Mission Guide by Grenade Guzzler

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/30/02 | Printable Version

Worms Armageddon: Gold Medal Mission Guide
Version 1.3
Created by: Grenade Guzzler
E-mail address: kingsrook12@yahoo.ca

This FAQ is for missions ONLY. If you need a refresher
on the basic concept and weapons, look at the other
FAQs available for this game. I have gotten gold on
every single mission, so these strategies are
foolproof. If you have any e-mail suggestions for
possible strategies, please donít hesitate to send me

Version 1.0: Introduction, difficulty ratings and
missions 1-10.

Version 1.1: Missions 11-20 added, e-mail suggestions
now being accepted.

Version 1.2: Missions 21-26 added, fixed a few
spelling errors and minor missing information. Added
something crucial to mission 3 that I forgot in
previous versions.

Version 1.3: Missions 26-33 added, more minor spelling
fixes, added a ďSpecial ThanksĒ section.

Version 1.4: More minor fixes.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Difficulty ratings
3. Mission guide
4. Closing statement
5. Special Thanks
6. Legal notice (you know the drill)


1. Introduction

Welcome to the world of Worms! The game where you can
blast your friendís behind with just a push of the
keyboard. Worms is a strategy game. It involves small
worms with a big arsenal of weapons. With these
weapons, you are to destroy all opponents and walk off
victorious. The missions are a big part of the game.
You might have trouble with a few ones. This guide
will provide a good walkthrough for the game. Enjoy!


2. Difficulty ratings:

1: REALLY easy
2: Very easy
3: Easy
4: Below average
5: Average
6: Kind of hard
7: Hard
8: Very hard
9: Unfairly hard
10: Whoa!


3. Mission guide

***MISSION 1: Pumpkin Problems*** Difficulty = 1
(Note that you need at least a Bronze medal in Basic
Training to attempt the missions)

Turn 1: Walk over to the right side of the pumpkin you
start on. Fire your Ninja Rope on the highest pumpkin
and rope up. Ignore the Sentries, they will only waste
your time. Once you get up, take out your Shotgun and
fire at the enemy Worm beside you. He should fall
smack dab into the mines and die. If all the mines
explode, walk over to the hole in the pumpkin stalk.
Drop down to the crate that ends the mission.  If all
the mines donít blow up, take another turn.

Turn 2: This might sound stupid at first, but throw
yourself against the mine thatís still on the stalk.
It will explode and you will take damage. Donít worry,
you can survive it.

Turn 3: Drop down to the crate that ends the mission.

 ***MISSION 2: Operation Market Garden*** Difficulty =
3 (1 if you are skilled with grenades)

Basically, just stand around and hurl grenades at the
enemy Worms in the valley. If you arenít so skilled
with grenades, use a Blowtorch or Girder to get up
close and personal. Drop a 5 second grenade on an
enemyís head, then run. Eventually, all your enemies
will be dead and youíll walk off victorious.

***MISSION 3: All Quiet In the Library?*** Difficulty
= 1 to 4 depending on how skilled you are.

Turn 1: Rope up to the book on the far left. There
should be two Grenadiers there. Take out your Uzi, and
open fire on the higher one. He should go flying,
bumping his partner and both of them should plop right
into the water. Run away from the edge once this is
done (to prevent death from the turn 7 earthquake)
before your turn runs out. There is also a nuke that
happens after turn 6 finishes, so make sure you donít
have any Worms near the bottom.

Turn 2: If your second Worm hasnít been too badly
blasted into the ground (if he is just use the rope),
go up the book on your right. Open fire on the enemy
to the left of you.

After this, itís basically a matter of how well you
can fight off the enemies. They arenít too smart, so
you donít have to worry too much about them making
amazingly accurate shots. The rightmost enemy can be
easily taken care of by using your Baseball Bat.

After turn 6 is done, there will be a nuke that will
make the water rise. After the computer moves there
will be an earthquake. Make sure you havenít got any
Worms near the edges or theyíre going for a swim. 

***MISSION 4: Cool as Ice*** Difficulty = 5

This mission is a tad difficult. Take out a Jet Pack
(you have a spare in case you run out of fuel) and
rocket to all possible crates. DO NOT GET THE UTILITY
a useless Crate Spy, and will only eat up turn time
and Jet Pack fuel. After you get all the weapon
crates, fly onto the polar bearís head and release
your jets.

This is the hard part. You have to use the
Flamethrower you got from the crate to kill your
enemy. Depending on the wind, youíll have to adjust
your aim accordingly. With luck, heíll be hit in the
right spot and will slip and slide right into the icy

If this backfires, Dynamite (yes, Dynamite) through
the ledge so you can get up to him. Be careful not to
place it too close of course, or youíll regret it.
Once you get there, kill him!

Be warned, if he is not dead by turn 4, he gets a
Bazooka and will probably blast you to oblivion. He is
a smart computer.

***MISSION 5: Do the Locomotion*** Difficulty = 3

At first, this looks like a hard and complicated
mission. Looks are deceiving though. Follow this guide
for an easy gold: 

Turn 1: Walk over to the left. Youíll be stopped by a
tree. An enemy Worm seems to have made himself
comfortable up there. Yank the rug out with a Fire
Punch (you have to jump first to get the extra
height). Heíll drown in the water.

Turn 2: Blowtorch under the tree. If you are quick
enough, you can backflip onto the treeís right side to
get a helpful Girder.

Turn 3:  If you didnít get the crate on turn 2, do so
now. Place the Girder in between you (top of the tree)
and the train. Walk up with whatever retreat time you

Turn 4: Now there is a mine in the way on top of the
train. You have to play chicken with it Iím afraid.
Walk up close enough for it to start beeping. Jump
away so you donít carelessly lose your turn and/or go
flying. After the explosion, walk or jump to the other
side of the train (you can ignore the enemy that the
mine explosion hurt). Bungee to the tracks. You will
be face to face with a utility crate. Get it, it
contains an integral Jet Pack. Let your turn time run
out here; you donít have enough to complete the
mission just yet.

Turn 5: Take a deep breath and activate your Jet Pack
(try to walk as far as you can towards the health
crate first). Fly over the signal light and over a
batch of your enemies. Drop down and collect the
crate. You should have just enough fuel to collect it.
Note that killing yourself after collecting the crate
will result in mission failure. 

Also note that if you take too long, an earthquake
will come and the vital crate will sink. This will
result in a crushing failure.

***MISSION 6: Sand in Your Eye*** Difficulty = 2

This one is very easy. If you switch Worms often (can
be done by pressing the tab key before you start
moving) you will finish this mission without any
trouble at all. Note that your fourth Worm is only
useful if the third one somehow gets killed. 

Turn 1: Switch to your third Worm. Rope up the camelís
head and shoot a Longbow at the Field Soldier so he
flies to the right. He should stop right after he
falls off a nearby oil drum. Ignore him (he is
actually friendly to you. When it is his turn to move,
he will just jump against the oil drum for his entire
turn. I donít know why this is, but it makes your job
A LOT easier =D ) and go for the Sentries on the
pyramid. Fire your remaining arrow at the one on the
left so that he goes flying to the left.

Turn 2: Again, use your third Worm. The Flamethrower
is your best friend here. Use it on the Sentry you
shot with the arrow. He should stay in his little rut
and will turn into pot roast in no time. 

Turns 3-4: Take out the other Sentry with whatever
means possible, The Flamethrower probably wonít take
him out in one turn here, so an extra turn is needed.

Turn 5-6: Now use your second Worm (the one wedged in
with the Secret Agent) to kill the Secret Agent. He
will have blasted you and an oil drum before in
previous turns. First, Longbow him into his little
hole. On turn 6, Bazooka him into the water.

Turn 7: The vital mission crate will appear on this
turn. If this crate gets destroyed, you fail the
mission. Use your third Worm to get it, then walk to
the camelís head. You should have a clear shot at the
Field Soldier on the right. Blast him to kingdom come.

Turn 8: If youíre good at roping, use your first Worm.
If youíre not, use your third. Go to the remaining
enemy (the other Field Soldier) and use your Longbow
to fling him into the water. Mission accomplished!

***MISSION 7: Not Mushroom Out ThereÖ*** Difficulty =
3 (10 if you canít rope properly. I mean it)

For getting gold on this mission, you MUST know how to
rope properly. If you donít, getting over the gigantic
mushroom at the start will be impossible. Practice
roping before approaching this mission at all costs.
This mission can actually be done in two turns.

Turn 1: This is by far the hardest turn in the entire
mission. Attach your Rope as far to the left as
possible on the mushroom. Then swing until you get on
top of the mushroom. The hard part is over already.
Get the crate on the mushroom. You will get a Girder
Starter Pack. Use four Girders to make a bridge over
the mine ridden second mushroom, and the last to make
a walkway in between the second mushroom and the

Turn 2: Walk and/or jump across your bridge. After you
get to the other side, drop down under the second
mushroom and collect the crate. It will be a Teleport.
Use it to teleport onto the vital crate on the right
of the entire mission terrain to win the mission. 

I do not know why this crate contains a Teleport.
Perhaps it was a mistake in programming? Either way,
this allows you to finish the mission on your second

***MISSION 8: Big Shot*** Difficulty = 3

Turn 1: Climb up the rocks to your right and get the
crate on the frogís foot. Then use your Handgun (you
heard me) to knock the enemy on the central mushroom
into the mine.

Turn 2: This oneís a little tricky. You should try to
get to those leaves on the left side of the terrain.
To do this, attach a Rope on the central mushroom.
Swing a round a bit until youíre directly under the
leaf. Quickly press the spacebar twice. Youíll be on
the leaf. Swing until you can stop on the top of the
leaf. Release the rope. Attack any enemy you want.

After this, try to torch through the leaves to get the
crates. Sudden Death will eventually come. Make sure
you collect the crate with a Girder so you can get to
higher ground. The enemies will hopelessly drown.

Oh, and the Guard worms have Miniguns. Beware!

***MISSION 9: Water Surprise*** Difficulty = 6

This mission can be very frustrating, but itís not
really that hard if you know what youíre doing. I gave
this mission a rating of 6 because the enemy General
can get some lucky wind for his Napalm Strike. 

Turn 1: Attach a girder 45 degrees pointing towards
the crate on the Eiffel Tower (close enough so you can
backflip onto it from the glass pyramid). This will
not only provide a stepping stone for you, but it will
also protect you from the enemyís deadly air strikes.

Turn 2: With your second Worm, walk up the girder. You
have to make a bridge made of Longbow arrows to get up
to the vital crate. Start it by firing arrows directly
under the crate.

Turn 3: Move your first Worm directly under the girder
and skip go.

Turn 4: Continue on the bridge.

Turn 5: Skip go.

Turn 6: Repeat turn 4.

Turn 7: Repeat turn 5.

Turn 8: This is the turn where the enemy General gets
a Napalm Strike. Continue on the bridge, then stay
there. DONíT go for cover.

Turn 9: Hopefully the enemy has not knocked out both
Worms. If your second Worm is still alive, kill him on
turn 10 by jumping on a mine. He will only slow you
down. For the time being, skip go.

Turn 10: Kill your weakened second Worm if he isnít
already dead. The enemy will get an Air Strike on this
turn. Keeping your first Worm under the girder, do
your turn accordingly.

Turn 11: After the enemy General hopelessly wastes his
Air Strike, continue on the bridge with your first

Turn 12 and on: Continue on the bridge until it is

Once the bridge is completed, go up and collect the
crate on the top of the tower. It will be an Aqua
Sheep. Fly the sheep underwater and ram the enemy
General from below. He will go sinking into the water.
Mission accomplished!

***MISSION 10: Jurassic Worm*** Difficulty = 3 (8 if
your roping skills are under par)

This mission can be very hard if your roping skills
are rusty. Like with mission 7, practice your roping
before approaching this mission. You have to go for
the enemy under the left dinosaur. When he dies, his
teammates will surrender. 

Turn 1: With your first Worm, rope up until you can
swing over the left dinosaurís head. Get the crate. It
contains two Mole Bombs. These will be vital to your
mission completion. Launch one, and if your aim is
right, it will tunnel right down into the enemyís

Turn 2a: If your Mole Bomb had good aim and tunneled
into the enemyís hideout, rope up and drop a Mine
where he sits. He will plunk into the water.

Turn 2b: If your Mole Bomb missed, launch another one.
If this one also misses, thereís a good chance you
wonít be able to complete the mission (unless you can
Uzi through the ground to the enemy).

Turn 3: If turn 2b was done, rope up and go into the
enemyís hideout. Drop a Mine and he will be good as

***MISSION 11: Chemical Warfare*** Difficulty = 5-8

This mission can be a real pain, or it canít,
depending on how you approach. Even with the best of
skill this is an average difficulty for a mission.

Turn 1: This turn is imperative to your success. With
your first Worm, parachute down to the ledge where an
enemy stands. Firepunch him into the water, then go
with whatever retreat time you have to backflip onto
the salt shaker. This Worm will provide a decoy for
the Majorís Air Strikes (they will usually hopelessly
aim for him).

Turn 2: Shotgun the mine on the bottle with your
second Worm to the left so it explodes on the enemy
Major. He will take damage. Your second shot canít
affect him, so just shoot it anywhere and let your
retreat time run out.

Turn 3: You get reinforcements on this turn in the
form of Skunks. These will be very important to weaken
the enemy Majors. Launch one at the Major hiding over
the mine ridden cave. He should be poisoned depending
on if your shot was accurate.

Turn 4a: If your fourth Worm is alive, rope up and use
your Minigun to open fire on the Field Soldier to the
right of you. He should die if he has placed himself
close to the wall. If not, he will be seriously

Turn 4b: If your fourth Worm is dead, get the crate
next to your first Worm and jump back on the salt
shaker. Skip go.

Turn 5a: If it is now your first Wormís turn, collect
the crate and head to the salt shaker again. Skip go.

Turn 5b: If it is now your second Wormís turn, jump
back on the bottle. You will notice an enemy right
above you. Walk on the bottle until you are directly
beside the worm on the vertical axis (to the left of
him). Jump upwards and Fire Punch. It should connect
and he will die.

Turn 6a: If it is NOW your second Wormís turn, use the
same strategy described in turn 5b.

After this, itís just a matter of poisoning the enemy
Majors and killing them and the Field Soldiers. Keep
your first Worm on the salt shaker at all times. He
should only come out and fight if you are desperate
for another man. By staying on the salt shaker, he
will divert the enemy Air Strikes away from your third
and fourth Worms (providing he is alive. Your second
Worm should be well covered at all times unless he
must come out and help/replace your third Worm).

***MISSION 12: No Substitute*** Difficulty = 4

Turn 1: With your first Worm, move a bit to the right.
Take out your shotgun and aim for the health crate on
the top of the submarine. If it hits, the flames will
take out the enemy on the left easily. Before firing
your second shot, walk all the way to the right tip of
the sub (you will get a crate containing a Girder on
the way). Use your second shot on the enemy right in
front of you (on the tree). He will go into the valley
where the water is rising.

Turn 2: With some good aim, aim your Bazooka at the
enemy Worm just under the treeís stump. Aim at the
tall grass behind him. If your aim is true, he will
slide into the water.

After this, the enemies will just try to gun you down.
If you can fight back efficiently, they will be dead.
Donít forget you have a Homing Missile and a Holy Hand
Grenade in your arsenal. Use them!

***MISSION 13: Who left the flood gates open? (SILVER
CHECKPOINT)*** Difficulty = 6-9 depending on your
roping skills

This is the SILVER CHECKPOINT mission. This means that
you must have at least a silver medal in the basic
training to be able to play missions 13 to 24 (24 is
the gold checkpoint). Iím sure you already have one,
so letís get on with the guide, shall we?

The water is rising for the entire mission. You have
to get to high ground and act like a coward Iím
afraid. It will win the mission though.

Turn 1: With your first Worm, go up the box and fire
your Bazooka to the left of you so that it creates a
gap in the terrain. You might get damaged a bit, donít
worry. Your second Worm will sink on this turn, but
thereís no way to save him in the first place. Ignore
this fact.

Turn 2: Hopefully the enemy has blasted a way out for
you (if they havenít, use another turn to blast
yourself out using the same method as described in
turn 1). Try to blast the Worm on the silver ledge
right above you (the one in the upper part of the

Turn 3: You will get your Ninja Ropes on this turn.
Use one to rope up to the ledge where the Worm you
just blasted was. Go as high as you can and place a
girder to protect you.

Turn 4: Blowtorch diagonally up to the left.

After this, itís just a matter of time before the
enemy sinks. If necessary, Minigun to the ceiling and
jump up to get even higher ground. The enemies will
eventually sink.

***MISSION 14: Super Sheep to the Rescue!***
Difficulty = 1-10 (itís all a matter of skill)

This mission can be impossibly hard, or dead easy,
depending on your Super Sheep flying skills. You might
want to practice Super Sheep Racing a bit before
trying this mission.

I canít give a turn walkthrough for this one. Just fly
your sheep through the maze and collect the crate
(destroying it will also win the mission). When you
get the crate, use the Fire Punch on the enemy in
front of you. Mission complete.

***MISSION 15: Hot Stuff*** Difficulty = 3

This one is quite easy, despite how it looks. The
tough 300 health enemy Worms are actually pretty easy
to take care of.

Turn 1: Walk to the right and jump over the Oil Drum.
Fire a Shotgun bullet at the Field Marshall to the
right of you. Aim it so he goes flying in front of the
mine. If done correctly, he will pile up with another
Field Marshall. Walk up to them, then fire your second
shot so both of them go flying into another mine
beside a utility crate. They will both explode, and
both enemies will be trapped in a pit.

Turn 2: Rope up to the spot where the third Field
Marshall is. Place your Dynamite slightly to the right
of him (if you want to assure a kill, use your Holy
Hand Grenade). He should go flying into the water.

Turn 3: Rope down with your third Worm and place a
Holy Hand Grenade (or Dynamite depending on what you
used on turn 2). They should both go into the water.
If one flies out and survives, donít worry. He will be
seriously weakened and it will be a piece of cake to
defeat him with your other weapons.

***MISSION 16: Trouble on Mount Wormore*** Difficulty
= 5

This mission is average difficulty. Like with mission
10, you have only one main target: the enemy General.
Once he dies, his teammates will surrender.

Turn 1: Switch to your second Worm and jump. You will
get a crate containing 2 Ninja Ropes. Get back up the
tree, and rope up the stone wormís head. You can play
chicken with a mine while still on a rope and set it
off. Get off the rope and fire your Uzi at the Sentry
to your left. If aimed properly, he will go into a
mine. With your retreat time, walk as far left as you
can without setting off a mine, then jump. You will
remain unharmed.

Turn 2: (second Worm) Jump to the left and set off the
mine. You will lose your turn here (and get hurt), but
this is a lot better than using up another rope.

Turn 3: (second Worm) Walk down the left side of the
mountain and use your Uzi to expose the enemy General.
If you can, backflip onto the mountain side to avoid
the General shooting you.

Turn 4: (second Worm) Continue with the Uzi and
retreat trick.

Turn 5a:  (second Worm) If the Sentry has lowered your
health down to almost dead (20 or under), use a
Kamikaze to ram the General.

Turn 5b: (second Worm) If you are still healthy (21
health or more), continue with the Uzi and retreat
trick. You should kill the General within the next two

Turn 6: (first Worm) If turn 5a was done, rope up and
get to the left side of the mountain. Do the Uzi and
retreat trick until the General is dead.

***MISSION 17: Chateau Assassin*** Difficulty = 7

This one is quite hard. You have to use some suicidal
tactics to get past this one. Oh, and if the General
dies, his partner (the Major) will surrender.

Turn 1: You have to create a ďWorm ladderĒ to get on
top of the oil drum. To do this, use any Worm and walk
up to the ďspikeĒ (the highest point) on the roof you
can walk on. Use a Select Worm and put another Worm on
the first one. Select Worm again and backflip onto the
two piled up Worms and then backflip onto the oil drum
(phew!). Now with whatever time you have, get the
crate (it contains 3 Girders) and use one to make a
bridge for the other two Worms to climb up. Once this
is done, throw yourself against the landmine of the
right. Your Worm will die, but it will save you a
valuable Girder.

Turn 2: Jump up the girder and walk up the roof where
the mine was. Place another Girder to form a bridge
over the single mine on the second roof.

Turn 3: With your Worm that is still under the oil
drum, walk up the two girder bridges. When you get to
the top of the terrain, collect the crate (spare
Girder) and make a bridge between the two roofs.

Turn 4: Walk across your new bridge and collect the
crates. Form another girder (45 degrees pointing
towards the sky). 

Turn 5: Now, use up your last Girder (exactly
horizontally) to form a stepping stone in between the
last roof and the enemy Worms.

Turn 6: Take a deep breath, and Parachute down to
where the enemy Major stands. Handgun him into the
mine down below and he will kill the General. Mission

Turn 7: If turn 6 somehow backfired (the Major didnít
set off the mine next to the General), then use a
Select Worm and use the Worm you just shot the Major
with. Use your remaining Handgun on the mine to the
right of you. It should fall and kill both the Major
and the General. If this backfires, jump down to the
area where the enemies are with your retreat time.
Suicide against the mine beside the General. It will
kill him (and yourself). Donít worry, you still have
one Worm left to claim victory.

***MISSION 18: Rescue Agent Dennis!*** Difficulty = 8

First of all, donít get confused and start looking for
Agent Dennis. Your Worm (whatever he is named) acts as
the trapped agent. You have to kill all your enemies
while surviving yourself. Easier said than done.

This one canít get a turn walkthrough, because there
are so many different ways this battle could end up
because of your luck. So, here is a basic walkthrough
for this mission:

Walk to the left and A BIT down the slope beside you
(maybe a couple of pixels). Take our your Minigun and
open fire on the two enemies on the giant T. The shot
should hit the oil drum and take out both enemies.
With your retreat time, jump down into the trench
under the giant E (you will receive fall damage, but
Leaving this crate alone is integral (it is useless
for you anyway). 

Now take out the enemy General and Assassin (the one
you lured into the trench with the crate you left
alone) with whatever means possible. Donít forget you
have an Old Woman and a Dynamite to take care of them
(in addition to a Shotgun and Bazooka).

Now, go as high as you can on the left side of the E.
Blowtorch to the left (but stop just before you break
through completely and stop yourself just before a
cliff above water) and dig yourself a nice hiding
spot. After that, fire a couple of Longbow arrows to
close up your hideout completely. 

While in your hideout, donít do anything. Always Skip
Go until the earthquake comes. This earthquake will
most likely leave one Worm alive (usually the one on
the giant 17), so use your Napalm Strike on the Worm
that lived. This will kill him (if not, weaken him).
If he still lives, Shotgun out of your hideout and
rope up the giant A. With your Banana Bomb, throw it
at the Worm that is still alive.

If your Banana missed or if he STILL survived, you
have to use your Homing Missile, Bazooka and Grenade
to take care of him. Letís hope you have good aim! If
he is still alive after all this is used up, then
there is a big chance you will fail the mission. 

Good luck! Youíll need it.

***MISSION 19: Horny Nuke*** Difficulty = 4

Donít ask me where the mission name comes from, Iím
just writing this FAQ. This mission isnít that hard,
but you should practice roping a bit here because this
mission involves a lot of it.

No turn walkthrough for this one, pal. There are only
three simple elements to completing this mission.
Follow them and youíre assured your gold.

1) Collect the crates. They provide some nice weaponry
to kill some of the enemies earlier off. Donít forget
the flashing red one in the left side of the terrain.
It contains an Indian Nuclear Test which will
certainly speed up the mission.

2) Rope efficiently. Letís face it, itís never a good
feeling to run out of ropes when you need one. Try to
stay on your rope as long as possible without letting
go. This will help you in the long run.

3) After you get the Indian Nuclear Test, rope back to
the highest ground above your starting point. This
will give you a fine point to just sit back and watch
Sudden Death kick in and drown all your enemies. Itís
basically the same tactic as with mission 13, except
here youíre not in so much danger of being attacked.

Follow these tips and you will get gold in no time.

***MISSION 20: Rumble in the Farmyard*** Difficulty =

This one is very easy. This mission just involves you
killing all of your enemies.

Turn 1: Drop down the chicken and attach a Ninja Rope
on the top of the pitchfork. Swing around and land
yourself on the barn top. Get to the other side of the
barn (the left side), and put a Girder down to create
a stepping stone for you.

Turn 2a: If your second Worm is still alive, throw him
into the water. He will only slow you down.

Turn 2b: If your second Worm is dead, use your first
one to Blowtorch into the Captainís hideout. 

Turn 3a: After your second Worm commits suicide, do
the same strategy as described in turn 2b.

After this, itís just a matter of how quickly you can
kill them all off. The Captain should die with three
turns from the Uzi (if aimed correctly). Once this is
done, get out of the barn from the right side and Uzi,
Bazooka and Grenade the other enemies dead.

***MISSION 21: Wooden Ambush*** Difficulty = 5

This one shouldnít be much of a problem. First of all,
look around the landscape. Loads of crates, loads of
mines. Collect as many as you can with your Jet Packs
but donít get hit by a mine. After you have collected
what you need, go after the enemies! You can change
Worms in this one by pressing the tab key (thank
goodness!) Try to focus on one batch of enemies before
going after another.

RIGHT ENEMIES: To take care of the enemies on the
right, you have to your weapons accordingly. Note that
you can launch Grenades, Sheep and other animal
weapons through a path in a tree right above your
enemies (a ďtunnelĒ through two branches that is too
small for your Worms to fit through, but animals and
Grenades will have no problem). If the enemy blasts a
hole through the branch where you can throw the
weapons down, drop down through the hole and gun the
enemies to death. Just try to use the Shotgun, Uzi and
Handgun to take care of them.

LEFT ENEMIES: Once the enemies on the right are gone,
use a Worm to drop down to the extreme left of the
terrain. Fire a Bazooka at the tree stump to your
right so it creates a hole (not big enough to get
through to the enemies, but donít worry). Hopefully
the enemies will shoot something right beside the hole
you made, creating a pathway. After that, walk right
through the hole and take care of them with whatever
means possible.

***MISSION 22: Go Bananas!*** Difficulty = 6

This one made me really pissed off until I got the
proper way to complete the mission. First of all, only
use one Worm the whole time (you can switch worms with
the tab key). The objective is to get the crate on the
far right of the terrain. Beware, if you havenít
completed the mission after turn 6, an earthquake
comes and sinks the crate, resulting in mission

Turn 1: With any Worm, move to the extreme right of
the grape stalk. Fire a Bazooka just slightly under
the nearest Sentry. If aimed correctly, he will be
killed. Jump down onto the apple below you (you will
receive fall damage, donít worry about it).

Turn 2: Same Worm. Walk up all the way to the right of
the apple stalk and drop a 5 second Grenade on the
ground (EXACTLY where the stalk and apple meet). Run
away before it explodes so you donít get hurt. This
will provide you with a path to the giant bananas.

Turn 3: Same Worm. Blowtorch into the banana as far as
you can. Hopefully the enemy will fire a Bazooka at
you where your tunnel is. This will give you an edge
to getting to the crate.

Turn 4: Walk a bit to the left, then use a Bazooka to
open up the tunnel through the banana (to the right of

Turn 5a: You need a bit of luck on this turn. If the
wind is blowing to the right (unlucky), blast the
enemy and the mine off with a Bazooka. This will make
things a lot easier on your next turn.

Turn 5b: If the wind is blowing to the left (lucky),
use a Low Gravity. Take a deep breath, then jump off
the rightmost banana. Use your parachute and hold both
up and left on the arrow keys. You should float down
to the crate.

Turn 6: If turn 5a was done, use any means possible to
collect the crate to end the mission. Donít worry if
you kill your Worm in the process. As long as you
still have one Worm alive on the grapes, you will beat
the mission.

***MISSION 23: The Drop Zone*** Difficulty = 8

This one is a doozy. You have all eight of your Worms,
sure, but more Worms doesnít mean an easier mission.
First of all, you NEED the wind for your Parachute.
The wind is crucial to your success. Just to be sure,
place a 45 degree Girder pointing upwards at the left
end of your plateau. Place a straight vertical one on
the right side to prevent any Worms from falling off.

Turn 1: Place the Girder on the right side of the
terrain as described above.

Turn 2: Place the Girder on the left side of the
terrain as described above.

After this is done, Parachute down to the enemies in
random order (leave the two on the right alone
though). Once all but the two on the right are gone,
use one Worm to parachute down to the farthest enemy
on the right. Fire Punch him to the left. He will go
flying and will take his partner with him.

Not as easy as it sounds. Good luck!

***MISSION 24: Countdown to Armageddon! GOLD
CHECKPOINT*** Difficulty = 7

This mission is the GOLD CHECKPOINT. This means that
you must have at least a Gold medal in basic training
to attempt this mission and the others coming up. You
should have one, so letís get on with the guide.

This one can mean trouble, but itís not as hard as the
last mission. First of all, beware. There will be an
Armageddon coming after a certain amount of turns (the
messages will warn you when it gets near. When it says
ďThe end of the world is nigh!Ē, it will come next
turn). You have to save the mayor to win. If he dies,
you fail.

Turn 1: Rope down to where the mayor Worm (the one
with the ďbig brainĒ standing on his head). This move
requires lots of practice and requires you to be a
traitor, Iím afraid. Take out your Baseball Bat and,
if your aim is true, bat the mayor into a trench in
between the first and second buildings on the left.
Sure, this might sound stupid at first, but this
trench is excellent protection from the Armageddon.

Turn 2: Rope up with one of your Worms to where the
mayor sits and build a girder above your head (outside
the trench though).

Turn 3: Hit an enemy with anything. (if you have
excellent aim, you can pick off the enemy on the far
left with a Grenade)

Turn 4: Hit an enemy with anything.

Turn 5: There will now be two crates lying on the
farthest left building. Use your last Ninja Rope to
collect them both. They will be a Girder, and a vital
Girder Starter Pack. Sit somewhere near where the
trenched mayor is, and put up another girder above the
first one.

Turn 6: Use your Girder Starter Pack to create an even
big shelter above.

Turn 7: Use your final Girder to place on top of all
the others.

After this, you just have to pray that the Armageddon
doesnít get you. It will eventually come. Happy

***MISSION 25: Mars Star*** Difficulty = 2

After all the complicated and hard missions youíve
just faced, this one is refreshingly easy. You need to
blow up the weapon crate next to an oil drum on the
right side of the terrain with a Sheep. ďOh, but we
have a Super Sheep. This will be dead easy!Ē NOT true.
You DONíT have a Super Sheep, but a regular Sheep. It
canít fly, but it can jump. 

Use your Girder Starter Pack and place the Girders in
the following order:

Girder one: To the right of your Worm and to the right
of the green spaceship on the terrain.

Girder two: To the right of Girder one. Make sure itís
an acceptable jumping distance for the Sheep to get

Girder three: Place a Girder slightly lower than the
landscape to the right (in the next big gap of

Girders four and five: Place them accordingly in the
last gap. Once these are placed, launch your Sheep.
Your turn doesnít end when the last girder is placed.

When the sheep gets across all the Girders, detonate
it when itís close enough to the oil drum. Mission

***MISSION 26: Mad Cows*** Difficulty = 4

Kill all your enemies. Plain and simple.

Turn 1: With your fourth Worm (switch with the tab
key), go to the rightmost enemy and drop a five second
Grenade just to the left of him. Run away. He will
fling into the water.

Turn 2: Again with your fourth Worm, rope up the cowís
head and drop Dynamite to the left of the enemy on the
cow. Jump to the left to retreat (donít worry about
the fall damage). This enemy should also be thrown
into the water.

After this, just kill your enemies however you please.
The ďIron EagleĒ that you see on the mission messages
is actually just one Mad Cow in a crate. Even so, you
should collect it and put it to good use.

***MISSION 27: Bazooka on the Rocks*** Difficulty =
4-10 depending on your skills.

This one can be a real pain, or it canít, depending on
how good you are with the Bazooka. Three out of your
four Worms are placed well. One isnít. Your fourth
Worm is on the extreme right of the terrain. He is in
a totally useless spot that will only take up turns.
When it his turn, throw him into the water.

This one canít get a turn walkthrough. First off, you
should place your Girder in between the rocks and that
big animal thingy (a buffalo?). Then, walk over it
with your Worms and blast your enemies to kingdom
come. They are pretty accurate with their shots, so
you should be very careful. Use the oil drums on the
terrain to your advantage.

***MISSION 28: Stolen Goods*** Difficulty = 10

Oooooooo!!! This one made me really ****ed off! This
is one of those missions that just wants to make you
drop down and cry. I was able to get gold on this
mission eventually, but I was darn lucky.

Turn 1: Rope down the giant E and drop yourself in the
lower ďcrackĒ of the E. See the diagram below for what
I mean:


If you can understand that diagram pretty well, youíll
know where you have to go. Blowtorch to the left.

After this, just basically keep Blowtorching to the
left (the enemies should kill off your second Worm
pretty easily. If he survives, throw him into the
water). When you get to the giant P, put a Girder down
so that you wonít fall into the water.

When you blowtorch out of the giant ďPROSEĒ, use a
Shotgun to blast two holes in the giant O that are
reasonable jumping distances. When you jump in your
blasted hole, Blowtorch and Shotgun your way to the
crate resting in the middle of the O. It will be a
French Sheep Strike. Hopefully the enemy Worms will
all be cluttered up. Use it. If you die while your
enemies get killed, you still complete the mission.

So why did I give this mission a difficulty of 10?
Sometimes instead of throwing Cluster Bombs, the enemy
will throw a Banana Bomb. This will ALWAYS kill you.
The do this about 4 times out of 5. Youíll be trying
this one over and over again buddy. Good luck, and may
the Force be with you! (Star Wars style :D )

***MISSION 29: Sinking Ice Cap*** Difficulty = 7

This one can be a headache, but itís not as hair
rippingly hard as the last mission. You have to kill
all your enemies. ďHow?Ē With Blowtorches. Yes,
Blowtorches. The enemies are at respectably low health
and shouldnít be much trouble to take care of.

Turn 1: Be very careful with the Ninja Rope here,
because the mines have an instant fuse. Rope with
caution to the tree stump on the left of the terrain.
Kill the enemy with a Blowtorch and dig in about
halfway through the tree stump.

Turn 2: Skip go.

Turn 3: Now that the enemy has used up their two Air
Strikes, things will be a lot easier for you. Rope (or
walk if the Air Strike blasted a way out for you) to
the right of the tree stump. Kill the enemy.

Turn 4: Rope past the giant tree and get to the right
side. Kill the enemy under the chalet. With your
retreat time, walk as far right as you can (under the
chalet and the oil drum).

Turn 5-6: Rope up the chalet and destroy your last
enemy. It will probably take a couple of turns to kill

***MISSION 30: Aim Long, Aim True*** Difficulty = 4-10
(all a matter of skill).

This mission can be quite frustrating due to the
placement of the enemy Worms. You have loads of
Girders, a couple of Girder Starter Packs, and
infinite Grenades to take care of them. The terrain is
indestructible, so you canít dig for them.

No turn walkthrough here. Before you start firing your
Grenades, use up your Girder Starter Packs to place
your beams in such positions that the enemies canít
attack, yet youíll have an easy route to them. Such an
example goes as follows:
       II                II 
       II                II
       II                II                           
       II                II                           
       II                II                           
       II      **      II                             
 ---  II      ---      ---
 #  \ II     /# \__/##
 ## \___/ ####### 


II = Girder
** = Enemy
### = Terrain

If you follow the diagram well enough, you should know
how to reasonably place your Girders for the three
Worms on the junked robots.

The fourth Worm however (the General) is absolutely
frustrating to get. You have to place your Girders so
that they make a path for a 5 second Grenade to bounce
off and hit him.

Good luck!   

***MISSION 31: Goody Two-Shoes*** Difficulty = 6

This mission involves a bit of sheep flying, so a
little Super Sheep Racing practice is recommended for
anyone who isnít that skilled. Collect the crates with
your Super Sheep, then use them on the enemies.

First of all, Blowtorch out of your cave. Go on a 
left diagonal path towards the surface. Once you have
Blowtorched out (sometimes an enemy will place himself
on the edge of the terrain on the left. If he does
this, switch direction and ram him into the water),
use your Super Sheep to collect the crates in the
center of the terrain. Be sure to collect as many as
possible. Collect especially the crate farthest to the
right. It contains three valuable Ninja Ropes.

After this, just be careful and use your weapons
accordingly. Your enemies will be dead in no time.

*There is an alternate strategy for this mission. From
the moment you start, let your turn time run out on
every single turn. Donít move at all. Eventually,
Sudden Death will come and your enemies wonít be able
to switch Worms. After this, Blowtorch out and collect
the crates.*

Just remember that the enemy Worms are pretty smart
and can make some accurate shots. Be prepared to hide!

***MISSION 32: Trouble in Toy Store*** Difficulty = 7

This mission can really be annoying. First of all, you
are equipped with not a Bazooka, but a Mortar. The
Mortar canít really deal a lot of damage and itís a
bit difficult to aim. Second of all, you have to save
a poisoned scientist. If he dies, you fail.

The Assassin enemy under the scientist is your biggest
threat. With your first Worm (only do this when it is
on the first Wormís turn. On the second and third,
just fire Mortars at the other enemies), Mortar and/or
Uzi into his hideout and kill him ASAP. Once he is
dead, concentrate on the enemies on the left side of
the terrain.

There will occasionally be health crates falling to
the enemyís terrain. These can actually work against
them if you have exceptional aim (or if you collect
the crate containing a Homing Missile). The crate that
falls to the extreme left of the terrain can take out
two enemies. One will drown, one will get burned to

After this, just use your Mortar and Uzi on any
remaining enemy Worms. They will eventually be dead.

Oh and I repeat, DONíT let the scientist die. 

***MISSION 33: Spectral Recovery?*** Difficulty = 5

The final mission! At last! Usually in most games, the
final mission/stage/level etc. is usually the hardest.
Not in Worms Armageddon! 

There is a vital crate that is slowly falling just to
the left of the giant tapes. It will miss the tapes
slightly and will fall into the water. Without a
Girder, it will hopelessly sink.

So where do you get this Girder? In the form of a
weapon crate inside the central tape. You have to get
it somehow.

For this mission walkthrough, all the odd numbered
turns correspond to your first Worm. The even ones are
about your second one.

Turn 1: Blowtorch diagonally down to the left as far
as you can go.

Turn 2: Walk as far left as you go, then Blowtorch
diagonally down to the left. (your torched tunnel will
also provide cover from the enemyís Grenades)

Turn 3: Blowtorch diagonally down to the left.

Turn 4: Blowtorch diagonally down to the left.

Turn 5: Blowtorch diagonally down to the left.

Turn 6: Donít worry. You wonít see the same text a
fourth time. Here you must do something different. Run
up your shaft a bit then throw a Grenade (5 second
fuse just for safety) down your hole. It will explode
and will get you closer to that crate.

Turn 7: Blowtorch diagonally to the left. You should
now break through the tape and be open on the left
side of the terrain.

Turn 8: With your Shotgun, blast two holes that lead
to the crate. With your retreat time, drop down and
collect it.

Turn 9: This is the critical turn. Using that Girder,
place it just to the left of you (far enough that you
can jump out next turn). The sinking crate should now
fall and rest on your Girder.

Turn 10: Do anything. Use any weapon (except Surrender
of course). Do whatever the heck you want with this

Turn 11: If necessary, use a Shotgun to create a
bigger exit that leads to the crate (just be careful
not to shoot the crate!) Collect the crate. Victory!


4: Closing Statement

And there you have it. My guide is finally complete.
Now you should have less difficulty with the missions
and you may even get gold on most of them =D

What am I saying? Of course you will get gold for ALL
of them! Just follow the tips and youíll have bragging
rights in no time.

Who knows? Maybe Iíll write up more FAQs for the game
in the near future.

Now get to the Deathmatch! Youíll do some fine
fighting there.

Good luck!

~Grenade Guzzler


5: Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people for their
help and thanks in creating this guide.

All the TEAM17 STAFF: You guys created this game and
the others in the Worms series. Why shouldnít I thank
you? =D

WWW.WORMS.TEAM17.COM: This site gave me some resource
and advice on many on the mission. Visit it!

C JAY C: You created GameFAQs. You deserve credit!

GAMEFAQS: Thanks for posting my FAQ! Your site is the

OTHER GAMING SITES: There have been a couple of sites
(http://DLH.net and www.neoseeker.com ) that actually
wanted my FAQ on their pages. Visit them also!

WORMS: Thanks for umÖ making the game possible. You
guysÖ umÖ should be blasted to your death now.


6: Legal Notice (you know the drill)

As any FAQ ends, you need the legal notice. If you
wish to use my text for any purpose (other than actual
help with the missions), please email me. My address
is at the top of the page.

***Worms Armageddon and other Worms games are
copyrighted by the Team17 company.***