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Companion Conundrum - How does multiclassing affect animal companions?

Does your animal companion/familiar level up according to your character level or your class level? Also, if you multiclass as a Druid/Ranger, do you get 2 animal companions? does your companion adjust to the alternate class?(in other words, if you got a companion as a druid, and took a level of Ranger, does the companion get the benefits?


ChaosArbiter answered:

Animal Companions and Familiars level up by Class Level, not Character Level. A Druid/Ranger does not count both classes for purposes of determining the level of his AC, nor does he get two ACs (my guess is that it counts either the more recent of the two, or the higher level of the two, but can't really be bothered to find out).
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Felipe262 answered:

It's your highest class that determines the AC's level.

For example: Character X began its career as a Druid, and now is a Druid 7/Ranger 9. X's AC Level will be 9. Not 16, or 7.
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dragondudea6 answered:

It is definitely class level. My friend whimsically decided to add one level of druid to her 7 Barbarian / 2 Fighter, so now not only does she get a -20% to exp but all she has to show for being a druid is a spider animal companion with 4 health since a wisdom of 6 doesn't allow for spellcasting.
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