Multiplayer Guide by DracoG

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Draco's FAQ/Walkthrough of Multiplaying on Dungeon Keeper 2

Table o' Contents:
I.       Introduction
II.     Versions
III.    Multiplayer Help
IV.    Multiplayer Gaming
V.     Misc. Tips
VI.    Comments & Thanks
VII.   Copyright

I.  Introduction - Alright not much, I just have to say, only read this 
if you're not doing that good in Multiplayer of DK2(Dungeon Keeper 2), 
if your good and want to add some stuff into this, feel free to send me 
some comments.  This is sorta like 'Wizzard's Power Words', but this is 
more in-depth and only for Multiplayer.  I didn't steal any ideas from 
him, or I hope not.

II.  Versions - This is v1.02, this was upgraded with spelling and a 
bit more things here and there.  This was updated from v1.01, if I get 
any comments about this, I'll make a v1.03.  I'm using DK2's v1.51, if 
your using v1.3, you might hear some new things and some not so new 
things.  After trying v1.51, I loved it.  I didn't care for v1.3.   The 
v1.51 let's you know if someone leaves, joins, and you can also add 
computer players.  Another thing, v1.51 doesn't let you cheat either.  
It cancels the trainer (not naming it, because I don't care for it, or 
people cheating) for Multiplaying in DK2.  No cheats can be used in 

III.  Multiplayer Help - Well, I don't have much problems with 
Multiplayer 'cept lag and only lag.  If your gonna play with a 
person(s), try to figure out where they live.  For example, if you live 
in Australia and you are playin' with someone from Canada, you're gonna 
experience lag.  If you are playin' with someone in the USA, and you're 
in Japan, your gonna experience lag.  Modems sometimes don't have a say 
in this because it's just the damn distance between players.  If you're 
having other problems besides lag in Multiplayer, feel free to e-mail 
me with your problem, and I'll TRY (notice the TRY in caps) to solve 
it, do NOT expect me to just solve it.

IV.  Multiplayer Gaming - This has to be really fun for those who have 
been playin' DK2 a lot.  For those who haven't either tried MPD (My Pet 
Dungeon) or the Single-Player Campaign, expect to be beat....badly.. 
even with the help of this.  I still get beat when I play '2 Vs 2' or 
'1 on 1'.  Sometimes, the other player has beaten the game and knows 
how to kick butt (no profanity from me).  Just expect to lose your 
first couple of times of '2 Vs 2'.  If your ally is really good at the 
game, you MIGHT win with him, if you don't die, meaning you'll be dead 
and gone while he takes on the two alone.  I can't really say much on 
this, 'cause I usually play '2  Vs 1' on computer...hehehehe, I have to 
practice...don't I?  Well, I know that traps can help you.  If you play 
'2 Vs 2, and you are a bit new at it, keep reading, here's a set of 
directions for ya.
1.  Build a 3x3 lair, 5x5 hatchery, and either 2-3x3 workshops or 1-5x5 
2.  OK, make the 3x3 lair with your marker, and put an entrance.
3.  While your imps are making and claiming the 3x3 room, mark out your 
5x5 hatchery.          Don't make an entrance to it until you have a 
3x3 lair.
4.  Once the lair is finished, make the entrance to the hatchery.
5.  While your imps are destroying blocks of rock and claiming land, 
your choice is to either make 2-3x3 workshops or 1-5x5 workshop.  Don't 
make the entrance yet!!
6.  Now when you have a lively 3x3 lair and 5x5 hatchery, make the 
entrance(s) to the workshop(s), and claim the nearest portal.
7.  Now, time to get money.  If you ran out of money up to now, or ran 
out of money a while ago, just mine gold when and if you need too, or 
if you find gold.  Build a 4x4 treasury, but leave space for expansion, 
like 1x5 (Another lining around it, in other words to make it 5x5) 
squares open for it to expand when ready.
8.  Now, look around, try to mine all the available gold around you, 
don't go explorin' UNLESS needed to get gold.
9.  After you get as much gold as you need or can hold, build a 5x5 
library, expand your lair by 2x2, makin' it 5x5. Some people would make 
two lairs, but I never really use 2 of anything 'cept treasuries.
10.  OK, now you should have trolls, bile demons, and (maybe) goblins.  
Goblins are...well...USELESS.  Only keep a few, they just hold back the 
'good' creatures.  If they EVEN make it to level 10, they still suck, 
they can barely hurt a Goodly-level 5-Knight. A level 10 troll will 
crush a Goodly level-5-Knight in a few moments.
11.  After you have the library built, you should have about 3-4 
trolls, and 3-4 bile demons, 1 goblin, and some warlocks comin' in.  If 
your gonna throw away a creature, throw away the lowest level possible.  
Grab all of 'em under the Creatures menu, put them in an area you can 
see them easily, and pluck out the lowest levels and throw them out.
12.  Now, you have doors and/or traps, a good amount of monsters, and 
more (hopefully) spells.  You need a training room now.  The best size 
for a training room is 5x5.  Build that size, if you have lil' space, 
build a 3x3 training room instead.  Remember though, if you have a lot 
of distant fighters, attackin' from a distance, they can train in a 1x3 
room, meaning, a lining against a wall.  They can shoot those swinging 
targets and don't need the big dummy ones.
13.  OK, now your creatures are levelin' and buildin' and researching.  
What else?  They need to RELAX....Ahhhhh.....I mean, we all need a do they!  So, make a casino, any size you want.  I 
recommend a 5x5, but 3x3 is good too.  Build it next to the treasury, 
so your imps can bring the money your monsters lost to it(casino), and 
the 'jack-pot' winner can collect his damn money!  I usually lock-up 
the treasury, beat him until he loses all the money he won, and unlock 
the doors...heh heh, monsters get mad when they see you beat up on a 
monster that won.
14.  Now your monsters are losin' their money, and buildin', 
researchin' and leveling up. What can be possibly next?  Battles....and 
more battles.  Some of your monsters maybe on level 4 and need 
practice...a combat pit will do for you.  Build a 3x3 combat pit, and 
drop two monsters that are on the SAME level, usually if they're 
different levels, they will KILL one another, that's not good.  Also, I 
found out that if you drop two of the same monsters and drop another 
type of monster in the combat pit....they'll double team, (I.E.: Two 
goblins will jump a bile demon.)
15.  Bored yet? Heh heh.  Well, I told you it's in-depth! OK, now you 
have everything you could have for your dungeon.  No, you need rooms 
for your battles, and I mean BATTLES, not the cheesy crappy battles in 
the combat pit, but the BATTLES against people.  Make a 6x5 room, the 
top part is for an in-house torture chamber.  One thing, watch your 
torture chamber, your dumb mistresses will get stuck on a torture 
thingy and stay there forever and not fight for your dungeon.  With the 
5x5 part, build a prison, so now you have an in-house torture chamber 
close to your prison to torture enemies with ease and quickness.
16.  OK, now you have almost everything...but, what happens if you kill 
a prisoner in the torture chamber?  Leave the carcass there?  NO!  Make 
a graveyard in a 5x5 room, close to the prison and torture chamber.  
This'll make it easier for your imps to transport the bodies.
17.  Now, you have everything, mostly anything you can have.  Yipeee!--
-No, not yet. You need a great defense for your dungeon when your 
monsters are attackin' or sleeping. Make a 3x3 room next to the choke 
point of your dungeon (the part where you can be attacked by the 
enemy).  OK, if you get attacked from a different point, then make a 
3x3 room there, but put a magic door where the enemy attacked, so 
they'll never know what blocked them from killin' you.  OK, here's a 
plan for the 3x3 room.
|S-Sentry Trap|B-Boulder Trap|X-Barricade|F-Freeze Trap|P-Spike Trap|N-

       ^----Should look like that

18.  OK, now that your 'defense' is built, replace anything that is 
destroyed, replace your boulder trap if it gets triggered. Now, if your 
monsters are demanding a a 5x5 room for it 
where there is room.  This will give you 2 Dark Angels for each 'hand' 
in the temple's pool.  You only get one hand in each temple.  So, if 
you want more than two, build more 5x5 temples.  Now, this ends the 
tutorial for a '2 Vs 2' for newbies.

V.  Misc. Tips:
1.  When ya gonna finish off an enemy, remember to use the 'Call to 
Arms Flag' on their Dungeon Heart, if you can't find it, do a couple of 
'Sight of Evil' around his base.
2.  Always have a door to your rooms.
3.  If you want a good defense for your dungeon heart, build 'Magic 
Doors' around it. Remember, only magic can hurt the doors...hehehe.
4.  Do you want to make your opponent be stunned or tricked?  Build 
hidden doors around your dungeon heart, and lock them, so they won't be 
revealed when your monsters walk through them or open them. >=)
5.  When using a sentry trap, always have something in front of it.  A 
spike trap, boulder trap, freeze trap...barricade...mostly anything.  
These will hold off the attack from the enemy and let the sentry trap 
get a few shots in.
6.  Have your treasury and casino next to each other to allow for quick 
transfers of funds. 
7.  Never forget something when you write a FAQ/Walkthrough. =)
8.  Have your torture chamber, prison, and graveyard close together.
9.  Use the 'Chicken Spell' on high-level enemies...hehe, let your 
monsters feast!
10.  If the opponent has a lot of creatures grouped together (like when 
your attackin' and they drop all their monsters near you) use the spell 
'Fireburst' on them...most of 'em will shrivel and melt to death.  
HEHEHEHE, your a Dungeon Keeper, be EVIL!!
11.  Try to get all the portals and keep them.
12.  KEEP a gem stone...NO MATTER WHAT!!!  That can help you 
out....well, it can help you out a lot!
13.  'Mana Springs' are really good, they help with the upkeep of 
14.  If you need a last resort to save your butt from death...Summon 
'Horny'!  He's tuff, buff, and evil...what else could you ask for?
15.  One thing, 'Horny' can be a lil' too evil.  If you summon him 
close to your base, and there are hardly any good guys...expect to have 
the tables turned on you...he's gonna kill your monsters 'cause he 
needs his 'breakfast' of whoop ass.
16.  When your allied with someone, always keep sharin' your map every 
other 5 minutes.  The map doesn't always keep updates on ya bud.
17.  A good way to trick your enemy is when he drops all of his 
monsters in one spot. Possess your STRONGEST creature, and kill all of 
his monsters with ease...heh heh. Another thing, when you are in 
possession of a monster, keep moving back, and swingin'.  They can't 
hit you, but you can hit them. A few swipes and they flip onto their 
back, and daisies come out of their chest. =)
18.  When you have alliance with someone, drop an imp at their base to 
keep updated.
19.  If you're using 'Impenetrable Enemy Walls', this is hard.  The 
opposition can just hide, and never come out.  If you find 'em, you 
can't get to 'em...D'oh!!  IF and only IF you have the 'Earthquake 
Spell', cast it on his rooms then rush him....he'll never now what hit 
20.  Still using the 'Earthquake Spell', if you're tired of trying to 
kill a door, usually a 'Steel Door' or 'Magic Door', just destroy one 
of the things that is supportin' it. (Ya know, you have to have to 
blocks of rocks to build a door on...duh! =) )
21. When you find a gem mine, build a treasury around it. It should 
look like a square, with the gem in the middle.

VI.  Comments & Thanks - If you ever want to use my FAQ/Walkthrough, 
you might be able to if you contact me.  Please, if you want to use 
this, just e-mail me, and I might let you.  My e-mail is 
'', please do not abuse this, since 
I'm givin' it out.  If any of you are good at makin' pictures in ASCII 
format, give me an e-call (hehehe, it's AKA: E-mail), and send the 
picture in a word.mat, like WordPad, or Notepad or Works, either of 
those will work, and I'll give you proper credit.

Thanks to:  Myself (Yes, I'm conceited...heheheh, j/k) for making this 
Thanks to:  Some people I played and learned tips from...Heh heh
Thanks to:  ....YOU!!!  For readin' this FAQ/Walkthrough
Thanks to:  Gabriel Perez, a journalist for a Spanish magazine and 
featuring some of my FAQ/Walkthrough in his guide for DK2.
Thanks to:  Daniel of EA Online for helpin' me with a couple of 
Main Thanks to:  BullFrog and their developers for such a great game 
and more games to come!!

VII.  Copyright - Dungeon Keeper 2 is a trademark of Bullfrog, all 
rights reserved.
This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright (c) 1999, of Draco Griffin.  All 
Rights Reserved.
Draco's FAQ/Walkthrough of Multiplaying on Dungeon Keeper 2