Walkthrough by Anonymous

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Bad Day on the Midway

Remember that this game is designed with a probability-based variable 
character interaction element. This means that if you follow the exact 
same path as you did in a previous game, you'll most likely meet new 
characters, discover new story lines, etc. As each character has his/her 
own agenda, you may begin the game unveiling the problems/goals of one 
particular character, then switch characters and discover an entirely 
different set of problems. The characters' stories are intertwined to 
one degree or another, so only by playing many times does one begin to 
discover the many subplots involved in the game. 

So, let me attempt to offer a few tips on viewing some of the different 

You enter the game as the sweet, innocent Timmy. His face is in the 
crystal ball, indicating which character you are currently assuming. His 
thoughts trail along the bottom of the screen. The thoughts are location 
based ("Wow! A shooting gallery"), character based ("That guy sure looks 
tired"), and random ("That reminds me of the time Thomas stepped on a 
nail and it went all the way through his foot!"). Madame Mandrake is the 
first attraction you see upon entering the midway. She serves as a sort 
of help function. In times of great need, she may offer some great 
advice (or not). At other times, she does a great job of inventing 
beautifully twisted words of wisdom.

To begin, you may want to visit with Dixie. Facing Madame Mandrake, turn 
to the left and proceed to the first attraction, the Kill-A-Commie 
Shooting Gallery. Facing the Gallery, Dixie will very likely appear (she 
didn't in two consecutive games I recently played) and greet Timmy. 
After she speaks, notice that the cursor, placed on Dixie, turns into an 
eye. This allows you to become Dixie. In this case remain as Timmy. 
Enter the shooting gallery and turn to the right. Approach the gun on 
the right and watch artist Steve Cerio's interpretation of this crazy 
attraction. Proceed to the room in the back of the gallery. Approach the 
man in bed and click on him to watch his "coma dream." After the dream, 
turn to the right and, if Dixie is in the room, listen to her story. 

If you decide to become Dixie.....Wander the Midway and speak to as many 
characters as possible. Around 4 pm, you'll probably run into the IRS 
Man, who will inform you that he's giving you two hours to find all of 
the Midway's tax records for the past 5 years. Where did Ike (the midway 
owner now in a coma) hide them? This is one of the subplots. For more 
details of Dixie's dilemma, head to the room above the Three-Headed 
Abominable Snowman Skeleton exhibit. Watch the survelliance camera tapes 
and, if Jocko appears, enjoy the plot as it thickens beyond any Twin 
Peaks episode ever written.

If you continue your journey as Timmy.... a trip thru Lottie the Human 
Log's cabin is fun (her story is hilarious - click on the screen at the 
back of the room to launch the tale). Note that the room in the back is 
Ted's realm (Nice butterfly collection). As Timmy, scoot over to the 
Warehouse (across from the Shooting Gallery) and wander about. You may 
meet Ted who will tell you about his disturbing upbringing (visually 
interpreted by Dave McKean, cover artist for Neil Gaiman's graphic 
novels "Sandman" and "Mr. Punch." Entering the warehouse as any other 
character could result in quite unpleasant circumstances! At this point, 
I'll stop. The narratives get so complex that I could fill many a page. 
A few final fun tips: 
- Briefly, several other subplots include:
- Otto loses his prized only friend, Oscar the Racing Rat, and must find 
him before Oscar takes out his 
revenge on the human race (see his story for background)....

- Become Oscar the Racing Rat to experience, as the Inscape crew 
describes it, "Rat-Cam." (Watch out for Oscar's bite - it could result 
in a very ugly reaction).

- If odd story lines pop up unexpectedly (i.e. characters start dying 
for unexplained reasons), remember that much is happening around the 
midway that you can only discover by jumping around from character to 
character in order to unravel the subplots. 
Eventually, it will all make sense.

- Save your game often. You never know what outcome or bizarre story 
line lies around the bend.

- To see each character's story without searching for each in the 
midway, exit to the credits and click on the characters on the border.