FAQ/Walkthrough by Vindicator

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/17/00 | Printable Version

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator FAQ/Walkthrough
by: Vindicator (vindicator@goosehead.com)

#About the Author#

This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, if you think that is something wrong or
missing just don't get mad at me, just E-mail and I will do the work. Even if I
finish the game, I don't know if this is complete.

Please do not edit any part of the guide, even if it is grammatically error or
typoghrapical error or misinformation.

Table of Contents:

I.	Introduction
	Background of Septerra Core
	About the Walkthrough
II.	Updates
III.	Controls
IV.	Walkthrough
V.	Lists
	a. Weapons/Armors/Items
	b. Characters
	c. Skills
	d. Fate Cards
	e. Combination
	f. Status Changes
VI.	Other Stuffs
	a. Secrets/Tips
	b. Birds	
	c. Patch Section
VII.	Credits

I.	Introduction

Background of Septerra Core

The seven layers of the continent that orbit the planet, is called World
Shells, are each connected to the Great Spine. The rotation of the Shells turn
the joints of the Spine and create vast amount of power, which is collected in
the Core. Here it is used to run the ancient machinery and regulate every
aspect of the planet. Excess energy is radiated from the Core to the world.
This energy can be used to run machinery and cast spells. Every living thing
has the ability to tap it and use it. Humans can replenish their core energy by
sleeping or using ancient relics called Core Runes. Core engines are special
devices that draw core power and store it for use in machine.

About the Walkthrough

This is an unofficial walkthrough of Septerra Core. It answers/solves your
problems in the game like; what you are going do, when do this item will be
use? , where is the place? , Is there something way in/out? How this could be?
etc. etc. It is your opitonal guide in the game, if you feel that you can beat
the game w/o using this, that's good or when you feel that your are lost, can't
find the way out of game and you would like to use this, that's fine. For those
who feel using this walkthrough here are some guidelines. All Key Items are in
CAPITALIZED LETTERS. I play the game with and without the patch, so if there is
something wrong or odd thing happening maybe you have or haven't the patch
installed(see "Patch Section"). I don't know all the names or the HP of all the
enemies, so I might not listed it.

Did I miss something? someone? or somewhere? If there is, just E-mail and I
will appreciate your kindness.

II.	Updates

Version 1.1
-Added some sections like; patch, location of the birds, Fate Cards and

Version 1.0
-First Version(7-1-2000)

III.	Controls:

General Screens:

Esc  			Cancel a Scene/Movie/Conversation.  Drop a key item, resource item
     			or Fate Card. (Right Mouse also works)
Q    			When the Action Window heads can be selected (in conversation and
     			in the Equip Subscreen) this key selects party member 1
A    			Selects party member 2
Z    			Selects party member 3
F5   			Quick Save
F8   			Reload your Quick Save

Title Screen:

1    			New Game
2    			Continue Game
3    			Options
4    			Quit Game

Explore Interface:

Tab       		Toggle between explore and map modes
Enter     		Switch between the Key and Resource item displays
Left      		Scroll the item/conversation icon display to the left
Right     		Scroll the item/conversation icon display to the right
Spacebar  		Activate Subscreen mode
X         		Activate the Options screen
1 - 4     		Select a conversation icon


W         		Select Skills
E         		Select Fate Cards
R         		Select Items
Y         		Select Run Away
U, Esc    		Select Exit (un-select currently selected party member)
          		(Right Mouse also works)
1 - 9     		Skills are numbered in the combat interface.  Use the
          		number keys to select a particular skill in combat
1 - 3     		Select a party member to receive the next double-clicked Fate Card
Delete,Backspace 	Remove a Fate Card from the currently selected party member
Tab       		Switch between the Key and Resource item displays
Left      		Scroll the item/card display to the left
Right     		Scroll the item/card display to the right


W         		Select Skills
E        	 	Select Fate Cards
R         		Select Items
T         		Select Equip
Y         		Select the Party Screen
U,Esc,Spacebar  	All these keys are Exit options (Right Mouse also works)
X         		Select the Options Screen
1 - 9     		Select a numbered Skill in the Skills Subscreen
1 - 9     		Select a party member in the Party Subscreen
1 - 3     		Select a party member to receive the next double-clicked Fate Card
Delete,Backspace 	Remove a Fate Card from the currently selected party member
Tab       		Switch between the Key and Resource item displays
Left      		Scroll the item/card/equipment display to the left
Right    		Scroll the item/card/equipment display to the right
Enter     		Swap party members in the Party Subscreen


1 - 9     		Select a party member
Up        		Scroll the shopping list up a line
Down      		Scroll the shopping list down a line
Pg Up     		Scroll the shopping list up a page
Pg Down   		Scroll the shopping list down a page
Home     		Scroll the shopping list to the top
End       		Scroll the shopping list to the bottom
+         		Increment the quantity of an item
-         		Decrement the quantity of an item
Esc       		Clear your currently selected quantities or Exit the shop
          		(Right Mouse also works)
Return    		Accept Sale
Tab       		Switch between Buy and Sell modes

Globe is visible:

1 - 7     		Activate a shell
Esc       		Return to Explore without changing shells  (Right Mouse also works)

Options Menu:

4         		Quit the Game
Esc       		Clear the current filename edit or return to the previous screen
          		(Right Mouse also works)
Return    		Accept a filename for load/save
Up       	 	Scroll the file list up a line
Down      		Scroll the file list down a line
Pg Up     		Scroll the file list up a page
Pg Down   		Scroll the file list down a page
Home      		Scroll the file list to the top
End       		Scroll the file list to the bottom

IV.	Walkthrough

The Oasis

The FMV shows that are little heroine here is junker. One who collects the
garbage thrown down by the upper shells(Chosens). After viewing the FMV, your
journey will begin.

Boss Enemy: Guard Sergeant and 2 Holy Guard
Fate Cards: Water and Heal
Birds: Outlaw Canyon
Party Members: Maya, Grubb and Runner

Shell 2

a. Downtown Oasis

You start at your Uncle's House. Talk to your uncle and he will tell to you,
that you must go to Azziz. Before that, the room on your right contains Bread,
it is in the fridge. The room on your left contains Bed, which you can restore
HP and core energy, don't forget it. Also explore the shops outside your house.
The Stockpile offers weapons and engines, the Junk mail sells different armors,
and lastly the SKS which you can buy recovery and miscellaneous items. Talk
also to everyone to get some reliable information. After that you can leave.

b. Badlands

Azziz's Temple is located far west on the world map. You must pass through the
badlands before you can go through. You will encounter 2 different enemies
here, the light colored wolf, which is quite easy it has only 20HP.Use barrage
of quick attacks to finish it. Then the other one is dark colored wolf it has
30HP and has the ability to summon wolves to attack.

c. Azziz's Temple

Azziz will start his lesson after complaining that you are late and you will
notice that Tori isn't here. He will tell about the different kinds of Fate
Cards and the demigods it represents. After that he will give to you a Water
Fate Card and a piece of Bread. You can leave.

d. Downtown Oasis(revisted)

Back to Oasis, go to your uncle's house you will see Tori and he will tell to
you that cover him from uncle not being in class today. Tori will leave. After
that, talk to your uncle he will tell that Tori hangs around somewhere in the
Pumping Station. That is the next thing you will going to do. The Pumping
Station is located at the southwest of Oasis over the world map.

e. Pumping Station.

You will see Tori is dealing with Dugan. Dugan will leave when he sees you, and
the guards will come out from nowhere and place an arrest to you, the only
thing left on your mind is to fight. These should be  very easy, concentrate on
the Guard Sergeant it has only 60HP and the other 2 has 20HP. The Guard
Sergeant will only cast heal whenever you attack either of the guards. When you
are low in HP use Bread.After that you will receive a gift from them a Heal
Fate Card and a piece of Bread. In return you are now there fugitive. Return to

f. Downtown Oasis(again)

Everybody now knows that you are an outlaw. The workbots will not let you in,
unless you talk to them, telling that the mayor is wrong. Now the workbots is
convinced they will let you in. Go again to your uncle talk to him, tell that
Tori is the smuggler. He will tell that Tori must have gone to Outlaw Canyon.
You can't go there unless you are with Grubb. He is in his workshop, southeast
of Oasis over the world map.

g. Grubb Workshop

Before you talk to Grubb you will notice an item on the right part of the room
pick it up, it is a POWER GENERATOR you will use this later. After that, talk
to Grubb ask about Tori, after that he and Runner will join your party. You can
go back to Oasis to buy items and equipment for both Grubb and Runner. Grubb
doesn't do much damage, but he his very fast. Runner has a high damage
capability, but he is very very slow. Now head to the pumping station.

h. Pumping station(revisited)

Once you are here, go to the right of the screen pick up the WIRE CONDUIT. Go
upstairs and you will end up in a big fan, notice the control panel on the
left, let Grubb fix it with the WIRE CONDUIT and the POWER GENERATOR you have
just pick up at Grubb's workshop. After that you can pass.

i. Junk Heap

Before you go to the pumping station or after getting Grubb, head back to Oasis
and pay visit to the Junk Heap on the leftmost of the screen there is crashed
airplane, let Grubb take a look at it, you will find a Turbo Engine. You can
choose to sell or even use it.

j. Desert Pipes

If Maya is around Level 3-4 she can handle the enemies here. The Crab has only
11HP, but very high carapace(armor). You can give only about 1-2 damages.Use a
barrage of quick attacks to finish this. Also this one can Stun you for a
while. The Insect has a 35HP(Red) and 55HP(Green) this is very easy, but
usually come with other creatures. Other creature is the slime like creature
which has only 25HP.

k. Galdon

Before entering the Outlaw Canyon, go first to here. It is far south of the
Desert Pipes. Examine the Helgaks and you will find a root, there are 3 of
them. Enter the salloon, first you can't buy or rest from the bartender. Try to
talk to the bounty hunters, the conversation will lead to a fight. The bounty
hunters have only 45HP and can put you in a poison status(Runner is not
affected by this).They also cast barrier which make them hard. After the battle
you can now buy or rest. Head now to the Outlaw Canyon. Make sure to stock some

l. Outlaw Canyon

Stocked up some herb and bread from Galdon before you go here. Your enemies
here are almost bounty hunters. Exploring the first level of the map you will
notice a door to the far west, you can't open it from now. Head now to the
second level of the map, this will lead you to Tori, after the Magi and Chosen
leave search the body of the Guard. Ride onto the Helgak, this  will bring you
to Shell 3. FMV.

Wind City

Boss Enemies: Draxx, Araym, Duke and Selina
Fate Cards: Earth and Barrier
Birds: Mourn Graveyard
Party Members: Maya, Grubb, Runner and Corgan

a. Shell 3

Now you are in Shell 3. There are lot of places here: The Wind City is located
east, Mourn Graveyard southeast of Wind City, South Farm is west of Mourn
graveyard, Helgak Port is locate far south. There are 2 area marked "???",
ignore them. Your main objective here is to warn Wind City.

b. Wind City

Now you must find Bowman, the leader of the Holy Guards. They are located at
the Cathedral, but first you can shop for items. The Cathedral is located
northwest, but it is not open for visitors. Find a way to enter the building.

c. The Library

Enter the building capitol this will lead to you to the Library. The Capitol is
located leftmost of the Cathedral.What do you expect in a library? Tons of
books. Here you can read books, that might help you to understand Septerra
Core's secrets. Upon entering the Library you will notice the Septerra Core,
ignore this now. Going to the right of the screen, you will notice a statue it
has an iron bolting which you can destroy by pouring acid to it. You can find
acid in the Mourn Graveyard by killing Zombies, but you need a VIAL to carry
the acid. Head to South Farm.

d. South Farm

Find the shop which sells ACID VIALS. After that, talk to the old woman outside
the bar. Let Grubb handle her broken disk player, she will repay you 10 BIRD
SEEDS. Nothing much to do here. Head now to the Mourn Graveyard.

e. Mourn Graveyard

Look for a Zombie. After defeating it, fill your ACID VIAL with the zombie's
blood. In the east part of the graveyard you can find a chest and a bird. Use
the BIRD SEED the old woman gave to you. Go back to the Library.

f. The Library(revisted)

After using the acid, get the HEAD OF DRAXX. Go back to the graveyard.

g. Mourn Graveyard(revisted)

Place the head in the statue. After that, you will fight Draxx(refer to the
Secret/Tips section on how defeating this on). After defeating it, you can now
enter the catacombs. Draxx will drop an Earth Fate Card.

h. Catacombs

Explore the catacombs. All enemies are undead, so use healing items for a quick
kill. Go to the right and you will find a switch. This will open the door
leading to the Cathedral. After a few scene of the Holy Guard, Corgan will join
you losing Runner.  Exit the catacombs, but Araym and Duke will stop you. After
the fight Corgan will open a gate in the graveyard, this will lead to the
mountains. Your are still in the graveyard. The gates in the north is lock,
open it with the switch in the east of the graveyard. Still enemies here are
undead, you know what to do. After opening the gates, again Araym and Duke will
have their revenge.

i. Mountains

After the conversation, follow the path of the mountains to reach the exit. The
wolves here are not the same as in the Badlands. They can cast haste, so be

j. Armstrong

You will see that the Chosen got here first and destroy Armstrong. You will
face Selina and her troops. She has 111HP and the other 2 has 60HP. Selina cast
Barrier All. Try to concentrate your attack on her.After the fight you will
receive a Barrier Fate Card. The SUPPLY CACHE is in the northwest of the map.
Go back to Layla to give the suplies.

k. Mountains(revisited)

Give the supplies to Layla. Head to the airport to follow the Chosen ships.

l. Helgak Port

You can't  board if don't have a passport, you can't go back to Wind City,
because at this point it is close. The only place you can go now is the South

m. South Farm(revisited)

Talk to the bartender you will get an idea of getting a fake passport. It is in
the Library, but like I said Wind City is close. There is another way. Let
Corgan talk to the person in the shop outside the bar, he will give you access
to the Library. The guards in the entrance of South Farm will fight, if you let
Corgan talk to them.

n. Library(again)

Talk to Abbot, he will give you fake PASSPORT that you can use to get out Shell
3. Head now to the airport.

o. Helgak Port(revisited)

Now you have the PASSPORT you can leave your way out.FMV.

Jinam and Ankara

Boss Enemy: none
Fate Cards: Air
Birds: Gregor, Mesa Canyon(broken bridge)
Party Members: Maya, Grubb, Runner, Corgan and Led

a. Gregor

After a small scene, you can now control Maya. You can rest here and there is
an item in the drawer. The next thing you will do is to find your party
members. Go outside of the house, there is a bird in the east part of the town.
You know what to do. Talk to the man standing outside the shop, he has CORGAN'S
WEAPON. Now go where Corgan is held, at the southwest of the town. Give his
weapon, so he can fight his way out. Talk to the Jinam Guards, after this you
will engage on a fight. This Jinam Soldiers are quite easy they have only 60HP.
Exit Gregor.

b. Mesa Canyon

The only place you can around is the Mesa Canyon. This one is a very huge
place. The enemies here are almost  Jinam and Ankaran Soldiers. The Ankaran
Soldiers has 71HP and the Ankaran Sergeant has 100HP. The Jinam Soldier has
51HP and the Jinam Sergeant has 61HP. And you might also encounter here wolves,
helgaks, and thunder cats. Helgak casts Berserk, but this one runs like
chicken. You can find here your 3rd bird.

c. Jinam Battleship

Your objective here is finding Grubb. There are 2 switches here, one is in the
east and the other is in the west. This will open two doors that leads to
Grubb. You may notice a locked door here, but don't bother to open it now.
Enemies here are Jinam Soldiers and Guard Bots. Usually when they are low in HP
they will use healing magic. They don't cause too much trouble.

d. Ankaran Base

You can claim Runner here. Use the holodisk you got from the Jinam Battleship
in the computer. Now your objective is to find a converter. Talk to the Ankaran
Soldier and he will give you dogtags. Go back again to the ship. You can also
find here the Air Fate Card it is near to the Ankaran Soldier.

e. Jinam Battleship(revisited)

Use the dogtags in the locked door. Search now for the power converter it is
located at the northeast of the ship. You can leave.
Again, you will notice a locked door. You can't open it for now.

f. Ankaran Base(revisited)

Give the converter to Led and if you are ready you can go.

g. Ankaran Capitol

Head to the headquarters, let Led talk to the guard. You will know that Gen.
Campbell has already left to retrieve the doomsday device at the research lab.
You must go to the underground passage, this will lead to the lab.

h. Underground Passage

Enemies here are Jinam and Guard bots. Use Led repair skill to do the damage.
In the part of the underground there are 2 different paths here; you will
receive an item going down south and heading east is the exit.

i. Research Lab

You can't stop now Campbell. He already deploy the weapons. Selina will appear
here, telling that she is no longer on Doskias' side. Follow Campbell. Anakaran
Soldier will hold you. After a small scene, Selina will pick you up.

The World Bazaar

Boss Enemy: Lava Lord
Fate Cards: Summon, Fire, Resurrect, Cure
Birds: Near BH HQ. , Dark Lake
Party Members: Maya, Grubb, Runner, Corgan, Led, Selina, Araymn and Badu

Shell 4

a. Red Light District

After Gunnar told to you what to do. Head now to the Shipping  Transport.
Before that let Led fix the chains outside the bar.

b. Shipping Transport

The captain will tell you that he can't book a passage to Shell 7. You must
find first Araym. Head back to the brothel.

c. Red Light District

Inside the bar, go upstairs to find a bounty hunter. He holds a KEY that will
free Araym. Talk to him with Maya, this will end up in a fight outside the bar.
Remember the crate Led fixed. Shoot it. After that head now to the Bounty
Hunter District.

d. Bounty Hunters District

You can find here the 4th bird near the BH headquarters. Head for the large
pipe and use the KEY to open it. You can find Araym here. After freeing him
head back to the brothel.

e. The Brothel

Araym will join your party and Selina will leave. Now you can leave the World
Bazaar. Buy 3 Earplugs before you go to Shell 7.

Shell 7

a. Landing Area

The ship will land here exit the area. Head now to the east mountain caverns.

b. East Mountain Caverns

Enemies here are beetles and crabs. The Beetles has 97HP and the Crabs have
30HP with a high armor class. Head south until you reach an area which you
can't stand the noise. Use your earplugs here to protect you from the noise.
You will fight the Lava Lord. Use Sedna and Pilitak(Summon and Water Fate
Cards) on the legs to finish him off. Remember this place you will use the lava
here. You may exit now.

c. Mining Ruins

If Grubb is in your party he can find an item on the junk. Get the LANTERN and
the EXPLOSIVES here and you may exit now.

d. Dark Lake

Use the EXPLOSIVES in the lake. The 5th bird is in this place. It is in the
east. The enemies here are not a big problem. Mold plants, helgaks and thunder
lions are quite easy.

e. Helgak Graveyard

After you pass the Dark Lake, head to this place and pick up the Helgak's bone.
Mix it with the mixing bowl you have just bought in the World Bazaar. Now leave
the Shell, there is nothing to do here from now.

Shell 3

a. South Farm

The only thing you will do here is to find the carver and let him carve the
bone. After this go back again to Shell 7.

b. Catacombs

Just get the Resurrect Fate Card from the coffin and you can leave.

Shell 7

a. Mold Forest

This is a huge maze. Go to the east exit area(middle) of the forest. You will
find here a red plant. Play the HELGALK FLUTE on it and it will open. Use the
lantern on it. Exit now the forest and head to the Bone Circle Village.

b. Bone Circle Village*see patch section*

Use the lantern on the pole, so that they will pass you. Talk to the Village
Chief. He will give a Cure Fate Card. Also Badu will join your party. After
that head again to the Mold Forest.

c. Mold Forest(revisited)

Head north there should be a wall here. Badu will open and it. Follow the path
that leads to the exit to the north.

d. Mining Operation*see patch section*

Explore the area nothing too do much around, except from fighting the Mining
Helgak. Plunder his head with attacks until it opens, then use level 3 attacks.
After a tough battle. You will follow Kaleb to the Lens Ship.

e. Lens Ship

There are 2 switches here; one will a door to the west, there is an item there
and the other one will open the door to the exit. FMV.

The Pirates

Boss Enemy: Connor
Fate Card: Bless
Bird: Pranno and East Marsh
Party Members: All(Maya, Grubb, Runner, Corgan, Led, Selina, Araymn, Badu, and

a. Crashed Lens Ship

Just get the LENS SHARPNEL and exit

b. Scumm Town

There are 2 places here; the Barter Mall and the Docks. Head first to the
Barter Mall. You can buy new items and weapons. Buy also MEAT here from the man
in the tatoo parlor. After this, head now to the Docks. Get the DRILL on the
entrance and let Araymn steal the CARGO MANIFEST.

c. Pranno*see patch section*

Pranno is located south east over the pirate's base. You will meet here all
your party member including Selina. Also get the HERB ouside the bar. Mix it
with the BOWL and the HELGAK FLUTE. Take Araym in your party. Head now to the
South Mire.

d. South Mire

Meet up with Lobo. You will have a deal here. Free his crew and he will get you
off Shell. His crew was taken by Connor. You need to get inside his base, but
unfortunately that is not very easy. You must dress up like the Slave girls.
First, you need items to make a temporary tatoo. Second, go back to the Tatoo
Parlor(Barter Mall) and make a tatoo like Slave girls. Lastly, meet up again
with Lobo.

e. East Marsh

To make a temporary tatoo you must have a LEECH, HELGAK EGG and SLEEPING PLANT.
You can find here a LEECH. Use the MEAT here to distruct them, and you can now
get it. That's 1 down 2 to go.
The 7th bird is also here.

f. West Pirate's Base

Just go to the second level of the map. There will 2 exits here, go to the
south. You will end up in a snowy mountain. To find the HELGAK EGG here, take a
look at your map(Tab). There is a red portion, that is where the HELGAK EGG is.
It is guarded by a Helgak, use Sedna and Pilitak to finish the battle. You can
now exit. Just only 1 item left.

g. West Marsh

Go to the west part of the place and you will find the SLEEPING PLANT guarded
by 3 Helgaks, this quite easy. Now you have all the items. Use the DRILL in the
HELGAK EGG, after that, put the SLEEPING PLANT in the HELGAK EGG. Now you have
a DRUGGED EGG plus a LEECH. Now what to do is head north you will encounter a
unusually Helgak. Place the DRUGGED EGG to it,at that time it will felt asleep
and use the LEECH to suck his blood. Go to the second objective.

h. Barter Mall

Go to the tatoo parlor. Give the BLOTTED LEECH to the tatoo maker. She will
make a temporary tatoo for you. Head now to Lobo.

i. South Mire

Lobo will give you a FLARE and the DOCK KEY. You can now enter Connor's Base.

j. Shipping Docks

Show to the guard the CARGO MANIFEST he will let you enter. Use the DOCK KEY
onto the door.

k. Connor's Base

Now it is just up to you. After getting your equipment. Find the secret place
where you will use the FLARE to signal Lobo. It is in the east exit area of
last part of the base. Once you are here use the FLARE to the sky. Lobo will
arrive and the other member you just pick up. Heading to the west exit area is
where you can find Connor. He is a tough enemy if don't know how to kill him.
Shoot the cannons several times. It will turn around and point at Connor. Once
you are victorious, he will left CELL KEYS you will use to free Lobo's crew.
Back again where start at. Find the Cell where you can see Jinam Soldiers. That
is Lobo's Crew. After freeing them. Head again where you use the FLARE. Lobo's
Crew will pick you up to exit the area.

The Chosens

Boss Enemies: 3 Magi
Fate Cards: Law, Slow
Bird: None
Party Members: All

Shell 1

a. Chosen Capitol

-West District	
Just find the CAPITOL KEY and exit the area.
-East District
Use the CAPTITOL KEY and find here the TANK ENGINE. Head to the Central
-Central District
Find the path with a tank blocking on your way, use here the TANK ENGINE. Flip
the switch. Look for Gunnar here.

b. Chosen Palace

At this point there is no turning back. Just find the CORE KEYS and your outta
-Red Palace
There two switches you need to flip. At the west end portion of the map, and at
the northeast. After you flipped the switches, go to the second level of the
map. Find the BLUE PALACE KEY here
-Blue Palace
Flip the switch in the east corner. This will close the door at the north and
will open a door that leads to the bottom level of the map. Just flip the
switch in the south, it closes a door that you have just entered and opens 2
doors, 1 in the 1st level and the other one in the northwest. Go back to the
1st level. Find the switch that will open a door and will lead you to the 1st
Magi. Flip again the first switch in this level. Confront the 1st Magi. Do not
shoot him directly or else he will use his counter attacks  that damages a
significant amount of HP. He will drop a RED PALACE KEY. Go back from where you
found the BLUE PALACE KEY.
-Red Palace
Face the 2nd Magi. Just use Marduk(Summon and Law) here. He will drop a YELLOW
-Yellow Palace
Flip the switch at east portion of the map and at west. After this, go through
where the doors open. There are 2 switches here. The switches will open the
doors that leads to the last Magi.
This isn't very hard to defeat. You will receive here the GREEN PALACE KEY.
-Green Palace
After a few scene, you will face the 3 Magi. Concentrate your attack at the
center Magi. You will gain the CORE KEYS after the fight.


Boss Enemy: Hellgod
Fate Cards: Mirror
Birds: none
Party Members: All

Shell 5

a. Ankaran Capitol

Find the bounty hunter that holds the KEY to the research lab.

b. Research Lab

There are 3 biobreather masks here. The first is in the east exit area. Use the
switch in the north room to open the locked doors. A yellow suit contains a
biobreather mask. Exit the area. Go now to the west exit area. Going to the
east exit part, there is a biobreather mask in the box. Go back to the previous
area.  In the west room, there is a box that contains a biobreather mask. In
the mid section of the map there is a DIAMOND WHEEL. You will need this. Exit

Shell 7

a. Mold Forest

Wear your breather masks(Badu and Runner do not need these). Find the east exit
area(last). Follow the maze until you reach the exit. Head to the east exit
area where you can find the RED VILLAGE KEY. Head to the west exit area(one at
the right). Find the BLUE VILLAGE KEY. Exit. Go now to other area. Find the
HELLGOD CLAW. Combine it with the CORE KEYS. Exit Mold Forest.

b. West Mountain Caverns

Go where you previouslly killed the Lava Lord. Put the CLAW into the lava. Now
you have the real CORE KEYS. Ask what it is to Azziz.

c. Mining Ruins

After going to Shell 2, head first here. Give the DIAMOND WHEEL to the Hermit.
He will use it to your LENS SHARPNEL. After that you, will have the CORITE

Shell 2

a. Azziz's Temple

Show Azziz the CORE KEYS. He will tell you to travel to the core to unlock it's
secrets. Revisit Shell 7.

Shell 7(revisited)

a. Mold Forest

Go to the mining ruins. Find the new exit that will lead to the core. Flip the
switch at the nothern part of the map. After that, go to the door that opens.
Find a switch that will open another door. Go to the exit area. Just locate the
4 colored key (BLUE,YELLOW,GREEN,RED KEYS). If you get a key, a sequence of
events will be triggered. Just follow the door that opens. After this, exit and
head to the other exit area which is in the west. Use the 4 KEYS. Just flip the
switches here and follow. The next area is where the Hellgod is. The Hellgod is
quite hard. he will cast different fire based attacks. Use Sedna and
Pilitak(Summnon and Water). Again flip the switches, that you will find here.
You will end up facing Doskias. He will try to unlock the core, apparently you
will loose the CORE KEY you're holding. Exit the whole area.

Freeing Wind City

Boss Enemies: Balcaam
Fate Cards:All and Achilles' Heel
Birds: none
Party members: All

Shell 3

a. Mountain Passage

Meet up with Layla. Talk about the Holy Guards. She will give the RESERVOIR

Shell 2

a. Junk Heap

You need a boat for the Reservoir.You need a GRAPPLING HOOK to get the boat in
the Helgak graveyard at Shell 7. In this place you can find these items. Beware
of the warbots. Also you will get the PIPE here. You will use it later.

Shell 7

a. Helgak Graveyard

Just use the GRAPPLING HOOK at the helgak shell.

Shell 3(revisited)

a. Reservoir

Use the KEY on the door. Use the HELGAK SHELL into the sea. This is transport
to the other side of the Reservoir. Once you are in the forest, flip the switch
at the north, this will a door.
Head through the exit at the northwest of the map. Go through the northeast
area to find the other holy guard. They will tell to cut the cable to the stop
the energy source from Wind City. If you brought Lobo, he can destroy with the
help of the CORITE LENS. Go back to the previous area. Exit through the area at
the western part. Find the 2 switches to exit this place.Enemies here are
Chosen Ranger,Elite Soldier,lens flyer and wardog they are all quite easy.

b. Mountain Passage

Talk to Layla. Talk about the Holy Guards and Wind City. You must meet up with

c. Library

After talking to Abbot, you will enter the Wind City Capitol building. This is
a one huge maze. When you reach the top, head through the Chosen Battleship.
Flip the switches here, one at the west room, other one is in the east room.
Head through the north exit area to face Balcaam. Use Earth based attack or
Summon Humbaba(Summon and Earth) for a quick kill.

The Doomsday Device

Boss Enemies: Doomsday Brain and Kaleb
Fate Card: Chaos
Party members:All

Shell 2

a. Azziz's Temple

You see Alisa here. Azziz will tell to you that, Doskias might use the Doomsday
Device. You must stop him. Markham will give you the CHOSEN SEWER DUCT KEY. You
must retrieve the blueprint of the Doomsday Device from Shell 1.

Shell 1

a. Chosen Sewer Duct

Use the KEY. Follow the path in the sewer until you reach the Chosen Palace.
This place is familar, you have been here. At the main hall, the blue door that
was formerly lock, is now open. Find the GREEN PALACE KEY here by using the 2
switches that are located at the east end and west room of the map. Remember
where you use the GREEN PALACE KEY before? it is at the end door of the main
door. From where killed the 3 Magi. You will face Kaleb. He will use different
elemental attacks. After defeating him you will have DOOMSDAYS BLUEPRINT. Exit
the whole area from how you have enter it.

Shell 2(revisited)

a. Azziz's Temple(revisited)

Just give the DOOMSDAY BLUEPRINT to Azziz. Head now to Shell 6.

Shell 6

a. Doomsday Rift

The Doomsday Rift is just north of Pranno. Enter the rift. Another one huge
maze you will encounter. Guess what? you will fight here gigantic cords that
can damage a significant amount of HP. I think it is worth 100HP+ depends on
the character you choose. Some of the cords have an HP of 1000. Pound them with
Marduk for a quick kill. Find your way here until you meet the Doomsday Brain.
You have to fight this twice. The first one is very easy. First, cast Barrier
All(to prevent massive damage you will receive). Second, wait until all
parts(4) of the brain appears, and then casts Marduk All. The next one. Use the
same pattern, but you have only a single target here. After that, you will
receive the Chaos Fate Card.FMV.


Boss Enemies:
Fate Cards:none
Birds: Chosen Ruins
Party Members: All

Shell 2

a. Downtown Oasis

Talk to your Uncle, ask where Tori is. She is in the Factory. Head to the

b. Factory

Bring Corgan here to enter the Factory. You will meet the Watcher Alpha that
will help you to revive Layla. You must get all the items they need to do what
you ask to them. Also, they will give the REFORMATTING DISK and the LENS JUNGLE
KEY. Head first to the Smelting Complex.

c. Smelting Complex

I recommend to bring Grubb or Led here. They can destroy the warbots here
easily. If you find the computer here. Use the REFORMATTING DISK. Head now to
Shell 4.

Shell 4

a. Shipping Transport

Find the Sewer entrance. Find your way out here at the sewer, until you reach
the lens jungle. Get the HEALING PLANT and the OPTIC VINE and exit the whole

Shell 6

a. Chosen Ruin

Use the OPTIC VINE at the panel at the left to open the gates. You can also
find here the 9th bird. Head to the north exit area look for the RED TEMPLE
KEY. After that, go back to the previous area. Then use the KEY, flip the
switch, on your way to the south exit area. Time to look for the TALISMAN.
After you have it, exit the whole the area.

Shell 2(revisited)

a. Factory(revisited)

Give all the items the Watcher Alpha needs and then head to the Cathedral in
Wind City. You can't go in this place anymore.

Shell 3

a. Wind City

Head to the Cathedral. People are blocking your way in, let Corgan handle it.
He will enter the Cathedral himself to look for Layla. Now, Layla isn't the
Layla you knew before, but instead she is like one of those in the Factory. She
is one of your source of information now.

Stoppping the Doomsday Device

Boss Enemy: Necromancer Draxx, Markham and Alisa
Fate Cards:Curse and Vampyre
Party members: All

Shell 3

a. South Farm

Talk to General Campbell at the bar, he will tell that there was a
counter-device aginst the Doomsday Device, built by the Jinam. The device is
located beneath the Catacombs, meaning to say the next destination is the

Shell 5

a. Crash Jinam Battleship

If you haven't done this yet, to right now. Locate the door that only Lobo can
open. Get the JINAM SECURITY PASS, then head to the Catacombs.

Shell 7

a. Mining Ruin*see Patch Section*

Another thing that you need to consider is the EXPLOSIVES to blow all the
unstable walls at the Catacomb. Give the MOLD ANTIDOTE(HERB from Pranno, MIXING
BOWL from Shell 4 and HELGAK FLUTE) to the Hermit, he will replay you

Shell 3

a. Catacombs

Prepare for a series of huge mazes! Make sure you stock up all the healing
items needed and sanity. Use the EXPLOSIVES to the unstable walls(only Araym
can blow things out). Make your way to the South Exit Area to find the RED
CATACOMB KEY. Use it on the door at the previous area. To enter the other exit
area. This area needs flipping and re-flipping of switches. Once ypu find your
way out. You will end up at the Jinam Research Lab, Jinam Control Lab and Jinam
Main Lab. The SECRET DEVICE is located at the Main Lab, but head first at the
Control Lab to find the RED LAB KEY, then the Research Lab for the BLUE LAB
KEY, lastly enter the Main lab. At the end part of the Lab, use the JINAM
SECURITY PASS to unlock the door and get the DEVICE, but you need to face the
Necromancer Draxx. Use healing items to finish him off. Exit the whole area.

b. Cathedral

Show it to Layla. You have to divde your team here. You need to evacuate to
people from Shell 4. Before leaving the Shell, get the PAINT SPRAY(it is in a
wall) from Wind City.

Shell 6

a. Shipping Docks

Find first a ship that you will use. Talk to the manager about a ship, he will
let have one, but you ned to refuel it. Also you will receive the TREASURE KEY

b. Mountain Pirate Base West

At the second area, head to the south exit area. Head north, use the TREASURE
KEY, to encounter a invisible enemy. Use the PAINT SPRAY on it. After the
battle get the PUMPING KEY. Head back to the caverns. Now head to the north
exit area. Use the KEY to the pump and then the PIPE you get from the junk

c. Shipping Docks

Talk again to the manager, now you have a ship. Head to Shell 4.

Shell 4

a. Bounty Hunters District

Talk to the 2 bounty hunters guarding the HQ. They will drive the ship. After
this, Corgan's team will fight Markham and other troops. After this fight,
another battle will start between Alisa and Maya. After all exhausted battle,
just get Alisa's ROYAL SEAL. Combine it with the TALISMAN.

Kyra's Mirror

Boss Enemies:
Fate Card: none
Bird: The Last Bird(Fire Temple)
Party Members: All
V.	Lists	

a. Weapons/Armors/Items
Used by
#1	Maya
#2	Grubb
#3	Runner
#4	Corgan	
#5	Led
#6	Selina
#7	Araym	
#8	Badu
#9	Lobo


Knife              		Strike      			Power				Used by

Core Knives         		+55          			+55        			#8
Knives              		+60          			+60        			#8
PowerKnives         		+70          			+70        			#8
Bone Knives         		+95          			+95       			#8
Metal Knives       		+135         			+135       			#8
RelicKnives        		+115         			+120       			#8
SpeedKnives        		+120         			+115       			#8
SharpKnives        		+210         			+210      			#8
StrikeKnives       		+225         			+170      			#8
BloodKnives        		+180         			+225      			#8
Slash Knives       		+275         			+275      			#8

OrionBlades        		+295         			+295      			#8


Name              		Strike      			Power 			Used by

ShortSword          		+15          			+15         		#4,#6
Sword               		+30          			+30         		#4,#6
MedSword            		+45          			+45       			#4,#6
BastardSword        		+70          			+70       			#4,#6
LongSword           		+95          			+95       			#4,#6
BroadSword         		+135         			+135       			#4,#6

HonorBlade          		+60          			+60       			#4
StrikeBlade       		+145         			+115       			#4
PowerBlade         		+170         			+225       			#4
SteelBlade         		+210         			+210       			#4,#6

WitchPower         		+115        			+145 				#6
WitchStrike        		+225        			+170				#6
WitchBlade          		+60         			+60         		#6

CoreWitch          		+245        			+245  			#6

HonorStrike        		+265         			+245       			#4

Rune Steel         		+275         			+275       			#4,#6

Gilgamesh          		+290         			+290       			#4,#6

DaemonSword        		+295         			+295       			#4,#6


Engine              		Strike      			Power       		Used by

Small Engine      		+10          			+10                  #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
Turbo Engine      		+12          			+10        		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
Engine            		+15          			+15        		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
MedEngine         		+30          			+30        		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
ForceEngine       		+38          			+29        		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
StrngEngine       		+45          			+45           	   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
MightEngine       		+55          			+55        		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
PowerEngine       		+70          			+70        		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9	
SmallBlitzer       		+95          			+95       		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
Blitzer           		+135         			+135       		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
WeakBlitzer       		+140         			+140       		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
TurboBlitzer      		+120         			+115     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
PowerBlitzer      		+210         			+210     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
ForceBlitzer      		+185         			+180     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9

CoreSeed          		+150         			+150     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9

ForceTurbine      		+255         			+260     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
Turbine           		+275        	 		+275     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9
WeakTurbine       		+280         			+285     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9	
Bahamut           		+285         			+295     		   #1,#2,#3,#7,#9	


Wrench              		Strike      			Power       		Used by

LightWrench          		+30          			+30         		#5
Wrench              		+45          			+45         		#5
LargeWrench         		+70          			+70         		#5
Power Wrench        		+60          			+85         		#5
IronWrench         		+95          			+95       			#5
Gear Wrench        		+120         			+155       			#5
SteelWrench        		+135         			+135       			#5
Strike Wrench      		+150         			+115       			#5
ImpactWrench       		+210         			+210       			#5
MagWrench          		+190         			+225       			#5
CoreWrench         		+245         			+245       			#5
ShellWrench        		+275         			+275      			#5
Glamdink           		+295         			+295      			#5


Protection from different Status Changes

Item									Ability

Aegis             						Protects partially from Stun
Heartstone        						Protects partially from Poison
MindShield   						      Protects partially from Berzerk
Holy Shield        						Protects partially from Curse
Wallet            						Protects partially from Steal
Red Star          						Protects partially from Core Drain
Power Aegis       						Protects fully from Stun
Hewstone          						Protects fully from Poison
MindBarrier       						Protects fully from Berzerk
Holy Relic        						Protects fully from Curse
Lockpurse         						Protects fully from Steal
Blue Star         						Protects fully from Core Drain
Restore Ring      						Defends from all Status Change

Protection from Elemental and Non-Elemental Attacks

Item									Ability

Air Guard         						Protects partially from Air damage
Fire Guard        						Protects partially from Fire damage
Aqua Guard        						Protects partially from Water damage
Earplugs          						Protects partially from Sonic damage
Rock Guard        						Protects partially from Earth damage
Silver Clove      						Protects partially from Undead damage
FirePrism         						Protects fully from Fire damage
AirPrism          						Protects fully from Air damage
EarthPrism        						Protects fully from Earth damage
SeaPrism          						Protects fully from Water damage
Disrupt           						Protects fully from Sonic damage
HolyWater         						Protects fully from Undead damage
BreatherMask      						Protects against Mold Forest Disease
Spirit Guard      						Protects from all Elemental Attacks

Additional bonus to HP

Item									Ability

IronHeart         		                        HP +8	
Sturdy Heart      		                        HP +15
Hero Heart        		                        HP +26

Additional bonus to Power

Item									Ability

Gloves                                   			Pwr +8
Knuckles                                 			Pwr +10
Gauntlet                                 			Pwr +12
GearMuscle                      				Pwr +12
HydrMuscle                      				Pwr +19
MyomrMuscle                     				Pwr +24

Additional bonus to Agility

Item									Ability

Cats Paw                               			Ag +15, Stk +8, Pwr +8,  Spd +1
Snake Tail                  					Ag +25, Stk +13,Pwr +13, Spd +3
Eagle Wing        		                        Ag +55, Stk +28,Pwr +28, Spd +6

Additional bonus to Perception

Item									Ability

True Sight        		                        Per +15, Stk +8, Pwr +8, Core +1
Long Sight        			                  Per +25, Stk +12,Pwr +12
Deep Sight        			                  Per +45, Stk +22,Pwr +22

Additional bonus to Strength

Item									Ability

Metal Buckle                          		      Str +15, AC +8, Pwr +8,  HP +8
Iron Buckle                           	    		Str +28, AC +15,Pwr +15, HP +15
Steel Buckle      			                  Str +55, AC +27,Pwr +27, HP +27

Additional bonus to Vitality

Item									Ability

Titan                                 		 	Vit +14, AC +8, Spd +1, HP +8
Titan Ring                           	     		Vit +25, AC +12,Spd +3, HP +12
Titan Charm       			                  Vit +55, AC +24,Spd +6, HP +24

Additional bonus to Psyche	

Item									Ability

PsycheKnot                                  		Psy +10, Core +2
PsycheRing                      		            Psy +15, Core +3
PsycheCharm       		                        Psy +55, Core +6

Additional bonus to Strike

Item									Ability

True Strike 		                              Stk +8
Solid Strike               		                  Stk +12
Even Strike                              			Stk +28

Additional bonus to Armor Class

Item 									Ability

Armor Seal                               			AC +8
Armor Rune                               			AC +13
Armor Relic                              			AC +18

Additional bonus to Core Energy

Item									Ability

Card Token                                		Core +2
Power Token                               		Core +5
Core Token                                		Core +10

Additional bonus to Speed

Item									Ability

Quick Silver		                              Spd +1
Quick Light             		                  Spd +2
Quick Gem                           		      Spd +4

Miscellaneous Items

Item									Ability

TouchStone        						Adds to Experience Earned
StickyFingers     						Adds to Steal chance
Luck Charm        						Adds to Gold Earned
EnkiduBell        						Bonus to cast Core Spells

+Healing Items+


Bread                       					Heals 50 HP
Root                       					Heals 250 HP
Cornucopia                 					Heals 500 HP

Potion                   					Heals entire party for 200 HP
Elixir                   					Heals entire party for 450 HP

Core Rune                 					Restore 25 Core Energy
Core Relic                					Restore 75 Core Energy
Core Sphere               					Restore 150 Core Energy

Smelling Salts             					Resurrect an individual with some HP
Kyra's Tear             					Resurrect an individual with full HP

Herb                      					Cures poison
Ward                     					Cures poison, stun, curse, berserk

Soul Stone               					Restores HP and Core to entire party

+Weapon Upgrade Item+

Item 				Core			Description						Used by	
Grenade			5			Damage closely target				#1,#9
Napalm			5			Damage closely target				#1,#3,#9
Heat Seeker			8			Damage all enemy					#1,#3
Sharpnel			5			Damage closely target				#1
Beam 				3			Damage all enemey in line			#1,#9
Sphere			20			Damage all enemy					#1
Buzzsaw			10			Double damage to a target			#2
Blades			3			Damage all enemey in line			#2,#7
Taser				20			Stuns a target					#2,#7
Venom				10			Poison a target					#2
Blast				15			Damage all enemey in line			#3
ArcBlast			17			Damage all enemy					#2


Armor							Armor Class						Used by		
Vest                    	      	+10           				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightSheath             	      	+13           				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightVest               	      	+15          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
MedVest                 	      	+26          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LeatherVest             	      	+33          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
FlackVest               	      	+43          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
HardSheath              	      	+48          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
ChainVest               	      	+64          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
HeavySheath             	      	+65          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
PowerVest               	      	+96          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightShell             		      	+96          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
BulkyShell              		     	+115          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
KahliShell              		     	+120          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
HeavyShell                   			+136          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
SeraphimArmor                 		+110          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
HeavyMail                    			+165          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightPlate                   			+175          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
KnightMail                   			+176         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
HeavenPlate                  			+176          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
BulkyMail               		     	+186          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7

Coat                   				+10          				   #3,#9	
Thin Coat               			+13          				   #3,#9	
PlasticCoat             			+15          				   #3,#9	
MedCoat                 			+26          				   #3,#9	
MetalCoat               			+33          				   #3,#9	
HvyCoat                 			+43          				   #3,#9	
HardCoat                			+48          				   #3,#9	
RoboCover               			+64          				   #3,#9	
HardRobo                			+65          				   #3,#9	
RoboVest                			+96          				   #3,#9	
ThinRobo                			+96          				   #3,#9	
HeavyRobo               			+115          				   #3,#9	
RoboMail                			+136          				   #3,#9	
BulkyRobo               			+150          				   #3,#9	
LightCover              			+175          				   #3,#9	
MetalCover              			+176          				   #3,#9	
IronMan                 			+176          				   #3,#9	
Heavy Cover             			+187          				   #3,#9	

Skins                   			+30						   #8	
War Skins               			+43          				   #8
AncientSkins            			+43          				   #8	
AnimalSkins             			+64          				   #8	
LeatherSkins            			+96          				   #8
RelicBone               			+84           			    	   #8
Petrified Bone          			+125          				   #8
HeavySkins              			+136          				   #8
TiamatSkin              			+175          				   #8
MediumBone              			+176          				   #8

Shoes                   			+0          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LeatherShoes            			+3          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Greaves                 			+5          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Speed Shoes             			+6          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Fast Shoes              			+9          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightShoes              			+9          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
HardGreaves             			+12          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
ArmorShoes              			+12          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightBoots              			+15          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Wing Shoes              			+16          				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Wind Shoes              			+24         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
LightGreaves            			+31         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Speed Boots             			+34         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
BootGreaves             			+37         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
ArmorGreaves            			+38         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Wing Boots              			+44         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7
Heavy Greaves           			+51         				   #1,#2,#4,#6,#7

Springs                           		+0         					   #3,#5,#9	
MedSprings                       		+3         					   #3,#5,#9	
MetalSprings                      		+5         					   #3,#5,#9	
HardSprings                       		+6         					   #3,#5,#9	
ArmorSprings                      		+9         					   #3,#5,#9	
SpeedSprings                      		+9         					   #3,#5,#9	
PlateSprings                     		+12         				   #3,#5,#9	
QuickSprings                     		+12         				   #3,#5,#9	
HvySprings                       		+16         			 	   #3,#5,#9	
LghtHydrlics                     		+18         				   #3,#5,#9	
Hydraulics                       		+24         				   #3,#5,#9	
ArmrHydrlics                     		+28         				   #3,#5,#9	
LightShocks                      		+31         				   #3,#5,#9	
MedShocks                        		+34         				   #3,#5,#9	
HvyHydrlics                      		+39         				   #3,#5,#9	
QuickShocks                      		+44         				   #3,#5,#9	
Covered Shocks                   		+51         				   #3,#5,#9	

Claw Ties                     		+9         					   #8	
LightTies                     		+9         					   #8	
Claw Skins                   			+12         				   #8	
Claw Pads                    			+16         				   #8	
LightSandals                 			+17         				   #8	
ClawSandals                  			+24         				   #8	
HardTies                     			+29         				   #8	
Claw Wraps                   			+34         				   #8	
LightTreads                 			+35         				   #8	
HardWraps                    			+39         				   #8	
Claw Straps                  			+44         				   #8	
Hard Bindings                			+51         				   #8	

b. Characters

I rated every characters in the game on how they performed when I play the
game. I rated them based on there:

Damage Rating:	The ability of a character to deal damage either magical skill
or basic 			skill. Factor that will affect DR; if a character can equip a Core
Engine it 			helps to boost damage, item weared by the character(metal buckle,
even strike 			etc etc.)	
Hit Points:		The amount of Hit Points of a character . Some factor can affect
HP;the item  			the character(Titan, Titan Charm etc etc.)is wearing or if the
character can 			easily acquire Level.
Defense:		How tough the character is. Factor that will affect AC; armor and
item(Armor 			Seal, Armor Relic etc etc.) weared by the character.
Speed:		The time when a character fills the bar. Factor that will affect SPD;
if 			the armor is light or heavy, item weared(Quick gem, Eagle Wing etc etc.)
Core Rating:	The amount of core the character have.
Level Up:		The time for a character to acquire a level.
Multiple Attacks: A certain skill of a character that can attack more than 1
enemy at the same 			time.
Total:		The overall performace of the Character.


*****	- The best of the best.
****	- A little different from the best.
***	- Average	
**	- Near below.	
*	- Cream of the crap.


Damage Rating:	****
Hit Points: 	***   	
Defense:		***
Speed:		***
Core Rating:	***
Level Up:		***
Multiple Attacks: ****

Total:		****(huh... you don't have a choice, you can't remove her from the

Pros.: Average fighter. Moderate speed. Nice damage. Different multiple
attacks. Good defense.
Cons.: You can't remove her from the party.


Damage Rating:	*
Hit Points: 	**   	
Defense:		**
Speed:		*****
Core Rating:	*****
Level Up:		*
Multiple Attacks: **

Total:		**

Pros.: High speed. Can repair/damage mechanical members/enemies. Nice magic
attack when teamed 	 up with Led. Repair Skill.
Cons.: Low damage capability. Few multiple attacks. Hard to Level up. Low HP.


Damage Rating:	****
Hit Points: 	*****   	
Defense:		****
Speed:		*
Core Rating:	*
Level Up:		***
Multiple Attacks: *****

Total:		**

Pros.: High damage capability. High Armor Class. Multiple Attacks. High HP.
Need to repair to 	 heal. Healing items works, but less.
Cons.: Very Very slow. You can't get information from him.


Damage Rating:	****
Hit Points: 	****   	
Defense:		***
Speed:		****
Core Rating:	****
Level Up:		***
Multiple Attacks: **

Total:		****

Pros.: Above average fighter. High speed. Damage wise. Nice magic attacks.
Cons.: Few mutltiple attacks


Damage Rating:	**
Hit Points: 	**   	
Defense:		**
Speed:		*****
Core Rating:	*****
Level Up:		*
Multiple Attacks: *

Total:		**

Pros.: High speed. Good spell caster. Nice magic attack when teamed up with
Grubb. Repair Skill
Cons.: Very Very to gain Level. Low damage capability.


Damage Rating:	***
Hit Points: 	***   	
Defense:		***
Speed:		****
Core Rating:	**
Level Up:		***
Multiple Attacks: **

Total:		***

Pros.: Average fighter. Moderate speed. Nice damage rating. Stealing from


Damage Rating:	****
Hit Points: 	***   	
Defense:		***
Speed:		****
Core Rating:	*****
Level Up:		*****
Multiple Attacks: *

Total:		****

Pros.: High speed. High core rating. Moderate damage capability. Cool magic
skills. Easy to 	 gain Level
Cons.: Few multiple attacks


Damage Rating:	*****
Hit Points: 	*****   	
Defense:		*****
Speed:		*
Core Rating:	*
Level Up:		***
Multiple Attacks: *

Total:		***

Pros.: Monster Damage. Shell like armor. A god like magic skill . A Hit Points
of an immortal
Cons.: A speed of a turle. A core rating same as Runner. Few multiple attacks


Damage Rating:	****
Hit Points: 	***   	
Defense:		***
Speed:		****
Core Rating:	***
Level Up:		***
Mutiple Attacks:	*****

Total:		****

Pros.: Multiple attacks. Nice damage capability. High speed. Good damage
Cons.: Will consume large amount of core, if you are always happy to use his
Skills. You need  	 to repair him to heal, healing items works, but less.

c. Skills

This are all the skills of all the characters. You must achieve a certain Level
or buy a upgrade item to complete all this.


|1. RifleShot	4. RifleVulcan 	7. RifleGatling  |	
|								     |
|2. Beam		5. Grenade		8. Napalm	     |	
|								     |	
|3. HeatSeeker	6. Sharpnel		9. Sphere	     |	
|								     |	


|1. Staff		4. Staff 		7. Staff	     |	
|								     |
|2. Bussaw		5. Repair		8. Blades	     |	
|								     |	
|3. Taser		6. LedCombo		9. ArcBlast      |	
|								     |	


|1. 			4.  			7. 		     |	
|								     |
|2. Charge 		5. Napalm		8. Rapid	     |	
|								     |	
|3. Heat Seeker	6. Fetch		9. Blast	     |	
|								     |	


|1. SwordStrike	4. DoubleStrike 	7. TripleStrike  |	
|								     |
|2. Observe		5. Tremor 		8. Protect	     |	
|								     |	
|3. Charge		6. CoreForce	9. DaemonForce   |	
|								     |	


|1. 			4.  			7. 		     |	
|								     |
|2. Repair		5. WindStrike	8. GrubbCombo    |	
|								     |	
|3. Berzerker	6. Boomerang	9. AirLash       |	
|								     |	


|1. 			4.  			7. 		     |	
|								     |
|2. CurseStrike	5. Kiss of Death	8. GhostForce    |	
|								     |	
|3. CoreForce	6. Charge		9. SwordRain     |	
|								     |	


|1. 			4.  			7. 		     |	
|								     |
|2. Taser		5. Venom		8. Mug	     |	
|								     |	
|3. BladeSpin	6. Steal		9. ArmWhip	     |	
|								     |	


|1. 			4.  			7. 		     |	
|								     |
|2. CoreKinfe	5. PoisonSpit	8. Vampyre	     |	
|								     |	
|3. SonicStrike	6. SonicStun	9. SonicWave     |	
|								     |	


|1. RifleShot	4. RifleVulcan 	7. RifleGatling  |	
|								     |
|2. Beam		5. Grenade		8. Napalm	     |	
|								     |	
|3. TorsoSpin	6. TorsoBlast	9. TorsoBurst    |	
|								     |	

d. Fate Cards

Aside from your skills. Fate Cards serves as your offensive and defensive
magics. Fate Cards can be combined with other cards, producing more devastating
effect. Each Fate Card is represented by a demi-god; Gemma(green),
Marduk(blue), Kyra(pink), and Dojo(red). Here are there locations.

Fate Cards				Location

a. Water Fate Card	Azziz will give it to you after his lesson
b. Heal Fate Card		After beating the Guard Sergeant at the Pumping Station
c. Earth Fate Card	After the battle between Draxx
d. Barrier Fate Card	Selina will drop this after the battle at Armstrong
e. Air Fate Card		Ankaran Base
f. Summon Fate Card	Recieve from Gunnar At the World Bazaar
g. Fire Fate Card		After defeating the Lava Lord at the Caverns in Shell 7
h. Resurrect Fate Card 	At the Catacombs at Shell 3
i. Cure Fate Card		The Village Chief in the Bone Circle will give this to you
j. Bless Fate Card	After defeating Connor at his base
k. Law Fate Card		After defeating the first Magi
l. Slow Fate Card		After defeating the second Magi
m. Mirror Fate Card	After defeating the Hellgod
n. All Fate Card		After defeating Balcaam at the Chosen Battleship
o. Achilles Heel Card	Together with the All Fate Card
p. Chaos Fate Card	After destroying the Doomsday Brain
q. Speed Fate Card	At the Chosen Ruin	
r. Cloak Fate Card	Together with the TALISMAN at the Chosen Ruin
s. Curse Fate Card	At the Catacombs
t. Vampyre Fate Card	Together with the Curse Fate Card
u. Joker Fate Card	After defeating Alisa

e. Combination of Fate Cards

Basic Fate Cards			Core			Description

Chaos 				25			Berzerker
Fire 					15			Fire based attack
Lightning 				12			Lightning based attack
Earth 				9			Earth based attack
Water 				6			Water based attack
Curse 				20			Decrease target stats
Vampyre 				25			Drain life from target
Achilles Heel 			15			Observe			
Law					25			Cure all Status Changes
Summon Bowman			20			Summon Bowman to attack		
Barrier				15			Increases a player's defense
Resurrect				18			Resurrect a dead player
Heal					10			Heal a party member
Cure					10			Removes poison status
Bless					10			Increases a player's stats
Cloak					25			Increases your chance from not being hit/damage
Joker					25			Cast Random Status condition
Slow					25			Decreases opponent's speed
Speed					25			Increases player's speed
Mirror				20			Inverse effect			
All					10			Affects all target

Fate Cards				Core			Description

Barrier+Chaos+*			40			Berzerker Barrier
Barrier+Fire+* 			30			Fire Barrier
Barrier+Water+*			21			Water Barrier
Barrier+Lightning+*		27			Lightning Barrier
Barrier+Earth+*			24			Earth Barrier	
Barrier+Law+*			40			Law Barrier
Barrier+Resurrect+*		33			Undead Barrier
Barrier+Slow+*			35			Slow Barrier
Summon+Chaos+*			45			Summon Gemma
Summon+Fire+*			35			Summon Ouroboros
Summon+Water+*			26			Summon Sedna and Pilitak
Summon+Lightning+*		32			Summon Simurgh
Summon+Earth+*			29			Summon Humbaba
Summon+Law+*			45			Summon Marduk
Summon+Heal+*			30			Summon Kyra
Summon+Resurrect+*		38			Summon Thanatos
Summon+Joker+*			45			Summon Dojo
Mirror+Chaos+*			45			Cure Status Condition(same as Law)
Mirror+Curse+*			40			Increase target stats(same as Bless)
Mirror+Barrier+*			35			Removes barrier from a target
Mirror+Law+*			45			Puts target into Berserk status(same as Chaos)
Mirror+Resurrect+*		38			Instant death(small chance of instant death)
Mirror+Heal+*			30			Unheal(damages a target)
Mirror+Cure+*			30			Poisons a target
Mirror+Bless+*			30			Decreases target stats(same as Curse)
Mirror+Cloak+*			45			Removes cloak from target
Mirror+Slow+*			45			Increases player's speed(same as Speed)
Mirror+Speed+*			45			Decreases target's speed(same as Slow)
Mirror+Chaos+Law			70			Tremendous damage to a target
Chaos+Law+All			60			Tremendous damage to all


"*"- You can use the All Fate Card. Plus 10 core.
All basic Fate Card can be combined with the All Fate Card(exept Mirror).

f. Status Condition

Status				Effect						Cure			

Poison				Gradually losses HP				Herb, Cure, Law, Ward
Stun					Inability to do anything			Ward, Law
Berserk				Randomly attacks anyone				Ward, Law
Slow					Fills the bar slower				Ward, Law		
Curse					Decreases player's stats			Law

VI.	Other Stuffs

a. Secrets/Tips

Here are some stuff that I found during the course of my adventure in the game.
If you found cool and you want to share it, feel free to send me, and I will
add it to this section.

Infinite Gold trick

At your uncle's house, there is a bread in the fridge. You can sell it, after
selling it, go back from where you found it and it is still there.


You can kill undeads with any healing items. Use root/cornocupia for a single
target, if they are too many use 1 potion/elixir. Draxx is also an undead, so
just use 1 root/cornocupia to finish him off. I don't know if this trick works
without a patch.

Also, Don't try to use vampyre to all undead. Instead of gaining life, you are
the one who will receive damage.


Grubb and Led know how to deal with this. Just use repair to do huge amount of
damage. Robot type enemies are; Jinam Soldiers, Guard bots, and Warbots.

Runner and Lobo

Both of them is not affected by Poison Status. They don't heal too much when
you use any healing items. Use Grubb/Led repair skill.

Grubb/Led Combo

To receive this skill you must take Grubb and Led to the Ankaran Capitol. Enter
the building and Maya will leave for a while. Meanwhile Grubb will look for a
gadget and the pirates will attack Led. Choose, look for the gadget or save
Led. Saving Led will lead to a fight by that time you will receive this skill.


Once you have this 2 in your party, they might hack each other in a middle of a
battle(because Selina is a Chosen, who destroyed Armstrong which is the place
of Corgan). To prevent this kind of event, you must do a series of events.
First, go through the Outlaw Canyon in Shell 2, look for a locked which Selina
will open it. After that, get the ARMSTRONG SEAL in the chest. Second, go to
Armstrong there is a kind of monument here, which the SEAL you are holding now
is oppose to be in that monument. Put it on. After that, Selina and Corgan will
respect each other.


Jinam meets Ankaran. This 2 will likely do same as Corgan and Selina, to
prevent it, you will do again a series of events. Head to the Crash Jinam
Battleship. Go through the second area of this place and find where Lobo can
download the cure to the Jinam Plague. Second, head to Gregor. Find Malcom(the
man standing outside of the store) ask about the disease and Lobo will offer
the cure you have gotten at the ship. Led will come up from nowhere and will
thank Lobo for what he has done to her fellow countrymen.

Casting Magic

As much possible try to cast a magic when your bar is full. To have a
greater/longer damage/effect. Also, those who have a high Core Rating, they can
provide greater effect than those who have less.

Experience Points/Leveling Up

Even you don't use a character to fight, they still receive experience points.
Don't get worried when you don't use Grubb or Runner. Always use the best
character in a certian mission.

b. The Birds

What all this birds do? They are your passes to enter the Tower in Shell 3. It
is marked "???" over the world map. Cool stuff awaits you once you enter here.
Feel free to grubb them all. There are no annoyance here. Here are all of them
and their location.
   Birds				Locations
a. 1st Bird				Mourn Graveyard- Shell 3
b. 2nd Bird				Gregor- Shell 5								
c. 3rd Bird				Mesa Canyon(Broken Bridge)- Shell 5
d. 4th Bird				Bounty Hunters District(near BH HQ)- Shell 4
e. 5th Bird				Dark Lake(southeast)- Shell 7
f. 6th Bird				Pranno(near the HERB)- Shell 6			
g. 7th Bird				East Marsh- Shell 6
h. 8th Bird				Outlaw Canyon(where you found Tori)- Shell 2
i. 9th Bird 			Chosen Ruins- Shell 6
j. 10th Bird			Fire Temple- Shell 4

c. Patch Section

This section tells the different changes in the game when you installed the
patch(1.01 and 1.02). This are not all the changes, this are only the problem I
just encountered.


When you have the patch installed, you must go here first before you meet Lobo
at the South Mire. When don't have the patch, you can meet Lobo at the South
Mire w/o going to Pranno.

Bone Circle Village

Without the Patch installed. When you are about to get Badu here he will not
join your party, you must go back at Shell 3 or 4 and come back to get him.
Patch installed. You don't need to go to the other Shell and comeback to get

Mining Operation

Without the patch installed. After defeating the Mining Helgak, you will
receive tons of exp. and gold(I think it is 900K+ or 9M+). Patch installed.
When you defeat him, you will only receive a minimal amount of exp. and gold.

Biobreather Masks

Without the patch installed. When entering the mold forest, not all of them can
wear a biobreather mask. Patch installed. All of them can wear biobreather

Missing Fate Card

Without the patch installed, you might say that there is missing in your deck
of Fate Card and will try to search every place for it. patch Installed. There
is no missing Fate Card, the patch erase the blank card. I think they might not
finish a certain card.

VII.	Credits