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Do rides get too old, beat, and messed up if you leave them in a park for too many years?

I've been wondering because of Crumbly Woods old rides.

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*for sonic479*
I meant if they would be bad enough 2 not attract guests

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sonic479 answered:

Not really. A ride will always attract guests, but the fee changes depending on how everything else is priced in your park. That is, if you have a high entrance fee, your ride fee will constantly decrease until the ride fee is no more (i.e. as in the ride becomes free to ride).

Of course, you also need to note that old rides do not generate as much profit as new ones that are built.
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sonic479 answered:

No, if you mean it is literally going to break itself apart.

However, old rides have a low reliability rate which means the rides will break down more frequently.
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