during the scene at the Lifestream.
· starry sky     - Well at Nibelheim, during the lifestream event. 
· village no. 2  - Nibelheim, during the flashback. (?) (St)
· truck no. 2    - Another scene on the truck heading for Nibelheim. This is
                   the true scene, with Zack and Sephiroth.

(The list is sometimes screwed up. Other times, it looks normal.)

(Aeris's Church)
· First of all            - After falling from the Sector 5 reactor, the
                            meeting with Aeris at the church.
· Following roof incident - Inside the church, after Aeris has joined.
· After Aeris's death     - Scene of Aeris's ghost in the church.*

*I believe this scene is a leftover from the Japanese version. It's not in
the American version...

(Brings up a list of Highwind related areas.)

· highwind(not going) - Cancels.
· Shinra's Highwind   - Scene of Rufus and the Shinra officials on board the
                        Highwind before arriving at Gaea's Cliff.
· Party's Highwind    - On board the Highwind after finding Cloud at Mideel.
                        Cid is appointed the new leader. 
· Evening's Highwind  - Same as "Shinra's Highwind".
· sign                - Outside, on the upper deck of the Highwind. (St)
· passageway          - Hall leading to Chocobo stable, upper deck, bridge,
                        meeting room, etc. (St)
· Conference room     - In the Highwind conference hall, after Cloud has
                        rejoined the team.
· Chocobo             - The Highwind Chocobo stable. (St)
· Cloud Highwind      - On the bridge of the Highwind.

"My dear hometown Nibelhelm."
(Note: In all of these areas, you're stuck, even though it's not always
exactly clear what you're stuck *in* (i.e. you may be standing in the middle
of a room, and you'll still be stuck.))

Menu 1: (Nibelheim related areas)
· village            - In Nibelheim. (St)
· 1st floor of inn   - First floor of the Inn. (St)
· 2nd floor of inn   - Second floor of the Inn. (St)
· store              - Village item shop. (St)
· Cloud's house      - Cloud's house. (St)
· Tifa's House       - Brings up menu 2.
· 1st floor of house - First floor of the southern house. (St)
· 2nd floor of house - Second floor of the southern house. (St)
· Quit               - Cancels.

Menu 2: "Tifa's house"
· 1st floor        - First floor of Tifa's house. (St)
· 2nd floor        - Second floor of Tifa's house. (St)  
· 2nd floor window - Scene in Tifa's bedroom during the Lifestream event.
· reminiscing      - Same as above, but just before child Cloud shows up.

***Little Girl***
"Saying good-bye to party members Cloud"
(The "Sayi" is cut off the screen, so it just looks like "ng good-bye" etc.)

No options here. Just sends you to the scene where Cloud and Zack are 
riding on the back of the pick-up truck on their way to Midgar.

***Cait Sith***
(Brings up a short list. Again, sometimes it looks normal while other times
 it's screwed up.)

· tragedy of Nibelheim quit - Cancels.
· Part 1                    - Nibelheim's destruction with Zack instead of
                              Cloud, as shown by Sephiroth atop Gaea's 
· Part 2                    - In Nibelheim, on fire. You're stuck behind a
                              dead guy.

***Man with red hair***
"global . re-set:"

· yes                          - Removes team, resets time, etc.
· no                           - Cancels.
· ended reflecting on the past - ???

"present day Nibelheim"

· Go       - Sends you to Nibelheim; no events are going on. (St)
· Don't go - Cancels.


He has no options. All he does is bring up two tiny boxes with nothing in 
them. In short, he does nothing.

(Brings up a long list of options, but appears to be just a tiny little box.
 There is no 'finger' to indicate your choices, so just just press the 'up'
 button on the directional pad until you reach the top (i.e. you don't hear
 the sound anymore), and simply count from there.)

· <1>  - <Hangs the game>
· <2>  - Puts Cloud in the team.
· <3>  - Puts Barret in the team.
· <4>  - Puts Tifa in the team.
· <5>  - Puts Aeris in the team.
· <6>  - Puts Red XIII in the team.
· <7>  - Puts Yuffie in the team.
· <8>  - Puts Cait Sith in the team.
· <9>  - Puts Vincent in the team.
· <10> - Puts Cid in the team.
· <11> - Makes Young Cloud the leader.*
· <12> - Makes Cloud the leader.
· <13> - Makes Tifa the leader.
· <14> - Makes Cid the leader.
· <15> - Cancels.

*Young Cloud is very, VERY glitchy. He has the name "Cait Sith", is 
invisible on the field screen, and in battle, he doesn't appear, but his 
stats are still shown, and his HP and MP drop to 0. You are unable to revive
him, either, as apparently, he isn't really there...

(Brings up a list of weird options...)

· quit     - Cancels.
· TRNAD51  - Scene just before Gaea's Cliff collapses.
· TRNAD52  - At the end of Gaea's Cliff. Hojo discuss the Sephiroth clones.
· TRNAD53  - Brings up the message "North Cave 5-3", then brings you to a 
             big, empty crystalline cave with no characters onscreen.
· BLACKBGD - Screen flashes white, then gives you a message saying that disc
             2 has ended. (Yes, this even works on disc 1... ^_^)

***Man with blue hat***
(Brings up a list of more Highwind related options.)

· quit                         - Cancels.
· regular hours                - Onboard the Highwind, right after Cloud
· star's scream                - Onboard the Highwind, after the 
                                 rocket/meteor plan fails.
· weapon appears               - Highwind, before Diamond Weapon attacks.
· What happened to Sephiroth?  - Highwind, After the barrier around the 
                                 North Crater is destroyed.
· On the final day             - The end of Shinra Inc. The team splits up 
                                 to find their reason for fighting.
· Everyone came home.          - Everyone returns to the Highwind, having 
                                 found their reasons. 
· Called from the last dungeon - Highwind, before going to the final 

-----------------------------------Room 3-----------------------------------
Music: "Final Fantasy" theme. Title Screen.
Interesting Effects: A bunch of buttons have effects. See bottom of the 
Overview: Well, it's fun to play the Submarine mini-game, which you can do
here, and there're a bunch of cool musics to listen to, but that's the limit
of this place. As in most rooms, quite a few of the options lead you to
various areas stuck in a wall. Battles also seem to be 'locked' here, and 
the game crashes if you fight...

As soon as you enter, you're greeted with the message:

"Welcome to
 FinalFantasy 7
 English Version"

Doesn't do anything, though. (Yes, of *course* this only appears on the US
version of the game! Duh! ;)

***Aeris in Red Dress***
"Working Now."

No options. You go straight to the Tifa's hallucination/dream about Cloud's
arrival at Midgar after the collapse of Gaea's Cliff.

***Barret in Sailor Suit (Laying down)***
(Brings up a list of the areas/scenes in Sector 7. Also plays Tifa's Theme.)

· "7th Street"  - Leads to the beginner's hall. (With the bouncing Save pt.)
· Welcome Home  - Appears to be the Sector 7 slums the morning after the
                  bombing mission (the people are in the same places), but
                  everyone acts like you just got back...
· Before Memory - In Tifa's Bar. Quite the opposite of the previous option;
                  Tifa is standing in the usual place where she talks to
                  Cloud about Nibelheim, but she acts like it's the next
· Materia       - In the room below the bar. No one is there.
· Good Morning  - Same as above.
· Before Battle - Attack on the Sector 7 pillar.
· Cancel        - Cancels.
· After Memory  - After the flashback of Cloud's promise. 

***Tifa in Purple Dress***

She has no options, she just brings up the team member select screen.

***Red Shinra Soldier***
"Last train from Midgar"
(Plays music from Sector 7, the night of the bombing, when you talk to him.)

(Sector 7/Train related events)
· Cargo            - On the cargo train. Cloud freaks out.*
· Train1           - On the first train car. The ID scan scene after Jessie
                     shows you the monitor.
· Train2           - Second train car, during the escape.
· Train3           - Last train car, during the escape.
· Train4           - Fourth train car, during the escape.
· Monitor          - Jessie shows Cloud the train's route on a monitor.
· Station1         - At the Sector 7 train station after the bombing.
· Station2         - At the Sector 7 train station the next morning.
· StationFlashBack - Scene where Elmyra finds little Aeris.
· Cancel           - Cancels. 

*I have never seen this particular scene before. It plays the 'nightmare'
 music, and turns the screen red (similar to when Cloud hears the 'Stop! 
 This isn't just a reactor!' message in the Number 1 Mako Reactor).
 Afterwards, the screen fades to black and never loads back in... 

***Honey Bee Inn Girl***
"Honey Bee In"
(Plays the Wall Market music, and changes the window color to an extremely
gaudy looking rainbow. ^_^)

(Honey Bee Inn relater areas.)
· First Time - First time at the Honey Bee Inn. Game acts funny, then hangs.
· 2nd        - Same as "First Time".
· 3rd        - At the Honey Bee Inn, after Cloud 'dresses up.'
· After All  - Same as "3rd"
· Cancel     - Cancels.

(Brings up a list of options. Most of them are flags...)
Talk to Rude one time, and he'll play the Tiny Bronco flight theme.
Talk to him twice, and he'll play the music of the rocket launch.
Talk to him three times, and he'll play the music of the last dungeon.
Talk to him four times, and he'll play the "Mog Flies" music.

· "Everyday My Works are..." Cancel - Cancels.
· Got The Jyro                      - I think this is supposed to give you
                                      the Tiny Bronco. Leave the debug room 
                                      after you choose this option, and
                                      you'll be back on Disc 1. I didn't 
                                      test it much, though...
· After The Meteo...TIFA            - Makes team Tifa, Barret, and Red XIII.
· After The Meteo...CID             - Makes team Cid, Cait Sith, and Yuffie.
· After The Meteo...CLOUD           - Makes team Cloud, Barret, and Tifa.
· MakoUnderTheSea                   - ??? (Probably a flag having to do with
                                      the undersea Mako reactor in Junon.)
· Hp&Mp 1                           - Leader's HP and MP drop to 0.
· No Money                          - Sets Gil to 0.
· MoneyMoneyMoney                   - Gives you 365534 Gil.
· Got The Keystone                  - Doesn't give you the Keystone
                                      immediatly, but if you choose "Altar" 
                                      from the Temple of the Ancients list,
                                      you'll be taken to the scene with 
                                      Tseng where you *do* get it.
***White Dog***
(Brings up a long list of areas related to the Junon dock, and the tunnel 
leading to the undersea reactor. Also plays the Junon 'parade' theme.)

· "JUNONDOC" - Cancels.
· JUNONDOC1  - Junon dock, disc 1; Cargo Ship is still docked.
· JUNONDOC2  - Junon dock, disc 2; The ship is gone. (St)
· ROAD1      - Upper Junon's entrance hall. (With save point.)
· (Cancel)   - Cancels.
· ROAD3      - In the tunnel between the two upper cities (St)
· ROAD4      - Tunnel to the undersea reactor. (St)
· ROAD5      - Second part of the tunnel leading to the reactor. (St)
· ROAD6      - Third part of the tunnel leading to the reactor. (St)
· ROAD7      - At the bottom of the first elevator leading to the reactor.
· ELE1       - Elevator leading to the reactor tunnel. (St)
· ELE2       - Elevator leading to Upper Junon.
· ROOM       - Locker room where soldiers are practicing 'The Special Pose'.

***Orange Cat***
(Brings up a long list of areas related to the second (left) city in Upper
Junon. Plays the Junon 'parade' theme.)

· "JUNONL"    - Cancels.
· JUNONL1     - At the second city in Upper Junon.
· JUNONL2     - Path leading to the second city. (St)
· JUNONL3     - Left balcony outside of the upper office district. (St)
· JUNONL-W    - Cheap Weapon shop. (St)
· JUNONL-I1   - Accessory shop. (St)
· JUNONL-I2   - Materia shop with showgirls. (St)
· JUNONL-INN  - Inn. (St)
· JUNONL-PUB  - Dimly lit pub with Shinra Soldiers in it. (St)
· JUNONL-MIN0 - Beginner's Hall/"Respectable Inn".
· JUNONL-MIN1 - Room with delinquint soldier. (St)
· JUNONL-MIN2 - Shinra Manager's room. (St)

***Tiny Dolphin***
(Brings up a long list of areas related to the first (right) city in Upper
Junon. Plays the Junon 'parade' theme.)

· "JUNONR"    - Cancels.
· JUNONR1     - First city in Upper Junon. Wearing Shinra uniform.
· JUNONR2     - Area just beyond first city. Again, wearing Shinra uniform.
· JUNONR3     - Right balcony outside of the upper office district.
· PARADE      - Parade Scene. After it ends, you appear in the area just 
                beyond the first city. (St)
· JUNONR-W    - Quality Weapon shop. (St)
· JUNONR-PUB  - Pub with a bunch of drunks in it. (St)
· JUNONR-I    - Item shop. (St)
· JUNONR-M    - Materia shop with bald shopkeeper. (St)
· JUNONR-MIN1 - Soldier Barracks, first floor. (St)
· JUNON-MIN2  - Soldier Barracks, second floor. (St)
· JUNON-MIN3  - Soldier Barracks, third floor. (St)
· JUNON-MOVIE - Shows FMV of Junon before the parade, then puts you outside
                the item shop in the first city. (St)

(Brings up a list of the submarine events. Also plays the music while riding
in the submarine.)

· "Submarine" (Cancel) - Brings up party select screen, then cancels.
· SubmarineDock        - Dock of Red Submarine. (St)
· BridgeRed            - Bridge of Red Submarine. (St)
· BridgeBlue           - Bridge of Grey Submarine. (St)
· SubmarineRed         - Inside the Red Sub.
· SubmarinBlue         - Inside the Grey Sub. Soldiers refuse to move...
· Escape               - Escape scene (If you lost the Huge Materia game.)
· MiniGame0            - Submarine mini game. (Battle for Huge Materia)
· MiniGame1            - Submarine mini game 1 (At Gold Saucer)
· MiniGame2            - Submarine mini game 2 (At Gold Saucer)
· MiniGame3            - Submarine mini game 3 (At Gold Saucer)
· MiniGame4            - Submarine mini game 4 (At Gold Saucer)
· MiniGame5            - Submarine mini game 5 (At Gold Saucer)

***Old Ancient***
(Brings up a long list of options related to the Temple of the Ancients. 
Also plays music from that area.)

Menu 1:
· "Temple of the Ancients" (FORMATION) - Brings up menu 3.
· Temple                               - Entrance to the Temple.
· After Collapse                       - After the temple is destroyed, 
                                         Black Materia obtained.
· Altar                                - The room with the Altar.*
· Altar2                               - Scene where the Keystone is put in.
· Temple of the Ancients               - Maze inside the temple.
· Shop of the Ancients                 - Old man's shop.
· The Rock                             - Room with rolling rock.
· The Hole of the Time                 - Clock puzzle room.
· Tirano                               - Treasure room after falling down 
                                         the pit in the clock room.
· Treasure                             - Treasure room. Can't open chest.
· Chase                                - Chasing the old Ancient.
· Next Page                            - Brings up menu 2.

*If you chose "Got the Keystone" from Rude's options, this will lead you to
the altar room after Tseng has arrived, and you'll get the Keystone. If not,
you'll be in the altar room without the Keystone, and Tseng won't be there.

Menu 2:
· "Temple of the Ancients2" - Scene where Cloud freaks out and gives 
                              Sephiroth the Black Materia.
· Mateo                     - In the room with the mural on the wall.
· Sephiros                  - Sephiroth talks about Meteor.
· Hole1                     - Tunnel blocked by rocks. (St)
· Hole2                     - Clear tunnel. (St)
· Boss                      - Room where you fight the Demon's Gate.
· Mateo2                    - Cloud freaks out, and starts laughing like a
                              loon. Leads to the Red Dragon battle.
· Cancel                    - Cancels.

Menu 3: 
· "Formation" - Brings up menu 1.
· Ballet      - Adds Barret to the team, and brings up menu 1.
· Tifa        - Adds Tifa to the team, and brings up menu 1.
· Red         - Adds Red XIII to the team, and brings up menu 1.
· Yufi        - Adds Yuffie to the team, and brings up menu 1.
· Ket         - Adds Cait Sith to the team, and brings up menu 1.
· Cid         - Adds Cid to the team, and brings up menu 1.
· Vincent     - Adds Sephiroth to the team, and brings up menu 1.

***Costa Del Sol Barmaid***
(Brings up a list of options related to Costa Del Sol. Also plays the music
from the town.)

· "Costa del Sol" - Cancels.
· Town            - In the town.
· Beach           - At the beach, before the meeting with Hojo.
· Harbor          - At the harbor. You're stuck on the pier behind a sailor.
· Debug           - Scene where Rufus arrives. Heidegger is stuck behind the
                    same sailor, and the game hangs.

"Mt. Corel"
(Plays the first world map theme when you talk to him.)

(Mt. Corel related areas.)
· Mountain Road   - South entrance to Mt. Corel.
· (Cancel)        - Cancels.
· Vally           - Rail section of Mt. Corel just past the reactor.
· Up&Down         - Climbing area, after the fall from the broken railway.
· River           - The bridge area of Mt Corel overlooking the river below.
· Hole            - Inside the Hermit's Cave.
· PiyoPiyo        - Scene with the baby birds on the cliffside.
· Bridge          - Long rope bridge just outside of the village.
· Railway         - At the beginning of the 'roller coaster' railway.
· Ballet's Memory - Barret's memory of the Shinra attacking Corel.
· Cancel          - Cancels.

***Button Functions***
Yes, some of the buttons have special functions in this room... Here's what
some of them do...

· Square Button; "Reset Flag"         - Removes team members/items. Sets 
                                        time to 00:00:00, and enables all 
· L1 Button; "Battle Off"             - Disables battles. (Press again to 
                                        re-enable them.)
· R1 Button; "Reset Flag"             - Removes team members/items. Sets 
                                        time to 00:00:00, and enables all 
· L2 Button; "Set Normal Party"       - Makes team Cloud, Barret, and Tifa.
· R2 Button; "Default Name&No Money"  - Gives characters default names, and
                                        takes away all Gil.
· R2 Button; "Debug Name&Debug Money" - Removes all names, and gives you
                                        131071 Gil.
· Select button; "Help menu"          - Brings up a list of buttons you can
                                        use here. ^_^

-----------------------------------Room 4-----------------------------------
Music: Whatever was playing when you entered.
Interesting Effects: The team is changed to Cloud and Sephiroth.
Overview: This is a pretty good room. You can view near perfect FMVs, and 
get the three 'Kalm Traveler' items here. And 99 Save Crystals never hurt
either. :P Finally, Sephiroth (from the flashback) is added to your team. 
(Even though the AI controlling him is simply awful. ;)


Menu 1:
· use     - Brings up menu 2.
· cancel  - Cancels.
· <Blank> - Sends you to the main area of the debug room. (Room 0)

Menu 2: FMV Movies.*
· South Reactor           - Sector 5 reactor explodes. Cloud falls.
· <Blank Space>           - Destruction of Sector 7.
· NIVLHAIM tragedy        - Monster in Nibelheim reactor/Seph burns town.
· <Blank Space>           - Failed rocket launch.
· Gold Saucer             - Ride to Gold Saucer, and scenes from the date.
· take off Tiny Bronco    - The Tiny Bronch takes off, then crashes.
· AERITH death            - Aeris's death and funeral.
· SEPHIROTH               - Scenes at northern crater. WEAPONs awake.
· WEAPON attack           - WEAPON attacks Junon.
· CLOUD psychoanalusis    - Mideel's destruction, scenes from Cloud's dream.
· <Blank Space>           - Meteor rocket launch.
· METEO intercept failure - The rocket crashes into Meteor...
· Shoot SISTER LAY        - Scenes of the Sister Ray at Midgar.

*These are *complete* FMV 'movies' with no cutscenes in the middle. Also, 
the game actually checks to see if you're using the correct disc, meaning no
incorrect or messed up FMV! "South Reactor" to "AERITH death" are Disc 1 
FMVs. "SEPHIROTH" to "Shoot SISTER LAY" are Disc 2 FMVs.

***Fat Man***

Menu 1: (Areas in Kalm Town.)
· Cancel          - Cancels.
· First come      - Lets you make a party, then sends you to Kalm Town.
· After armagedon - Brings up menu 2.

Menu 2: "Check oldman's event?"
· Yes - Brings up menu 3.
· No  - Sends you directly to Kalm Town after Sephiroth summons Meteor.

Menu 3: (Get items to bring to the traveler.)
· get GUIDE BOOK  - Gives you the Guide Book. Brings up menu 3 again.
· get DESERT ROSE - Gives you the Desert Rose. Brings up menu 3 again.
· get EARTH HARP  - Gives you the Earth Harp. Brings up menu 3 again.
· event start     - Sends you to disc 2 Kalm Town with any selected items.


Menu 1: (Mythril Mine)
· Cancel      - Cancels.
· Meet TARCKS - Brings up menu 2.
· We can't go - Sends you to the entrance of the Mythril Mine.

Menu 2: "Join AERITH?"
· Yes - Sends you to the meeting with the Turks. Aeris is added to team.
· No  - Sends you to the meeting with the Turks. Aeris isn't in the team.


Menu 1:
· Last Dungeon     - Brings up menu 2.
· HIGHWAY minigame - Play the motorcycle escape mini-game. (One from Shinra
                     Building, not the Gold Saucer 'G-Bike' game.)
· Shinra AirShip   - Sends you to the crashed Gelnika Airplane.*

*If you try to leave the Gelnika, but you don't have a submarine, you'll 
still end up underwater, but piloting...The Key of the Ancients! You can 
sail up over the land if you want, too... There isn't much out there, 
though. Also, the Gelnika and Emerald Weapon seem to be missing, and you
can't go above water, so this trick is more of a novelty than anything else.

Menu 2: (Party select screen comes up after all the choices.)
· join YUFI    - Adds Yuffie to the team, then brings up menu 3.
· join VINCENT - Adds Vincent to the team, then brings up menu 3.
· join BOTH    - Adds both of them to the team, then brings up menu 3.
· join cancel  - Brings up menu 3.

Menu 3: "SAVE CRYSTAL......"
· Give 99!! - Gives you 99 Save Crystals, then sends you to the North Cave.
· No need   - Sends you to the North Cave.


· Decline Church  - Leads to the back room of Aeris's church, being chased
                    by Shinra soldiers and the Turks.
· Forgotten Relm  - Leads to the first screen of Corral Valley.
· Go to NorthLand - Scene after the battle with Jenova·LIFE. End of Disc 1.


Menu 1:
· Meet CID        - Brings up menu 2.
· METEO intercept - In Rocket Town, just before the launch in disc 2.
· Rocket at Space - Inside the rocket after it has taken off.

· DEBUG mode        - Allows you to choose a team, then sends you to Rocket
                      Town before meeting Cid.
· NORMAL mode       - Seems to do the same thing as "DEBUG mode".
· CD Emulator Check - <Can't Select> 


· Cancel      - Cancels.
· Meet TARCKS - Entrance to Gongaga Village. Meeting with the Turks.
· Who am I?   - Scene at the Gongaga Inn after the Temple of the Ancients.

***Red Shinra Soldier***

Menu 1: (Sector 5 Reactor)
· Cancel      - Cancels.
· Tunnel      - Brungs up menu 2.
· 5th Reactor - Sector 5 reactor, out on the bridge before the Airbuster

· Perfect! - Train tunnel. One screen away from the reactor.
· Normal   - Train tunnel. Three screens away from the reactor.
· Oh, NO!! - Train tunnel. Five screens away from the reactor.

-----------------------------------Room 5-----------------------------------
Music: Whatever was playing when you came in.
Interesting Effects: Well... Cloud is holding his sword while you're 
controlling him in this room, but that's not really important. The cool 
thing here is how you can press the Square button to get some of the people
here to change their options. Press Square once to get the message "2P", and
the options will change. If you press it again, "1P" will appear, and the 
options will return to normal.
Overview: Nice room! The southernmost Yuffie has some of the most badass 
commands here. "item iroiro" gives you a load of items, but only the very 
best! "love…para ijiri" basically lets you *choose* your date at the Gold 
Saucer, and "okane ippai" gives you more Gil than you'll ever need! You can 
also view a few FMVs, play games from the Gold Saucer, and even rename your 

***Yuffie (Upper)***
"Gold" (Without Square button pressed.)

(Gold Saucer areas)
· ballet punpun    - Sends you to the Gold Saucer when you first arrive.
· caitsith toujou  - Same as above, but scene with Barret has already 
                     occurred. Head for Wonder Square and meet Cait Sith.
· dio toujou       - Cait Sith is on the team now, so head for Battle 
· tougijou de      - Leads to the murder scene at Battle Square.
· kaettekita cloud - On the elevator with Ester talking about the Chocobo
· under corel      - Arrival in Corel prison.
· yameta           - Cancels. 

"GS2" (With Square button pressed.)
· eki                - Gold Saucer. All areas are opened.
· hotel matome       - In the hotel, before the date.
· cs uragiri         - After the ride on the gondola during the date. (St)
· dio no tenjisitu   - In Dio's showroom, about to get the Keystone.
· date no osasoi     - Start of the date scene.
· nigeta cs no saigo - Cait Sith gives the Keystone to Tseng.
· hotel deppatu      - Hotel room, after the date has ended.
· yame               - Cancels. 

***Yuffie (Middle)***
"GS" (Without Square button pressed.)

(More Gold Saucer areas)
· hotel          - Leads to the lobby of the Ghost Hotel.
· jet            - Entrance to Speed Square.
· game1F         - Leads to Wonder Square, the first room.
· game2F         - Leads to Wonder Square, the second room.
· kanransha      - Entrance to Round Square.
· hiroba         - At Event Square on the stage. You're not stuck, but you
                   can't get off the stage...
· eki(R1de mage) - Shows the FMV when you first arrive at Gold Saucer. If
                   you hold down the R1 button after choosing this, you'll
                   instead be at the 'closed' version of the Gold Saucer 
                   from early disc 2 (where Dio blocks the entrance). Since 
                   you're actually *behind* Dio, you can enter the Gold 
                   Saucer, but you can't leave.
· chokobo        - Entrance to Chocobo square. A group of Shinra soldiers is
                   here, but they all run away when you approach.
· kanransha naka - Onboard the Round Square Gondola ride with all three team
                   members. After the ride is over, the third character gets
                   stuck in the ticket booth, and the game hangs.
· togijou        - Main room of Battle Square. As soon as you arrive, you
                   get a message stating that you won the 'Special battle',
                   and you get the Final Attack materia!
· yame           - Cancels.

"date chuu to GS2" (With Square button pressed.)
· jet       - Entrance to Speed Square.
· game1F    - Leads to Wonder Square, the first room.
· game2F    - Leads to Wonder Square, the second room.
· kanransha - Entrance to Round Square. Date Version. 
· hiroba    - The play at Event Square during the date.
· chokobo   - Entrance to Chocobo Square.
· togijou   - Entrance to Battle Square.
· mogu      - Mog's house game.
· yame      - Cancels.

***Yuffie (Lower)***
"ijiru" (Without Square button pressed.)

"dousuru?" - Menu 1: (Various game options)
· love…para ijiri      - Brings you to menu 2.
· okane ippai          - Give you a mere 294967295 Gil. ^_^
· okane nasi           - Drops Gil to 0.
· G reset              - Removes team members and key items, sets time to 0,
                         and enables all commands. 
· dflname kaeru        - Returns characters to their default names.
· GP ippai             - Gives you 32767 GP. (Gold Saucer money)
· member zenin         - Adds all members to the global party
· member yufi vin igai - Adds all members to the global party except Vincent
                         and Yuffie.
· item iroiro          - Gives you the following items:
                         - 99 Megalixirs, Speed Sources, and Power Sources.
                         - 99 Sylkis Greens
                         - All the characters' Level 4 Limit break manuals.
                         - All the Ultimate Weapons. 
                         - All the next-to-ultimate weapons.
                         - 9 Mystiles and Ziedriches.
                         - 9 Ribbons and 9 pairs of Sprint Shoes.
                         - One of every summon materia. (Mastered)
                         - Three Phoenix Materias. (All Mastered)
                         - Three of each Master Materia.
                         - And finally... Three Final Attack, HP Plus, Long 
                           Range, Mega All, W-Item, W-Summon, and W-Item 
                           Materias. (All Mastered)
· yame                 - Cancels.

Menu 2: (This affects the Gold Saucer date sequence)
· earith 1ban - Gain max love points from Aeris.
· tifa 1ban   - Gain max love points from Tifa.
· yufi 1ban   - Gain max love points from Yuffie.
· ballet 1ban - Gain max love points from Barret. ^_^
· nakamiru    - Shows current 'love points' for each character.
· yame        - Cancels.

(With Square button pressed. Same menu from Yuffie in Room 0)
Menu 1:
· NEXT          - Brings up menu 2.
· MENU ON       - Enables all menu commands.
· BATTLE LOCK   - Disables battles.
· BATTLE UNLOCK - Enables battles.
· MOVIE LOCK    - Disables FMV.
· MOVIE UNLOCK  - Enables FMV.
· GLOBAL RESET  - Removes all team, sets time to 00:00:00.
· FULL NAME     - Puts a bunch of trash in each character's name slot. Also
                  gives them weird equipment, like a gibberish accessory 
                  that crashes the game if unequipped, then checked on the
                  item list. 
· NEW START     - Starts a new game. Characters have same stats as they did
                  when you selected this command! However, the game doesn't
                  seem to be able to load in these "New Game +" saves.
· EXIT          - Cancels.

Menu 2:
· BACK          - Brings back menu 1.
· SOUND RESET   - Shuts off music.
· FULL MATERIA  - Gives you a bunch of materia, even disabled/glitch ones.
· BATTLE999     - Battle against a group of five inactive pyramids.
· EXIT          - Cancels.

***Young Tifa (Upper)***

· love love      - Scene with Aeris at the Sector 6 playground.
· 7ban dokan     - Scene at the playground after Sector 7 gets destroyed.
· matte matte    - After the previous scene. In the sector 6 alleyway.
· ckeckyou kouen - Alone in the playground. If you leave the screen and 
                   return, it will be destroyed. :P
· yameta         - Cancels.

***Young Tifa (Lower right)***
"chokobo ijiri"

Menu 1: (Chocobo Stuff)
· ST check          - Allows you to view your Chocobos' stats.
· tukamaeta         - Brings up menu 2.
· yasai to mi ippai - Gives you a bunch of greens and nuts.
· magego bokojou    - Sends you to Chocobo Ranch. (St)
· yaoya             - Allows you to buy Chocobo Greens.
· yame              - Cancels.

Menu 2:
· owari - Cancels.
· A     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· B     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· C     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· D     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· E     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· F     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· G     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.
· H     - Brings up the same menu three more times. Effect unknown.

***Young Tifa (Lower middle)***
"lasdan" (Without Square button pressed.)

(Areas/Battles in North crater)
· LAS3-1    - First room of south cave after second set of crossroads.
· LAS3-2    - Second room of south cave. Seem to be stuck on a ledge.
· LAS3-3    - Third room of south cave. (St)
· LAS4-0    - Mako pit near the very end. Party meeting place.
· LAS4-1    - Outer platform of mako pit. (St)
· LAS4-2    - Series of ledges leading to Jenova. Battle with Iron Man.
· LAS4-3    - Series of ledges leading to Jenova. Battle with Dragon Zombie.
· LAS4-4    - Battle with Jenova Synthesis.
· LAS4-42   - Lots of screwed up FMV, then the battle with Bizarro Seph.
· ikisaki   - Arrange team into three parties to fight Bizarro Sephiroth.
· dokoitta? - Shows which parties which characters are in. (Upper choice)
· yame      - Cancels.

"hokora" (With Square button pressed.)
· hokora1 - Leads to the cave with the sleeping man who gives you Mythril.
· hokora2 - House of the blacksmith you get Great Gospel from.
· hokora3 - Chocobo Sage's house. (St)
· hokora4 - Lucrecia's waterfall.
· hokora5 - "Mime" materia cave. (St)
· hokora6 - "HP<->MP" materia cave. (St)
· hokora7 - "Quadra Magic" materia cave.
· hokora8 - "Knights of Round" materia cave. (St)
· yame    - Cancels.

***Cloud (Center)***
(Brings up a box with four choices. These have to do with mini-games, 

Menu 1: 
· ima...  - Brings up menu 2.
· chokobo - Allows you to name a chocobo, then sends you to the Chocobo 
            race! (Long course.)
· jet     - Play Speed Square (shooting coaster) mini-game.
· yame    - Cancels.

Menu 2:
· cloud      - Allows you to rename Cloud.
· earith     - Allows you to rename Aeris.
· tifa       - Allows you to rename Tifa.
· ballet     - Allows you to rename Barret.
· red13      - Allows you to rename Red XIII.
· cid        - Allows you to rename Cid.
· caitsith   - Allows you to rename Cait Sith.
· yufi       - Allows you to rename Yuffie.
· vincent    - Allows you to rename Vincent.
· naodemonai - Cancels. 

***Cloud (Left)***

(Sector 1/Sector 8 reactor, opening mission)
· tojikomerarechatta - Meeting in the tunnel after the Sector 1 reactor
                       blows up.
· BOOM to kitamonda  - After the meeting in the tunnel, when the team enters
                       the Sector 8 city.
· hajimete earith    - First meeting with Aeris, and she asks you to buy a 
· tobe cloud         - In the lower part of the Sector 8 city, just before
                       Cloud escapes by train.
· hoka ga ii         - Cancels.

***Aeris in Red Dress (Upper)***

"party?" - Menu 1:
· un  - Brings up menu 2.
· uun - Cancels.

Menu 2:
· cloud    - Puts Cloud in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· earith   - Puts Aeris in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· tifa     - Puts Tifa in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· yufi     - Puts Yuffie in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· ballet   - Puts Barret in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· red13    - Puts Red XIII in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· cid      - Puts Cid in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· caitsith - Puts Cait Sith in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· vincent  - Puts Vincent in as the first team member, then opens menu 3.
· inai     - Leaves first team member slot blank, then opens menu 3.

Menu 3:
· cloud    - Puts Cloud in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· earith   - Puts Aeris in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· tifa     - Puts Tifa in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· yufi     - Puts Yuffie in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· ballet   - Puts Barret in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· red13    - Puts Red XIII in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· cid      - Puts Cid in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· caitsith - Puts Cait Sith in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· vincent  - Puts Vincent in as the second team member, then opens menu 4.
· inai     - Leaves second team member slot blank, then opens menu 4.

Menu 4:
· cloud    - Puts Cloud in as the third team member.
· earith   - Puts Aeris in as the third team member.
· tifa     - Puts Tifa in as the third team member.
· yufi     - Puts Yuffie in as the third team member.
· ballet   - Puts Barret in as the third team member.
· red13    - Puts Red XIII in as the third team member.
· cid      - Puts Cid in as the third team member.
· caitsith - Puts Cait Sith in as the third team member.
· vincent  - Puts Vincent in as the third team member.
· inai     - Leaves third team member slot blank.

***Aeris in Red Dress (Lower)***

(Aeris's house)
· 1F okaasan au  - Arrival at Aeris's house.
· 1F katira haha - Return to Aeris's house after she has been kidnapped.
· 2F nigeru      - Second floor. When you have to leave w/out Aeris knowing.
· 2F ballet naku - Second floor after Sector 7 destruction. Marlene is safe.
· hoka wo ataru  - Cancels.

***Turk Vincent (Lower left)***

(Corel prison areas)
· hajime      - Arrival in Corel Prison.
· sonchou     - South part of the prison, before Barret's flashback.
· dyne kessen - Meeting/Battle with Dyne.
· ueniikunone - After the battle with Dyne, talking to Mr. Coates.
· yame        - Cancels.

***Turk Vincent (Right)***

(Chocobo Ranch areas)
· ie no nakada(R1de mage) - Sends you to the Chocobo Ranch inside Choco 
                            Bill's house when you first arrive. Hold R1 down
                            after selecting this choice to go to the same 
                            place, only in disc 2. (You can raise chocobos.)
· soto(R1de mage)         - Sends you to the Chocobo Ranch, outside. The
                            Chocobos have already done their 'dance', 
                            though... Hold R1 down after selecting this to, 
                            again, go to the same place in disc 2.
· bobou(R1de mage)        - Basically the same as the above two, only you're
                            Inside the stables. As usual, hold R1 down after
                            selecting this option to go to the disc 2 
                            version of this area.
· <Blank space>           - Shows something about Lucrecia, then puts you at
                            the Nibelheim inn...controlling her! Too bad 
                            she's stuck in the wall...
· sittitai                - Scene where you find the dead Midgar Zolom.
· yame                    - Cancels.
· <Hidden blank spot>     - ???

***Cloud's Mom***
"movie check" 

(Without Square button pressed)
· doka~n        - Shows FMV. (Differs according to disc)
· tou!          - Shows FMV. (Differs according to disc)
· dongaragashan - Shows FMV. (Differs according to disc)
· touchaku      - FMV of Gold Saucer gondola returning to Corel.
· deppatu       - FMV of gondola arriving at Gold Saucer.  
· sample        - Shows FMV. (Differs according to disc)
· sample        - Shows FMV. (Differs according to disc)
· yame          - Cancels.

(With Square button pressed. The 'Round Square' FMVs only work on Disc 1.)
· saishono - Shows FMV. (Differs according to disc.)
· jet      - Ride on 'Round Square'. Shows roller coaster.
· chokobo  - Ride on 'Round Square'. Shows Chocobo race.
· diozou   - Ride on 'Round Square'. Shows statue of Dio.
· hotel    - Ride on 'Round Square'. Shows Ghost Hotel.
· hiroba   - Ride on 'Round Square'. Shows Event Square.
· hanabi1  - Ride on 'Round Square'. Date scene only.
· hanabi2  - Fireworks display during the date scene.
· yame     - Cancels.

-----------------------------------Room 6-----------------------------------
Music: Whatever was playing when you entered.
Interesting Effect: None to speak of...
Overview: A fairly ordinary room, really. Most of the options, as usual,
just send you to various parts in the game. Very few of the options here, 
however, stick you in a wall, or hang the game.

***Cid (Center of the room)***

(Areas related to the events at Corneo's mansion.)
· ponbiki         - First time at Corneo's mansion.
· irasshai        - In Corneo's mansion, after Cloud has 'dressed up'. (St)
· tifa to gouryuu - Puts you outside of Corneo's Lackey's room, stuck in the
                    door. You can enter the room, but the game hangs, as 
                    Cloud is blocking Scotch, who he is also stuck in...
· yame            - Cancels and brings up the message "yameyato". (Probably
                    translates to "Quitter". :P)

***Cid (Left)***
"colneo osiokibeya"

(More Corneo related options.)
· tifa to saikai    - In the torture room of Corneo's mansion, before 
                      meeting Tifa.
· earith to gouryuu - In the torture room, where Kotch is chasing Aeris.
· colneo sonogo     - Again, in the torture room. This time, Kotch is stuck
                      on the rack. Free him if you want...
· yame              - Cancels.

***Cid (Right)***

(All of these options except the first one are Shinra Building related.)
· colneo kobun beya - In Corneo's Lackey's room. If you leave the room after
                      defeating them, Cloud will be back in a dress, and if
                      you enter the torture room, both Aeris and Tifa will
                      be there, and the game ultimately hangs.
· sinra kaidan1     - First section of the Shinra Building staircase.
· sinra kaidan2     - Second section of the Shinra Building staircase.
· sinra kaidan3     - Last section of the Shinra Building staircase.
· sinra 59F         - 59th floor of the Shinra Building. (St)
· sinra elevetor    - Elevator leading to the 59th floor that is under 
                      attack. You can fight the monsters between floors, but
                      when you reach floor 59, the doors refuse to open.
· sinrabil totunyuu - Area south of the Shinra Building after you've climbed
                      the wire.
· sinrabil dasshutu - Escape from the Shinra Building. Aeris is the leader.
· yame              - Cancels.

***Cait Sith (Top)***
(Brings up a list of the team members' names. Another member switch.)

· cloud dake - Makes Cloud the team leader.
· ballet     - Adds Barret to the team.
· tifa       - Adds Tifa to the team.
· earith     - Adds Aeris to the team.
· red        - Adds Red XIII to the team.
· caitsith   - Adds Cait Sith to the team.
· yufi       - Adds Yuffie to the team.
· cid        - Adds Cid to the team.
· cincent    - Adds Sephiroth to the team.
· tifa dake  - Makes Tifa the team leader.
· cid dake   - Makes Cid the team leader.

***Cait Sith (Bottom)***
(Brings up a short list of miscellaneous options.)
· unpansen      - Cargo room of the Shinra transport ship before all events.
· corel kaisou1 - Barret's flashback of Corel, before it was destroyed.
· corel kaisou2 - Flashback of the people in Corel discussing the reactor.
· saishuukessen - Scene with Holy before the battle with Bizarro Sephiroth.
· yame          - Cancels.

***Barret (Right)***

(Sector 5 areas)
· kyoukai no yane - On the roof of the church after escaping from the Turks.
· yane pyon       - Jumping across the trash heap after the church scene.
· yane kara oriru - After jumping off the trash heap.
· yame            - Cancels.

***Barret (Left)***

(More Sector 5 areas)
· slum chuusai - Town in the Sector 5 slums, after Sector 7 is destroyed.
· dokan        - In the pipe house. ("This guy are sick!")
· icchaya      - Just outside of the Sector 5 slum town.
· yame         - Cancels.

***Aeris (Right)***
"colneo no heya"

(Yes, more Corneo related scenes)
· cloud erabareru  - Scene where Corneo picks his date for the evening.
· earith erabareru - Same.*
· tifa erabareru   - Same.
· yame             - Cancels.

*Apparently, this is supposed to make the outcome of Corneo's 'date' 
different. However, if you've already done this event, you'll still have the
same items, and thus, Corneo will pick the same date for all three choices.

***Aeris (Left)***
"colneo sinsitu"

(...More Corneo related areas)
· cloud no baai  - Cloud has been picked for Corneo's date... ^_^
· earith no baai - Aeris has been picked for Corneo's date.
· tifa no baai   - Tifa has been picked for Corneo's date.
· yame           - Cancels.

(Brings up a list of Cosmo Canyon related areas. No, there is no 'cancel' 

· cosmo materia ya  - Cosmo Canyon Materia shop. 
· cosmo touchaku    - Arrival at Cosmo Canyon.
· seto no kabe      - Red XIII learns the truth about his father Seto.
· movie check       - Shows FMV of Bugenhagen's planetarium.
· boogen jikkensitu - First time in Bugenhagen's planetarium.
· sayonara cosmo    - Leaving Cosmo Canyon. Red XIII rejoins the team.
· meteo go cosmo    - Cosmo Canyon, after meteor has been summoned.
· onegai boogen     - At Bugenhagen's house, before taking him to the City
                      of the Ancients.
· hyuji materia     - In the planetarium with the Huge Materia.
· sayonara boogen   - Scene where Bugenhagen "leaves".
· ............      - At the campfire with Red XIII after the previous 
                      scene. You get the Limited Moon, but the game hangs...

(Brings up a long list of areas related to the Shinra Building.)

· sinra 60F        - 60th floor of the Shinra Building. All doors are 
                     locked. (This applies for floor 60-64, and on any floor
                     higher than this, you're locked in.)
· sinra 61F        - 61st floor of the Shinra Building. Cafeteria.
· sinra 64F        - 64th floor of the Shinra Building. Gym.
· sinra 63F        - 63rd floor of the Shinra Building. Item Maze. (St)
· sinra 62F        - 62nd floor of the Shinra Building. Mayor's Office. (St)
· sinrabil shoumen - Outside of Shinra Building. (St)
· sinrabio uraguti - Alley leading to the staircase behind the Shinra Bldg.
· minigame         - G-Bike mini game - Gold Saucer version. (With Score)
                     Stuck in an empty black room afterwards.
· sinrabil matane  - Outside of Shinra Building. (St)
· yame             - Cancels.

(Brings up a list of Wutai and Meteor related areas.)

· utai iriguti  - Wutai. Yuffie isn't in the team.
· yufi wo oe!   - Wutai, at the start of the Yuffie/Materia Theft event.
· yufi nakamani - First meeting with Yuffie (after defeating her in battle).
· yufi nigeru1  - Wilderness scene, where Yuffie steals your materia.
· yufi nigeru2  - Wilderness. Same effect, just a different background.
· meteo1        - Scene after the rocket slams into meteor.
· meteo2        - After the FMV where meteor reforms... 
· meteo3        - Same as above, but skips the close-up of Canyon Canyon.
· yame          - Cancels.

-----------------------------------Room 7-----------------------------------
Music: Wall Market theme. If that was playing when you entered, the music
changes to the Turks' theme.
Interesting Effects: None to speak of...
Overview: This is a fun room. You can play the cool Condor Fort mini-games,
and Tifa gives you some cool options, like 99 of every item, and another
battle against those Pyramid monsters. Yuffie also has a great FMV viewer!
(Brings up a box with no writing in it, but 8 choices. This is one of my
favorite menus. :P)

· <1> - Gives you 300 Gil.
· <2> - Gives you 131072 Gil.
· <3> - Gives you 99 of *every* item, and fills up your materia screen.
· <4> - Battle with 5 "êúô(ñ)" pyramids. Same as Room 0's "BATTLE999".
· <5> - Removes all items, key items, materia, and team members. Also resets
        clock, and enables all commands. 
· <6> - ???
· <7> - ???
· <8> - Cancels

(Brings up a menu with 4 choices, obviously about the Wall Market.)

· MRKT1         - Leads to the Wall Market before visiting Corneo.
· MRKT2(After)  - Leads to the Wall Market when you first arrive.
· MRKT2(Before) - Leads to the Wall Market after Sector 7 is destroyed.
· Cancel        - Cancels.

(Brings up a menu with a bunch of blank spots ivolving Ft. Condor. Each time
you choose one of the blank spots, a menu with three more blank spots and 
"cancel" appears. The blank spots from the first lists are labeled with 
numbers. Blank spots from any of the sub-lists are labeled with letters.)

· <1>  - Brings up next menu.
  · <A>    - Sends you to Ft. Condor when you first arrive. (Disc 1)
  · <B>    - Same as above, only Tifa is the leader.
  · <C>    - Same as above, only Cid is the leader.
  · cancel - Same as above, only with current leader. Doesn't cancel.
· <2>  - Brings up next menu.
  · <A>    - Sends you to Ft. Condor before the first battle.
  · <B>    - Same as above, only Tifa is the leader.
  · <C>    - Same as above, only Cid is the leader.
  · cancel - Same as above, only with current leader. Doesn't cancel.
· <3>  - Brings up next menu.
  · <A>    - Sends you to Ft. Condor a little bit after the last battle. 
  · <B>    - Same as above, only Tifa is the leader.
  · <C>    - Same as above, only Cid is the leader.
  · cancel - Same as above, only with current leader. Doesn't cancel.
· <4>  - Brings up next menu.
  · <A>    - Sends you to Ft. Condor when you first arrive. (Disc 2)
  · <B>    - Same as above, only Tifa is the leader.
  · <C>    - Same as above, only Cid is the leader.
  · cancel - Same as above, only with current leader. Doesn't cancel.
· <5>  - Brings up next menu.
  · <A>    - Sends you to Ft. Condor before the last battle.
  · <B>    - Same as above, only Tifa is the leader.
  · <C>    - Same as above, only Cid is the leader.
  · cancel - Same as above, only with current leader. Doesn't cancel.
· <6>  - Brings up next menu.
  · <A>    - Sends you to Ft. Condor a immediatly after the last battle. 
  · <B>    - Same as above, only Tifa is the leader.
  · <C>    - Same as above, only Cid is the leader.
  · cancel - Same as above, only with current leader. Doesn't cancel.
· <7>  - Sends you to Ft. Condor a little bit after the last battle. 
· <8>  - Sends you to Ft. Condor before a battle.
· <9>  - ??? (Probably a flag of some kind.)
· <10> - Cancels.

***Cait Sith***
"Climb Wire 
 After 7th Plate falling"

· WCRIMB1(with Battery)    - Climbing the wire to Shinra Building. (w/batt.)
· WCRIMB1(without Battery) - Tsk, tsk. You should know better than to climb
                             the wire to the Shinra Building without the
                             batteries! ;P
· WCRIMB2                  - Puts you on the second area of the wire climb
· WCRIMB1                  - Puts you near the swinging bar at the top of 
                             the first section of the wire climb event.
· Cancel                   - Cancels.

***Woman in purple***
(Brings up a menu with five choices, and four blank spots. All the options
refer to the Great Glacier events.)

· <Blank Spot 1>   - Awaken at the Great Glacier, near a big tree.
· <Blank Spot 2>   - Awaken at the Great Glacier, near a small cave.
· <Blank Spot 3>   - Sends you to the entrance of the Great Glacier.
· <Blank Spot 4>   - Sends you to the entrance of the Great Glacier.
· HYOU3            - You appear near the small cave, but already awake.
· HYOU13-1(After)  - Sends you to the cave where you get Alexander Materia.
                     You haven't touched thr Hot Springs.
· HYOU13-1(Before) - Sends you to the cave where you get Alexander Materia.
                     You've touched the hot springs, and the snow woman 
                     attacks you.
· HYOU5-2          - Sends you to the mini-game at the ice lake.
· Cancel           - Cancels.

(Your typical party arranger.)

Menu 1: "Organaize Party?"
· Yes - Brings up menu 2.
· No  - Cancels.

Menu 2: "First char"
· Cloud - Makes Cloud the leader, then brings up menu 3.
· Tifa  - Makes Tifa the leader, then brings up menu 3.
· Cid   - Makes Cid the leader, then brings up menu 3.

Menu 3: "Second char"
· Ballet  - Makes Barret the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Tifa    - Makes Tifa the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Aerith  - Makes Aeris the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Red13   - Makes Red XIII the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Yufi    - Makes Yuffie the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Ketcy   - Makes Cait Sith the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Vincent - Makes Vincent the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· Cid     - Makes Cid the second character, then brings up menu 4.
· No one  - Leaves second character slot blank, then brings up menu 4.

Menu 4: "Third char"
· Ballet  - Makes Barret the third character.
· Tifa    - Makes Tifa the third character.
· Aerith  - Makes Aeris the third character.
· Red13   - Makes Red XIII the third character.
· Yufi    - Makes Yuffie the third character.
· Ketcy   - Makes Cait Sith the third character.
· Vincent - Makes Vincent the third character.
· Cid     - Makes Cid the third character.
· No one  - Leaves third character slot blank.

(Starts playing the 'Shinra Death' music, and brings up a box with 5 
 choices involving Rufus and the Shinra's actions when Diamond Weapon 
 attacks Midgar. The FMV scenes shown here are so late in the disc, that
 they'll cause the game to hang if you're not using Disc 2.)

· 1       - Scene at Shinra Building where Rufus, Heidegger, Scarlet, and
            Reeve discuss attacking Sepihroth using the Mako cannon, which
            Scarlet then names "The Sister Ray". After the scene, you're
            sent to the City of the Ancients, near the waterfall.
· 2       - Rufus and company prepare to fire the Sister Ray.
· 3       - Diamond Weapon has been defeated, but it's shots are heading
            for Midgar! FMV here differs depending on the disc you're using.
            Following the FMV, you're back on the Highwind ready to attack
            Midgar yourselves!
· last0-3 - Sends you to the entrance of the Northern Crater.
· cancel  - Cancels.

***Red XIII***
"Train Grave"

· MDS7ST2 - Sends you to the second section of the Train Graveyard.
· MDS7ST1 - Sends you to the first section of the Train Graveyard.
· Cancel  - Cancels.

(Immediate fight against CMD. Grand Horn, followed by a box with three
 options involving the Wall Market events.)

· Man     - Go to the Gym at the Wall Market, and play the 'squat' minigame.
· Be Girl - Sends you to the Wall Market as "Miss Cloud", and gives you 
            several of the 'dress-up' Key items. However, if you go to 
            Corneo's mansion, Cloud reverts to normal. You're stuck here...
· cancel  - Cancels.

(Brings up a list numbered 1-6. These're the mini games at Ft. Condor.)

· 1      - Play the first battle at Ft. Condor.
· 2      - Play the second battle at Ft. Condor.
· 3      - Play the third battle at Ft. Condor.
· 4      - Play the fourth battle at Ft. Condor.
· 5      - Play the fifth battle at Ft. Condor.
· 6      - Play the sixth battle at Ft. Condor.
· last   - Play the last battle at Ft. Condor. (Huge Materia Quest)
· cancel - Cancels.

"20 movie"

· look   - Plays FMV based on number at the top of the screen.
· plus   - Adds one number to the "20 movie" caption. Shows different FMV.
· cancel - Cancels.

FMV List:

Disc 1

20: Gate of Sector 1, looking at Mako Reactor. (-s)
21: Sector 1 Mako Reactor explosion. (-s)
22: Fire shooting out of the tunnel. (-s)
23: Cloud escapes from Sector 8 by jumping on the passing train.
24: The train spirals around the plate.
25: Airbuster explodes, destroying a piece of the platform. (-s)
26: Sector 5 reactor explodes. Cloud falls.
27: Sector 7 destruction - Part 1. Pillar cracks. (-s)
28: Sector 7 destruction - Part 2. Pillar breaks, plate falls. (-s*)
29: Sleeping security guard 'watching' the monitors. Start of Floor 60. (-s)
30: Escape from Shinra Building. (One of my personal favorites. ;)
31: Overhead view of Mt. Nibel - Part 1.
32: Overhead view of Mt. Nibel - Part 2. (Shows the reactor.)
33: Rope bridge breaks. (-s)
34: Monster in Nibelheim Mako reactor.
35: Sephiroth walks off into the fire... (Another cool FMV.)
36: Sephiroth releases Jenova.
37: Before the parade. Overhead view of Junon. (-s)
38: First look at the Highwind.
39: Falling from the Corel railway. (-s)
40: Gondola ride to Gold Saucer.
41: Soldiers shoot Dyne and Barret (-s, looks really stupid)
42: Bugenhagen's Planetarium - Part 1. (-s)
43: Bugenhagen's Planetarium - Part 2. ("Lifeblood of the planet") (-s)
44: The brave warrior, Seto.
45: Failed rocket launch.
46: Tiny Bronco takes off. (-s)
47: Tiny Bronco gets shot down and crashes in the ocean. (-s)
48: Gondola ride over the Gold Saucer. (Date Scene)
49: Gold Saucer - Fireworks display. (Date Scene)
 0: <Hangs the game>
 1: Gondola takes off for Gold Saucer.
 2: Gondola returns from Gold Saucer.
 3: Gondola arrives at Gold Saucer.
 4: Gondola leaves Gold Saucer.
 5: Ride on Gold Saucer's "Round Square". Shows the roller coaster ride.
 6: Ride on Gold Saucer's "Round Square". Shows the Chocobo race.
 7: Ride on Gold Saucer's "Round Square". Shows statue of Dio.
 8: Ride on Gold Saucer's "Round Square". Shows Ghost Hotel.
 9: Ride on Gold Saucer's "Round Square". Shows Event Square.
10: Bugenhagen's observatory lift rises. (-s)
11: Bugenhagen's observatory lift goes back down. (-s)
12: Platform at Junon airship dock rises. (-s)
13: Platform at Junon airship dock lowers. (-s)
14: Junon elevator rises. (-s)
15: Junon elevator goes back down. (-s)
16: Junon elevator (to undersea Mako reactor) goes down. (-s)
17: Junon elevator (to undersea Mako reactor) goes back up. (-s)
18: Junon elevator rises. (-s)
19: ??? (Blue lines)

*Note: While Cloud, Barret, and Tifa aren't in FMV 27, President Shinra is.

Disc 2

20: Overhead view of swirling winds at north crater. (-s)
21: North cave collapsing. Sephiroth released. (-s)
22: Sephiroth frozen in Mako.
23: Cloud gives Black Materia to Sephiroth.
24: WEAPON monsters released. (Another of my favorites.)
25: Meteor looms over Junon... (-s)
26: Junon prepares for the attack by WEAPON.
27: Sister Ray is fired!
28: The shot had no effect! WEAPON moves towards Junon!
29: The Shinra troops throw everything they have at WEAPON, but to no avail!
30: WEAPON rises from the sea...
31: WEAPON fires at Junon, and then is decapitated by the Sister Ray.
32: Tifa runs to the end of the cannon, and is saved by the Highwind.
33: Flash of light at Ft. Condor. The condor egg hatches!
34: Train crashes into North Corel...
35: Train stops just short of destroying Corel!
36: Mideel's destruction. Cloud and Tifa fall in the Lifestream.
37: The Nibelheim from Cloud's dream... (-s)
38: The well in Nibelheim on that starry night... (-s)
39: Through Tifa's bedroom window... (-s)
40: Airship Gelnika takes off from Junon's Airport.
41: The rusty rocket takes off, shaking up Rocket Town.
42: <Hangs the game>
43: Sea outside Junon.
44: Escape pod ejects from rocket.
45: Escape pod falls to earth. The rocket slams into Meteor.
46: Meteor is momentarily destroyed, but immediatly reforms...
47: Helicopters fly over Midgar, showing off the Sister Ray.
48: Diamond Weapon heads for Midgar.
49: Diamond Weapon marches on...
 0: <Hangs the game>
 1: Gondola takes off for Gold Saucer.
 2: Gondola returns from Gold Saucer.
 3: Gondola arrives at Gold Saucer.
 4: Gondola leaves Gold Saucer.
 5: <Brief clip of Bugenhagen's observatory lift>
 6: <Brief clip of Bugenhagen's observatory lift>
 7: <Brief clip of Bugenhagen's observatory lift>
 8: <Brief clip of Bugenhagen's observatory lift>
 9: <Brief clip of Bugenhagen's observatory lift>
10: Bugenhagen's observatory lift rises. (-s)
11: Bugenhagen's observatory lift goes back down. (-s)
12: Platform at Junon airship dock rises. (-s)
13: Platform at Junon airship dock lowers. (-s)
14: Junon elevator rises. (-s)
15: Junon elevator goes back down. (-s)
16: Junon elevator (to undersea Mako reactor) goes down. (-s)
17: Junon elevator (to undersea Mako reactor) goes back up. (-s)
18: Junon elevator rises. (-s)
19: ??? (Blue lines)

Disc 3

20: <Hangs the game>
21: <Hangs the game>
22: After defeating Jenova SYNTHESIS. Blocks rise up.
23: <Hangs the game>
24: Before the battle with Bizarro Sephiroth. Holy gets sucked in a vortex.
25: Cloud falls through a vortex and meets Sephiroth at the end.
26: Red XIII and his cubs overlook a ruined Midgar.
27: Ad for Shinra's line of automobiles.
28: <Hangs the game>
29: Basically the entire ending scene.
30: <Hangs the game>
31: <Hangs the game>
32: <Hangs the game>
33: <Hangs the game>

(Note: Some of these FMVs, especially ones from the ending, are quite 
screwed up, and in turn, screw up the game pretty bad...)

-----------------------------------Room 8-----------------------------------
Music: Whatever was playing when you entered.
Interesting Effects: None.
Overview: Quite a dull place. The only thing here that's really any fun is
the snowboard game Aeris allows you to play. Otherwise, the stuff here 
basically consists of travelling to various parts in the game. You're seldom
stuck in walls, however... Also, Priscilla can remove members from your team
*permanently*, but...uhh...I dunno why you'd wanna do this... ^_^

"Who do you want in the party?"

· Tifa             - Adds Tifa to the team.
· Ballet           - Adds Barret to the team.
· Earith           - Adds Aeris to the team.
· Red              - Adds Red XIII to the team.
· Cid              - Adds Cid to the team.
· Yufi             - Adds Yuffie to the team.
· Ketcy            - Adds Cait Sith to the team.
· Vince            - Adds Vincent to the team.
· Put Cid on point - Makes Cid the party leader.
· Forget it.       - Makes Tifa the party leader. (Doesn't Cancel)

"Going to north Corel.
 It doesn't matter whether or not
 Ballet is in this event."

· Ballet of north Corel - Arrival at Corel.
· ropeway               - Barret's flashback of Corel at the ropeway station
                          leading to the Gold Saucer.
· North Corel           - North Corel destroyed by the train.
· quit                  - Cancels.

***Woman with red pants***
(Brings up a list of options. These appear to do nothing, but they actually
set up various flags. You'll have to leave the debug room, and visit these
areas. If you're on Disc 1, this is very difficult (and in some cases, 
impossible, as a few of these flags seem to take place in Mideel), as you're
at Midgar, and are forced to walk all the way around to Junon... If you're 
using Disc 2 or 3, however, and have a Gold Chocobo, these are simple to 

· Palmer          - Sets up a flag. This probably has to do with Palmer,
                    while he's stealing the Tiny Bronco, as I checked Rocket
                    Town after choosing this option, and Shera was blocking
                    the door to the yard where the Tiny Bronco is. She 
                    ignored me, however... Maybe it was because I was using
                    Disc 3?
· Highwind        - Gives you the Highwind, and resets all events to right
                    after you get it.
· Materia mission - ???
· Cloud's revival - ???
· Rocket launch   - ???
· Sister Ray      - ???
· Train success   - ???
· Train failure   - ???
· Train last      - ???
· quit            - Sends you to North Corel after the train event as if
                    you had won. The lead character is invisible, and you
                    can't leave town. You're stuck here. (Doesn't Cancel)

"Snow board game."

There are no options here. Aeris simply sends you to the Great Glacier 
snowboarding game. (Not the Gold Saucer one.) Leads to Great Glacier 
afterwards, and the game crashes if you try to leave the screen.

"I'm sickle...xxxx
 I mean...Icicle Inn.
 ...ok, bad joke."

There are no options here either. Cid sends you to the Icicle Inn before the
meeting with Elena.

"Hyrdoplane event"

· Deck no. 1        - <Hangs the game>
· parachute deck    - Outside of the Highwind, ready to parachute into 
· bridge no. 1      - Scene onboard the Highwind after Sephiroth's barrier
                      is destroyed.
· bridge no. 2      - Scene on the Highwind. Hojo prepares to fire the 
                      Sister Ray again.
· bridge no. 3      - Third scene on the Highwind. After Reeve is arrested.
· conference room 1 - First meeting at Shinra HQ, where Rufus and the other
                      Shinra officials discuss gathering the Huge Materia.
· conference room 2 - Scene at Shinra HQ after Rufus's death. The Mako 
                      output for the Sister Ray is increasing. Hojo plans to
                      fire it again, even though it may destroy Midgar!
· conference room 3 - In Shinra HQ. Reeve gets captured when he tries to
                      stop Scarlet and Heidegger from interfering with Cloud
                      and the others' plans to stop Hojo...
· send-off people   - Scene just before the team parachutes down into 
· quit              - Cancels.

***Man in blue shirt/black pants***
"Gaea's cliff test"

· Gaea's cliff no. 1   - First climb up the side of the cliff.
· Gaea's cliff no. 2   - Second climbing sequence.
· Gaea's cliff 1 of 3  - Third climbing sequence.
· Gaea's cliff 2 of 3  - At the top of the cliff, about to go to the crater.
· Base of Gaea's cliff - The base of the cliff. Near Holzoff's house.
· quit                 - Cancels. 

***Red XIII***
"Where are you going underneath Junon?"

· Under Junon 1          - Lower Junon village.
· There'll be monsters   - Beach in lower Junon.
· Dolphin jump           - Leads to the dolphin jump scene, but you don't
                           seem to have the whistle. If you get out of the
                           water, Priscilla isn't there, so you can't get 
                           back in.
· Artificial Respiration - Scene where you have to give Priscilla CPR.
· quit                   - Cancels.

***Man in blue shirt/brown pants***
(Brings up a list of more Gaea's cliff areas.)

· Crater no. 1              - First area of the crater at Gaea's cliff.
· Whirlwind Maze no. 1      - Kinda strange... This is the scene *after* 
                              defeating Jenova·DEATH, where you re-obtain
                              the Black Materia. After the scene, however, 
                              you'll end up in a battle with Jenova·DEATH!
· Whirlwind Maze no. 2      - First section of the maze area.
· Atmospheric Barrier no. 1 - First wind barrier.
· Atmospheric Barrier no. 2 - Second wind barrier.
· Atmospheric Barrier no. 3 - Third wind barrier.
· quit                      - Cancels.

(Brings up a list of options referring to team members.)

· all members    - Adds all members to your global party. (PHS window)
· quit           - Cancels.
· Without Yufi   - Removes Yuffie from the global party.
· Without Vince  - Removes Vincent from the global party.
· Without Ballet - Removes Barret from the global party.
· Without Tifa   - Removes Tifa from the global party.
· Without Earith - Removes Aeris from the global party.
· Without Red    - Removes Red XIII from the global party.
· Without Cid    - Removes Cid from the global party.
· Without Ketcy  - Removes Cait Sith from the global party.

-----------------------------------Room 9-----------------------------------
Music: Outside Midgar/Mt. Corel.
Interesting Effects: All the characters' names except Cloud become blank.
Overview: Extremely boring -- there isn't a single feature about this room
that's particularly useful or interesting. About 90% of the options here 
take you to various areas in the game stuck in a wall or other obstacle, 
making them totally useless! Barret's "Materia Max" command *sounds* useful,
but all it does is fill up the blank spots in your Materia list with Bahamut
materia! And...don't *ever* use the save point, as you won't be able to get 

***Save Point***

A normal save point. Just lets you save your game. (Don't, though.)

"materia max"

· yes - Game hangs for a second, then fills up your Materia list with 
        nothing but a bunch of Bahamut materias. 
· no  - Cancels. 

"player change"

· cloud  - Makes Cloud the leader.
· tifa   - Makes Tifa the leader.
· cid    - Makes Cid the leader.
· cancel - Cancels.

(Brings up a long list of options having to do with the Wutai/Da-chao 
statues events.)

· cancel       - Cancels.
· turcks union - A flag that works in conjunction with the options below; 
                 it makes the Turks appear in the scenes at Da-chao.
· DATIAO 1     - Sends you to the first section of the Da-chao statues. (St)
· DATIAO 2     - Sends you to the first left path of Da-chao. (St)
· DATIAO 3     - Farthest left dead end at Da-chao. (St)
· DATIAO 4     - Farthest right dead end at Da-chao. (St)
· DATIAO 5     - Sends you to the second left path of Da-chao. (St)
· DATIAO 6     - Dead end where you meet Corneo. (St)
· DATIAO 7     - Northernmost dead end. (St)
· DATIAO 8     - Da-chao fire cave. (St)
· 5TOWER       - Leads to the bottom floor of the Wutai pagoda.

(Also brings up a long list of options. Most of them have to do with either
the raid in Midgar at the end of disc 2, or the train chase at North Corel.)

Menu 1:
· Quit      - Cancels. 
· next page - Brings up menu 2.
· BLACKBGH  - Leads you to a empty, pitch black room with no visible exit.
· BLACKBGI  - Just moves you to a corner of debug room 9. (Does nothing.)
· TUNNEL 6  - Leads to a scrambled screen. Go south and you'll be in the 
              Midgar rail tunnel from the raid on disc 2. The graphics are
              still *really* screwed up, though, and the area is unstable.
· MD8 6     - Back alley, before raid on Midgar in disc 2. (St)
· MD8 B1    - First area during disc 2 Midgar raid - Upper screen. (St)
· MD8 B2    - First area during disc 2 Midgar raid - Lower screen. (St)
· MD8 32    - At the base of the stairs leading to the Sister Ray. (St)
· MD8 BRDG2 - North exit of the train tunnel, where you fight Proud Clod.
· TUNNEL 4  - Part of the train tunnel. You appear to be stuck behind a 
              closed door, but walk to the end of the tunnel to get out...
· TUNNEL 5  - Another part of the train tunnel. (St)

Menu 2:
· pre page  - Brings Menu 1 back.
· CANON 1   - The staircase leading to the Sister Ray in Midgar. (St)
· CANON 2   - Scene with Hojo at the Sister Ray just before the raid on 
              Midgar, followed by scene of the team on the airship, and the
              remaining Shinra officials. After the events, you end up 
              outside Ft. Condor.
· MTCRL 2   - At the reactor on Mt. Corel, just before the train departs.
· ZCOAL 1   - On the train that Cid steals, trying to catch up with the 
              Shinra train. If Cid isn't the leader, you can't do anything.
· ZCOAL 2   - On the back of the Shinra Train. However, the timer starts at
              00:00, so you automatically lose, and the train crashes into
              North Corel.
· ZCOAL 3   - At the engine of the Shinra Train. Again, the timer starts at
              00:00, but the train won't crash.
· 4SBWY 22  - Yep, back to the raid at Midgar in disc 2. ;) This one brings
              you to the air duct leading to the train tunnel. This, 
              however, leads to one helluva wickedly scrambled screen!

***Red XIII***
(Brings up yet another long list of options. These ones referring to the 
undersea Mako reactor in Junon.)

· cancel   - Cancels.
· SPGATE   - Gate leading to the underwater tunnel in Junon. (St)
· SPIPE 1  - First part of the underwater tunnel.
· SPIPE 2  - Second part of underwater tunnel, near door to reactor. (St)
· SEMKIN 1 - Inside the underwater elevator leading to the reactor. (St) 
· SEMKIN 2 - Upper bridge inside the reactor overlooking the two subs. (St)
· SEMKIN 8 - The hall with a save point leading to the main reactor. You 
             appear to be stuck, but move left or right to get free.
· SEMKIN 3 - Main hall of the reactor. (St)
· SEMKIN 4 - Bridge overlooking the Mako Reactor where the materia is. (St)
· SEMKIN 5 - Scene where the Huge Materia is loaded on the submarine. (St)
· SEMKIN 6 - In the sub dock. The red submarine is gone. (St)
· SEMKIN 7 - Sub dock, near the grey submarine. (St)

"pary make"

· ballet  - Adds Barret to the team.
· tifa    - Adds Tifa to the team.
· earith  - Adds Aeris to the team.
· red     - Adds Red XIII to the team.
· yufi    - Adds Yuffie to the team.
· ketcy   - Adds Cait Sith to the team.
· vincent - Adds Vincent to the team.
· cid     - Adds Cid to the team.
· no      - Cancels.

***Cait Sith***
(Brings up yet more options, these having to do with the final dungeon.)

· cancel - Cancels.
· LAS2 1 - Last dungeon; second fork in the road. Crashes game if you leave
           the screen.
· LAS2 2 - Last Dungeon; first screen in 'swamp' area. 
· LAS2 3 - Second screen of 'swamp' area. (St)
· LAS2 4 - Forested area with shining pit. (St)
· LAS0 6 - Ledge maze. 
· LAS0 7 - Caves in ledge maze. (St)
· LAS0 8 - First set of crossroads. (St)
· MOGU 1 - Play Mog House. When it ends, you'll be at the Gold Saucer.

-----------------------------------Room 10----------------------------------
Music: "Electric de Chocobo", the Chocobo Battle/Snowboard music.
Interesting Effects: The characters are given...weird names. ^_^
Overview: I don't have an immediate use for this room. There really isn't 
anything here that you can't find in any of the others.

As soon as you enter this room, you'll be given two choices:

Menu 1:
· For those in a hurry         - Brings up menu 2.
· For those with a little time - Lets you walk around the room.

Menu 2: (Mideel Areas)
· Where to?                      - Mideel Hospital, when Tifa finds Cloud.
· To Mideel by the sea!          - Same as above.
· To the Mideel Clinic!          - <Hangs the game>
· To the Mideel Talk Event!      - Inside the Clinic after Tifa leaves.
· To the Clinic Attack Event!    - Destruction of Mideel.
· To the Lifestream!             - Cloud and Tifa fall in the Lifestream.
· To the Mindzone!               - Start of Cloud's Lifestream dream...
· To the Spirit World!           - After Nibelheim flashback.
· To Spirit World2!              - After Nibelheim well flashback.
· To Spirit World3!              - After Tifa's bedroom flashback.
· To Spirit World again!         - After second Nibelheim flashback.
· Last time to the Spirit World! - Mideel, after it's been destroyed.
· To Mideel after it fell!       - Ultimate Weapon attacks Mideel.
· Hold it, I need a break!       - <Can't Select>

"So? where to?"

(Mideel Events)
· To Mideel                  - Leads to Mideel town. Lead character is
                               invisible. Crashes game.
· To Mideel Clinic!          - Mideel Hospital, when Tifa finds Cloud. Tifa
                               is invisible.
· To the Mideel Talk Event!  - <Hangs the game>
· To the Attack Event!       - Inside the Clinic after Tifa leaves. Lead
                               character is invisible. Crashes game.
· To the Lifestream!         - Mideel, after it's been destroyed. Lead
                               character is invisible. Crashes game.
· To the Mindzone!           - Cloud and Tifa fall in the Lifestream.
· To the Spirit World!       - After Nibelheim flashback.
· To Spirit World2!          - After Nibelheim well flashback.
· To Spirit World3!          - After Tifa's bedroom flashback.
· To the Spirit World again! - Mideel, after it's been destroyed. Lead
                               character is invisible. Crashes game.
· To Mideel after it fell!   - After second Nibelheim flashback.
· To Hades!                  - Cancels. (You're already *in* Hades! ;P)

"Take down a flag?"

· Mideel            - ???
· Ionia             - ???
· Materia           - ???
· To the dark hill  - Scene on a hill where Cloud and Tifa are 'sleeping'.
· To the light hill - The morning after Cloud and Tifa's 'magical night'.
· <Hidden Choice>   - Brings you to the Highwind, right after you get it.
                      Tifa is missing, so the game hangs when she has to 

"Who're you going with?"

· I'm starting over - Adds Aeris to the party. Removes all other members.
· ster              - Adds Cloud to the party.
· Princess          - Adds Aeris to the party.*
· Ionia**           - Adds Tifa to the party.
· alator            - Adds Barret to the party.
· Little            - Adds Yuffie to the party.
· Red XIII          - Adds Red XIII to the party.
· Cait Sith         - Adds Cait Sith to the party.
· Ol'               - Adds Cid to the party.
· <Blank Spot>      - Adds Sephiroth to the party.

*Here's a fun little trick. Choose "I'm starting over", followed by 
"Princess". You'll be able to control the giant Aeris in this room. ;)
This trick is more of a novelty than anything else, as you're stuck here if
you do it. :P

**Apparently, the game uses the same character for both "I" and "l". Is 
that name "Ionia", or "lonia"? 

***Talking Floor***

This was probably designed as some kind of joke. Anyway, yes, the floor in
this room (at least near Aeris, anyway) actually talks. It has no options or
anything, but it'll occationally say the following things:

"Huh? You're not thinking of... stepping on me, are you? 
 I may be a floor but that don't give you the right!!"


"Eyaaaah!! OWW, OWW, OWW...... YEOOWWW......!!"


It doesn't actually *do* anything, but it can get annoying after a while...

-----------------------------------Room 11----------------------------------

This really isn't a room, but the exit to the Debug Room. This puts you 
outside Midgar, following the last event you did inside the debug room. 
(i.e. if you went to Mideel before it was destroyed on Disc 3, you'll come
out of the debug room with the propellor-powered Highwind, and Mideel is
still standing, etc.)

This is a section for stuff in the debug room that doesn't fit in any 
particular section.

-Missing FMVs- 
This is a list of FMVs that can't be viewed on any FMV player...

Disc 1:


Disc 2:

- Bugenhagen inserts the key at the City of the Ancients.
- Waterfall falls over the glowing crystal.
- The waterfall.
- Projected image on the waterfall. Recap of Aeris's Death.
- Highwind losing it's propellors and becoming jet-powered. 

 14. Credits

- BaddKarma ( for telling me that you *can* learn
  White Wind from the Wind Wing enemies. 
- Seigfried ( for info on Test 0, as well as reminding 
  me to add some of the earlier weapons/armor to the steal chart.

I may continue to update this FAQ every now and then. If you have any 
questions (NOT about Aeris/Sephiroth) or assorted goodies to add to this 
FAQ (that are true), mail me at, with the subject line of
"FF7 FAQ" or something similar. Using a subject line of "Hi!" or "Need Help"
will result only in getting your mail deleted. 

(Oh, and BTW, don't even *ASK* me to do a Xenogears Debug Room FAQ! :P)

This FAQ (c) 1998-1999 Matt Hobbs.
Final Fantasy VII (c) 1997-1998 Square