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Blizzard Made A Perfect Gem!Aganar10/10
If your going to hell, you might as well make the best of it nowAnthony69699/10
One of the most addictive Hack & Slash RPGs of all time, Diablo II greatly improves everything from the already incredible first game.BartV9/10
A decade later, Diablo 2 is still the best the genre has to offerBloodGod658/10
Chaos is nearing again... it's your turn to stand up.Cyber-Sushi10/10
An all time classicfalsehead10/10
Diablo is a lot like porn, it doesn't hurt if you add the sequel to the collection... but it's pretty much the same concept through and through.Garbol Shora8/10
Sugoi! Diabro 2 iz amazing!grasu9/10
Is it all game, or all hype?Jaksiel10/10
Diablo II: The game with this synopsisKingBroccoli10/10
Diablo II is a great sequel to an amazing game, but certain changes may turn off hardcore fans of the original.KnightsoftheRound9/10
Quite a step-up from Diablo, and a title very worthy of a place in your collection !Mister Sinister9/10
A magnificent achievement from Blizzard.Mr. Grieves9/10
click click click click click clickneonreaper10/10
Goes right up there with the other legends of PC gamingNivla9/10
Fun and ADDICTIVE action RPG, but with some disappointing features.OClements7/10
Devilishly GoodOfisil9/10
Hours of playability, tons of bugs, and a little lag...Oooska9/10
This game backs up its hypeproach_10/10
Boy! There sure are a lot of nice people playing this game... *sarcasm*shneepshnop9/10
Diablo VS The Humans, Part 2Stygian Ablyss7/10
Another great game by Blizzard that will last forever.Tyrant00710/10
A great sequel but definitely sickening after a whileUltimaZER09/10
Total Addiction, Anyone?WithTheDawn9/10
Diablo II, back and betterz34110/10

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