FAQ/Walkthrough by TWarren

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                    Sirduck's Wheel of Time Walkthrough
                         c Tim Warren 1999- 2000
                           Ver 2.3

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1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough of the Missions
    2.1 Bank of the Manetherendrelle
    2.2 Streets if Shadar Logoth
    2.3 Bowels of Shadar Logoth
    2.4 Escape from Shadar Logoth
    2.5 Saving the White Tower
    2.6 The Vault
    2.7 The Ways
    2.8 The Excavation
    2.9 The Fortress of The Light
    2.10 The Fortress of the Forsaken
    2.11 The Dungeons of the Forsaken
    2.12 The Inner Sanctum
    2.13 The Gathering of the Seals
3. Enemy Guide
4. Ter'Angreal Guide
5. Multiplay Strategies
6. Credits/ End

Version 1.00 Introduction and Bank of Manetherenedrelle added.
Version 1.01 Streets of Shadar Logoth Added
Version 1.02 Mission Objectives Bowels of Shadar Logoth, and Escape from 
Shadar Logoth added 
Version 1.03 Saving the White Tower added
Version 1.04 finished Saving the White Tower
Version 1.05 Fixed some errors, added Mission Difficulty Ratings
Version 1.06 Added The Vault
Version 1.07 Added The Ways
Version 1.08 Added The Excavation
Version 1.09 Added the Fortress of the Light
Version 2.0 Added The Fortress of the Forsaken
Version 2.1 Added Dungeons of the Forsaken
Version 2.2 Added The Inner Sanctum
Version 2.3 Added Gathering of the Seals, revised stuff, created ASCII art 
title :)
1. Introduction

Being a very big Jordan reader myself, when I first heard of this game, I 
bought it.  And i like it.  It is not just a conventional 1st person shooter.  
It is a first person shooter with the world of the Wheel of Time books by 
Robert Jordan, which are excellent.  This game does a good job of emersing the 
player into that unique, intriguing world. Although the game takes place 
before the novels, the storyline is accurate to Jordan's history of the WOT 
world, so I cant critisize that.  The game itself gets frustrating sometimes, 
but this guide should be all you need to get past that and truly enjoy the 
game. So, off we go into the World of Wheel of Time.....

2. Walkthrough of Missions

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am presuming you know how to use ter' angreal and know the 
controls, as they are not covered anywhere here, thanks. Also, this 
walkthrough is all you need to get from point A to point B, i dont know all 
the secrets. It will cover how to get over obstavles and how to get the Ter' 
angreal of the level.

MISSION OBJECTIVES:  What you are supposed to do in order to win
Enemies:   Enemies found in this level
TA:  Ter'Angreal found in this level
Mission Difficulty
Enemies:  *-*****, * being easy and ***** being hard
Puzzles/frustration:  *-*****, * being easy and ***** being hard

2.1 Mission 1: Bank of the Manetherenedrelle
-Try to track down the assasin before he can reach Shadar Logoth.
-In doing so, learn to use your Ter'Angreal to defend yourself against his 
protectors, the Trollocs.
-Research what you carry by selecting an artifact and then pressing the f2 
-Gather any Ter' Angreal you can find among the remains of the Tinker wagons; 
some caravans are suspected to carry such artifacts

Enemies- Trollocs
TA: Heal, Personal Shield, Dart, Fireball

Mission Difficulty:
      You start facing a path. Follow that path.  Soon the path will lead you 
to a large stone by a pine tree.  Continue to follow the path but on the other 
side of the stone, encircle it and you will find your first Heal Ter'Angreal.  
Now, back on the path until you reach the entrance to a cave.  Go inside.  At 
a curve in the cave you will meet your first trolloc.  With air pulse, attack 
the trolloc, then when he tries to attack back off.  Continue to attack him 
while running backing off until he dies. Yay! you killed your first trolloc!  
This is the strategy against trollocs, to attack while backing off, because 
they tend to avoid long distance TA and to stand still is death.   Now go 
through the cave, make sure to pick up another Heal TA where the trolloc was.  
After the cave, turn left and follow the cart tracks until you see a Tinker 
wagon.  Two trollocs jump out of it when they see you, one runs away, one 
attacks you. Kill it. In the Wagon you will find the Dart TA. Equip it.
       Now follow the tracks beyond the wagon until it comes to a clearing.  
Two trollocs will jump off the far cliff and attack you, but back off because 
the assasin will throw fire at you until he runs from the far cliff.  Use dart 
to kill both trollocs, be careful!  One of them can throw axes.  Shoot him 
with dart and then strafe left and right to avoid his axe.
      Turn left at the fork in the road where the clearing starts.  Enter the 
wagon to get a Personal Shield TA.  Go back to the fork.
      This time go right.  Go around the large rock, and there will be a Heal 
TA on the dead body. Follow the path, but watch out! An Axethrower Trolloc 
jumps of a nearby hill to attack you.  Kill him, then go straight and find the 
ramp up the hill the trolloc jumped off of(its a sharp right turn)  On the 
body there will be a dart TA.  Go back down and continue forward.  There will 
be another Dart TA in the wagon with the hanging body (yuck).
          Go past the wagon and two trollocs at a camp site will see you and 
attack you. Kill them.  There is nothing at their camp site besides a trolloc 
cookpot (yummy).
       Take the right path from the camp site, and continue until you see a 
tree. When you reach the tree, strafe facing the tree and fire on the 
axethrower trolloc not far behind it, gaurding the entrance to a cave. Kill 
him, then go through the cave.  When the cave curves and you see the end of 
the tunnel, two trollocs will see you also.  Dispatch them.  At their camp 
site you will recieve your first Fireball TA.  Turn around and face the cave 
you just exited.  There is a path right by it leading downward.  Follow it 
until you pass a teal- colored mountainside. Then turn and face right. You 
should be facing the Cursed City of Shadar Logoth.  There are two trollocs 
gaurding it, fireball them.  They will charge you, back off and shoot them 
with fireball but dont back off to far or you will fall into the 
Manetherendrelle.  After the blighters are dead, face the bridge to the city. 
Now face right of that, and go all the way towards the mountain closest to the 
gates. You will see a cave entrance.  Looks like this was a campsite, but no-
ones home, so the Fireball TA is yours without a fight. Go back and enter the 
city gates

EXTRA:  This information is courtesy of Rolf Brandes.  I haven't tested it, 
but it should work.  If abnyone sees secrets that i miss, please feel free to 
email a mini-walkthrough of the secret to me and i will most likely include 
it. Thnx.

"You remember the tinker-wagon you couldn't get into, because it's too high? 
Well, when you've climbed the ramp the trolloc comes jumping off from, you can 
jump directly on the wagon from the left edge of the ledge. Aim for the rear 
of the wagon. Inside the wagon you can pick up a fireball ter'angreal. You can 
exit the wagon from a hole in the side, and climb up a rocky ledge. If I 
remember correctly, there's a personal shield ter'angreal there. When you 
climb to the top of the rock, you can even see trollocs as they are waiting 
for you to step around the corner later on. But watch out, for they throw axes 
at you. I tried to kill them at this stage, but I haven't been succesful, yet. 
Maybe it can't be done at this great a distance. But I think it is possible, 
for they can certainly kill you."


2.2 Mission 2: Streets of Shadar Logoth
-Track the assasin through the city however you can.
-Shadar Logoth is ancient.  The city may hold artifacts that could help to 
keep you alive.

Enemies- Trolloc, Minion, Mashadar Tentacle
TA: Dart, Heal, Seeker, Shift, Personal Shield, Fireball

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: **

      You start in a dark hallway.  Go down the hallway, turn right at it's 
end, and follow the next hallway.( This level is basically a damn confusing 
system of tunnels, dont get turned around.) Go up the stairs at the end. You 
should hear a trolloc die as... something.... kills it.  Continue your ascent 
through the next flight.  At the third flight, halfway up there is a window-
shaped doorway.  Enter it, and jump across the pit for a Fireball TA.Jump back 
over and get out.  
      At the top of the stairs, follow the hallway and climb the short 
staircase.  At the top, go right throught the broken wall for a Seeker TA and 
a Dart TA.  Go back the other way from the small staircase.  Take a right, 
then take a left.  Walk through the open path (you should see the sky if you 
look up.)  Go through the arch.  You will see red eyes in the shadows in the 
next area.  Launch two fireballs at it and it will die.  That is usually the 
strategy with Minions.  From there, go right (facing where the Minion was) and 
go down the small steps, take a left and then a right.  You should be in a 
hallway/bridge with little windows.  There is another Minion here, kill it 
with fireballs.  Grab the Dart and Heal Ter'Angreal, then go back to the spot 
where you first fought the first legion, then go through the left passage you 
havent been before.  Go left up the small stairs for a Heal TA.  Go back down 
and go forward, the way you were going.  Go straight through the arch, right 
through another arch, and go left at the end of the short hallway.  Follow the 
hallway, then turn right.  Then you should arrive at a passage with crumbled 
rocks on the floor.  Go through it and go left at the end.  You will be at a 
balcony-like structure.  Step out one step, then back off.       The assasin 
is there, and he throws a fireball at you and says, "Lie down and DIE."  and 
then flees.  Creep on to the balcony and follow the hallway on the other side.  
Go left at the end of the hallway, then down the curving stairs. At the end of 
the curving steps, strafe right and you will catch a Minion facing the other 
way.  Quickly shoot fireballs to kill that one, and another will come. Kill 
that one with Dart, as it will be a close range fight.  Curve around the basin 
of the steps and you will find a Seeker TA and a Heal TA.  Nothing else here, 
go back up the steps and back to the balcony.  Jump carefully on to the small 
window sill against the wall to the left, then onto the other side, where the 
assasin disapeared.  Climb the small staircase, go through the hall.  You will 
find yourself on a precipice.  Close your eyes, and jump off the edge.  It 
will hurt, especially if you fall on the Minion's head.  Dont do that, it's 
bad.  Kill the Minion and heal.   Watch out for Mashadar Tentacles from this 
point on, they are lines of white mist and they hurt bad.  Now, face right (if 
you are facing the far wall, opposite of where you jumped from.)  You should 
see a pile of rubble.  Jump over it, then go straight.  The way is blocked by 
more rubble, but you can jump in the hole in the brick wall.  There is a 
Seeker TA in there.  Jump on the other side of the Seeker TA, it should be a 
green floor area.  Go right, but watch out for Mashadar Tentacles.  Get the 
Seeker and the Dart by the Trolloc bodies, and kill any Minions by means of 
Seeker.  Then go back to where you got the seeker and go left instead.  Grab 
the Personal Shield TA and use it, its useful.  Go down the hallway and go 
right, up the stairs.  Grab the Shift TA and use it on the grating on the 
right wall.  Dont go too far out or you will fall in a pit and have to go 
waaaay back.  Edge along the side. then go down the hallway.  At the end there 
will be a precipice. Don't fall down because of the earthquakes.  Ok, this is 
tricky.  Get some jumping space, then jump far from the precipice onto a small 
ledge to the diagonal down-left of the large cylinder that is in the middle.  
Get on the highest point on that ledge, then jump to the next step.
       Enter the next hallway, the floor should be blue.  Kill the Minion, 
then go left down the small staircases.  Enter the courtyard with the statue.  
Be VERY carefull of Mashadar tentacles.  Go into the room directly across from 
where you are standing for a Fireball TA.  go back out and enter the doorway 
on the far wall facing the back of the statue.  Go up the stairs, then left in 
the arch.  Go left from there for a Seeker TA.  Turn around and go right, you 
should pass over a grating.  Kill all Minions with Dart, it's prettey close 
quarters for fireball.  Go down the staircase to the left, then go right.  Go 
through the hallway.  You should be in yet another statue courtyard (the 
statue is high up.)  Go straight across and kill the Minion, and grab the 
Seeker TA.  Go back to the middle and up the stairs.  The floor will fall 
apart under you in this hallway, revealing a Minion.  Kill it, then jump out 
of the rubble.  Go straight and up the small staircase.  Kill yet another 
Minion (my those things are annoying.)  Grab the Heal TA on the steps and then 
enter the far side entrance.  Continue straight through the arch, and then 
left up four flights of stairs.  Make a u-turn right and go throught that 
passage.   Go left at the end of the hallway and kill the Minion with Seeker.  
Go straight, down the stairs.  Turn right and go up the stairs there. (ALMOST 
DONE!!!! YAY!!!!)  Go straight to grab a Fireball TA.  Go back to towards the 
stairs, but make a left before you get there, enter the arch, and go towards 
the small arch-shaped window-balcony thing. You are done.

2.3 Mission 3: The Bowels of Shadar Logoth
-The longer the assasin evades you, the greater chance he will die before you 
regain the Ter'Angreal that he carries.  Find him quickly.
-Get the Amyrlin's Ter'Angreal back

Enemies: Mashadar Tentacle, Minion, Legion, Assasin
TA:  Dart, Heal, Seeker, Fireball, Personal Shield, Swap Places, Water Shield, 

Mission Difficulty:

I hate this mission.  It's hard to write, and hard to play, but it must be 
done.  Have fun.
      You start the mission falling into the water.  Once you fall in, climb 
up onto the nearest platform:  there should be a Dart Ter' Angreal on it.  
There are four platforms on every corner of this room, surrounded by water.  
Jump over to the one on your left: it has a Personal Shield Ter' Angreal.  
Then go ahead and fall in the water to the right of your platform.  follow the 
water tunnel straight ahead and you will find a Personal Sheild Ter' Angreal.  
Turn around and go back but halfway through go up and emerge to find a 
Fireball TA on the left wall.  Go back in the tunnel and go straight, stay 
underwater past the platforms.  There will be grating blocking your way in the 
far tunnel.  Once again, halfway through emerge and on the left wall above the 
water there will be a switch.  Pull it, then go back down and the grating will 
lift for you.  Go down where the grating was and swim through.  In the next 
room there is a large cylinder thing surrounded "moat like"  by water.  On the 
outside of the water there is a path encircling it.  When you first enter the 
room, emerge from the water and climb up onto the encircling path to the left.  
Follow it all the way around and clear off the Minion on it.  Then fall in the 
water and go around the pedestal thing in the middle for a Fireball TA.  Now 
go back to the entrance underwater where the grating was and again climb the 
encircling path on the left side.  Go around it but take the first left 
passage you see.  Follow it for a Dart Ter' Angreal.  Go back to the 
encircling path and take the next left passage.  You should end up on a 
bridge.  Look left.  You should see the Heal TA in the distance on a platform.  
There are several platforms leading to the platform on which heal lies.  Jump 
on them, get heal, and jump back.  Now look to your right.  There is a Decay 
TA and a Dart TA farther back.  Get them both in the same manner that you got 
the Heal TA.  After you get Dart, you can fall into the space below.  A Minion 
should attack you, kill it.  Find the end of the chasm-like place that you are 
in that has a passageway to the left under an arch, it's one of the ends.  You 
should be in a room with a pool and a large grate on the right wall.  On the 
left wall, underwater, is a subterrian staircase with a water dam contraption 
above it.  Also, there are four switches in this room, one in every corner.  
Here's how you do this.  Every time you hit a switch, the water level lowers 
and the dam thing raises.  You need to hit three switches in order to get 
acces to the staircase. If you hit four, you wint be able to reach the 
staircase, as it is not all the way on the floor.  
     Hit the switch to your left, then hit the one on your right.  The dam 
thing extends whenever you hit a switch, so jump on it to reach the other 
side.  Hit one more switch, then fall in the water, get the Decay TA at the 
bottom, go under the dam thing and up the staircase.  BLAH! done with that!
    In the next room climb the staircase to the right and pass under the arch.  
Look right quickly, a minion pops out.  Kill it. Turn around, go through the 
room and up the staircase on the left.  Run through the sewer-like pipe 
entrance, RUN, because there are lots and lots of Mashadar Tentacles round 
these here parts.  At the end of the sewer pipe thing go to the end of the 
next room and turn right.  Fall into the pool in this room immediatly and look 
up when you get to the bottom.  Kill the poor Minion who cant swim and is 
frollocing around in the water.:)
    Next go left through the submerged arch and take another left. Go up the 
ramp, grab the Heal TA, then go down the next one.  Turn left and get the 
Water Shield TA, it's very useful later on.  Ascend from the water and climb 
up onto the platform.  Enter the passageway straight ahead.  Try to climb the 
stairs in the next room, but the assasin will scream "Burn, Aes Sedai!" and 
destroyed the stairs.  Turn around and you will see a passageway blocked by 
rubble.  Make your way over the rubble by means of the collapsed column.  Hit 
the switch on the other side, then go back to the room.  Notice the grating on 
the floor is gone, and water is revealed.  Time to go swimming!   Dive in!   
    Fall onto the underwater bridge and go straight:  you should see the way 
in front of you covered with bars.  There is a switch on the right wall near 
the bars.  Press it and the other side of the bridge will open up to reveal an 
underwater tunnel.  Use your Water Shield, as it will fight the current and 
keep you from drowning.  follow the underwater tunnel until you see a little 
window opening on the left wall.  Go through it and follow the tunnel for a 
Dart TA,  Go back to the main tunnel and keep on following it until you reach 
a fork in the tunnel.  Go right and grab the Water Shield TA, then continue to 
follow the tunnel until you reach a pool that has a large round tower thing in 
the middle, its the end.  Here is where you ascend out of the water.  Make 
your way up to the top and you will be standing in a room with four little 
vault-like openings, two ladders and four switchs above the vaults that opens 
them.  Hear out the assasin's speech about mercy, then climb the ladder 
nearest to where you emerged and hit the first switch on the left.  Fall into 
the matching vault and there will be a Swap Places TA.  Get out, then re-climb 
the same ladder.  This time, hit the second switch on the right and fall into 
the vault.  There will be grating, and a minion on the other side of it.  Cast 
Swap Places on the Minion and laugh as you get back on the other side while 
the minion looks real stupid in that small vault.  Then continue down the 
passageway.  There is a ladder on the end on the left wall, climb it.  
     Go into the next room.  There is an obvious next entrance on the small 
stairs but notice the crumbling wall in the right corner.  Kill the Minion, 
then throw a fireball at the wall.  It will give way to a secret passage, 
explore back there, there is 2 fireballs, a heal, a dart, and a seeker.  Now 
go back and climb the stairs to the next entrance.  Go through the arches and 
kill the Minion on the other side.  Look left and notice the blue flame.  Go 
towards it, down the stairs (get the decay TA) and turn right at the fork.  
Follow the passageway to get a DArt TA.  Turn around and go the other way.  
Notice the little white things flying around the altar.  Go towards it, but 
stay back a room.  Your in for some fun.
OH BOY! A BOSS!  Bust out with seeker as soon as you see it materialize on the 
altar.  He stays still for a minute so you should be able to get of 10 or so 
seekers.  He likes to make a wierd noise and then a valcano erupts under you 
so watch out.  When he charges you change to dart and open fire.  Hes not that 
As soon as he dies, run to where he was created, then look left.  There is a 
Dart TA, get it and folow the loop to get a Spirit Shield, Fireball, Seeker, 
and another Spirit Shield, which should leave you well stocked for...
He is pretty easy.  He likes Fireballs, so just strafe and hit him with 
rapidfire darts.  When you see a fireball coming, strafe and open fire.  You 
can do it, try your best.

END OF MISSION (whew! Finally!)

2.4 Mission 4:  Escape from Shadar Logoth
-Stay alive until dawn when the citie's forces retreat.  Then you can escape.
-In the process, you can defend yourself and your troops, attempt to gather 
more Ter' Angreal, or search for the missing sisters and warders.

Enemies: Minion, Legion
TA: Chain Lightning, Seeker, Dart, Heal, Spirit Shield, Personal Shield, Earth 
Tremor, Decay

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: ***
Im not giving you a walkthrough on this mission.  It's very fun, and you can 
do whatever you want.  There are so many different things you can do that I 
can't give you them all.  Keep Spirit Sheild up to defend against Mashadar 
Tentacles, and have fun! Dawn comes very quickly.

2.5 Mission 5: Saving the White Tower
- The main gate is not near, in fact, it is at the base of an adjoining tower.  
The bridge to this tower extends from the Gallery.
-Fight your way through the Library, gain entrance to the Gallery, the cross 
to the adjoining tower.  Descend to the courtyard and make your way to the 
front gate.
-  Activate the mechanism in a chamber above.  It will close the Inner Gate.

Enemies: Trolloc, Mydraal
TA:  Seeker, Fireball, Dart, Heal, Swap Places, Find Target, Chain Lightning, 
Personal Shield, Fire Shield, WhirlWind, Freeze, Explosive Ward, Levitate

Mission Difficulty: 

   You start the mission facing the fireplace. Turn around and grab the 
Fireball TA on the desk.  Go through the door on the left, not the one with 
the warders guarding it, and explore the room. You should find the Chain 
Lightning, Personal Shield, and Dart Ter'Angreals. Go back into the room you 
came from.  This time, take the other entrance, the one guarded by warders. 
Grab The Dart Ter'Angreal on the desk, and then go straight through the door.  
Take a right, then a left.  Enter the library through the broken door.  Go all 
the way forward and help the warder kill the two trollocs.  This part is hard 
to write, so bear with me.  Make sure to grab the Chain Lightning Ter'Angreal 
by the Aes Sedai body.  Go back to the entrance of the room. Look forward, you 
should see a ruined staircase. Climb it for a Heal Ter'Angreal.  Now go back 
to the entrance again.  Turn right at the first bookshelf. Go around it, and 
you should see a stairway in the back of the bookcase, but do not climb it 
yet.  Go over to the second row of bookcases. Notice that the back three are 
collapsed.  Jump on them and get the Seeker Ter'Angreal.  Now go back and 
climb the stairs.  Kill the two trollocs waiting for you, then go left.  Take 
another sharp, immediate left for a Decay Ter'Angreal.  Go straight, then take 
a right between the shelves and kill the trolloc.  Go down between the shelves 
and trun left, there should be a hole in the floor.  Jump down it, then go 
straightt for a Seeker TA in the middle of the room, an Andilay Root to the 
the left, and a Dart TA behind the box to the right.  When you are done, climb 
over the collapsed bookshelf to get back to the 1st floor proper, where you 
started.  Go back up the stairs and back to the second floor.
    This time at the top of the stairs go right.  It may not look like much 
here, but this is the way.  Edge over on the left side, all the way, be 
careful not to fall.  Now see that the floor/platform in from of you by a 
bookcase with the Heal TA on in?  Notice that the floor is glowing red.  Those 
are Explosive Wards, and they hurt if you step on them.  Throw a fireball at 
them to make them blow up, then leap to the other side.   Pick up the Heal TA, 
then look to the far side.  You should see a trolloc body and more Explosive 
Wards.   Throw a Fireball at the explosive wards, then jump on the small 
railing that hangs out on your platform, it's very small.  now run on this and 
jump across to where the wards were.  There is an explosive ward Ter' Angreal, 
pick it up.  Go straight, then right.  Now you are about to fight your first 
Mydraal.  You hear him say "Look at me and know fear!" or "The Dark One 
Knows."  Before you actually see him.  Mydraals have the power to warp 
wherever they want, so watch out.  I like to dispatch them with Chain 
Lightning.  Dont let him get too close, dodge his darts from his crossbow,  
and Cahin Lightning should eventually kill him.  Once he's gone,  grab the 
Dart Ter'Angreal.  Take the second right for a Decay Ter'Angreal.  Take the 
third right and go up the staircase.  There is one trolloc patrolling here, 
kill him.  Go left, and get the Find Target and Swap Places Ter'Angreal.  Now 
go to the collapsed door.  You should hear a trolloc fight a warder and then 
begin to snack on him.  This is funny.  Cast Find Target, and step back from 
the door.  Now cast Swap Places.  The trolloc will be warped out of his snack 
and into the library, while you are home free.  Go right, and you should be at 
a very long catwalk.  There is a trolloc on the other side.  Kill it long 
distance style with Seeker, then cross the bridge.  At the end, go left and 
noticed the locked door.  Go left upon the next catwalk, descend the stairs 
and kill the trolloc inside the room.  Now back off and shoot the bow for a 
fireworks display, but make sure it doesnt hurt you.  
     Go through the room and to the other side, climb down the winding stairs.  
There are two trollocs and one Mydraal in this area, kill them long distance 
via Seeker.  Go down the winding stairs to the courtyard-like area with a big 
circle tower thing in the middle.  Go left to get a Fireball TA by the body of 
the Aes Sedai, then go back and climb the next set of winding stairs (make 
sure it's not the oone you just came from.)  Take a left and go up the small 
steps, and follow the chamber.  You end up in a room with an andilay root on 
the far side, ,a key on a box, and the box over some Explosice Wards.   Back 
off,, shoot the box, the floor collapses into a lower room.  go around the 
hole, get the root, then fall in the hole.  BE VERY CAREFUL!! This next room 
has tons of goodies but it's full of fireworks and explosive wards, to touch 
one is death.  Go out of the room and kill the trolloc, take nothing from the 
room!  Now back off and shoot one fireball into the room.  BANG!  See the 
perdy fireworks.  Go back in the room and grab the Key to the Gallery, a 
Seeker, two Fireballs, a Chain Lighning, a Personal Sheild, and a Whirlwind 
TA.  With your key, go back to the fisrt catwalk, waaaay back there, and 
unlock the door.
          First, go right under the staircase.  The gallery is essentially a 
huge spiralling tower.   Under the staircase you will find a Fireball TA.  Go 
back, then begin to climb the circling ramp.  Get the Dart TA at the base of 
this.  Keep ascending the ramp until you get to the third floor.  To the right 
is a Fireball TA, to the left is a door.  Open the door, kill the Trolloc 
inside, and grab the Whirwind under the collapsed table.  Go back out and 
continue up the ramp.  On the next floor, look up the ruined stairs and pick 
off the two trollocs above.  Go back and go into the door on the left.  There 
is an Aes Sedai and a Freeze Ter'Angreal on the table.  Continue up the ramp 
and get the Levitate TA on the ramp.  Jump over the hole in the ramp and use 
Levitate in mid air.  Go to the door, walk out on the ruined bridge, and grab 
the Explosive Ward TA on it.  Go back and Levitate to the opposite side.  
Continue up the ramp, and go into the next door on the left.  Kill the Trolloc 
and get the Chain Lightning on the bed.  Go back and continue to climb the 
ramp.  The next door on the left is a library, go up the ladder and get the 
Fireball TA, go back down the ladder and under that is another Levitate TA.  
Exit the room, and use the Levitate to cross the pit.  Go through the entrance 
and onto the catwalk.  On the bridge is a Dart TA, dont miss it.  Open the 
door on the far side, then go right.  Kill the trolloc and get the Andilay 
Root and the Fireball.  GO left for another Fireball at the end.  Then go back 
to the door and enter the hallway.  Kill the trolloc patrolling your ramp and 
the one patrolling the lower ramp.  Go left for a Heal TA, then go back and go 
right.  There is a Chain Lightning TA and a Mydraal's body??????
Anyway, go forward and down the stairs.  Kill the trolloc at the base of these 
stairs.  Get the Fireball, then go down the next flight of stairs.   Go across 
the bridge, make sure to get the Personal Shield TA on it.  To through the 
arch at the end and right, down the stairs two flights.  Kill a trolloc if you 
encounter one, sometimes they patrol here.  Open the door and go to the center 
of the room.  A mydraal and a Trolloc attack you, kill the Trolloc first and 
then deal with the Mydraal.  There are several Andilay Roots in here in case 
you get in trouble.   When you are finished there, go through the door on the 
far side.
    You are probably weak at this point from the previous part, so this part 
is a little tough. There are two trollocs in this thin room, on on either side 
of the doorway.  Strafe right and try to take one out quickly, then take out 
the next one.  In this room, there is a Fireball TA, a Dart TA, a Decay TA 
behind the table, and two andilay roots.  Once youare finished, go through the 
next door.  Kill the trolloc in the next room and grab the Fireball TA by the 
Aes Sedai body.  Go though the next door and go down the steps to get the 
Seeker TA in the garden.  There are also four andilay roots down there.  
WARNING!  There are three trollocs and a Mydraal above on the 2nd floor, and 
when they see you, they will jump down and attack.  This is very frustrating 
with the Mydraal, but you can kill them off eventually.  Go right when they 
all choke, and get the Ter'Angreal in the middle of the path.  Go around to a 
very similar garden.  Kill the trolloc, and there are four more Andilay roots 
down there.  When you are done, continue to encircle the gardens, then turn 
right halfway down the next passage.  Use the elevator to climb to the second 
floor.  From the elevator, go left and get the Fireball TA, then use the wheel 
mechanism right where the fireball was.  Continue to encircle the top go get a 
Chain Lightning and a Seeker TA.  When you are done you can just fall back to 
the first floor.  The wheel mechanism you turned raised the grate that blocked 
the door on the opposite garden( not the one you came from) so just enter 
there.  In the next room is a Dart TA, a Chain Lightning TA, and an Explosive 
Ward TA.  Get these, but turn around as a trolloc will jump from the top floor 
and attack.  Once that is done, enter the next room through the large door.  
Go to the center of the room, a Mydraal appears and summons some trollocs.  
Kill them all with the unique strategy I hope you have developed by now, if 
you get in trouble there are two Andilay roots in here.  Once the Mydraal is 
dead a Trolloc tears apart the door on the left.  Kill him and enter there, 
don't bother with the trollocs that come out the front as that is the front 
gate and they are unlimited.  Pull the switch to release one of the locks on 
the gate, and get the Dart TA on the bench.   Use the elevator and go up.  Go 
down the passage to your right, and kill the trolloc there.  At the end go 
right across the catwalk, go past the lighted hallway in the middle for now.  
Kill the trolloc on the ramp to the right, then get the Firball TA on the 
ledge.  Go back to the lighted hallway and cross it, snatch the Fireball in 
the middle.  At the end take a left and walk along the catwalk, then take a 
right under the arch. Make sure to pick up the set of keys on the floor, then 
jump over the flames ( i hope you have some life.)   Go right, down the 
elevator, and hit the switch.  Go back up and enter the other passageway to 
the left.  Pull the switch and the gate will lower, the end and good night.

2.6 Mission 6: The Vault
-Invoke Tracer to discover the entrance to the vault.  Use Trap Detection, 
caution, and dexterity to keep from falling prey to the more mundane traps 
along the way.
-  The basements store many forgotten Ter'Angreal.  This would be a good time 
to build up your arsenal for later.
-Watch for traps that use the One Power.  Ancient defences woven into the 
White Tower could take any form.
-If you become lost, invoke Tracer to reveal the correct path.
-Find the Amyrlin and return the stolen Ter'Angreal to her.

Enemies: Yourself (reflection)
TA:  Fireball, Shift, Levitate, Dart, Seeker, Chain Lightning, Sever, Unravel, 
Heal, Decay, Fire Shield, Personal Shield

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: *
Puzzles/Frustration: ****

   This level is all brains and no fighting, and you can become very easily 
lost in all the puzzles.  That's where I come to the rescue, so here we go.
   You start on a downward spiralling staircase, follow it down halfway and go 
in the first floor to emerge on the second floor.  Go right and blow up the 
boxes to get a Seeker  TA.  Continue on the bridge and when you get to the 
next room blow up the barrel for a Seeker and a Heal on the shelf.  When you 
are ready, fall off to the first floor and find a staircase/ladder leading up 
to the top of one of the bookshelves near the front of the room.  Go to the 
edge and jump onto the next bookshelf to the left.  Jump on to the box on the 
end.  From there, jump left onto the lamp-post, then jump onto the second 
floor.  Go left, jump on the tilted bookshelf to collapse it, get the Decay 
TA.  Go back to where you climbed up and go the other way.  Get the Seeker TA 
in the barrel, then activate your first Tracer.  Immediatly hit the switch on 
the wall and blow up the stained glasss window, and follow the tracker. Get 
the Explosive Ward, then look on the wall where there seems to be a lining.  
It's a spinning wall/door, and the switch you pulled rotated it.  Wait for it 
to turn back and squeeze in before it shuts.
   First get the Trap Detector on the bench.  From now on, that should almost 
always be up. Blow up the boxes on the far side for a Seeker and a Chain 
Lighting.  Go left, down the staircase, but be careful, as the staris will 
collapse and there is a Trapdoor in the middle of the room.  With this in 
mind, skirt the edges and go to the archway on the oppostie side.  There is a 
Spear Trap on the door, step in then retreat, and run in as it retracts.  Blow 
up the boxes for a Chain Lightning TA.  Exit the room, remember the Spear 
Trap, and go down the staircase on the other side.  Get the Levitae and Heal 
on the shealf, and blow up the boxes for a Personal Shield TA.  DO NOT GO DOWN 
THE STAIRS!!! Jump over them, then use levitate, do NOT touch them at any 
point as they will retract and throw you into the spears and explosive wards 
at the bottom.  Go over theses, then land.  At the base, go straight and 
ignore the rest of the room for now, go through the door.  Go straight and 
blow up the boxes for a Sever TA, and the Personal Shield on the shelf to the 
right.  In the next room, go right but there is a large pit trap, find it and 
skirt the edges.  Blow up the makeshift wall with Air Pulse.  The next hallway 
is a dead in with five alcoves with TA, three to the right and two to the 
left.  The first one to the right has a Heal TA, the first room on the left 
has an Andilay root.  The second room on the right has a Seeker TA in the 
boxes, there is no second left door.  The third door on the right has a Trap 
Detector on the shelf.  The third door on the right has a Fire Shield TA, 
which you need. Go back and go to the other side of the pit where you came 
from.  Blow up the boxes for an Explosive Ward.  Go left and Fireballs start 
coming out of the far wall.  Use Fire Shield and get to the far side, hit the 
switch and go through the grating it opened.  You are back in the room with 
the Explosive Wards and the spears.  Feel free to look around, when you are 
done enter the far archway.  This is the Room from Hell.  You have to make 
your way in between explosive wards, pit traps, and spears.  Save, then keep 
trying until you reach the far side, always have trap detector up.  At the far 
side, open the door.  This is the Room of the Dancing Fireballs.  Go past 
where the fireballs are, time it carefully and go to the other side.  In one 
of the rooms is a Fireball TA you need.  Cross back to the other side, watch 
out for a pit trap.  Go to the next room, and destoy all the explosiive wards 
with fireball.  Now it's just a matter of corssing to the other side while 
avoiding Spears and Pitfalls.  In the next chamber, go down the small 
staircase and get Sever in the boxes and a Tracer on the table, take the 
second right and get the Levitate TA.
    Now you go ALLLLL The Way Back to the room where you levitated over the 
spears.  This time stand as high as you can on the ramp in the front and use 
levitate to cross to the bookshelf, then jump to the other side with stained 
glass windows.  Go right and in that room there is a Sever and a Fireball.  
Exit and go the other way, get the Shift.  Step on the staircase and it 
collapses, there is a pit at the base, jump quickly.  Your back in the room 
with the Levitate, oh yay.  Go down the staircase and shift through the 
      Go right, but the fireballs start in the hallway you are on.  No Fire 
Shield needed, just dodge them and duck into the alcoves.  The first one has a 
Heal TA in the boxes and a Soul Barb on the shelf.  The next one has Fire 
Shield, but save it.  Go to the end of the hallway and duck into the 
bookshelf, destroy the wall with Dart.  Use Fire Shield to cross the flames 
and go right.  In the boxes there is a Heal.  In the next room the door closes 
behind you, collect the TA around here.  When you are ready, grab the Fireball 
in front of the mirror on the first floor.  You have to fight an image of 
yourself here.  Immediatly use Sould Barb and Decay, then finish her with 
dart.  When she falls, the mirror breaks and you can walk through, go right to 
see the Amyrlin.

EXTRA: More information courtesy of Rolf Brandes concerning this mission:
"You remember the room, after the two rooms from hell with all the traps, 
where there's a staircase blocked by a grating? It's the same grating you have 
to 'shift' through, later. Well, in this room is another exit by means of a 
staircase. But there's a pit-trap at the base of this staircase. It's the same 
staircase that collapses, later on. If you drop down the pit-trap, you can 
pick up some extra ter'angreal. And what's even more, it's a shortcut to the 
room where you levitated over the spears, the room with the bookcase. 
Normally, you'd have to go back ALLLLLL the way to this room, through the two 
rooms from hell again. Now you just drop down the pit-trap, pick up all 
ter'angreal you come across, and make your way to a hole in the wall, which is 
in fact the bottom of another pit-trap. If you climb up the walls of this 
second pit-trap, you'll come up in the room where you can pick up the fireball 
and sever ter'angreal. Just pick up the shift ter'angreal at the top of the 
stairs. Then push the lever, which results in a platform appearing at the base 
of the stairs. Go down the staircase, which collapses, and you'll end up on 
the platform at the bottom of the stairs. Jump over the pit-trap, and you can 
'shift' through the grating. This way is a lot faster, safer and even gets you 
some extra ter'angreal. "

END OF MISSION (that wasnt so hard was it?)

2.7 Mission 7: The Ways
-There is a waygate at the excavation site in the borderlands, but it is 
distant.  The Black Wind would find you long before you reached it.
-Use the Waygates along the path as safehouses. Exit the ways through them, 
and wait as long as you can on the other side so that Machin Shin will drift 
away, then reenter and run to the next.  By skipping from Waygate to Waygate, 
you may avoid the touch of Machin Shin.
-Keep watch for fleeing Black Ajah traitors or any other shadowspawn.  Remeber 
that Machin Shin doesn't discriminate.
-Who knows what artifacts you might find left behind by some unlucky traveler?
-Travel to the Waygate that leads to the Borderlands and stay alive.

Enemies:  Trolloc, BA Trolloc, Black Sister, Minion, Legion
TA:  Heal, Freeze, Dart, Seeker, Decay, Chain Lightning, Fireball, Earth 
Tremor, Personal Shield, Spirit Shield, Fire Shield, Light Sphere

Mission Difficulty:

	You start facing three gratings, pull the switch on the right to open 
the grating on the right.  Go through and get the Heal TA on the shelf, then 
climb the laddder backwards and jump onto the drawer for a Freeze TA.  Jump 
down and go back up the ladder.  At the top, go right and on the shelf there 
is a pouch containing a Seeker TA and a Decay TA.  Turn around and blow up the 
first set of boxes for an Explosive Ward TA and a Fireball TA.  Blow up the 
boxes on the far end of the room for a Fork TA.  Descend the next ladder.  
Blow up the boxes for a Personal Shield Ter'Angreal, the next set of boxes for 
Chain Lightning, Earth Tremor, and Fire Shield TAs.  Go all they way back to 
the first room via the ladders.  This time go forward and hit the switch to 
open the grate.  To the left is a garden with two Andilay roots at the top of 
the hill, to the right is a garden with the Waygate.  Enter the Waygate to 
enter the Ways.
    If you get lost in here, the key is to follow the white lines on the 
floor. I'll help you through.
    Go straight and follow the white line a while until you hear a lady scream 
"You'll never leave the Ways!"  and attack you.  This is your first Dark 
Sister.  Fire several Decays at her, then avoid her completely and you will 
hear her die.  Find her body and take the Light Sphere TA, it should ALWAYS be 
up from now on.  Go past where you killed the Black Sister and find the next 
white line at a post. When you come to a hole in the path, go right and use 
the small platform to jump to the other side.  Continue up the stairs, then 
down the next stairway. Jump over the rubble and go around the hole to the 
right, find a post with a dead trolloc by it.  Follow the line and go down the 
spiralling ramp that it leads to.  The Wind is coming at this point, so run. 
Find the post and follow the line that leads left.  Run on it, stay close as 
there are many holes, and break through the next Waygate before Machin Shin 
claims your soul.  
    It throws you in the Blight, probably the worst of all places they could 
have thrown you.  Follow the pathway, don't touch any of the trees.  Kill all 
of the trollocs and follow the path until you see a trolloc fort.  Enter it 
and kill all the trollocs, then go to the upper right passageways and a 
staircase up.  There are several of these, find the one with a Levitate TA and 
a key on the floor.  Go back to the main room, but WATCH OUT as there is a BA 
Trolloc there now.  These things just don't die, kill it with Decay and stay 
away from it until it finally drops.  Go to the passage on the left side of 
the main chamber, it should be elevated.  Open the door on the end with a key, 
and follow the hallways until you see a switch, pull it, then re-enter the 
main chambers.  A wall would have lifted, go through it and follow the path 
until you reach a bridge that has collapsed.  Levitate over it, then re-enter 
the waygate.  
    Find your way back to the post you turned at and go straight on the white 
line, make sure your not going backwards.  Go over the hill.  When you reach a 
gap in the ways, use the rubble bridge to jump over it, then jump off the high 
    Go straight, follow the white line until you reach a post with a mutilated 
trolloc.  Run at this point straight, with the white line.  Machin Shin is 
coming again. Enter the waygate that you find, it will dump you in Shadar 
    Just Great!  This level has dumped you into the three Worst Places on 
Earth.  Legion is back and badder than ever, you can't kill him.  Get Spirit 
shield and wait till the tentacles stop, watch out for Minions that may attack 
you from nowhere. You must get the Levitate on the step in front of you. To 
surviive, just shoot the skulls Legion throws three times each with dart and 
they dissapear.  Do this until Machin Shin leaves and re-enter the waygate.
     Once back inside, find the post again and follow the white line leading 
left, you should be facing platforms with Explosive Wards.  Shoot them with 
fireball to get rid of them, then Levitate over to the other side.  Keep 
following the line, get the Heal and the Swap Places TA.  Keep going, and 
guarding the final waygate is none other than another Black Ajah Sister and 
her trollocs.  Deal with the trollocs quick if you can, but if you hear the 
wind coming, cast Swap Places on the Black sister as she stands in front of 
the Waygate and does not move.  Go through the door and leave the sister and 
her trollocs to the mercy of the Black Wind (yeah right.)
2.8 Mission 8:  The Excavation
-The Whitecloaks have a fortress nearby.  If any Aes Sedai remain alive as 
prisoners, this is their likely location.
- The excavation site may hold some ancient Ter'Angreal.  Find them and use 
them to enter the Whitecloak fortress.
-Search for the dungeons inside to discover what happened to the expedition.

Enemies:  WhiteCloak footman, WhiteCloak archer
TA:  Fireball, Seeker, Dart, Heal, Air Shield, Swap Places, Levitate, Chain 
Lightning, Personal Shield.

Mission Diffuculty:

  Ok, you start facing a cliffside, turn around and blow up the boxes behind 
the tent for a Chain Lightning and a Fireball.  Go in that tent for a Dart TA.  
Go back to where you started and face left, you should see the start of a path 
leading into the green.  Do not climb the ramp, as that is actually nearer the 
end of the level.  Follow the path, you should soon encounter a WhiteCloak 
guard facing the other way.  Whitecloaks aren't much harder than Trollocs, 
just dont stand still and open fire.  After he is dead continue to follow the 
path, dont fall in the water under the bridge as there is absolutely nothing 
down there.  Continue to follow the path through a narrow canyon, there is a 
waterfall on the next side.  There is absolutely nothing here, keep walking 
and find the next path.  At the fork, keep straight as there is nothing useful 
to the left.  Enter the tunnel and hear the WhiteCloak's conversation, then 
turn the corner and dsipatch them both.  Go back to the ruined wall structure 
and blow up the box for a Heal TA.  Go back to where you dispatched the 
Whitecloaks and try to cross the bridge, the wind should blow you off.  You 
fall in the water, nothing here so find a hole in the tower in the middle and 
emerge from the water.  Enter the archway to the left, get the Seeker TA.  Go 
through the other archyway and climb the winding stairs until you see a hole 
in the wall, back off and jump into it.  The next part is fairly linear, use 
the junk and rubble as steps to climb to the top, and use the fallen columns 
as ramps until you get to a place where the wall is crumbling.  Shoot it clear 
with dart and kill the Whitecloak patrol standing right at it.  Then go right, 
and right again at the tunnel.  Follow the tunnel.  In the next room, climb 
the stairs and dispatch the Whitecloak Archer, they are pretty easy as you can 
open fire on them before they draw their arrows, and drawing takes a while.  
Blow the boxes for a Fireball TA.  Go back down and shoot the box under the 
stairs on the elevator, then stand on the platform on the right, pull the 
switch and it will take you up.  In the next room, blow the boxes for a Dart 
TA and grab the Air Shield TA.  The first part of this mission is done.
    Go back to the room where you blew away the wall, and go the other way.  
Use the plywood as a bridge to cross to the next tower, and climb the winding 
staircase.  At the top, go through the SECOND entrance to the left, as you 
have been on the other side of the first one.  Activate Air Shield and cross, 
it will protect you from the wind.  Enter the tunnel, then kill the two guards 
on the hill. Cross the bridge annd follow the path.  Kill the Whitecloak at 
the fork, and keep on going.  Descend into the ruins area via the pillar ramp 
and enter the building, get the Levitate. Now go back out and climb the higher 
ramp.  Follow the tunnel and destroy the two guards, then, at the end, look 
down and kill the whitecloak below, he is helpless.  Blow up the boxes beside 
you for the Seeker, Fireball, Chain Lightning, and Heal.  Go across the wooden 
bridge, be sure to collapse the plywood and it will be a ramp back up to this 
position if you fall. Hear the conversation, then ring the gong and an archer 
will appear on the far platform, kill him them use Levitate to cross.  Strafe 
right and take out the guard in the corner, then go down to the bottom via 
ladders or falling.  Go into the passageway and out into the open gardens, 
turn around and climb the ladder, then climb the next one.  Jump over to the 
cave, enter, go left and kill the Whitecloak.  Get the Heal TA at the end, 
then go all the way out to the other edge, get the Fireball at the cave 
entrance and the Explosive Ward and Dart TA on the edge, then go back and 
enter the cave.  Barge in on the Whitecloak campsite and destroy all 
resistance, then blow up the boxes for a Swap Places, which you need.  Go into 
the other cave on the other side, as there is nothing to the open area to the 
left.  Follow the cave and kill the Whitecloak Archer in the middle of the 
base.  Enter the small gate base and look out from one of the windows in 
several of the doors in this room, you should see the Fortress and a gong on 
the wall.  Shoot the gong and the guard investigates, cast swap places on him 
and you are in the fortress.  Go through the door and fall into the hole, then 
look in any of the dungeon cells to end the level.
END OF MISSION( perdy easy!)

2.9 Mission 9: The Fortress of The Light
-The Whitecloaks have been gathering Ter'Angreal from the excavation site for 
some time. Obtain as many as you can to defend yourself.
-Find the hidden cache of Ter'Angreal that Cerist reffered to, in a secret 
chapel off the throne room.
-With these artifacts, fight your way free of the Whitecloak fortress and make 
your way to the portal stone in hope that you can follow the path of the lost 
expedition's surviving members.

Enemies:  WhiteCloak Footman, WhiteCloak Archer, WhiteCloak Questioner
TA:  Air Pulse, Seeker, Personal Shield, Dart, Fire Shield, Balefire, Freeze, 
Heal, Sever, Decay, Earth Tremor

Mission Difficulty:
Puzzles/ Frustration:**

       This level is not too hard. You start in a cell with absolutely no 
Ter'Angreal.  Grab the keys by the Whitecloak's body and step outside. The 
last cell on the left has a Personal Shield TA, grab it, then go outside and 
get the Air Pulse and the Seeker TA on the table, then open the door.  Past 
the arch on the left there is a Whiteclaok archer on duty, kill him, then 
encircle the big white pole thing and find a small switch.  After this is 
found, go into the door by the switch, the spears are deactivated.  Go inside 
for a Chain Lightning and a Dart TA, then go back out and go through the other 
archway into an outhouse structure (ewwww.)  Blow up the barrels, then jump on 
the sloping piece of wood.  It will cause a "domino effect" with the other 
stalls and make a big hole in the floor that leads to the sewers.  Fall down.
    Follow the next passageway, then go right, then left, then left again at 
the fork, then yet another left.  Follow the passageway until it reaches a 
ladder, and climb that.  Open the hatch on top and it will lead you out into 
the gardens of the Fortress of the Light.  The is a Whitecloak here, dispatch 
him long range via Seeker, then follow the garden path thing, except do not go 
in the door, go around the tower to the left.  There are two Andilay roots at 
the edge of the pond, then go in the pond and climb the grated wall on the 
other side.  Push in the grating of the nearest window, then enter and hear 
the Whitecloaks mumble.  Blow up the boxes to make noise, then kill the guard 
that investigates.  Go where he was, through the door, then kill the next 
guard to the left.  Blow up the boxes for a Dart and more boxes for a Personal 
Shield.  Go back to the grated wall, then edge along the small sill until you 
reach some stained glass windows.  Break the window with Air Pulse and 
scramble inside. Get the two Darts, the two Fireballs, and the Heal and the 
Personal Shield.  Exit through the door on the other side.  There are two 
guards at the end, they can't see you so fire six seekers or so in their 
direction and they should never come near you.  Go to where the guards were 
standing and hit the gong on the wall, two Whitecloak archers come out of the 
smaller doors to the left and right, take them out.  Enter the next room 
through either of the smaller doors.  On the far platforms there are a Heal 
and a Seeker and one and a Dart and a Detect Traps on the other.  Jump to 
reach them, then fall off and enter the large door in the center.  Turn right 
in the next room and start to climb the staircase, destroying the guard at the 
top of the stairs.  Go to the center and walk down the hallway, get the key on 
the key ring.  Walk back out and fall, directly in the center, into the small 
fountain for a Fireball TA.  Jump out and re-enter the previous room with the 
two smaller doors and go left, then use the key you recieved to open the tall, 
thin door.
   You will find yourself in an enormous room with a large round thing in the 
middle, there are no enemies here so dont worry.  Encircle the big round thing 
to the right until you reach a small door on the right wall, enter for a 
Seeker TA and an Explosive Ward TA.  Exit and enter the big round thing at the 
nearest entrance, then step on the elevator thing in the middle of the 
pavillion thing to down to the crypt. Step out into the room, there is a guard 
here, try to kill him without him seeing you, quickly, as if he is hurt or if 
he sees you he will dash for the switch on the end and open the door for two 
more Whitecloaks.  When you are done, find the grating in the floor and enter 
to descend into more sewers. Go left when you get down there and jump into the 
water, go down to the bottom for a Fireball TA.  Emerge via wooden ladder in 
water and climb over wooden thing until you reach a room with plywood blocking 
the far wall.  Go up on the right side and blow up the boxes for Dart and 
Explosive Ward TAs, then throw a fireball at the plywood.  The water spills 
out and fills the level, go backdown underwater and go left, swiim over the 
bars.  Go right and you should pass under some moss stuff above you.  Go 
right, and climb the ladder suspended halfway in midair.
    Once you're up, turn around and collect the Seeker, Explosve Ward, and 
Fireball TAs, then blow up the boxes for a Detect Traps TA.  Trun around again 
and go straight, then take a right to enter a bluish-tinted room.  Get the 
Heal, Dart, and Fireball TAs(watch out for spears), then exit the room and go 
right.  Turn left at the next intersection, then take another left to storm 
the guard.  After you do, find the little switch on the wall to disable the 
spears and enter the small room for two Andilay roots.  Exit and continue the 
way you were going before.  You should find another little switch, hit it then 
enter the next room.  In here, grab the Heal, Dart, Fireball, and Explosive 
Ward TAs, then exit. Go right in the hallway, then enter the open room and 
prepare for battle.  strafe in and start damaging the two guards, they will 
run for the gong on the far wall and hit it.  Dispatch them, then deal with 
the archer that came with the gong, then enter his chamber.  Blow up the boxes 
for an Explosive Ward TA, then hit the switch on the wall and go back out, a 
way should have opened in the right wall.  Follow it.
    In the next room, get the Andilay root on the desk,then open the door to 
the next room.  There is a guard, kill him, then find the archer on the ramps 
above you and take him out with Seeker. Look up, there is a picture of Abe 
Lincoln????????  Climb the ramp, then go left, Lots and Lots of TA here.  Blow 
up boxes for a Fireball and a Dart, and Whirlwind, Earthe Tremor, and Decay 
are on the table.  Go back down the ramp and enter the door on the right.  Go 
left and get the BaleFire(burn heehehehehehehehehehe) in the little crevice, 
do NOT use these TA until I tell you.  Turn around and go the other way, 
follow the hallway, then go left.  Kill the whitecloak, go right, then take 
another right up the stairs.  Use Seeker on the guards on the far side to kill 
them, then go straight ahead to where they were and go right at the archway, 
cross the outdoor bridge thing.  Go straight and you will find yourself in the 
Armory, go to the other side of the wall and kill the guard, then investigate 
all of the chests at the bottom of each bed for Fireball, Seeker, and Fire 
Shield.   When you are done, go to where the guard was standing and puch in 
the grate.  Use Fire Shield, then jump into the furnace and go outside.  You 
find yourself in a stable area, there is a Whitecloak archer on the ver last 
one, on a perch. Kill him, then exit through the archway to the right, then go 
right.  Enter the little room on the left and nuke all of the boxes for 
Explosvie Ward, Seeker, Unravel, Heal, Dart, and Fireball.  Go outside but do 
not open the big door, outside you will confront a great Questioner of the 
Light, who knows how to use TA with deadly skill and it takes several tries to 
beat him....... Unless you saved Balefire.  Charge it up by holding down the 
fire key, then open the door and charge the central doorway across the 
courtyard and you should catch the Questioner before he comes out.  When you 
first see him, shoot him once with charged Balefire and he should be instantly 
dead.  If not, shoot him with one more Balefire to finish him.  When he falls, 
a door across the courtyard opens up and you are free to leave.

2.10 Mission 10: The Fortress of the Forsaken
-Your expedition can't seem to stay out of trouble.  Find the Fortress of the 
Forsaken-their likely location- then look for a way in.
-Be wary of the Forsaken's forces, including many previous allies: the 
powerful Black Ajah sisters.
-Once inside, search for the dungeons.  Free your allies if you can.
Enemies: Trolloc, BA Trolloc, Mydraal, Black Sister
TA:  Dart, Fireball, Heal, Seeker, Balefire, Freeze, Unravel, Aura of 
Unraveling, Personal Shield, Fire Shield, Chain Lightning, Light Sphere, Fork, 

Mission Difficulty:
Ok, this mission if not too hard on the puzzles and is focused around battle, 
so stay sharp, stay healed, and save often.
  You start facing a tunnel, enter it and go forward, then left across the 
field.  Blow away the entrance to the mine with a Fireball, then enter there 
and go forward, then right at the end.  Blow away all of the boxes in this 
area for a Decay TA, a Chain Lightning TA, and a Light Sphere TA.  Go left 
from there, past the spider web, go right, then right again, between the two 
pole things.  Face right and destroy the trollocs, then get the Dart on the 
wall.  Behind where the Dart was, the wall is crumbling, blow it away and 
enter the passage for a Fireball TA, a Seeker TA, and a Heal TA.  Go back to 
the two poles things and go right, there is a mine cart thing with a switch by 
it.  Hit the switch and stay out of the way of the cart, as if it hits you, 
you are instantly dead.  After it breaks the planks on the far side of the 
water, fall into the water and get the Fireball Ter'Angreal, then swim on over 
to the next side and emerge from there.  Go right, a BA trolloc is waiting in 
the field.  Cast at least three Decays on it, then use rapid-fire fireballs to 
make it bite the dust.  Follow the path in the field and go left under the 
natural arch-thing.  Go left from there, enter the building.  Blow away the 
boxes for a Balefire TA and an Earth Tremor Ter'Angreal.  Only use Balefire 
under my discretion as it is rare and needs to be saved for the many larger 
battles in the future of this level.  Climb up the staris and kill the trolloc 
at the fireplace, then go over to the fireplace and get the Fireball, Earth 
Tremor,and Decay Ter'Angreals.  Leave the house, but a Mydraal interrupts your 
passage.  Destroy it with a charged Balefire.  Exit the house, and go back to 
the natural arch, except this time cross over it.  Edge around the 
mountainside, and launch an Earth Tremor at the Trolloc campfire.  They will 
all perish before they see you :). Go past where their camp was and kill the 
trolloc that is waiting down the hill for you.  Go left and grab the Andilay 
Root under the natural arch, then go left and destroy the trolloc.  Follow the 
nice, quiet path under the trees and then take a right under the bridge/arch.  
There is a sniper Mydraal on the ledge above you, dispatch it via Decay and 
Seeker.  When it falls, go back and jump in the water.  Find the boxes onthe 
bottom of the lake,and blow them up for a Freeze and a Heal.  You now have in 
your possesion the awesomest TA combo in the entire game: Freeze/Balefire.  
Hang on to both of them, as you will need them in the near future.  Emerge 
from the water, but make sure the trolloc on the far side of the little house 
sees you, he will trip the weak platform and the entranceway will collapse, 
leaving you a convenient ramp.  Thank him by sending him to meet his dark 
master, then use the ramp to enter the house.
   Immediatly, blow up the five barrels under the stairway for the motherload: 
a Personal Shield, Balefire, Seeker, Reflect, and Fireball set of Ter'Angreal.  
Go upstairs, but first select freeze.  When upstairs, turn around and freeze 
the Black Sister, then proceed to charge a Balefire up real nice, and when she 
begins to thaw, smack her in the head with it.  Bye-Bye!!!  Go over to the 
benches by the window, break the glass, jump on the benches, and jump out the 
window and onto the wall on the far side.  Look down, and kill the trolloc 
below, then charge up a Balefire for a long time.  When it is charged, fall 
down and a BA Trolloc will come out of the door on the right:  Nuke it several 
times, do not use more than three BaleFires. When he falls, enter his cage for 
a Decay Ter'Angreal, then go back out and get the cave. Follow it, go down the 
well, follow the tunnel and emerge via the hole.
    You are inside the Fortress.  Kill the trolloc that attacks you, then find 
the only passage not blocked by a porticullis. Enter and climb the stairs, 
hear as a Mydrall and a Black Sister execute an Excavation member.  Go up to 
the grating wall you are facing, and go left.  Blow up the first set of boxes 
for Aura of Unraveling, Seeker, Dart, and Fireball TAs.  Using Fireball, blow 
up all the other boxes ahead of you, then make a rush and get the BaleFire and 
Fire Shield TAs.  The Black Sister on top will see you and rush down to meet 
you, face where you came from and prepare a Freeze. When she arrives, use 
Freeze/Balefire on her and she drops.  Mydraal appears below you, nuke it with 
Seekers, then cross to the next side.  Blow up the boxes over there for a 
Fork, a Dart, and an Unravel.  Fall below, but do NOT fall in the water unless 
your bag is acidic death.  When below, Go in the nearest passage, then left.  
Another Black sister patrols this area, Freeze/Nuke her. Blow up allthe boxes 
in the room she was gaurding for the Dart, Personal Shield, Heal, and Chain 
Lightning Ter'Angreal.  Go right from where you entered and follow the 
hallway.  You have entered the dungeons.  Go left at the torch and kill the 
Mydraal quickly and quietly with a Balefire, then go back to the torch and go 
right.  In the far room there is a Black Sister, you know what to do with her.  
She carries a key, pick up when she falls, then go back to the room with the 
pool of acid.  Unlock the gate, a Mydraal pops out of the cell on the right.  
Nuke it, and grab the keys on the floor.  Go back to the dungeons (where you 
killed the sister with the key) and unlock the nearest door to end the 

2.11 The Dungeons of the Forsaken
- You have a short time before the guards appear. Use it to look for any 
artifacts that the survivors might have hidden in their cells, then 
familiarize yourself with the surrounding area.
-Guards with orders to kill the wounded prisoners will arrive in increasingly 
tougher waves and head for the dungeons using the most direct open path. By 
closing the porticullisses in the rotunda, you can limit their options.
-Don't rely on your offensive artifacts to defeat the guards.  You must use 
features of the environment to overcome the odds.
-Keep as many of the survivors alive as possible.  If you lose five of them, 
or the Sitter is killed, you will have failed.

Enemies: Trolloc, Mydraal, Black Sister
TA: Sever, Heal, Dart, Chain Lightning, Balefire, Whirlwind, Explosive Ward

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: ****
Puzzles: What Puzzles??

OK, this is really fun.  You must start by closing the porticullises to force 
the forces of the forsaken to take the longest path.  There are four you must 
close.  Go left, check all the cells for TA, cross the library and clost 
Porticullis number 1. Go back to the torch, go right, check all the cells for 
TA, and go to the end to close Porticullis number two.  Go back to the torch, 
go straight, then in the next chamber go in the near hallway and follow it to 
close Porticullis number 3.  Go in the acid chamber and go through the gate 
that was locked in the last level to close Porticullis number Four.  
    There are four waves of enemies.  Each one gets harder and harder to 
deafeat.  Here is the strategy:  Go back to the acid roo, climb to the very 
top and hit the switch, get the Whirlwind and BaleFire TAs.  Next, find the 
source of the trollocs in that tower thing you are standing on, it's on the 
second floor.  Line it with Explosive Wards.  Now climb to the very top. When 
you hear a BOOM, they are coming.  When you see the first one appear, 
Whirlwind it and throw it in the acid, try to get the most powerful one.  Do 
NOT try this on sisters.  Once all of the guards are either out of the room or 
in the acid, fall, follow the survivors, and destroy (take sisters out with 
Balefire.) This is a really cool level in my opinion.  If you ever run out of 
Whirlwind, the source on top is never ending, take some. Mydraals should be 
your first priority when looking for targets to dump. The enemies of each wave 
are as follows:

   Wave 1: 5 Trollocs
   Wave 2: 4 Trollocs 1 Mydraal
   Wave 3: 3 Trollocs, 2 Mydraal, 1 Black Sister
   Wave 4: 3 Mydraal, 2 Black Sisters

When a Black Sister passes on by, sneak up behind her and nuke her via 
Balefire.  This level should really not give you much trouble, good luck and 
have fun.

NOTE:  I have discovered a secret chamber at the beginning of the level.  To 
the right of the torch, you will notice the wall is crumbling.  Blow it away 
and there is a Freeze, which is useful against the black sisters, plus some 
others and four Andilay roots.  Check it out.


2.12 Mission 12: The Inner Sanctum
-Find and take back the stolen seal.
-In doing so, search for any information you canfind about the forsaken's 
-Escape with your life.  This isn't going to be easy.

Enemies: Trolloc, Mydraal, Black Sister, BA Trolloc, 
TA:  Fireball, Dart, Decay, Heal, Seeker, Balefire, Freeze, Sever, Unravel, 
Aura of Unraveling, Shift, Fire Shield, Personal Shield, Reflect, Whirlwind, 
Earth Tremor, Explosive Ward, Swap Places

Mission Difficulty:

   This may be the hardest mission in the game enemy-wise, definently the 
hardest so far.  You start facing a stairway, turn right and get the Decay, 
Earth Tremor, and Personal Shield on the little pedestal things, then blow up 
the boxes behind you for Heal, Dart, Fireball, Seeker, and Explosvie Ward 
Ter'Angreals.  Exit the room and ascend the staircase.  Turn right, then right 
again and dispatch the Trolloc.  Run out into the middle of the large room, 
then retreat to a covered place where the second floor cannot see you.  The 
Mydraal and the Trolloc also on the first floor should go after you, dispatch 
them, then rush up the dual staircase and look for a another Mydraal and 
another Trolloc.  Shoot them long distance with Fireballs, you are bound to 
hit one of them, then go where they were standing.  To the right, there is a 
little doorway.  Enter and blast the Mydraal against the destroyable wall with 
an Earth Tremor, which will take the wall and part of the wall with it.  
Destroy whatever is left of the Mydraal via rapid-fire darts, then climb the 
staircase where the wall used to be, and go left at the summit.  Follow the 
catwalk, grab the Levitate in the second bookshelf, then run over to the 
opposite side and throw the switch , then fall to the floor.  Enter the small 
     First of all, get the Heal, Freeze, Earth Tremor, Fireball, Explosive 
Ward, Chain Lightning, and Unravel on the far desk in the corner.  Jump onto 
the desk in the middle and read the paper (actually, it will read itself to 
you :) ), make sure to get the Swap Places and the Reflect Ter'Angreals on 
there, then face the side of the room oppostie the fireplace.  See the window?  
Blow it up and jump outside with Swap Places in hand.  There is a Mydraal on 
the far porch, cast Swap Places on him and break the window.  Enter the room 
from the window.  Break the glass that guards the little cabinent to get 
Whirlwind, Chain Lightning, and Heal, then go over to the dresser and open it 
up for a Balefire and a key.  Use the key on the door at the end of the 
passageway to the right, and you will find yourself back inside the study.  
Kill the Mydraal you swapped with, then go back in the bedroom and jump out 
the window and fall to the ground.  Eliminate the Trollocs around here, then 
climb the steps.  Go left on the catwalk, then take a right. Enter the tower 
ingraved in the mountainside, and look down the first flight of stairs.  See 
Trolloc, Kill Trolloc.  Descend to the bottom and kill the trolloc at it's 
base.  Follow the passageway under the stairwell, and go down the long tunnel 
until you see a sudden passageway leading right.  Take that, do NOT go all the 
way down the tube unless your idea of fun is being crushed by three Mydraal 
and two trollocs in close quarters.  Begin to follow the downward path, but 
get Freeze ready and walk backwards.  A Black Sister will jump from the bridge 
above, destroy her via the Freeze/Balefire combo, then follow the path until 
you reach the checkpoint, then follow it again until a BA Trolloc comes into 
sight.  Cast Freeze on it, the give it a barrage of Fireballs and Seekers and 
it should fall.  Go where the BA came from and turn right.
   You find yourself in a furnace maintainence chamber.  Get the Dart and the 
Fireball on the shelf, then make sure you are healed.  Go into the furnace, 
jump/run to the first entrance on the left.  Pull the switch, and the grate 
will open before you.  Heal, then peek to your right and a Mydraal will be 
performing some kind of sick sacrifice.  Freeze it, then give it lots of 
Fireballs and it will die. Enter the dining chamber on the far side of the 
next room, get the Disguise TA on the shelf.   Open the door on the next side 
and walk into the next room just far enough so that the guards all see you, 
then retreat back into the dining room.  When you see them poke their heads 
in, throw several Earth Tremors at the doorway and the guards should all drop 
dead.  Enter the room in which they resided.
     Really big room.  Go right, up the first staircase, and get the keys on 
the chain.  Go into the rug in front of you for a Balefire TA.  Go to the 
bottom of the room, down the staircases, and out into the center.  Two 
trollocs will attack you, destroy them, then enter either one of the side 
doors under either staircase.  In the next room, there is a Black Sister 
patrolling, I think you know what to do with them. (Freeze/Balefire) Get the 
Personal Shield, Reflect, Fork, Fire Shield, and Freeze in the first room, 
then the Shift in the middle, then the Dart, Decay, Earth Tremor, Explosive 
Ward, and Fireball in the second room.  Leave the place and go back to near 
where you got the key.  Pull the switch at the end of the hallway to open the 
brown door.  Get Disguies ready.   As soon as it opens, use it and run over to 
the far side of the room (this is the first room, it should be familiar.)  The 
enemies will not attack you because of Disguise.  Approach the grate with all 
the Explosive wards on the other side, quickly use Fire Shield, then Shift 
across.  Blow up the makeshift wall on the other side and enter the door.
   In the next room, get the Heal on the chair and heal up, you will need it.  
Fall down the hole in the center, and get the two Fireballs, two Seekers, and 
a Balefire.  Ready Freeze, then walk up the hallway and into the courtyard.  
Sephraem comes from the left, in the tunnel, you MUST fire Freeze at her 
before she casts Taint or Soul Barb.  Once She is frozen, open up three 
Balefires before she thaws and you are down.  The stolen seal appears in the 
center of the courtyard.

2.13 Mission 13: The Gathering of the Seals
-Enter your private chamber and grab your store of Ter'Angreal.
-Travel through the portal stone to the world beyond.
-Gather as many Ter'Angreal as you can find.
-Use the healing altar in the portal stone world when neccesary.
-Travel through each of the portal stones in turn and infiltrate the citadels 
on the other side.
-Steal the seal contained in each.
-Bring the seals back and place them on the altar in your throne room.
-Continue until you have all of the four seals on your altar.
-Save the world.

Enemies: Trolloc, Mydraal, Black Sister, Ishamel, WhiteCloak footmen, 
WhiteCloak Archer, Leader of the Children of the Light, Minion, Legion, 
Mashadar Tentacle
TA: Dart, Heal, Fireball, Earth Tremor, Personal Shield, Reflect, Freeze, 
Seeker, Fire Shield, Decay, Swap Places, Find Traps, Levitate

Mission Difficulty:

    Well welcome to the last level of the single player story.  This level is 
basically five levels in one, leading you to the worst places you can possibly 
find yourself in this game.  Good luck to you.
     You start in your throne room. Pick up the seal on the floor beside you, 
and set it on the desk, which will serve as your altar.  Now go in the door on 
your left.  In this room, in the lower left hand corner there are the Seeker, 
Personal Shield, and Unravel Ter'Angreal, and in the upper right hand corner 
there are the Fireball, Heal, Dart, and Reflect Ter'Angreal.  When you are 
done in there, go back to the room you started in and go through the front, 
central door.  Cross the study and exit through the small door on the end.  Go 
right in this hallway, then take a left. Go through the door and enter the 
garden. Find the portal stone in the center and step up to it to have it 
transport you to the Portal World, a world in between your future 
   You start in a cave, follow the tunnel to the outside world.  There are two 
Trollocs and a Mydraal on the ledge far above you, destroy them with many 
Seekers.  When they all fall down, climb the sloping hill/ramp to the right, 
all the way to the top of the hill.  Go left across the wooden bridge and 
enter the next Portal Stone.
   This is The Forsaken's land. Go backwards and to the left for a Dart TA, 
then cross the yard all the way over for a Swap Places TA.  Enter the arch and 
destroy the Trolloc that is patrolling in this area.  Go left around the 
curving hallway and you will run into a Black Sister, if you have any 
Freeze/Balefire left over now is a good time.  If not, use Decay and such, and 
then hidee.  Also, Reflect works well.  When she falls, go where she was 
originally standing and cross the arena-shaped area to the far end, under the 
arch.  Blow up the boxes on the right for a Heal and a Fireball TA, then 
ascend the stairs to the left.  In the next doorway/arch there is a Spear 
Trap, watch out for it and avoid it.  Enter the hallway on the other side. On 
the right side of the arch at the end of the present hallway there is a 
Mydraal waiting, attract his attention and use rapid fire darts to destroy 
him, make sure not to run into the spear trap you just evaded.  Enter the 
large room where he was standing.  Go to the arch on the opposite side and 
destroy the trolloc, DO NOT go any farther than the trolloc as there is a pit-
trap.  Exit and go back into the big room, go in the hallway on the left.  
Kill the trolloc there, then enter the hallway where he was. Go right, NEVER 
go left as there are 312849825876387 spears waiting to eat you up.  This is 
Ishamel's Throne Room, but fear not, as you will not be fighting him if you 
follow my advice, which is to grab the seal on the altar and run like hell.  
If you hear him shoot at you, use Unravel. Go back the exact same route you 
came in with, and escape through the portal stone.  Back on the other side, 
return to the first portal stone and place the seal on your desk in your 
office.  One down, two to go.
     Return to the Portal Stone Land and climb the large ramp again, except go 
in the cave entrance on the right. In the small pool in the corner there is a 
Levitate and a Find Traps Ter'Angreal, get them, then pull the switch in this 
room, and get off of the tracks.  a mining cart rolls by again, after it paaes 
follow the tracks until a crack emerges in them.  Fall down between the 
tracks, and get the Chain Lightning and Explosive Ward Ter'Angreal.  Pull the 
switch and go outside as the grate opens, get the Decay TA in the pool and the 
Tracer, Dart, and Fireball under the waterfall.  Exit the pool, get the 
Fireball TA on the shore, and ascend the ramp again.  Enter the mine shaft and 
this time jump across the broken tracks.  Turn right and exit into the sun. 
This area is a large field with a temple in the center.  On the top of this 
temple there is a Whitecloak Archer, fire six Seekers at it and back off.  
When that is done, jump across to the brown path that leads upward.  Levitate 
to where the Archer was, and step on the flooring in the middle, it will 
collapse and send you into the chapel.  In this room is the Healing Altar, 
heal to full, then get the Unravel and the Fireball TAs in this room.  When 
you are ready, enter the dual arches and climb the winding stairs.  At the top 
there are the Freeze, Tracer, and Earth Tremor TAs on the shelf behind you, 
get them, then go out and follow the outdoor path.  There is a Whitecloak 
guard at the top of this hill, dispatch him, then enter the portal stone that 
he guarded.
      Familiar?  This is the gardens of the Fortress of the Light.  In the 
corners there are a Fireball TA and a Dart TA, get those, then run on the 
path, go past the tower and dispatch the guard. Go right, through the pond and 
up the grating on the far side.  Go left upon the window cill and go through 
the open window. Kill the guard inside, then blow up the boxes for a Personal 
Shield Ter'Angreal.  Exit out into the hallway and go right,then blow up the 
boxes for a Fork and a Chain Lightning, go down the collapsing stairs and end 
the life of the Archer at the end of the hallway. This is tricky now, peek 
into the large throne room and find the guard by the altar with the seal on 
it, in the right side of the room.  Get out Balefire and nuke him quietly, and 
he will not have the time to ring the gong and summon his master.  Grab the 
seal on the altar, then leap over the flames, I hope you have some life here.  
Get the Dart, Heal, Personal Shield, anf Fireballs in this room, then use the 
elevator to descend the tower.  If you already killed the guard in this tower 
that looks out on the balcony, you can leave without a fight, but if you 
didn't, do so at this time.  Descend the stairs, go out into the garden, and 
use the portal stone to return.
     The Portal Stone World has changed a little.  Go to the chapel and heal 
up, then jump out through the hole in the wall.  Go left along the wall for 
some Andilay roots and a Decay, then kill the whitecloak archer on the far 
bank.  Cross the waters and throw the switch, a grate opens to the Mine Shaft.  
There are two more new WhiteCloak Footmen in here, back off and finish them, 
then find the first portal stone, return to Tar Valon and place the seal on 
your desk.  Two down, one to go.  Return to the Portal Stone World, and go 
back to the large field by the chapel.  Enter the tunnel by the grating and 
follow it.  It will lead you to the final portal stone.
    Welcome Back to Shadar Logoth!  Go straight there is nothing to either 
side, and kill the Minion (remember them?)  Enter the large arch, then take a 
right in the next large arch.  Get the Chain Lighting TA in this room, then go 
straight to the next room.  Fall down to the chamber below and destroy the 
Minion that is waiting for you, then ascend the winding stairs, do NOT go 
close to the pedestals on the staircase as they have Spear Traps.  Destroy the 
two Minions on the staircase, then climb near the top.  Legion should come 
into view in the chamber beyond, fire all the Decays you have at him, then 
bust out Dart and shoot the skulls that approach you.  When Legion finally 
bites the dust, go where he was and take the Seal on the altar in the back 
left of the room. When you have it, turn around and kill the Minion that 
should approach you, then go out to get the Seeker and the Fireball.  Fall 
into the water below, and enter the water tunnel.  Follow it until you reach a 
grate, pull the switch on the left wall to open it up, watch out for numerous 
Mashadar Tentacles.  Go right, under the bridge, and climb the stairs.  Cross 
the bridge and run back to the portal stone.  In the Portal Stone World, hte 
cave collapses on you.  Find a hole that leads to an underwater pool, swim out 
and emerge to the surface.  You are back in the lake by the chapel.  Return 
through the mine shaft to the first Portal Stone and place the final Seal on 
your desk in the White Tower.