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X-Wing Alliance
Death Star Run Guide
By James Dziezynski or

This guide is copyright 2001 James Dziezynski and may only be used with 
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Version 1.01 -Cleaned up a few typos (DOH!) and fixed a few grammatical 


OK, so you've played through the previous 49 missions in X-Wing 
Alliance and here you are in the Millennium Falcon ready to blow up the 
second Death Star. Phase 4 of the Battle of Endor is quite unlike any 
other mission you have flown yet, with the exception of the salvage 
yard run in the proving grounds. 

Chances are you will have to refly this mission many times. I know I 
did. So I guess the first tip to remember is: anger management. There 
are several glitches in the level and it's not uncommon to suffer a 
super cheap death after flying the mission for 15 minutes (yes, that's 
real time not game time.) Keep in mind, throwing your controller may 
make you feel good for a minute but then your controller will be broken 
and you'll be even more fired up. Also, microwaving your X-Wing 
Alliance CD may make cool blue sparks shoot out of it (like Emperor 
Palpatine!) but you'll be out a cool game and evil will truly win. If 
you must nuke a CD, use an AOL free 500 hours disk. 

Anyhow, this guide will give my best opinions on getting through the 
level. There may be better ways, but this is what works for me and it 
can work for you too if you act now! 

Before even starting the level, there are a few things you should be 
aware of. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to reach the 
core so you won't need to rush to get there. You will have to move it 
to escape after you have knocked out the core, but we'll worry about 
that later. 

It may sound basic, but you can and must use your lasers in the tunnels 
of the Death Star. If you are a Return of the Jedi fan you might think 
your only way to the core is to dodge the pipes like in the film. This 
is not the case in the game. 

When you first hit the "O" button, that Christmas Ornament looking 
thing that pops up is in fact the core. You won't need to worry about 
it until you are about 5 clicks away, but it's not a bad idea to keep 
it targeted when you reach tunnels that split so you know you are still 
on track.

Occasionally, you will see glowing trenches on the floor (or ceiling). 
Unlike the training runs, these are simply dead ends so don't take 
Finally, remember there is a caravan of ships behind you. If you stop 
or go too slow you'll get destroyed by their momentum. Wedge's X-Wing 
is invincible, but you'll most likely lose the Y and A-Wings early on. 
The TIE FIGHTERS and INTERCEPTORS are also invincible until you reach 
the Turbo Laser room so don't bother engaging them until then. On the 
plus side, they can't hurt you until you reach that room. 

As soon as you get into the tunnel, you'll notice your speed is 
dangerously fast. Set your lasers and shields to maximum with full 
throttle and you'll be at the perfect pace to cruise through the 
tunnels. If you are unsure of yourself, you can always knock your 
throttle down to 2/3 power and still make decent time. 

Once your levels are set, concentrate on knocking out the blue and red 
pipes. Pretty early on, Lando (or Ace?) notices the path is blocked and 
you must veer left (assuming you haven't rotated your ship.) The route 
is obvious once the characters have spoken, so do not go straight. Go 
left and get used to the routine of blasting pipes. Remember not to dip 
into the glowing pits. They are not alternative routes! They are dead 
ends. There is only one way to go at this point. 

At about 3 minutes in, you'll hear some dialogue about containers. 


The container area will open up before you after the characters have 
spoken. This section is somewhat unpredictable, but your goal is to go 
in between the containers. What I like to do is dip below the first 
ring and let the tractor beam lock me automatically. This tactic works 
about 90% of the time. 

Sometimes your ship will get jammed in the tractor ring. If this 
happens, the ships behind you will smack into you. To get out, point 
your ship's nose straight down. Eventually your ship will wrestle free 
of whatever is stopping is (it may be a container, but you can't see it 
from your vantage point.) Your shields will take a beating, but you can 
usually get out before exploding and sometimes it even destroys the 
pursuing TIES! 

Now, assuming you didn't get stuck the tractor beam will line you up 
facing the tunnel. Suddenly, you will accelerate to 900 + speed! A good 
idea at this point is to gently scrape your ship against the bottom of 
the tunnel. This will slow you down and it usually causes minimal 
damage to your shields (2%-10%). The best reason to do this is to avoid 
smashing into the second set of rings at breakneck speed. A secondary 
reason to do this (especially if you got jammed earlier) is to 
replenish your shields. Shift and apostrophe will dump all your laser 
power into your shields; use it well! A fully charged laser will boost 
your shields about 4 %. To orient yourself, have the supply line of 
containers float above you. They can cause damage if you fly in the 
middle of the tunnel. 

When you reach the second set of rings, stay below the containers 
shooting by, but don't get to close to the rings. The hit detection is 
really close here, perhaps a bit too sensitive. As long as you fly 
smoothly and make a conscious effort to dodge the cargo shooting in, 
you'll be fine. 

After all that madness, you'll be back in the tunnels. There is still 
only one way to go, so stay the course. If you've taken a lot of 
damage, knock your throttle to 2/3 to give your shields time to 
recover. You'll need them soon.


A few minutes after passing the cargo area, Emon (where did he come 
from?) will mention he's locked onto a secondary power source. Maybe 
it's Wedge or Ace, it doesn't matter really! This is the cue that the 
fork in the road is coming up. You will probably be flying upright so 
that a wall of lights will appear on the left side of the tunnel, but 
the mayhem of the container area may have flipped your ship. Hit the 
"O" button and notice where the spot is on your upper left display. If 
it's right of center the Core is to the right. If it's get the 

In general, the core will be the turn to the right. We'll assume it is 
for this part of the guide. Before getting to the Core, let's explore 
the path to the left. Keep in mind, this left passage is purely 
optional and you'll probably want to skip it the first time you are 
trying to blow up the Death Star. 

To the left are the giant lenses that generate the green beams that 
shoot from the Death Star. This is an optional mission, but will bag 
you 1000 bonus points if you can pull it off. You'll know you are 
heading towards it by the dashes of white light on the ground. You can 
also target the laser power source if you like. At the end of the 
tunnel is a dead-end with two giant green glass circles. It only takes 
one laser shot to knock them out, but beware! If the Death Star decides 
to fire while you are in the chamber, you are toast! Even once the 
lenses are cracked, the beam may still fire. Break 'em and quickly get 
out back the way you came!

Now, back to the right fork. This is the correct way to go if you want 
to complete the mission. Get ready for some tight flying! The tubes in 
this section are extremely tight and your Falcon barely fits in. Add to 
that the annoying sounds of the TIE lasers and this section becomes a 
tricky area. Keep in mind the lasers cannot hurt you; the only damage 
you'll take will be from scraping the sides of the tunnel. Also note 
the cockpit of the Falcon is on the right side of the ship. Keep your 
craft tight to the right and try to get the width of the Falcon lined 
up with the grooves of the tunnel. The damage dealt here is really odd. 
You can slam hard into the walls and only lose 1 % of your shields. 
Other times, you'll just nick a wall and your shields will drop 20 % to 
30 %. There is no rhyme or reason to this. Just fly as cleanly as 


As you exit the tunnel, keep your flying tight. I've taken the most 
damage entering and exiting these tunnels. As soon as you are in the 
square passageway hit "R" to target the TIE on your mudflaps and "F" to 
set your cannon to AUTOFIRE at him. Please note THIS IS NOT THE CORE!! 
Despite a very Core-ish looking thing in the center of the room, this 
is simply another Turbo Laser. When you enter the room drift up and to 
the right. Even if your shields are almost out, you can make it through 
this room! The Falcon has a tough hull. As soon as the TIES enter the 
room, both you and they will be susceptible to laser blasts. Your 
AUTOFIRE should make short work of them, just make sure you are fast 
hitting R and F in succession as soon as the targeted TIE disappears 
from your queue. There should be 2 FIGHTERS and 2 INTECEPTORS (eyeballs 
and squints, respectively.) Fly a circle around the room while your 
AUTOFIRE knocks out the TIES. After the TIES are gone, keep pressing R 
and F to target the waves of Zero-G Troopers. Don't underestimate them! 
I've had one trooper knock out 15% of my shields with ease. 

The main obstacle in this room is the Tri-Pod gun. The easiest way to 
target it is to hit "O" then "T". When you attack it, use AUTOFIRE and 
your lasers set forward and blast it! Don't bother using your missiles; 
they'll just get shot out of the air! Once the gun is gone continue to 
blast the Zero-G Troopers until they are all gone. AUTOFIRE is a must 
here. Once the room is clear you have a few options. 

I like to recharge my shields to 110 % before heading into the tunnel 
to the core. There is no time limit, so recharge if you need to (just 
remember to keep your throttle above 30 or Wedge might ram into you.) 
Granted the recharge time on the Falcon is painfully slow, but you may 
need the protection in the last tunnel. 

As a side note, don't bother trying to find the tunnel where you came 
in. You will be leaving a different way so don't waste your time. If 
you are having a hard time finding the tunnel to the next section, hit 
the "O" key to target the Core and try to line up the square on your 
display to the upper left. The tunnel has some red arrows pointing to 
it. (It's where the Tri-Pod gun was located and where the Zero-G 
Troopers came from!) 


When you leave the Turbo Laser room, rotate your ship so the red arrows 
denoting the entrance are to your left or right. Hurray! More tight 
tunnels! Just relax and use the same strategy as in the earlier tunnel 
that got you here. Watch your shields! If you are getting bumped around 
slow down!

You'll exit the tight tunnels and enter another area of Red and Blue 
Pipes. Gradually, you will merge onto a main path. It's not a bad idea 
to go 2/3 speed here and knock out as many pipes as you can. This is 
going to be your escape route so you might as well clean it up while 
you can. 

You are nearing the core when you see the familiar cross-section beams! 
At this point, switch to your Adv. Concussion Missiles and set them to 
duel fire, "X". Remember again, the cockpit of the Falcon on the right 
so line yourself up a bit off center to the right. 


This section can be bloody confusing if you are unsure of what's going 
on. I'll make it nice and simple! When you are near the Core, hit "O" 
to target the main core and hit the "," key to target the reactor 
itself. Keep your speed around 50. Wedge will say some stuff like in 
the movie and knock out the North Tower. Please note the percentage of 
damage to the core is NOT IMPORTANT!! Unlike Starships, the damage is 
shared so don't concern yourself with it. Flying right into the room, 
stay level. You should see Wedge's missiles heading towards the 
regulator. You can either fire your missiles right after his or wait 
for the damage to be listed at 75%. Make sure you have the reactor 
targeted! As soon as you launch your missiles, get the heck out!! The 
easiest way to do this is to only steer using left and right on your 
joystick. The tunnel you came in will be directly behind you. Don't 
worry if the reactor says 12 %; it's blowing up! As a side note, if you 
don't have any missiles when you get here you are screwed. Your lasers 
won't phase the core and you'll have to start over. This is the main 
reason why you don't use them in the Turbo Laser room. 

Enter the crosshatch at normal speed, 50 or so, to line yourself up. 
You'll begin to hear the Death Star reaction starting behind you! Wait 
until you clear the cross beams and boost your speed up over 85! If you 
don't you are as good as dead. 

Grey Group will have cleared the new path out so STAY STRAIGHT!! DO NOT 
VEER RIGHT OR LEFT!!! The way out is dead ahead. At the increased 
speed, you'll need to be on the ball with your maneuvers. Blast the 
pipes you can but don't be afraid to dodge a few as well. It goes 
without saying your lasers should be linked forward! 

There will be one last tight passage to the exit. Relax and keep your 
ship steady! There's a good chance your heart will be pounding but keep 
that speed over 80! It's not particularly hard, but given the 
circumstances it may be easy to become rattled. After the tight tunnel 
you have one final section of pipes to clear. If you really need to, 
boost your shields or lasers for a moment but if you go too slowly 
you'll get caught in the explosion. 

Finally, you'll hear Ackbar acknowledge the destruction of the death 
star and you'll see the moon of Endor at the end of your passage. Fly 
out, enjoy the cut scene and congratulations!! You've done it, you've 
really done it ^_^

As for the game ending...well, it doesn't really have one. The Azzameen 
story goes somewhat unresolved. But this is the final mission so after 
you've cleared it you've defeated the Empire! In the words of Lando's 
co-pilot, "ghbbbrgrebrgb!"