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		                 HOMEWORLD SCRIPT


by YessMassterHG
v 1.0


This FAQ is one big spoiler ;)

1 - Update History
2 - Introduction
3 - Script
	3a - Intro
	3b - Mission I – Kharak System
	3c - Cut-Scene I
	3d - Mission II – Outskirts of Kharak System
	3e - Cut-Scene II
	3f - Mission III – Return to Kharak
	3g - Cut-Scene III
	3h - Mission IV - Great Wastelands
	3i - Cut-Scene IV
	3j - Mission V – Great Wastelands
	3k - Cut-Scene V
	3l - Mission VI – Diamond Shoals
	3m - Cut-Scene VI
	3n - Mission VII – The Gardens of Kadesh
	3o - Cut-Scene VII
	3p - Mission VIII – The Cathedral of Kadesh
	3q - Cut-Scene VIII
	3r - Mission IX – Deep Space – Sea of Lost Souls
	3s - Cut-Scene IX
	3t - Mission X – Super Nova Research Station
	3u - Cut-Scene X
	3v - Mission XI – Tenhauser Gate
	3w - Cut-Scene XI
	3x - Mission XII – Galactic Core
	3y - Cut-Scene XII
	3z - Mission XIII – The Karos Graveyard – The Shining Hinterlands
	3aa - Cut-Scene XIII
	3ab - Mission XIV – Bridge of Sighs
	3ac - Cut-Scene XIV
	3ad - Mission XV – Chapel Perilous
	3ae - Cut-Scene XV
	3af - Mission XVI – Hiigara
	3ag - Outro
4 - Thanks, Credits, Contact & Legal Warning

1 - Update History
12 August 2004 - v 0.1 - This FAQ was finished.

2 - Introduction
This is my first FAQ so please send me any notices is something is very bad 
or very good.

This FAQ includes every line of spoken teext that is plot-important, it does 
not include any ship barks.

3 - Script

3a Intro

100 years ago, a satellite detected an object under the sands of the Great 

An expedition was sent.

An ancient starship, buried in the sand.

Deep inside the ruin was a single stone that would change the course of our 
history forever.

On the stone was etched a galactic map

and a single word more ancient than the clans themselves:


Our home.

The clans were united and a massive colony ship was designed.

Construction would take 60 years.

It would demand new technologies, new industries and new sacrifices.

The greatest of these was made by the scientist Karan Sjet who had herself 
permanently integrated into the colony ship as its living core.

She is now Fleet Command.

The promise of the Guidestone united the entire population.

Every mind became focused on the true origin of our people …

… every effort on the construction of the ship that would seek it out among 
the stars.

3b Mission I – Kharak System

(Fleet Command): This is Fleet Command. Reporting Mothership pre-launch 

(Fleet Command): Command on-line…

(Fleet Command): Resourcing online…

(Fleet Command): Construction online…

(Fleet Command): Cryogenic subsections A through J online…

(Fleet Command): K through S online…

(Fleet Command): Scaffold Control stand by for alignment…

(Fleet Command): Alignment confirmed. Stand by Release Control.

(Fleet Command): The Mothership has cleared the Scaffold.

(Fleet Command): We are away.

(Fleet Command): Stand by for Command Line testing…

(Fleet Intelligence): Fleet Intelligence going on-line. Our task is to 
analyze all sensor data and generate mission objectives. Before the 
hyperdrive test, several trials must be completed.

(Fleet Intelligence): Test construction by building the primary research 

(Fleet Intelligence): Test resource processing by harvesting the asteroids 
provided nearby.

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace module charging. 35% capacity and rising. The 
Mothership will be ready for the Hyperdrive test in 10 minutes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Standby to begin combat trials. First we will be 
monitoring formation performance

(Fleet Intelligence): Target Drones have been provided here. Assign a 
formation to your Fighters and destroy the Drones.

(Fleet Intelligence): Formation trial complete. Flight analysis shows a 
twenty-two percent increase in combat performance.

(Fleet Intelligence): The next trial will test the effectiveness of tactics. 
Standby to begin tactics trial. Use Aggressive or Evasive tactics and 
engage the Target Drones here.

(Fleet Intelligence): Tactics trial complete.

(Fleet Intelligence): The next trial will test the performance of the 
Salvage Corvette. Build one and capture the Target Drone here.

(Fleet Intelligence): The primary Research Ship has been constructed and 
the Research Division is online.

(Fleet Intelligence): Begin Fighter Chassis research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): Standby for Hyperdrive test. Internal pressure doors 
sealed. Abort systems standing by.

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace module fully charged. I am ready to initiate 
quantum wave generation on your mark. Good luck everyone.

(Fleet Intelligence): All sections reported in. Trigger the hyperspace drive 
test at your discretion.

3c Cut-Scene I

(Fleet Command): All Hyperspace systems operating at full power.

(Fleet Intelligence): If the hyperspace targeting system is accurate, we will
emerge in close proximity to the support vessel Khar-Selim.

(Fleet Intelligence): The ship has spent the past 10 years traveling on 
conventional drives to reach the edge of Kharak system.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Khar-Selim will monitor the quantum waveform as we 
return to normal space and assist in tuning our drive control systems.

(Fleet Intelligence): If the hyperspace module malfunctions, the Khar-Selim 
will provide assistance and re-supply.

(Fleet Intelligence): Mission objectives will be to dock with the support 
vessel in order to complete adjustments to the Mothership and her drives.

3d Mission II – Outskirts of Kharak System

(Fleet Command): We made it. Hyperspace jump complete! All systems nominal 
and the quantum wave effect has dissipated.

(Fleet Intelligence): We have mis-jumped. The support ship is not here. Fleet
Command will signal the Khar-Selim while we confirm our current position.

(Fleet Command): This is Mothership calling Support Vessel Khar-Selim. 
Come in please. We have mis-jumped and are requesting your beacon… This 
is the Mothership calling Support Vessel Khar-Selim. Please Respond…

(Fleet Intelligence): Priority Alert. We have picked up the Khar-Selim’s 
automated beacon.

(Fleet Intelligence): Send a probe to make contact and re-establish 

(Fleet Command): They’re attacking?!... The Mothership is under attack!!

(Fleet Intelligence): Engage incoming units. The Mothership must be defended.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hostile units destroyed. Threat eliminated.

(Fleet Command): Mothership sustained minor hull damage. Repairs are underway.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Khar-Selim has been destroyed. Heavy weapon damage
is visible on the remaining fragment. A Salvage Corvette must be sent 
to retrieve mission data recorder.

(Fleet Intelligence): Priority Alert! Additional hostile units detected on 
an intercept course with the Khar-Selim.

(Fleet Intelligence): Protection of the Salvage team is a primary Objective.
It must return to Mothership with the mission recorder. We need that data.

(Fleet Intelligence): Salvage Team docked safely. Downloading Mission Data 
Recording. Replaying last entry:

(Khar-Selim): What do you mean you detect a Hyperspace entry? 
The mothership isn’t due for…

(Khar-Selim): Sir, I have multiple contacts on closing vectors. Unknown 
profiles… No recognition codes… Ahhh, they’re not ours.

(Khar-Selim): Well if they’re not ours, who the hell are they?

(Khar-Selim): Sir, they’re coming fast… Check… Incoming fire! We are under 
attack! They’re getting through! Breaches across al decks! Hull integrity 

(Khar-Selim): Khar-Selim to Mothership! If you are receiving, abort 
hyperdrive test. Repeat: abort hyperdrive test!

(Fleet Intelligence): We are detecting enemy units advancing on our position.
Organize a defense force to protect the Mothership.

(Fleet Intelligence): It’s an enemy Carrier. They appear to be reinforcing 
their squadrons of Fighters and Corvettes with it.

(Fleet Intelligence): We have determined that these enemy units are inferior 
to ours.

(Fleet Intelligence): To protect against penetration of the Kharak system, 
destroy the attacking force completely.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy units are retreating. Objectives complete. 
Standby for immediate return to Kharak.

3e Cut-Scene II

(Fleet Intelligence): Analysis of wreckage reveals the hostile units 
are using strike craft ranging from Fighters to combat Corvettes.

(Fleet Intelligence): All pilots will be briefed in case hostiles have 
penetrated farther into the Kharak system.

(Fleet Intelligence): On our return to Kharak, the final outfit of the Mo
thership must be accelerated in order to defend against possible future attacks.

(Fleet Intelligence): Many major Mothership systems are still incomplete.

(Fleet Intelligence): We will notify the Kharak Missile Defense System of 
this possible threat.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Mothership will then dock with the Scaffold for 

(Fleet Intelligence): Standby for Hyperspace exit to Kharak.

3f Mission III – Return to Kharak

(Fleet Command): No one’s left…Everything’s gone!...Kharak is burning!

(Fleet Intelligence): Kharak is being consumed by a firestorm. The Scaffold 
has been destroyed. All orbital facilities destroyed. Significant debris 
ring in low Kharak orbit.

(Fleet Intelligence): Receiving no communications form anywhere in the 
system… Not even beacons.

(Fleet Command): Wait! On the maintenance frequency. I’m getting a signal 
from the Cryo Tray systems in orbit. One of them is suffering a massive 

(Fleet Intelligence): The Cryo Trays are under attack. Defend them.

(Fleet Intelligence): These ships are different from those we encountered at 
the Khar-Selim. It is likely they were involved in the destruction of Kharak.

(Fleet Intelligence): Capture at least one vessel of interrogation and 
destroy the rest.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy units neutralized. Begin salvaging the 
cryo trays.

(Fleet Command): Those trays contain all that remain of our people. Without 
them, we will become extinct.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hostile vessel captured. Crew interned. Interrogation 
is underway.

(Fleet Intelligence): While searching the enemy ship’s computer systems, 
we came across these flight recordings. Standby for playback.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Group three moving in… allright now, stay 
together… ready… SPREAD!

(Taiidan Attack Group): Incoming missiles…

(Taiidan Attack Group): Evasive maneuvers!

(Taiidan Attack Group): What the…?

(Taiidan Attack Group): We’re hit! Damage report!

(Taiidan Attack Group): There’s another one…

(Taiidan Attack Group): Prepare for immediate surface bombardment!

(Taiidan Attack Group): Commence surface delivery.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Orbital target acquired.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Watch the spread pattern… stay sharp.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Target destroyed.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Delivery confirmed.

(Taiidan Attack Group): All targets acquired.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Surface temperature fifteen-twenty-three and 

(Taiidan Attack Group): Estimated immediate casualties 98 percent.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Requesting clearance to dock.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Surface temperature seventeen-forty-two and stable…

(Taiidan Attack Group): Clearance granted.

(Taiidan Attack Group): Primary directive achieved.

(Fleet intelligence): Analysis of the recording indicates that the 
Kharak missile defenses heavily damaged the attacking fleet.

(Fleet intelligence): However, we have concluded that at present they 
can still easily defeat us. We have therefore plotted a course to 
a deep space asteroid belt. There we can hide and prepare our fleet for 
an assault.

(Fleet intelligence): Our research division has analyzed the captured 
frigate. We have reverse engineered the drive technology and developed 
two new ships.

(Fleet intelligence): Plans for a third vessel are underway, but will 
require Frigate Chassis research.

(Fleet Command): Cryo tray loaded. One hundred thousand people secured.

(Fleet Command): Cryo tray loaded. Two hundred thousand people secured.

(Fleet Command): Cryo tray loaded. Three hundred thousand people secured.

(Fleet Command): Cryo tray loaded. Four hundred thousand people secured.

(Fleet Command): Cryo tray loaded. Five hundred thousand people secured.

(Fleet Intelligence): Cryo trays loaded and secure. Hyperspace module 
charged. There’s nothing left for us here. Let’s go.

3g Cut-Scene III

(Fleet Command): Cryogenic trays have been processed and our colonists are 
safe for now.

(Fleet Intelligence): From the interrogation we learned that a frontier fleet
patrolling the boarder of a vast interstellar empire was dispatched to 
destroy our planet.

(Fleet Intelligence): The captain claimed our planet violated a 4000 year 
old treaty forbidding us to develop hyperspace technology.

(Fleet Intelligence): Extermination of our planet was the consequence.

(Fleet Intelligence): The subject did not survive interrogation.

3h Mission IV - Great Wastelands

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace jump successful.

(Fleet Intelligence): Scanner data indicates asteroid density is highest 
in this region. Command resource gathering.

(Fleet Intelligence): To increase harvesting efficiency, move your Resource 
Controller as close to heavy resource areas as possible.

(Fleet Intelligence): Long range sensors indicate a Mothership-class mass 
signature. It’s coming in fast. Power readings ore off the scale.

(Fleet Intelligence): Full combat alert. Standby for contact.

(Fleet Command): Ambassador away.

(Kushan Ambassador): Trajectory locked in, hailing signal on all channels.

(Kushan Ambassador): Entering magnetic field now…

(Kushan Ambassador): almost there… Fleet, we’ve lost guidance and being 
drawn in…

(Kushan Ambassador): there’s a lot of lights… uh… there seems to be… some 
kind of activity inside, I can see…

(Bentusi): We are the Bentusi and welcome you among space-faring cultures. 
The Unbound. The Outer Limb Trade Routes were established in the First 
Time by our ancestors.

(Bentusi): The resources you collect are of value to the Bentusi Exchange. 
They will serve as an acceptable medium for trade.

(Bentusi): It has been our custom to equip trading partners with an exchange 
unit. It has therefore been provided to your ambassador as a gesture of 
good will.

(Kushan Ambassador): Fleet, this is ambassador. We are clear of the Bentusi 
vessel, all systems green. Harbor control has released guidance and the 
exchange unit is secure. Receiving crews, prep the quarantine chamber.

(Mothership Crew): Roger that. Quarantine standing by.

(Fleet Command): Bentusi Trading link established.

(Bentusi): Turanic Raiders, servants of the Taiidan are arriving. They must 
not learn of our contact. We must depart.

(Bentusi): All that moves is easily heard in the void. We will listen for 
you. Farewell.

(Fleet Intelligence): Turanic Raider fighters are attacking. Prepare for 
more hostile ships to arrive.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Raider Carrier has been located. It is reinforcing
their squadrons of Fighters and Corvettes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Several Turanic Raider capital ships have just emerged
from hyperspace near the Mothership.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Carrier is retreating. If it escapes they will 
warn the Taiidan fleet of our pursuit. Do not allow them to hyperspace.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Turanic Raiders have been defeated. We can now 
return to our immediate goal: preparation for an attack on the Taiidan fleet 
that devastated Kharak.

(Fleet Intelligence): Using data from the Taiidan vessel captured at Kharak,
we have been able to determine their location. If we strike now we can take 
advantage of their damaged condition.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hyperspace co-ordinates have been transferred 
to Fleet Command.

3i Cut-Scene IV

(Fleet Intelligence): We have repaired the damage incurred by the 
Turanic Raiders.

(Fleet Intelligence): Combat and sensor systems returning to optimal 

(Fleet Command): Our first hyperdrive test led to near genocide.

(Fleet Command): Kharak… destroyed.

(Fleet Command): All of us, all that’s left, hunted by two alien races…

(Fleet Intelligence): We must focus on the matter at hand: elimination of 
the fleet that destroyed our world.

(Fleet Intelligence): Coming up on hyperspace co-ordinates.

3j Mission V – Great Wastelands

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace successful. Current position and pre-jump 
coordinates are in perfect alignment. We are on target.

(Fleet Intelligence): We detect large resource deposits but no vessels. 
It is possible that the Taiidan could be hiding in the denser portions of 
the belt. It may cause interference with our sensors. 
Send probes to investigate. All fleet assets should be kept on high alert.

(Fleet Intelligence): Ship profiles and markings match those from the 
recording at Kharak. There is no doubt that this is the fleet. Destroy them.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research Division reports it is now equipped for 
Plasma Bomb technology. We advise commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): Sensors indicate the enemy is harvesting resources. 
Destroy their collector to impair ship production.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy capital ships appear to have lighter armor on 
the top, bottom, and rear sides. Our capital ships should be issued move 
orders while attacking to take advantage of this weakness.

(Fleet Intelligence): The enemy is using a new Fighter class ship with 
strong defensive capabilities but low maneuverability.

(Fleet Intelligence): Our Research Division reports that it can produce a 
similar vessel. Begin Research as soon as possible.

(Fleet Intelligence): Taiidan fleet destroyed. Hyperspace coordinates 
locked in.

3k Cut-Scene V

(Fleet Intelligence): We’ve completed de-crypting data from the enemy 
frigate we captured in the Kharak system.

(Fleet Intelligence): It appears to be an imperial broadcast.

(Fleet Intelligence): In order to stay clear of these outposts, our course 
will take us into a turbulent asteroid field and through the heart of 
a nebula.

3l Mission VI – Diamond Shoals

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace jump successful.

(Fleet Intelligence): We haven’t cleared the asteroid field. Prepare for 

(Fleet Intelligence): Incoming asteroids must be destroyed before they 
impact with the Mothership. Concentrate fire within this collision envelope.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research Division reports it is now equipped for 
Super Capital Ship Drive technology. We advise commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): We’ve cleared the field.

(Fleet Intelligence): Detecting incoming Bentusi vessel from the clearing 

(Bentusi): Greetings. We have come to trade.

(Fleet Command): This is a dangerous and unpredictable region. Can you give 
us information that will guide us through the nebula?

(Bentusi): We hear nothing there. Even the Taiidan fear the Great Nebula. 
No one returns.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hyperspace module fully charged.

3m Cut-Scene VI

(Fleet Command): The Bentusi said No one returns.

3n Mission VII – The Gardens of Kadesh

(Fleet Intelligence): The Nebula is incredibly rich in energy and resources. 
Energy levels are so high that our sensors are having trouble compensating.

(Fleet Intelligence): Begin harvesting the nebula while we recalibrate 
the sensors. 

(Fleet Intelligence): There is a contact closing with the Mothership. 
Sensors instability in this region makes it difficult to identify.

(Fleet Intelligence): Prepare the Ambassador.

(Kadeshi Ambassador): This is the Garden of Kadesh. For thirteen 
generations we have protected it from the unclean.

(Kadeshi Ambassador): The Turanic Raiders who came before you refused 
to join and were punished for this trespass. Like theirs, your ship 
has already defiled this holy place

(Kadeshi Ambassador): If you have come to join we welcome you and 
will spare your ship until all have disembarked. If you have come to 
consume the garden you will be removed at once.

(Kadeshi Ambassador): What are your intentions?

(Kushan Ambassador): We were unaware of the significance of this location. 
We mean you no conflict. Please allow us time to prepare our engines so 
we may withdraw as requested.

(Kadeshi Ambassador): If you will not join, then die. There is no 
withdrawal from the Garden.

(Fleet Intelligence): Delay the attacking ships while Fleet Command charges 
the hyperdrive module. We should have the range to jump clear of the nebula.

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace module charging, ready in eight minutes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy forces are concentration on our Resource 
Collectors. Allocate combat vessels to protect them.

(Fleet Intelligence): The enemy is relying heavily of Fighter-class 
ships. Our Research division reports it can design a new type of 
Corvette specially suited to combat multiple fighters. Begin 
Research as soon as possible.

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace module charging, ready in one minute.

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace module fully charged.

(Fleet Intelligence): Co-ordinates set. Engage hyperdrive!

(Fleet Command): Hyperdrive failed! The quantum waveform collapsed 
due to some kind of inhibitor field.

(Fleet Intelligence): Analyzing field. Continue to protect the Mothership 
until the source is located.

(Fleet Intelligence): The inhibitor field has disappeared.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Hyperdrive is fully functional.

3o Cut-Scene VII

(Fleet Intelligence): The enemy Mothership appeared to be equipped with 
a powerful field generator.

(Fleet Intelligence): This field deformed our quantum wavefront and 
prevented us from making a hyperspace jump.

(Fleet Intelligence): We also observed that the enemy’s hyperspace module 
has an identical power signature to our own.

(Fleet Intelligence): This raises interesting questions considering our 
own technology was reverse-engineered from the wreck of the Khar-Toba.

(Fleet Intelligence): Our Hyperspace systems are now functioning properly 
and this jump will carry us clear of the Nebula.

3p Mission VIII – The Cathedral of Kadesh

(Fleet Command): Something’s wrong. We’ve been pulled out of hyperspace. 
We’re still inside of the nebula.

(Fleet Intelligence): It’s a trap!

(Fleet Intelligence): Sensors detect hyperspace inhibitors in a 
triangular formation. Even one can keep us from entering hyperspace. 
All of them must be destroyed.

(Fleet Intelligence): The nebula is still scrambling our sensors but it 
looks like we have incoming enemy units.

(Kadeshi Ambassador): Again we offer you the chance to join us and 
live here in peace.

(Fleet Command): We cannot stay – we’re on a journey. But let there 
be peace between us, for we have something in common. The hyperdrive 
technology left to us by our ancestors is identical to yours. The
Homeworld we seek may be yours as well.

(Kadeshi Ambassador): You will fail. The evil that drove us here will find 
and destroy you. From you they will now of us and come here. This 
cannot come to pass.

(Fleet Intelligence): We have enemy units closing from all directions. 
Engage and destroy hostiles.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy vessels retreating to this point. This 
reading has been consistent despite sensor interference. It has a friendly 
signature but it’s not one of ours.

(Fleet Command): It’s the Khar-Toba.

(Fleet Intelligence): Metallurgy and structural composition of the ship are 
an identical match to the Khar-Toba wreckage on Kharak. Our origins are 
the same.

(Fleet Intelligence): The inhibitor field has ceased. Hyperspace ability 
has been restored.

3q Cut-Scene VIII

(Fleet Intelligence): After analyzing the data we collected form the 
Khar-Toba’s sister ship we’ve been able to determine what happened in 
the nebula.

(Fleet Intelligence): While the Khar-Toba was able to limp to Kharak, 
this ship instead must have tried to hide here.

(Fleet Intelligence): They soon resorted to preying on ships passing 
through the nebula.

(Fleet Intelligence): In time the nebula became off limits to all shipping.

(Fleet Intelligence): They developed hyperspace inhibitor technology to 
trap prey from far away without leaving safety of the nebula.

(Fleet Intelligence): Eventually it became the center of their existence 
and ultimately

(Fleet Intelligence): Their religion.

3r Mission IX – Deep Space – Sea of Lost Souls

(Fleet Command): Anomaly detected. Override engaged.

(Fleet Intelligence): Sensors detect a vessel here. It doesn’t match any 
of the profiles we have encountered. Send in a team to investigate.

(Fleet Intelligence): We are detecting various ships surrounding the 
alien vessel. They appear to be inactive.

(Fleet Intelligence): Attention! Those ships are operational. We believe 
the control center is the alien vessel. It should be neutralized.

(Fleet Intelligence): Our weapons are having minimal effect on the alien 
vessel but each strike causes a tiny fluctuation in the control field.

(Fleet Intelligence): Direct all fire at the alien ship in an attempt 
to disable the field.

(Fleet Intelligence): We’ve lost control of capital ships in close 
proximity to the alien vessel.

(Fleet Intelligence): Alien vessel neutralized. 

(Fleet Intelligence): While the field was up they were able to analyze 
the alien control system. We now have control of the foreign vessels.

(Fleet Intelligence): Send a Salvage Team to further investigate the alien ship.

(Fleet Intelligence): After seizing the Missile Destroyer, construction 
reports we can now build a similar vessel.

(Fleet Intelligence): Salvage Team docked. The alien ship is million 
years old. Its purpose is unclear.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research Division reports it has developed plans 
for gravity warping technology based on the alien control field. 
We advise commencing research immediately.

(Bentusi): We have known of this ship but could never approach it. 
We are particularly vulnerable to its influence.

(Bentusi): The Bentusi would like the information you have acquired. 
It will be transferred automatically if you choose to trade.

(Bentusi): The information was successfully transferred. Thank you.

(Fleet Command): The Taiidan are determined to destroy us. Will you 
help us defeat them?

(Bentusi): Conflict is not our way. We will bring your cause to the 
Galactic Council. The Taiidan rule the Empire but even they must answer 
to the council.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hyperspace Module fully charged. Engage at 
your discretion.

3s Cut-Scene IX

(Fleet Intelligence): We are about to enter the outer limits of the 
Taiidan empire.

(Fleet Intelligence): As we approach the galactic core, resistance is 
expected to increase.

(Fleet Intelligence): We have identified a weak point in the enemy 

(Fleet Intelligence): There is a remote research station located near 
active supernova.

(Fleet Intelligence): It should have a minor garrison protecting it.

(Fleet Intelligence): It is time to hunt the enemy as they have 
hunted us.

3t Mission X – Super Nova Research Station

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace jump successful. We have cleared the Outer 
Rim dust bank.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Research Station is located here. Assemble a 
heavy strike force and destroy it.

(Fleet Command): The supernova is two hundred and fifteen light years 
away. It is emitting intense radiation.

(Fleet Intelligence): Strike Craft are especially vulnerable to this 
radiation. Capital ships will be the most effective due to their heavy armor.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research division reports it is now equipped for 
Proximity sensor technology. We advise commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): Radiation is much heavier than we expected. 
Sensors indicate that these veins of space dust may have shielding 
properties. We recommend using the veins for protection.

(Fleet Intelligence): The enemy is using mines. Research Division 
reports it can produce a Corvette-class minelaying ship. We advise 
commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): We must destroy the garrison protecting the 
station. Enemy units cannot be allowed to escape or they may alert 
the Empire to our presence.

(Fleet Intelligence): We are picking up a quantum wave effect. 
A Taiidan Carrier is loading ships and powering up. It must be 
destroyed before it can hyperspace.

Enemy base and fleet destroyed. Hyperspace drives inline.

3u Cut-Scene X

(Fleet Intelligence): We have intercepted a coded Taiidan transmission:

(Taiidan Emperor): You have failed to keep Exiles from penetrating the 
outer perimeter. This could be disastrous. You will find and destroy 
them immediately.

(Taiidan Emperor): Our spies believe that the Bentusi have interfered. 
They must not be allowed to bring this matter to the Council and gain 
support for the Exiles.

3v Mission XI – Tenhauser Gate

(Fleet Command): Hyperdrive disengaged. The Bentusi are here. They’re 
in distress.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Bentusi must be protected. Draw the Taiidan 
fleet away form them.

(Bentusi): For the first time in memory, the Bentusi are in the debt 
of another.

(Bentusi): It has been forbidden to posses this information for some 
time. But after your intervention on our behalf, we feel compelled to 
share it with you.

(Bentusi): Behold:

(Bentusi): In the First Time, a terrible war brought with it the collapse 
of your ancient empire. So vicious were your enemies that all would 
have been slaughtered were it not for the collective outcry for mercy.

(Bentusi): In an effort to sooth relations, the conquerors spared the 
lives of the defeated. All survivors were sent into exile.

(Bentusi): None were permitted to follow or aid the fallen. All memory 
of them was to be erased.

(Bentusi): For generations the convoy moved silently through space. 
They endured great difficulties…

(Bentusi): …imperfect technology…

(Bentusi): In time, a suitable system to receive them was found.

(Bentusi): This barren world appeared to be salvation. Their true 
legacy forgotten, a new vision of destiny had grown out of captivity.

(Bentusi): A single artifact survived the journey. The Guidestone 
you now carry. It was removed from the sacred Angel Moon of your Homeworld, 
a place long since reduced to myth and tale.

(Bentusi): Your progress is becoming known among the Inner Rim 
worlds and elsewhere. Many cultures have prophesized your return.

(Bentusi): Reach your Homeworld. Establish your claim. We will 
summon the Council.

(Fleet Intelligence): Engage Hyperdrive.

3w Cut-Scene XI

(Fleet Command): Emergency alert!!

(Fleet Command): Hyperdrive malfunction.

(Fleet Command): The quantum waveform is collapsing.

(Fleet Command): Safety interrupt engaged.

(Fleet Command): Prepare for immediate return to normal space.

3x Mission XII – Galactic Core

(Fleet Command): Dropping out of hyperspace. All systems online.

(Fleet Intelligence): We are caught in a gravity well. Fighters 
and corvettes will be unable to move. Seek out the source of 
this field and destroy it.

(Fleet Intelligence): We are under attack by Taiidan forces.

(Fleet Intelligence): They are concentrating fire on immobilized 
Strike Craft.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research Division it is now equipped for 
Cloaking Fighter technology. We advise commencing research immediately.

(Captain Elson): Attention Kushan Mothership! This is Captain 
Elson of the Taiidan Elite Guard Destroyer Kapella. We wish to 
defect and need assistance. In return we are prepared to help you. 
Please respond.

(Fleet Intelligence): This could be a trap but the Kapella is 
clearly damaged. Engage the pursuing fleet and draw it away 
form the defecting ship.

(Fleet Intelligence): The defecting captain has been brought 
abroad. Engage hyperspace.

3y Cut-Scene XII

(Captain Elson): I am Group Captain Elson of the Destroyer Kapella.

(Captain Elson): The Taiidan empire has become decadent and 
corrupt over the centuries.

(Captain Elson): The use of the forbidden atmosphere-depravation 
devise on your planet finally triggered the Rebellion.

(Captain Elson): Help me get access to the Rebellion’s 
communication network.

(Captain Elson): I will allow you a way through the defenses 
surrounding your Homeworld.

(Captain Elson): Take me to the ship graveyard at Karos.

(Captain Elson): Hidden in a derelict there is a relay I can use 
with your help.

(Captain Elson): The Rebellion waits for my sign to move into its next phase.

3z Mission XIII – The Karos Graveyard – The Shining Hinterlands

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace transition complete. We have arrived at Karos.

(Fleet Intelligence): The communication relay is here. A Fighter or 
Corvette must dock with it to establish the link.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research Division reports it is now equipped for 
Heavy guns technology. We advise commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research division reports it is now equipped for 
Cloaked Generator technology. We advise commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hyperspace signatures have been found at these 
locations but we detect no new ships.

(Fleet Intelligence): The Graveyard is defended by autoguns. They will 
complicate our attempt to reach the communications array.

(Fleet Intelligence): Attention. We have lost contact with one of our 
capital ships. It’s last recorded position is here.

(Docked Craft): I’ve docked! Communication link established.

(Captain Elson): Patching into command node now… The Taiidan resistance 
has been informed of your actions and are preparing the fleet. You have 
our thanks.

(Captain Elson): The hyperspace coordinates you require have been 
transferred to your Mothership. Farewell.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hyperspace enabled.

3aa Cut-Scene XIII

(Fleet Intelligence): According to the data we received from Captain Elson, 
the Homeworld system is surrounded by a network of hyperspace inhibitors.

(Fleet Intelligence): The inhibitors are all heavily shielded and do not 
show up on any sensors.

(Fleet Intelligence): Elson has provided us with co-ordinates of the most 
vulnerable inhibitor station.

(Fleet Intelligence): Our goal is to destroy the station and create our 
own access point.

3ab Mission XIV – Bridge of Sighs

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace successful. We are at the edge of the Homeworld 

(Fleet Intelligence): Elson’s information was correct. This is the field 
generator. We must destroy it.

(Fleet Intelligence): Research Division reports advancements in sensor 
fidelity which would allow us to determine the location of enemy ships. 
We advise commencing research immediately.

(Fleet Intelligence): The enemy has activated several standing hyperspace 
gates. Destroy the gates to prevent enemy reinforcement.

(Fleet Intelligence): The field surrounding the Homeworld system has been 
shut down. Hyperdrive on-line.

3ac Cut-Scene XIV

(Fleet Intelligence): We have to assume that the Homeworld’s defensive fleet 
must be alerted to our presence.

(Fleet Intelligence): All vessels and crew at maximum readiness.

(Fleet Intelligence): Weapons and tracking at 100% efficiency.

(Fleet Intelligence): The fleet is ready.

(Fleet Intelligence): There can be no retreat now.

3ad Mission XV – Chapel Perilous

(Fleet Command): Hyperspace interrupted.

(Fleet Intelligence): Shutting down the inhibitor field has alerted the 
Taiidan to our presence.

(Fleet Intelligence): We are on collision course with a very large object. 
It appears to have escorts.

(Fleet Intelligence): It must be destroyed before it impacts the Mothership.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in five minutes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in four minutes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in three minutes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in two minutes.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in one minute.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in thirty seconds.

(Fleet Intelligence): Impact in ten seconds.

(Fleet Command): Standby for impact.

(Fleet Intelligence): Hyperspace module charged and ready.

3ae Cut-Scene XV

(Taiidan Emperor): Karan.

(Taiidan Emperor): You have taken one step too close to me.

3af Mission XVI – Hiigara

(Fleet Intelligence): We’ve lost Karan. Fleet command is gone. 
Emergency biotech teams are working to keep her alive.

(Fleet Intelligence): The collision asteroid must have served its 
purpose as a delay tactic. There is a large number of Taiidan ships 
located here.

(Fleet Intelligence): A Mothership class vessel is among them.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy reinforcements emerging from hyperspace.

(Fleet Intelligence): Enemy reinforcements emerging from hyperspace.

(Fleet Intelligence): Another fleet is coming out of Hyperspace right 
on top of us. We are being overwhelmed!

(Captain Elson): This is captain Elson. We have been battling reinforcement 
fleets to get here and have lost many ships already.

(Captain Elson): The Emperor’s flagship is here. Together we can defeat 
him and the Taiidan fleet. I am placing squadrons Cor and Jesah under your 

(Fleet Command): Fleet Command back online. The Emperor is gone.

(Bentusi): We have brought the Council. This war is over.


The Galactic Council recognized our claim to this world.

The sacrifice of thousands has left a trail of destruction behind us, 
like a path across the galaxy …

… to Hiigara, our Homeworld.

So much destruction, so many lives lost, for this place.

A place of wonder to those who knew only the sands of Kharak.

Our colonists were released from their long sleep.

All symbols of the old empire were destroyed.

But the conflict will never be forgotten.

A celebration marked the beginning of a new time.

No longer Fleet Command, Karan Sjet survived extraction from the 
Mothership’s core.

She insisted that she would be the last person to disembark and set 
foot on the Homeworld.


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