Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Korenith

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A spoiler free walkthrough for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Playstation)
	Written by Keith Knights (korenith@hotmail.com)


Note: To skip to a particular section press Ctrl + F and copy the section's
code into the search bar eg: Lok-Abi

Section 1- Game Information

Eldritch Glyph Abilities........................................[LoK-GAb]
General Hints & Tips............................................[LoK-Gen]

Section 2- The Walkthrough

Part 1- The Abyss...............................................[LoK-W01]
Part 2- The Necropolis..........................................[LoK-W02]
Part 3- The Graveyards..........................................[LoK-W03]
Part 4- The First Boss..........................................[LoK-W04]
Part 5- The Pillars of Nosgoth..................................[LoK-W05]
Part 6- The Second Boss.........................................[LoK-W06]
Part 7- The Silenced Cathedral..................................[LoK-W07]
Part 8- The Third Boss..........................................[LoK-W08]
Part 9- The Sarafan Tomb and the Fourth Boss....................[LoK-W09]
Part 10- The Drowned Abbey......................................[LoK-W10]
Part 11- The Fifth Boss.........................................[LoK-W11]
Part 12- The Ruined City........................................[LoK-W12]
Part 13- The Sixth Boss.........................................[LoK-W13]
Part 14- The Oracle Caves and the Chronoplast...................[LoK-W14]
Part 15- The Final Boss.........................................[LoK-W15]

Section 3- Miscellaneous

Eldritch Power Glyph Locations..................................[LoK-Gly]
Eldritch Power Upgrades.........................................[LoK-UpG]
Health Ugrades..................................................[LoK-UpH]

Section 1- Game Information

Introduction [LoK-Int]:

The purpose of this guide is to provide a spoiler free walkthrough for those
who are either stuck on a particular part of the game or who want to ensure 
they don't miss any power ups but don't want to have the plot revealed to them
by reading ahead. As such I will avoid naming bosses or describing the events
in any cut-scenes. The only potential spoiler material will be in the
description of any locations or abilities as it is difficult to explain how to
proceed without them.

Controls [Lok-Con]:


Start=			Pauses Game
Select=			Access Glyph Select Menu
D-pad/Left Analog=	Moves Raziel/Move menu cursor
X Button=		Jump/Swim/Select menu item
Square Button=		Attack/Perform action
Circle Button=		Absorb Soul
Triangle Button=	Perform Execution attack (with weapon)/ throw weapon
L1=			Crouch/Crawl
R1=			Lock on/Sneak
L2/R2=			Rotate camera


Hold L1 then press X=	High Jump/Speed Burst when swimming
Hold R2 + L2=		Enter "Look Mode"
Jump then Hold X=	Glide
Hold R1 then D-pad + X=	Dodge in that direction
Hold L1 then Square=	Flip a block

Abilities [LoK-Abi]:

Phasing Between Realms:

This is Raziel's basic ability to switch between the Spectral and the Physical
Realms. Going from the Physical to the Spectral can be done at any point but
in order to travel the other way Raziel must have full health and be standing
in a blue portal. If Raziel loses all his health in the Physical Realm he will
automatically revert to his Spectral form. 


The blade can only be used in the Physical Realm when you are at full health
but when you have it the gradual sapping of your strength does not occur and
it gives you the ability to kill vampires without having to search for another
means. It can also open certain doors with a hole in the middle. In the
Spectral Realm it can be used regardless of health.

Scaling Walls:

In certain areas there are walls with horizontal lines across them very closely
spaced. Once you have acquired this ability you can climb these in order to
reach previously unreachable areas. This can only be done in the Physical Realm
though as walls are too insubstantial to support you in the Spectral.

Force Projectile:

Use the triangle button to send a blast of energy to knock back opponents. In
combat it can be handy to throw vampires onto wall spike or against walls to
cause damage but it's real advantage is in puzzle solving. It also works both
in the Spectral and the Physical which is nice, though the puzzle aspects must
be done in the Physical.


Swimming can be performed by holding X or L1 and X for bursts of speed and for
jumping out of the water high enough to grab platforms. The downside is that
you are defenseless when swimming so keep away from the Rahabim. Can only be
used in the Physical.


This move is performed by running in a circle round an enemy or an object to
create a band of energy which then closes in on them. The way it is described
in the game makes it sound like it is useful in combat but it really isn't. It
is used in the Physical Realm to solve puzzles however and get the last health
and glyph power-ups. 

Eldritch Power Glyph Abilities [LoK-GAb]:

Force Glyph:

This creates a shockwave which knocks back your opponents. Not very powerful 
but it does come in handy when fighting more than one foe. Takes one Glyph 
point to use.

Stone Glyph:

Freezes enemies for a short while in a state where they can be easily smashed.
Useful if you want to take out an enemy quick without getting hit. Takes two
Glyph Points to use.

Sound Glyph:

Sends a blast of sound out in all directions which stuns vampires so they can
be killed. Doesn't work on humans though and is fairly expensive at four glyph
points for what it does. Takes four points to use.

Fire Blade:

Not strictly a Glyph Ability but it is earned in the same way. This increases
the destructive force of your wraithblade, allowing your force projectiles to
set vampires on fire from a distance. It loses the fire element in water or
in the Spectral though so must be reimbued by waving it through any of the 
fire sources you find on your journey. 

Water Glyph:

Gives out a wave of water which damages your opponents and kills them if they
are stunned. I didn't find this one very useful unless you need to kill an
opponent quick because another is closing in. Takes six points to use.

Fire Glyph:

A powerful area of effect attack which can kill most enemies instantly. Its
one flaw though is that it doesn't have a very large blast radius so is only
good against enemies grouped together. Takes eight points to use.

Sunlight Glyph:

Incinerates any vampires in your vacinity. Very powerful but expensive to use
and it doesn't work on humans. Takes ten points to use.

Enemies [LoK-Ene]: (in the order they are encountered)


These strange green reptilian fish-like creatures inhabit the Spectral Realm.
They pose almost no threat and you can simply wade in with your claws to kill
them. When beaten they turn into a transparent version of themselves which can
be absorbed for health. They do have a habit of running away when low on health
themselves though so sometimes must be chased down to get their lifeforce. 
Most of the time you should just run straight past them.


These are the bulky hunched over vampires. They are relatively easy to kill as
their wild lunges give plenty of time to dodge to one side and get in your own
attacks. As with all vampires they should be impaled or thrown onto spikes, 
into water or set on fire. Fledglings (the ones without the glowing red eyes)
can also be killed by sunlight. Only found in the Physical Realm.


Zombie-like vampires who often pop out of the ground. Their attacks are not as
wild as the Dumahim and they occassionally dodge but otherwise they should be
treated the same. Only found in the Physical Realm.


These annoying enemies appear as cloaked figures with only their glowing eyes
peering out from beneath folds of ragged cloth. They can fly which means they 
must be lured down to the floor before they can be dispatched. When they hit
it creates a link which drains your health until you are able to hit them.
They can also inhabit dead bodies that have not been properly disposed off so
should be dealt with as quickly as possible before they resurect an enemy in
the Physical Realm. If they do the resurected vampire will have the same energy
draining ability as a wraith and emit blue sparks. Only found in the Spectral

Human Crossbowmen:

Armoured humans carrying crowbows. They have projectile attacks as you would
expect but they also have a fairly damaging close attack due to the blades on
the end of their bows. Humans can take very little damage though and require
no finishing move to send them on their way. Only found in the Physical Realm.


These gangly, spider-like vampires are a bit tougher than the vampires you
have faced so far since they have a better range and can appear by climbing
up or down walls, catching you off guard. However, their lunge attacks can be
easily predicted by them crouching before they spring and should be killed in
the normal fashion. Only found in the Physical Realm.

Human Knife Throwers:

These people have steel masks on and carry two curved blades which they can
throw at you to do a fair bit of damage. Dodge the throw and then close in for
a quick kill as they don't have the endurance of the vampire foes and don't 
require any finishing moves. Only found in the Physical Realm.

Human Priests:

Similar in appearance to the knife throwers except they carry staffs. Even
weaker than the knife throwers as they don't have projecticles and can be
picked off at your leisure. Only found in the Physical Realm.

Human Flamethrower Users:

You'll know these guys as soon as you see them because a jet of flame will 
shoot towards you. Jump over it and pile in the attacks to take them out quick
else they become a real problem. Only found in the Physical Realm. Once you 
get the force projectile though these become very easy as you can just stand
outside their range and blast them. 


Big, hulking brutes with bat-like ears and an annoying force projectile attack
which makes taking them out a priority. Up close they fight similar to a 
Dumahim vampire without the tongue lash attack. Usual tactics required to
finish them off as they are, after all, vampires.


Vampires with the head of a cobra crossed with a fish. They are immune to 
water as they can swim but even the adults can't deal with sunlight. They too
have a projectile attack but their attacks aren't as damaging as the Turelim
and their lunging bite attacks are easier to avoid. 

General Hints and Tips [LoK-Gen]

-Watch where Raziel is looking. Often his attention will focus on an enemy
 which is a great early warning for when a vampire is lurking round the corner.

-Whenever you get a chance carry a spear with you in the Physical Realm. Even
 though you may have the wraithblade a single hit can rob you of its power and
 make life more difficult. You can throw the spear and then finish with the 
 blade if you want but it's always good to have a back-up as throwing enemies
 onto spikes etc can be a fiddly business.

-Avoid pulling stakes out of dead vampires as this will let them get back up.
 Instead absorb their souls as quickly as possible and if it has already gone
 back into the body you can just leave them there.

-Running from fights is often just as easy, especially if you have nothing to
 gain from them.

-If you get stuck in one realm and are unsure where to go try switch realms as
 things often change form from one to the other.

-The little glowing balls of Eldritch energy can be located throughout Nosgoth
 so if you're low look up at high ledges and in the Spectral Realm as they can
 often be easily replenished.

-None of the Glyphs are actually necessary to complete the game and since the
 combat is not difficult for the most part they don't even help that much. The
 puzzles and exploration involved in finding them though are very rewarding.

-Try to absorb vampire souls quickly as they will get back up if you let their
 soul go back into their body. Find a safe spot to absorb if necessary. This 
 doesn't apply to the blade though as it blows your victims apart.

-If a vampire is in front of an environmental hazard like water or a stake use
 the force projectile for an instant kill.
Section 2- The Walkthrough

Part 1- The Abyss [Lok-W01]

After the cutscene you will find yourself in an area designed to give you a
chance to get used to the controls. Follow the path leading out of the starting
chamber to be introduced to your first Warp Gate. These allow you to travel 
between fixed points instantly but only those you have already visited as they
require activating, which means right now this one is of no use to you.

Instead head through the corridor opposite into a second room. Use the circle
button to absorb enough souls to fill your health bar and the next corridor
will open. Here you will have to jump over some smaller steps and then use the
high jump to get up the taller cliff faces. At the top jump and glide your way
onto the platform across the chasm.

In the next room you will find your first fight, a couple of Sluagh. They are
not really much of a threat and can be killed easily by a few hits with your
claws. Use the lock on button to make it easier though and get a feel for the
dodging ability. If they only have a little life they will run away which can
be annoying but once you have killed both absorb their souls and you can 
continue by jumping up the ledges into the next corridor.

Through here you will discover a portal into the physical realm. It's worth
pointing out here that your health decreases gradually in the physical realm
so keep an eye on it and absorb souls whenever you get the chance. Walk onto
the portal and then press select to chose the glyph which will allow you to
manifest in a physical body. There is a path with a gate at the end of it and 
a part of the wall which looks different but as yet you can use neither so go 
back the way you came and jump over the water (if you fall in you will be taken
back to the spectral realm and have to collect enough souls to go through the 
portal again). Press square to open the door and meet a couple of fledgling 
Dumahim vampires.

You can only kill these opponents with fire, sunlight, spikes or water but
first you have to soften them up. Try to draw an attack by dodging round your
enemies then hit them when they miss. Use triangle to grab them when they
become dizzy and throw them into the nearest hazard. When finished absorb
their souls and then grab the block by holding square and manoveur it into
position underneath a ledge which you will see up on the left if you are facing
with your back to the water. Use the block to jump up to the ledge.

Part 2- The Necropolis [LoK-W02]

Go to the door and you can grab a torch if you like but there is a staff on the
wall outside which makes a much better weapon. Once the cutscene is over grab a
weapon and use triangle to finish off the Dumahim adult ahead of you. The eyes
glow on the adults and they cannot die in sunlight but other than taking a few
more hits than the fledglings they are not much more difficult to beat. Once he
is dead and you've absorbed his soul head right, take out another adult and go
down the pathway behind.

You'll get an opportunity to try sneaking up on an opponent and once he's dead
continue on till you get to a door with a blue symbol on the left which you
should go through. It will take you to the second warp portal which you should
activate by stepping on it as with the one before. Once activated head outside.

There is another Dumahim for you to kill in the tunnel on your left. Do so and
follow the tunnel outside for another cutscene which will leave you facing the
chasm you need to jump over. On the other side is a tunnel which will lead you
to a fledling Dumahim. Dispatch him using your staff then go through the door
on your left.

You will be confronted with two Dumahim adults which you have to kill. One has
a tendency to charge ahead of the other so let him come to you so you can take
them out one at a time then go through the gate which opens. You will then be
attack by another two adults. Once they are dealt with go through the door on
the right at the top of the stairs to activate your third warp room.

Exit the warp room and go through the door opposite. The corridor on the left
is flooded so turn right and take out the fledgling in your way, then adult
behind him. Go through the gate on your left and kill the adult that blocks
your path. There will be on more adult to defeat before heading up the spiral
staircase. At the top be careful as there is another adult lurking. Beat him
then activate the switch on the back wall to drop a bridge into the next area.

Follow the new pathway until you come to a ledge where you should drop down and
go up the staircase. Here you will face two Melchahim adults. They are no more 
dangerous than the Dumahim but their attacks lunge less wildly. Jump down and 
defeat them then go through the metal gate. Ignore the man to your right as he
won't attack and climb the cliff to enter the graveyards.

Part 3- The Graveyards [LoK-W03]

In the graveyard there is another Melchahim adult which you should kill then
go right and move the block so that it is up against the left hand wall. After
the cutscene you will find a Melchahim adult ahead will pop out of the ground 
so beat him then head up either ramp to face two fledglings. There is a metal
gate on the left hand side which leads to a spiral staircase heading down to
another warp gate for you to activate.

Follow the corridor till it opens up into a large space with a pool of water
blocking your progress. If you want to refresh your life bar you can go over
to the mounds of earth ahead of you to fight a Melchahim adult. Next you need
to jump and glide across the water from plaform to platform till you reach the
other side. Don't worry if you fall in as you will only transfer to the 
Spectral Realm so you can replenish your health and have another try. Once
across defeat the Melchahim adult, go through the metal gate and down the ramp
into a room which appears to be a dead end.

Switch to the Spectral Realm and defeat the wraith you find there by luring him
down to you and then piling in the attacks. Once he is dead absorb his soul to
fully replenish your health and look to the wall near the entrance to the room.
Part of the wall will have moved out, providing you a series of ledges with 
which to climb to the portal above. Once there switch back to the Physical 

Jump down onto the beam below you and then jump across to the plaform with the
block resting in one corner. Drag the block along the platform, then flip it up
onto the higher part by holding L1 and pressing square. Push the block into the
alcove ahead of you in order to open the gate and progress.

Go through the gate and jump up onto the beam ahead of you. Look to the right
hand side and you will see a rope hanging from the ceiling attached to a
platform. Glide down to this platform and it will raise a similar platform on
the other side. You can now drop down into the room below and find the block
in the wall on the far side. You need to manoveur this block into the pit below
and then up the other side by flipping the block up the stairs. Melchahim
adults will attack you whilst you do this though so keep an eye out and take
them out if they pop out of the ground.

When the block is on the other side it must be pushed into the slot in the wall
which will open the gate back into the previous room. Again shift into the 
Spectral Realm in order to climb back up but this time jump onto the newly
raised platform on the left and then quickly over to the second beam before 
it lowers. 

In the next room you will find two blocks stacked on top of each other with two
alcoves for them to be slotted into before the gate will open. Your first step 
is to sperate the two so push them along to the ledge next to the gate then
climb onto the ledge and push the top block so that it falls off the bottom.
The blocks must be slotted in with one of the symbols on them facing outwards.
The bottom block can simply be pushed into place but the one which was on the 
top must be pulled into the middle of the room then flipped backwards so that
the n-shaped symbol is on its side. Next flip it from the side the symbol is
on so that one of the symbols is on the top of the block. Then finally flip it
from the side where the flat top of the "n" is and push it into place.

Head up the ramp and out into the open where there is a block in a small 
depression. Push the block over the cliff edge and then follow it over. You 
will find yourself back in the area with the water you had to jump across 
earlier. Take your new block and flip it on top of the block that is to your
right. Then move the whole lot over to the right hand side where the wall 
is white rather than green so you can climb to the ledge above. 

Go through the long tunnel and then follow the walkway round to the right,
taking out a couple of Melchian adults as you go, then go through the door.
Here there are two Melchian fledglings to deal with followed by an adult and
then you find yourself in a large room with a series of pillars in the centre.
Go straight through to the far wall and pull the lever to go down in the lift.

You can go either left or right here. Left is the easier path though as it is
only guarded by a human crossbowman who, if you didn't kill the man earlier,
won't even attempt to harm you. Right there are a couple of Melchahim to fight.
The choice is yours but either way you end up in a room with a set of large
machines in the middle. Go along the near wall to find a switch to move the
machine heads together before heading to the other side to activate the crank.

Now head back to lift, go up and use the lever opposite to move the whole 
central platform down. There is a block in the wall here which you should pull
out but once that is done leave it for now and instead find the alcove which 
actually ends up as a tunnel in the corner of the room.

At the end of the tunnel is a multi-tiered room. Head to the top tier and drag
the huge, square flaming blocks along their tracks until they burn the support
beams above them. There are four and once the fourth one is done it will bring
the lift above crashing down. After that simply move each of the blocks onto
the lift and into the corners by following the tracks (you will hear a click
to confirm they are in place). When all four are in place the lift will drop 
again and you should follow the tunnel that leads down until you reach a 
doorway with some spike hanging down. You are about to face a boss so if you
need to, switch to the Spectral Realm to refill your health then use the portal
to switch back, then walk ahead into the room.

Part 4- First Boss [LoK-W04]:

After the cutscene the boss will start lurching towards you so run away until
you get the cage in the centre of the arena between the two of you. This won't
trouble him as he can phase through gates but it will buy you enough time to
look at your surroundings. You will notice two gates sealed by sharp spikes but
if you look to the side of them and up there are gaps you can reach by high 
jumping. Get through one of these gaps and pull the lever inside. Hold on to
the lever until the boss starts to come through the doorway then let go to 
bring it smashing down on his back.

As soon as he is impaled run to the wall and jump back over the gap as the 
gate will not hold him for long. Repeat this process with the other gate in
order to severely weaken your enemy and activate the crank which is next to
where the boss appeared from.

Your task now is to lure the boss into the cental cage by heading to the 
opposite side to him. Wait for him to take a few steps inside and then rush
round to where the crank is and pull it. Enjoy the cutscene.

Once it is done use your new ability to phase through the gate that initially
trapped you here by switching to the Spectral Realm and simply pushing towards
the gate until you pass through. Head up the tunnel and then across into the
second one. Use the block you pulled out earlier to climb up. Head to the warp

Part 5- The Pillars of Nosgoth [LoK-W05]:

At this point you have a choice. Your new ability has give you the option to
hunt down a few of the pieces which, when you get five, increase your life bar
in the Physical World. However, in order to get them all you must have all the 
abilities so it is up to you whether you want to get some now or whether you
want to leave it till later so you can grab them together. If you want to do it
now then skip to the Health and Eldritch Power Upgrades section [Lok-Upg] and
follow the first three instructions. I suggest you do as you will get the
fourth and fifth pieces on your way through the next few sections so you will
get the first of the three upgrades. You can also get the Force Glyph now.

Either way, once you're done, go to the Warp Gate for the Abyss (the one with
the swirl pattern on it) and head back towards the fortress rather than the
Abyss itself. Go to the right most side and phase through the gate to grab a 
health piece then use the portal up ahead to go back into the Physical Realm.

Here you will have to defeat two Dumahim adults by throwing them into the water
and then pass through the gates. There are more enemies here but don't bother
fighting them. Switch to the Spectral Realm and phase through the gates (it 
doesn't matter which way you go) until you reach a portal. Switch back again
and then go through the door opposite to face the second boss. 

Part 6- The Second Boss [LoK-W06]

The boss teleports to three different locations around the arena. Your task is
to get to him before he can charge up his attack and hit him with your claws.
Don't worry if you aren't quick enough though as even if it hits you all that
happens is you are sent to the spectral realm to recharge and try again. The
trick is in locating your enemy and getting there as quick as possible. Use the
camera panning buttons to your advantage. Three hits are all it takes to end 
the battle and give you the wraithblade ability.

Part 7- The Silenced Cathedral [LoK-W07]

You can now go grab the first of the Eldritch Energy power-ups if you want or
just carry on for now.

From the fortress you should work your way back towards the training area until
you reach the columns where your first portal was found. You will now be able 
to go through the gate here by phasing through in the Spectral Realm so do that
and follow the path till you reach the cathedral. Turn right and head to the 
wall where you will find a portal to return to the Physical Realm. Go down the
path on the left and follow it to activate another warp portal. Then come back
and go up the ramp and use the wraithblade to open the door. Then switch back
to the Spectral and phase through the gate behind. Go right and jump over the
gap to use the portal and return to the Physical.

You are now inside the Cathedral so head back over the water-filled gap and 
fight your first Zephonim vampires. Same tactics apply as normal but their
range is a bit better as they leap at you when attacking. They telegraph their
attacks by crouching though so are still quite easy opponents.

Get past the two fledglings and go through the door which opens out on a plaza
with several small huts and some interesting looking architecture. Don't bother
getting yourself into fights with the two Zephonim adults down here since there
aren't many ways to actually kill them unless you have the wraithblade and if 
you do then there's no point in fighting anyway. Instead, jump up the column to
your right as you enter to get onto the rooftops. 

From the first roof jump onto the second (you'll see a balcony hanging by the
roof you need), then leap onto the pillar opposite the balcony. Now jump over
onto the lower ledge on the wall, up to your right and then over the lower 
ledge onto a third one where you'll find a spear you can grab. With your back
to the wall look around you to see the roof below and slightly to the right. 
Jump down and then from there onto the ledge protruding from the tallest of
the buildings, up onto its roof and then across the gap into what looks a lot
like an entrance to an abandoned temple.

Inside you'll encounter another Zephonim fledgling. Once finished with him
climb the side opposite from where you came in and you'll find a door with two
spears, one either side. Go through to see a vast chamber filled with large 
pipes. Don't jump into the pit. Instead switch to the Spectral Realm and the
pipes will twist so that the one on the far left (as you enter) will form a 
pathway up onto the higher level.

Use the portal at the top and then jump to the platform above. Follow the 
walkway round, jumping the gaps till your reach a door. Ignore it for now and
go to the right until you reach a switch hanging beneath a torch. Use it to
call down a platform which you should then jump on to lock it into place. Now
go all the way to the end of the ledge and go through the second wooden door.

At the end of the corridor you find yourself in is a gate for you to phase 
through. Once through you can go back to the Physical Realm and fight two
fledgling Zephonim and one adult. Use the spikes in the corners to deal with
them or the wraithblade and then look around. There are a series of blocks
which need to be manoveured into place so they complete the pictures on the 
walls. Occassionally more vampires will appear for you to fight so listen out
for the tell tale click of their claws on the stone floors.

The first step is to deal with the one under the gap that is halfway up the
wall. Pull it away from the wall and then flip it from the other side so that
the picture is on the bottom. Now pull another one of the blocks in behind it
and flip it back the opposite way so that it sits on top the second block with
the picture facing outwards. Now move both so that the top block is aligned
with the hole. Grab a third block and push it in front of the first two to act
as a step for you to stand on as you push the first one into place.

The rest should be relatively simple, flipping the blocks as necessary until
they match up with their respective slots. Once they are all aligned properly
a ledge will appear in another room giving you access to a switch. This ledge
is through the door I told you to ignore previously so go back there and go
through, taking out the fledglings inside. There is another spear here if you
want it. When you throw the switch another platform will come down and you 
should go and lock it in place as you did with the first one.

Once this is done it will activate an air current which comes up from the pit.
You can glide in this current and it will take you up into the bell tower.

Jump up on the ledge to the right and follow it till you can see a door in a 
big sheet of what appears to be glass. Go through and then go through the door
on your left to encounter two humans. If you haven't killed any of the humans
up to this point they won't bother you but if you have kill them. They have 
throwing knives which can be a pain but they only take a few hits to beat.

Now switch to the Spectral and phase through the gate ahead. There are three
Sluagh hanging around so beat them and then jump into the alcove behind to go
back to the Physical Realm, beat the Zephonim fledglings and prepare for 
another block puzzle. As before it will occassionally throw a couple of 
vampires at you but there is a pole on the wall you can pull off to make life
easier for yourself.

In the centre of the room there are four blocks piled high. Drag the whole lot
over to the alcove, climb up and then push them off each other one at a time.
When all four are on the floor go to the last one and flip it from the side of
it's centre hole (it has three) and then flip it again. It will now fit into
the gap with three holes (top right as you walk into the room from the gate).
The next block has a hole going straight through. Flip it from the side of one
of the holes, then go to either the left or right and flip it again. It can now
go into the hole next to one we just filled. You will hear a low humming noise
if this has been done correctly.

The third block requires no flipping at all and can be slotted into the groove
where the pipe turns the corner (first on the left as you enter). The final 
block needs to be flipped in the same way as the first and used to fill the
last gap. Once this is done head back through the gate in the Spectral, then
back into the Physical Realm, through the door and follow the ramp up to the 
next door on your left, past the bell. 

Inside you'll fight two human priest (very weak) and phase through another gate
for yet another block/pipe puzzle. Again there are Zephonim vampires which will
occassionally drop in to check how you're doing so keep your ears open. All 
directions on this bit will be taken from the room's entrance with your back to
the gate. 

Start with the back left block and use it to fill the back right gap since no
flipping is necessary. The block with a straight bore in the centre of the room
can also be pushed straight into place on the right wall, either gap. Next, go 
to the back right block and flip it from the right hand side (the whole will 
point up at the ceiling), then from the front and finally from the left. Now
manoveur it into place in the back wall. The only remaining centre block should
then be flipped from the right hand side twice and pushed into the left wall on
the right. The right hand block now needs to be flipped twice from the front 
and then twice on the right to go into the gap on the left wall. The final 
block should be flipped from either side with a hole in it, then from the front
so that it fits the last gap. Head back outside.

Ignore the crank directly opposite the door for now and go back down the ramp.
Hit the bell on the right on the way down and go all the way down the ramp, 
through the door and then turn right down a smaller passageway to hit another
bell at the bottom. This will shatter the glass at the top which stopped you
passing before. 

Go back up the ramp again to the crank and pull on it then immediatley shift
to the Spectral Realm. This will hault time and let you get down to the newly
opened door (down where the second bell was) without it closing on you. You 
will have to jump down where the glass used to be though as you can't open the
door at the bottom of the ramp in the Spectral Realm. Go left as you enter the
new room and go back to the Physical.

Now go into the room with secret door again and kill the two knife throwers
who try to stop you if you need to. Use the wheel on the wall to re-open the
door you came through permanently. Go through the door where the portal was
and jump the gap to the door opposite. In this corridor is a knife thrower and
a priest. At the end of the corridor go through the door to confront a Zephanim
adult and fledgling. There is a staff on the wall if you need it. Afterwards go
left and you will see a health piece trapped in a strange box. Go right and 
phase through the gate, then return to the Physical Realm via the portal on the
ledge opposite. Another block puzzle for you to solve.

Again all directions will be given from the perspective of facing with your 
back to the gate. Start with the top right block and shift it to the bottom
right hole. Next take the top left block, flip it from the back, then the left
and then the front to push it into the top left gap. Now take the bottom right
block and flip it from the back, right, then front to slot in the middle right
gap. The bottom left goes straight into the right gap on the far wall.

Four more blocks will now come down from the ceiling. Take the top left block
and put it in the remaining gap in the far wall. The top right block needs to
be flipped twice from the right and twice from the back and then slotted into
the middle position on the left wall. The left block can go in the last gap in
the left wall. The last block needs to be flipped from the back, then right, 
then front to go in the final gap. You can now go grab your health upgrade if
you got the other three earlier. 

Take out the two Zephanim vampires who have respawned when you return to the
Physical Realm and go back to the room with the secret door. This time though
go to the corridor opposite and in the next room climb the pipe, defeating the
Zephanim fledglings that try to get in your way either by throwing them off or
there is a staff at the bottom guarded by an adult with wraith abilities.

When the corridor at the top branches to the left follow it as up ahead is only
a dead end with a flamethrower human and a Zephanim adult with wraith powers.
Left again until you reach the four locks, two of which are still covered in
glass. Go left and phase through the gate then back through the portal on the
other side.

Go right and deal with the Zephanim adults waiting for you by chucking them in
the fire. You'll see three manhole covers which, when opened, produce a musical
note. You need the right combination to break the third glass case so open the
middle on and the one on the right as you come in.Now go back to the gate and 
go down the left path. Two knife throwers down here and it's same again, the 
middle and the right, to break the last glass cover.

Phase through the gate again and head back till you find the portal to the
Physical Realm. Then activate each of the four locks on the floor. This sets
the big fan in the floor going so float up like you did before and land on the 
pipes above. There are two pipes with gaps in them up here. You need to 
reconnect them by pushing the sections into place. Once you are done look 
around you for the passageway up here, jump across and then follow it.

At the end there is a room with a couple of Zephanim adults to deal with. Once
they're dead pull both the locks on the floor to open the way forward then 
jump on the ledge to the right. From there you need to jump to the platform 
opposite and then onto the pipes you looked at when you entered. There is one
last platform to your left as you face where the wall moved and then you can
jump into the opened passageway. 

There is another gate here for you to phase through then drop down, deal with
the Sluaghs waiting and then use the portal to be immediately confronted with
two Zephanim adults. Kill them and spin the wheel on the giant organ opposite
where the portal was. Then climb the pipes to the right and jump from the top
one into the passageway up and to the right of it. 

There is another gate to phase through but a portal just the other side. You
can see a bell opposite but don't hit it else two Zephanim vampires drop down
so instead go up the pipe and into the next room. Pull at the block here to 
give you a way up into the next passageway. Don't go up yet though as you need
to pull the block underneath the wheel on the big pipe in this room so you can
activate it. Two Zephanim will try to stop you though so take them out to make
life easier.

Now climb up the rubble and through the corridor to fight a few more Zephanim. 
Once they are all dead go into the big room at the end and climb the pipe on
the right hand side of the room. Follow it round till it turns up too steeply
to walk on then jump to the one below and push the pipe section into place. 
Now follow the pipe up even further to the wheel which will activate the wind
current in the room where you had to move the walls and head back there. You
may have to move the block underneath the passageway to reach it in the room
with the rubble. Once back use the thermal to float up to the next corridor.
Go right to activate the warp room there and then prepare for the next boss.

Part 8- The Third Boss [LoK-W08]

At the end of the corridor you will find your next major opponent. When the
battle starts back off and let one of the legs on the ceiling jab down, then
rush in and cut it with your wraithblade. This will cause an egg to pop out
beneath the boss which you can grab. Take the egg back to the entrance of the
arena and light it on fire with the torch lying on the floor in the corpse's
hand. Throw it at the boss to wound him. Repeat three times to end the battle.

Part 9- Tomb of the Sarafan and the Fourth Boss [LoK-W09]

At this point you can go get two more Health Upgrades and the Stone Glyph. 
However there is another health upgrade in the Stone Glyph area which requires
the telekinetic blast ability so I suggest holding off for now. Instead make
your way back to the room you fought the second boss in. There is a wall to
climb in here which will allow access to the corridor leading to two door. 
Take either one and jump down into the courtyard below. There are a few 
Dumahim adults roaming down here so keep your eyes open. 

Go through the tunnel ahead and take out the fledglings and adults you find.
There are a few rocks you can hurl at your enemies around to make life easier
if you wish. Battle your way through to the Tomb.

Before you go in though there is another warp room to be activated. Go left as
you reach the ruins an jump up the series of ledges here. There is a tunnel up
here which leads to the warp room (though no marked door as usual curiously).

Once inside switch to the Spectral to phase through the gate then be careful
as you use the portal on the other side because a Dumahim adult is right by 
you. There are spears lying around though so take care of him and his wraith
powered brother and go through the door at the end of the corridor. There is
a block in the wall which you need to pull out ahead of you.

After the cutscene switch the the Spectral where the floor will drop away.
In this underground passage phase through the gate and beat the wraith that
is on the other side. On your left is a portal to come back to the Physical
and meet the Fourth Boss.

Except Boss is perhaps a strong word. He is basically just a super powered
regular enemy. He can fire projectiles at you though so the moment you get
control back jump across and close the distance. He has wraith abilities as
well but for the most part you should treat him as you would any other vampire
foe. Once he is dizzy blow him up with the wraithblade or throw him in the 
water. When you're done you get the force projectile ability.

Use your new ability to hit the symbol made of concentric circles on the wall
twice and it will fall, opening a pathway. Switch the Spectral and go through
the water and up the other side, switching to the Physical, jumping the water
using the column and climb the wall on the other side. 

Up here you will see the tops of the columns below which you can jump on. Go
for the one on your left and you will see across from you that there is a 
block on top of another column. Shoot it to push it off and then jump across.

Go through the door up here and go right, phasing through the gate. Don't
worry about the other direction. It only leads to an energy recharger. You'll
see a wraith up ahead but don't bother, instead switch to the Physical where
you will be immediately attacked by two Turelim vampires (basically like the
fourth boss but without the wraith abilities). There are spikes on the walls
to finish them but facing two can be tough so try to finish one quick with the

Once they are dead use the force projectile to move the block in the cage up
against the wall. Now switch to the Spectral to phase through the bars and use
the block to climb up the wall and escape. Follow the path until you reach the
portal. Use it and then follow the path till you reach the end where you will
see a boat you can jump to. Do so, then switch to the Spectral. This will warp
the rear end of the boat so you can jump to ledge behind. Go through the next
portal to the Physical and you will see a warp room on your right. Activate it
to finish this section.

Part 10- The Drowned Abbey [LoK-W10]:

Now is the perfect time to collect the Stone Glyph and the eigth Health piece.
You can also get the Sound Glyph and the second Glyph Power-up together as well
since they are close to each other.

Once you are finished (or if you'd rather not right now) head back to the warp
room (the T-shape that turns into an S) and exit. Go through the door opposite
and shoot the door at th end of the corridor to open it. Here it opens out
into a water surrounded building.

Drop down onto the ledge below and look right to see a pillar sticking out of
the water. Glide to it and then hop onto the next two pillar tops and the then
onto the ledge. To your left is another set of pillars to jump across and at
the end there is a Rahabim vampire waiting for you. Don't stand and gawp at
it though because they can spit water blasts at you so jump across and deal
with him close up. Don't bother throwing him in the water though since they
are immune.

There are another few Rahabim here for you to fight so deal with them and you
will end up in a room with a pillar in the middle with a screw pattern on it.
Head straight across into the tunnel opposite and grab a spear from the wall.
Take out the Rahabim lurking behind the door and follow the path till you 
reach another water filled room.

Again you must jump across the pillars but these are much smaller so take your
time until the last one where a Rahabim might try spitting at you. Deal with
him and then head into the passageway.

It will, after a few more fights, lead to a pool of water so switch to the
Spectral and drop down. When you reach the large hall you should go right to
see some small ledges poking out of the wall. Climb up them to find a portal
to the Physical and then climb the wall next to you once you've used it.

Up here there are some spears if you want one. Your next task is to jump from
rafter to rafter to get across the expanse of water below. It can be tricky so
it may help to know that each jump will give you enough time to barely start
gliding before you should let go. At the end there is a corridor on the left
and in it you will find two Rahabim to defeat. When together like this it's
worth getting the one you are fighting between you and the other one so its
projectiles can't hit you.

Once done there is a sheet of glass for you to shoot through at the end of the
path. Behind it are a series of gargoyle head you need to jump across. It is
about the same distance between them as the rafters so use the same timings.

From here you can reach the roof of the building you saw as we first entered
the Drowned Abbey area. Look right and you will see a bell tower you can jump
to. Do so and then pull the chain in here to ring the bell and open the doors
that are at the bottom of the stairs. Go down the spiral staircase in the 
Spectral realm (there is water) to continue. Inside use the columns as steps
to reach the portal at the top. Boss time.

Part 11- The Fifth Boss [LoK-W11]:

The columns you used to get up here are now the same height in the Physical
Realm. If you fall off though you will end up having to climb back up again
after restoring your energy in the Spectral Realm and fighting off a wraith
each time to boot. The boss can fire Projectiles at you which take off a fair
chunk of health but the biggest problem is that if you stay still he will swim
up and knock you into the water so move from pillar to pillar often.

Your goal is to flood the room with sunlight. Use your force projectle to hit
the stained glass windows which are behind each of the pillars. When you smash
them all the boss will die and you will gain the ability to swim.

Part 12- The Ruined City [LoK-W12]:

There are now a lot of new areas you can reach so rather than go to the Ruined
City straight away I suggest you go grab some glyphs and power-ups. The order
I did this in was: Glyph Power-up 3 and the Fire Blade since you are already
in the Drowned Abbey area, then the Water Glyph, Health power ups 10-12 and 
Glyph Power-up 4 in the Human Citadel (refer to the Water Glyph walkthrough to
get here), the Fire Glyph and then finally the Lighthouse area where you will
find the Sunlight Glyph. Note that you MUST get the Fire blade to get the Fire

Once this is all done or you've decided it looks like a lot of hard work that
isn't worth the trouble head over to the swirl warp gate to the location of
the opening cutscene. Jump across the gap to the platform to see a broken 
bridge above the water. Drop into the water and despite the height a burst of
speed under the water is enough for you to reach the other side of the bridge
from below. 

Follow the tunnel, swimming across the small lake and fighting the Dumahim
adult on the other side. You will come to a massive open area with several
possible exits. Go to the right first to activate a warp room. Then head back
to climb the scaleable wall directly in front of you. 

Ahead of you there is a gap between two sculptures with some glyph energy on
it which you can jump and glide to from up here. Hop down into the courtyard
beyond and go through the double doors. Here you will find a gate to phase
through followed by another straight ahead. Don't go into the central area 
here though as you cannot move the block inside in the Spectral. Instead go 
round to find the portal on the other side. 

Now in the physical look round into the central area and blast the block 
inside against the far wall, towards where you entered. Now go back to the
Spectral and use the block to jump to the platform above. Go through the 
portal and then drop down the gap ahead back into the hallway you came through

Go left and pull the block out of the far wall so you can jump up to the ledge
where the sunlight is spilling in from. Glide across the gap opposite and
follow the tunnel till it ends in a room with several pools. Jump to the 
platform in the middle and then up to the ledge on the right where you will
find a crank to drain the water. Be careful though as this revives the dead
Dumahim in the pools and there are no environmental ways to kill them. Use the
spears up on the ledge with the glyph energies if you get hit and lose your

Once you've dealt with them your task is to use the blocks in the two drained
pools to get up to the ledge shown to you as you entered the room. The two in
the pool directly under the ledge can simply be flipped one on top of the 
other and then put by the metal platform NOT under the ledge. Now put two of 
the blocks end to end against the platform in the other pool so they stick out
into the pool. Flip another block onto the one against the ledge and you can
now stand on the second block to flip it up onto the metal platform. Push this
block on top of the two you piled up earlier to make a stack of three which 
you should push underneath the ledge. Now use the same method to get the other
block out of the pool near the entrance and use this block to climb up the
stack of three and then up onto the ledge. 

Follow the corridor till you reach a furnace room which you should drop down
into. On the ledge hand side of the room is a wheel you need to turn to 
release the gap and then go to the opposite side to pull a lever which sets the
furnace going. It will open the door behind you so go through there and push
the block off the ledge down into the courtyard below. 

You must now stack both blocks in order to jump up to the ledge directly
opposite where you dropped down from. You'll find yourself in a tall room with
platforms going up. Jump to the one on the left and switch to the Spectral so
it rises up. Now jump onto the platform opposite where you came in, then up
to the right or left and then back onto the one above the entrance where there
is a lever. Jump from here over to the portal opposite and then back across to
pull the lever in the Physical. 

This opens a bridge directly below so drop down and go straight ahead then
right to see a block in the wall and a gate. You will notice light coming down
from the ceiling. This is because there is a gap up there which you can reach
with the block. 

Up here the camera will show you where you need to go. Jump up onto the short
column and then switch to the Spectal to jump to the next on. Switch again 
here and then jump to the next one. Use the same tactic to get to the top
column. Glide down into the room below, over the gate to where the obelisk is.
Now tip it so that it smashes the gate and allows access to the sixth boss.

Part 13- The Sixth Boss [LoK-W13]

The first thing is to pull the three spears out of the body ahead of you to
start the fight off. After the cutscene you will find that the boss laughs at
you if you try sticking any of those spears you pulled out in him. He will
periodically punch the floor, causing a shockwave which stuns you for a second
but does not damage you. You can jump over it though so watch him. Keep your 
distance and begin the slow process of luring him into the furnace room, being
careful not to get too far ahead of him as he will simply return to the throne
room if you do. If he does get a hit in on you it will start to drain your
energy like a wraith but it can be stopped by hitting him. Keep him behind you
as you go back across the bridge and through the narrow pathway back to the
furnace. Once there use the wheel and then the lever as before to roast the
Boss and gain the Constrict Ability.

Part 14- The Oracle Caves and the Chronoplast [LoK-W14]

Now you have all the abilities you can get the last three health power-ups and
the last glyph energy upgrade. Start with the thirteeneth health piece though
as you are right by it's location after beating the Sixth Boss. 

Once you've done all the collecting you want you are ready to enter the game's
final phase. Start from the Ruined City warp gate and go right, through the
tunnel hidden by the archway. There are a few Dumahim around so run past or
kill them. Eventually you will reach an open space with a sundial in the 

Use constrict on the sundial to open the double doors and go through. There 
are two more Dumahim waiting around a fire to beat here. Then go through the
door and go right to activate the game's next warp room. Go back outside and
switch to the Spectral realm. This will open a small gap in the wall in the
room on your right which is a dead end in the Physical. 

Up ahead you will see another dial which you should constrict to open the left
and right tunnels. Head right and phase through the gate to a portal back to
the physical. You will see two blocks in alcoves with marks above them. The
blue/turquiose and the red markings represent barriers which will come down if
the blocks are taken out. The goal is to get the two blocks in the empty 
alcoves marked with a Z (on the opposite side of the room) and the O shape 
with a cross on top. 

Start with the block beneath the blue symbol and push it into the main area of
the room and then up against the door which closed when you pulled it out. Now
go push the block under the red symbol into the blue symbol gap. Your entrance
to the main room is now blocked so go back to the dial by phasing through the
gate and using the portal next to the dial. 

Constrict the dial again and go into the main room. Flip the block up into
the area with the alcoves and push it into the black Z symbol gap. Now go back
to the dial and use constrict again. Go back to the area you got the blocks 
from in the first place, phasing through the gate and using the portal on the
other side and push the block in the blue gap into the gap with the circle
with a cross on top. This will open all the doors.

Go into the chamber beyond and go right, taking out the Turelim here. There is
a pillar you can constrict but don't do it unless you need the Eldritch energy
recharger that lies beyond. Instead continue up the ramp and phase through the
gate. When you reach the end of the path look right and you will see the portal
you need to get to the Physical. Then jump back over to the other side of the

You will see a dead Turelim with a spear in him. The choice is yours whether
to take it but once you solve the block puzzle here you will find two more
Turelim and only wall spikes to kill them if you get hit. I suggest ignoring
him if you have the Sunlight Glyph as this will simply wipe out your opponents
in the next room but take it if you can't/would rather not use the glyph.

The block puzzle consists of simply pulling each block so that they line up
with the gaps and then shooting them into place with a force projectile. Use
your prefered method to deal with the two Turelim behind the door and you will
find yourself in a room with four constrictable pillars.

Constrict them so that all four have the larger pale sections pointing toward
the middle to open a door. There is a gap in the wall on your right as you 
leave the room which contains large glyph energy refills and can be accessed
in the Spectral Realm if you need them. Either way you need to drop back down
the chasm you jumped before and backtrack to the point where the door opened
(where the narrow gap in the Spectral Realm allowed you through the wall).

Be aware that there is a Turelim lurking when you come back to the Physical
outside the door. Through the door there is a flaming cauldron which you 
should constrict in order to open the passage ahead. In the clock room at the
end of the passage there is a cutscene and then you will find yourself next to
two levers. Pull them until the clock hands reach 6:00.

Jump down and drop through the newly opened hole to see a beam of light 
passing through several blocks of coloured glass. Constrict the two the beam
starts on till the light goes through the blue and then red glass. For some
reason the constrict seems a bit picky about when it wants to work but it will
eventually do it. If one way doesn't work then try going in the opposite 

Once you have the purple light constrict the mirror in the centre and then
constrict the block so that it matches the colour on the receiver. Do the same
again for the last one to open the door. Follow the corridor, ignoring the 
dead Turelim unless you want the spear, till you reach the double doors.

Behind is a circular chamber with a Turelim inside. Beat him and then look at
the strange coloured cannisters. On the wall are the symbols which tell you
which order you should do this in: red, blue, yellow. Constrict each until the
wheel turns so that the gap is aligned with the door. 

With the way open go through and drop down the hole, being careful of the 
Turelim wandering around. Use the ledge the first of the two was patroling to
jump to where the second one waits, then drop down into a room with two huge
gears in the middle and another Turelim.

You'll see thre blocks directly underneath where you came in which prevent the
gears from turning. Push the one against the wall to one side and the same 
with the second so you can pull the last out out and allow the mechanism to
work again.

Jump on top of the gears and then up onto the newly raised platfrom. Hop from
here onto the ledge opposite and follow it round to where another platform now
swings back and forth. Wait for it to come to you then jump on and then up to
the gap at the top of its arc.

You'll drop down to a spiraling corridor. Go down and watch out for the 
Turelim which tries to ambush you. Behind him is a gate with a block behind it
but don't phase through. Instead shoot it off the ledge. There is another gate
further down and you should do the same thing here.

At the bottom you will find four blocks which act as a jigsaw puzzle guarded
by a Turelim with wraith abilities. Once he's dead you need to match each 
piece to the patten on the floor. The furthest piece can simply be moved onto
the far left corner of the pattern (with your back to the room entrance). The
far right block needs to be flipped front, right and back though and then 
placed on the far right corner. The near left can be simply dragged one space
to the right once the other block is out the way. The last must be flipped
front, left and back to fit the last gap. 

Puzzle solved and door open you can now jump down another massive drop. Go
through to find a couple of Turelim vampires and some spears on the wall to
deal with them. In the corridor you just came from were some markings. These 
are the clue to solve the last puzzle. You need to constrict the central nodes
in the three circular chambers ahead so they make each of the symbols.  

Once this is done a swinging platform will activate above each room which you
need to jump on and then up to a ledge to throw a switch. This must be done 
for all three rooms. This will activate a door next to where you found the
symbols on the wall. There is one last warp room on the left after a load of
cutscenes and then you can confront the final boss.

Part 15- The Final Boss [LoK-W15]

Your task it to reach the boss before he charges up his attacks. If you get 
hit it will take a fair chunk of life off but this is not the problem. Only
attacks with the wraithblade have any effect so use the health regenerator in
the middle of the arena if you get caught.He starts of on the ground floor so 
it is relatively easy. After you hit him once he goes up to the second tier 
and then again to the third after you hit him twice. Unfortunately your force
projectiles don't damage him and neither do your glyphs. What the glyph do do
though is allow you to avoid a hit and stay on the top level, giving you more
chance of catching the boss before he teleports away. The point he appears is
random but you seem to have more chance of catching him opposite where you are
so unless you're glyph dodging don't leave to far from the middle. Three hits
and it's all over. Enjoy the ending.
Section 3- Miscellaneous

Eldritch Power Glyphs [LoK-Gly]:

Force Glyph: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

Go to the warp gate with the rotated 3 symbol and go out to the lake. Shift to 
the Spectral Realm and jump in. Go right and follow the passage to where it 
splits and go left to find a gate to phase through. Do so then use the portal 
ahead to go back to the Physical Realm. Now push over the three obelisks 
inside to recieve the Force Glyph.

Stone Glyph: (Need Scale Walls Ability)

Go to the warp gate with the rotated 3 symbol and jump in the lake outside. Go
left and follow the path to a platform which you can high jump up to and then
switch back to the Physical plane to climb the wall. Follow the passage, 
killing or ignoring the Melchahim vampires along the way and you will see a 
giant skull ahead. There is a warp room you can activate if you scale the wall
on your left. After that go through the eye of the skull and dodge/fight the
vampires that try to block your path.

At the end of the pathway you will find a wall to climb followed by another
and an ambush of three Melchahim adults at the top. Beat them and then jump on
the beam near where you climbed up. Then jump to the ledge off the end of the
beam and then switch to the Spectral Realm. This will warp the beam above so
that you can jump on it and walk across to the next platform. Use another beam
to get across to the portal and then switch to the Physical again. Now high
jump to the beam above and then high jump again to the beam above that, near
where it joins to the wall. This beam links to a small spiral staircase which
in turn leads to a broken bridge which you can jump across to a rock platform.
Go to the right hand wall and high jump up, then follow the platform to a ramp
heading up.

There are a few more Melchahim adults up ahead but once you're past them the
path will open up into a large hallway with a missing wall at the far end.
Go to the gap and look ahead and to the left where you should see a platform 
in the distance. Glide over to it and follow the ledge round into a tunnel
that will end with a statue of a man holding a hammer with an anvil at his 

Time for another block puzzle. All directions are given from with your back to
the entrance.

Start with the block on the right on the second level. It's behind the pillars
so it's easy to miss. It goes in the gap nearest it's starting point, no 
flipping required. Now pull the block in the corner just below out. It needs
to be flipped from the front, left and then back. It goes in the gap on the
bottom tier on the left. Now go into the room in the back and push the block 
with the Spiral patten off the upper ledge. It needs flipping from the front,
left and back and then slotted into the far gap in the left hand wall, second
tier. The next step it to get the block off the far right corner pedestal so
pull the two remaining blocks in front of it so they make a row. You can now
pull the block in the corner onto the middle block and move the third so you
can push the top one down to the ground. Flip it front, left and back again 
and slot it into the remaining gap on the left side, upper tier. The other
block in the back room needs to be flipped front, right and back and then put
into the gap on the right, upper tier. 

The last block is actually outside the room, on a ledge above the walkway.
Push it down to the lower level, flip it front, right, back and then into the
last slot on the ground floor. You now can collect your Stone Glyph.

Sound Glyph: (Need Force Projectile)

Your first task is to go to the Silenced Cathedral and work your way back to
the first room with the giant fan pit. Instead of floating upwards this time
just jump in the pit and find the tunnel leading to a Zephanim adult and a
wall you can climb. You need to shoot the glass at the top of this wall to get
through, then you can climb up.

There is a gate for you to phase through, behind which is a room with several
large columns in the middle and a couple of wraiths to fight. Once they're out
the way go to the far end to find the portal. There is a golden hammer/drum
stick on the wall here which you need. Grab it and then return to the gate to
climb up the wall to the side of it.

There is a big musical note symbol here but you can't get through so turn
round and see the column tops you need to jump to. First though you need to
throw the hammer into the alcove to the side of the pillar. Then switch to the
Spectral, jump across and then back to the Physical again. Go over to the
alcove to retrieve the hammer, then hop the next couple of pillars to the end
and you'll see a big stained glass window with the symbol for the force 
projectile on it. Shoot it and then throw the hammer across the gap. Switch to
the Spectral again to make the last jump and then use the portal on the other
side. Pick up the hammer and use it to strike the bell inside. You now have
the Sound Glyph.

Fire Blade: (Need Swim Ability)

Go to the warp room at the Drowned Abbey (the one with the T-shape attached to
an S-shape) and through the door opposite. Shoot your way through the force
projectile door and then jump in the water.

Go right to where the gate is and then jump out of the water onto the ledge 
above. Now jump back in  the water on the other side. Follow this waterway to
the gate which you must phase through. Use the portal on the other side and
you will find yourself back in the main hall of the Abbey. 

On the opposite side of the circular building in the middle is a glass barrier
you can shatter with a Force projectile. At the bottom of the staircase behind
is a chamber full of Rahabim coccoons but the staircase you need is almost
directly opposite as you come out. There is nothing else in the room of use
bar a few Glyph power refills.

At the bottom of the second staircase is a corridor and on the left hand side
is another glass barrier to shoot. Inside you fill find a health refill area
and a flame which you should swing your blade through to imbue it with fire.

Water Glyph: (Need Swim Ability)

This glyph can be found in the Human Citadel but first you need to get there.
Head to the Swirl pattern warp gate and go to the area you saw in the opening
cinematic. Jump over the gap to see a broken bridge ahead of you and to the 
left you will see a passageway below which is full of running water. Glide to
it and follow it along to emerge outside the Human Citadel. 

If you haven't killed any humans previously this area is very easy but if you
have be prepared for a lot of fighting along the way. There are a few crossbow
men patroling this area but your goal is the small wooden door in the far 
corner. Go through to find a dead end at the top of some stairs

There are two blocks in the wall so pull them both out and then flip one on to
the other so you can jump to the ledge above. Now glide across the gap and 
face a few more bowmen. There are civilians in here which can be killed for 
soul energy but they are harmless so don't bother unless you need it. 

Instead go down the ramp and follow the corridor till you meet a Flamethrower
guy. Go through the door behind him and out into an open area where this is
another Flamethrower user and to your left a door to go through. Go left again
and you will come across a waterfall coming down the wall which you can climb
for a health upgrade piece. Go back down and keep going round the square 
building in the middle to find some stairs and at the top a warp room. 

Now that this is activated go back to the courtyard outside and jump in the
water. There is a circular grate down here which you can destroy with a force
projectile. Once this is done you can swim up the pipe and past a fan into a 
reservoir area. There is another tunnel to swim down to the side so follow 
that until it ends in an area with a Rahabim adult swimming around.

Jump out of the water and go past the statue up ahead to the right where you
will find a door to go through. Beat the Flamethrower user up ahead and then
jump the waterway. In the wall here is a section which is a slightly different
colour than the rest. It is actually a block and you need to pull it out and
drop it in the water. Push it down the waterway until it falls to the area 
below, then push it into the hole. This will flood the room and you can go
back to the statue to collect the Water Glyph.

Fire Glyph (Need Fire Blade):

You should start from the warp room which has the same symbole as Raziel's 
cloak does except inverted. Go through the wooden door opposite the warp room
and then left into the water. Go into the large room and then into the tunnel
on the opposite wall (the one with an orangey glow to the walls). This empties
into a circular pool which you can jump up out of into the Fire Temple.

There are three exits to this room apart from the water: a gate, a door and a
tunnel. You want the door which will lead to a room with a couple of Dumahim
adults. Deal with them and then use the crank on the wall, switching to the
Spectral immediately so you can get through the door that opens.

Use the portal on the other side and drop down. There is a crank to open the
gate permanently and go through back into the circular pool room. Now you
can go down the tunnel, taking out the Dumahim adults as you go.

Once through the door at the bottom switch to the Spectral and use the newly
shrunk pillars as stepping stones to the platform opposite. Use the flames to
imbue your fire blade and then return to where the gate was raised. Go to the
statue and use the fire blade to ignite the bowl to recieve the Fire Glyph.

Sunlight Glyph (Need Swim Ability):

The final glyph can be found in the Lighthouse area. Start from outside the
Silenced Cathedral and jump in the water. On your right is a gate to phase 
through so do that and then come back to the Physical through the portal on
the other side. Follow this tunnel till you reach the surface again. Before
you start your ascent though go to the lake bottom and on the right hand side
there is a tunnel leading to a warp room you can activate. 

Back at the surface there is a ledge to climb onto from the water. High-jump
onto the base of the lighthouse to your right and then hop from ledge to ledge
till you reach a tunnel. Be careful though as there are Turelim vampire here
which can be a real pain unless you close them down fast. The good news is 
there are a few fires dotted around for you to get your fire blade though.

At the end of the tunnel you will find yourself on a ledge from which you can
jump across to the top of the lighthouse. Beat the two Turelim up here and 
head left through the tunnel to the other side of the lighthouse. Go down the
ramp on the left and take out the Turelim. Go through the first door on the

Follow this new corridor till it ends in a room full of machinery. Watch out
for the Turelim lurking about and climb up the vents sticking out of the big
wheel in the centre. You'll find a block at the top which you need to push in
the way of the teeth of the wheel after you use the crank on the wall to set
it going. This will jam the mechanism.

Go back outside and jump down into the water. Climb onto the metal circular
structures in the middle and follow them into the base of the lighthouse. You
will see a circular room leading down with a broken metal staircase going 
round the wall. Jump straight to the bottom and kill the Turelim with a torch
from the wall. Follow the tunnel until you reach another room which will block
your progress with large metal turbines.

In the Spectral Realm though the floor drops down so you can pass under them.
On the other side is a portal to use and a Turelim fledgling waiting for you
when you do. Go through the door and down the stairs, paying attention to
Raziel's gaze as there is another fledgling hiding round one of the corners.

At the bottom, through the double doors, is another room full of machinery. Go
left and jump in the pit to see two pipes you must connect using the blocks 
in the corners. First take the two in the right hand corners and lay them next
to each other in front of the right hand pipe. Then flip the remaining 
straight bore block from the right and then the front to align it with the 
other pipe. Now flip the last block from the right twice and then from the 
back twice. Use it to connect the two pipes. 

Nothing will happen yet though. Follow the pipe into a tunnel where you will
find a wheel to activate the water. Go back to the entrance of this room and
you will see in the corner that the pipes have started emitting steam. You
can use this to glide from one to the other till you reach the bellows on top.

Climb on and then jump off the bellows when it reaches the top onto the 
walkway opposite. Then follow this walkway, jumping the gap to another tunnel.
Go through and grab any Glyph energy you might need then jump down the far
hole to find yourself on back where you had to use the Spectral to get 
through. Go back the way you came and climb up the metal walkway. Retrace
your steps till you make it back outside.

Go back across the metal circular pumps that are now moving up and down to
reach a door in the far wall. Kill the Turelim that try to stop you and make
your way to the altar at the far end of the corridor. You will see that the 
light flashes through rather than emitting a constant beam. Wait till the
light is shining, then switch to the Spectral to get the Sunlight Glyph.

Eldritch Power Upgrades [LoK-UpG]:

Glyph 1: (Need Wraithblade)

Go to the warp gate with the rotated 3 symbol. Go outside and cross the lake, 
then go into the room. Here there are two fledgling Melchahim to deal with so do
so but make sure you still have the wraithblade afterwards. Go to the 
sarcophagus on the lower part of the room and press square. Your blade will 
activate a secret passage underneath the sarcophagus. Down here there is another
door which requires the blade to enter and then behind that is the glyph.

Glyph 2: (Need Force Projectile)

Go to the Silence Cathedral where the first fan pit was and switch to the
Spectral Realm. As before, you need to climb up the pipes and switch back at
the top. Jump to the platform above and there is a climbable wall to your left
which you need to use. Go up and then go through the passage to the right 
where there is a glass wall blocking progress. Shoot it and behind it is the

Glyph 3: (Need Swim Ability)

Go through the warp gate with the T crossed with an S symbol and head left to
the lake with the boat in it. Jump into the lake and swim past the front of
the boat till you find a very long tunnel to swim through. At the end it will
open up into a large hall and near the surface of the water is the glyph.

Glyph 4: (Need Scale Walls Ability)

Go through the warp gate to the Human Citadel and go right until you reach the
waterfall coming down the wall. Climb it (this is where the tenth health piece
is) and then jump to the platform opposite. Turn around again and look to the
alcoves to your right. You need to jump from one to the other along till you
reach another large platform like the one opposite the waterfall. To do so 
jump out and then glide back in to the one along from you.

Once you are there you will find a switch. Activate it to open the door below
and then go through to find a climbable wall on your left. At the top jump
over the gap and follow the new passageway till you reach two Flamethrower
users. Beat them and the glyph is yours. 

Glyph 5: (Need Constrict Ability)

Go through the warp gate with Raziel's mark on it. Go through the door 
opposite and then follow the path until you reach the tower with the spiral
staircase winding round it. Go to the top of this staircase and then use 
constrict on the dial in the centre. Throw the switch to drop a drawbridge to
the area where the Glyph is.

It is up on a very high ledge and there are two blocks in the lower section of
the room and one up where you came in. Stack the two in the lower bit and push
them so they are against the near wall. Now push the third block on top and
then push all three near but not against the ledge you need to climb. Use the
platform in the middle to jump onto the stack and then up to the Glyph. 

Note: You can also get Health Piece 14 by rotating the dial in the tower one 
more time in the same direction.

Health Upgrades [LoK-UpH]:

The health upgrades are like small yellowish triangles which you need five of
to upgrade your health bar's maximum. The order in which they are arranged is
according to the order they become available with the exception of ten and 
eleven which can technically be got earlier but the Human Citadel area is 
easier to get to with the Swim ability.

Health Upgrade 1: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

Go to the Warp gate with the symbol which looks like a 3 rotated slightly
anti-clockwise. Head out the doorway which leads to the lake with the pillars
you had to jump across earlier and jump in the water. Head immediately left and
follow the tunnel until you reach a gate on your left. Phase through to get the

Health Upgrade 2: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

Go to the Warp gate in the Abyss (the first option) and head back up to the 
room where you fought your first vampires. Fall in the water and phase through
gate here to get your second piece.

Health Upgrade 3: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

The Warp gate for this piece is the one with the swirl between two rocks.
Head to the place where Raziel was cast into the Abyss and jump over the gap.
Follow the path until you reach the archways. Look right and you will see a 
health piece behind a gate. Look behind you and there is a block which can be
dragged to give you a ledge up to the gate, then switch to the Spectral Realm
to phase through and get the third piece.

Health Upgrade 4: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

You will get this on your way to the second boss fight. Go through the Abyss
warp gate (the swirl between two rocks) and head backwards till you reach the
fortress. Go to the furthest right point and phase through the gate here to get
the fourth piece.

Health Upgrade 5: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

In the Silenced Cathedral, after you have floated to the bell tower and gone
through the secret door activated by the crank. Head up the ramp to the left
and go through the door. Jump the gap to the door opposite. In this corridor is
a knife thrower and a priest. At the end of the corridor go through the door to
confront a Zephanim adult and fledgling. There is a staff on the wall if you 
need it. Afterwards go left and you will see a health piece trapped in a 
strange box. Go right and phase through the gate, then return to the Physical
Realm via the portal on the ledge opposite. Another block puzzle for you to 

Again all directions will be given from the perspective of facing with your 
back to the gate. Start with the top right block and shift it to the bottom
right hole. Next take the top left block, flip it from the back, then the left
and then the front to push it into the top left gap. Now take the bottom right
block and flip it from the back, right, then front to slot in the middle right
gap. The bottom left goes straight into the right gap on the far wall.

Four more blocks will now come down from the ceiling. Take the top left block
and put it in the remaining gap in the far wall. The top right block needs to
be flipped twice from the right and twice from the back and then slotted into
the middle position on the left wall. The left block can go in the last gap in
the left wall. The last block needs to be flipped from the back, then right, 
then front to go in the final gap. You can now get the fifth piece.

Health Upgrade 6: (Need Scale Walls Ability)

In the circular area surrounded by pillars as you emerge from the training area
(where the gate leading to the Silenced Cathedral is) there is a scaleable wall
which you can climb to reach the sixth piece. The easiest way to get here is to
go to the warp room outside the Cathedral (the one with the symbol which looks
like Pi rotated slightly and with pointed tips) and go back through the gate.

Health Upgrade 7: (Need Scale Walls Ability)

Go to the warp gate with the rotated 3 symbol again. Head outside to the lake
with the pillars stick out of it and jump to the middle one. There is a wall
you can climb on your left. 

Health Upgrade 8: (Need Force Projectile)

Follow the walkthrough for the Stone Glyph until you get past the point where
you need to glide across the chasm. Go about halfway across the ledge you are
on and then look right to see a block sitting atop a platform in the distance.
Use your force projectile to push it from the side where the concentric circle
design is. Once you're done getting the glyph come back here and jump off,
gliding down to where the entrance to the warp room is. There is a massive
wall to climb here which was previously unclimbable due to the block. Now you
can get to the top though and get the eighth piece.

Health Upgrade 9: (Need Swim Ability)

Go to the outside of the Silenced Cathedral and jump into the moat. Swim left
and follow moat till you reach a tunnel you can swim through. Jump up onto the
ledge at the end of the tunnel, climb the wall and on the platform above is
the ninth piece.

Health Upgrade 10: (Need Scale Walls Ability)

Go right out of the warp room in the Human Citadel to find a waterfall with
a climbable surface. Climb up to claim piece number ten.

Health Upgrade 11: (Need Phase Through Gates Ability)

Go to the warp room in the Human Citadel and then out of the large square area
into the courtyard with the Flamethrower user patroling. Go left and then into
the building where there is a door on your right. Go through and then up the
stairs through another door. Follow this room till you reach a waterway and 
jump across. There is a valve in the left hand corner which decreases the flow
of water so you can jump down.

Follow the waterway into a big pit with an adult Dumahim with wraith abilities
(weird I know but he's there) so kill him and you'll see a couple of blocks.
To your right is a platform these blocks need to go onto so flip one up there
on the edge and then the other onto the middle part. Then flip the middle one
onto the one on the edge. This provides a platfrom for Raziel to phase through
the gate above so do that next.

Ahead there is a portal to use and then you can climb the stairs to a switch 
which opens the gate. Behind is a water fountain and the eleventh piece.

Health Upgrade 12: (Need Swim Ability)

Follow the Water Glyph instructions up to the bit with the Rahabim adult. 
When you jump from the water turn around to see a scaleable wall opposite. Go
up here and follow the corridor until you reach the twelth piece.

Health Upgrade 13: (Need Constrict Ability)

Go to where you pushed the obelisk over to reach the Sixth Boss. This time go
through the corridor that leads to a dead end with a statue. Use constrict on
the statue to turn it, opening the door opposite the entrance to fight two
Turelim adults with wraith abilities and finding the thirteenth piece.

Health Upgrade 14: (Need Constrict Ability)

Go through the warp gate with Raziel's mark on it. Go through the door 
opposite and then follow the path until you reach the tower with the spiral
staircase winding round it. Go to the top and rotate the dial in the middle
using Constrict clockwise once so that the needle is pointing slightly to the
right of the switch. Use the switch to drop a drawbridge which leads to a 
passage ending with the fourteenth piece.

Note: You can get the fifth glyph here by rotating the dial clockwise one more
time and solving the block puzzle after going through the drawbridge again.

Health Upgrade 15: (Need Constrict Ability)

Go to the warp gate for the Drowned Abbey (The T/S shape), go through the door
opposite and then shoot the gate to open it as usual. Swim to the far left 
corner and jump up onto the ledge you used to gain access to the Abbey the
first time you came. Go through the door and kill the Rahabim in your way till
you reach the giant drill bit in the middle of the circular room.

Use Constrict on the drill and it will drain the water. Drop down to see there
are two block in the walls. Behind one is a chamber with a wraith powered
Rahabim adult and the last piece.

Credits [Lok-Cre]:

Thanks go to the game developers and publishers for creating the game in the 
first place.

I would also like to thank KTam's Secrets FAQ for helping me find the few
Health pieces I was missing and the www.dark-chronicle.co.uk for providing the
locations for the glyph upgrade I couldn't find.