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What is the Water Glyph for?

I've been playing this game for YEARS. I always get all those Glyphs, but I've never understood what does the Water Glyph do. I mean, you use it, and for, like, 4 seconds, the vampires begin to, I don't know, scream and complain or whatever, but then they go back to normal.
So, does the Water Glyph do anything else but that? Or is it that useless??

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Melchiah answered:

Yeah thats pretty much all its for. The Glyphs are all just extra powers for Raziel to use against his vampiric foes. The Water Glyph, obviously, with MOST vampires being sensitive to water, take damage from the water glyph. Though don't expect to do much damage against Rahab's vampriric clan.

There is no power increase for it, and there is not other use for it than to use it against other vampires. But if you've gotten the other glyphs you are better off using the fire or sunlight glyph.
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