• Cheat Codes

    To enter cheat codes, press Backspace, and then type in the master cheat code which is:

    !throw me a frickin bone here

    and then press enter. If entered correctly, the message "I'm the boss..." will appear on the top bar and you will be able to enter the other codes, by pressing backspace and typing the different codes for the desired effect.

    3 Air Attacks!heavenly glory
    3 Baseballs!one time
    3 Hammer Mines!spiny normal
    3 Napalm Attacks!this one goes to eleven
    3 Paratroopers!johny ricco
    3 Recon Units!peep show
    3 Space Troopers!scotty
    9 Blue Cammo Outfits!i woke up this morning
    9 Gray Cammo Outfits!incognito
    9 Tan Cammo Outfits!no sunblock
    Double Sarge's Speed!pump me up
    Exploding Sarge!italian job
    Frozen Mode!oh behave
    Get 10 TNT!haunt haunt haunt!
    Get 20 Fly Swatters!harsh language
    Get 30 Insecticide Cans!henry
    Get 30 Mines!sprinkles
    God Mode!full monty
    God Mode / All Weapons!captain scarlet
    Infinite Air Attacks!roody-pooh
    Infinite Bazookas!i like to keep this handy
    Infinite Flame Thrower!patty melt
    Infinite Glue!hey stifler
    Infinite Grenades!you want some
    Infinite Laser!hello neo
    Infinite M80s!penny
    Infinite Magnifying Glass!the sun
    Infinite Medical Kits!florence
    Infinite Napalm Attacks!here's a lockpick
    Infinite Sniper Rifle!yuppee!!
    Infinte Aerosol!hey dante
    Instant Victory!cut to the chase
    Invisibility!its dark
    Invisibility, Shield, Lots of Items!full monty
    Lose Mission 1!the meek
    Lose Mission 2!time for bed
    Make Sarge Burn!disco inferno
    Minesweeper!i got two words for ya...
    Put Out Sarge's Fire (Only works if you use Put Sarge on Fire Code)!disco is dead
    Show Frame Rate!rate me
    Show Your Enemies!there is no spoon
    Sick Sarge (low health)!let me down
    Tons of Tan Units!no one expects
    Transform Tans into Zombies!halloween
    Upgrade Sarge's Weapon to a Laser Rifle!mib

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