FAQ/Walkthrough by Carlos M.

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Freespace 2
FAQ/Walkthrough/Strategy guide
by Carlos Miranda
Version 2.0
Friday, August 15, 2003

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Part 1 Revision History
Version 2.0 Friday, August 15, 2003
AN UPDATE! Well, just to inform you, I now am a proud owner of the
full version of this game! So that means I can complete it after all!
Actually I've had it for at least a year now. I'm just too lazy to
update the walkthrough altogether. Now I should get it done before I
lose interest in this again.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to play FS2 right now!

-Formatted to 70 characters per line
-Walkthrough up to mission 16 - Feint! Parry! Riposte!
(this is the cut-off point of FS2:OEM. I never finished the old
walkthrough anyway)
-Removed briefings, loadout information, etc. Mission section will
only contain walkthrough now, to decrease file size. (anyway you can
get them while you play!)
-Removed title ASCII art, to cut down file size as well.
-Removed useless sections. Again to decrease file size.
-MAJOR changes to the whole guide, including a complete rewrite of
the walkthrough!
-Changed all references to "Freespace 2:Colossus" and "Freespace 2:
OEM" to just "Freespace 2"
-Still no FAQ.

Plans for version 2.1
-Walkthrough up to Mission 30
-Possibly a Multiplayer guide.

Version 1.3 Wednesday, April 11, 2001
Alright, alright. I am late, so what :). Just kidding. Took off
table of contents (makes me update my walks faster), codes updated.

Version 1.2 Thursday, February 01, 2001
Added tips, and limited sites that can post this FAQ.

Version 1.1 Monday, January 22, 2001
Added cheat codes, courtesy of Al Amaloo.

Version 1.0 Monday, December 18, 2000
This walkthrough was created. Remember that this walkthrough covers
levels available in the OEM version.

Part 2 Install Freespace 2
1. Minimum system requirements

200 Mhz Intel Pentium processor
Windows 95/98 with DirectX 6.0
32MB of RAM (random access memory)
3D graphics accelerator (supports Direct3D and Glide)
At least 450 MB free hard drive space
8x CD-ROM or faster
DirectX compatible sound card
Mouse and keyboard

2. Insallation
Insert the Freespace 2 CD in the CD-ROM drive. If Autorun is enabled,
Setup will automatically start installation.

If Setup does not start, select Run.. from the Start Menu and type 
X:\FS2AutoRun.exe (X is the letter of your CD-ROM drive, it's usually
D or E, mine is G).

If DirectX is not installed,you can install it from the
Freespace 2 Setup screen by going to the DirectX menu.

Part 3 Introduction to Freespace 2
1. Freespace 2 launcher
This is a view of the launcher
  |           Freespace 2           |
  |    __________     ___________   |
  |   |___Play___|   |___Setup___|  |
  |    __________     ___________   |
  |   |ViewReadme|   |__Update___|  |
  |    __________     ___________   |
  |   |___Help___|   |_Uninstall_|  |
  | _________  ________  __________ |
  ||Volition ||__Quit__||Parallax  ||
  ||  Logo   |          |Online    ||

Play: Starts the game (Obviously)

Setup: Configures Freespace 2

View Readme: Lets you view the Readme.txt file

Update: Updates Freespace 2

Help: Brings up a help screen

Uninstall: You don't need this. Just kidding.

Quit: Quits

Volition Logo: http://www.volition-inc.com/

Parallax Online Logo: http://www.pxo.net/

2. Playing Freespace 2
When you play Freespace 2, you first need to type your pilot's
callsign. However, while playing the game, you will be designated
Alpha 1. You have control over other wings by messaging. There are
wings that you do not have command. Depending on how far you are in
the game, you may have (limited) command over cap ships as well.

2.1 Messaging
If you need to message another ship or wing, or you want a repair,
you can send a message. To do this, press the C key to bring up the
messaging window. Press the corresponding button (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
to send a message to a paritcular ship/wing.

Messaging window
|Message what              |
|1. Ships                  |
|2. Wings                  |
|3. All fighters           |
|4. Reinforcements         |
|5. Rearm/repair subsystem |
|6. Abort rearm            |
|No valid items            |

Once you select an item, either another window will appear, or
Command or a fighter/ship will confirm. An item that is darkened
cannot be selected. If no items are available, "No valid items will

1. Ships
|Message what               |
|1. Psamtik                 |
|2. Alpha 2                 |
|3. Alpha 3                 |
|4. Beta 1                  |
|5. Beta 2                  |
|6. Beta 3                  |
|7. Support 1               |
|No valid items             |

By selecting a ship, you can give commands to a particular ship only.
That means that for example, if you message only Alpha 2 to destroy
your target, only Alpha 2 will. If there are any support ships in the
area, you may ask a rearm, or abort it.

2. Wings
|Message what               |
|1. Alpha                   |
|2. Beta                    |
|3. Gamma                   |
|4. Delta                   |
|5. Epsilon                 |
|No valid items             |

By selecting a wing, you are ordering the entire wing. For example,
you order Delta wing to destroy your target, and Delta 1, 2, 3, and 4
are in the area, all of them will destroy the targeted hostile.

3. All fighters
|Message what               |
|1. Destroy my target       |
|2. Disarm my target        |
|3. Disable my target       |
|4. Destroy subsystem       |
|5. Ignore my target        |
|6. Protect my target       |
|7. Form on my wing         |
|8. Cover me                |
|9. Engage enemy            |
|0. Depart                  |

1. Destroy my target
Tells your wingmen to chase that target and kill it. Applies to
capital ships as well.

2. Disarm my target
Fighters will destroy turrets of target.

3. Disable my target
Destroy engine of target.

4. Destroy subsystem
Destroys subsystems of target. If you are after a large warship,
destroy the weapons subsystems before the turrets.  This will greatly
reduce it's accuracy.

5. Ignore my target
All friendlies will ignore your target. Note: ALL. This command was 
intended to get you some kills. Use caution against capital ship

6. Protect my target
Your wingmen will stay close to your target and try to protect it
from enemy fighters and bombs.

7. Form on my wing
Ordered wingmen will form on your wing. Useful if you want your
wingmen to follow you around.

8. Cover me
If hostiles approach you, your wingmen will protect you.

9. Engage enemy
Wingmen are now free to chase any target they choose.

0. Depart
Your wingmen will engage subspace drive and depart the area.

4. Reinforcements
|Message what            |
|1.Epsilon               |
|No valid items          |
Calls in reinforcements. If you select Epsilon wing, for example,
Epsilon will arrive.

5. Rearm/repair subsystems
Calls in a support ship to re-load your secondary banks. The support
ship will also recharge your shields, and repair any damaged
subsystems. A box below your reticle will appear to inform you how
long before the support ship docks with you. It will also show "busy"
if it is currently rearming another ship, or "obstructed" if it is
blocked. (NOTE: Make sure you are stopped, or the support ship can't
dock with you!)

6. Abort rearm
Aborts the rearm/repair.

It appears that wingmen take higher priority if you are more specific
on who will carry out the order. For example, if you order Gamma 3 to
"Cover me", then later, order all fighters to "Destroy my Target",
Gamma 3 will still cover you. It is the same case when you order
entire wings.

2.2 Radar
Targets directly in front of you will appear in the center of the

Red: Hostile
Green: Friendly
Pink: Unknown
Gray: Cargo

To change the range of the radar, use the ' button (default). Ranges
are 2000M, 10000M and infinite.

2.3 Ranking system.
Here are all the ranks from top to bottom

Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Part 4 Tips
In no particular order:

1. Survival: Always let your wingmen go first, or at least stay with
them. Make sure they survive too, the more they can kill, the less
you have to worry about.

2. Wingmen: Use them effectively! The AI is not that good, but they
sure can help.

3. If you are using a very low energy drain weapon, such as
the Subach HL-7, minimize the energy to your guns. You need them for
your shields and engines more.

4. If you are bored: should in-between mission sequences be too
long, or distances be too far, remember that you can speed up time up
to 4X as fast. By default: SHIFT-<period> to speed up, SHIFT-<comma>
to slow down. Make sure it's always 1X in dogfighting!

5. Bomb reload times can take forever. Switch in between banks to
fire faster. There is a bug that causes the next bank to "inherit"
the reload time of the previous bank if it runs out of ammo, and this
will cause the firing delays to be longer as well, so take this into

6. Rearm BEFORE you run out of missiles.

7. Don't approach capital ships directly, their flak and beam cannons
will rip you to shreds. Try to attack from an angle where you won't
be vulnerable.

8. In an escort mission, shoot down bombs and bombers first before
the fighters. For better efficiency, shoot down the bombers before
they actually fire their bombs. Should you find yourself under fire
from a fighter, give him a warning shot - but go back to the bombers
as soon as you're done with him.

Part 5 Mission Walkthrough
Mission 1: Training 1

Just follow the instructor and don't do anything he doesn't tell you
to, and you'll pass.

Mission 2: Training 2

Just like training 1, follow the instructor, and don't do anything he
doesn't tell you to.

Mission 3: Training 3

Same as the two previous training missions. If you pass this training
you will be given your Wings.

Mission 4: Surrender, Belisarius!

After your wingmen talk, some hostile fighters will jump in. They're
no trouble, just blast them away with your weapons. Stay close to the
transports and you shouldn't be in any trouble.

When all the fighters are gone, the Belisarius will come in. Ignore
it, the Psamtik will come in and tear it to pieces. After that, the
Iotas will dock with the Psamtik, and you can return to base. If you
don't return to base immediately, there will be a whole sequence of
docking and conversations (including command asking you to get out of
there!). If you like to watch this, just stay there, staring at the 
Psamtik. Warp out of there once the Psamtik departs.

Mission 5: The Place of Chariots

At the start, kill the Herc that is right in front of you. Look for a
transport that has not left yet (GTFr Poseidon), and destroy it with
your Tempests. Destroy the rest of the sentries and fighters. A new
wave of fighters, this time Lokis, will come in. Destroy them too.

A flashing red blip will appear on your radar. Command tells you to
get close to it. Before you do so, destroy the cargo to get your
bonus objective. Now head for the asteroid. It's an NTF ship! And the
rebel leader, Bosch, is in it! Well ignore it completely and engage
the fighters. You can't destroy it, it will just break up, and jump
out. Sorry, mission failed, nothing you can do. Jump out.

Mission 6: The Romans Blunder

The Iceni can't be destroyed. But head for the node anyway, because
you will come closer to your REAL objective. After the Iceni departs
and a short argument between command and your wingman, freighters and
Loki fighters will arrive. Destroy the fighters, then the frieghters.
Two cruisers, Glorious and Impervious will arrive. STAY AWAY from
them, their beams will blast you into bits. Engage the fighters
instead. After the fighters are gone, the Psamtik will arrive and
take care of the cruisers. Once the cruisers are gone, return to

Mission 7: Training 4

As with the first missions, just follow the instructor carefully and
you should be done.

Mission 8: Training 5

Again, follow the instructor. You should pass.

Mission 9: A Lion At The Door

Before you start, go to the weapons selections and change all the
Prometheus R's to Subachs. The specifications may look good, but the
Subach actually does MORE damage than this per minute, both for
shields and hulls. I.e., it's useless. Always remember this!

Tell everyone to Engage Enemy. Target the Maras first, the Behemoth
will shoot it's beam at you if you come too close. Besides, after
you're done with the fighters your wingmen should be at it already.
Try to take out the frieghters, but they're not necessary for the
mission to be complete.

After the fighters and the Behemoth are destroyed, Command will
inform you that the Carthage and Dashor has been deployed. But,
all of a sudden, multiple wings of fighters are coming out of the
portal! Uh oh! New fighter: Astaroth. It's very fast for the Herc II,
but it's very weak. Just unload a couple of Harpoons on it and it
should be gone. Try to destroy as many fighters as you can.

Once the Carthage arrives, get close to it immediately. A Shivan Cain
cruiser will jump in, but just ignore it, the Carthage and the Dashor
will take care of it. If your hull is now very low, stay close to the
Carthage and it should be able to take care of itself.

After the fighters and the Cain is destroyed, you will be relieved by
Delta. Congratulations, you survived your first Shivan encounter!
Return to base.

Mission 10: Mystery Of The Trinity

For some reason, you can't pick the Harpoon or the Hornet, just the
Rockeyes and Tempests you used earlier with the Hammerheads squadron.

Immediately after clicking "Commit", target Zeta 1 who should be on
your escort list. Just follow him. During your patrol you will
encounter a few Manticores. They shouldn't be too difficult, but
they are very fast. All of a sudden, Kappa disappears! What's going

At the end of your patrol you will encounter a cruiser. Uh... wait,
it's a FENRIS! It's the Trinity. The Discovery will come in to try to
repair it. Try to kill as many of the fighters that come in as you can.
Later though, when the SF Dragons come in, they will be too fast for
you. You can't do much and the Trinity will be destroyed. The
Discovery too (unless you're REALLY lucky, it does try to depart
after the Trinity is destroyed). Mission failed, go back to base.

Mission 11: The Great Hunt

In this mission, the Myrmidon is available. Choose it as you wish.

Order Beta to protect the Lysander and Alpha to protect the Actium.
After the Lysander and Actium chat, fighters jump in. And not long
after, the Azuras will be visible. Just let the corvettes take care
of it.

After the Azuras is destroyed more fighters will jump in. And later
the Iblis will be visible this time. As with the Azuras, let the 
corvettes take care of it. After the Iblis is vaporized by the 
corvettes, an unknown ship jumps in and destroys the Lysander!
Return to base!

(If you are observant enough, you will notice that while the Unknown
shoots at the Lysander, it also fires at the Actium! Two beams from
one turret! This is just a mission event bug, the Shivans don't have
a ship that can fire two beams from one turret. Or do they? ;) )

Mission 12: Slaying Ravana

This time, you need to take out the ship you saw in the previous 
mission, the Ravana. You will fly a bombing mission. There is a 
choice of three bombers, Boanerges, Ursa and Medusa. The Medusa is
the fastest of the three, but it has the least firepower. The Ursa
is the most powerful but the slowest. Boanerges, well somewhat in
between but somwhat in the "heavy" side closer to the Ursa. Whatever
bomber you choose, make sure you carry at least one bank of Cyclops 
with you.

Once the mission starts, tell everyone to engage the enemy. This will
make Epsilon less concentrated on the Khenmu and Alpha less 
concentrated on the Ravana. The Cyclops is STRICTLY for the Ravana,
it's not fast enough to shoot down fighters. Also, it has a 20 second
delay, so try to switch between banks after firing. Always use double
fire. Do not shoot very far from the Ravana because it's turrets will
just shoot down the bombs. Don't get too concentrated on the Ravana,
because there are fighters guarding it. A possible weak spot is on
the right side, near the fighterbay. Get very close and no turret
will reach you. Stay away from the back and the underside of the
Ravana because there are flak and beams there. Khenmu will help you.
If you find yourself out of ammo just stay close to the Khenmu and
rearm, you're pretty safe there. It won't take long until the Ravana
is destroyed. Once it is destroyed, return to base.

So, where are the "reinforcements" Command was talking about? Where's
the Yakiba and the Somtus? Well, they CAN come, but chances are, they
won't. Why? Before they come in, the Khenmu must be destroyed. And
there's 1/100000000 chance that it will be. Just to find out, use
cheats and destroy the Khenmu. The Heisenberg and the Yakiba will
come in... finally! And should the Yakiba be destroyed, the Somtus
will come in too! So, what happens if the Somtus gets killed? Your
squad leader will tell you that your squad will be disbanded, because
six or something warships got blown up just because of the Ravana.

Mission 13: Training 6

The last of the training missions, this will cover intercepting
bombs and bombers. Follow the instructor and you should have no 
trouble at all.

Mission 14: The Sixth Wonder

Immediately after entering the mission, tell all fighters to protect
Enif Station. Then head for the Cato and destroy it's forward beam
turret, but do NOT destroy it, yet. If you do, the Hawkwood will come
in and if it does NOW you're in trouble. Engage the Hercules fighters
attacking the Calypso, after that you should never have to come near
the Calypso again. Concentrate on Enif Station for now, because Zeus
bombers will jump in. Destroy them as fast as possible and shoot down
any bombs they launch. There are a few more waves of bombers so you
will have to shoot down more bombs.

Should the Cato be destroyed, the Hawkwood will come in. Anyway, by
now, the bombers should be just about finished. But then, a REALLY
big ship, the Colossus, will jump in! It will tear apart the Hawkwood
to pieces. Return to base when command tells you to.

NOTE: This mission, has a hidden ship in it. If the Hawkwood is
destroyed BEFORE the Colossus comes, the Conquest (GTC Leviathan)
will jump in. This will not happen unless you use cheats.

Mission 15: Into the Maelstrom

You can choose between three different ships. The Perseus, the Loki
and the Ulysses. Any will do, the Loki is fastest but very lightly
armed, while the Perseus is more armed than the two.

Upon starting the mission, immediately head for the weak signals on
your radar. You will encounter sentry guns. Destroy as many as you
can until the bombers come. Once they do, immediately head towards
them and destroy them. A few more bomber waves will come in, kill
them all. After destroying the bombers head for the fighters.

Once the Parapet arrives, immediately head for the jump node. The
Maelstrom will jump in. Destroy it's forward beam ASAP, or it will
cause major damage to the convoy. (And you'll get a somewhat "bad"
debriefing telling you that you should have destroyed the beam).
Leave the Maelstrom to Theta wing, because by now even more fighters
and bombers have jumped in. Again take out the bombers first, then
the fighters. Destroy any remaining sentries to get your bonus
objective. Return to base upon command.

Mission 16: Feint! Parry! Riposte!

In this mission you can pick out the Herc II as an alternative ship.
It depends on you, but I prefer the Herc.

Immediately tell everyone to "Engage Enemy", and head for Scorpio
wing which should be the nearest fighters. After you take them out,
the other fighters should be guarding their cruisers. Order everyone
to protect the Rampart.

This is the hard part. You need to attract the fighters away from
their cruisers, but not too close because you will be shot down by
the beams. Approach one fighter carefully. If you are close enough,
he should be attracted by your fighter now, and start chasing you.
(Command will tell you that the fighters are closing in). Get back to
the Rampart as fast as you can, both the Perseus and the Herc II are
faster than the Hercs. Stay near the Rampart, and kill all the
fighters. The beams on the Rampart will help you. Zeta will now
engage the cruisers. They will damage them. Repulse should be in by
now, and reinforcements too. Tell everyone to protect the Rampart.

Loki fighters should now be coming from the Repulse. Destroy them.
The Colossus will come soon and destroy the Repulse. Return to base
when ordered.

Part 6 Cheat Codes
These codes are courtesy of Al Amaloo, of www.gamewinners.com.

UPDATE: These codes _do_ allow you to advance to the next mission,
only the _original_ FS1 codes did not. However using cheats at ANY
time will cause your pilot to crash in the barracks at Commodore

Activate Cheats:
For the below to work, www.freespace2.com during gameplay. This will
enable the cheats to work, except for the other cheat modes. The
infinite weapons still work while you have not exited FreeSpace 2,
even if you don't activate.

Effect                                                 Code
Player does not collide                                ~+C
Toggle contermeasures                                  ~+Shift+C
Kill target                                            ~+K
Destroy targeted subsystem*                            ~+Shift+K
10% Damage to self                                     ~+Alt+K
10% Damage to target                                   ~+Alt+Shift+K
Invincibility                                          ~+I
Make target invincible                                 ~+Shift+I
Toggle Descent-Style physics*                          ~+O
Unlinited weapons for ship                             ~+W
Unlimited weapons for ALL                              ~+Shift+W
All primary goals complete*                            ~+G
All secondary goals complete*                          ~+Shift+G
All bonus goals complete*                              ~+Alt+G
Scroll forward through ALL primaries                   ~+0
Scroll back through ALL primaries                      ~+Shift+0
Scroll forward through ALL secondaries                 ~+9
Scroll back through ALL secondaries*                   ~+Shift+9

*Doesn't appear to work.

Alternate cheats

Effect                          Do in...                Code
Volition Bravos pirate ship     In mission        arrrrwalktheplank

See Jim Boone or                In mission        tooledworkedowned
Alan Lawrence

Fish Tank?                      Player select*    vasudanswuvfishes

Bizzare scene?                  Player select*    humanheadzinside

*Vasudan main hall only.

Part 7 Credits

CJayC for the recognition page and for hosting other FAQs, 
walkthroughs and strategy guides as well.

Al Amaloo for hosting my work also, plus the cheat codes.

Interplay and Volition for the game.

And last but not least, YOU, the reader
These sites can freely post all my guides:




Andrew Clegg's site

(For my Playstation guides)
Playstation Cheat.Net

Also, I would like to thank those people who own these sites. You
can e-mail me if you want my FAQ, but most likely I would not accept
any more. Don't worry I would credit you for having interest in my

 Copyright MM-MMIII  by Carlos Miranda
FreeSpace 2: (c) 1999 Volition, Inc. FreeSpace, Colossus,
Interplay, the Interplay logo and "By Gamers, For Gamers." are
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