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Additional ArtDan Borth
Additional ArtAndy Chang
Additional ArtChuck Christ
Additional ArtAndrew Collins
Additional ArtBill Daly
Additional ArtJim Daly
Additional ArtChris Depping
Additional ArtChris DeSimone
Additional ArtRonn Harbin
Additional ArtRussell Hughes
Additional ArtPeter Hushatov
Additional ArtArnie Jorgenson
Additional ArtMurphy Michaels
Additional ArtDeanna Molinaro
Additional ArtMark Morgan
Additional ArtBryan Pritcard
Additional ArtKenneth Scott
Additional ArtJeff Wand
Additional ArtNiqui Wright
Additional Level DesignJohn Anderson
Additional Level DesignRich Carlson
Additional Level DesignMatt Hooper
Additional Level DesignIkka Keranen
Additional Level DesignChris Klie
Additional Level DesignSverre Kvernmo
Additional Level DesignBobby Pavlock
Additional Level DesignSteve Rescoe
Additional ProductionMichelle Bagur
Additional ProductionChristian Divine
Additional ProgrammingSteve Ash
Additional ProgrammingAdam Hayek
Additional ProgrammingKee Kimbrell
Additional ProgrammingMike Maynard
Additional ProgrammingMike Montague
Additional ProgrammingIn Soo Park
Additional ProgrammingJustin Randall
Additional ProgrammingJohn Schnurrenberger
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Welch
Additional ProgrammingJonathan Wright
Additional Voice ActingJay Anthony
Additional Voice ActingCandace Evans
Additional Voice ActingEarl Fisher
Additional Voice ActingBuzzzKil Franke
Additional Voice ActingJeffrey Groteboer
Additional Voice ActingJeremy Schwartz
Art DirectorJeremiah O'Flaherty
ArtistMatt Cox
ArtistGene Kohler Jr.
ArtistRichard E. Kohler
ArtistTrent Martinez
ArtistChris Perna
ArtistLudovic Texier
ArtistRayfield Wright
Contract Programming ServicesInc.
Contract Programming ServicesProlific Publishing
DesignerJohn Romero
Director of Q&AChad Barron
Hiro(Voice)Paul Stevens
Kage Mishima, Toshiro and Tatsuo Ebihara(Voice)John William Galt
Lead ArtistEric Smith
Lead ProgrammerShawn Green
Lead TesterAlex Quintana
Level DesignerStevie Case
Level DesignerChristian Cummings
Level DesignerLarry Herring
Level DesignerLuke Whiteside
Localization DirectorJeffrey Groteboer
Marketing ManagerRob Legg
Mikiko(Voice)Deborah Jolly
MusicAl Chaney
MusicWill Loconto
MusicStan Neuvo
MusicWill Nevins
MusicRobert Owens
ProducerKelly Hoerner
ProgrammerZach Baker
ProgrammerNoah Brickman
ProgrammerCharles Kostick
ProgrammerDustin Nolf
ProgrammerNoel Stephens
Prolific Publishing, Inc.Zack Baker
Prolific Publishing, Inc.Noah Brickman
Prolific Publishing, Inc.William Ware
Prolific Publishing, Inc.Baron R. K. Von Wolfshield
ScriptJorge Gonzalez
Sound DirectorStan Neuvo
Sound EffectsStan Neuvo
Sound EffectsDarren Walsh
Special ThanksRobert Anderson)
Special ThanksKimberly Condit
Special ThanksJennifer Emert
Special ThanksMIS team (Mark Fletcher
Special ThanksStan Herndon
Special ThanksClay Hoffman
Special ThanksJay Hosfelt
Special ThanksJake Hughes
Special ThanksPeter Marquardt
Special ThanksSeneca Menard
Special ThanksMaricela Morales
Special ThanksJason Nall
SuperFly(Voice)Marcus M. Mauldin
TesterRobert Anderson
TesterJay Anthony
TesterBilly A. Browning
TesterBuzzzKil Franke
TesterDoug Swearingen
TesterDarren Walsh
Vice President of Marketing and Public RelationsMike Breslin
Web GraphicsDavid Cash
WebmasterBill Nadalini


Data and credits for this game contributed by The Winner, Ubersuntzu, odino, Blk_Mage_Ctype, and adultnature.

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