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                            *~Red Alert Counter Strike Missions~*
                                    FAQ / STRATEGY GUIDE                               

                                    Developer: Westwood
                                Platform: PC, DOS/WINDOWS                         
                            Author: Joshua "ShadowWangTang" Kim

                                    Date: 7 / 9 / 01

                                      Version: Final
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7. FAQ




This FAQ is copyright to Joshua Kim It may NOT be used in
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This is the 4th FAQ I ever wrote. It is for the CounterStrike 
Expansion for Command & Conquer series. This FAQ will give 
general information for this tough game. I hope you like this 


Stage 1 - Sarin Gas 1: Crackdown

Objectives: Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures, Destroy all 
Soviet Convoy Trucks, Infiltrate Technology Center

When you start this level, you will begin with some Rifle Men and a Mine
Layer and an MCV. Deploy the MCV. Use the Rifle Infantry to take out 
Soviet soldiers. Immediately start building Camo. Pillboxes to take out
Soviet soldiers. When you build some tanks, take them Southeast and destroy
that little outpost over there. Do not head north yet because you will
instantly be slaughtered by Tesla Coils. Instead, head back to your base
and head north. Then build an APC with at least one Spy in. Head East from 
there to find a Soviet Civilian Town. You can kill them if you wish. Head East
a little more until you see a Radar Dome and some infantry and dogs. Kill them
and deploy the APC and infiltrate the Radar Dome. Flares will start popping out
through where the Convoy Trucks can escape. Now from there, head south. Try 
to avoid the Tesla Coils and destroy all the Power Plants in the Southeastern
part of the base to shut off the Tesla Coils. Then, destroy the Construction
Yard and extirpate every Soviet. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 2 - Sarin Gas 2: Down Under

Objectives: Infiltrate War Factories, Get to the other side of building

When you start this level, you will begin with a ton of infantry and a Spy.
Use the Spy on the side panel to deactivate the Turret. Then use the Rifle
Infantry on the three oncoming Enemy Soldiers coming. Head east a little 
to find two Enemy Soldiers. Annihilate them. The two Flame Turrets could pose
a problem so take the Spy and send him North in the cross section and deactivate 
a Flame Tower. Then send him South and infiltrate the War Factory to hijack
a Convoy Truck. When he reappears, send him North to the control panel to
deactivate the other Flame Towers. Watch out for the Attack Dog though. Then
let your Spy stay there. So dogs can't hurt him. Then, move the band East and
blow up the barrels, killing the Dogs and Soldiers. Then head east a little more
and kill the rest of the dogs and soldiers. Then send the Spy to the north and
activate the panel, killing the Grenadiers, making your way clear. Then, send
your Spy to the north and activate the control panel again, destroying the Tesla
Coil so the surviving Tesla Coil could get rid of the Mammoth Tank the comes
while getting destroyed at the same time. Then, with your soldiers, go where the
Spy is and head east and kill all the Enemy Soldiers. Then head South with the 
Spy and activate the two Control Panels, destroying the two Flame Tower.
Now Tanya is at your command and she is very good in this mission. Go North with 
your Spy and Tanya. Use Tanya to kill the Enemy Soldiers in that room. Then head
South from that room and kill all the Attack Dogs, freeing another Spy and a Medic.
When you free the Spies, Volkov will show up from the North, kill him. Then, with
a Spy, head past the Flame Towers and infiltrate the War Factory, hijacking
the Mammoth Tank, which will go straight to the other side of the base, kamikazing
itself, destroying the two  Flame Towers. Send at least one person to the end of
the building. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 3 - Sarin Gas 3: Controlled Burn

Objectives: Destroy Power To Tesla Coils, Destroy all Soviet units and buildings
but the Chemical Labs, Capture Chemical Labs.

When you start this level, you will begin with a APC, a Spy and some Infantry and 
Rocket Soldiers. Take the APC and go to the far Eastern base and shoot the barrels, 
taking out an Advanced Power Plant, which will shut off the Tesla Coils. When
you do, two Small Tanks and an MCV will arrive. Immediately get your little 
group to the signal flare and set up your base and immediately build some tanks.
After you have a few tanks, send them North a little, where the patrolling Mammoth
Tank will appear. Destroy it and set up the rest of your base. Build a large 
amount of Medium Tanks. Then do a "Tank Rush" on the base at the West. Destroy 
all attacking Structures and capture the Barracks and produce some Engineers
and capture the area. Flame Towers are very nice to have after all. Surround
them with two Turrets and they will be practically invincible. V-2 Rockets
are great to have in this mission as well. Capture the Chemical Labs so
that part of the mission is done. Then, send some V-2 Rockets and your surviving 
tanks to the North East where the final base awaits. Take out the Tesla Coils
(just in case) with the V-2 Rockets and finally, destroy the base. Mission 

Stage 4 - The Fall Of Greece 1: Personal War

Objectives: Get Stravos to safety

When you start this level, a soldier will signal for reinforcements. Stravos and
Tanya will come. Use Tanya to take out the Enemy Soldiers who are attacking a 
village. Keep Stravos near Tanya just in case you leave him by himself and some
murderous ParaTroopers touch down beside him... Head north and avoid the Mammoth 
Tank. Keep on heading north. If you don't know where you are going, follow the 
crowd of Civilians. Grab the Health Crate and continue Southwest as soon as 
possible because the base is going to get nuked like crazy. Shoot down Grenadiers 
that might be in your way and continue west. A Transport will arrive and will 
give you five Medium Tanks and the Transport will blow up. Head Southeast and
shoot the barrels to get rid of the Advanced Power Plant, powering down the
Tesla Coil. Now head north and blow up the Barrels when you see the two Mammoth
Tanks. Then head Southwest then North and destroy the Convoy Truck for a Health
Crate. Then use your Tanks and charge ahead and blow up the barrels and fight
off the Flame Towers while you position Stravos and Tanya where the barrels were. 
Use Tanya to C-4 the War Factory, and the Barracks. Then five Tanks will arrive to
assist. Get Stravos out through the Eastern exit but watch out. Then head north
with Stravos and load him into the Chinook helicopter. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 5 - The Fall Of Greece 2: Evacuation

Objectives: Rescue Civilians or Destroy All Soviet Structures and Units.

When you start this level, you will begin with some Rangers, an MCV and some 
soldiers. Head South a little with the MCV and deploy it and use the Rangers
to defend the base from the three Enemy Soldiers. Build the usual and some
defenses. First send some tanks and Rangers to the South and clear out those
Soviets. Then head South with a Ranger and some Civilians will come out. Send
them to your base. Then, West of that Village head north a little to find another
Village. Take them to your base as well. Then, send a Ranger to the Southwest corner
of the map and rescue the Civilians. Then take the Ranger and go to the Northeast
from that village to rescue some more civilians. Now build some Destroyers and 
send them South and destroy all Submarines and continue South and anhilate the
base. Mission Accomplished or capture the Enemy's Sub Pen and build some 
Transports and load Civilians in them and build an extra with some soldiers
because as soon as the Civilians touch down on the island, Para Troopers will
attack. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 6 - Siberian Conflict 1: Fresh Tracks

Objectives: Destroy all Convoy Trucks

When you start this level, you will begin with a large base. Note that it 
is very weak with minimal defenses so you have to fix that. Build some Light 
Tanks and send them near the ore fields so your Ore Truck can't die. Then
buy some more and put them on Guard. Enemies will constantly attack you. You
have to sweat out twenty minutes like this, so be prepared. Convoys appear
randomly so you should use Mine Layers to block every exit. Do not touch the 
crates they drop. They have a Nuclear Warhead effect and could easily take out 
a group of tanks. Sometimes, the Nuke Effect is pretty good if a Mammoth Tanks 
resides right next to it, so keep a soldier near a nuke for some defenses. Look 
out for Soviets that signal for flares. Try to take them out before they do.
Block entrances to the area with Small Tanks and Mine Layers and you will be fine.
After you destroy 15 trucks, Mission Accomplished.

Stage 7 - Siberian Conflict 2: Trapped

Objectives: Destroy all Convoy Trucks, Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures

When you start this level, chase the Convoy Truck with your tanks and destroy it.
Then set up your MCV and build the usual. Then, build an APC and fill it with Engineers.
The head East. Capture the mini base as much as you could, like the useful things
such as the Airfield. Then, back at your base, build enough tanks for a Tank
Rush. Send those tanks to the South and take out all of the Advanced Power Plants 
and Ore Refineries. So you don't have to worry too much about Tesla Coils. Get
a Spy into the Sub Pen and with the rest of your units, wipe out the Convoy trucks 
which is at the East of the Soviet base. Again, they will drop crates with
Nuclear Warhead effects so you can use them wisely to wipe out the entire
base using them. Find the Subs and destroy them. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 8 - Siberian Conflict 3: Wasteland

Objectives: Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures.

When you start this level, you will begin with some Rangers and an MCV. Set up 
the MCV to get a reinforcement of a few more vehicles. Wait a little more
and a V-2 Rocket with some soldiers will come and attack. Take them out for
another MCV and a tank to arrive. Send some troops to the East and take out 
the enemies and plant the extra MCV right under the ore. Build the usual with
both bases. Now, build enough tanks for a Tank Rush and send them to the
Southeast corner of the map where you will find some Ore Trucks. Since they
cost so much, taking them out is so easy and then, take out the bridge, shooting 
the barrels. Then, take out the Advanced Power Plants. This will be very difficult
because of those stupid Tesla Coils, but do not take them out. Now, when the 
Advanced Power Plants are gone, the Tesla Coils are powerless and the base probably
does not have any money after terminating those Ore Trucks. Simply take out
the Enemy Con. Yards, for they have two so they can't build anything. Sometimes
they will do a Desperation Rush when you do this. When you get rid of the War
Factories and the Barracks, take out the Flame Towers and Tesla Coils. Send
in another rush of tanks because the originals might already be wiped out. When
finished with the base, send some Rangers to the East where you shall find some
Enemy Soldiers. Then, seek every part of the map, just in case you missed some
enemies. Mission Accomplished.


Stage 1 - Proving Grounds

Objectives: Go from point to point, Destroy Cruisers

When you start this mission, sell the Tech Center. Now, with some extra
cash, get some Grenadiers and head north. Kill the three Allied Soldiers
and make your way South from there. Then head East and North to the 
Signal Flare. You will discover three Ore Refineries complete with Ore
Trucks. Send the three Ore Trucks and start mining. In a little while,
some Rocket Soldiers will appear from the East of your base, ready to 
wreak havoc. Send the soldiers that you took from your original refuge
and kill them, or wait for them to come near and run them over with
an Ore Truck. With your troops, head North to the next Signal Flare.
When there, build two Mammoth Tanks and head West to the final signal 
flare. On your way there, they will have a special treat for you, a 
horde of tanks and an APC filled with Rocket Soldiers!! Use your
Mammoth Tanks to take them out. Don't worry to rest a little while
at the end of that battle for the Mammoth Tanks have self-healing.
When you are fighting that battle, some sneaky Allied Thieves will arrive
to your Ore Refineries. Smash them before they do much damage. Also,
some Yaks and MiGs will attack your base, the first one, so expect that.
When you reach the Signal Flare, another Flare will appear in the South.
When you venture there, two Small Tanks will attack you. Destroy them.
When you get nearer to your flare, Cruisers will arrive and tanks will
still block your path. Destroy the Tanks and continue south. When you
arrive to your destination, send a Submarine and attack the Destroyers.
You will notice that their missiles are nuclear so use them cautiously.
Build some Airfields at your War Factory area of the base. Use them to
take out the annoying Cruisers. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 2 - Besieged

Objectives: Capture Allied Base, Kill Saboteur, Destroy all Allied Units
and Structures, Keep Forward Command Post intact.

When you start this mission, the Saboteur will be destroying your base. 
First, he will take out the bridge and your Con. Yard. That guy will 
constantly take out your Tesla Coils. To help you beat this mission,
you should capture the Allied Base just North of you. So, build some
Transports and load them with V-2 Rockets, Tanks and Engineers. Send 
them north a little bit and deploy the Transports. Send the V-2 Rockets
up first, followed by some tanks. Use the V-2 Rockets to take out the
two Camo. Pillboxes and the two Turrets. Then, send some tanks in and 
destroy the two Medium Tanks who are also guarding the entrance. Now,
go straight ahead with your tanks and such and take out any other tanks
or soldiers. Use the Engineers to capture the Barracks and start producing
more Engineers to capture the base. Build Turrets to take out the Destroyers
by edging them on the shores. Now, build at least three Helipads. Keep on
building Hind Helicopters until you have at least seven of them. Look
on your map to the East and you should see the Saboteur on a cliff. Tear
him to pieces with your seven Hinds, don't worry about the defenses, because
they will never get them all. With the Saboteur gone, your base is safe
from sudden explosions. At your old base, build more Turrets and Pillboxes
to guard yourself from the Allies. Those structures are very useful for
extra defenses. Now, build an Allied Tech Center and wait for the GPC 
Satellite to load. It is very useful, after all because the whole map
becomes clear. All you have to do, is to do a Tank Rush on the
two Allied Bases to the East. They are separated in a ridge, but take out
the Ore Trucks first and destroy their AA-Guns. Use Hinds to assist in
taking out the Enemy Units, for they cannot hit them (except Rocket
Soldiers). When they reproducing building and repairing, the Allies 
will slowly waste all their money. Destroy them all and send them Northeast
to find a Technology Center with two Camo. Pillboxes guarding it. Destroy
them and destroy the Technology Center. Make sure you destroyed all
of the Allies. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 3 - Mousetrap

Objectives: Kill Stravos, Prevent Engineers from dieing.

When you start this mission, you will begin with some Attack Dogs, 
Rifle Infantry, Engineers and Flamethrowers. You will see Stravos run 
away into the Chronosphere, summoning some Rifle Infantry. Take them 
out with your own group. Next, send your Rifle Infantry men to the East
corridor and South when you reach the end. Then head East from there and
you will find a Crate, containing the Iron Curtain effect. Then send the
Rifle Infantry North to meet another five Enemy Soldiers. Take them all
out. Then, take them north a little to meet another soldier. Take him out
as well. Then, head East from there and take out that soldier too. You 
will see Stravos, but don't attempt to attack him yet, or he will run 
away. Instead, take out the Rifle Infantry guarding the entrance. Don't
think you could kill them both so, take some Flamethrowers to assist.
Now, with your two Engineers, send them West where the Flamethrowers just
slaughtered the soldiers. You will see a Chronosphere in critical condition,
send one of your Engineers in. This will allow the Engineer to get to
the other Chronosphere right above it, and the one you captured will
automatically self-destruct so don't try to fix it. Send the Engineer you
just transported to the Northeast where you will find a Control Panel.
Activate it to destroy all of the Advanced Power Plants around it, including
a lot of the Chronospheres, so Stravos can't use them. Be sure to make that
Engineer to take the Iron Curtain crate so he can't die from the Toxic
Smoke. Then, you will receive a reinforcement of some more Rifle Infantry 
and Flamethrowers. Use them well to take out the defenses right before Stravos.
As you continue, you will continue getting more reinforcements. When Stravos
runs away, he will put a Toxic Gas barricade so kill the two soldiers and
go right around it. Then send your troops North from there and shoot down
the eleven soldiers. Then head North from there and kill Stravos. He should
be easy to kill, for he just stands there. Use Attack Dogs or just shoot
him down. Mission Accomplished. 

Stage 4 - Legacy of Tesla

Objectives: Destroy Allied prototype MiG, Destroy all Allied Structures
and Units

When you start this level, you will begin with a base without an Con. Yard
and some SAM sites and lots of Units, including Tesla Tanks. When the level
begins, three Small Tanks will attack from the South. Your defenses will
easily take them out. Watch out for Longbows and such and start constructing
Tanks as soon as you get money. You should capture the Con. Yard to the West.
So, when you build enough tanks, send them South. You will see a Civilian
Village. Destroy the Village and all of the Enemy Units that gather there.
By this time, the Allied MiG will come by to drop a A-Bomb on you so
when you see that MiG, run away as far as you can, and it might actually
destroy your enemies on accident. Use Flamethrowers on the Civilian Buildings
and just leave them there. After you build enough tanks for a Tank Rush, send
them all South and cut off their money supply, taking out the Ore Trucks.
At your base, you should be experiencing pesky Rocket Soldiers destroying
SAM Sites. Use V-2 Rockets and plant them at the Concrete Wall to easily
kill them off. After destroying the base south, concentrate on the base 
to the West of your base. Use V-2 Rockets to take out the Turrets and
Pillboxes. Next, destroy everything in the base except the Naval Yard. 
Capture it with some Engineers. Start building a horde of Destroyers
to destroy the Longbows and the MiG when they attempt to pass by. Then,
build a Transport and load some Tanks in them. Send your Destroyers South
of the Naval Base and destroy all outside defenses. Unload your Transport 
and scout and attack as much as the little island, opening where to go 
and such. After plundering, destroy everything and load the tanks back into
the Transport. Go south a little bit more and destroy the annoying Airfield
and MiGs. Make sure you destroyed all Allied buildings and structures. 
Mission Accomplished.

Stage 5 - Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi

Objectives: Sabotage Allied Center, Destroy Alloy Facility 

When you start this mission, Volkov and Chitzkoi will be parachuted
around barrels. The Allies will shoot the barrels but they will
still be alive. Use Chitzkoi to eat up the Rocket Soldiers while 
Volkov takes out the Civilian Buildings. Destroy the Ranger when it
comes at you. Head North and take out the Soldiers, Civilians and
the Tanks. Volkov should easily be able to destroy the tanks. As 
you head North more, you should see some Allied Soldiers panic and
try to run away. They will step on mines and will be blasted to 
kingdom come. Be sure to take out the Rocket Soldier on the cliff
before Chitzkoi jumps the cliff. After that, some Rocket Soldiers
will charge from the West. Shoot them down and eat them. Then, as
you stand waiting, another Ranger will come. Take it out. Head
East and then North from there. Some Paratroopers will drop down
right next to the barrels. Shoot the barrels before they get to
close. Head East and take out the Ranger, Tanks and Soldiers and
C-4 the Barracks. As you head East more, you will discover a 
base with Pillboxes and Convoy Trucks and Civilians. Destroy
or kill each one of them. Head East from there and destroy the
Ore Trucks and the Camo. Pillboxes. Head South more and destroy
the Con. Yard, the Naval Yard and the two Ore Refineries. When 
you destroy them, Tanya and a group of soldiers will attack you. 
Take them out, it should be easy except Tanya is going to need
some tiring out to do so quickly finish her off with Chitzkoi.
Take out the Silos and go west and shoot the barrels to destroy
the Power Plants and the Convoy Truck. Grab the Health Crate.
Their job is now done. Take all of your tanks North West to the
base and destroy the other tanks and the Alloy Facility. 
Mission Accomplished.

Stage 6 - Top o' the World

Objectives: Get Supply Truck to base

When you start this mission, with all of your troops head West and
destroy all of the Allied Tanks. Watch out for Turrets or take 
them out with your tanks. Take the soldiers out with your dogs. 
Head East to be warmly welcomed by eight tanks. Destroy them, 
including the Mobile Gap Generator. After you blast them out, head
North again and watch out for all those annoying Turrets. Make
quick work of them with your V-2 Rockets. After going through the
mountain, head east and follow the road. Watch out for the Artillery
and Tanks that will desperately attack your Supply Truck. Destroy 
them and simply get your Supply Truck to the base. Mission 

Stage 7 - Paradox Equation

Objectives: Capture Chronosphere

This is a very fun mission. You will begin with an MCV. Send it North and 
deploy it. Build all the usual. Something you will notice is that you
can build MCVs! So now, you can easily expand your base. Build some
Mammoth Tanks and Heavy Tanks and send them West. You will also notice
that Mammoth Tanks will shoot out fire and Heavy Tanks will shoot 
electricity! Even V-2 Rockets are slightly changed and more powerful,
they shoot Atomic Missiles. You are not the only one effected. Allied
Small Tanks will shoot like Mammoth Tanks and Artillery will shoot
off double. When you destroy that base, send your Tanks North and take out
the tanks. Then cross the bridge and fight off some more hordes to your
North. Send an MCV near the water and deploy it and buy a Sub Pen and
take out the Destroyer to the North. Then, build a horde of V-2 Rockets 
and send them to the Northern base and take out the base. After that, 
build a Transport full of Mammoth Tanks. Send them to the Northeastern
island and destroy all the enemy units there including the resurrection
of Stravos. Run over the fence and send two Engineers in to capture it.
Mission Accomplished.

Stage 8 - Nuclear Escalation

Objectives: Capture Relay Station, Destroy all Allied Units and Structures.

When you start this mission, deploy the MCV and watch out for the 
tanks that come from the North. Then, build the usual then build 
enough tanks for a Tank Rush. Send them all Northwest and take out
all defenses of the base and attacking units. Be sure to take out
the Ore Refinery. Now, send some Engineers up there and capture the
Barracks. Then produce more Engineers and capture the complete area
except the Relay Station. Save that for later, because if you do, 
You will be put in a one-minute time limit. Instead, build a 
Service Depot and repair your tanks. Then, at your old base, start
producing tanks for a Tank Rush. Then, with your repaired vehicles, 
send them back to your original base. Then, send the horde of tanks
to the Northeast and take out the Tech Center easily by using a 
Spy Plane to reveal it's location and taking the Tanks in to take the
Tech Center out. It should be easy to spot because it is on a cliff
with a Gap Generator right above it. Use Yaks to attack the enemy 
soldiers as you go destroy the Tech Center. After you destroy it, 
destroy the AA-Guns for Yak assistant and Turrets. After you clear 
the area, capture the Relay Station. Mission Accomplished.  


Structure: Alloy Facility
Side: Allies
Strength: 500
Armor: Wood
Mission: Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi

Structure: Chemical Lab (Bio-Research Laboratory)  
Side: Soviet
Strength: 400
Armor: Concrete
Mission: Sarin Gas 3: Controlled Burn

Structure: Forward Command Post
Side: Soviet
Strength: 700
Armor: Wood
Mission: Besieged

Structure: Hospital
Side: Allies
Strength: 250
Armor: Wood
Mission: Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi

Structure: Relay Station
Side: Allies
Strength: 450
Armor: Wood
Mission: Nuclear Escalation

- = These structures only appear in missions, not skirmishes


Unit: Atomic Parabomber
Side: Allies
Strength: 400
Armor: Light
Tech Level: 7
Speed: 4
Weapon: Parachute Atomic Bomb
Special: Nuclear Warhead Effect

Unit: Chitzkoi
Side: Soviet
Strength: 800
Armor: None
Tech Level: 14
Speed: 13
Weapon: PowerDogJaw
Special: Cybernetic Dog

Unit: Convoy Truck
Side: Both
Strength: 150
Armor: Light
Tech Level: 2
Speed: 4
Weapon: None
Special: Does certain tasks

Unit: Nuclear MiG
Side: Allies
Strength: 600
Armor: Heavy
Tech Level: 9
Speed: 9
Weapon: Parachute Atomic Bomb
Special: Nuclear Warhead Effect

Unit: Saboteur
Side: Allies
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Tech Level: 9
Speed: 6
Weapon: None
Special: Places Explosive Charges

Unit: Stravos
Side: Allies
Strength: 600
Armor: None
Tech Level: 10
Speed: 10
Weapon: Silencer
Special: General of Allied Army

Unit: Submarine
Side: Soviet
Strength: 300
Armor: Light
Tech Level: 6
Speed: 4
Weapon: Atmoic H20 Bomb
Special: Nuclear Warhead Effect

Unit: Supply Truck
Side: Both
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Tech Level: 2
Speed: 3
Weapon: None
Special: Does certain tasks

Unit: Tesla Tanks
Side: Soviet
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Tech Level: 7
Speed: 8
Weapon: TeslaZap
Special: Has Tesla Coil effect

Unit: Volkov
Side: Soviet
Strength: 1500
Armor: None
Tech Level: 20
Speed: 6
Weapon: ExplosiveSilencer
Special: C-4

- = These units only appear in missions, not skirmishes.

7. FAQ

Q: What is a "Tank Rush"?

A: A Tank Rush is when a lot of tanks, usually about 15 - 30+ tanks
attack a base at one time. This is how many people win through this 

Q: How do I kill those "unnaturally" strong units in the missions easily?

A: Simply stall them with a tank or something and move an Attack Dog in. Or
if you are the Allies, surround them with infantry, not clustered, to make
them shoot them off, one by one. 

Q: How do I capture buildings?

A: Use Engineers to wreak the building until the health is red and send another
one in to capture it. Or you can select an attacking unit and lower the building
strength to red then capture it.

Q: What do you mean by "Build the Usual"?

A: Usual means (in my words) build everything you should regularly build, like Power
Plants/Ore Refineries/War Factories. You can have a different picture on building 
what you build. It is simply a something you must make up.

Q: What is a "Desperation Rush"?

A: You shouldn't have too much problems with this, it is when the enemy sells all
of it's structures and charges your base. It is not really recommended and only
do that if you have to.

Q: Is there such a thing called a "Infantry Rush"?

A: Yes, it is when you build a lot of infantry and all of them attack a certain
base. It is similar to a Tank Rush but is recommended at the start of a 

Q: Aren't there any new units in this expansion I could build?

A: No, unfortunately, Westwood did not add any units for Skirmishes.

Anymore questions? E-mail me at ryudohazuki85@hotmail.com


6 / 22 / 01 - Added Everything

7/ 9 / 01 - Final Version. Changed my fake name to my real one.

CJayC - For making the best video game site ever.

Westwood - For making this cool expansion.

(c) Joshua Kim 2001