• Codes (in game)

    Enable cheat mode(this must be done first): hold [Shift],1,1,3,3,5,5,7,7 If done correctly, a message will appear
    Get 1000 food: [ctrl]+
    Get 1000 cash: [ctrl]+c
    Fast build: [ctrl]+z
    Immortal king: [ctrl}+u
    Advance Tecnology(This must be done several times if you are a Frythan): [ctrl]+T

    Note: Enabling cheat mode will set your final score to zero unless you are playing the campaign

    Contributed By: Low.

  • More cheats

    In a normal game when playing hold shift and press 11335577 to activate cheats then a message should appear saying cheats activated. If you are playing a normal game your score will be 0 and it will say cheat but if you use them in campaign or scenario editor you will still get a score.

    Adds 20 damage to selected buildingCtrl + Alt + J
    ctrl + ;add population to town
    ctrl + =full seat of power
    ctrl + mfull map
    Reputation goes up by 10 (scenario only)ctrl + alt + r
    Sets Economic score to 0Ctrl + J
    Subtracts 10 reputationCtrl + Alt + E
    Subtracts 1000 foodCtrl + Alt + C
    Subtracts 1000 treasureCtrl + Alt + X
    Subtracts 20 damage from selected buildingCtrl + Alt + K
    Toggles debug messagesCtrl + A
    You get Al knowledgectrl + d

    Contributed By: benisalegend and th3l3fty.

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