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Written by 007
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Date FAQ Was Started : Wednesday 25 October 2000

*Version Updates*

Version Final

Change of email. Also added URL for the official Dune 2000 website.

Version 1.2

Finally finished the multiplayer section. Check it out. Plus I added a Tips 

Version 1.1

The first update. Completed the units section, and fixed up some spelling 
errors and little bits here and there. Plus I have updated the Credits and 
stuff. I have also posted my FAQ on different sites now. To see the list 
(About 5 different sites) check section 7.

Version 1.0

The base of the FAQ is finished. Dune 2000 is very bloody awesome. If you 
haven't bought it yet, BUY IT NOW. Get up now, and go out and buy it. It is 
that good. That is why this FAQ was written. And here it is...


1. Story
2. The Planet Arrakis
3. The Houses
 3.1 Atreides
 3.2 Ordos
 3.3 Harkonnen
4. The Buildings
5. The Units
 5.1 Infantry
 5.2 Tanks
 5.3 Special Units
6. Multiplayer
7. Credits, Links And Copyright Info
8. Other FAQ's Written By Me
9. Closing Statement

*1. Story*

Here is the story straight from the manual :

The Emperor Frederick IV, of House Corrino, rules the galaxy from the Golden 
Lion Throne on Kaitan. The Emperorís strength lies with his Sardaukar terror 
troops - his soldier fanatics. The Sardaukar training facility is on Salusa 
Secundus, the Imperial prison planet. One Sardaukar can take ten ordinary 
Landsraad conscripts. Aside from military might, the Emperor controls the 
one true source of power in the galaxy - the Spice Melange, found only on 
Arrakis. With the price of Melange on the Imperial market up beyond 500,000 
Solaris per decagram, the Emperor knows that every Major - and Minor - House 
in the Empire seeks the wealth of Arrakis for itself. And so the Emperor 
trusts no one. Which brings us to the Emperorís challenge for Arrakis. It is 
highly illogical that Frederick would offer all Dune to the victors. 
Frederick would never volunteer Governorship of Arrakis, and a share in 
revenues, to either the Harkonnen, Atreides, or the Ordos. I suspect he is 
playing each House against each other, to increase Spice production, and 
eliminate all potential threats to his throne in one bloody contest. 
Whatever the case, knowing my Lord as I do - somewhat intimately - I assure 
you, there is rather more to the situation on Arrakis than meets the eye. 

Well, that explains it. Not...
My own story next update...


*2. The Planet Arrakis*

This is where the entire game takes place. Here is so info on the planet...

All of this is straight from the manual...



The surface of Arrakis is covered by endless dunes. There is no climate 
control of the planet. When the Fremen planetologist, consultant to the 
Harkonnen Governor, was asked how long it would take to transition Dune into 
a verdant, water-giving planet, he presented the figure of 500 years. Miles 
of barren deserts hold little more than basins, dunes, and the occasional 
out-cropping of rock. The sands are dangerous, shifting constantly and 
unpredictably. Rock shelves and mountain ranges rising through the dunes 
provide the only possible building sites on the planet. 

There are five major types of terrain on Dune.

Spice generally occurs along the surface and is a reddish-orange color which 
distinguishes this priceless terrain from normal sand. 

Obviously, sand is the most common type of terrain found on Dune. 
Most vehicles on Arrakis are varieties of sandcrawlers, vehicles specially 
designed to travel upon this terrain. Giant sandworms are a danger when 
traveling across sandy stretches. 

Extensive sand dunes are formed by the constant windstorms that plague the 
surface of the planet. Dunes are difficult to traverse, especially for 
ground based units. 

Rock formations are the only terrain features that provide acceptable 
building sites. Sandworms avoid and can not cross rock formations. 

The rugged mountains are formed by layers of rock and give the otherwise 
featureless planet surface its only notable elevations. Mountains are 
impassable to all vehicles but may be crossed by infantry units at certain 


To most human life forms, Dune is considered hot and oppressive in the 
extreme. Windstorms ravage the surface of the planet with speeds exceeding 
200 km/h often generating intense electrical storms. Gaseous clouds 
accumulate in the lower sinks and dunes - through the quanats, or canals, 
which cross the surface. Ultraviolet reflection eventually blinds the 
unprotected eye, though the local Fremen (Duneís nomadic population of 
sand-dwellers) blacken their eyes with stain to reduce these effects. All 
who venture into the deserts must do so wearing special stillsuits, built to 
preserve and reclaim the natural moisture of the body recycling it into 
catchpockets, where it is made available for ingestion through a network of 
tubing. Needless to say, maintenance of vehicles and structures is adversely 
affected under these conditions. 



Far beneath the surface of the sand, giant sandworms cross the dunes - 
unseen and unheard. At the first signs of an impending worm attack, a 
Sandmaster or Duneman will call "wormsign," alerting those involved in the 
Spice harvesting operations to evacuate. The local Fremen population 
respectfully worship the enormous worms as "Shai-Hulud," the Worm God. 
Sandworms can grow from tiny sandtrout to worms more than 400 meters in 
length. Sandworms can be slain, or drowned in water which is toxic to their 


Fremen are the other indigenous population of Arrakis. Fremen are the desert 
- dwelling sand warriors, the Free Tribes of Dune. Their nomadic ancestry 
descends from the legendary Zensunni Wanderers, who roamed the galaxy until 
they were shipwrecked on this barren desert planet. The Fremen are reclusive 
and secretive; it is unknown how many they number in their tribal dwellings, 
or sietches, hidden deep in the Desert. However, they are a fierce warrior 
people whose women and children can outpace most military conscripts. They 
have no allies, but if they did, they would be a powerful asset in battle. 
Duke Leto of House Atreides believes there to be a great number of Fremen, 
and has sworn to ally them to the Atreides Forces. The Fremen do not 
reciprocate - yet. My spies will inform us, should the situation change. 


The Spice Melange is the most powerful substance in the Universe. The Spice 
enables all interstellar space travel, allowing the Spice-mutated Guild 
Navigators to warp the fabric of space. Without the Spice, our Bene Gesserit 
Sisterhood can have no visions, no future Sight. With the Spice, human life 
can be extended by hundreds of years. In all the Galaxy Spice is found only 
on the planet Arrakis. The native Fremen possess the Blue-Within-Blue eyes 
indicative of Spice saturation. Spice is harvested from the desert Spice 
fields, and exported throughout the Empire. Without the Spice the Padishah 
Emperor would have no empire. We watch Arrakis closely now. We must, beyond 
all else, insure that our Spice allotments are not interrupted. The Spice 
must flow. 


*3. The Houses*

No, these aren't the places where all your men stay, they are the teams that 
you can play as during the game. There are three houses : The Atreides, The 
Ordos and The Harkonnen. All have have there strengths. All have there 
weaknesses. As usual I got all of this from the manual.

3.1 Atreides

These are the 'good guys' in Dune 2000. Yeah right...

Homeworld : 

The Planet Caladan. Verdant. Lush. Prosperous. The water world.

Leader : 

Duke Leto Atreides. Noble. Just. Diplomatic. Intelligent. Duty-Bound.

Mentat Master Of Assassins :

Noree Moneo. A Mentat, or human computer, of the most traditional education 
and schooling. Noble and intelligent, like the House.

Military Strengths :

An exceptional air force composed of Ornithopters; high-quality and good 
condition of vehicles and structures; intense loyalty among the conscripts 
to their honorable Duke; a highly-skilled Mentat of premier strategic 
training; the potential of a diplomatic alliance with the Fremen warriors. 

House Profile : 

Virtue is clearly on the side of the Atreides. While not one of the richer 
Houses, the Atreides have ruled Caladan with a generous, noble spirit for 
ten generations. Their people are hard-working and desire both peace and 
honor. Atreides troops are exceptionally devoted to their Duke. Our spies 
have seen nothing like it in any other House of the galaxy, excepting, 
perhaps, the Fremen. It is possibly this shared devotion to duty, the fierce 
honor of the people, that makes the Duke believe the Fremen will come to 
fight with him. It is perhaps also the Dukeís noble nature which makes the 
Baron Harkonnen so loathe and swear to destroy him.

Our spies confirm that the Atreides campaign is being advised by the 
brilliant Mentat Noree Moneo, long-time Mentat to the Duke. Moneo appears to 
have advised caution; of all the Houses, the Atreides seem most suspicious 
of the Emperorís challenge. As expected, the Atreides have been holding off 
attack of both the Ordos and the Harkonnen, simply defending themselves 
against a series of raids, sabotage, and larger offensives. True to their 
nature, the Atreides have first attempted diplomacy. Yet, Arrakis tolerates 
nothing of diplomacy. Soon, the Atreides will crush their opponents in the 

House Insignia :

The Hawk.

Comments : 

The Atreides are a powerful but over confident house. I like them 
better than the Ordos, cause they have Ornithopters, and I love using them. 
Plus the Atreides have Sonic Tanks... Which are very cool! Gotta love them.


3.2 Ordos

Okay, the Ordos are a very weird house. The weirdest in the game!

Homeworld : 

Little is known of the icy, remote planet of the Ordos. The economy of the 
planet is based entirely on trade and smuggling, to be certain. Our spies 
can tell us that much, if nothing else.

Leader : 

Unknown. A reclusive cartel of wealthy noblemen who seem to control the 
finances of House Ordos, and thus, House Ordos itself. No one has ever seen 
them except the few generals who formerly controlled what troops the Ordos 
could muster. One by one, those generals have been eliminated under 
mysterious circumstances.

Mentat Master Of Assassins : 

None. The previous Mentat, known only as Ammon, was executed on the alleged 
charge of embezzlement. Spies have reported on the possibility of an Ixian 
clone, a computer in the form of a human male, smuggled from the Ixians in 
exchange for a fortune in Spice. However, since the Butlerian Jihad, there 
has never been a computer in the likeness of a human mind, so these reports 
have been largely disregarded.

Military Strengths : 

Immense wealth. They have the kind of wealth that buys incredibly powerful 
forbidden technologies, illegal weapons purchased from the house of Ix and 
then smuggled to the Ordos troops. Aside from wealth, there is little 
military strength to House Ordos. Their troops are largely mercenary, and 
tend to desert with great frequency.

House Profile : 

House Ordos cannot be profiled. We do know they have a tendency towards 
sabotage, expensive weaponry, and illegal technologies. We believe the Ordos 
may have Ixian weapons the Harkonnen and Atreides could only dream of. But 
this could all be speculation. We know nothing else for certain.

House Insignia :

The Snake.

Comments :

Uh, Yes... These guys are freaks! But they have the ever cool Deviator! 
These are awesome! Plus they have Raiders, which are Trikes with better 
speed, armour and firepower. A good house all around.


3.3 Harkonnen

Wow! I reckon this is the best house. Well the Harkonnen have there 
strengths and weaknesses, but they are a pretty powerful house overall.

Homeworld : 

The Planet Giedi Prime. Dark. Industrial. Toxic. Cruel.

Leader : 

The Baron Harkonnen, or Siridar-Baron - Planetary Governor. Like Giedi 
Prime, the Baron is dark. Cruel. Savage. Driven by greed and a kanly, or 
vendetta, to use the Ancient Tongue, against Duke Leto and the entire House 

Mentat Master Of Assassins :

Hayt DeVries. Hayt is a Ghola, a re-animated corpse, purchased from the 
flesh-vats of the Planet Tleilax. Ruthless. Brilliant. Cold. Cruel. 
Egomaniacal. Like the House.

Military Strengths : 

Brute force; illegal atomic weaponry, or so it is rumored; the ruthlessness 
of the Baron and his Mentat; the degree to which the Baronís Troops fear him 
- and thus, fear disappointing him. (He has been known to personally drink 
the blood of those who bear unfortunate news to his chamber. Indeed, it is 
said the Harkonnen are forced to wear heart plugs, such that the Baron can 
loose their blood with greater ease.)

House Profile : 

Giedi Prime is a dark, deranged world as are the creatures of House 
Harkonnen. The Harkonnen are a cruel people, equally ruthless toward friend 
and foe, if necessary. The Harkonnen have a long history of employing 
violence and fear to achieve their objectives. In House Harkonnen status is 
not bestowed. It is taken. Treachery upon treachery, assassin upon assassin, 
our spies cannot keep up with the rapid shifting of military rank in the 
Harkonnen forces, excepting, of course, the nearly totalitarian control of 
the Baron.

Nothing will stop the Baron Harkonnen in his pursuit of Dune. Formerly the 
sole stewards of the Spice harvesting operations on Arrakis, the Harkonnen 
feel deprived of something which they believe to be rightfully theirs : the 
Governorship of Dune. As the Baron has sworn to cut the ducal ring from the 
hand of Leto, it is highly unlikely that he would tolerate an Atreides 
victory over Dune.

House Insignia :

The Ram.

Comments : My absolute favourite house! The Devastators are THE best tank in 
the game, apart from how SSSLLLOOOWWW they are. But who cares? Plus the 
little self-destruct mechanism is cool. Plus, there "illegal" atomic 
weaponry is very cool. Rain some death down on your enemy!


*4. Buildings*

Here is a guide to all of the buildings...

Name Of Building Is Here
Type : What type of building it is.
Requires : What is required before you can build the building.
Purpose : What the building actually does.
Armour : What kind of armour the building has.

2x2 Concrete Slab
Type : Foundation
Requires : Construction Yard
Purpose : Allows you to build buildings on them, so the buildings don't get 
Armour : Medium, but you can't repair Concrete. Just build some more!

3x3 Concrete Slab
Type : Foundation
Requires : Construction Yard
Purpose : Same as above.
Armour : Same as above again.

Wind Trap
Type : Power Plant
Requires : Construction Yard
Purpose : It provides power to your base. Without them, well lets just 
Armour : Light. Protect them at all costs.

Type : Production Facility
Requires : Wind Trap
Purpose : Lets you 'train' infantry ... in a few seconds! Na, just joking, 
the barracks is essential to your base.
Armour : Medium. 

Type : Defensive Wall
Requires : Wind Trap
Purpose : Used for base defence.
Armour : Medium. Plus these can only be destroyed by explosives. And you 
can't repair them. Oh well, they are pretty cheap anyway.

Type : Industrial Facility
Requires : Wind Trap
Purpose : Lets you refine th spice you harvest. Its worth a LOT of money. 
And every Refinery holds 1000 solaris (the monetary unit of Dune 2000) of 
Armour : Medium. 

Gun Turret
Type : Ground Based Turret
Requires : Barracks
Purpose : A medium ranged weapon, used for base defence. Good against 
Armour : Medium. 

Type : Military Surveillance Structure
Requires : Barracks
Purpose : Basically, this is your radar. Provided you have 100% or higher.
Armour : Medium.

Rocket Turret
Type : Ground Based Turret
Requires : Outpost and Upgraded Construction Yard
Purpose : Same as gun turret, except it shoots rockets (of course), has a 
longer range and a high rate of fire.
Armour : Heavy.

High Tech Factory
Type : Production Facility
Requires : Outpost
Purpose : The high tech factory allows you to build carryalls. House 
Atreides can upgrade there factory to start building Ornithopters for an 
Armour : Light.

Light Factory
Type : Production Facility
Requires : Refinery
Purpose : Used to build Trikes/Raiders and Quads (when upgraded).
Armour : Medium.

Type : Storehouse
Requires : Refinery
Purpose : Allows you to store spice. WOW! When spice is refined, it gets 
evenly spread throughout all of your silos. When silos are full, the excess 
is wasted.
Armour : Light.

Heavy Factory
Type : Production Facility
Requires : Refinery
Purpose : Lets you build tanks and harvesters. Some vehicles will require 
you to build other facilities first.
Armour : Heavy.

Type : Ordering Facility
Requires : 
Purpose : Allows you to buy units from the CHAOM, The Intergalactic 
Merchants Guild, at a fraction of the normal cost. Provided you have enough 
money. Very useful, cause you can get upto 6 units very fast.
Armour : 

Repair Pad
Type : Industrial Facility
Requires : Upgraded Heavy Factory
Purpose : Lets you make coffee for you infantry. Just joking, it lets you 
repair your units. Just click on the little spanner below the map, and click 
on a unit to repair it, just as you would with a building. The selected unit 
has to travel back to the repair pad though.
Armour : Medium.

Ix Research Center
Type : Technology Facility
Requires : Outpost and Upgraded Heavy Factory.
Purpose : Allows you to build a number of things. Like it lets you build 
Missile Tanks from your Heavy Factory etc etc...
Armour : Light.

Type : Capitol Building
Requires : Ix Research Center
Purpose : Used as a command center. Plus you can access even more 
technologies when you build it. Eg The Death Hand Missile for the Harkonnen.
Armour : Heavy.


*5. Units*

Here is my section on all of the units. As again, most of this stuff is from 
the manual. Gotta love that manual.

Name Of Unit
Type : What kind of unit it is.
House : What house(s) can buy the unit.
Requires : What is required to be built before you can get the unit.
Range : What range the unit has. That is, how far it can shoot.
Speed : How fast the unit can travel.
Armour : What kind of armour the unit has.
Purpose : Hmmm. What PURPOSE the unit has. 
Tip : I will put in a tip or two on what the unit is good for.

5.1 Infantry

Here I will list all of the available infantry in the game, and there stats.

Light Infantry
Type : Ground Based Military Units
House : All
Requires : Barracks
Range : Short
Speed : 10km/h (on foot)
Armour : Light. 
Purpose : No real purpose.
Tip : Train a whole load of these guys to keep the enemy occupied while you 
crush them from the back way.

Type : Ground Based Military Units
House : All
Requires : Upgraded Barracks
Range : Medium
Speed : 6km/h (on foot)
Armour : Light.
Purpose : Used to shoot down tanks and stuff.
Tip : Put these guys on the rocks where tanks can't run them over.

Type : Mechanic/Special Forces
House : All
Requires : Upgraded Barracks
Range : N/A
Speed : 10km/h (on foot)
Armour : Light.
Purpose : To capture enemy buildings.
Tip : Try to capture enemy buildings while you are invading.

Type : Ground Based Environmental Defense Unit
House : All (multiplayer only)
Requires : Upgraded Barracks and Sandworms Option on.
Range : N/A
Speed : 15km/h
Armour : Light.
Purpose : These guys attract Sandworms to there position.
Tip : Put some of these guys near enemy harvesters.

Type : Ground Based Military Units
House : Atreides
Requires : Atreides Palace
Range : Medium
Speed : 17km/h (on foot)
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : These guys are, well, they are just basically Light Infantry, 
with Stealth capibilities. 
Tip : These guys are good, but they take ages to train. They are cool cause 
they have stealth, and only become visible too the enemy when they are in
range of an enemy infantry unit, or if they fire.

Type : Special Forces
House : Ordos
Requires : Ordos Palace
Range : N/A (although the saboteur must enter the enemy building)
Speed : 15km/h (on foot)
Armour : Light.
Purpose : Used for sabotage :).
Tip : These guys have stealth lie the fremen, but it has to build up, and 
it only lasts for a short time. Get close to the enemy base, use the 
stealth (by selecting the unit and then reclicking him), and then ATTACK!

Type : Ground Based Military Units
House : Imperial House
Requires : Barracks and Imperial Palace
Range : Medium
Speed : 15km/h (on foot)
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : They are the Emperors Elite Terror Troops. Oh no! Not the Terror 
Troops! ARGH! Sorry, got carried away.
Tip : These guys can shoot bullets and rockets, making them pretty useful.

5.2 Tanks

Type : Light Recon / Strike Vehicle
House : Atreides, Harkonnen
Requires : Light Factory
Range : Short
Speed : 72 km/h
Armour : Light.
Purpose : 3-wheeled vehicles with heavy machine guns.
Tip : Use Trikes to attack against men until you can get Siege Tanks. They 
are also useful for exploring the map.

Type : Quick Strike Vehicle / Light Recon
House : Ordos
Requires : Light Factory
Range : Short
Speed : 90 km/h
Armour : Light.
Purpose : Faster, stronger, and more armoured than Trikes. Plus they have 
dual 20mm cannons for maximum firepower.
Tip : Same as the Trike.

Type : Light Attack Vehicle
House : All
Requires : Upgraded Light Factory
Range : Short
Speed : 59 km/h
Armour : Light.
Purpose : Slower than the Trike, but stronger in armour and firepower.
Tip : For early defense of your base, build a number of these to fight 
against tanks, and other vehicles.

Combat Tank
Type : Medium Battle Tank
House : All
Requires : Heavy Factory
Range : Medium
Speed : 40 km/h
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : Good against most vehicles.
Tip : An awesome tank! Try adn get as amny of these, as they are pretty 
good at blowing up vehicles and buildings. Plus they are good at squashing 

Missile Tank
Type : Battlefield Support Vehicle
House : Atreides, Harkonnen (Ordos may purchase them for the Starport)
Requires : Upgraded Heavy Factory and Ix Research Center
Range : Long
Speed : 40 km/h
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : Another very awesome tank. Get lots of these. They are basically 
mobile Rocket Turrets, so they can shoot down things in the air.
Tip : Very cool, cause of they have a long range.

Siege Tank
Type : Battlefield Support Vehicle
House : All
Requires : Upgraded Heavy Factory
Range : Long
Speed : 32 km/h
Armour : Heavy.
Purpose : Killing men! And other things...
Tip : Put many of these at the entry of your base. They will prevent 
against Engineers.

Sonic Tank
Type : Advanced Battle Tank
House : Atreides
Requires : Heavy Factory and Ix Research Center
Range : Medium
Speed : 44 km/h
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : The sonic tank uses sound waves to fire powerful blasts of sonic 
energy at the target. But anything in the way gets hit too...
Tip : These are nearly the best tank in the game, but the only disadvantage 
is that they damage anyone with their blast of energy. 

Type : Battlefield Support Vehicle
House : Ordos
Requires : Heavy Factory and Ix Research Center
Range : Medium
Speed : 30 km/h
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : The Deviator is a weird unit. It shoots out a gas cloud that 
causes crap all damage, but it turns tanks over to the side of the 
Deviator. That is, the enemy unit temporarily becomes yours.
Tip : Get a load of these guys, capture some units, and send them back to 
the enemy. The unit will usually turn back when it is about to die. 
Therefore, they kill their own tank!

Type : Advanced Battle Tank
House : Harkonnen
Requires : Heavy Factory and Ix Research Center
Range : Medium
Speed : 30 km/h
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : Blowing stuff up! Most powerful tank, but is slow, and fires 
slow. It uses atomic technology, firing dual plasma charges at the enemy. 
Plus it has a self-destruct mechanism. Just deploy it like you would with a 
Construction Vehicle or Thumper.
Tip : Get a very large number of these (If possible), Send them in, blow 
the crap outta everything, and then set a few of them to self-destruct. 
Just wait until all the others are safely away cause BOOM! Anything near 
them blows up!

5.3 Special Units

These are units which don't fall into the above categories...

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
Type : Base Deployment Vehicle
House : All
Requires : Upgraded Heavy Factory and Repair Pad
Range : N/A
Speed : 15 km/h
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : Sets up your base. Select the MCV, and then when it is in the 
right spot, click on it again to deploy it.
Tip : Try and set it up in a corner of the map, therefore giving the enemy 
only two sides to attack from. Or at least against one edge of the map.

Type : Harvesting Vehicle
House : All
Requires : 
Range : N/A
Speed : Very slow
Armour : Medium.
Purpose : Harvests spice for you.
Tip : Build a couple of these, and then build alot of silos so you can just 
build up the credits.

Type : Airborne Unit
House : All
Requires : High Tech Factory
Range : N/A
Speed : 160 km/h
Armour : Heavy.
Purpose : They bring re-enforcements plus they carry your harvesters to and 
from the spice.
Tip : When building carryalls, try and build (number of harvesters - 1) 
number of carryalls. That is, build the number carryalls, the same number 
of harvesters you have minus one.

Type : Attack Aircraft
House : Atreides
Requires : Upgraded High Tech Factory
Range : N/A
Speed : 340 km/h
Armour : Light.
Purpose : Used to bomb enemy bases.
Tip : Use these to bomb the entry to your enemy's base, about 2 seconds 
before you attack.

Death Hand Missile
Type : Battlefield Support Missile
House : Harkonnen
Requires : The Harkonnen Palace
Range : N/A
Speed : 700 km/h
Armour : N/A
Purpose : To, um, hmmm... BLOW THE CRAP OUTTA EVERYTHING!
Tip : Use one of these just before you attack an enemy, to damage or 
destroy units/buildings where you are going to attack. Plus if you hear the 
words "Missile Launch Detected", get ready to start repairing buildings in 
your base, as a missile is headed straight for you. The computer always 
fires it at you, for some strange reason.

Type : Interstellar Shuttle
House : CHOAM Merchant Guild
Requires : Starport
Range : N/A
Speed : 250 km/h
Armour : N/A
Purpose : Delivers units ordered to the starport.
Tip : No real tip, try and keep the area around the starport clear, for a 
quick delivery.

Type : Indigenous Creature of Dune
House : N/A (House Sand???)
Requires : N/A
Range : N/A
Speed : 30 km/h
Armour : Heavy.
Purpose : They eat your tanks.
Tip : Try and keep away from them. If you see little lightning bolts flying 
around on the ground, and zapping sounds, RETREAT!

*6. Multiplayer*

The multiplayer function of Dune 2000 is, what can I say? BLOODY EXCELLENT!
You can do practice to fine tune your infantry squishing skills, before you 
battle up to 4 friends on the net. Plus you can go up against 6 friends 
over a LAN (Local Area Network).

In the practice mode, you can select you tech level. This basically decides 
what units and buildings you can make. Plus you can select yo go up against 
7 Computer players. How cool is that? Well not much cos they are always 
attacking you from all sides. But up against 1 or 2 Computer players is 
heaps of fun. It lets you practice for multiplayer or even the 
single-player game.

Enough of me blabbing on, just go out and experience it yourself...


*7. Credits, Links and Copyright Info*

I would like to thank : 

Westwood (of course).
Westwood again.
And Westwood Again for churning out such awesome games.
The manual in all of its holy goodness.
CJayC for being such an awesome guy for letting me put this FAQ on his site.
CJayC again for running GameFAQs.
And me for writing this.

The Official Westwood Homepage
Go here for tons of info on Dune 2000 and Westwood's other games.

The Official Dune 2000 Homepage
Info on the game and about the Dune universe.

Go here if you need help for any game...and if they don't have a guide, you 
can request help! Keep up the good work CJayC!

This FAQ, Dune 2000 FAQ for PC, and all my other one's may not be : 
used for profit, be used in any way except for a guide for the game it is 
written for, be sold, changed, copied, manipulated, or anything else besides 
being read. You may put it on your website, but you must 1. Send me an email 
you are doing so and 2. Leave the FAQ in it's original form. The latest 
version of this FAQ can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com, so please don't 
bother me about sending you a copy. Thank You. 
(FAQ Copyright Dale Sells 2002)


*8. Other FAQ's Written By Me*

These are other FAQ's written by me : 

Carmageddon for PC
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California Games for NES
The Secret Of Monkey Island for PC


*9. Closing Statement*

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