Area Guide by Naranek Angmar

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============ Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast - Area Guide ============
============                    Revision 1.04                     ============

                     by Duncan Clay (

                              Table of Contents


    (0.1) Friendly Arm Inn (AR2300)
    (0.2) Ulcaster (AR3900)
    (1.1) Ulgoth's Beard (AR1000)
    (1.2) Ice Island (AR1008)
    (2.1) Ulgoth's Beard (AR1000)
    (2.2) Baldur's Gate North East (AR0300)
    (2.3) Werewolf Island South (AR2000)
    (2.4) Werewolf Island North (AR1500)
    (2.5) Ulgoth's Beard revisited (AR1000)
    (3.1) Ulgoth's Beard (AR1000)
    (3.2) Durlag's Tower (AR0500)
    (3.3) Durlag's Dungeon Level 1 (AR0511)
    (3.4) Durlag's Dungeon Level 2 (AR0511)
    (3.5) Durlag's Dungeon Level 3 (AR0511)
    (3.6) Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (AR0511)
    (3.7) Durlag's Dungeon Level 5 (AR0511)
    (3.8) Ulgoth's Beard revisited (AR1000)

  (A) Businesses
    (A.1) New Businesses
    (A.2) Old Businesses with New Stock
  (B) New Items
    (B.1) Short Swords
    (B.2) Long Swords
    (B.3) Axes
    (B.4) Blunt Weapons 
    (B.5) Spiked Weapons
    (B.6) Missile Weapons
    (B.7) Armor
    (B.8) Shields
    (B.9) Helmets
   (B.10) Cloaks
   (B.11) Bracers and Gauntlets
   (B.12) Harps
   (B.13) Amulets and Necklaces
   (B.14) Rings
   (B.15) Priest Spells 4th Level
   (B.16) Priest Spells 5th Level
   (B.17) Wizard Spells 4th Level
   (B.18) Wizard Spells 5th Level
   (B.19) Books
   (B.20) Miscellaneous
   (B.21) Other Item Codes
  (C) New Cutscene Movies
  (D) Addendum
  (E) Unsolved Mysteries
  (F) Credits and Revision History
  (G) Contact Information

= Introduction ===============================================================

This FAQ is not intended to be a solution as there are already other FAQs that
will be of more use for that purpose.  It is more for those who have already
played the game and would like to check if they missed somewhere, someone or
something.  It should be read in conjunction with my Baldur's Gate Area Guide
as only new and updated information is given here.  This structure of this FAQ
differs in that it is broken down into the main areas rather than chapters.

Note: The game was played with the patch installed (version 1.3.5521).

= Area Guide =================================================================


  XP - Experience Point
  GP - Gold Piece
  HP - Hit Point
  AC - Armor Class
  REP - Reputation (REP- Decrease in reputation)
  ARxxxx - Area (press L)
  (xxx,yyy) - Coordinates (press L)
  STORE (Buy and Sell)
  TAVERN (Drink)
   - *INN (Peasant rooms)
   - **INN (Drink, Peasant and Merchant rooms)
   - ***INN (Drink, Peasant, Merchant and Noble rooms)
   - ****INN (Drink, Peasant, Merchant, Noble and Royal rooms)
  TEMPLE (Healing, Donate, Buy and Sell)


 - All temple priests will identify items and so will some store owners.
 - There are some stores you can steal from.  Stolen (fenced) items cannot be
 - Only items of value or those significant at that point of the game are



(0.1) Friendly Arm Inn (AR2300)
  Hole in ground (2552,3760) - Ring of Wizardry
    Note: Does not appear on imported savegames

(0.2) Ulcaster (AR3900)
  Take the Idol of Kozar and the Ancient Armor to the Spirit of Ulcaster
    Reward: The Vampire's Revenge CURSED (thanks to Dan Simpson)



(1.1) Ulgoth's Beard (AR1000)
  Shandalar (father of Helshara, Ithmeera & Delorna) - get Shandalar's Cloak
    Reward: 500XP, Shandalar's Wardstone
    Pickpocket: Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Scroll, Remove Curse Scroll,
      Feeblemind Scroll, Spirit Armor Scroll, Greater Malison Scroll,
      Emotion Scroll, 2 x Potion of Heroism
    Kill: 26000XP

(1.2) Ice Island (AR1008)
    Polar Bear - 900XP
  Cave (AR1009)
    Winter Wolf - 975XP
    Andris of Iriaebor - 6000XP, 109GP, Protection from Evil Scroll,
      Grease Scroll, Andris Journal, Knaves Robe
    Marcellus - 2000XP, 81GP, Vampiric Touch Scroll, Travellers Robe
    Beyn - 1800XP, 66GP, Wand of Fear
    Garan - 2000XP, 66GP, Dimension Door Scroll, Know Alignment Scroll,
      Protection from Normal Missiles Scroll, Fireball Scroll
    Cuchol - 1800XP, 66GP, Wand of Paralyzation
    Tellan Altru'ar - 3000XP, 78GP, Dart +1
    Dezkiel - 1800XP, 66GP, Dezkiel's Scroll, Shandalar's Cloak



(2.1) Ulgoth's Beard (AR1000)
    Dushai (after speaking with Mendas) - Talk 4-3 and pay her 100GP
      Reward: Story of Balduran
      Pickpocket: Ring of Free Action, Web Scroll
    Calahan (only appears if you start by saying option 1 to Mendas) - Talk
      Pickpocket: Gold Ring, Black Opal
  House (AR1004)
    Mendas - Get Sea Charts then sends you on a voyage for Balduran's Log Book
      Reward: 2000GP
      Chest (358,87) - 980GP

(2.2) Baldur's Gate North East (AR0300)
South of the Wall
  The Counting House Ground Floor (AR0307) (was Building Under Renovation)
    Ulf - Talk 2
    Cabinet (532,722) - Potion of Healing, Lynx Eye Gem
  The Counting House First Floor (AR0308) (was Building Under Renovation)
    Captain Tollar Kieres - Get Baalor Ale
      Reward: Sea Charts
    Merchant League Guards
    Desk (953,351) - Potion of Fire Resistance
    Desk (524,764) - Protection from Lightning Scroll, Chaos Scroll
    Desk (223,613) - 44GP, 2 x Potion of Healing (cursed)
North of the Wall
  Blushing Mermaid Ground Floor (AR0114)
    De'Tranion - Pay Captain Kieres' tab of 900GP
      Reward: De'Tranion's Baalor Ale

Sail the Trackless Sea towards Anchorome

(2.3) Werewolf Island South (AR2000)
    Solianna - Talk
  Note: You should speak to Kaishas Gan before speaking to anyone else
    Farthing - Talk 1-1-1, Get Farthing's Dolly
      Reward: 1400XP
    Evalt (Fisherman) - Talk 1-1-1-2, Find brother Evan
      Reward: 900XP
    Jorin (War Leader) - Talk 2-3
      Reward: Tells you to use Shapeshifter or Lycanthropes weapons
    Delainy (Female Historian) - Talk 3-1-1-1, Get Holy Cloak, talk again
        2-1-1-3-1-1-3-4-1, Get Belladonna Flowers and say 5-1-2
      Reward: Belladonna Flowers and help getting off the island
      Note: Called Durlyle (Male Historian) if your character is female
    Maralee - Talk 1-1-1-1, Find her baby boy Peladan
      Reward: 4000XP and her help getting off the island
    Gatekeeper - Talk
    Dradeel (after dealing with him on the North of the Island) - Talk
      Pickpocket: 2 x Wolfsbane Charm, Dradeel's Spell Book
      Kill: 3000XP, Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
  Chieftan's Hut (AR2001)
    Exit to Warrens (after dealing with Kaishas Gan) 
  Hut (AR2002)
    Kaishas Gan - Talk 1-1-1-2-2, kill Karoug
      Reward: Infects you with Lycanthropy
    Table (584,233) - Potion of Heroism
  Hut (AR2003)
    Table (328,218) - 2 x Potion of Healing
  Hut (AR2004)
  Hut (AR2005)
  Hut (AR2006)
    Chest (133,292) - 3 x Potion of Healing
    Chest (385,250) - Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Regeneration,
      2 x Pearl
  Hut (AR2007)
    Taloun (Sailor) - Talk 2-1-1
    Chest (133,292) - 2 x Pearl
    Chest (385,250) - Moonbar Gem
  Small Hut (AR2008)
    Box (316,259) - Oil of Fiery Burning
  Small Hut (AR2009)
    Shelf (271,160) - Potion of Explosions, Potion of Healing (cursed)
  Small Hut (AR2010)
  Small Hut (AR2011)
    Chest (283,182) - Potion of Agility, Sphene Gem
  Warrens (AR2012)
    Werewof - 420XP
    Ground (1337,807) - Potion of Storm Giant Strength, 2 x Potion of Healing
    Ground (1817,591) - Potion of Cold Resistance
    Ground (2362,244) - Oil of Speed
    Ground (2554,554) - Potion of Defense

(2.4) Werewolf Island North (AR1500)
    Meym (Wolfwere) - 1400XP
    Sirine Queen - Talk 3-2
      Reward: 2000XP, Evan's Body
      Kill: 6000XP, 308GP, Pearl Necklace, 2 x Pearl, Arrows of Biting
    Sirine (4 appear if you anger the Sirine Queen)
      Kill: 2000XP, Pearl, Arrows of Biting
    Palin - 1400XP, Farthing's Dolly
    Kryla (Wolfwere) - 1400XP
    Jondal (Wolfwere) - 1500XP
    Wolfwere - 1800XP
    Young Wolfwere - 1400XP
  Shipwreck of the Wandering Eye Deck 1 (AR1501)
    Hole in hull (209,505) - Wand of Ice, Potion of Storm Giant Strength,
      Potion of Master Thievery, 5 x Potion of Healing, Dart of wounding
    Vampiric Wolf - 2000XP
    Barrel (688,286) - 320GP, Wand of Magic Missiles (5 charges), Dart +1
  Shipwreck of the Wandering Eye Deck 2 (AR1502)
    Vampiric Wolf - 2000XP
    Wolfwere - 1800XP
    Young Wolfwere - 1400XP
    Barrel (289,373) - Wand of Lightning (1 charge), Oil of Speed
    Chest (272,521) - Bracers of Binding
    Chest (684,180) - 423GP, Silver Dagger - Warebane
  Shipwreck of the Wandering Eye Deck 3 (AR1503)
    Vampiric Wolf - 2000XP
    Wolfwere - 1800XP
    Box (657,164) - Potion of Absorbtion, 2 x Antidote
    Box (230,466) - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, 3 x Potion of Healing,
      Acid Arrows
  Shipwreck of the Wandering Eye Deck 4 (AR1504)
    Karoug (Greater Wolfwere) - Talk 1-1-2-2
      Kill: 8000XP, Peladan
    Daese (Wolfwere) - 3000XP, Knave's Robe
    Wolfwere - 1800XP
    Desk (544,138) - Sword of Balduran, Butter Knife of Balduran,
      Balduran's Log Book
    Chest (439,269) - Dradeel's Spell Book
    Ground (522,280) - Cloak of Protection +1, Shield Amulet (1 charge)
  Building (AR1505)
    Dradeel - Get Dradeel's Spell Book, gives you Wolfsbane Charm
      Reward: 5000XP
      Pickpocket: Wolfsbane Charm (he was carrying two!)
    Chest (644,319) - 210GP, Belladonna Flowers, Staff Mace, Holy Cloak
    Desk (78,363) - The Recipes and Ruminations of One Dradeel of Tethir
Other side of the rocks, reached by going through the Warrens
    Kaishas Gan (Loup Garou) - 420XP, 94GP, Sea Charts
    Exit to Ulgoth's Beard

(2.5) Ulgoth's Beard revisited (AR1000)
    Baresh - Talk
      Kill: 150XP, 72GP, Chainmail +3
      Note: You must surround him, only critical hits count and he has a very
            high HP but he will die.  He will still appear with Mendas inside.
  House (AR1004)
    Mendas aka Chieftan Selaad Gan (Loup Garou) - 2200XP
    Baresh (Loup Garou) - 420XP, 72GP, Chainmail +3



(3.1) Ulgoth's Beard (AR1000)
    Ike Cascadian Vendar - Durlag Tower Tour for 60GP
    Delsvirftanyon - For 500GP you get Silver Necklace, Onyx Ring, Gold Ring
      Silver Ring, Short Sword, Wardstone Forgery, Dwarven Rune Wardstone
      Pickpocket: Leather Armor +1
    Fenrus Boulon - Talk
      Pickpocket: Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, Onyx Ring
  Ulgoth's Beard Inn (AR1001)
    Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn ****INN + STORE - Bartender
    Hurgan Stoneblade - Get Soultaker Dagger
      Reward: War Hammer +1, +4 vs Giant Humanoids
      Pickpocket: Diamond
    Galkin - Pay his tab of 900GP
      Reward: Dwarven Rune Wardstone
    Chest (356, 422) - 70GP, War Hammer +1
  House (AR1005)
    Therella - Find Dalton
      Reward: 300GP
  House (AR1006)
    Chest (187,242) - 33GP, Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters,
      Oil of Speed (cursed)
    Table (303,351) - Pearl
  House (AR1007)

(3.2) Durlag's Tower (AR0500)
    Erdane STORE - Erdane
    Ike - Talk
    Battle Horror - 4000XP
    Doom Guard - 2000XP
  Durlag's Tower Ground Floor (AR0502)
    Ike - Talk, 56GP, Dwarven Rune Wardstone
    Demonknight - Kills Ike
      Kill (by cheating): Helmet of Opposite Alignment, Full Plate Mail +1,
        Large Shield +1
  Durlag's Tower First Floor (AR0503)
    Chest (370,777) - Chrysoberyl Gem, Turquiose Gem, Arrows of Fire
    Chest (1065,535) - 36GP, Oil of Speed, Potion of Strength,
      Potion of Invisibility
  Durlag's Tower Balcony (AR0500)
    Lesser Basilisk - 1400XP
    Greater Basilisk - 4000XP
    Turret (2304,569) - 104GP, Scimitar +2, Acid Arrows
  Durlag's Tower Second Floor (AR0504)
    Ghost of Daital - 3750XP
    Riggilo - Get Lock of Hair from Kirinhale, then talk again
      Reward: Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
      Kill: 1400XP, 170GP, Leather Armor +1, Short Sword +1
    Chest (379,782) - Potion of Stone Form, Potion of Genius,
      Potion of Invulnerability (cursed)
    Chest (1445,551) - Chainmail +1, Wand of Lightning, Oil of Speed
    Alter (1364,124) - Tome of Understanding
    Barrel (946,123) - Potion of Healing    
  Durlag's Tower Third Floor (AR0505)
    Kirinhale - Talk, Give her Lock of Hair to Riggilo to set her free
      Reward: 4000XP
      Pickpocket: Staff Spear +2
    Cupboard (549,757) - Cloak of Protection +1, Robe of Electrical Resistance
    Chest (1213,483) - Dart of Stunning, Dart of Wounding
    Weapon Rack (379,114) - Halberd +1
  Durlag's Tower Basement (AR0501)
    Bayard - Talk
      Kill: 900XP, 511GP, Short Sword +1, Potion of Healing (cursed)
    Grate (1150,410) - 560GP, Ring of Protection +1, Star Saphire
    Barrel (814,368) - Leather Armor +1

(3.3) Durlag's Dungeon Level 1 (AR0511)
  Books (250,1465) - Read to make the sword Durlag's Pride glow
  Anvil (1624,229) - Fix Mallet Head to Mallet Handle for Gong Mallet
  Gong (304,1093) - Use Gong Mallet
  Switch Panel (2095,1526) - Use Switch for an Engine
  Wine Press (2878,1450) - Turn Grapes into Bottle of Wine
  Skeleton Warrior - 4000XP, Two Handed Sword +1
  Greater Doppleganger - 4000XP
  Mustard Jelly - 2000XP
  Flesh Golem - 2000XP
  Phase Spider - 1400XP
  Chest (2161,440) - 57GP, 4 x Antidote, 2 x Potion of Mater Thievery
    Potion of Absorbtion, Acid Arrows
  Chest (2048,371) - Potion of Perception, Hold Monster Scroll, Scimitar,
    Arrows of Ice, Bolt of Lightning
  Chest (928,2206) - 510GP, Grapes, Elixir of Health, Sling +1, Bullet +2,
    Mental Domination Scroll
  Chest opened by Odd Looking Key (1385,2273) - 72GP, Switch for an Engine,
    Potion of Firebreath, Chaos Scroll, Bullet +2, Bluestone Necklace
  Chest (1635,621) - 12 x Potion of Healing, Dart of Wounding, Bullet +2,
    Dart +1, Bolt +1, Arrows of Fire, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
  Chest (1047,2278) - Plate Mail +3, Confusion Scroll, Feeblemind Scroll,
    Arrows of Detonation, Potion of Master Thievery, Potion of Heroism,
    Bolt +1
  Bookcase (3300,1190) - Minor Globe of Invulnerability Scroll,
    Monster Summoning III Scroll, Potion of Hill Giant Strength
  Bookcase (3473,1227) Cloudkill Scroll, Bolt of Biting, Bullet +1,
    Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
  Bookcase (3407,844) - Mallet Head
  Bookcase (3309,780) - Monster Summoning II Scroll
  Barrel (1677,156) - Dart +1, Arrow +1, Bolt +1
  Barrel (390,947) - 10 x Potion of Healing
  Barrel (1197,1640) - Dart of Stunning, 2 x Identify Scroll, Bloodstone Gem
  Barrel (2299,1086) - Potion of Heroism, Arrows of Biting
  Barrel (1695,1072) - 2 x Potion of Mater Thievery,
    Protection from Acid Scroll, Protection from Electricity Scroll
  Barrel (1526,1235) - 110GP, Mallet Handle, 3 x Potion of Healing
  Cupboard (517,1715) - Ruby Ring, 2 x Oil of Speed
  Cupboard (569,1749) - Potion of Freedom, Arrow +2
  Box (2958,1160) - Acid Arrows
  Box (3017,1192) - 4 x Potion of Healing
  Treasure Pile (1570,2077) - 2137GP, Glittering Beljuril Gemstone,
    Dart +1, Bullet +1, Arrows of Dispelling, Acid Arrows, Arrows of Ice,
    Arrows of Fire, Composite Long Bow
  Treasure Pile (1726,2095) - Odd Looking Key, Pearl Necklace, Arrow +2,
    Pearl, Water Opal, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Bullet +2, Bolt +2,
    Small Shield +1
  Forge (1548,194) - Acid Arrows, Bullet +1, Dart of Stunning, Bolt +1
  Warder 'Pride' - Make Durlag's Pride Glow
    Reward: 2000XP
    Kill: 2500XP, Plate Mail
  Warder 'Avarice' - Get Glittering Beljuril Gemstone
    Reward: 2000XP
    Kill: 2500XP, Short Sword +1
  Warder 'Fear' - Bang the Gong
    Reward: 2000XP
    Kill: 2200XP
  Warder 'Love' - Get Bottle of Wine
    Reward: 4000XP
    Kill: 3000XP, Level 1 Exit Wardstone

(3.4) Durlag's Dungeon Level 2 (AR0512)
  Durlag Trollkiller (Greater Doppleganger) - 4000XP
  Kiel the Legion Killer - 4000XP
  Fuernebol - 4000XP
  Dwarven Doom Guard - 2000XP
  Sparring Dummy (1271,798) - 8 x Potion of Healing, 2 x Potion of Heroism
  Sparring Dummy (1192,804) - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Scroll,
    Champion's Strength Scroll, Protection from Lightning Scroll,
    Defensive Harmony Scroll
  Sparring Dummy (1139,805) - Potion of Master Thievery, Arrow +2,
    Arrow +1, Arrows of Ice, Arrows of Fire, Acid Arrows
  Table (1679,1293) - Islanne Wardstone
  Chest (1819,1080) - Fuernbol Wardstone
  Chest (1927,1164) - Kiel Wardstone
  Chest (1523,2114) - Potion of Hill Giant Strength, 
    Potion of Frost Giant Strength
  Chest (1384,2115) - 432GP, Kiel's Buckler, Kiel's Morning Star,
    Potion of Healing
  Globe (731,1505) - 346GP, Greater Malison Scroll, 4 x Potion of Healing,
    Antidote, 5 x Haste Scroll, Water Opal
  Cupboard (1713,1147) - 331GP, Domination Scroll, Remove Curse Scroll,
    Monster Summoning II Scroll, Spirit Armor Scroll, Bullet +2, Dart +1,
    Dart of Wounding, Dart of Stunning, Adventurer's Robe
  Ground (2105,540) - Kiel's Helmet
  Ground (1400,540) - Durlag's Goblet
  Barrel (864,689) - Teleportation Wardstone
  Barrel (825,719) - Teleportation Wardstone
  Barrel (684,1147) - 112GP, 3 x Potion of Master Thievery, Oil of Speed,
    Bolt of Lightning, Emotion Scroll, Bullet +1
  Barrel (749,1199) - Polymorph Self Scroll, Potion of Freedom, Bullet +2,
      Arrow +1
  Statue (242,938) - Bolt of Biting, Bolt of Lightning, Bolt +1
  Statue (719,1162) - Level 2 Exit Wardstone
  Brick (2002,1388) - 1157GP, Protection from Evil 10' Radius Scroll,
    Chaotic Commands Scroll

(3.5) Durlag's Dungeon Level 3 (AR0513)
    Ground (3074,1247) - Arrows of Ice, Arrow +1, 2 x Potion of Healing
    Ground (3176,1133) - Dart of Wounding, Dart +1
    Ground (3272,1252) - Potion of Freedom
    Skeleton - Talk
    Greater Wyvern - 5000XP
    Moorlock - 1900XP, 64GP, Long Sword +1
    Hack - 2000XP
    Bullrush - 950XP
    Meiala - 4000XP, 308GP, 2 x Pearl, Pearl Necklace, Arrows of Biting
    Tarnor - 15XP, Full Plate Mail
    Greater Ghoul - 1000XP
    Ashirukuru - 2000XP
    Statue (3226,2040) - Bala's Axe, Hold Monster Scroll, Domination Scroll,
      3 x Potion of Healing, Potion of Master Thievery, Potion of Heroism,
      Dart of Stunning
  Durlag's Tower Level 3 - Ice (AR0507)
    Kaldran the Bear - 3000XP
    White Wolf - 975XP, Winter Wolf Pelt
  Durlag's Tower Level 3 - Fire (AR0508)
    Phoenix Guard - 100XP (kill her before she fires an Arrow)
  Durlag's Tower Level 3 - Wind (AR0509)
    Air Aspect - 4000XP
    Invisible Stalker - 3000XP, 45GP
  Durlag's Tower Level 3 - Slime (AR0510)
    Fission Slime - 3000XP (must use fire)
  Durlag's Tower Level 3 - Chess (AR0506)
    Pawn - 150XP, Plate Mail
    Rook - 1500XP, Chainmail, Composite Long Bow
    Knight - 2000XP, Medium Shield +1, Plate Mail
    Bishop - 2000XP, 125GP
    Queen - 5000XP, 102GP
    King - 2000XP, 418GP, Two Handed Sword +3, Potion of Frost Giant Strength,
      Champion's Strength Scroll, Emotion Scroll, Remove Curse Scroll,
      Protection from Evil 10' Radius Scroll, Dart of Stunning

(3.6) Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (AR0514)
    Helmed Horror - 2000XP
    Crypt Crawler - 420XP
    Sword Spider - 2000XP
    Phase Spider - 1400XP
    Astral Phase Spider - 4000XP
    Chest (2990,680) - 201GP, Mace +2, Leather Armor +3, Star Diopside Gem,
      Ziose Gem
    Chest (2644,547) - 5547GP, Sling +3, Large Shield +2, 2 x Bloodstone Gem,
      Turquiose Gem
    Chest (4280,2194) - 53GP, Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue, Staff of Striking
    Chest (4080,1104) - Cloak of the Shield, Iol Gem, Zircon Gem
    Box (3878,608) - 171GP, 2 x Tchazar Gem, Jasper Gem
    Box (3053,291) - 43GP, War Hammer +1  
    Pot (3235,250) - Bone Wardstone, 3 x Potion of Healing, Oil of Speed
      Arrow +2, Dart +1, Bullet +2, Bolt of Biting
    Rock (3055,1834) - 134GP, Necklace of Missiles, Dart of Wounding
    Rock (3228,2122) - Bullet +2, Arrow +1
    Rock (2868,2278) - 582GP, 2 x Antidote, Potion of Master Thievery,
      Oil of Speed
    Rock (2223,2267) - Oil of Speed, Bolt of Biting
    Rock (2601,2052) - 69GP, 5 x Potion of Healing, Antidote
    Rock (1863,2221) - Arrows of Fire, Bullet +1, Bolt of Biting
    Rock (1206,1839) - Potion of Freedom, Potion of Frost Giant Strength
    Rock (198,1107) - 80GP, Dart of Wounding
    Rock (1512,2607) - Potion of Frost Giant Strength,
      Wand of Monster Summoning
    Rock (977,2507) - 1880GP
    Rock (509,2346) - Potion of Healing, Potion of Fire Giant Strength,
      Wand of Fire
    Rock (2018,2696) - Potion of Fire Giant Strength, 3 x Potion of Healing,
      Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Oil of Speed
    Rock (3696,3243) - 980GP
    Rock (3103,2896) - Potion of Master Thievery
    Rock (1903,2805) - Wand of Lightning
    Toadstooles (4532,3132) - Potion of Healing, Oil of Speed
    Toadstooles (1705,2778) - Potion of Freedom, Antidote
    Toadstooles (528,2832) - Bracers of Defense AC8
    Treasure Pile (3729,1834) - 13950GP, Short Sword +1, Diamond, Sphene Gem,
      Emerald, Rogue Stone, Star Saphire, Moonbar Gem, Water Opal, Ziose Gem,
      Horn Coral Gem, Aquamarine Gem, Moonstone Gem, Zircon Gem, Jasper Gem,
      Star Diopside Gem, Turquiose Gem
    Grael - 5000XP, 29GP, Compass Wardstone, Bloodstone Ring, Flamedance Ring,
      Garnet Gem
    Machine (2132,746) - Use Bone Wardstone
    Magic Bed (2467,672) - Goto Compass Room (Fear)
    Magic Chair (3801,1853) - Goto Compass Room (Blame)
    Stone Golem - Goto Compass Room (Pain)
      Answer 1: Islanne or Fuernebol
      Answer 2: Trollkiller
      Answer 3: ThunderAxe
    Clair De'lain - Talk
  Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 - Compass Room (AR0515)
    Stone Golem (Shapeshifter)
    Stone Golem (Inhabitant)
    Stone Golem (Craftsman)
    Stone Golem (Durlag) - Talk, Blame 3, Fear 1, Pain 3

(3.7) Durlag's Dungeon Level 5 (AR0516)
  Demonknight - 15000XP, Soultaker Dagger, Large Shield +1
  Dalton - Talk
  Mirror Fiend - 4000XP, 650XP

(3.8) Ulgoth's Beard revisited (AR1000)
    Cult Enforcer - Steals Soultaker
      Kill: 1000XP, 84GP, Long Sword +1, Wand of Frost, Fire Opal Ring
        Knaves Robe
    Cult Guard - 500XP, Plate Mail, Potion of Heroism
    Cult Assassin - 300XP, Potion of Heroism
    Cult Archer 300XP
  Building First Floor (AR1003)
    Cult Wizard - 1800XP, 100GP, Quarter Staff +1, Wand of Sleep,
      Travellers Robe
  Building Ground Floor (AR1002)
    Tracea Carol - 2000XP, 102GP
    Aec'Letec - 16000XP

= APPENDIX ===================================================================

(A) Businesses

(A.1) New Businesses

  Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn (AR1001) ****INN + STORE - Bartender
    Darts +1                Darts of Stunning       Acid Arrows
    Arrows +2               Bolts +1                Bolts of Lightning
    Bullets +2              Hide Armor              Scimitar
    Large Shield +1         Cloak of Displacement   Aule's Staff
    Greagan's Harp          Wand of the Heavens     Wand of Frost
    Ring of Invisibility    Greenstone Amulet
    Priest Scrolls: Mental Domination, Protection from Lightning, 
      Defensive Harmony
    Mage Scrolls: Remove Curse, Greater Malison, Improved Invisibility,

  Erdane (AR0500) STORE - Erdane
    Hide Armor              Scimitar                Darts +1
    Darts of Stunning       Acid Arrows             Arrows +1
    Arrows of Fire          Bolts +1                Bolts of Lightning
    Bullets +1              Bullets +2              Wand of Fire

(A.2) Old Businesses with New Stock

  New stock is usually only available in new games and not imported games

  Candlekeep Inn (AR2616) ****INN + STORE - Winthrop (can steal)

  Sorcerous Sundries (AR0703) STORE - Halbazzar Drin (will identify)
    Hide Armor
    Mage Scrolls: Chaos Scroll, Remove Curse, Greater Malison, Polymorph Self,
      Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Spirit Armor


(B) New Items

Notes on Items
 - $$$GP is the selling price for most items
 - ##x $$$GP is the selling price for charged items such as wands where ##
   is the maximum number of charges and $$$ is the selling price for a each
   charge.  If you sell such an item, you can buy it back fully charged.
 - CURSED items require a spell to remove them.

Location of Special Items
  Dagger +1, +4 vs Lycanthropes - Werewolf Island North (Shipwreck Deck 2)
  Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue - Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (Chest)
  Scimitar +2 - Durlag's Tower Balcony
  Bastard Sword +4 vs Lycanthropes - Werewolf Island North (Shipwreck Deck 4)
  Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters - Ulgoth's Beard (House)
  Two Handed Sword +3 - Durlag's Tower Level 3 Chess Game (King)
  War Hammer +1, +4 vs Giant Humanoids - Ulgoth's Beard (Hurgan Stoneblade)
  Mace +2 - Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (Chest)
  Staff Spear +2 - Durlag's Tower Third Floor (Kirinhale)
  Staff Mace +2 - Werewolf Island North (Building)
  Quarterstaff +3 - Ulgoth's Beard (Ulgoth's Beard Store)
  Sling +3 - Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (Chest)
  Leather Armor +3 - Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (Chest)
  Chainmail +3 - Ulgoth's Beard (Baresh)
  Plate Mail +3 - Durlag's Dungeon Level 1 (Chest)
  Robe of the Neutral Archmagi - Werewolf Island South (Dradeel)
  Kiel's Buckler - Durlag's Dungeon Level 2 (Chest) 
  Large Shield +2 - Durlag's Dungeon Level 4 (Chest)
  Cloak of Displacement - Ulgoth's Beard (Ulgoth's Beard Store)
  Greagan's Harp - Ulgoth's Beard (Ulgoth's Beard Store)
  Ring of Invisibility - Ulgoth's Beard (Ulgoth's Beard Store)
  Ring of Free Action - Ulgoth's Beard (Dushai)
  Ring of Wizardry - Friendly Arm Inn
  Tome of Understanding - Durlag's Tower Second Floor (Alter)

(B.1) Short Swords
  DAGG09 Werebane (Silver Dagger +1, +4 vs Lycanthropes)                 550GP
  DAGG10 Soultaker Dagger                                               1000GP

(B.2) Long Swords
  SW1H18 Sword of Balduran (Gold Bastard Sword, +4 vs Lycanthropes)     1250GP
  SW1H19 The Vampire's Revenge (Long Sword +1, Vampiric) CURSED          625GP
  SW1H20 Scimitar
  SW1H22 Scimitar +1                                                     650GP
  SW1H23 Rhashad's Talon (Scimitar +2)                                  1500GP
  SW1H24 The Burning Earth, Flame Tongue (Long Sword +1, +4 vs undead,  2375GP
           +3 vs cold creatures, +2 vs regenerating creatures)
  SW2H07 The World's Edge (Two Handed Sword +3)                         1750GP
  SW2H08 Durlag's Pride (Two Handed Sword +2)                           1750GP

(B.3) Axes
  AX1H07 Bala's Axe, Wizard Slayer (Miscast Magic with each hit)        1500GP

(B.4) Blunt Weapons
  BLUN10 The Root of the Problem (Club +1, +3 vs Unnatural Creatures)   1375GP
  BLUN11 Krotan's Skullcrusher (Mace +2)                                1250GP
  HAMM04 The Capper (Warhammer +1, +4 vs Giant Humanoids)               1790GP
  STAF05 Staff of Striking +3 (dmg 1D6+9)                             25x 50GP
  STAF06 Staff Mace +2 (dmg 2D4+2, One Handed)                          1450GP
  STAF07 Staff Spear +2 (dmg 1D8+3)                                     2000GP
  STAF08 Aule's Staff (Quarterstaff +3)                                 2750GP

(B.5) Spiked Weapons
  BLUN09 Kiel's Morning Star +3, Berserker CURSED                        750GP

(B.6) Missile Weapons
  SLNG03 Arla's Dragonbane (Sling +3)                                    350GP

(B.7) Armor
  LEAT09 Leather Armor +3                                               2750GP
  LEAT10 Hide Armor (AC 6, same bonuses as leather)
  CHAN07 Chainmail +3
  PLAT08 The Practical Defense (Plate Mail +3)                          4400GP

(B.8) Shields
  SHLD19 Large Shield +2                                                1750GP
  SHLD20 Kiel's Buckler (DEX+1)                                         2000GP

(B.9) Helmets
  HELM14 Kiel's Helmet (Protection against Fear and Panic)              1250GP

(B.10) Cloaks
  CLCK20 Cloak of the Shield (+5 vs Missile, +1 vs all other weapons)   x 25GP
  CLCK21 Holy Cloak                                                       12GP
  CLCK22 Shandalar's Cloak                                                 5GP

(B.11) Bracers
  BRAC11 Bracers of Binding                                              150GP
           (Penalty of 5 to THACO and Damage, 75% Spell Failure) CURSED

(B.12) Harps
  MISC2P Greagan's Harp, The Captive Audience (Dominate 12 hours)    20x 147GP

(B.13) Amulets and Necklaces
  AMUL17 Greenstone Amulet                                           50x 150GP
           (Protection from magic that effects the mind for 1 turn)
  AMUL18 Wolfsbane Charm (THAC0+2 vs Lycanthropes)                       900GP

(B.14) Rings
  RING05 Ring of Invisibility, Sandthief's Ring                      8x 1250GP

(B.15) Priest Spells 4th Level
  SCRL5A Mental Domination (Enchantment)                 Cleric
  SCRL5B Defensive Harmony (Enchantment)                 Cleric  Druid
  SCRL5C Protection from Lightning (Abjuration)          Cleric  Druid
  SCRL5D Protection From Evil 10' Radius (Abjuration)    Cleric

(B.16) Priest Spells 5th Level
  SCRL5E Champion's Strength (Alteration)                Cleric
  SCRL5F Chaotic Commands (Enchantment)                  Cleric  Druid

(B.17) Wizard Spells 4th Level
  SCRL5G Remove Curse (Abjuration)
  SCRL5H Emotion (Enchantment)
  SCRL5I Greater Malaison (Enchantment)
  SCRL5J Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (Alteration)
  SCRL5K Spirit Armor (Necromancy)
  SCRL5L Polymorph Other (Alteration)
  SCRL5M Polymorph Self (Alteration)

(B.18) Wizard Spells 5th Level
  SCRL5N Domination (Enchantment)
  SCRL5O Hold Monster (Enchantment)
  SCRL5P Chaos (Enchantment)
  SCRL5Q Feeblemind (Enchantment)

(B.19) Books
  BOOK71 Dusty Book - Doppleganger
  BOOK72 Dusty Book - Fuernebol
  BOOK73 Dusty Book - Islanne
  BOOK74 Dusty Book - Kiel
  BOOK75 Dusty Book - Practice Chamber
  BOOK76 Dusty Book - Mimic
  BOOK77 Dusty Book - Taste My Fear
  BOOK78 Dusty Book - Know My Madness
  BOOK79 Dusty Book - Face My Demons
  BOOK80 Dusty Book - Seek No Heirs
  BOOK81 Dusty Book - Seek No Exit
  BOOK82 Dusty Book - Know No Refuge
  BOOK83 Dusty Book - Feel No Warmth
  BOOK84 Dusty Book - Dance With The Dead
  BOOK85 Dusty Book - Know My Loss
  BOOK86 Dusty Book - Kiel the Legion-Killer
  BOOK87 Balduran's Log Book                                            5000GP
  BOOK88 The Recipes and Ruminations of One Dradeel of Tethir

(B.20) Misc
  MISC1A Bottle of wine
  MISC1B Butter knife of Balduran
  MISC1C Sea Charts
  MISC1E Evan's Body
  MISC1F Dradeel's Spell Book
  MISC1G Farthing's Dolly
  MISC1H Gong Mallet
  MISC1I Belladonna flowers
  MISC1J Glittering Beljuril Gemstone
  MISC2A Doppleganger's Wardstone
  MISC2B Level 1 Wardstone
  MISC2C Islanne Wardstone
  MISC2D Kiel Wardstone
  MISC2E Fuernebol Wardstone
  MISC2F Teleportation Wardstone
  MISC2G Level 2 Wardstone
  MISC2H Shandalar's Wardstone
  MISC2I Wardstone Forgery
  MISC2J Wardstone Forgery (from Delsvirftanyon)                          75GP
  MISC2K Compass Wardstone
  MISC2L Bone Wardstone
  MISC2M Dwarven Rune Wardstone (from Ike and from Delsvirftanyon)       225GP
  MISC2N Dwarven Rune Wardstone (from Galkin)                            225GP
  MISC2O Lock of Hair from Kirinhale
  MISC91 Grapes
  MISC92 Switch for an Engine
  MISC93 Odd Looking Key
  MISC94 Mallet Head
  MISC95 Mallet Handle
  MISC96 Peladon
  MISC97 De'Tranion's Baalor Ale
  MISC98 Blood Filled Goblet 'Durlag's Goblet' - Heal
  SCRL5R Anderis Journal
  SCRL5S Dezekiel's Scroll

(B.21) Other Item Codes



(C) New Cutscene Movies

  WRECK=1      # Across the Trackless Sea
  DURLAG=1     # Entering Durlag's Tower


(D) Addendum

In TOTSC Thieves can now use Light Crossbows.


Polymorph Self (Alteration)

Physical attributes of the creatures the caster may transform into

   Creature      | STR | DEX | CON |THACO| AC | Other Attributes
   Wolf          | 15  | 18  | 13  |  17 |  0 |
   Ogre          |18/00|  9  | 18  |  14 |  3 | 
   Flind         | 17  | 17  | 12  |  16 |  1 | 2 Attacks
   Black Bear    |18/00| 12  | 18  |  13 |  4 | 3 Attacks
   Brown Bear    |18/00| 12  | 18  |  12 |  2 | 3 Attacks
   Sword Spider  | 16  | 16  |  9  |  17 |  1 | 4 Attacks, -4 Missile
   Mustard Jelly | 14  |  9  |  9  |  18 |  1 | 125% Magic Res, -4 Crushing

Note: AC can be reduced further with some magical items


When you go into the house (AR0717) by the top right of the market place in
Baldur's Gate center (AR0700) the game crashes with the message

  Assertion Failure in CGameApp.cpp at line number 3752
  Creature file not found GIRLBA1


(E) Unsolved Mysteries

What do the two different Dwarven Rune Wardstones do?  You do not need them to
enter Durlag's Tower as the game would suggest.

Items I could not find

  Scimitar +1
  Polymorph Other Scroll
  Doppleganger's Wardstone
  Wardstone Forgery (the MISC2I one)
  The Root of the Problem (Club +1, +3 vs Unnatural Creatures)
  Durlag's Pride (Two Handed Sword +2)

Items that weren't found in Baldur's Gate and can't be found in TOTSC either.

  Spear +3, Backbiter CURSED
  Studded Leather Armor +2, Missile Attraction CURSED
  Helmet of Charm Protection
  Bolt of Polymorphing
  Wraith Form Scroll
  Animate Dead Scroll
  Shadow Door Scroll
  Cone of Cold Scroll
  Hentold's Dagger
  The Candle
  The Dream Potion


(F) Credits and Revision History

I would like to thank Dan Simpson for his inspirational FAQ and all of you
that have sent me emails of appreciation.
Urban Fleischman for solving one of my Unsolved Mysteries, the location of the
Helmet of Opposite Alignment.
  First Release
  Added section (A.2)
  Added Location of Special Items in Section (B)
  Added more items to store inventories
  Minor corrections
  The first update in two years but no content was changed  
  Updated email address and download details
  Patch 1.3.5521 replaces 1.3.5512 and fixes DirectX issues
  You can now play Baldur's Gate using the Baldur's Gate II interface thanks
  to japheth at
1.04 (25-02-09)
  BG1Tutu link updated
  Other minor corrections


(G) Contact Information

If you know of something I have missed or can help me with my unsolved
mysteries I would love to hear from you (please mention the revision number).

You can get the latest version of this FAQ and my Tales of the Sword Coast
Area Guide and Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 Reference Guides from

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