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|    Table of contents     |
   1.0 Equipment
    -1.1 Armor
     ---/special equipment
    -1.2 Weapons
   2.0 Roles
    -2.1 Shoose your role
   3.0 Game modes
    -3.1 Singleplayer
    -3.2 Multiplayer 
    -3.3 Storyline
   4.0 System and requirements
    -Control layout and system
   5.0 Updates

#       1.0 Equipment         #    

 Like in all rpg's you can equip armor, weapons, shields,...
 Their potential damage, ranging from "pitiful" to "divine". And also
 the Material out of which it is constructed, at six levels, ranging 
 from copper to diamond. Some rare weapons are graced with two 
 enchantments, so this creates many different combinations of weapons 

1.1 Armor

There is more than one armor that you can equip on
Nox. Some can only be equiped by wizards some only 
by warriors. The conjuror only has few items he can
equip and the warrior and wizard can't.

 Here's a short list of all sorts:

--Chainmail Armor--
Warrior standard chain mail. Don't get it wet, keep
it oiled and wear a light weight cotton shirt 
underneath or you'll feel a thousand little pinches
every time you move.

--Leather Armor--
Leather armor is the most basic armor aside from 
clothing and offers standard protection from most 
damage types.  It is very lightweight and durable 
making it one of the first choices of warriors and
mages alike.

Ah, the most basic of armor, almost a necessity 
unless you don't mind people not taking you seriously.
Clothing protects you from the harsh elements while 
offering comfort along with style.

--Plated Armor--
For the well-muscled only. It'll keep you safe from 
just about any attack, but this suit of reinforced 
armor isn't exactly built for speed. 

--Spell Caster's Robe--
Always in fashion, cool in summer, warm in winter, 
this fabulous robe is perfect for the junior spell 
caster who wants to look the part. Be careful not to 
wear it in Dun Mir, warrior kingdom. They aren't crazy 
about magic users.

Now let's get serious with your armor, first thing to
do after you've started is getting some decent clothing
which you can find in a nearby shop or just in a barral 
or a secret room. Or you could be stubborn and keep 
wearing them cool earthen sneakers and shirt and 
eventully DIE. The Cloack gives a good resistance to
poisen and wizard spells.

                                 -Different clothing-
(The clothes are ranked like this body :-bad/-good/-thebest/-nothing 
is better when I say recommanded it means wear it when you first can !)

Here is were the roles go apart:

The conjuror: 
Can wear Clothing and leather armor above,
the conjuror should always wear: feat :-leather boots 
                                 head :-leather helm/
                                       -grand conjurors helm(recommanded)       
                                 body :-leather tunic 
                                 legs :-leather leggings 
                                 arms :-leather armbands

The Warrior:
can wear everything apart Spell Caster's clothes,
the warrior should always wear: feat :-leather boots/
                                      -chainmail boots/ 
                                      -plate boots(recommanded)
                                head :-leather helm/
                                      -plate helm (recommanded)/
                                      -knight's helm(this is better than a
                                      plate helm only it can only be found 
                                body :-leather tunic/
                                      -chainmail body/
                                      -plate body (recommanded)
                                legs :-leather leggings/
                                      -chainmail leggings/
                                      -plate leggings (recommanded)
                                arms :-leather armbands/
                                      -plate arms (recommanded)

The wizard:
can only wear clothes and spell caster's robe,
the wizard should always wear: feat :-leather boots
                               head :-wizard's helm
                               body :-spell binder's robe (for body, arms
                                                                and legs)
                               legs :-NONE availleble (wear your clothes)
                               arms :-NONE availleble (wear your clothes)

These items can get to a level 4 of:

-poisen resistance (cloack, body armor, leg armor, armbands, head)
-faster running  (boots only)
-fire (all you can wear except for clothing)
-electricity (all you can wear except for clothing)
-healing (cloack, body armor, leg armor, armbands, head)

These anti- effects/spells can be on armor, you have to buy or find them
like this you cannot make or enchant them.

1.2 Weapons

Here I tell you which weapons the best are for which monsters.

The warrior can equip Wooden Staff, Short Sword, Mace, Long Sword,
Axe, Shuriken, War Hammer, Chackrum, and the two-handed Great Sword.
With also the matirial of wich it is made in front of the name and/or 
the enchantment of the weapon. e.g : copper short sword of the tick.
The warrior can block melee attacks and spells with his round or kite
shield and his Great Sword.

The Conjurer's arsenal would include the Bow, Crossbow, Wooden Staff, 
Fireball Staff, Sulphurous Flare Staff, Sulphurous Shower Staff, 
and a powerfull Force of Nature Staff. The conjuror is very powerfull 
with his crossbow, he can kill about anyone with it, even high classed 
professional warroirs and wizards, I myself prefer the conjuror to play
with even though I do like fighting with a warroir or a wizard (they have 
a cooler suit :P). The conjuror is invincablke with his force of nature 
staff, one good hit and your dead.

For the Wizard, the weapons are Wooden Staff, Fireball Staff, 
Sulphurous Flare Staff, Sulphurous Shower Staff, Triple Fireball Staff,
and the powerful Wand of Death. For you wizards out there I must say a 
Sulphurous Shower staff is WEAK, I would never equip it because it
does little damage and breaks easily, only equip it at the beginning of
the game. The wizard has also his wand of death, you can only equip this
in the final level or on multiplayer.

#         2.0 Roles           #

--Shoose your Role--

The Conjurer
Any fool who prattles on about The peaceful gentleness of nature has 
clearly never dealt with a Conjurer or Nature for that matter. 
Nature is a savage beast, red in tooth and claw, and it's defenders 
are equally savage in protecting her. Nox's Conjurers can be found 
in the great forest south of the mountains in the Northern Continent, 
uncomfortably close to the Land of the Dead. As such, they marshal 
their allies of the earth to help them wipe out their enemies. For 
hose enemies a bit too strong to be taken down by razor sharp claws 
and six-inch fangs, though, Conjurers can imbue a creature to unleash 
combinations of spells when they finally track down their prey. Living 
in the forest makes conjurers a bit more robust than Wizards, though 
they'll usually lose an arm-wrestling contests (and possibly an arm!) 
to a Warrior. As such, Conjurers can wield a staff, bow or crossbow 
and may wear leather armor. Should Jack choose to follow the Conjurer 
Aldwyn in the town of IX, expect to deal with the repercussions of 
Hecubah's murderous rampage. you'll need to fend off deranged creatures,
rescue her innocent victims and defeat the twisted monsters she has 
recruited as her guardians.   

The Warrior
Conjurers and wizards like to make fun of warriors as brainless piles 
of muscle. They just don't do it very loudly. As you might guess, the 
Warriors of Dun Mir focus their training on the use of all types of 
weapons and armor. Warriors like to get up close and personal with their 
enemies, leaving the hocus-pocus and the mumbo-jumbo to the spell-casters.
Warriors don't disdain magic, of course, they just prefer theirs bound 
into something they can use to pound on a foe, like an enchanted sword. 
Should Jack choose to follow the Warlord Horrendous he can expect his 
quest to be filled with plenty of hand-to-hand combat and physical 
challenges. Expect Hecubah to try and use force to try to shut Jack down,
and expect to deal with the honor, courage and loyalty of the 
Fire Knights ­ and those who do not share those values

The Wizard
A great scribe once wrote, Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, 
for they are subtle and quick to anger. He was only half-right , 
the wizards of Nox are anything but subtle. Wizards are pure magic 
users, eschewing the training of the body in favor of training the mind.
As a result, they cannot wear armor as it would restrict the movements
of the body needed to cast spells and they can only wield a staff for 
self-defense. Don't let their seemingly frail appearance fool you however.
Wizards can draw on a spectacular array of magical forces, often crafting
illusions to force enemies into destroying themselves. Should that fail,
however, wizards can channel energies to create real effects as well 
wielding fire and lightning to blast their enemies or paralyzing their 
muscles while giant rocks rain down on their heads. Should Jack choose 
to study with Horvath at Castle Galava you can expect a battle of wits 
between him and Hecubah. Unfortunately, a battle of wits between two 
mighty spellcasters usually involves a lot of lightning bolts, 
death rays, counterspells and many, many fireballs.
#      3.0 Game modes         #


His name is Jack, an auto mechanic who lives in a trailer park in South 
central Florida. An unlikely hero, but that's what he becomes when a 
cosmic accident plucks him out of his easy chair and drops him on Nox,
a world of magic, monsters, and an evil sorceress named Hecubah. 
All he wants is to go home, but to get back to Earth, he'll have to 
save the planet he landed on.
When Jack arrives on Nox, he must choose one of three paths. As a warrior, 
he'll master powerful weapons and skills in the Fortress of Horrendous. 
If he chooses to be a Conjurer, he'll summon creatures and wield the f
orces of nature. If he chooses the way of the Wizard, he'll master combat 
magic, teleportation and trap creation.
In order to complete each of the 33 chapters, Jack will have to battle 
powerful monsters, outwit humans, complete epic quests and defuse deadly
traps. With the completion of each chapter, Jack unlocks powerful new 
abilities that aid him in his quest to save Nox from Hecubah's rage and 
return him to his quiet trailer home on Earth.


Frantic and furious, Nox multiplayer let's you pick your play style. Like 
to hack and slash? Grab an enchanted sword or fireball staff and blast away.
When you're ready to be more devious, master setting traps and creating 
spell combinations. 
The 80 or so spells that will be in the game are designed to 
be used in combination. So you'll want to cast Stun, to freeze an enemy, then
drop Fist of Vengeance on his head. Having a combat system that lets you be 
creative adds layers and layers of depth to the game. You're always 
experimenting, always trying new things.
Traps make the game even more fun and add a deeper level of strategy. 
You can load a trap with three different spells. So now you can put Fumble,
Confuse and Fireball into a trap and place it just inside a doorway or right
next to bottle of healing potion. Your opponent shows up, goes for the 
potion, steps on the trap, and bang, he's now dropped all his items 
(Fumble), can't figure out how to move in the right direction (Confuse),
and is blasted by a fireball. How sweet is that?
And keep in mind that for every devious action in Nox, there is an opposite
and even more devious reaction. Your enemies summons a creature that now 
wants you for breakfast? Cast Charm Creature, and now you're that creature's 
best friend. And you can use spells like Inversion to reverse a spell, so
that the caster is suddenly the target. In Nox, there can be counters to 
counters to counters.
It gets deep, but it's never complex. That's what makes Nox so different 
and so addictive. There are five multiplayer games. They are…

Capture the Flag There's a flag you need to capture, but unfortunately 
the enemy is in the way. Grab the enemy's flag and bring it back to your 
Arena Death has no dominion in this indiscriminate feast of bloodletting.
Kill your friends again, and again, and again. Don't worry; they'll be back 
for more. He who ends the match with the most kills, wins! Both free for all
and team play is supported.
Elimination There can be only one! You die -- he dies -- everyone must die. 
Be the last man (or team) standing to win!
King of the Realm Find the crown and keep possession of it. 
You may only rack up kills while you or one of your teammates is
wearing the crown. The player or team with the most points wins.
Flag Ball Each team guards a team flag, but there is one orb in play.
To score a point, a player must pick up the orb and throw it 
(using the attack button) hitting the enemy's flag. After a point is scored,
the game returns the orb to the center of the field and competition resumes.
Hitting the orb carrier hard may cause him to drop the orb. The winner 
is the team with the most points at the end of the round. 


Westwood’s Action-RPG pits naïve auto mechanic versus ultimate evil 
LAS VEGAS, Sept. 3, 1999 – His name is Jack, an auto mechanic who 
lives in a trailer park in South central Florida. An unlikely hero,
but that’s what he becomes when a cosmic accident plucks him out of 
his easy chair and drops him on Nox, 
a world of magic, monsters, and an evil sorceress named Hecubah. All he 
wants is to go home, but to get back to Earth, he’ll have to save the 
planet he landed on.
That’s the story of Nox, the upcoming action-RPG from Westwood Studios,
due out this winter. Jack isn’t the typical hero you’d find rubbing elbows
with wizards, warriors and the occasional rogue in a fantasy setting, and
that’s exactly the point, says Nox’s executive producer John Hight.
“We wanted to take that well-used fantasy medieval setting and look at
it from another angle,” Hight says. “With Jack, we can bring a modern 
day character, an everyman we can all relate to, complete with jeans and
sneakers, and drop him into a fantasy world. With him as our guide, all
those fantasy game clichés become fresh because we’re seeing them all 
through his eyes.”
Playing as Jack, you’ll start in jeans T-Shirt and sneakers, and eventually 
end up in full battle armor, a conjurer’s dress leathers or ornate wizard 
“It’s great fun watching Jack go from this 20th century guy and slowly 
transform into a mighty warrior, a powerful wizard or a crafty conjurer,
” Hight says. “This is the fantasy of everyone who loves this genre, to be
transported to a world like Nox where every day is a noble adventure.”
Once Jack lands on Nox, he’ll be able to choose three paths. He’ll ally 
himself with the Warriors, the Wizards, or the Conjurers. Each path has 
it’s own distinct story, it’s own distinct ending, and three separate ways
to play the game.
The Warriors shun magic, and instead use steel, skill, and strength. 
The Conjurors wield the power of nature and can create and control 
creatures. Wizards have mastered advanced magic and can teleport about 
the world in the blink of an eye.
Jack will progress through one of the three disciplines on his quest 
to find a way home. Along the way he learns that an evil sorceress, 
Hecubah, was not only the cause of his being transported to Nox, but 
that’s planning on destroying Nox before he can figure out a way off 
the planet. To get back to Earth, Jack will have to face her and the 
army of undead she’s raising.
“Hecubah is the ultimate evil, but she’s also smart, funny and easy to
look at,” Hight says. “I think when you finish Nox, you’ll both hate 
Hecubah and kind of miss her after you defeat her. I think we’re creating
a character, and a story, you’ll remember long after you finish your 
quest and deliver Jack back to Earth.”

# 4.0 System and requirements #

--Control layout and system--

No 3D Hardware Required! 
Minimum PC 

-Windows 95,98 or NT4(SP4) 
-Intel Pentium 200 MHz MMX 
-32MB free system RAM 
-300MB hard drive space 
-8x CD-ROM drive 
-2MB Video card 

Recommended PC (in addition to minimum requirements) 

-Intel Pentium II 266 MHz 
-64MB free system RAM 
-16x CD-ROM drive 


-1 CD per PC, multiplayer only slave CD included Network (32 Players) 
-TCP/IP compliant network Internet Play (31 players) 
-33.3 Kpbs connection or faster 
-Max. 4 players on a modem hosted server 
-Internet hosting requires Pentium II 266MHz, 64MB RAM

#        5.0 Updates          #

Version 1.1 update
spelling faults corrected, new title boxes,...
and other minor adjustments


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