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Blaze & Blade 
~Eternal Quest~
The FAQ/Walkthrough
By Robert Aldeguer
Email:  tsunamix@juno.com (temporary)
On GameFAQs.com, I go by tsunamix
Date last updated: 

4-24 – My Playstation is finally back up, but finals are coming soon…dammit.  
Anyway, I need to have my email address changed since I'm switching ISP's, so 
for now it is tsunamix@juno.com.  Thank you.

4-16 – I've been real busy lately with school and work, so I haven't really had 
time to fix up this FAQ.  Also, my PSX is down, so I can't play B & B for a 
while.  I'm gonna try getting a new one ASAP so I can go back to work.  I was 
also thinking about having some little contests, you know, for stuff that I 
don't know, like, figure out how to get in here or there and I'll give you a 
gift certificate.  Am I allowed to do that?  Let me know.

2-19 – I finally got time to work on the walkthrough…, which is now officially 
complete!!!  Well, to beat the game it's complete, but the item list and 
location of spells is still wayyy off.  I will have an easier time working on 
those.  The table of contents and other sections will be completed later.

1-29 – My plan has backfired again.  Shoot!  I have finished off a piece of the 
palace of immortals (finally) so the next time I update, it WILL be complete, 
but the item list will certainly be WAY off.  Also, I have to add the other 
bonus level (fire dragon,) techniques on how to beat him, and also techniques 
that can be used to duplicate items and stuff.  If you need any questions don't 
hesitate to email me.  Oh yeah, I beat up the red fire dragon with my rogue when 
he was only level 168.  I will describe how I did that another time, although 
it's really not that hard, it just takes patience.

1-16 – My plan has backfired.  Because of a game called subspace and my 
painting, I was too caught up in things.  For now is a small update.  I'll do as 
much as I can since I officially start school tomorrow.

1-14 – Finished the Old Palace.  I couldn't update in a while because of an 
outage at my ISP.  I will finish another area tomorrow and update as soon as I 

1-11 – I forgot the item list for the mine, so I just added it.  I plan to 
complete this guide before Tuesday, January 16.  When I say this I mean the 
guide only.  The items are a different story.  I've listed already all the items 
I've found so far, but there are many many more.  

1-09 – I should try to update more often.  I just finished the second part of 
the Wood of Ruins and the Abandoned Mine plus the Ancient Ruins.  There WILL be 
more later.

1-06 – Finished the rest of the Palace of the Immortals.  I will continue more 

1-04 – I couldn't play any games yesterday cuz I was so busy, so I did a little 
today.  I only added a part of the walkthrough to the Palace of the Immortals, 
though, I will try to get that finished as soon as I can so I can work on the 
other places.    

1-02 – Here's the other update.  I finished "The Old Palace" and I will continue 
on to the Palace of the Immortals tomorrow.  You may not hear from me in a 
couple of days because the Palace of the Immortals is LLOOONNNGGG…so…give me 

1-02 – Sorry I have not been updating in a while, you know, New Year's parties 
and all.  Well I just added a new section to the walkthrough.  I plan on adding 
more later today. 
Happy New Year Everybody!!

12-30 - With the help of some nice people, I was able to find out 
something about the hunter I never knew before (thanks plai).  Also, 
thanks to yulius, I know now that there are a few more secret spells to 
be found and that the dwarf is not so useless after all.  Well, I added 
another part to the FAQ as I still continue to play through the 
game...again.  I decided on how to make an item list.  Any items I find 
during my game play, I will list them within the FAQ.  I will also make 
another separate item list for items from bonus levels (ex., mountain of 
fire dragon) and items that I have no clue on where I have found them.

12-29 – For some reason, the part where I left off was not there, so 
sorry about that.  It stopped at the word "sorcerer" when I already 
finished all the character descriptions.  Oh well, maybe it was a 

Sorry, no graphic art here.  I have neither the art nor the talent for 

This document is Copyright 2000 Robert Aldeguer.  Unauthorized 
reproduction for any reasons such as sale, magazine, or any other 
profitable or non-profitable actions are strictly prohibited without my 
consent.  In other words, try asking me first and maybe I'll give an answer.

Blaze & Blade and any verses taken from the game or the box cover is 
Copyright T & E Soft.

This is an FAQ in progress.  Please give me time while I complete it, 
since I have to go through the whole game again to write this.

To answer some questions that may be asked:

This is the PAL version of Blaze & Blade:  Eternal Quest.  I have no 
clue if maybe the Japanese version looks the same but with Japanese 

I may not be able to describe all the items in the game since there are 
so many.  I will play through the game again and add items as I find 
   If you're using the PAL version, for some reason the game screen is 
off center, so I cannot see the 3rd and 4th player's HP and MP.  I have 
no clue why it does this, but if this happens to you, the best advice I 
can offer is to play it on a computer monitor.  You can pick something 
up at Toys R Us or some place like that to perform that task.  Shouldn't 
cost more than twenty bucks, if they still have it.  It's called "Jam."

Contents (Will fix soon) 

I.   Story - What is Blaze & Blade?
II.  Controls
III. Characters
IV.  Character Classes
           Creating the Character
           Advantages and disadvantages of each character
           Special abilities of each character
           Suggested point distribution
V.   Walkthrough, the beginning
           The Inn (Headquarters)
                How to start
           The Wood of Ruins
		    Barrel Test (2-player puzzle)
	     Back to the Inn
		    Your choice on which way to go
	     The Abandoned Mine
		    2-Player test (raft & bridge)
	     Labyrinth of the Dead
		    2-player puzzle (after boss)
	     The Old Palace
		    2-player puzzle (2-4 players)
	     Palace of the Immortals 
		    2-Player Puzzle (shortcut)
	     The Ancient Ruins
		    Knowledge about the Arcanes
	     Back to the Inn again
	          Learn where to get the other pieces of sage stone
VI.  Walthrough, the halfway point

I - Story

(Taken from the back of the game box)
   Foresia, the northern part of the Moveresisch continent, was once a 
fruitful province, which was devastated by an outbreak of uncontrolled 
magic.  Since then, this area is only called the forbidden country.
	According to rumors, wealth and magic monsters can still be found 
in this country, therefore adventurers unite again and again and unite 
special abilities with their swords and prepare for the unknown 
quantities of monsters and to discover the secrets of Foresia.

   What is Blaze & Blade?
   Blaze and Blade is a real-time RPG that can support up to four 
players.  Although one person can beat the game alone, the real fun can 
only be discovered through multi-player game play.  The story is not too well 
explained throughout the game, but not too hard to understand.  
   To play the game, you need 3 blocks available on your memory card for 
each character.  For four players, get a multi-tap.

II - Controls

Basic controls for the game

Up, Down, Left, Right - Move

Square - Attack

Circle - Jump

L1 and R1 - Rotate camera angle left and right.  Only the group leader 
can control the camera.

L2 and R2 - Moves the camera at a higher or lower angle.

L1 + R1 - Zoom out

L2 + R2 - Zoom in

L1 + L2 - Switches from manual camera control to automatic.

R1 + R2 - Gives a 5 second overview of the screen.  

X - Special Ability (Check the Characters section on your character's 

Triangle - Sub-Menu
Here in this menu you can use items, change weapons, armor, magic, and 
choose the leader, who gets to control the camera angle.  To use things 
like potions, magical items, or upgrades to weapons, you must use them 
in this sub-menu, not the main menu.

Start - Main Menu
In the menu, you can view Character stats, save the game, view a map of 
the level, and choose the group leader.  You can also choose a different 
hair and clothes color by choosing from a made set of outfits.  Press L1 
or R1 if you wish to change between these features.

In the character stats screen, you can press x to look at a specific 
item.  Pick the garbage can and then an item if you want to throw 
something away.  You can also press right to equip different items, 
choose magic spells, and choose a herb to equip (this option is only 
available for the hunter.) 

In the map screen, you mark important places with markers.  Sometimes in the 
walkthrough, I will say to mark a place.  These markers come very handy.  Just 
go to the point that you want to mark and press x.  Highlight the color marker 
you want and press x again. 

Select – Cast magic.  When you choose a spell, you will see a set of 
commands on the screen (for example, x, circle, square, square, square, 
etc.)  These commands allow you to cast a spell without having to choose 
it in the main or sub menu.  To cast, just hold select and perform the 
given commands.  The harder the spell, the harder the commands will be.

III - Character Classes

Creating the Character

   Now, when you make your characters, you can name him/her whatever you 
want and make him/her a male or female, whatever floats your boat.  If 
you don't have a name, a default one is there to assist you.  Just 
simply leave the name blank and pick END in the letter screen.  Now, the 
other stats are the ones that will count during the game.

Style of Speech:
You have a choice between eight different types of speech (the way your 
character will talk.)

Normal      Old
Impulsive   Arbitrary
Polite      Childlike
Cool	      Quiet

This will kinda affect your game, but not too much.  Some types of 
speech gives you good clues on what to do for puzzles, while others do 
not give as much information at all.  If you want to go neutral, pick 
normal.  I use quiet and I get good clues when I got stuck before.

Protective Element:
This stat will determine what element your character will be based on.  
For example, if you choose water, you will have protection against 
water-based attacks.  You have eight choices to choose from.

Earth		Light 
Fire		Darkness
Wind		Holy
Water		Evil

Bonus points:
These are points that are to be distributed between the different stats 
of your character.  This is totally random, so try to aim for a high 
number.  Around 30-35 is good, but if you get any higher, you're a very 
lucky person.  Press X to draw each card.  You always start at a base 
number of 15, then the cards add to it.  Get three of the same number in 
a row and you can draw even more numbers.  If you got a number you do 
not like or if it's too low, simply press circle and keep trying again.  
My friend got 60 points for his elf.  He is pretty strong now.

Point Distribution:
You must distribute your points between these 7 stats:

Strength - Attack power.  Also increases HP

Intelligence - Increases efficiency of sorcery (Magic attack)

Willpower - Amount of resistance to magic.  

Agility - Amount of defense against physical attacks

Constitution - Determines defense against status-changing ailments and 
the rate a character heals.

Magical Power (POW) - Determines rate for recovery of magical energy

Luck - Important factor that determines many things (For example, when you get 
hit, you may not take any damage at all)
Note:  This is the most variable stat in the whole game.  I'm not really sure on 
how to keep it high, but my trick (which worked so far) is to avoid getting hit 
as much as possible and to also not fall into pits or chasms.

Suggested ways for each character on how to distribute the points will 
be listed below.  After you're done with all this stuff, save the 
character onto a memory card and begin the game or make another 

Advantages and disadvantages of each character, plus suggested point 
Remember, in this game, male and female don't make a difference, they 
just look different.=P

The warrior is pretty much the grunt swordfighter of the game.  As he 
levels up, he will attain excellent strength, constitution, and decent 

Special ability:  He can block physical attacks with his shield.  
Remember, he can only block physical attacks, not magic.  If you try to 
block magic, you might get messed up pretty badly.

Disadvantage:  He can only fight and block, that's it.  Also, his magic 
defense is very weak.

Suggested point distribution:  Do not increase his intelligence or Magic 
Power since he won't be using any.  Balance the points with the rest of 
the stats, keeping in mind about his willpower.

The dwarf is pretty much like the fighter, except he is stout and wields 
an axe and can open certain places. (For example, the well in the mine.)

Special ability:  Same as warrior, except he can open certain areas in 
the mine.  There are a couple of hidden places in there, somewhere. 
(Thanks yulius)

Disadvantage:  I think he is the same as the warrior, but I am not sure 
yet since I never really used a dwarf.  If anyone knows, please E-mail 
me and tell me so that I can change this later.

Suggested point distribution:  Same as warrior…for now.

The priest is the healer of the group.  He can heal everyone while they 
battle it out with the monsters.  Experience is also gained too when 
healing magic is used.

Special ability:  Healing magic.  He starts out with a spell called 
"Turn Undead" which does not cost any MP to use and is very useful later 
in the game.

Disadvantage:  The priest is not the kind of person you should use shall 
you decide to venture alone.  His physical attacks are extremely weak 
and physical defense is low.  The priest should be used primarily as a 
back-up character to help out others.

Suggested point distribution:  Increase his strength a little, but make 
his intelligence and power high since he'll need it for the healing 
magic, or, you can keep this character a balanced one, but it wont 
really help to much.  The choice is up to you.

The rogue is the fastest character in the game since he can run.  
Although he only wields a knife, his strength is something not to be 

Special ability:  He can run, which makes lone venturing faster.  Also, 
if any doors are found that require the lock to be picked, the rogue can 
open them.

Disadvantage:  His strength is a little weak, but it's not much of a 
bother.  His magic defense is a little below good, but not as good as a 
sorcerer or priest.

Suggested point distribution:  Balance it out, but leave intelligence 
and magic power alone.  He won't be using that for the whole game.

The hunter has long range and can use herbs.  Using his bow, he can 
attack from a good distance without much risk of getting hit.

Special ability:  He can use a wide variety of herbs, as listed below.
Lavender:  Heals some life
Sage:  Restores some MP
Ironsage:  Neutralizes poison
Heavensage:  Cures paralysis
Fennel:  Cures petrifaction
Hyssop:  Cures magic drain
Belladonna:  Removes curses
In the Wood of Ruins, the hunter can also find hidden paths that lead to 
treasure (Thanks plai.)  Look carefully for these.

Note:  If you run out of herbs, just talk to the little girl at anytime 
near the entrance of the Inn and she'll give you some for free.  

Disadvantage:  Using that bow can be quite annoying since it is a little 
difficult to aim with it.  Otherwise, he's a good character to use.

Suggested point distribution:  Keep it balanced since you will run into 
some enchanted magic shooting bows later.

The sorcerer is the master of magic.  Although physically he lacks 
power, he makes up for it with extremely powerful spells.

Special ability:  Magic.

Disadvantage:  His physical strength is not too strong, but his magic 
really makes up for it.

Suggested point distribution:  Keep his intelligence and magic power 
high.  If you want, you can increase his agility more so he can defend 
more attacks easier.

The fairy is the only one of the group that can fly.  His attack power 
is below average but he is able to cast special magic that can change 
the status of friends as well as enemies.  The powerful fairy wands 
found later in the game will make up for his physical strength.

Special ability:  Status-changing magic.  

Disadvantage:  None really, just that when you start out with him, he is 
very weak.  I suggest leveling him up higher than the others in order to 
keep up.

Suggested point distribution:  Whatever floats your boat.  I don't 
really use the fairy so I do not know his strong sides, except for his 
below average attacks and status-changing magic.

The elf is the best all around character in the game.  He can wield 
powerful swords (elf swords) and cast powerful magic.  Although he 
cannot use magic as powerful as the sorcerer, he still is the best 
character for anyone to use.

Special ability:  Magic, plus he can open doors that have a magical seal 
that require an elf.  

Disadvantage:  None.  He's a real good character to use.

V – Walkthrough

Note:  Because of the complexity of some levels, I will only describe 
how to solve the puzzles, how to reach to a higher level, important 
items, and descriptions about the boss, but I won't describe the exact 
way on how to just sweep through the level.  The whole point and fun of 
the game is exploring!

Incase I forget to mention them…
During the game, you will see bright white circles on the ground during a level.  
These are save points that can be used to save.  Remember, if in the Traveler's 
Inn, you do not have to look for a save point, just save.

The shining green spots are healing points.  Just walk over them to regain HP 
and MP.

I may forget to mention these points very often, so…sorry!

This is start of the game.  After you load your character and begin your 
game, you will start in the lobby of the Roadside Inn.  Now, the little 
girl in the lobby is the herb girl.  Should the hunter run out of herbs, 
talk to her and she'll ask if you want a new supply of herbs (obviously, 
say yes.)  If you are facing west (the compass arrow on W), the door on 
the right leads to the bar where you can talk to the bartender, patrons, 
and adventurers who are on the same quest as yourself.  While still in 
the lobby, the stairs that go up lead to four different doors upstairs.  
The first one is where the expert lives.  He will identify any item you 
find on your travels, since you do not know what it is at all until he 
tells you, but you can equip or use an item even though you don't know 
what it is or what it does.  

The second door is your room.  You can walk up to the chest and store a 
number of items that you've found, but there is a limit on how much you 
can store.  The third room is where a knight and an Amazon live.  Later 
in the game, the knight will sell you things in exchange for fate coins.  
The fourth door is locked and cannot be accessed until the near end of 
the game.  
If you try to walk out of the Inn through the giant doors, you will not 
be allowed to.  To continue outside, go to the bar and talk to the 
bartender and the old man sitting down.  One of them will tell you about 
the Wood of Ruins, and this is where you have to go.  On your way out, 
there is a treasure chest near the secretary of the Inn.  Go up to it 
and take some healing pins.  They only heal 25% of your health, but it's 
nice to keep some backup potions handy (You're only allowed to take 2 
from the chest.)  

The Wood of Ruins

This is the first level of the game.  The pathway is pretty much 
straight through, so you won't need my help too much.  Don't worry too 
much about the enemies.  They won't kill you…yet.  Along the path, you 
will be stopped because you will see a statue on top of a hill.  Go to 
that statue and push it off.  Doing so will make the trip back a lot 
easier.  After that, just keep going.

Soon, you will run into a cabin near the lake.  You cannot enter yet, so 
continue on to the other path toward the woodcutter's cabin.  On the 
way, you will meet up with four little monsters in a cage.  Once you 
enter, a door will close and lock you in.  Kill all the monsters and the 
doors will open again.  This will happen twice along the way.  After you 
get through them, continue and this will lead you to a new area 
(following a loading screen.)  If you want, you can go back and keep 
fighting those guys because they carry many items, including the very 
helpful life potion.  To fight them all over again, just go into the new 
area when you're done with the monsters, then go back.

There will be some challenging roads along the way, but they wont really 
cause much of a problem.  In the swamp, you have to take the north most 
trail in order to continue since the other paths lead to a dead end and 
a locked door.

Eventually, you will finally reach the woodcutter's cabin.  When you get 
inside, he's not in there.  Open the green chest to get the "barrel test 
daggers."  I will describe this test later.  Push the box toward the 
corner where the green chest in the higher place is and climb up to get 
the cellar key.  Use the key on the giant door on the ground and enter.  
Inside, you can open the green chests inside, where you will find the 
key to the clearing and the other contents, which are random.  The black 
chests can be opened later after the boss fight and barrel test.  Leave 
the cabin and have the compass point west.

Barrel Test – This test requires two players!
Right when you're outside, go down and you will see a shiny object on 
top of a tree.  Nearby, you will see a small well.  Have someone get 
inside the well and face the tree while the other person tries stabbing 
the correct hole in the well.  When the correct one is used, the person 
inside the well will spring high in the air.  This person must try to 
land on top of the tree to obtain the object.  If the wrong hole is 
used, the person inside the well will take some damage.  The object you 
receive will be the barrel test key, which opens one of the black chests 
in the basement of the woodcutter's cabin.  Now, go into the basement 
and retrieve your prize.

Now the boss fight will come very soon.  I suggest your level to be 
around 20-25.  Try leveling up near the woodcutter's cabin by fighting 
all the bears, bees, and lizard men.  When you're ready, look at the map 
and go into the path you've never been through before, which leads to 
the door to the clearing.  When you get to a new area, you will find the 
woodcutter wounded and leaning against a column.  He will tell you about 
the monster in the clearing that hurt him.  He also says that he needs 
the healing salve that the monster stole in order for him to heal.  
Continue on and you will see that same marking on the ground earlier 
where you pushed the statue out of the way (you will use this later.)  
Now, when you reach the clearing, the door will close and you will have 
to face the boss, which consists of two bears and a powerful owl-bear.  
Do what you must to attack them while keeping yourself in good health at 
the same time.  First take out the bears then go for the owl-bear.  When 
the owl-bear stands on its two hind legs.  Go away from it because it's 
going to use a spell that temporarily decreases attack and/or defense 
power.  If you are alone in the game, attack carefully by first hitting 
him up close then go right behind it.  It won't cast the spell if you're 
very close to him.  When you're right behind him, hit him again and 
he'll turn around.  Hit him once more, then run right through him so he 
can't hit you then hit him again.  Repeat this wary process until he's 

If you have teammates with you (and I mean other people, not just 
characters following you around,) work together in killing the owl-bear, 
for example, if you have a priest, have him heal everyone while they 
fight.  The priest WILL gain experience from just merely healing.

After the boss is dead, you will receive the healing salve and the key 
to the other chest in the basement of the woodcutter's cabin.  Now go 
back to the woodcutter.  You will see he is dead, so you put the healing 
salve next to the body in good faith.  Go back to the basement of the 
cabin and open that chest.  Inside, you will find a stone with little 
holes notched in it.  After receiving the stone, go back to the area 
where the woodcutter's body lies.  Go back to that marking on the floor 
and you will start to see it glow.  Enter it and you will be teleported 
to another place.

After being teleported…
Hmm…this place looks familiar…remember the statue I asked you to push?  
Now you're back here near the beginning.  I told you to do this so you 
can jump through the level easier on the way back.  Now, just go back 
toward the exit of the level.  If you have trouble finding the exit, 
just go toward the bridge after the portal.  After that, head back to 
the Inn.

Items found in the Wood of Ruins so far

Quick Boots - Increases Agility - Found in chest.
Mace Staff - Atk +9.  A weapon for the priest
Broad Sword - Atk +12.  A weapon for the Warrior
Life potion - The next level of potion you will encounter in game. 
("mid" potion)
Leather Buckler - Df +13.  This is armor for Rogues, hunters, and elves.
Fine Leather - Df +14.  This is armor for warriors, dwarfs, rogues, 
hunters, and elves.
Miracle powder – Resurrects dead members, but only up to 33% of the dead 
character's life.
Rapier – atk +9.  Weapon for the elf
Wyvernstooth rapier – atk +20.  Another weapon for the elf
Chain mail shirt – Df. +18.  Armor for the warrior and dwarf
Hunting Cap – For the hunter.  I'm not sure what this does
Tarot Cards – Magical tarot cards.  I don't know what this one does too

A long time ago, I found a weapon called the "Cat's Claw" from those 
monsters in the cages.  If you find it, give it to the rogue.

Back in the Inn
When you get back to the Inn, try going to the Expert first.  (BTW, 
there is a correction for the description of the inn up above.)  You 
will notice the expert is not there, but replaced with the expert's 
brother.  Get any of your unknown items identified and then go down to 
the bar.  You will also notice that the bartender is missing.  If the 
compass is still facing west, there are two doors to the right and left 
of the bar.  Enter inside and you will meet more people.  Talk to the 
expert and he will tell you that the weird stone you found is the sage 
stone.  After you're done talking, go talk to the bartender and he will 
tell you about four places he knows of where you can find the pieces of 
the sage stone.
The Abandoned Mine
The Old Palace
The Labyrinth of the dead
The Palace of the Immortals

There is another piece at the Wood of Ruins, but that cannot be attained 
until the above four places are completed.

The choice is yours in which place to go, but I've decided to choose 
going to the Abandoned Mine.  Leave the Inn and choose your path.

The Abandoned mine
I chose this because the pathways in this place are also 
straightforward.  Head directly north to obtain a chest.  It's easier 
for a fairy, but anyone can get it.  After that treasure, continue along 
the other path (watch out for the falling rocks!)  Just continue along 
the path on the map and you'll reach the next area.

2nd under level
When you reach the well (note:  the dwarf can open the well,) the path 
to the north will not be lit, so you have to find a torch of some kind.  
Turn right and head east and keep going in that direction until the 
second turn south.  In that second turn, you will find an empty flask.  
Now, go back to that first turn south that you passed by earlier and 
look for the pool of water.  Jump in and you will automatically fill the 
flask with water.  Now go back to that second turn south and pass it by 
going north instead.  You will soon see a room with all this green gunk 
around it.  Enter and touch the wall and you will automatically put some 
moss into the flask.  Now you have your torch.  Go back to the well and 
head north.  When you're there, explore as much as you want, then enter 
the door on the other side of the chasm at the bottom of the hill to 
reach the third under level.

What I notice about the place that was dark without the torch is that 
there are still lights along the walls…if there are lights, then why was 
it dark?  Hmm…
3rd under level
Continue to explore for treasure, then go back onto the path.  You will 
reach a round, circular room where the next 2-player test is.

2-player test
This test is tricky and difficult.  You will notice a switch next to a 
bridge.  You must hold square to keep the bridge down.  The bridge also 
does not even let you go to the other side.  You will also notice a 
bunch of stones you can hop on for fun, but this is part of the test.  
Now, go to the dock, but do not touch the shimmering key yet.  Have 
someone ready to jump on the stones while the other will go after the 
key.  When you're ready, have one person get the key while the other 
person starts hopping on the stones towards that switch that lowers the 
bridge.  The pier will break and the other person must get to the switch 
and lower the bridge before the person on the raft falls down a 
waterfall.  If the bridge is down on time, the person on the raft should 
immediately jump onto the bridge.  Without falling, make it to the other 
side of the room where the black treasure is located and claim your prize.  
Don't worry about messing up, just exit and reenter the room to start 
the test over.

Now, onto the path.  You will reach a room with a bunch of conveyor 
belts.  Look at the map and you will see two pathways.  The pathway you 
want is the one on the right.  Head for the right since the left path 
will reach a dead end, but you will come back here…way later in the 
game.  Continue on the path to reach the next under level. (watch out 
for snakes, they can poison!)

4th under level
In this level,  you will see a bunch of moving platforms, follow my lead 
to find the correct way to continue, or you can explore for a while if 
you wish.  When I say the direction, you take the next moving platform 
from the island you just landed on.

From the door where you just entered this level:
South, south, climb the hill, then south again, east, then finally, 
north.  This should lead you to the pathway you can just follow and 
you'll be on your way to some trams that are hooked up on a wire.  Just 
go with the flow and hop on to one, then you'll be at the entrance to 
the next under level.

5th under level
Continue on the path until  you reach a point on the map where you have 
to choose which way to go.  Going south will lead to another treasure 
while going the other way will lead to the boss.

Boss:  Baby Dragon
Recommended level: 50 or higher
This baby dragon is pretty simple.  He shoots fire and hits you when 
you're up close.  Just treat him as you did with that owl-bear, except 
this monster can shoot fire this time.  If you got lucky and found the 
invincibility potion earlier, then this dragon will be nothing.  After 
beating him, you will receive a piece of the sage stone.

After the fight is over, head to the elevator in this room and it will 
take you back to the 1st under level.  Ignore the other door since you 
cannot go there until you get the stones from the three other places.  
When you get back to the Inn, get your unknown items identified, store 
any items you want to save, save your game, then finally go outside to 
choose your next adventure (level.)

Items found so far in the abandoned mine
jewel rod - Atk. + 10.  Weapon for fairy
gauntlets - Atk. +2 and Df. +2.  Accessory for the warrior and the dwarf
silver rod - atk. +28.  weapon for fairy
Skull rod - atk. +14.  weapon for sorcerer
Fairy Perfume (invincible potion) - makes character invincible for a 
certain amount of time
Leather helmet - df. +2.  Accessory for warrior, dwarf, rogue, hunter, 
and elf
Flail Staff – Atk. +13.  Weapon for the priest
Round shield - df. +3.  Shield for warrior and dwarf
Bronze medal - increases defense during attacks.  Anyone can use it.
Silver Medal – Same as Bronze Medal
Thieves' cloak - Df. +12.  Accessory/armor for the rogue
Cure potion - slowly restores status
Aqua shawl - accessory that can be worn by anyone.  Protects against 
water attacks.
Fire orb - Activates the "explosion" fire spell.  another prize won from the 
Silver Rod – Atk. +28 and Holy +12.  Weapon for the fairy

Dragon Pendant - Atk. +16 and Df. +16.  Anyone can use it.
(Can be won from baby dragon, if you're lucky.)

Like I said before, you can choose any level you want to go next, or you can 
follow my lead.

The Labyrinth of the Dead
This should be the next place you should go to.  Also, this is where the levels 
start to get a lot more complicated, so most of the time, I will be describing 
the path in order to get to the boss.  If you want to explore treasures, feel 
free to, then go back onto the path I describe.

When you enter this place, you will start in a giant hall.  Up ahead a few steps 
is a portal.  Ignore that and just keep going north.  A lot of the enemies here 
are undead (actually, pretty much all them except a few.)  This is a time where 
the priest comes in handy since he has a spell that really hurts the undead.  
The spell doesn't cost any magic points as well. (turn undead)

2-player puzzle (you will notice that this does not seem like a puzzle.)
Up the hallway from where you started, the first left will lead to the "puzzle." 
(On your map, this will look like a little corridor that does not go to far.  I 
do not even have to explain this for you, since it is not that difficult figure 
out.  Trust me.

Continue north until you encounter a pillar surrounded by four locked doors.  
Now we are going to go get the key for the doors.  Go around the doors and head 
north until you reach the bridge.  Notice you cannot fully cross the bridge, but 
later, you will.  Look at your map and you will see six rectangular rooms on the 
left side.  You're going to want to head for the room that is farthest northwest 
from the area where that pillar was since that's where you're going to find that 
key.  In other words, from the bridge, head west and keep going until you reach 
a room with a green coffin.

In this room, zombies will pop out of the coffins (as well as a lot of the rooms 
in this level.)  All you really need to do is check the green coffin in this 
room and you'll grab the key.  After this, head back to that pillar surrounded 
by four locked doors.

After you touch the pillar, you will hear a sound from the distance (as 
described in the text.)  Look at your map and you will see that the northeast 
rectangular room connects to another room that extends farther north.  Head 
there to the northeast.  When you get to the right door, You will see a sign 
that says "storage room."  Go in there.

Inside this storage room, you will find a treasure chest and a lever at the end.  
Pull the lever and you'll hear another sound.  Head back to that bridge you 
couldn't cross earlier.  Now that you can cross it, cross it!  Head into the 
room up ahead and you'll head down to the 2nd under level.

2nd under level
For some odd reason, it is very quiet here.  As you walk around, no monsters 
appear to attack you.  Head north until you reach a door that will not open, 
then look at your map.  You will see a rectangular room surrounded by some path.  
Head for that room.  On the way there, you will see a sign that says "Altar 
Room."  This means you're going the right way.

There are some zombies in this room.  Take them out, then take the crucifix out 
of the altar.  After you're done, head back to that door that wouldn't open.  
Now, have the compass face north, then look at your map.  To the right of your 
position, you should see a large rectangular room with a smaller one right below 
it.  This is your next destination, so head there.

If you need directions to this room, no problem.  Keep the compass facing north 
then go left, then north, and then enter the next hallway.  When you reach the 
next hallway, keep going and take the first left, then continue until you see 
the first door to the north.  Enter that door.  You'll know if you're in the 
right place if you end up  facing a flight of stairs and a few coffins after you 
enter the door.  Head left and then enter the next door you see.  Continue 
heading south, then you'll finally be in that large rectangular room.
(Sorry if these directions are a little confusing.)  I have a hard time writing 
this stuff.)

Now, to that smaller rectangular room.  When you first enter the large room, 
just climb the stairs and follow the path until you reach the door.  Inside, you 
will see an altar that looks just like the one you saw earlier.  Go up to the 
altar and put the crucifix in.  You will hear a sound, then "shivers will start 
to run up your spine" as you begin to hear the game music again.  Exit the room 
and head back to that door that would not open.  

On you way there, you will notice that monsters appear now (gee, I wonder what 
putting that crucifix on the altar did.)  There is something else that did 
happen.  The door that would not open before can now be opened.  Once you enter 
the door, look at your map.  Head for the room that is farthest north.  Once 
inside this room, look for the stairs and you will head for the 3rd under level

3rd under level
When you enter, go west, then north into the chapel room where you will see a 
ghost and a healing spot.  Use the healing spot if you have to, then talk to the 
ghost.  He will ask you to purify the underground water.  He will give you a 
key.  Exit the room, then head west into the storage room.  Inside, pull the 
lever and grab whatever is inside the treasure chest if you want it.  After 
that, exit the room, then head for the second door (or passage) that leads 

Continue north until you reach a room where a giant statue rests against the 
wall.  Check the statue and it will say that this is the way to the Underground 
Crypt, but it's blocked off at the moment by the statue.  No problem, just go 
look at your map and you will see a room that is directly north.  Exit the room 
you are in now and head straight for this room.

On your way to that room, you will meet up with another ghost.  Try going 
through the door and you'll see that it's locked.  Talk to the ghost and he'll 
remove that statue that was in the way earlier.  Head back to that room and you 
won't be going to the 3rd under level of the underground crypt (because you're 
already there) but the Holy Water Consecration Room.

Holy Water Consecration Room (place)
In this level, it's okay to walk on the water.  Head west and onto the water.  
When you get out of the water, head south then up a flight of stairs into a 
room.  In this room, you will see a platform right on top of a glowing red 
crystal.  Go to the platform and jump on top of it and all the enemies in the 
room will be killed automatically.  When you're done, exit out of here either 
through the waterfall or the door, then head for the room that's to the west of 
the room you were just in.

When you're in this room, you'll see the platform on top of the red crystal 
again, plus a save point where you can save your game.  Just jump onto the 
platform, collect all the experience and money, save the game (if you want,) 
then head to the next room, which is almost exactly to the northeast of your 

In this room, repeat the process with the platform, then exit through the door 
and head south.  Keep going until you get up to a little river.  Have the 
compass face west and follow the river, but be careful when you have to jump.  
Also, after you jump, keep going because the floor will collapse too.  

In this room, just repeat the process again and you're done with this Holy Water 
place.  Just save (if you want,) then head out of here back to the 3rd under 

Back to the 3rd under level
When you're back on this level, if you look on the map, head back to that chapel 
and speak to the ghost.  He will release the lock on that door in the far north 
of this level.  After he disappears, head toward that far north room and the 
door will open.  Inside this room is the stairs that lead to the 4th under 
level, where what lies beneath is the boss.
(someone emailed me about this problem.  If you're reading this, sorry!…and 
here's the solution)

4th under level
As you enter, look at your map and you will see a large circular area.  This is 
where the boss is, so be ready for a fight.  In the room you are in now, use the 
save point, grab what's inside the treasure chest, then continue on to that room 
where the boss is.  Get ready for a tough boss! 

He is a headless demon knight that is accompanied by his cronies, three red 
skeletons.  Go for the red skeletons first while avoiding Dulahan, since he can 
also cast that spell that lowers your attack and/or defense.  After his cronies 
are gone, go for Dulahan up close so he won't cast that annoying spell (don't 
worry, he doesn't have a shield.)  After he's done for, you can head north for 
more treasure, or you can go east to head back to the 1st under level.  I have 
no idea where south goes because it's locked.
Note:  To go north, you need more than one player and a rogue!!

2-player puzzle
I have no need to explain this too much.  When in the northern room, have 
someone stand on the platform while the other person activates the switch 
nearby.  Once activated, the platform will rise up and go in a direct path.  The 
person on the platform should be ready to jump over any beams he/she comes 
across while the person on the floor should follow closely behind.  When the 
person on the platform reaches the end, he/she should jump off toward the door 
and enter.  The person on the lower floor should just unplug his/her controller, 
or if you have a dual shock controller, just press analog.  After entering the 
next room, just plug in the controller or press analog again to regain control.

When you get to the 1st under level, just exit, go back to the Inn, get the 
items you found identified, and then choose another place you would like to go 
to, or follow my lead…

Items found so far in Labyrinth of the Dead
Cure potion - slowly restores status
Knight Shield - df. +10.  Shield for warriors or dwarfs
Fine scarf - df. +6.  Anyone can use it
Claymore - atk. +30.  Weapon for warrior
Robe of Sorcery - df. +24.  Armor for the priest, sorcerer, and fairy
Bandit's Shield - df. +26.  Armor for the Rogue, hunter, and elf
Bastard Sword – atk. +25.  Weapon for the warrior 
(I don't mean to swear!  That's the real name for the sword!  Honest!)
Flame Rod – atk. +34.  Weapon for the fairy
Berserker Bones – Atk. +12.  Makes you mad crazy!
Blood Sword – Atk. +20 and evil +10.  Weapon for the warrior
Silver circlet –…
(I have no clue what this one does.  In the game, it says, "Raises ones spirits 
and repels demons"?)
Cross - +10 Holy.  Protects against all magic

Back at the Inn
In the Inn, talk to the knight and he'll tell you about the Valley of the White 
Silver.  You can try going there now if you want, but I do not suggest it.  
Also, go back to that room where you first learned about the Sage stone (the 
room behind the bar.)  While here, talk to the old man and he'll tell you about 
the Ruins in the Lake.  I HIGHLY suggest that you do not go there until you're 
ready.  You can go there to fight the enemies and level up a bit, but DO NOT 
face the boss yet.  Trust me on this one.  Now, unless you've chosen a different 
path, I'll continue on as I planned.
(Note:  If your character is already around level 120 or higher, be my guest and 
try those areas.)

The Old Palace
This is where the levels start to get a lot more complex, giving me a hard time 
to write and also eating up my time, so pay close attention.

1st under level
Bringing and elf and a rogue here will save you about a half an hour and a lot 
of trouble.  Otherwise, follow me.  The moment you enter this place, head north 
and you will see a passage blocked by a barrier.  Remember this location since 
you will see another one, but this is the one you have to go to.  Look at your 
map and you will see a hexagonal room to the farthest north.  Head for this 

While in this room you will see two switches.  Activate both of them and they 
will open the windows of this level.  On the way here, you may have seen a few 
pillars of light.  Also, south of this room leads to the other passage.  This is 
the one you will have to ignore for now.  After activating the switches, go 
around the whole level and place any pillar you can find in front of a window 
while making sure that light is touching the pillar.  You can tell which part 
you have to move the pillars to when you see these rectangular white squares on 
the floor.  There are a total of 8 white pillars on this floor.  Make sure you 
get them all then go back to that blocked passage that I told you to remember.  
Go inside and enter the portal to reach the 2nd under level.  

Ignore the other blocked passage since there is a locked door after the portal.  
Just go to the one I mentioned.  

2nd floor (part 1)
Look at your map.  You will see four rooms that are of similar shape to this:
/   \   
You know, like the top of a hamburger bun.  Sorry I can't make it as detailed.  
I'm limited to just basic text.
Anyway, you'll identify these rooms easily since they are all along the edges of 
the map.  Mark the place where you are, then enter those four rooms starting in 
this way:
1	 3
You might want to save your game at the save point in this room before 
continuing on.

Just follow the map and go to those rooms in the given order.  In each of these 
four rooms is a switch that you must flip.  On the way in between the 3rd and 4th 
room, you may run into a door with a seal on it.  This is the "shortcut" of the 
game and is the door that leads to the center.  If you brought the elf and 
rogue, just go this way, grab any treasures, and keep going until you see a 
portal, then enter it.  If you took this shortcut, then you can skip the next 
section.  Otherwise, continue the pattern.

After the fourth switch, exit that room and go west toward the room where you 
first started this level.  Do not go all the way around again.  When inside, you 
will see another switch.  Flip it to open the doors.  You can save again if you 
wish, then continue across the bridge.  After crossing, continue along until you 
see a door.  Enter this door to continue to the next part, or keep going along 
the path (going east instead of in the door) to reach the 2-player puzzle.

2-player puzzle
This puzzle is a lot easier with four people.  You will see four pillars 
creating a barrier around a treasure chest.  If you have four people, have one 
person to each pillar then all of you jump on top of them at the same time.  
Right after everyone jumps on top of the treasure, have someone run in 
immediately to grab the treasure. (Don't worry.  You won't get caught in the 
barrier.  It'll disappear after you grab the treasure.)  If you have only two or 
three people, have two people start at one end and the other guy (3rd player) 
ready to grab the treasure when the barrier is down.  For an example, have them 
like this:

----?x  0     0     
           ()    x?---- Other guy
----?x  0     0 <---- barrier

Have the people that are going to hit the pillars jump on one then continuing 
the other one while still going in the same direction (make sure they're hitting 
the pillars at the same time to make it easier for the other guy to grab the 
treasure.)  When the barrier is down, have the other guy grab the chest and you 
got it.  If you have only two people in your party, not a problem.  Just take 
out the barriers at the same time as described above then have one of you 
immediately grab the treasure.  It's not too hard of a puzzle, but it may take a 
little time to get.

Now, continuing along that path where I told you to enter that door.  Go inside 
and continue north until you reach a bridge.  Now, when everyone in the party is 
ready, cross the bridge, but do not stop!  Keep going until you reach the door.  
When you do get there, it won't open.  To open it, you have to kill that 
floating knight nearby.  He'll try to knock you off.  If one of your party 
members falls off, make sure the others are still near that door.  If all of you 
fall off, then you will have to complete a another under level before continuing 
onto the boss.  If you kill the knight and did not fall off, enter the door and 
go into the portal just ahead and skip the next part.  If the whole party fell 
off, continue on to the next part.

2nd under level 
The people who took the shortcut or did not fall off the bridge, skip this part 
and go to the part marked with a **.

After your fall, save your game, then head west to learn about Foresia and the 
sage stone.  If you do not care, then head south and continue heading south 
until you reach a portal.  Enter the portal to reach the 1st under level.

1st under level 
You're your starting point, head west to get the red key, return back to that 
point, then head east to get the blue key.  After that, go back to the starting 
point of this level and head north.  Follow your map and you will soon reach a 
door that cannot be opened (door is marked by a purple circle.)  Look at the map 
again and you will see two rooms to the right and left of the giant hallway you 
are in right now.  Choose any direction you want to start in, then head toward 
that room.  (this is another puzzle.)

In the room you chose and entered, you must kill all the enemies first.  After 
that, continue on to the marked door.  Inside, you will see a crystal.  Touch it 
and your screen will start to glow red or blue (depending on which room you 
chose), then head for that other room that you did not go to before.  Keep going 
while avoiding any enemies along the way.  When you get to that second crystal, 
immediately touch it and you will unlock the door that was unlocked earlier.  
Earlier I asked you to kill all the enemies so that the door on your way out 
will not be blocked.  You will know if you messed up when the glow on your 
screen fades before you can touch the other crystal.  If you messed up, start 
over again, otherwise go back to that locked door and enter it.  Enter the 
portal and you'll be taken back to the 2nd floor.  After you come out of the 
portal, take the next portal nearby to reach the next level you have to go to.
You may have seen another door marked with a purple circle earlier.  Take this 
door and enter the portal to end up in the 1st floor, that's if you want to 
leave the level and go back to the Inn (if you want to, that is.)  Remember, if 
you leave, you have to start this place all over again.

3rd floor
This part is HUGE, but I will try to simplify it as much as possible.  Go east 
and you'll be in a room where you'll have to fight some enemies.  Kill them all, 
then head east again into another room.  In here, use the healing point if you 
need to, then continue north up a flight of stairs.  Continue north until you 
reach a ledge, but when you enter this room, do not move yet.  When you touch 
any of the north tips of the ledge, the floor will fall, but don't worry because 
you want this to happen.  Think of a way to make all the collapsible floors fall 
without you falling.  What you're doing is making a pathway on the acid so you 
won't get burned (and you'll need this later.)  Start from one end of the 
collapsible floors then walk toward the others until all of them fall.  The 
collapsible floor that is farther west is the one you need the most.  After that 
is done, fall down.  If you didn't get all the floors, use your map and go back 
around.  If you got all the floors, go to the switch and set it in gear, mark 
this on your map, then go through the door that just opened.

You are now outside the tower.  Stay on the path, but go the north way.  Your 
destination is the other side of the tower, which can be seen on the map.  On 
the way there on the north side of the tower is a room that contains a treasure 
chest.  Grab it, then continue on to get to the west side of the tower.  When 
you reach the western side of the tower, enter the door.

Inside, jump off the north side of the ledge and continue the path into the 
center of the level.  In the center is a giant crystal.  Touch the crystal to 
activate the floating platforms.  Now go back to that switch you set in gear.  
(Remember I said to mark this on your map?  This makes it easier.)  Otherwise, 
just head east.  When you get to the switch, turn it off and head back to the 
center of the level, but take the floating platform.  When you get back to the 
high place where the floating crystal was, take the floating platform that goes 
north and enter the door.  Inside, enter the portal to go to the 2nd under 
level, where the boss is.

2nd under level
If you want to go off the ledge and fight some enemies, push the pillar nearby 
off first so you don't have to go all the way around again if you want to come 
back to where the portal is.  If you want to go attack the boss now, head north 
into the door.

Boss:  Dark Elf
Recommended level:  70 or higher

Make sure you have some defense against magic because his magic is STRONG.  Have 
a magic user who has a magic shield spell cast it immediately before the fight 
even starts.  When it does, kill his cronies first then go after him.  If you're 
alone, stay close to him and he'll keep trying to kick you most of the time 
instead of using his spells.  When he does start casting spells, though, Run!  A 
few hits will kill him since he's not that tough, it's his spells that make him 
difficult.  After you beat him, you'll get another piece of the sage stone, then 
leave the room.  Go into the portal you came out of before you fought the boss.

Wait!!!  (Added 1/11/01)
After fighting the boss, go south out of this room but not through the portals.  
Keep going south until you reach a save point.  To the east of the save point is 
a door that could not be opened before.  This path leads to different treasures 
and pretty strong armor for the warrior, hunter, or rogue.  If you have a rogue 
with you, you can also unlock a 2-player puzzle, which I cannot solve right now 
because I am only but one person in the game right now.  It is really not that 
hard.  You just need to keep an eye on the pattern.  I solved it a long time ago 
with some friends and all I can say is that having more than two characters will 
be A LOT more helpful.

3rd floor
From the point where you are now, head south as far as you can.  As you keep 
going south,  you'll remember that the room you will enter was the room that you 
had to kill all the monsters.  Head west after this room and enter the portal.

2nd floor
From here, head south across that collapsing bridge (remember, don't stop) and 
keep going.  You should remember this place now, so just find your way back to 
the portal that leads to the 1st floor.  (Hint:  If you need help remembering 
where this room is, it's in the same room as the save point on this floor.)

Here are the directions:  After the bridge, head south, then take the path west.  
Follow that path until you see the portal.  Enter that portal and you'll go to 
the 1st floor, where the exit lies near.

When you finally get out of there, head back to the Inn, get your items 
identified, and get ready for the next place, the Palace of the Immortals.
Oh yeah, that knight who told you about the Valley of White Silver will now 
collect fate coins.  If you have any, you can trade them for some items he'll 
give to you.
(I collect a lot of money (blue gems) during the whole game…why can't I give him 
those instead!!!)

Items found so far in old palace
fate coin - adds luck.  Save for later if you want to trade with the knight
in the third room at the inn
Battle Axe - atk. +20.  Weapon for the dwarf
Thieves' cloak - Df. +12.  Accessory/armor for the rogue
Pure Wand - atk. +16.  Weapon for the sorcerer
Bow – atk. +7.  Weapon for the hunter (he already started with this!)
Knight's Armor – df. +37.  Armor for the warrior and dwarf
Elven Cloak – df. +16.  Cloak for the elf
Rapier – atk. +9.  Weapon for the elf
Long Rapier – Atk. +24.  Weapon for the elf
Fine Shield – Df. +18.  Armor for the rogue, hunter, and elf
Runic Shield – Df. +60.  Armor for the rogue, hunter, and elf
Ambrosia – Resurrects dead ally to full power
Holy Lamp – Casts "holy word"

Palace of the Immortals
This is where the level WILL be long and also where my directions WILL start to 
get confusing.  I will try to do the best I can.

The game will say "East Wing."  Don't worry about this.  The West Wing will be 
for WAY later in the game.

1st floor  

Now, as you enter, Head north until you reach the intersection of the carpets, 
then look at your map.  To the east, you will see that this main hall connects 
to two rooms.  Enter the first room toward the east.  Inside here, you will find 
something shining on top of the table.  This is the iron book.  Head back to 
that intersection.  When you're there, head north until you're at the beginning 
of a hallway.  Look at your map.  Your next destination is the fourth door on 
the west from the beginning of this main hallway.  Go there.

Inside this room is a bunch of bookshelves.  Go to the shelf that is a different 
color from the others and you will put the book inside.  Doing so will cause a 
nearby door to open.  Enter this door and keep going until you see something 
shiny, which is a water flask.  Grab it then leave this room through the door 
you originally came in.  

Look at your map and you should see a square diamond shape in the middle of a 
room.  Once you've located it, head toward that room.  Inside is a giant well.  
Go up to it and you'll fill up the flask that you found earlier.  Now go back to 
that intersection of red carpets.  Once there, head for the room to the west.  

Inside this room, look for the fireplace that has something shining on it.  Go 
up to it and you'll put it out with the water in the flask, allowing you to 
receive a key.  Head back to the beginning of that main hallway.

When you reach the beginning of the main hallway, go east on the third path to 
the east that leads to three rooms that are very close together (look at the 
map.)  What you are looking for next is in the middle room, so enter and grab 
it.  After this, head back to the main hallway and walk north as far as you can 
until you reach a wall.  Now go west and enter the second door you see.  Inside 
here are the stairs to the next floor.

2nd floor
Oh man, this is going to be hard…very hard… for me that is!

When you start out on this floor, you'll be facing west.  Head north and keep 
going until you enter a room with a waterfall.  The sign inside this room says 
that there is a hidden path behind the waterfall.  Go behind the waterfall, but 
don't actually jump into the water.  There is a path that leads to where there 
is a hidden door.  Enter this hidden door and get the treasure inside, which is 
a bronze key.

After you got it, go back to the waterfall room and enter the door south.  After 
this small hallway, you will be in a room with platforms that are way up above.  
Remember this place for later.  If you have a rogue with you, head west from 
this room, then keep going until you see another door.  The rogue will pick the 
lock and you can go inside.  Go north and you will soon reach a room full of 
gold (which you cannot pick up.)  There is another key here, though.  Grab the 
key then head back to the room where you started this floor.  If you do not have 
a rogue, you will have to go around.  I will describe the way on how to get this 
key later since the path to get here is in another place.

After reaching the room where you started this floor, head south and the door 
will be unlocked by a key.  Keep going and you'll reach a save point.  From this 
room, head south if you did not get that key earlier, otherwise, head east.  

You will reach a room that has a few beds inside with two storage rooms just 
ahead.  While in here, if the compass is facing east, the storage room on the 
right has a control lever while the one on the left has two keys.  Go inside 
both rooms and grab them all.  You can continue through the path in the left 
storage room if you have an elf and a rogue otherwise go through the right room.  
If you went through the other room and got the treasure, just head through the 
right storage room now.

Keep going until you reach a little intersection with giant blades swinging left 
and right.  Head south to take a shortcut, but this is a two-player puzzle that, 
of course, requires two players.  If you don't have two players, continue west.

2-player puzzle – ignore this if you're by yourself –
For the people who completed this, go to the part of the guide marked with a ***
Before continuing on, though, get the keys I talk about in the paragraph just 
below this one.
This is very simple.  Have one person jump on top of the first switch (witch is 
farthest north) and a platform will appear.  Have someone else jump onto the 
platform.  When the person leaves the switch, the platform will disappear, so be 
careful of that.  This puzzle will take a little timing, but it's not too 
difficult.  Have the person on the switch jump onto the next switch and the guy 
jump toward the next one (to the south) while the previous one is disappearing.  
Doing it this way will have the platform appear before the guy on the other 
platform lands on it.  I know these directions sound hard but it's not that 
difficult, especially if you have more than 2 players.  Have the guy who made it 
across step on the switch that is near the door and it will make all the 
platforms appear so that everyone in the party can come across.  Completing this 
will lead to a shortcut.  Since I'm playing by myself.  I must take the long 

Head west and turn north then go to the door on the right.  Inside will be a 
chest that contains another key.  Go out then go through the other door.  Follow 
this path all the way.  You will see a treasure chest on the way there, but 
don't go for it yet, just keep going through the door.  Keep going and you'll 
reach a control switch without a lever.  Use the control lever on it by just 
going up to it, then leave and go for that treasure chest you saw earlier.  
Now go all the way around to that room past the waterfall where you saw the 
platforms high up above.  To make it easier, go back to the save point and 
travel south.  Once you're inside the room with the platforms, take the lower 
west exit.  Inside this long hallway, just keep going south now that the door is 

When you enter a giant theatre, just keep heading south and up a flight of 
stairs and you'll be on the balcony.  Follow the balcony east and enter the 
door.  You'll find yourself in a hallway with three doors.  The door that leads 
east leads to a healing point.  The door that leads north leads back to that 2-
player shortcut, while the door that leads south will take you up to the third 

3rd floor
When you start, there will be a portal nearby.  Don't take that, but leave it 
alone for now because it will lead back to the ground floor (1st floor).  This 
floor will be VERY hard for me to describe, so please cut me some slack.  When 
you start, head south and read the sign.  It will tell you about a painting in 
the great hall.  Remember that for later.  Go east and continue along the 
hallway until you see a green treasure chest.  Grab the key inside then go back 
to that portal you saw when you started this floor.

Back to 1st floor
You'll start in the 1st floor in the ballroom.  Exit the ballroom and try to 
remember that room where you found the iron book.  There's a red door right next 
to it. Enter that door and grab the red gem inside the treasure chest.  After 
that, head back to the ballroom.  Stop at the door to the ballroom, then head 
west until you see a silver door.  Enter the silver door and grab the blue gem 
inside the treasure chest.  Exit the room and head west until you see a golden 
door.  Enter this door and search the room and you will find yourself a locked 
door.  There is a mechanism near that locked door that looks like it can hold 
three candles.  Go up to it and you will place both gems in the mechanism, 
giving you the purple gem.  Go to the locked door and it will be opened.  In 
here, grab what's inside the treasure chest, and then head back to the ballroom 
and up to the 3rd floor.  Don't worry about the locked door with the "bat-shaped 
niche."  We will get this later.

Back to the 3rd floor
When you get back here, look at your map.  You will see square rooms in the 
northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest sides.  In these rooms are these 
giant circles on the ground.  Go up to each of them and you will poor some 
potion into each hole.  On the way to the circles you may see enter a room with 
stone gargoyles blocking the doors.  Remember this room after you're done with 
the circles.  When you are done with the circles, enter that room with the stone 
gargoyles. If you did not pass by this room earlier, look at your map and it is 
the southern room that connects to the large room in the center.  

In this large room, look at the paintings on the wall and touch the one with the 
stars on it.  This will cause a draft to blow out the fire in the fireplace.  
Grab the medallion and exit this room.  Now you have a choice between two doors.  
The west door leads to the western upper part of this floor while the east door 
leads to the eastern part.  Go to the western part to pull any switches and 
unlock any doors on the lower level, then go to the eastern part.  

When you reach the eastern hallway after climbing the stairs and going through 
the door past the altar with candles, go all the way north and inside a room.  
Inside this room is a VERY small maze.  In the middle of it is the bat 
medallion.  After retrieving that item, exit this room and go south down the 
hallway.  The door that leads to the center of the level will lead to a lever 
that opens another doorway on the lower level.  You will want to enter the other 
door next to it that requires the medallion to open.  Inside this room is the 
staircase that leads to the next floor.

4th floor –Clock Tower-
I hate this palace it's too long!!!
Note: the circular shapes I mention are actually the "gears" of the clock tower.
I just say circular shape so it is easier for some people.  If it is not, email 
me and tell me.

Look at your map and you will see three circular shapes with four triangles in 
each of them.  Follow the path you see that leads toward the third shape in the 
northwest corner.  After passing that second shape stop at the intersection of 
paths.  On your map you will see a path that leads west to a dead end.  Go that 
way for a treasure.  The path east will take you to a lever that requires oil 
(remember this place.)  The path north leads to a healing point.  There is also 
a path that goes west that leads to the third shape.  This path is right after 
the first west path.  Head that way and follow the shape to a staircase that 
leads up.  

Note:  The whole time you're there, if you fall off, don't worry about it.  Just 
head back toward the door where you first started this floor.  
Also, I wrote this guide as I'm playing the game, so that's why you will notice 
some instances of me going back and forth between floors.

Oh no the stairs I led you to are incomplete, so you cannot climb up.  Simple 
solution.  Head back to the third floor and go to the lower level on the east 
side.  When you get here, enter the door you unlocked earlier (if you did).  
This is the door that is farthest north, but still on the east side of this 
floor.  You will notice it on how it was locked earlier when you first came this 
floor.  In this door, follow this hallway until you see a green treasure chest 
inside a small room.  Enter the room and grab the oil and oilcan inside the 
chest.  Look at your map and there is another room that is on the exact opposite 
side of where you are.  It is a room that is the exact same size as the one 
you're in.  Go there the way you came in the room you are in, except on the west 
side, and you will find another treasure chest.  Grab the medallion inside and 
head up to the next floor back to the clock tower.
*The above part is pretty confusing sorry*  

Go back to that switch you couldn't pull earlier and now you can pull it.  After 
that, head back to those incomplete stairs and you will no be able to climb it.  
Climb the stairs to reach the next level.

The Fantastic Palace  ?--?????
The Clock Tower

From where you start, head north and you will find a staircase.  Climb the 
staircase to get to the upper part of this level.  Follow the path until you 
reach the center of the first circular shape you come into.  Head east and you 
will see a door.  Open it with the medallion you found earlier and grab what's 
inside the chest.  Exit that room then jump to that healing point.  When you're 
healed up, jump to that circular shape that is to the west of you.  Go to the 
center of the shape, then head south and follow the path across the next 
circular shape and it will lead to a staircase that goes up to the 4th floor.

4th floor
Grab any treasures you see then follow all the stairs that lead up.  Keep going 
until you reach the top.  You will see a white circle on the floor that is 
created from light shining through the window.  Enter the window and you'll be 
on the roof.

Nearby is a portal.  Leave that alone for now since the boss is up ahead.

Werewolf & Were tiger
Hmm, two bosses at once.  This will be tricky.  Make sure you're character is 
beefed up since these guys are tough.  I was level 93 when I faced them, so try 
to be around there.  If you're using a character that has no magic, then all you 
can do is rough it out unless you have an item like blood extract or fairy 
perfume.  Use potions whenever necessary.  If you are in a large group with 
magic users, have them use their magic while the fighters duke it out with the 
bosses.  If you have a healer, the job is a lot easier.  Beating up these two 
will earn you another piece of the sage stone.

After beating up those two guys, head back to the portal and you will now see 
two of them.  One of them goes back to the fourth floor while the other leads to 
the ground floor.  You cannot go to the 1st floor through this portal if you did 
not get the "bat medallion."  Otherwise, you will have to go around through the 
second floor if you want to get out of here.  

Before you get out of here, grab any treasures you missed, then head back to the 
Roadside Inn.

Items found so far in Palace of the Immortals:

Fate Coin - Adds luck to stats or you can Save for later trade with knight in 
the inn.
Cat's Claw - Atk. +13.  Weapon for the Rogue
Earth Robe - Df. +32 and Earth +10.  Armor for the priest, sorcerer, and fairy
Defender - Atk. +18 and Df. +10.  Weapon for the Rogue
Ranger's Bow - Atk. +41.  Weapon for the Hunter
Silver Armor - Df. +42.  Armor for the warrior and dwarf
Queen's Robe - Df. +32.  Armor for the priest, sorcerer, and fairy
Reflector - Df. +66.  Armor for the rogue, hunter, and elf
Blood Dagger - Atk. +42 and evil +10.  This is a weapon for the rogue.  You also 
gain life when you hit an enemy.
(Can be won from boss)
Water Rod – Atk. +42 and water +12.  Weapon for the fairy

Back in the Inn
Get your items identified and store any items you want to keep.  When you're 
finished with those tasks, head back to the bar and talk to the bartender.  
He'll tell you about some ruins that opened up in the woods.  This is your next 

The Ancient Ruins

This is a very small level.  Walk up ahead and you'll see a huge pit.  Simply 
jump in to continue on.

When you get down here, look at your map.  To the north is a giant circular room 
while to the south is a passage.  The south is just an exit but you can't leave 
until you beat the boss, who is in the circular up above.  Head north to go face 
him.  Before you do, though, beef up your character some more with the enemies 
down here.  If your character's level is around 100, higher or lower, fight some 
more here because the enemies here are worth a lot of experience.  Be careful of 
the blobs, though, because they're kind of tough.

Keep going north in the circular room and through the door.  Inside you will 

The boss:  Yourself.
Here you will have to face yourself, in a larger party's case, yourselves.  This 
is part of an old arcane security system.  If you're a fighter, just "dance" 
around and be careful while you're hitting him.  If you're a magic user, watch 
out because he can use it too.  Kill all the magic users first since their armor 
is weak (except for the elf) then go after the tough guys while working together 
to stay alive (if you have more than one person in your party.)  This is not 
very hard at all…especially if you follow the following trick.

The security system will copy whatever you are wearing (armor, weapon, etc.) and 
make a copy of you.  Before you enter the door where you have to face yourself, 
un-equip everything you got and enter.  Start up the boss fight by walking 
around then when it starts, equip everything you got and attack the boss(es).  
The copies will not have any armor nor any weapon, making it easier for you to 
run in for the kill.

After you're done with the boss, head for the south passage you saw on your map.  
The portal will take you outside but on the other side of the pit.  There is a 
pillar nearby that collapsed, forming a bridge you can cross.  Cross it 
carefully then jump across the small gap.  If you fall in again, don't stress 
about it.  Simply go back to the portal and try again.  Head back to the Inn, 
identify and store any items you wish, save the game, and then head out back to 
the Wood of Ruins, or if you want, choose your own path.  If you want to choose 
your own path, just go back to the old levels and look for the second part.  
(Parts that were not accessible earlier.)

VI. Walkthrough, the halfway point

Back to the Wood of Ruins
Recall your memories from back to first time you came here.  On your way to the 
woodcutter's cabin you came up to a locked-up boathouse.  Go back to that 
boathouse and now you can enter it.  If you forgot the way, just follow the path 
on the floor and use your map for assistance.  Eventually, you will run into the 

On the way to the boathouse, do you remember the statue that blocked the portal 
when you first came to this place?  Move it again so you can leave later with 

When you reach the boathouse, do not enter yet.  To the sides of the house are 
two docks that lead out toward the lake.  At the end of each dock is a button 
that is near a locked gate.  You have to go to each button and stomp on it.  
Stomping on them in any order is fine.  Once the gate is open, enter the 
boathouse.  Inside is a save point.  Save if you wish, otherwise continue on to 
the next door.  You will soon see a boat.  Jump in the boat and cast off.

While in the boat, use the buttons as listed to control it.  Up ahead is the 
entrance to the island.  Go inside and you will see four statues looking at the 
center with a statue that has writing nearby it.  Read the statue with writing 
then exit the island.  Look at your map and you will see four different paths 
that lead away from the island.  The object of this is to go to each path.  
Inside each path is a statue of a head.  You can go up to the statue and rotate 
it.  While using your map as a guide, have the statues face toward the direction 
of the island.  Once this is done, head back to the entrance of the island.  
When you get inside, you will now see a portal.  Enter inside to reach the next 
part of the ruins.
If you have trouble finding out which direction should the statue face, just 
keep touching it until its eyes start to glow red.  When it's red, you're done 
with that one.
Note:  Near the southeast path is a hidden path.  Bring a hunter if you have 

The Canyon Path

Continue south but don't cross the bridge.  Cross if you want, but a pillar will 
break on your way there.  The only way is to go around.  Just follow the path 
until you reach the other side of where that bridge collapsed.  If you have a 
hunter, look for a hidden path along your way.  He'll find a shortcut just for 
you.  This is a pretty straightforward path.

The Desert Valley
Continue south to the passage while avoiding sand traps and enemies.  After you 
enter the passage, head south to another passage.  In here is a place where you 
can save and level up some more by fighting the enemies that keep appearing 
constantly.  When you're ready, leave and head east.  When you get the chance, 
head north.

You will eventually run into sand you cannot walk on because the current of the 
pit is too strong and it will pull you in.  Just keep going but instead of 
walking, try jumping instead.  

In this giant area with the four statues on top of a small tower, read the sign 
at the beginning of this area first, then go all the way north until you see a 
statue on the ground.  Touch it and it will play a tune for you.  This is the 
song you have to play in order to continue.  Behind that statue is a room with 
another statue that has ancient language.  One of the magic users can read it, 
so have one of them come to the altar.  When you're ready, go to the center 
where the four statues are on top of the tower.  When you touch one, a note from 
a song you heard earlier will play.  Touch the statues in the right order and 
you'll open a portal that will allow you to continue.

Note:  Many thanks go to Yulius and Anarchy Angel for the hidden spell 

Underground Cave
Down here is where you'll have to fight a boss.

Keep your distance as he's about to cast magic.  When he's done casting magic, 
run in and lower the boom.  When you're close, he'll start to do just nothing 
but close range attacks.  Keep running around him and you'll confuse him so that 
he won't be able to hit you.  This boss is not much of a challenge if you're 

When you're done with him, a portal will appear.  Take it to go back to the 
desert.  When you get back, go back to that place with the save point.  When you 
get there, a portal will open up.  If you moved the statue earlier like I 
mentioned, then take the portal and you'll go back to near the beginning of the 
Wood of Ruins.  If you did not move the statue, guess what, you will have to go 
ALL the way back around.  

When you get out of the Wood of Ruins, head back to the Inn, identify and save 
any items you have, and get ready for the next place I will guide you through.
(I'll try!)

Items found on this trip

Fate Coin
Material light - Adds light attribute to weapon
Golden Harp – Atk. +36.  Weapon for the Rogue
Aqua Shawl – Water +20.  Defends against water attacks
Wind Jewel – Casts lighting
Basilisk Scales – Protects against petrification
Leather Cloak – Df. +8.  Increases defense. (For anyone)

Now, on to the next place.

Return to the Abandoned Mine
The entrance to the next section of this mine is located where you fought the 
boss the last time you came here.  Simply go back to that boss (baby dragon,) 
beat it up, then continue to the door that was blocked earlier, not the one with 
the elevator.  Do not go up the elevator or you'll end up back at the 1st level, 
unless that's what you want.

If you forgot your way to the baby dragon, refer to the part of the walkthrough 
that describes this part of the mine.

6th under level
When you start, next to you will be a floating platform.  Take it and you'll 
head south to the rest of the level.  Continue along the path and you'll find 
another platform that will take you further south.  At this part will all the 
acid pools and waterfalls, go west for a treasure, otherwise go south and you 
will meet up with yet again two more platforms.  Take the one that leads east.  
When you get to the destination, carefully make your way across the acid pool 
then take the other platform to the next part.    

After getting off that platform, head west and you will see a bunch of gushing 
water towers that go up and down.  Jump onto the one nearest you then make your 
way through north carefully without falling off.  After that, continue north 
along the path.  You will come up to a path with many floating rocks.  Just jump 
onto each rock and head north.  After all that is done, head east and then south 
where you will see a bunch of floating rocks bouncing up and down, leading to a 
path that goes up.  

Get onto the rocks and follow it up.  Once you are up there, look around and you 
will see a huge pillar of light.  Jump to the little island where the pillar is 
and enter the door to go to the next under level. The jumping part may get a 
little annoying, so be careful.

7th under level
Continue on past the giant blobs onto the next passage.  When you get there, you 
will see a huge block of ice blocking the way.  If you had a dwarf, you can go 
through, otherwise, head through the path up where you will walk on a floor of 
ice.  Continue along until you see a huge block of ice.  Push it down to the 
lower part of this level then go down yourself.  Save at the save point then 
look at the acid pool nearby.  See what that ice block does?  It acts as a 
little bridge so you can cross later.  Go back up to the ice floor and push the 
other block into the acid pools they are nearby.  Go back to the lower part of 
this level and cross the two acid pools.  At the second acid pool are two paths 
that lead to a treasure and a passage to continue on.

When you continue on through the passage you'll see three pillars that lead up.  
Be careful here since you'll have a hard time seeing things.  Make your way up 
the pillars then jump onto the hill.  Walk north until you see a path that leads 
up.  Go up and get onto the ice floor.  From here go south for a treasure or 
continue north into the next passage.

You will start in another place where yet again you are on the lower floor of 
the room and the ice floor is blocking your view.  Continue north and you'll see 
a portal in the center of an island.  Take that portal and you'll end up on the 
ice floor above you.  When you get up here, look around for the green chest then 
look for a path that leads east towards another passage (use your map.)

After going through the passage, just follow along the path until you reach a 
passage that will take you to the 8th under level.

8th under level
The first few areas are pretty much straightforward.  From where you started, 
just continue along the path and enter the passage.  In the next room, just make 
yourself up the hills and continue south.  

When you get to the cave that leads to two different paths, take any of them 
then use your map to guide yourself.  If you took the path that leads to a dead 
end, jump off to the nearest ledge and you'll be on the right path.  Along the 
way you will see some swinging baskets.  Use them to help you cross the gaps 
along the path.  Also, there are pit traps on the path, so be very careful.

While following the path, if you end up at a healing point and a dead end, don't 
worry.  Head back the way you came and you'll find a swinging basket that leads 
north.  Take that swinging basket over and continue onward.  

After you exit the cave you will come up to an intersection that leads two ways.  
Head south for a green treasure chest, otherwise continue north.  On the way, a 
gate will stop you and a lot of enemies will appear.  Just kill all the enemies 
and the gate will open.  Enter the cave and then head north until you reach a 
wall.  Head west from here for a treasure, otherwise go east.  Follow the path 
to a passage that will take you to the next under level.

9th under level
Just continue on the path and read the sign that you will see.  It will tell you 
that the grating will release with sudden pressure.  All you have to do is get 
on the grating and jump on it.  When you land, immediately move off or you'll be 
sprung back up.  Continue on the path and jump on the next grating.  Get off the 
trampoline and jump on the next trampoline.  After that, you will see two 
gratings, one on it's own island.  Jump on either one because they both lead the 
same way.  When you land, look out for falling stalactites that can cause some 
damage.  Head for the next grating south to continue to safety.

After you land, you will be on a circular floor.  Take the northern path for 
treasure.  If you go south, the second trampoline you see will lead to another 
treasure while the first one will lead to the rest of this level.  Take the 
first trampoline you see and you'll be taken up.  After landing, jump onto the 
next grating and go down.

You'll land on a floor of ice.  Head east for treasure or go west to continue 
on.  Follow the icy path west and take the trampoline.  When you come up to 
another intersection of pathways, take the south one to reach another grating 
you can jump down.

After landing, head west along a bunch of platforms you're going to have to jump 
on.  Continue along the rocks and after you've cleared them, continue north 
along the path.  Jump on the trampoline at the end of the path to reach a higher 
place that leads to a platform.  Enter the platform.

Ruins Within the Earth
Not much to describe here.  Just keep going along the path and you'll reach a 
room where the boss is.  When your about to reach the center area, there is a 
save point really close by.  Save here just incase you don't make it against the 
boss.  When you're ready, go for the boss.  

Boss:  Troll
Recommended level:  I was around 130 when I came here.  Try sticking to this.

This boss is just like many of the others.  Kill his cronies first then go after 
him.  This is a pretty close-up kind of fight.  Just keep moving around him and 
hitting him while at the same time being careful not to be hit.  He can pack 
quite a punch, so watch out.

After he's done for, enter the portal that appears and it will take you the 1st 
under level of the mine.  Once you're at the 1st under level.  Get out of there.  
Go back to the Inn, identify and store any items, save the game, and get ready 
for the next place I will guide you.

Items found down here:
Stone Foil - Atk. +60 also Earth +18.  Weapon for Elf
Ice Shield - Df. +18 also Water +8.  Shield for Warrior and Dwarf
Iron Boots - Df. +4.  Cannot be used by the priest, sorcerer, and fairy
Healing Stone - Restores HP to MAX (Can be used more than once)
Power Band - For anyone.  Increases strength.  (does not show on stats.)
Queen's Circlet - Df. +4.  For everyone.  I don't know of any other effects
other than a defense increase.
Poison Axe - Atk. +52 and Earth +8.  Weapon for the Dwarf
Elixir - Completely restores HP and MP.  Look for a lot of these!!! They are 
Minotaur Horn - Is said to increase attack.  (I haven't tested it yet)

Before heading off, talk to the Skilled Warrior behind the bar where you got the 
Sage stone identified.  He'll tell you about the Mountain of the Fire Dragon.  
Go there to get some really good weapons and armor.  When you're inside the 
cave, take the path of moving platforms and it'll lead you to two treasure 
chests.  Just open the chests and a treasure for your character will be there.  
Leave this level then repeat the process for every other character by letting 
them open the chests too.  

Note:  DO NOT face the fire dragon yet.  At this point, you're not strong enough 
yet so avoid confrontation with that dragon.
You can strengthen your characters here too by just fighting the little dragons 
in the cave.

The Old Palace/Ancient Tower
For now, you will have to do the same ol' stuff.  You have to put the pillars of 
light into the direction of the window.  If you forgot how to do this part, 
refer to the part in this guide up above to when you first came here.

Make your way to the boss (refer to the guide if you forgot the way.)  When you 
get to the door that leads to the boss, you can either fight him if you want or 
you can just go to the portal that is at the farthest south of this room.  It is 
the other portal that you did NOT come out of.  

4th floor
After taking the portal, make your way up this circular room and you'll reach a 
door that the sage stone will open for you.  Enter this door and you will be in 
the second part of this place.

From where you start, head east for a healing point if you need it, otherwise 
head south.  In this next room, kill the two skeleton monsters you see and 
they'll drop a key.  When you're done here, head into the next room to the west.  
In here, just follow the path all the way around the room until you reach a 
door.  You will know when you've reached the right door when you've opened it 
with the key.  Enter the door and climb the stairs up.  At the end of the 
stairs, head north to attempt for a treasure or go south to continue on.

When you exit the portal, you'll still be on the same floor, but in a different 
place.  Look at your map then head north toward a room that has another portal.  
In this long hallway, watch out for the fire while killing all the enemies in 
this room.  Once the enemies are gone, enter the room that has the portal.
Enter the portal.  

5th floor
There is a save point in the room you are now in.  Use it if you want, otherwise 
exit this room.  Look at your map then go that circular room in the center.  In 
here, head east into another door.  

Inside this room, look north and you'll see another door.  Enter that door and 
get ready for a swarm of enemies in the next room.  After dealing with them, 
climb up the stairs and head west.  You will end up at the top of a room you 
have passed by earlier.  Look for the wheel nearby and turn it to activate the 
bridges.  Wait for the bridges to come up then cross over and enter the next 

After exiting the door, the following path will lead you to a room with very 
slippery floors.  In this icy room, you have to kill all the enemies in order 
for the next door to open.  Once you're done killing all the enemies, continue 
on.  Look at your map and you'll see the path will connect back to the center 
room.  Head back to the center room and while inside jump onto the floating 
platform.  Remember this center room for later because you WILL need to come 
back here.  

Now, look at the map again.  I do not need to describe directions too much since 
the map will help you out a lot.  On the map you will see a small room to the 
far east of this level.  This is the small room on the edge of the map in the 
east.  Go to that room and inside you will find a portal that will lead to the 
next floor.

6th floor
Head east into the door.  The moment you exit you'll run into the Dark Elf 

Dark Elf + Dragon
Ignore the dumb dragon and just hit the elf.  After a few hits they'll both 
disappear and you will win. 

You will now be in what is considered the Tower Annex
After defeating those two, continue east and follow the path.  Keep following 
the east path until you reach a fork in the road.  The door to the east will 
lead to a dead portal (which you will use later on) and the door to the west 
will lead to an elevator.  Take the elevator up and get ready to do some serious 
dodging on the way.

When you get to the top, exit this room then head up the stairs and go through 
the northern floor that will take you to another part of this level.  There are 
two other doors nearby, one you can open and one for an elf.  Bring an elf with 
you to open that door.  (There are other doors for the elf too)
You will also see a portal in this room.  When you want to go back down to the 
beginning of this tower (near the elevator entrance) just go into this portal, 
otherwise continue on through the portal in the north door.

Tower Annex 2nd floor
When you exit the room from where you started, use the save point that you see 
then choose a path in which you want to take.  It doesn't matter whether you go 
west or east because they both end at the same room.  In every room that glows 
red, you must first destroy the red gem in the center then kill every enemy you 
see in order to continue on to the path.  This will occur a few times so be 

When you finally reach a room with a small staircase, climb the staircase and 
enter the room to the south.  Inside is a mirror on the wall.  Walk into the 
mirror to begin the Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze
In this maze your map will not work, so you will have to depend on what you see 
on your screen.  Also, when you reach higher floors, make sure not to fall off 
or you'll be back on a lower part of this maze.

This first part is very direct and straightforward.  Just keep following the 
path you see and you'll soon be at a portal, which leads to a higher part of 
this maze.

Up here you will see two portals that lead west and east.  Take either one since 
they will both lead you to where you want to go.  After you get off the first 
portal, get onto the next one you see.  After getting off of that one, go onto 
the other one.  You will soon reach a part where you see two other portals.  Go 
south and it will lead to another higher part of this maze.

From here go south and you will see another portal next to two other paths.  
Both paths lead to a different treasure.  When you're done, enter the floor to 
go to a higher part.  

You are now finally at the highest point of the maze.  From where you start, go 
north and you'll see four crystals on top of their own pedestal.  Take ALL the 
crystals you see and then go into the portal to the north.

You are now out of the maze.  Remember that giant circular room in the center of 
the 5th floor?  Make your way back there.
(Remember that portal you saw right after the elevator?  Take this portal to go 
back to the beginning of the Tower Annex)

Return to the 5th floor
Now in this giant center room look at all those pedestals that are up above you.  
There are four of them surrounding the floating platform.  While using your map, 
get to every pedestal and set all the crystals inside each one.  Remember how I 
told you on how to get to the other side where you have to cross the bridge?  I 
did this so that you could get to know this floor, allowing you to find your way 
around easier.

If you do need help, that's no problem.  From where you start, head directly 
west and the path will lead to a pedestal.  When you've set the crystal, head 
for the floating platform and jump onto it.  After you land, head for another 
pedestal and place the crystal.  When that's done, jump onto the floating 
platform again and so forth.  If you fall off, find your way back up to the 
upper part of this floor with the map.  When all four crystals are in place, a 
portal will be opened.  This will lead directly to the big boss of this area.

Among the Summoned
Here is where you will have to fight the boss, the Dark Wizard.

Dark Wizard.
This is just like facing the Dark Elf when you first came to this tower, except 
this time it's a lot harder.  Use the same usual strategy first, you know, kill 
the cronies then go after him.  Try to keep as near to him as possible and he 
won't cast those immensely wicked spells.  After that's done, well, you're done.

You will end up in an area with two doors and two portals.  The portal in the 
center of the room leads back to the boss area, where there is nothing more 
there.  One of the doors lead to a healing point while the other I do not know 
about since I do not know how to access this yet.  Take the other portal to get 
to the first floor where you can leave this place.

Items found on this trip:
Devil's Horn - Evil +15.  Increases dark powers
Black Armor – Atk. +5, Df. +70 and Evil +16- Armor for the warrior and dwarf
Falcon bolt – Atk. +50.  A weapon for the hunter that can shoot two arrows at 
Light bolt – Atk. +58 and Light +14.  Weapon for the hunter
Flame Sword – Atk. +36 and Fire +10.  Weapon for the warrior
Material Magic – Purple item that increases the attack power of an equipped 
weapon.  You can find a lot of these around here so I suggest you look out for 

When you get back to the Inn, identify and save any items you have then get 
ready for the next area.

The Ruins in the Lake
You should now be able to go for this level.  If you already did or you do not 
feel like it, then skip this part and scroll further down this document.

This is no maze at all.  You just follow a path and keep going.  Cross a bridge 
that will collapse, leaving you stuck here until you can beat the boss.  When 
you're in a room with a circular path that leads to a door, follow it and inside 
will be the boss.

Recommended Level:  150 or higher
This boss is actually a compilation of 8.  The point of this is not to attack 
the head but the tentacles.  Kill every tentacle and you will beat the boss.  In 
this room is a tablet with ancient language written on it.  Have a magic user 
read it to learn a new spell.
(Note:  I do not know yet on who can learn the spell from here.  I don't use 
magic users very often; actually, it is rare when I use them.)

Items found here so far:
Aqua Shawl – Water +20.  Good for defense against water
Frost Orb – Activates Freeze blast
Water Necklace – Water +24.  Great for protection against water
Frost Furnace – Atk. +65 and Water +18.  Weapon for the elf

Here's a challenge for all people who play this game, plus the pros.
(If you've already done this, though, then ignore this and me for now.)
When you kill each of the tentacles, they will sometimes drop a treasure chest 
but it will always fall into the pit.  The challenge is to try to grab those 
treasure chests before they fall and find out what is inside of them.  I have 
never done this before, but I will try again another time.

(Okay, stop ignoring me now)

After going back to the Inn and identifying any items, get ready for the next 
place we will go to.

Labyrinth of the Dead
The portal that leads to the second part of this place is back at the boss's 
room.  You're going to have to find your way back there…again.
After you beat the boss here (again,) go through the door to the south to reach 
the next part of this place.
(Need help getting here?  Scroll up to the part of this document about this 
labyrinth to find a walkthrough of this place.)

6th under level
This place is HUGE and it is very easy to get lost here.  I will only guide you 
to the next under level or boss and maybe a treasure if it is nearby.  Try to 
follow my directions as best as I can, for this WILL be hard…for me that is…

Okay, from where you started, continue north and then take the next turn west 
that you see and continue in that direction until you reach a wall.  From there 
head south and follow a path that leads to a pit.  Fall into the pit and after 
you land, head east.  Now, without falling to the lower ground, jump over the 
gap east and then jump over the next one to the north.  

After you're done jumping, continue north until you reach a wall.  From the 
wall, head east and fall into another pit that leads to a room with moving 
platforms.  Make your way across the moving platforms and continue along into 
the other room.  In this room climb the stairs and you will be near two doors.  
The door to the south will lead to a treasure, but you need a rogue to open it.  
If you don't have a rogue, enter the other door to reach a staircase that leads 
to the next under level.

7th under level
From where you started, go south and continue south past a flight of stairs and 
into a door until you reach a wall that tells you that this is the 1st hall.  
From here turn south and follow the path.  You will soon see something that 
looks like a pedestal.  You can move it around, so push it north onto a golden 
tile on the floor.  This will make a part of the floor lower down and lead to a 
lower section of the level.  Fall down and enter the door.

From here, go north and you'll reach a wall.  Go west for a healing point, but 
watch out because there is a pit trap on the way there.  You can see it if you 
look real carefully.  If you don't want to go there, head east and keep going 
east until you reach another wall.  After reaching that wall, head south and 
keep going south past the two doors until you see another pedestal.  Push the 
pedestal west onto another gold plate on the floor to reach another lower part 
of this place.

After you fall and enter the door, follow the hallway until you can take a turn 
to the east.  You will see a pedestal near a gold plate.  Push the pedestal onto 
the plate to activate a switch.  Once that is done, head back to the hallway and 
continue north until you can take a turn west.  In this room to the west is a 
chest that contains a key.  Grab the key and then continue north until you can 
take a turn east.  The doors will close behind you, but don't worry about it.  
Take the next turn south and you'll end up in a large room that leads up.  Go 
west down a flight of stairs and the key will open a door.  This will lead down 
another flight of stairs to a room.  In this room is the entrance to the next 
under level.

8th under level
From where you start, continue heading north past the chopping guillotines and 
take the first turn west.  In this room is a save point.  It is a very good idea 
to save here.

After you save, exit the room and continue north past another door until you 
reach another wall.  From here, continue west until you reach another wall.  
Continue south and along the way, there will be a turn to the east that leads to 
a healing point.  Use it if you need to then continue south.  In this hallway, 
you can take any path because it really doesn't matter.

Actually, this part is not really much of a maze and doesn't take a genius to 
find the way.  Just keep following the path while using your map.  I'll just 
describe the rooms that I pass by.

In the next hallway, just be careful not to overlook the giant pits.  Simply 
slide down the ramps to safety.  When you reach the southwest corner of this 
level, make your way carefully across the gap by jumping onto the purple crystal 
platforms.  In the next hallway will be a very quiet hallway. Just keep walking, 
then when you see a giant spiked log land behind you, it will come after you.  
Just go into the spaces along the walls to avoid it, and then continue on.

Just continue along and you'll reach a hallway of floating platforms.  Carefully 
make your way across.  If you're in a large group, take turns when you jump 
since if all of you fall at the same time, you will start at the beginning of 
this hallway.  If you're by yourself, if you fall, you start over again so be 
careful.  After this hallway will be a repeat of what you have just gone 
through, so there will be no need for help there until you reach the room where 
you can turn north.

When you can, head north across a narrow bridge into a room that leads to the 
9th under level.

9th under level
From where you start, look at your map and follow it all the way north.  Be 
careful since you will soon run into a hallway that will have spikes coming from 
the floor and the wall.  Just go as fast as you can until you reach the next 
room.  From this room, kill all the enemies if you want, then continue south 
past the next room and into a giant one.

From here you will have two ways to go, but there is a moving spike wall in one 
of the directions.  Quickly head east and follow the path without falling off.  
You will soon see a bunch of moving platforms that seem to be like bridges, but 
they're not.  As fast as you can, jump across each and every other "bridge" you 
see and you'll see a treasure chest that contains a key.
Note:  If you have a rogue, you could've went the other way instead of across 
the bridges to get another treasure then cross those bridges.

After getting the key, head west but do NOT fall off.  Jump across the gap and 
into the door.  Keep going and make the turn south that you will see, or if you 
want you can head north for a healing point.  When you are ready to head south, 
just keep going along the path.  Inside the occult rooms (rooms with 
sarcophagus's inside) you will have to kill ALL the enemies inside if you want 
to continue.  You don't have to kill the ones that come out of the sarcophagus 
though, but just the ones that you can see when you first enter the room.

After going through those rooms, follow the hallway that leads to a room with a 
save point.  Save here and then head east.  After exiting the door, quickly head 
north since this is another spike room.  After avoiding the spikes, follow the 
path to a treasure.  Jump off and land on the lower part.  Here, kill the 
enemies to open the doors.  Go south if you want some treasure, or you can head 
north to continue on into the 10th under level.

10th under level
From here, continue north and you will soon reach the boss.

Lord of the Undead
This guy has a LOT of friends with him.  Kill them first then head for the big 
guy himself.  If you can, cast some holy magic on him.  Watch out for his drain 
magic since that can hurt you a bit.  If you stay close to him, he won't cast 
any spells at all and he'll be sent back to the grave where was in the first 

After beating him up, exit the room and head west to get to a portal where you 
can go back to the 1st under level.  Near the portal where you exited from was a 
door that could not be opened before (this very close to the portal.)  One of 
the sigils you found can now open it.  When you're done with that head back to 
the Inn.

Note:  Do not leave YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added 2/26/01
Instead of going west to go to the portal, if you head east and have a magic 
user, one of them can learn a spell by reading something on the wall.  Here is 
one of the locations of the hidden spells.  I mentioned also that you can open a 
door with one of the sigils, well, the other sigil, the bone sigil, is in this 
room.  Search the coffin in this room to get the sigil you need to open that 

Items found on this trip:
Silver Axe - Atk. +48 and Holy +8.  Weapon for the Dwarf
Holy Necklace - Holy +24.  Great for defense against holy attacks
Talisman - Speeds up magic recovery
Holy Wand - Atk. +46 and Holy +18.  Weapon for the priest
Sword of Bane - Atk. +10 and evil +15.  Weapon for the warrior
Blessed Ring - Atk. & Df. +8 also holy +4.  Quite useful
Solitaire - Atk. +60 and darkness +12 and evil +16.  Weapon for the elf
Wind Necklace - Wind +24.  Great for protection against wind attacks
Elixir - Completely restores HP and MP.  Try to get a lot of these
Durandal – Atk. +80.  Weapon for the warrior
Knight's Banner – No clue what this does
Fate Coin – I think you already know
Holy Gloves – Atk. +20, Df. +12, and holy +40.  Anyone can use it
Holy Orb – Activates Barrier
Sol Crown – I have no clue what this does
Silver Sword – Atk. +28.  Weapon for the warrior
Knight Shield – Df. +10.  Shield for the warrior and dwarf

Sun Shield – Df. +85 and holy +19 with healing powers.  Healing armor for rogue, 
hunter, and elf

After you're done with your business in the inn, talk to everyone inside and 
you'll learn about a new ruin.  Now, they do not specify which ruin, but if they 
are really talking about the one in the 3rd under level of the mine, then you 
cannot go there yet until you have completed the sage stone.  They also 
sometimes say that there are new ruins in the west, but the people are so…how 
you say…bleak with their conversations.  Now, get ready for the final piece of 
the sage stone.

Palace of the Immortals
Recommended:  You should have an elf and a rogue for treasures.

Do you still remember where you found the iron book?  Well, get the iron book 
and use it on the bookcase that it belonged to.  If you forgot, refer above to 
when you first came here.  After using the book in the bookshelf and opening the 
door, Follow the path and continue south and you will reach a door with a 
magical seal on it.  The sage stone will open it for you and the portal inside 
will take you to the west wing of the castle.

~West Wing~
1st floor
Continue along the path and along the way will be a door that leads to a 
treasure room, but you need the elf and rogue for this.  After that, continue on 
until you reach a room with green carpeting.  The south wall in this room is a 
fake, so you can go in here if you ever need a healing point, otherwise head 
into the door to the west.

In this room, head south into another room with a large pit and a door that 
leads west.  Go into that door.  Inside this room are a high part and a low one.  
Go inside the door in the west on the high part.  Keep going straight and follow 
the path, but do not fall off.  You will soon see a switch in the corner of a 
room you will enter if you kept going along the path.  .  Pull the switch and 
then head south into a door.  You will be at an intersection of paths:  East 
leads to a treasure, West (Elf required) leads to a straight path that leads to 
a save point and the rest of the level, and the south path (hidden wall inside 
this room) is a path for people who did not bring an elf with them.  The path 
with the elf will lead to the treasure and an early entrance to the 2nd floor, 
but I suggest you take the other path for the benefits.

Other path
Go through that wall and head south, then keep on following that path.  It will 
soon lead to a room where the floating platforms go very fast.  Make your way to 
the other door via the floating platforms and you'll end up in a huge gigantic 
room.  Make your way towards the first door you see as you head east.  Enter the 
room and you will see two switches in this room.  You have the option to point 
them to the north or the south.  Point both of them south to head for another 
treasure or north to continue on.  When you continue north, there will be a path 
of floating platforms.  Walk over them and do not stop or you will fall.  In the 
other side of this room is a switch.  Activate the switch and then head back to 
that large room.  When you get back to the large room, make your way to the 
northern door and enter it.  Now keep going and you will be in a room with a few 
jail cells.  There is a cell key on a desk.  To the exact west of this desk is 
the cell that has a hidden door.  Go through the cell door and then through the 
hidden path.

From here you can head south to save or you can continue onward north.  Through 
the northern path that turns east you will see a door with a magic barrier (for 
elf.)  If you have one, go through this way to go up to the second floor 
otherwise keep going along the path and it will lead to another staircase that 
goes up.

Second Floor
This is starting from the path if you did NOT have an elf.  For the people who 
did, you can just head south and turn west and you'll be in the room where you 
can continue with everyone else.

Okay, for the people who did not have an elf, head all the way west and then 
turn north.  Keep going north and then take the next turn west.

-Where everyone should be now-
In this room there is a key to the north on a desk.  Grab it and head through 
the door south.  In this large courtyard is a green chest nearby a river that 
you cannot pass through.  Open the chest and grab the iron rod inside.  Head 
back through to where you first came to this floor.

If you had an elf and you went back to where you started, head all the way south 
from where you started and in a small room is a switch with no lever.  You can 
use the switch with the iron rod.  For the people who did not have an elf, you 
go south when you see all these bookshelves around the room and you'll find that 
small room.  Once that switch has been activated, head back to that river you 
could not cross earlier and you can now cross it.  Keep going south into the 
door and continue in the direction until you hit a wall.  From this wall go east 
and enter the next north door you see.

In this room is a key located in a pit…I have no clue why it is like this but…oh 
well.  Just have one of your party members jump in for the key and you'll have 
it.  When this is done, head back out the door and head west to the opposite 
side of this room.  Take the other door north to continue along the path (you 
will know if you got the right door when it required the "black dragon key" to 
open it.)  Continue along the path and open the treasure chest that you will see 
at the end of this room.  Grab the key inside and it will open the door nearby.  
When you do, enter this door.

In this room with the candles and red chairs, go north for a healing point (if 
you need it) and then head south through the door.  Inside this hallway, kill 
ALL the enemies and a certain one will drop a key.  After you got it, continue 
along the path and enter the next door.  Continue the path and the key will open 
a locked door.  Keep going until you see a portal, which you should enter.

3rd floor
From where you start, head south for a puzzle that requires three players, 
otherwise head north through the door.
Note:  The three-player puzzle is SOOO easy; I won't even have to describe it.  
Just go there and you will see what I am talking about.

After exiting the door, head all the way north for a room with a switch.  Move 
the switch to the west (the window will light up when you've got it) and then 
exit the room.  After exiting, head east in this semi-large hallway into another 
door.  Continue the path and keep going north through two doors until you reach 
a sign that cannot be read by anyone…except a select few.

Note:  I think this is one of those "signs" where magic users can learn hidden 
magic, if their level is high enough.

Make your way up the stairs, through the "maze" of bookshelves, and then exit 
through the door.  Head east and take the next turn north.  In here is another 
switch that you must move west.  Exit this room and head south to another room 
with a blue door where you must once again move another switch.  After doing so, 
exit this room, head south and take the other door to the east (use the map and 
you will want to go to the third rectangular room that is to the right of a room 
where you moved a switch earlier.)  Inside this room, grab the chest and exit 
through the stairs.  Down here is another sign that cannot be read (I am not 
sure, but I think this is a different one for those magic users.)

When you're done with that sign, go back to that semi-large hallway, which is 
the hallway nearby where you started and where you had to go north to move a 
switch.  This time head west and into another room.  Go up the stairs and keep 
going until you see a window with light shining through.  Go into the light (no, 
you're not dying =P) and you'll be teleported to another part of this floor.

Follow the path after exiting the portal and you will see two doors, where one 
of them requires an elf.  If you do not have one, then take the other door.  
There is a save point in the other door, but you don't have to worry about that.  
You can go around to it later.

For people who have an elf and went through the elf door, continue north up the 
path and you'll enter a new area.  Keep going north and across a long bridge.  
After that, make your way to the center of this area (use your map,) keep going 
until you see two elf doors, and then scroll down for the next directions.

For the people who do not have an elf, go through the other door to the new 
area.  You will have a long path to go through, so be patient.  Just make your 
way through (not too hard at all) until you see two doors that require an elf.  
From here, keep going west and you will find another path that will lead to the 
save point you couldn't reach earlier.  

For the people that have an elf and a rogue, open the two elf doors and then the 
locked door to reach a healing point.

After you're done with the healing point or the save point, head north from the 
two elf doors, up the stairs, and then through the door.  In this large hall, 
make your way north and enter any of the two doors you see.  Inside will be a 
portal that you can enter.

Main Building
From where you start, head north and up the stairs that should be on the eastern 
side of the room.  Once you're up there, you will soon come up to two paths.  
Take either one since they both lead to the same hallway.

After exiting the portal, enter the hallway and go west.  Follow the path and 
into a room with spikes on the floor.  Take the door at the west and keep 
following the hall until you reach a room with a portal in the center, which you 
should enter.

After exiting the portal, head west, but do not fall into the pits (blue color-
like tiles on the floor) or else you'll be back in that room with spikes.  
Inside the room to the west is a switch.  Activate the switch, exit the room, 
and then fall inside one of the pits to take you back to that room of spikes.

Now go back to the hallway from where you first came to this part of the 
building and go the opposite direction, east.  Follow the path, through the room 
of spikes, blah blah blah; I think you get the picture.  The only thing 
different about this room is that the doors are on the east this time, not the 

After activating the switch, go south through the door in this room.  Follow the 
path outside and you will see three portals.  Do not take any of them, but 
instead follow the northern wall of this outside part of the building into 
another door.  Here, continue along a path high above in this room and you will 
be able to choose you way:  north, west, or east.  Go east and go to the door 
that is locked.  Now, while outside the door, walk west and fall right off.  
When you land, you'll be right next to a treasure chest that contains the "bat 

Now, while finding your way across the platforms, you can go south for a save 
point or north to continue.  After continuing north, you will see that there are 
two rooms.  If you are facing north, the room on the right is the only one that 
has a portal.  Enter that portal and you'll be taken to a room where you are 
right next to a portal.  Enter that portal and you'll end up back that hallway 
where you started earlier (with the spike rooms and stuff.  In the hallway this 
time, though, just head back to that room with the bat gem, which is the room 
that is past the outside part of the building with the three portals.

Once you're in that room, remember that spot near the door where you had to fall 
off to get to a treasure chest and it also had swinging scythes?  Well, this 
time you can go through the door.  From the door head east and you'll see 
another door where what lurks inside is a portal that you must go through.

You will end up at a higher part of that giant room with the giant scythes.  
Continue south without falling off and you'll enter a door with another portal 
that leads to another part of this place.

Top Floor, Audience Hall
Climb upstairs to meet the lord of this castle.

Vampire Lord
(Gee, isn't it kind of obvious:  dark castle, monsters everywhere…hmm…)
Attack him, as like other bosses, but this time you have to jump.  When he's 
about to cast a magic spell, run and keep a safe distance from him while making 
sure he is not looking at you so that the damage-causing spell does not come 
after you directly.  After hitting him a few times, he'll run out through some 
doors that lead to the roof of this castle.  Watch out when you go outside since 
there will be a couple of his cronies there to jump you.  After taking care of 
them, keep hitting him and he'll soon die.  If you've been following this guide 
all the way through, you should now have completed the Sage Stone!

After beating up the boss, go back to the stairs and make your way down.  Take 
the portal near the foot of the stairs to go back to the ground floor in the 
west wing.  

Do you remember this room?  You should since you've been here, but a long time 
ago.  Simply go to the southern part of this room and you'll see a door that 
leads back to the outside of this castle.  When you exit, head back to the inn, 
identify and save any items, and then get ready for the final maze.

Items found on this trip:
Blood Extract – Restores HP to max.
Dragon's Bane – Atk. +68 and Holy +20.  Weapon for the warrior
Winter Cape – Df. +6 and Water +5.  Anyone can use it
Evil Necklace – Evil +24.  For anyone
Earth Tiara – Not exactly sure what this does, but it is EXTREMELY effective 
against the Fire Dragon
Iron Helmet – Df. +4.  For warrior and dwarf
Fortune Clock – Activates quick.  Can be used more than once
Crusader Cloak – Atk. +5 and Df. +15.  Cloak for warrior
Thunderbolt – Atk. +56 and Wind +18.  Weapon for the elf
Fate Coin – I think you already know what this does
Jewel Brooch – I have no clue what this does
Blood Pen – Increases magic recovery rate
Queen's Robe – Df. +32.  Robe for the priest, sorcerer, and fairy

Talk to everyone to "gloat" about your accomplishments.  Also, talk to the 
bartender and he'll tell you about the "final area."

If you have not done so yet, go for the Mountain of the Fire Dragon now.  He 
should be no problem for you…I beat him by myself, I think a group of four can 
do it.

Mountain of the Fire Dragon
Continue west and go north across the floating platforms.  This will lead into a 
room with some semi-descent weapons or armor for any character.  After that, 
fall off onto the lower floor and go south to face the dragon or go north and 
follow the path out of here if you think you're not ready.

Fire Dragon
Recommended:  Everyone work together
Have someone like a fighter or dwarf to attract the attention and the dragon 
will do nothing but kick that person.  Make sure the dragon does not try to 
attack anyone else.  Use the fighter's shield to block all the kicking attacks 
that the dragon throws at you.  During that time, the other people, who should 
be magic users and a priest, should concentrate on keeping the party at good 
strength (priest) while the other magic users use water magic attacks to bury 
that dragon.  If you brought a fairy instead and his/her level is high enough, 
he/she can cast invincible on the warrior so he can take a lot of hits and 
attack the dragon for about 30 seconds.  

If you came here alone, then be VERY careful when you fight him.  You will have 
to use a martial arts technique called "dancing," in which you keep yourself 
mobile at all times.  If you're an elf or rogue, keep moving around him so that 
every time he tries to kick, he'll miss.  When he kicks, attack him, and then 
move again out of his way.  If you keep this up, he won't cast a spell.  If he 
does try to, though, run!  If he casts invincible on himself, go close and make 
sure you DO NOT get hit otherwise you're dead.  
Note:  If you have the Earth Tiara, he he, the dragon's dead.  His kicks will 
only inflict 1 HP of damage.  If he casts invincible on himself, though, he'll 
take off about 
Eventually the dragon will give up (he has around 4,500 HP) and leave.  He'll 
drop a key that can open the black chest close by.  After grabbing the item, go 
north and follow the path you see since it leads directly out of here.

Items in the black chest are COMPLETELY random.  Here's what I have found so far 
after killing the dragon a few times.

Mistortain – Atk. +110.  Strongest weapon for the warrior.  There is another 
sword called the Calvin's Blade (which I have not gotten yet) but someone (plai) 
told me that the sword also contains fire and light properties.  This will 
DEFINITELY affect the attack power in a major way.  For example, if you are 
attacking a fire-based enemy, you will not do so much damage.  Also, the last 
bosses in the game are fire-based, so I suggest sticking to the Mistortain, if 
you feel that you want to use Calvin's Blade instead, it's your choice.

Dragon Horn – Increases Attack and Defense (not shown on stats though,, but I 
think it only works on dragons since I tried using it on a different level and I 
still hit people with the same attack power)

Robe of the Elders – Df. +81.  I think this is the strongest armor for the 
priest, sorcerer, and fairy

Fire Material – Ech, don't even bother with it
Dropneal – I have no clue what this one does either

The Abandoned Mine

3rd Under level
Before I came here, I went to go beat up the fire dragon again, hehehe.

Make your way to the third under level of this mine and stop when you see the 
giant pool of acid where you can use conveyor belts to cross.  Look at your map 
and you'll see that the conveyor belt path branches to the northwest.  Go that 
way and keep going.  You will reach a door that has a force field, but the sage 
stone will open it for you.  Keep going and continue along to reach the next 

The Sealed Cave
From where you start, continue west along the path.  Along the way you will see 
some giant eyeballs.  Do not stop to attack them but just keep passing them by.  
Look at your map and keep following the path until you reach an intersection of 

When you get, in this room, fall down into a room that has contaminated air.  
Immediately head for the door in the southwest direction.  After exiting this 
door, continue along the path and keep going until you reach a room where you 
can turn either south or northwest.  Head south and follow the path without 
falling off and step on a switch at the end.  After activating the switch, fall 
off onto the lower path in this room and continue west.  You will see a mine 
cart along the way.  Enter this mine cart and get ready for a really weird ride.

If you've ever ridden roller coasters before, then this will remind you of those 
really old wooden ones that tend to rumble very loudly.

Mine Cart Ride
Use that pause button often to read what I write here.  Also, you will have no 
camera control for now.  The switches for these tracks are located at certain 
points above your character.  When you see something dangling along the track.  
Jump to hit the switch.  Here are some pointers the path I took (I am not sure 
if there are other ways):
Activate the first switch you see and it will make you turn east.  Along the way 
will be another switch.  Look carefully because it is a dark blue color and you 
got to hit it when you jump.  All in all, there will be three switches along the 
path.  If you hit all three of them along the way, you'll eventually be at the 
end of this cart ride.  After getting off, enter the door to go to the next 
level of this cave.

2nd floor
Do not fall into the river of acid.  Look at your map and you'll see two little 
square parts of the room you are in now.  Go to these little sections and inside 
are crystals that are somewhat connected to some spheres via electricity.  Push 
each crystal out of the range of the spheres so that electricity does not flow 
to it anymore.  Once that is done, the river of acid will clear up and lead to 
two paths that trail east and west.  If you have a rogue, go west and pick the 
locked door ahead.  This is a shortcut that will make your travel easier.  Look 
for a room on your map that leads to two different paths (north and south) after 
taking this shortcut and just skip the next part.  For the people who do not 
have rogues, follow me.

After clearing up the river of acid, go into the door east.  Continue through 
the rooms until you are in a room that leads to two more paths, north and west.  
Go north and you'll pass by a blue podium.  Keep on going and you'll reach a 
healing point and a red gem that you can push.  Push the red gem to that blue 
podium and it will activate a switch, which disperses more acid water out of 
another room.  After placing the red jewel in the blue podium, continue west 
into a room with two treasure chests.  Make your way through and grab what's 
inside both chests.  One of them contains a key.  After grabbing the key, follow 
the path along the wall of this room to go into a door to the north.  

(People who took the shortcut can continue here.)
In this room, where enemy has surrounded you, push the red jewel out of the blue 
podium to open the door.  In this door is a portal that leads to the next part 
of this cave.

3rd level
Go south from where you started and up the moving platforms into another door.  
You will now be in a room with four small moving platforms circling around a 
crystal and four red spheres.  There are also two giant platforms that circle 
around and leads to the doors in this room.  Make your way across to that center 
area.  Here, move the crystal to the west and it will open a door that leads 
east.  Make your way into that door.

Keep going along the rope and into another room where you jump off and then 
enter the door that opens.  In here will be a purple portal that leads to a 
lower part of this room.  Enter the portal and you'll step on a switch.  Get off 
the switch and keep going until you see another door that you must enter.  In 
this room now will be two crystals, one lower and one higher, with a spinning 
mallet in the center.  The object in here is to push the crystals away from the 
red spheres (like what you've been doing for a while) and then you can leave 
this room.  Go back along the path and head east and then step onto a 
springboard that will take you back up.  From here, exit this room and you'll be 
back in that room you were in earlier with the moving platforms.  Take the 
moving platforms up and make your way back to that room where a crystal is 
surrounded by four red spheres.  

When you get back here, push the crystal to the east this time and a door will 
open to the west.  Now, in this door is the EXACT opposite of what you just went 
through earlier, so I won't even have to explain it.  After you're done with 
that stuff though, head back to this room and push the crystal to the north.  
After that, make your way into the door that leads south.  

After entering the south door, make your way across the swings into large 
circular room that leads to a portal.  Make your way to that portal and enter 

4th level
The Sealed Cave
The Sages' Gate
Use the save point here and rest up because there is a boss up ahead.  After 
doing that stuff, continue north through the hallway and into a room where you 
WILL see the boss up ahead.

Zombie Dragon
Time to implement those fire dragon tactics that I mentioned earlier, but this 
time send someone like an elf or anyone that has strengths against evil attacks 
since this guy will do an attack that will engulf you.  He's a tough boss, but 
not that tough when you work together with someone else.  If you're alone, get 
those guerilla tactics ready.

After beating up this boss, continue north and you'll soon be in a room with 
treasures and the sages' gate.  Touch the crystals nearby and it will open up 
the gate.  When you touch the gate, though, you will have three choices (I 
suggest you pick the third one and save it before you choose the other two):
Fight the Harbinger
Sell the Sage Stone (you will be sent right away to an ending
Think about it

If you want to get some really cool weapons, choose the third option and then 
save the game.  Now, exit the game and then begin a new one, but this time the 
lead character should be someone that is currently saved at the Inn.  Place that 
character as the lead and then place the other characters that were at the gate.  
Now, go talk to that bartender and he'll ask you questions.  Just keep saying 
"yes, you want to beat up the Harbinger" blah blah blah and he'll give you a key 
to a room upstairs that was locked earlier.  Save the game for everyone BEFORE 
you go into this room.  After that's done, exit the game and begin another game, 
but this time with only one of the characters.  When you've began the game with 
that one person, enter that locked room.

* Inside this room are a couple of treasure chests (grab them) and some books on 
the table where some magic users can learn some more of the forbidden spells.  
Now, let this character grab what's inside the treasure chests (and learn spells 
too if he/she musts) and then save the game.  Exit the game and start another 
one with a different character.  Have that character do what he/she has to do, 
etcetera etcetera.  Just keep repeating this process so that all your characters 
can benefit from this room.

I almost forgot to mention that you should leave someone at that save point near 
where you fought the Zombie Dragon, otherwise you will have to do the level all 
over again.

* (Someone posted this trick on the message board at www.gamefaqs.com, but I 
forgot whom.  I will check it another time.)

Items found here so far

Guardian Robe – Df. +92.  VERY good armor for the priest, sorcerer, or fairy
(found off of the Zombie Dragon)
Red Ash – Increases STR (in your stats)
Feather Gloves – Df. +4.  Can be used by anybody
Terror Cards – Casts Confuse
Ringnail – Atk. +81 and Fire +20.  Nice knife for the Rogue, but almost useless 
at the end of the game and against the fire dragon.
Energy Crystal – Activates Recover Energy
Magical Stone – Recovers MP to max.  

Items found in the locked room at the Inn
Spells (for magic users, but I'm not going to list them yet)
Artemis – Atk. +86, earth +16, holy +20, and light +12.  Nice bow for the hunter
Sun Shield – Df. +85 and holy +19Nice armor for the Rogue, Hunter, and Elf
Golden Harp – Atk. +36.  weapon for the rogue
Technique Book – Atk. +15.  Item for the Warrior, Rogue, and elf, but I think 
this thing has some secret property in it, so I'm not sure
Anti-Magic Armor – Df. +70.  Armor for the Warrior and Dwarf that is good 
against magic
Necklace of Wonders – I have no idea what this does
Guardian Robe – Same as above, except only this time Df. +80
Almander – A book for the sorcerer, but I have no idea what this does
Wing Gauntlets – Atk. +8, Df. +14, and agility +5.  Gloves for the warrior and 
Magic Pentagram – Glove for magic users that reduces the time to cast a magic 
spell (if you know how, give one of the characters two of these babies and spell 
casting will be a lot faster)

When you're done with your business, enter that portal to continue on to the 
final part of the game.  To open the portal, just touch the blue crystals that 
are shining right beside it.

Beyond the Portal
The Accursed Place
Here we go through the final part of this game.

From where you start, head north out of this room.  Now in the next room, make 
your way across the water north via the moving platforms and then up the giant 
stairs into another door.  

In this room, push that crystal south, away from the red spheres.  After that, 
head west and keep following the path, leading back to that huge room with the 
moving platforms.  Make your way up the stairs you see and take the door that is 
further south (if you have the camera facing west, it's the door on the left) to 
continue the path.  You will soon be in this room where you have to push the 
blue crystal in between the red spheres to unlock the green chest nearby, which 
contains a key.  Once you're done, exit this room.

When you get back to that huge center room (it's the center when you look at 
your map,) Go back the way you came to where you had to push the blue crystal 
away from the red spheres.  The rogue can only open the other door nearby where 
you just exited.  

When you get back to that room where you had to push the crystal away from the 
red spheres (on your map, it's the northern-most room,) go east and follow the 
path and you'll reach the giant center room once again.  Make your way up the 
stairs you see and enter the door.  From here, going further east will lead to a 
locked door (remember this door,) so turn south through the hall and go through 
the next door you see.  You will be (once again) in the giant center room.  
Nearby is a door, but you need the rogue to open it.  Jump onto the small 
floating platform that you see and it will take you to a switch near the 
northern wall that you can jump onto.  Activate the switch and you will hear a 
sound.  Take the floating platform back to the other side and make your way 
through to go into that door that was locked earlier.

After entering that previously locked door and following the path, you will soon 
be in a room with a statue that has a hole in it and a red crystal nearby.  Push 
the red crystal into that hole to continue on.  After that is done, go south 
into a room where there is a portal that you can enter.

Ice Grotto
From where you start, head west and when you can, turn south.  In the next room 
you will see a huge hill of ice where you are going to slide down.  Go ahead and 
slide down, but get ready to jump since there is a pit at the end of this hill.  
When you're done with this slide and have exited this room, head west in the 
next room to continue on.

You will soon encounter yet another slide.  Slide down, while remembering to 
jump near the end, exit this room, and you'll be in another room where the only 
way to go is north.  To climb this hill, you have to constantly jump. After that 
hill, keep going north and you will soon be at a fork in the road.  Take the 
west path and it will lead to a portal that goes to the next area.

The Flaming Pit
Continue north and you will see a path right below you.  Fall down to this path 
and follow it east.  When you can, turn south and keep following this path to a 
switch.  After activating the switch, go back to the part of the path where you 
turned south and this time go north.  Follow the path to a moving platform and 
take it.  When you get across, a volcano will get active (watch out, do not get 
hit by the falling rocks because it DOES hurt.)  Take the other platform that 
you see and it will take you back to the path you just came to, but at a higher 
level.  Once across, head west and follow the path to a switch.  Step on the 
switch and the bridge nearby will come down.  Cross the bridge and continue 
north into a door.

In this small chain of rooms, look at your map and you will see that if you 
continue on, there is a point where you can turn east.  Follow that path east 
and it will take you out of the rooms and up to a floating platform that goes 
east.  Take the floating platform while watching out for the falling rocks (the 
best way to dodge the rocks is to not stay in one place for more than a second) 
and the platform will take you to an area far away from where you were before.  
After getting off the moving platform, follow the path and keep going until you 
reach a green treasure chest that contains the fire gem.  Grab that gem and then 
quickly make your way back to those chains of rooms where you will be safe from 
the volcano.  Now, look at your map and look at that part where you turned east 
earlier to go on the path to get that fire gem.  This time, go west and after 
the next room go south.

In this long hallway, follow it north until you find a path where you can turn 
east (this is before you reach the lava, which you cannot cross yet.)  Turn east 
and follow that without falling off into the lower room and you will reach a 
blue crystal that was covered in fire.  Push the crystal into the lava and some 
dragons will appear.  Kill the dragons and you'll receive the ice gem.  Exit 
this room and go back to the point in that long hallway where you turned east.  
When you get there, head north this time and the ice gem will cool the lava 
down.  Continue north and follow the path to a portal that you can enter.

Wind Fortress
Exit the room from where you started.  Note the giant thunder barrier you will 
see along the way, and then immediately turn west and follow the path.  You will 
soon be in a room where there is a fan blowing east.  Continue north through the 
door and keep following the path to another door that leads north.  After 
entering that door, continue one up to a point where you can turn west or east.  
Turn east for a treasure, otherwise continue west.  This is where the path gets 
a little tricky since there are fans that are trying to blow you off.  Just keep 
going, but every now and then walk against the wind to stay on the path.  After 
crossing the first set of fans is a chest that contains the demon medallion (it 
says demon medallion, but it's actually the thunder medallion.)   Grab the 
medallion and continue north along the path and across another set of fans to 
reach a save point and a healing point.  Heal and save if necessary and then 
make your way back to where you first started this wind fortress.

Remember that lightning barrier you saw earlier?  Well, now you can pass through 
it and enter that door.  You will then be right in front of a switch that you 
can step on.  Step on the switch, exit this room, and then take the eastern 
path.  Follow the path north and go into the next door.  Notice you cannot pass 
through here because of the fan?  To change that, just exit the room and turn 
east.  Remember now, that the door you want to go through leads east since you 
will encounter two of them.  You will know you're going the right way when you 
see another path of fans blowing at you as you cross.  Continue following the 
path and soon you will be heading west.  Take the door that is the second turn 
south and you will be at a switch.  Notice that when you step on the switch, the 
fan will blow at the other room rather than the previous one.  Look at your map 
and use it to make to that room that is no longer full of air.  If you have a 
hard time finding this room, just go back the way you came into that room you 
could not pass through before.

Note:  there is a shortcut in going to the switch by just using your map, but 
once you activate the switch, you cannot take this shortcut anymore.  That is 
why I wrote on how to get there the long way.

Ahh, doesn't it feel better now that you can cross this room?  Keep going north 
and you'll notice that the door is locked.  Go into the waterway west from where 
you are and follow it to a green chest that contains the demon amulet.  Take the 
amulet and go back to that door and it will open for you.

Continue north through the hallway and you'll soon be at a long stretch of fans 
that will try to blow you off the path.  Cautiously make your way over, but 
first look at your map and you will see a turn north along the way that leads to 
a dead end.  Go to that little dead end and you'll get to a treasure chest that 
contains the ghost amulet.  Grab the amulet and then go back to the normal path 
and continue east.  

You will soon encounter a room (with enemies) where you can turn north or south.  
For now, go south and follow it outside to where there is a switch.  Jump over 
to the switch (careful; fan) and activate it.  When that is done, go back to 
that room and head north.  In the next room, make your way across the floating 
platforms and continue north.  You will now be on a direct path to the next 
portal, but the path has numerous fans, so be very careful in making your way 
through.  When you get there, enter the portal.

The Hall of Demons
From where you start, head west if you need to heal or head east if you wish to 
go back to the gate (where you fought the zombie dragon,) otherwise continue 
north.  Pass by the two bulls charging at you and enter the door.  Save at the 
save point you will see (recommended that you do) and then you will see two 
doors in this room.  Take either door since they both lead the same way.  Inside 
each room is a floating platform that goes up.  Take it up and you will be at a 
door.  Enter the door and you will face a boss…

This Lassie wannabe is real easy.  He's fire-based, so if you have any water 
magic, use it.  Just stay close to him and keep slashing at him to kick his 
butt.  Do not use fire-based spells or weapons otherwise you're screwed.

After beating him up, continue north through a path that will lead to the next 

Note:  You should be around Level 200 by now.

Hall of Demons 2nd floor
Go north and you'll meet…

He is another fire-based boss.  Just keep to the same tactics as Cerberus, but 
this time watch real carefully for his spells.  When you stay close, pass right 
through so that his back is facing you; that way he cannot hit you when he 
attempts in doing so.

After he's done for, enter the portal to continue on.

Hall of Demons 3rd floor
Continue north and you'll meet the next boss…

Greater Demon
He is evil-based and very very annoying.  Keep jumping and slashing to cause 
some damage onto him.  If you have magic users, cast some holy-based spells on 
him to push him around, but trust me, though, he is extremely annoying.

After beating him up, a portal will appear.  Take that portal to continue on.

Hall of Demons 4th floor
Go north and you'll meet another boss…

Stick to the same tactics as Efreet and you'll win easily.

When he's done for, enter the portal that appears to continue.

Hall of Demons 5th floor
Go north again and you'll meet another boss (this is getting repetitive.)

Dark Angel  (Hmmm…maybe she is darkness based?)

I made a mistake, she's holy-based. (?)
Remember that annoying flying guy from earlier?  Well, this is the exact same 
thing, except this time use dark magic against her when you can.

A portal will appear when she's done…this is getting very repetitive.  Just 
enter the portal!

Hall of Demons
- Audience Hall -

This is the final battle.  Go north and meet…

The Harbinger
Man, he's big!
Of all the bosses I've fought, he was one of the easiest.  This time before the 
battle, if you have a priest, increase your defense with spells to help you out 
during the fight.  During the battle, though, just have your strongest fighter 
stay close him and keep on slashing.  If your strongest fighter can hit around 
200-300 points of damage on each slash, then he'll be dead in no time.  Make 
sure, though, that the strongest fighter has good magic defense.

After this guy is gone, sit back, relax, read through his last words, and enjoy 
your ending.

Congratulations!!! You just beat the game! 

Game over!  Roll the Credits!!!!

Items found:
Beauty Veil – For priest, sorcerer, and fairy, but I have no clue what this does
Mystic Veil – Same as above
Ouga Axe – Atk. +84.  Weapon for the dwarf
Fata Morgana Armor – Found a long time ago, so I will place stats for this later
Excalibur – Same as above

The rest of the items I found beyond the portal are just repeats of old ones, so 
I didn't even bother to list them.

You're done with this game, but if you want, go back to other levels for items 
that have not yet been found.  That's what I have to do.

To be continued...I need sleep!  Also, I have to do homework!!!!!

Sorry, these levels are so long.  It's still pretty long even when I'm playing 
through all over again with a rogue, and he can run!