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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I build underground rides?

Like the whoa-belly in Mel's World, How do I build completely underground rides?

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Okay then, how about the steel mini roller coaster in katie's world?

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From: Eat_KFC_Today 5 years ago

You have to raise the ground (2 levels), start to build your coaster just before that raised square, if the ground is high enough the ride will start to be under ground. To make it easier from here, go down with your ride track so you won't have to raise much more land, once you are low enough, build your station down there, then delete the portions of the track before your "new" station, you can now build underground to your hearts content. Beware that ride entrances and exits will need to have the ground altered in order for them to fit.

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The Whoa-Belly in Mel's World isn't really underground. I just looks like it is because there are elevated footpaths around the tower making it look underground.

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They fix this in RCT2 (hold shift while moving mouse up/down), but in this game, you have to start it above ground, build it to where you want it underground, and delete what you don't want.

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In RCT, the "underground" coasters were first built above ground, then the ground raised over them. Thus, you can't really build underground. You have to flatten the area, build the coaster, THEN raise the ground to cover the ride.

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The best I can say is to put staion platforms out of the ground and building the ride tracks underneath. I really dont know how to make a ride like "Runaway Plumber"
*My strategy works best with rollercoasters and Go Karts

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