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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i open the cheat box?

I search for cheats of the sims 1. but it must have a cheat box. how to open it??

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Assuming you use a PC, Ctrl+Shift+C in that order.

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pizzaman was almost right.its ALT+shift+C

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Pizza man is right. Whiteboy, try playing it again, its not SimCity4.

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Press and Hold those 3 keys together, and the Cheat Box will open.

You can then type in the cheats.

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Press ctrl+shift+c then enter the code, press enter and then your done, when you want to close the cheat box just press ESC

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on mine it's "ctrl-alt-shift-C" maybe it varies per version?

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Shift Ctrl c That's how it works for me!

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